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Informatica Dynamic Data Masking
Kobi Hirsh
Partner Communications, Chief Information Security Officer Informatica Dynamic Data Masking is data masking software that in real time, dynamically masks sensitive information, and blocks, audits, and alerts end users, IT personnel, and outsourced teams who access sensitive information while ensuring quick compliance with privacy regulations.
With organizations collecting more and more sensitive data and with recent publicity about highprofile data losses, organizations are aggressively investing in data privacy and data security technologies to prevent damage to their reputation, minimize unforeseen costs, and limit fines. In fact, in the 2010 U.S. Cost of a Data Breach benchmark study by Ponemon Institute found that the:
• Average cost of a data breach is $7.2 million and $214 per compromised record • Highest percentage of data breaches came from insider negligence at 41%

“Dynamic Data Masking ensures that both IT and business users using applications and tools access personal information on a need-to-know basis.”

• Readily comply with data privacy

regulations and internal reporting requirements
• Dramatically decrease the risk of a

data breach
• Protect personal and sensitive

information while supporting offshoring, outsourcing, and cloudenabling initiatives
• Quickly garner ROI with an

Companies and government organizations need to minimize the risk of data breaches and speed compliance with privacy regulations by by de-identifying data and controlling unauthorized access to production environments with comprehensive dynamic data masking software. They require sophisticated, but flexible data obfuscation rules that allow them to apply different kinds of masks to different kinds of data depending upon a user’s authentication level. Informatica® Dynamic Data Masking prevents end users, customers, partners, production support, DBAs, and offshore and outsource workers from accessing sensitive and personal information that is not necessary to perform their job as mandated by various data privacy regulations and directives.

unparalleled fast and easy implementation across all applications, backups, clones, data warehouses, and development and DBA tools
• Save time—no changes to application

source-code or databases are necessary
• Easily customize a database security

solution for each business unit’s regulatory or business requirements
• Increase productivity of offshore and

production-support personnel by giving secured access to production and nonproduction environments

Informatica Dynamic Data Masking transparently de-identifies personal information to production support teams accessing a PeopleSoft HR application, with no changes to source-code or databases.

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