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Dear Year 4 Parents, Literacy We will continue to work from the new Literacy Framework, this term focusing

on • Persuasive text • Information text • We will be investigating and learning to spell words with common letter strings, suffixes and how they change the function of words, high frequency words, and applying these rules to their independent work, as well as grammar and punctuation. Mathematics In mathematics we will be following the new Numeracy Framework. This term we continue to extend children’s knowledge, skills and understanding of B) C) D) E) Securing number facts and understanding shape Handling data and measures Calculating, measuring and understanding shape Securing number facts, relationships and calculating

International Primary Curriculum Our topic for the rest of this half term is ‘Chocolate’! As part of this unit we will be tasting chocolate, so please let me know of any medical information that may be relevant e.g. allergies, etc. In art, we’ll be • Finding out what is important for a design in order to sell a product well • Finding out about chocolate wrappers • Designing our own wrapper • Finding out about Aztec art styles • Making a cup for chocolate drinks

In geography, we’ll be • Finding out where cacao trees grow • Finding out about the climate and other factors affecting the growth of cacao trees • Finding out about other crops In history, we’ll be • Finding out about the importance of cacao beans for trade • Finding out about who took the first chocolate to Europe • Finding out about food fears In Information Communication Technology, we’ll be • Using the Internet to find out more about chocolate

concentrating on the difference between net/wall games and striking and fielding games.” After half term the children will be being taught by Miss Nikki. please come and see me. They will also learn about traditional French customs such as "La fete de la Chandeleur. at the sea side. • Carrying out some investigations and fair tests. Many thanks to Madame Isobellefor all of her hard work. Don’t forget to keep up to date with our learning via the blog: piasauprimary5@edublogs. its flowers.In Kind regards Miss Charlotte . Your input is very much appreciated. Culture module We are completing our cultural module on China and then for the second half of the term the focus will be on Serbia. we’ll be • Devising our own chocolate recipes If you have any resources or suggestions for this unit or would like to contribute. PE In PE this term the focus will be on outwitting opponents. As ever. who will be replacing Madame Isobelle. in the outskirts. its fruits and its seeds • Finding out about how the cacao beans are harvested • Finding out about the energy effects of chocolate • Finding out about why chocolate wrappers are made from special materials. in the town or countryside. learning how to describe where we leave. In technology. we’ll be • Learning all about the cacao tree. ideas and concepts through dance. in particular The Blues Brothers. with the theme of Rock ‘N’ Roll. please let us know. if you seek clarification on any issue contained in this letter or you have any general queries or suggestions. French In French the children will continue to work on the weather and "Ou habites-tu ?". After the half term the students will then explore communication.