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Bahasa Inggeris Volcanic ash Dispersal agent Water Saliva Warm water Distilled water Root Fibrous root

Tap root Accumulator Material world Physical world Living world Environment Enviroment Universe Natural environment Communicative equipment Calculator Technological invention Stationary Alkali Alcohol Alloy Beam of light Amphibians Seedling Crescent Outer space Astronaut Water level Electric current Acid Natural Asteroid Astronomy

Bahasa Tamil

Atlas Atmosphere Cloud Preserve Oscillation Body Material Preservative Waste material Electric current Magnetic substance Sewage Excreta Raw material Natural Materials Synthetic material Left over Fertilizer Wedge Bacteria Pendulum Stork Woody stem Herbaceous stem Twining stem Creeping stem Stem Battery Rock Shadow Load Fireball Living things Form Cube Form of energy Give birth .

Weight Flowering Revolve Reflex/response To walk Legged Winged Shine Communication Waste removal To run Breath To excrete Beaked To circle Scaled To lay eggs To grow Standard unit Papaya Transportation Beaker Construction Blue Blok Kidney Moon Full moon Crescent Half moon Hair Quil/Feather Pregnant Sound Burette Constellation Hunter constellation .

Dipper constellation Southern cross Scorpion constellation Ursa Major Constellation Owl Sparrow Light Sun light Shell Liquid Mirror Characteristic Vinegar Blood Land Terrestrial Degree centigrade Leaf Wire Nichromn wire Force Frictional force Gravitational force Thrust Beat Sense Human senses Sense of taste Dynamo Technological world Thorns Ecology Experiment Gold Engine Fahrenheit Fact .

Factor Phase of moon Phenomena Night phenomenon Day phenomenon Physical Photograph Photosphere Photosynthesis Fulcrum Galaxy Barred galaxy Elliptical galaxy Spiral galaxy Electric circuit diagram Salt Common salt Gas/Gaseous Gear Geyser Earthquake Eclipse of the moon Eclipse of the sun Friction Rubber natural rubber Synthetic rubber Vibration Molar tooth Incisor Canine tooth Kidney Globe Gravity Constellations Reuse Mountain .

Volcano Heat Habitat Ability Animal Animal that gives birth Animal that lays eggs Vacuum Liver Helium Herbivore Hydrogen Nutriculture (Hydroponics) Living things Hypothesis Rain Forest/Jungle Fish Climate Inference Gill Interactions between living things Volume To generalize Coloured strips Water clock Automatic clock Pendulum clock Electronic clock Candle clock Sundial Sand watch Quartz clock Stop watch Sex Distance Pin .

Radius A spanutn of six fingers’bredth Orange Matter Mass Tile Mist Fog Glass Nuts Rate Synthetic cloth Retort stand Lunar calendar Water proof Fire proof Hand lens Space ship Cotton Rust Carbon Carnivore Wire gauze Crater Wood State /Nature Floatation Absorbent Shine Accurate Elasticity Luminosity Lattice Strength Structural strength Birth Speed .

Flask Cornical flask Class Humidity Steel Thinking skills Creative thinking skills Critical thinking skills Manipulative skills Scientific process skills Scientific process skills Scientific skills Survival Vehicles Extinction Earth’s crust Cross section Paper Litmus paper Filter paper Balance of nature Health Stability Structural stability Height Lightning Kilogram Water cycle Recycle Clip Artesian wells Comet Compass Communication Cone Condensation Conductor .

Corona Chromospheres Quality Quantity Cuboids Cube Nails Fungus/Fungi Skin Yellow Copper Moth Pole Magnetic pole Spider Nuclear fusion Torch light Sky Layers of earth Ocean Lava Opaque Explosion Volcanic eruption Pore Breathing Pores Smooth Circumference of stem Electric circuit Complete circuit Metal Hole Area Translucent Transparent Magnet Bar magnet .

Rod magnet Night Mammals Compression Prey Sweet Mantle Human Mars Time Sour Salty Magnetic field Medium To jump To broadcast To compare and contrast Propagate/to reproduce Making mental images To make hypothesis To make inference To make decision To make conclusion Sequencing To rear To observe To conserve To characterize Precipitate To define operationally To penetrate Corrosive To analyze Making analogy To control the variable To control variables Mating .

Shrink To experiment Classify Expand Sliding Using space time relationship Relate Reuse Generalize To measure and to use To collect and classify Evaluate Creep To generate ideas To interpret ideas To interpret information Bulb To solve problems To skirt Switch Measure Silk Eating habits Test tube Meteorite Pulley Boiling point Melting point Qamari calendar Clay Soil Base Attraction Tasteless Technology Telecommunication Telescope .

Duration Energy Light energy Electrical energy Heat energy Potential energy Kinetic energy Solar energy Inner core Outer core Fly Thermometer Reaction Faeces Point of focus Blow Push Lever Bone Plant Live on/in another Tripod stand Air Purple Circumference of earth Unit Standard unit Neap tide Spring tide Stationary Sensitive Immunization Rainbow Solvent Melting Fire extinguisher Nutrition .

Solidification Reproduction Refraction Construction Controlled variable Dependent variable Independent variable Bottling Bulb holder Dry-cell holder Preservation Observation Energy transfer Conservation Ferminatation Dilution/Liquidization Contamination/Pollution Water pollution Sound pollution Boiling water Insulator Transportation Rusting Salting To salt Separated Drying Canning Vaporization Dropper Power generator Pickled Seed dispersal Evaporation Water evaporation Freezing Tongs .

creation Reptilian/Reptile .Absorption Menstruation Distillation Lung Solid Revolution Earth’s revolution Inventor Pitcher plant Earth surface Convection Competition Agriculture Growth Change of state Pyramid Petri Dish Planet Planetarium Plastic Pluto Maize plant Balsam plant Positive Life processes Prototype Extinct Centre of gravity Rotation Earth’s rotation White Butterfly Stimulus Food chain Taste Invent.

Respiration Wheel Wheel and axle Space Weed Blood vessel Inclined plane Satellite Square Rectangle Fireclay triangle Equilibrium Freeze/Frozen Cell Dry cell Solar cell Layer of gas Cylinder Measuring cylinder Square centimeter Torch Insect Sphere Day time Properties of light Physical properties Chemical properties Simulation Radiation Garden snail Food web Solar system LRT System Screw Spectrum Species Specimen .

Spore Spring Steam Structure Building structure Temperature Unit of measurement Uranus Mercury Vertebrates Virus Twilight Vapour Water vapour Electric wire Yeast Particle zinc Venus .

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