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Combustion Dynamics Instrumentation
For the Most Demanding Gas Turbine Measurement & Monitoring Requirements

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2 visit us online at www. IMI’s instrumentation is ideally suited to detect and measure dynamic pressure for gas turbine engines in extreme heat environments. and transition pieces. Our pressure sensors have three basic applications for detecting and measuring dynamic pressure phenomena and combustion instability in gas turbine engines: I Remote Sensors I Close Coupled Sensors I On-Turbine Instability Sensors As the gas turbine industry has changed so has our technology. our expertise in combustion dynamics instrumentation has met the industry’s most demanding requirements for dynamic combustion measurement and turbine engine monitoring. For More Than 40 Years. This instability can damage components in the combustion chamber such as Toll-Free in USA 800-959-4464 716-684-0003 . New “lean burn” and “dry low NOx” emission designs have made operating temperatures up to 1000 °F a reality. as well as downstream components such as blades. resulting in downtime and loss of revenue. IMI’s instrumentation is designed to detect and measure dynamic pressure spikes. Burning a leaner flame keeps NOx emissions low but at the same time increases instability (combustion dynamics) in the gas turbine engine. PCB has specialized in the design and manufacture With the move toward increased fuel efficiency and lower exhaust emissions. pulsations and surges in gas turbine engines.imi-sensors. baskets. today’s gas turbine engines are based on technological innovation yet also bring potential problems.Combustion Dynamics Instrumentation IMI Sensors: A Leader in Combustion Measurement & Gas Turbine Monitoring of innovative sensors and measurement systems for the gas turbine market. Spanning more than four decades. Toll-Free in USA 800-959-4464 716-684-0003 3 . Remote. visit us online at www. and On-Turbine Instability Sensor (OTIS). Close Coupled. The red bullets indicate the location of the actual sensor for each different method. Shown within the illustration are the three standard methods of measuring pressure.Combustion Dynamics Instrumentation Gas Turbine Combustor On-Turbine Instability Sensor Remote Sensor (located outside of turbine room) Close Coupled Sensor “Infinite” Coil Sensor Placement Diagram The diagram above shows a typical setting for a gas turbine in a power generation plant.

Coaxial Cable 10-32 Coaxial Plug to BNC Plug 003CXX Cabling Toll-Free in USA 800-959-4464 716-684-0003 .imi-sensors. Teflon®.Combustion Dynamics Instrumentation Remote Sensors These pressure sensors have either a portable or permanent configuration. Because the sensors are mounted outside the turbine enclosure.5 mV/kPa) Measurement range 50 to 500 psi 316 stainless steel diaphraghm 1/4” NPT fitting Low Noise.45 to 14.45 to 14. Because of the long sensing lines involved. There are advantages to this simple. Portable systems consist of pressure sensors that are connected to sensing lines running to some or all of the combustors. these sensors can be serviced while the turbine is online. In addition. Similar to the portable systems. the ability to “purge” condensation is required. 10 m I I I I ICP Pressure Sensor Series 102 ® +275 ºF / +135 ºC Sensitivities from 10 to 100 mV/psi (1. Twisted Pair Cable Composite 2-Socket MIL to BNC Plug 4 052BRXXXAC Cabling visit us online at www. the conditions the sensors must endure are relatively mild. low-cost approach. permanent systems provide sensors mounted outside the turbine enclosure. thus allowing for the use of less expensive sensors with longer life expectancy.5 mV/kPa) Measurement range 50 to 5000 psi 316 stainless steel diaphragm 3/8-24 UNF fitting I I I I ICP® Pressure Sensor Series 121 +250 ºF / +121 ºC Sensitivities from 10 to 100 mV/psi (1. Sensor Enclosure Pressure Sensor (Series 102 or Series 121) “Infinite” Coil Tube Length approx. The sensors are then connected through sensing lines (tubing) to each combustor.

5 Hz to 100 kHz Housing material: stainless steel Low noise. Like the portable and permanent remote sensors. the high sensitivity and higher-temperature capability of these sensors allow for precision measurement in turbine locations where the application of other instrumentation is not possible.5%) (charge conversion) 0. Teflon®. Combustor Tube Length approx. Operating at a wider frequency range than remote Toll-Free in USA 800-959-4464 716-684-0003 5 .5 mV/pC Frequency range (±5%) 0.9 kPA) Sensitivity: (±10%) 1100 pC/psi (160 pC/kPA) 2-pin connector.imi-sensors. Twisted Pair Cable 2-Socket MIL to BNC Plug 045ERXXXAC Cabling visit us online at www. 1-1/8”-12 UNF-2A port Weight: 6. 5 m “Infinite” Coil Pressure Sensor (Series 171) Gas Turbine High Sensitivity Pressure Sensor I I I I Series 171 +500 ºF / +260 ºC Measurement range: 10 psi (68. Close coupling of the sensors to the combustor enables the measurement and detection of dynamic pressure phenomena such as high-frequency events that can cause damage to downstream components such as blades. close coupled sensors also require a purging system to eliminate condensation.Combustion Dynamics Instrumentation Close Coupled Sensors Close coupled sensors permanently mounted to a gas turbine are ideal for monitoring combustion dynamics (instability).5 oz (185 gm) Slim In-Line Charge Amplifier I I I I Model 422E55/D +250 ºF / +121 ºC Output voltage: (at specified measurement range) ±5 Vpk Sensitivity: (±2.

Composite 2-Socket MIL to BNC Plug 052BRXXXAC Cabling +986 ºF / +530 ºC I I Series 176 High Temp Pressure Sensor Sensitivities to 17 pC/psi Measurement range 20 psi Low noise. The higher frequency capability of the OTIS sensors enable the use of auto-tuning and on-line diagnostic monitoring systems.16 6 visit us online at www. 10 m Inner Wall of Can +986 ºF / +530 ºC I I Series 176 High Temp Pressure Sensor Sensitivities to 17 pC/psi Measurement range 20 psi Low Toll-Free in USA 800-959-4464 716-684-0003 . part fatigue analysis.Combustion Dynamics Instrumentation On-Turbine Instability Sensor (OTIS) High-temperature sensors directly mounted to the combustor basket provide 24/7. reliable combustion dynamics data monitoring so that tuning changes can be made at anytime. BNC Plug to Pig Tails 052ACXXXAD Galvanic Isolator I I Series 682A70 Sensitivity 1 V/mA Frequency range from 0. (Series 422M182) (located outside turbine room) By having sensors directly mounted to the combustor. On Turbine Instability Sensors allow for diagnostics. Teflon Cable. consistent. Signal Sent to Control Room Charge Amplifier Enclosure Length approx. In addition. 2-socket 7/16 MIL to 2-Socket MIL-C-5015 045M19 Cabling ® Differential Charge Amplifier I I Series 495B30 Sensitivity 9 µA/pC Frequency ranges from 60 Hz to 10 kHz Polyurethane Cable. operators save time during combustion analysis. these sensors provide an output that can easily connect to legacy Series 176 combustion dynamics High Temp Charge Amplifier Combustor 045M19 Cable to Pressure Sensor monitoring systems. Teflon Cable.imi-sensors. and the ability to continuously monitor and control emissions. 2-socket 7/16 MIL to 2-Socket MIL-C-5015 045M19 Cabling ® Charge Amplifier I I Series 422M182 Sensitivity 4 mV/pC Frequency Ranges from 2 Hz to 30 kHz Polyurethane Cable.

and configurations. catastrophic failures and accidents. Integral 10-ft Hardline Cable I I I I Series 357C90 +1200 ºF / +649 ºC Sensitivity: (±10%) 5 pC/g (.5 kHz Electrical Connector: Integral Hardline Cable visit us online at www. IMI’s high-temp accelerometers come in a variety of frequencies.51 pC/(m/s²)) Measurement Range: ±1000 g pk (±9800 m/s² pk) Frequency Range: (±5%) 2.Combustion Dynamics Instrumentation High Temperature Accelerometers for Gas Turbine Monitoring Vibration monitoring of gas turbines can provide crucial information to diagnose potential problems. Series HT62X I I I I +325 ºF / +163 ºC Model 622A01 ICP® Accelerometer with High Temperature Range Option Sensitivity: (±5%) 100 mV/g ( Toll-Free in USA 800-959-4464 716-684-0003 7 .imi-sensors.2 to 8000 Hz) Measurement Range: ±50 g (±490 m/s²) Electrical Connector: 2-Pin MIL-C-5015 High Temperature Industrial Charge Accelerometer I I I I Series 612 +500 ºF / +260 ºC IMI’s high temperature accelerometers interface directly with handheld data collectors for both permanent mount and route based applications. temperature ranges. leading to an increase in uptime and a decrease in unplanned maintenance.7 to 4000 Hz) Measurement Range: (Peak) ±50 g (±490 m/s²) Mounting: Through Holes (3) Charge Output Accelerometer.0 mV/g (10. Sensitivity: (±10%) 26 pC/g (2. Integral charge amplifiers allow for use with standard data acquisition equipment.2 mV/(m/s²)) Frequency Range: (±5%) 282 to 240000 cpm (4.6 pC/(m/s²)) Temperature Range: (Operating) -65 to +500 °F (-54 to +260 °C) Electrical Connector: 2-Pin MIL-C-5015 Electrical Connection Position: Top Very High Temperature Accelerometer Kit I I I I Series 600A13 +900 ºF / +482 ºC Sensitivity: (±5%) 100. Innovations in high temperature accelerometer technology for gas turbine monitoring now enable vibration measurement in extreme heat environments up to +1200°F (+649°C).2 mV/(m/s²)) Frequency Range: (±3dB) 12 to 480000 cpm (0.

com. For more information about PCB® visit www. specifications are subject to change without Web Site www.imi-sensors.imi-sensors. Inc.A. acoustic and vibration sensors.. NY 14043-2495 USA Toll-Free in USA 800-959-4464 • 24-hour SensorLineSM 716-684-0003 Fax 716-684-3823 • E-mail imi@pcb. Included are sensors that interface directly with vibration data collectors and analysis equipment. and process control requirements. military.Combustion Dynamics Instrumentation About IMI Sensors IMI Sensors. predictive maintenance. From ready-to-ship stock products. and IMI with associated logos are registered trademarks of PCB Group. This instrumentation is used for test. PCB® proudly stands behind all products with services customers value most. IMI-Series-GasTurbine-1010 Printed in U. and the industry’s only commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction. For more information about IMI Sensors please call us anytime at 800-959-4464. or visit www. visit us online at ISO 9001 CERTIFIED I A2LA ACCREDITED to ISO 17025 © 2010 PCB Group. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of force. All IMI sensors and vibration switches are designed to withstand the rigors of harsh industrial environments. including 24-hour customer support. industrial. In the interest of constant product improvement.S. Inc. DCS. SensorLine is a service mark of PCB Group. aerospace. monitoring. and feedback control requirements in automotive. PCB. educational. commercial. as well as the pioneer of ICP® 3425 Walden Avenue. and SCADA systems. and OEM applications. PCB Piezotronics. torque. to custom-made specials. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. a strategic global distribution network. R&D. as well as process monitoring equipment. alarm. strain. . measurement.pcb. a division of PCB Piezotronics.imi-sensors. load. pressure. Depew. ICP. is dedicated to addressing the machinery vibration sensing needs for condition monitoring. Inc.