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Ericsson Confidential: Annexures to offer of employment.

- EGI/H-11:2126 Uen

Annexure -1 -A: Terms and Conditions of Employment 1. RETIRAL BENEFITS/INSURANCE You will be entitled to Provident Fund and Gratuity. In addition, you will be entitled to Medical Insurance for Self & Family and Personal Accident Insurance for self, as per the Company policy. (Please refer to Annexure-1 – B) 2. VARIABLE PAY There are two Variable Pay / Performance Incentive Programs that are currently applicable to employees within the Region depending on the role assigned. a. Short Term Variable (STV) b. Sales Incentive Plan (SIP) Actual payout depends on achievement against pre-defined target. The target will be set at three leve, and the payout shall be done accordingly. 1. Robust : No payout 2. Target : Defined percentage based on the frame applicable 3. Stretch : Maximum payout Between Robust and Commitment and between Commitment and Stretch, payout increases linearly based on final achievement. Your variable agreement (STV / SIP) should be discussed, agreed and signed between you and your Reporting Manager based on the frame approved for the unit / function and submitted to HR within thirty days of your joining. 3. PLACE OF WORK Our services are transferable to any place in the country or abroad or to any of the associates/ sister concern or its subsidiary, whether existing or may be opened or acquired later on, at the sole discretion of the management. 4. REPORTING/JOINING Your Appointment shall be effective from your Date of joining our organisation. Please note that this offer of employment is provisional and its validity shall depend on your being found medically fit in the Pre Employment medical Check up. Pre Employment Medical Check-up: You are required to undergo a medical check-up as per arrangements made by the company. The details are outlined in Annexure-3. The total expenses for the same should not exceed Rs.1,500/-. The correctness of information / documents provided by you for this employment and the same being found true, your joining on above mentioned date. In the event of failure of above, this letter of Appointment shall stand withdrawn and the company shall not be responsible for any type of type of consequences / loss / damages caused to you. 5. PROBATION You will be on probation for a period of Six months. The probation period can be extended further if your performance / conduct is not satisfactory, at the sole discretion of the management. You will continue to be on probation until confirmed in writing.

whatever the reason of such termination. You agree that. You agree that the Company may change any of the Company’s guidelines.EGI/H-11:2126 Uen 6. material and documents with utmost honesty and professional ethics. NON DISCLOSURE You shall not divulge. nothing in this agreement shall affect or be construed to prejudice or . NON-SOLICITATION OF EMPLOYEES OF THE COMPANY You agree that during your employment and after your employment with the Company ends. In addition. 9. COMPANY’S COPYRIGHT All works such as development. during your employment and after your employment ends. solicit or induce any employees. during your employment with the company. you will not use.. PROFESSIONAL ETHICS You shall not conduct yourself in any manner amounting to breach of confidence reposed in you or inconsistent with the position of responsibility occupied by you. you will not. improvisations in the form of programs. Such changes may affect or result in a modification of the terms and conditions governing your employment which are set out in this or elsewhere. You agree that all Confidential Information is the exclusive property of the Company and you will take steps necessary to protect the Confidential Information. . studies. except in the normal course of your job for the Company. and you shall be bound by such changes as long as they are permitted by law. 7. unless prior written permission is obtained by you from the company. You acknowledge that the Company owns trade secrets and confidential and proprietary information that are very important to the success of the Company’s business. You agree to return any Confidential Information (and all copies) in your possession on cessation of your employment with the company. you will follow the guidelines. standards. COMPANY POLICIES You agree that as part of your job responsibilities. products etc.Ericsson Confidential: Annexures to offer of employment. the Company has confidential information and assets belonging to other persons (whether individuals. policies and practices from time to time. manuals. or disclose any of the Confidential Information. communicate or pass on any information in any form. Please deal with the company’s money. other than company’s business and service. FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT You shall. whatever the reason of such termination. directors or officers of the Company to leave the Company for employment or other relationship with any entity that is involved in any aspect of the business of the Company. 10. directly or indirectly. or unless an Authorised officer or the Company gives you written permission in advance. 11. carried out for the company. policies. corporations or other entities) that the Company is obligated to keep confidential. related to any aspect of the company to anyone outside the company. rules. firms. reproduce. policies and practices of the Company prevailing from time to time. aid. The expression “Confidential Information” refers to all and/or any of the trade secrets and confidential and proprietary information owned by or in the custody of the Company. devote whole time and attention to the company’s business entrusted to you and you shall not engage yourself directly or indirectly in any business or service. modifications. with your involvement shall be the property of the company. reports. The copyright for such works shall be with the company and you will not have any claims on the same of any nature whatsoever. rules. 8. and that such change will apply to your job responsibilities and be binding on you after the effective date of the change. For the avoidance of doubt. standards.

and the terms of this Appointment Letter shall be read subject to such legal obligations. on the day following your 60th birthday 14. Without prejudice to the generality of the scope of the term ‘misconduct’ the following events shall amount to misconduct: a. . at any stage. You warrant that you are under no contractual duty or obligation arising from any other contracts you may have entered into which restrains you for whatever reason from being employed by or working for the Company and you agree to indemnify the Company against any loss or damage that the Company may suffer arising out of your breach of the foregoing warranty or out of any other contractual obligations you may have that are inconsistent with or in conflict with your duties and obligations under this Appointment Letter. VERIFICATION Your employment will be further subject to the verification of your credentials. shall make you lose your lien on the job and you shall be liable to be discharged after giving an opportunity of hearing. 15. . Committing any act of indiscipline b. from the services of the company on attaining the age of superannuating that is. as a token of acceptance. you will ensure that all your ongoing activities are successfully completed and properly handed over to the satisfaction of your manager/in charge/superior. 13. TERMINATION This employment can be terminated by either side. RETIREMENT You will retire in the normal course. contrary to any of the above mentioned clauses shall render you liable to termination with immediate effect.Ericsson Confidential: Annexures to offer of employment. RECOVERY OF EXPENSES INCURRED ON YOUR RELOCATION All the expenses incurred on your relocation at the time of joining will be recovered in full in case you leave the Company or your services are terminated before completion of one year of service from your date of joining. Please sign the duplicate copy of this letter. Non compliance with any of the terms & Conditions of your employment or instructions / regulations issued by the company from time to time. it is found that any information is false or misleading or any material information is suppressed. testimonials and other particulars provided by you at the time of your recruitment. Prior to leaving the company. ABANDONMENT Absence from work for a continuous period of ten days or when overstayed for a period of ten days after expiry of sanction leave. 12. not withstanding any other terms and conditions of your appointment. Found in breach of your obligations under: • Individual Confidentiality and Access Undertaking • Code of Business Ethics and Conduct c. by giving one month’s notice during the probation period or three month’s notice after confirmation or basic salary in lieu of the notice period. Then not withstanding the fact that you have joined duty upon selection you will lose lien on your employment and be liable to be discharged forthwith. and the annexure. However under no circumstances the relieving period can be less than one (1) month from the date of acceptance of your resignation. The company may also terminate your employment without notice and without payment in lieu of notice period in the event of misconduct. Kindly note that any action of yours. In case.EGI/H-11:2126 Uen override any of the Company’s obligations imposed by law. 16.

WORKING HOURS Normal working hours are from 0830 hrs to 1730 hrs. LEAVE AND HOLIDAYS You will be eligible for 12 Casual/ Sick Leave and 25 days of Privilege Leave per calendar year. Monday through Friday with half an hour lunch break from 1300 hrs to 1330 hrs. Annexure 1 .B: This is a summary of some benefits & entitlements. LIFE COVER The Company also covers all local employees under Life Insurance.(GPAI) The Company covers all employees under a 24-hour GPAI (Group Personal Accident Insurance) policy against any temporary/permanent disability or in the unfortunate event of death due to an accident of any nature at any place. In case of any clarification please contact Human Resources. which are announced in advance every year. 1972. National Insurance Company Ltd. This is governed by the provisions of the Payment of Gratuity Act.EGI/H-11:2126 Uen We will be proud to have you as member of our team to enable us in maintaining the leadership status of Ericsson. .1. which are subject to change as per applicable laws and management discretion. The limit for this is Rs. spouse and children for expenses incurred due to hospitalisation. Gratuity is payable at the rate of 15 days Basic Salary for each completed year of service. HOSPITALISATION INSURANCE Ericsson has bought an Insurance policy to cover an employee. This covers death due to causes other than accident. INSURANCES: . This is governed by the terms of Insurance policy with M/s. provided the employee has rendered continuous service for five or more years. GRATUITY Gratuity is payable to an employee. The Company has 12 festival/public holidays. The contribution of the company is limited to 12% only. This card is to be used only for official expenses. The list of holidays varies depending on the location.5 Lac per person per year. PROVIDENT FUND The company and the employee equally contribute 12% of the Basic Salary to the employee’s PF account. globally.Ericsson Confidential: Annexures to offer of employment. The Company pays for this insurance. CREDIT CARDS The company provides Corporate Credit Card to an employee on a need basis to meet business expenses when on travel. This will be pro-rated for an employee who joins in the middle of the year. . etc.

EGI/H-11:2126 Uen Annexure – 1. Not able to produce this could result in delay in appointment into the organization. Last Salary Slip/ Complete Compensation details [fixed + variable] (letter) Secondary (Xth) Pass certificate Senior Secondary (XII th) Pass certificate University Degree Post Graduation Degree (if any) Other Relevant certificate Identity Proof .Passport / Driving License / PAN Card Passport size photographs in all (03 Nos) Medical Clearance/ Certificate Filled Joining Forms Filled Bank Account and Credit Card Form √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ . √ . .C: DOCUMENTS REQUIRED ON THE DATE OF JOINING Original Relieving letter from all previous organizations/ Resignation Acceptance letter. .Ericsson Confidential: Annexures to offer of employment. Please ensure that all the above mentioned documents are produced at the time of joining. √ √ √ √ √ √ Photocopy .

in You are requested to present the current page of the offer letter at the lab for investigations to be carried out as per the Ericsson agreement.800/. 2. . please refer the web link: www. 3. Special Corporate Discounted Cost:-Rs. For the contact details of the Super Religare Laboratories Ltd across India. 9. Complete Haemogram ( . These investigations are to be carried out at Religare SRL Laboratories Ltd in your city. 8. 4. Please make the payment and retain the original receipts for the reimbursement. ESR) Blood Group & Rh Typing Blood Sugar (Fasting) Blood Urea Serum Creatinine HbsAg Urine Routine & Microscopy X-ray Chest ECG Vision testing & colour vision Physical Examination . 7. Blood Pressure etc. 5. TLC.per person.Height.Ericsson Confidential: Annexures to offer of employment. DLC. Kindly carry the original reports on the day of joining. weight. 6. 10.EGI/H-11:2126 Uen Annexure – 1 – D: PRE EMPLOYMENT CHECK UP PRE EMPLOYMENT HEALTH CHECK UP (For Newjoinees) INVESTIGATIONS 1. 11.

in writing. The notice period reimbursement shall be paid out to you after your joining the organisation and on production of original Full & Final receipts from your current organization clearly indicating the deducted / recovered amount. . .EGI/H-11:2126 Uen Annexure – 1 – E: (This annexure is valid only when agreed with Ericsson) Notice Pay Re-imbursement • • • Notice period payout shall be reimbursed subject to agreement by the Ericsson HR Representative. In case the company has paid the shortfall in Notice Period pertaining to your previous employment to you or your previous employer you will be liable for recovery of Notice Period paid in case you leave the Company or your services are terminated before completion of one year of service from your date of joining.Ericsson Confidential: Annexures to offer of employment.