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OUTGOING AND INCOMING LIVESTOCK WITHIN INDONESIA REGIONS Livestock outgoing and incoming consits of all kinds of livestock and its product commodity from ruminant animal (beef cattle, dairy cattle, buffalo, goat and sheep), non–ruminant animal (pig, horse, broiler, layer and broiler) and livetsock product commodity (chicken egg, duck egg, milk and skin). In year 2010, cattle and goat mainly sent out from Province of Lampung, each in a row 279.91 thousand tons and 112.98 thousand tons. For buffalo, sheep and chicken mainly from province of West Java, each in a row 11.66 thousand heads and 24.32 thousand heads. Meanwhile, pig mainly sent out from Central Java Province as many as 103.42 thousand heads and horse mostly sent out from West Nusa tenggara Porvince. The highest outgoing livestock product comodity, namely chicken egg and duck egg sent out from Wets Java province consecutively 488.98 thousands pieces and 21.95 thousand pieces. Meanwhile, for meat mostly sending out from Central Java at 5,004 tone, milk from Province of DI Yogyakarta at 703,300 tons and leather from Province of Central Java as many as 243.03 thousand tons pieces. In 2010, the highest incoming beef cattle, goat, sheep and chicken was in West Java Province in a row each 271.35 th heads, 831.38 th heads, 1,659.67 th heads, 3.08 th heads and 157.31 th heads. Meanwhile, buffalo as the higest outgoing livetsock from Province of West Sumatera at 11.36 th heads, pig from Province DKI Jakarta at 159.95 th heads, duck from Province of Banten at 3.39 th heads. The highest incoming livetsock products for meat located in Province of DKI Jakarta at 184.04, chicken eeg in Province of West Java as many as 552.34 th pieces, duck egg in province West Sumatera as many as 72.23 th pieces and leather located in Province of Central Sulawesi as many as 20 th pieces. The outgoing and incoming livetsock describes dynamic sending and bring in of livetsock that happens in an area. It is therefore, necessary to find out the incoming and outgoing balance sheet of livestock, so that the area/province can be categorized as deficit, self-reliant or surplus area in order to send out and bring in livetsock from or to an area/province to meet the needs in Livestock Field.


1. Incoming and outgoing of livetsock or its products is the incoming/outgoing of
livetsock or its products whithin particular area and time. 2. An area is province and time is whithin a year . 3. Livetsock is animal raised by farmers with intention of having benefit from its harvest. 4. Population is bunch of livetsock raised for commercial or hobby whithin specified time and area, in this case is for one year. 5. Deficit is lack of supply compared with quantity required . 6. Self-reliant is able to fulfil its need. 7. Surplus is excess supply compared with quantity required.