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What is Granucal ?

What is Granucal? Granules of calcium lime made from a very fine powder. The granules can be spread accurately and break down very readily on contact with the soil to allow rapid dissolution. Granucal is available in 500kg or 50kg bags

Why use Granucal

Dust free therefore environmentally friendly Quick reaction - immediate pH improvement Applied with standard fertiliser spreader Suitable for tramline systems

Application details
Applications are calculated depending on the soil type. In principal 60-110kg/hectare for sandy loams will give a 0.1 improvement in pH whilst for peat/organic soils 140-200kg/hectare would be required. Granucal is suitable at any soil PH
GENERAL APPLICATION RATES Sand/ loamy sands Sandy/ silt loams Clay/ loamy clays Organic soils 10-25% OM 60kg/ha 25kg/ac 100kg/ha 40kg/ac 125kg/ha 50kg/ac 150kg/ha 60kg/ac Peat soils +25% OM 200kg/ha 80kg/ac

Positive Environmental Impact

Soil pH has a dramatic impact on the productivity of your arable soils and grassland. Soils are constantly being subjected to forces that will lower the pH including leaching by rainfall, the effects of nitrogen release from fertilizers, crop demand and decomposition of organic wastes. Optimising pH by using Granucal leads to better utilisation of applied fertiliser.

No need to hire a contractor Can be applied at most stages of crop cycle Can be used to spot treat paddocks Suitable for conacre ground Less ground compaction Suitable for grassland & tillage Increased flexibility with pH sensitive crops when considering crop rotation

Should you require more detailed information on application rates contact your supplier who will recommend your optimum application rate. Lime deficiency can be accurately assessed by measuring soil pH with a metre or indicator solution. It is important to test your soil regularly.

Table showing the efficiency of fertiliser at different pH levels

pH 4.5 N P K 30% 23% 33% pH 5.0 43% 31% 52% pH 5.5 77% 48% 77% pH 6.0 89% 52% 100% pH 7.0 100% 100% 100%

Increases agro-chemical effectiveness Better root growth N, P K, Ca, Mg & S uptakes are all increased leading to , improvements in crop yield, quality & disease resistance Accurate spreading therefore more efficient than conventional Ground Limestone Suitable for quad bike spreading

After taking account of lower application rates, less waste as airborne dust and the use of own equipment for spreading, Granucal is a cost effective liming material. Using small amounts of lime regularly rather than irregular heavy applications helps to smooth cash flow.

Bulk applications of ground limestone which generate dust are increasingly proving to be socially and environmentally unacceptable. Granucal overcomes these issues.