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The Legend of Makahiya

Once there lived a rich couple, Mang Dondong and Aling Iska who had a twelve-year-old daughter named Maria. Being dutiful, obedient, and kind, Maria was loved by everyone. But shyness was one of her distinct features, due to which she avoided interacting with people and used to lock herself in her room. Maria had a beautiful flower garden which was well-known all over town. She took care of her plants tenderly and patiently as the plants were her source of happiness and enjoyment.

One day a group of bandits raided the village and killed every man they found for money. When Mang Dondong noticed the arrival of the bandits, fearing his daughter's safety, he decided to hide Maria in the garden. Aling hid herself in the house. She trembled with fear and prayed, "Oh my God! Save my daughter." Then suddenly the door opened and the bandits entered the house. They hit Mang Dondong on the head due to which he lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Aling tried to escape but was also hit by them on the head. The bandits pillaged the house and took away the money and jewelry. The bandits left the house to plunder some other village.

When Mang and Aling regained consciousness they ran to the garden to look for Maria but she was not there. They searched again and again but Maria could not be found. Then suddenly something pricked Mang's feet and he saw a tiny plant closing its leaves. Both Mang and Aling knelt at their knees and took a closer look at the plant. After looking at the plant for a long time, they realized that the plant was their daughter Maria. Indeed, to save her from the bandits God transformed her into a plant. Aling wept uncontrollably and to their surprise, every tear was transformed into a small flower of the new plant that they found in the garden.

After that Mang and Aling tended to the plant with immense care, as they knew that in reality the plant was their child Maria. The plant was as shy as Maria and so they named it 'Makahiya', which in Tagalog means shyness.

there was a rich Maharlika or nobleman who spent his bachelor days wining and dining in the company of nobility. He shouted for her and searched the whole house. He started to spend his evenings sitting around with his friends. he found himself a simple." he whispered softly. "All the women I know are gorgeous and charming. from which the heavenly and enchanting scent was coming. He drank the finest wines. and enjoyed the company of the most beautiful and bejeweled women of the noble class. But she did not come back. he stopped. A sweet and fragrant scent that he had never smelled before drifted to him. In the moonlight. "But whom to marry?" he asked himself.Legend of Dama de Noche Many years ago. Only the fragrance of the flowers stayed with him. ate the most delicious food. But soon he got bored and began to long for his friends' company. simple wife to return. He stood there. She wept and prayed. The bush had thousands of tiny starlike white flowers. charming girl whose name was Dama. He looked at his wife and thought. They got married and lived happily. Seeing this Dama felt that she was losing her husband. forever!" At midnight he came home.. could this be Dama? The noble man sat by the window and waited for his loving. he decided to settle down and get married to a woman of his choice. "Oh God! Help me. Give me a magic charm that would make my husband come home again and never leave my side. she is not beautiful and doesn't have the air of nobility and wisdom in her that I am so used to. wondering. completely enthralled by the glorious smell. Finally he returned to their bedroom and when he opened the door. She loved and pampered him with the most delectable dishes and kept his home and clothes in order. and talking till the next morning. . casting a spell over his entire life. opened the door of their bedroom. "Dama. After spending this kind of life for many years.. or Dama de Noche would be in full bloom. but he could not find his wife. He was amazed to see a strange bush growing outside his window. drinking. And so he returned to his world of glitter and pleasure. capturing the rich Maharlika and ensuring that he never leave her side again. and called for Dama to tell her to prepare his nightclothes. but I am tired of the glitter of their jewels and the elegance of their clothes!" Finally. He went straight to the window from where it seemed to be coming. Dama of the night.

a landslide buried the raging uncle alive. This caused the young couple so much pain they decided together to commit suicide.The Legend of Mount Mayon Once there was a princess named Daragang Magayon (Daraga means lady. a prince who came from a tribe that was. however. Unfortunately their families found out and fought a bloody tribal war. The tribes buried the lovers separately. Bulkang Magayon describing its perfect shape like their beautiful Daraga. But Magayon fell in love with a warrior named Handiong. She came from the family that reigns over the entire Bicol. unfortunately. She s so beautiful. Magayon is beautiful) who lived in Bicol. One day. Because of her beauty and influence. the rival of Magayon s tribe. The two suffered so much from their respective family s attempts to separate them that they finally decided to flee. a brave and virile warrior was so smitten by the princess that he threw all cares to the wind. Local folks now claim that it is Magayon s anger bursting forth in the form of eruptions. They named it for Daragang Magayon. It seems that there once lived a very beautiful native princess who had an uncle named Magayon. the couple prayed to the gods for assistance. Suddenly from out of nowhere. whose anger depicts how violent the mountain can become. clambered up through the window of the royal chamber and enticed the girl to elope with him. And then there s the story of an uncle Magayon*. . With Magayon at their heels. warriors. Months passed when Magayon s tribe saw a volcano growing in the place where Magayon was buried. princes and datus from different parts of the country desired to have her as their wife. He was so possessive of his niece that no man dared to challenge his wrath by courting the favors of the young maiden.

and instead of buying. Her parents even took away from Maria the power of enchantment which enabled a deity to look and act like an ordinary mortal. That was the beginning of their friendship which blossomed into love as the months passed. Maria's father. the ruler of the kingdom of Bay. A piece of animal skin with fine hair caught Gat Dula's eye and he reached out to touch the fur. Dayang Makiling and Gat Panahon. These two servants stayed close behind Maria. The source of their joy and strength. Gat Dula's inability to see Maria caused him to fall ill and die. When Maria went to the market. she would on such occasions wear clothes made of silk and embroidered with flowers and wide stripes for this was the fashion at that time. she was the delight of her parents. love. Since that first encounter. on weekdays. Two deities. and even sit with them side by side underneath a tree. This is the story of Mariang Makiling. there was a time when the gods could live like ordinary mortals do. they could speak. her flowing hair would touch her ankles. Maria asked the gods to give her the soul of Gat Dula and her request was granted. These golden ginger Maria would barter for such items needed for the home. Maria had long. had an only daughter name Maria. Gat Dula did not suffer a single wound due to the support of Maria's enchantment. their love endured. provided that they asked in a solemn manner. Gat Panahon was angry. This story tells what happened to the daughter of two such deities. came to the talipapa to while away the hours. Because of her beauty and charm. people bartered and exchanged their goods for the things that they needed. Although these gods were enchanted. and they both carried a basket each that was full of golden ginger. . sometimes called talipapa. the ruler of a neighboring kingdom who invaded the kingdom of Bay. But even though Maria and Gat Dula could no longer meet physically. When she went to the market. Maria's mother.The Legend of Maria Makiling According to legend. Gat2 Dula. a jewel. who served as her servants. the residents of the area are not the only ones who would go to the talipapa. One day. On a market day. As time passed. Gat Dula often visited the talipapa but he was not able to see Maria during these visits.It was the custom of Maria to go to a small market. gallant men would bow their heads to signify their respect. he saw Maria at the very place where they first met. Their eyes met and Gat Dula bowed his head as a sign of respect and apology. And Maria responded with a shy smile as they parted from each other's company. was distresssed that her only daughter was in love with a mortal. the love affair between Gat Dula and Maria came to be known to Gat Panahon. Maria was. One day. a treasure that made life full of light and laughter. black abundant hair which she usually decorated with pomelo flowers. to them. and even go to the market like what people do in our time. Maria was also reaching towards the same piece of animal skin and their shoulders accidentally touched. Unfortunately. Just like other women. As she passed along. During a battle with the army of Lakan3 Bunto. There was no money at that time. At the same moment. Maria continued to watch over Gat Dula. Merchants and people from neighboring towns would also go to the market. People could also ask for help when they were in need. she was always accompanied by two Aetas1. Even Dayang Makiling. At that time people could talk with the deities face to face. He approached Maria and greeted her and Maria responded with a very sweet smile. Maria was then forbidden to go down to the earth.

written by my ancestors. oftentimes the guardsmen fromGagalangin.Because everyone was so curious about . Sometimes. Every five years. Before his last breath. Tomorrow is the start of an endless battle between the two baranggays. he became furious and asked the servant to give a message totheir datu.When the news reached the datu of Balintawak. the datu of Gagalangin heard that the fence is being destroyed by the servants of datu Balintawak so that they can build a new one.she still obeyed her daughter¶s last wish. This kind of conflicts usually results bloodshed among the two baranggays.When the datu of Balintawak heard about it. on the other hand.Nobody can ever tell what really happened to the young lovers or the result of the war.´ Delfin¶s father was very much displeased with the other datu¶s response. Sumpa kita!´ (I swear. However. at the end of the bamboo fence. whose name is Delfin. That¶s what usually happens every month of May. All they knew is that Rosita became seriously ill when she knew that Delfin died in the battle. ³Tell your datu that I never stole anything from him. he sent a man to the datu of the neighboringbaranggay. Rositatold her father to bury her near Delfin. The responsibility was then handed to Delfin.Both parties lost so many lives. But all the people living inthese two places were having a mysterious experience. Delfin is soyoung and does not have any experience when it comes to war. I just placed the bamboo fences at its right place according to the documents that I discovered. A few days before Gagalangins planned to attack the Balintawak. the guardsmen from Balintawak watch over the fence. He needs to get their baranggay¶s stolenland even by violent means. they meet at the end of thefence and stroll along with Rosita¶s maids. I swear) but nobody can see from whom it is coming from. Delfin was badly hurt and shed a lot of blood. Every night when the moon is bright. It seems as if it comes from the bushes where little whiteflowers grow. Although the flowers are so tiny. there were neighboring Baranggays named Balintawak and Gagalangin. he eagerly prepared his battleunit as well. had beentrained to fight since he was still a child. Though it is hard for the datu to do. He asked one of his guards to watch at the said fence-making. they hear a mystical sweet voice of a lady saying ³Sumpa kita! . He started to be blurry. Immediately. they do not have timeto converse anymore. however. But the only man who captured her heart is the son of Gagalangin¶s datu. he told the datu that the new fence was moved. Their relationship is hidden from both of their datu parents. the datu got sick.One day. When she was about to die. The two leaders are now ready for a never-ending war.The female servants told Rosita what was about to happen and she started to become frightened. Her father called for so many doctors to make her feel well but neither one of them can treat Rosita.The conflict between their parents did not stopped Delfin and Rosita from loving each other.Many years had passed and the existence of baranggays gradually disappeared. Between the twobaranggay. She wanted to talk to Delfin and ask him toforfeit the war and simply talk to his father and settle the conflict peacefully. Thereare a lot of handsome young men who admires her. Her name isRosita. Everything is working according to the rules of each datu. He was mad because the datu of Balintawak took five meters of their land.. When theguard came back.The datu of Barangay Balintawak has a daughter with incomparable beauty and kindness. His father. she has four maids to assist her every need.The datu of Gagalangin prepared his unit for the upcoming battle. he told one of his comrades to bury him near the end of the fence where he and Rosita used to secretly seeeach other. Spaniards came and thecity of Manila was established. Balintawak and Gagalangin became populated. they destroy it and build a new fence.. especially when the moonis bright.The Legend Of Sampaguita A long time ago. each year. it bursts out a different kind of scent that everybody loves tosmell. He will be the one to lead the battletroops of baranggay Gagalangin. They are being unlawful and stealing one¶s land is a crime!´ said the datu of Gagalangin. She worried too much. During the month of May. He became seriously ill that lead him to his death. At the end of the bamboo fence lies there secret lair. He washalf conscious when he fell to the ground. is a very sturdy fence made up of dried bamboo.´Tell the datu of Balintawak to put the fence back where it is supposed to be. Her mother died when she was young.

I wish you will grow eyes all over your body. back in the woods. the daughter she loved so much. The Legend of Pineapple In a farway land . and instead of Pina. So her mother went to the garden and found Pina standing right in front of the bell pepper plant. as a matter of fact. and screamed. that. In later years. Days later. The words ³Sumpa kita´ evolved as ³Sampaguita´ that signifies an everlasting love of Delfin and Rosita. . Apple lived with her daughter.the voice.The story spread fast. She was so lazy . The fruit have nodes all around it that looked like closed eyes. a fruit came out in the center of the plant. She never picked up anything she drops on the floor or do anything her mother asked her to do. they found the roots of the bushes where the lovely flower grows. Pina. To their surprise. She shouted out to her mother that she can t find any bell pepper or lime. they all decided to dig up the spot and uncover themystery behind it. a widow called Mrs. until some revisions. The elders remembered thememoir of the two lovers ± Delfin and Rosita. Pina s mother wept. a bolt of lightning hit the spot where Pina was standing. One day. Pina went out to the garden in heavy complaining footsteps and frowning . that she asked Pina to get some bell peppers and limes from the garden. Pina s mother was so busy in the kitchen.but thanked the Lord for giving back to her. This was how pineapple came to be. Her mother became so angry. a plant sprouted on the same spot.comes from the mouth of the two bodies buried not so far from each other. so that you don t have to move or look around anymore! In that very minute. she never even played with her toys. people who saw the plant called it Pina Apple. Pina was a very lazy girl that she never wanted to do anything but sit all day. they came up with the name PINEAPPLE. even if she is only a plant.