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A busy street in the Iraqi city of Basra a woman in black purdah walks forward taking weak steps towards

a crowd that is yelling and screaming at her. The situations get s violent when the crowd starts throwing stones toward her. The stones hit her face, head and other part of her body but she remain quiet but soon starts to silently sob . The crowd continues throwing stones at her till she starts to bleed and then crumbles and fall onto the ground taking in her final breath. These people are her family and friend and her crime was simply because she was she was chatting with a guy on the social network facebook . About 25 girls die each year in honour killings while the perpetrators, usually their relatives, receive light or no sentences. Not one country in the Middle East has a law that clearly makes domestic violence a criminal offense. Three-quarters of all Africans between the ages of 15 and 24 who are HIV-positive are women. United Nations report stated, "Women constitute half of the world's population, perform nearly two thirds of its work hours, receive one-tenth of the world's income and own less than onehundredth of the world's property." This just show how inequlity of women still dominates the world. Although in the terms of population we are equal to men but we are no where near equal right. We live in blatantly male-dominated societies that are suspicious of change. Women have created many ripples in the progression to chance the world, to make it a better place for us women to have equal rights. Margaret Thatcher,the first female Prime minister, Amelia Echeart the first women to ever fly solo and aung san suu kyi won many international reconition for her peace efforts. These women have proven to the world that we are indeed capable of making a change! Now even thought times have change when our lives are the same as our mothes and grandmother, and we are very lucky that we live in an environment that we do not need to fight for the right to vote or to go to school many wome outthere still live in darkness. Women are looked upon as second class citizens or weaker sex. Although we have tried to prove ourselves The key to sole this problem is to empower womer to that they beliwve that they can make a cange in this world. Ant to achieve that wome all over the world has to be eqquipt with knowledge. Wheart is is ablut HIV prevention or if it aboutknow their basic right women need to stand up and inspirean and empower the less fortunate women aroung them. Whesthe its a mothe to her her daught , or a teache to her student , a guide to another guide or even stranger at the steert , every one of her has the power to empower one another. Even a single grain of rice can tip the balance. Even small efforts to empower women rung change the world. Remember. Even a single grain of rice can tip the balance. A WOMAN IS THE FULL CIRCLE. W ITHIN HER IS THE POWER TO CREATE, NURTURE AND TRANSFORM. ~ DIANE MARIECHILD ~