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New Goshala at SSKBK New Varnasrama office inauguration at Hebri town Preaching Center started in Hebri town 4th Annual Varnasrama College Vegetables harvested Temple wall plastered with mud Mud blocks Visitors to SSKBK Varnasrama readings

HH Bhakti Raghava Swami Maharaj and devotees serving at Sahyadri Sri Krishna Balarama Kshetra (SSKBK) in South Karnataka, the rural base for the ISKCON Daiva Varmasrama Ministry (IDVM), conducted the long awaited opening of their new goshala on January 24, 2012, naming it SAHYADRI SURABHI GOSHALA. With the kind donation from congregational member Sri Kanthji assisted by HG Govinda prabhu, the 1500 square feet goshala construction was completed in Jan. The Goshala can accommodate up to 30 cows. The construction was carried over a long 6 month period due to various unexpected delays and interruptions caused by scarcity of labor. Special features of the goshala include the natural ventilation made possible by restricting the height of the surrounding wall to 4 feet and by keeping open spaces in the upper portion of the wall making for a good air flow as well as easy supervision of the cows. The stone flooring has been laid with a gentle slope allowing the elixir of life, GO-MUTRA (cow urine), to flow through a specially designed canal that will carry the cow urine to its designated area outside the goshala. Cow dung will be more easily collected & used for the kitchen Gobar Gas, the main cooking medium at SSKBK. Six large neatly built stalls to keep grass, each having six large iron rings make it convenient for feeding and tying the cows and bulls. An additional feature is the back section of the goshala which will become the new Pancha Gavya Office storing various Sahyadri Surabhi Products produced by devotees. Dry grass for cows will be stored in a specially constructed false ceiling atop the Pancha Gavya Office making it especially convenient during the heavy monsoon season at SSKBK. The breed of cows maintained at SAHYADRI SURABHI GOSHALA is known as Malanadu Gidda, some of whom are of the Kabethi type from Udupi with special eyes. Malanadu refers to mountain range with heavy rains and gidda refers to their small size. These cows easily graze in the local forests and thus can be more easily accommodated and cared for than larger cows. Their milk is of such high quality that Udupi Krishna accepts only milk from this particular breed. At present SSKBK protects 18 such cows along with a pair of Hallikara ox team, Bala & Krsna, who are the main tillers for six acres of paddy land at SSKBK which covers, in total, close to 15 acres. The devotee served the cows with fresh laddus made from muri and jaggery, followed by an abundance of grass. As the cows entered their new home amidst the chanting of the holy

names, Sucaru prabhu from Indonesia who came to attend the Varnasrama College smeared their bodies with the auspicious hand mark of turmeric mixed with water. All the cows also received a new bell placed around their neck. Mahaguna prabhu, another student from Indonesia performed the arati and Bhakta Miho from Bulgaria joined in the kirtan with all the resident local devotees. The cows appeared happy and content on this auspicious opening of their new dwelling.

One part of the cow dung collected, goes for making cow dung cakes for cooking and yajna and the other part goes for gobar gas and compost making.

An office of the ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry and Sahyadri Sri Krishna Balarama Kshetra promoting Rural development based on cow protection, Vedic agriculture and Rural technologies was inaugurated on 1-1-2012 in the town of Hebri, Syndicate Bank complex, Karkala taluk, Udupi District with the blessings of His Holiness Bhakti Raghava Swami, initiating Guru of ISKCON, The International Society for Krishna Consciousness. The project is functioning on a 15 acre land at Bangaragudde Village, Hebri. The office was inaugurated by Honorable MLA of Karkala Taluq, Udupi District, Sri H.Gopal Bhandary by lighting the lamp. Other prominent dignitaries present were HG Sri Rama Dasa- Project Director for Sahyadri Sri Krishna Balarama Kshetra [SSKBK], Hebri, HG Raya Ramananda Dasa- Office Manager ISKCON Office, Hebri, HG Krishna Chandra Dasa- Liaison officer SSKBK, Sri Subramanya Range Forest Officer, Hebri, Sri Naveen Ballal- president, Sri Ananthapadmanabha Temple Trust, Hebri, Sri Ramakrishna Achar, Trustee Sri Anandpadmanabha Temple,Hebri and other prominent citizens. The office will cater to the public in disseminating the knowledge of Vedic agriculture, Rural Technologies, Cow Protection and Utilization, Organic seed Banks, Panchagavya Products, Vedic Books, Pooja Paraphernalia etc.



A preaching center was started in Hebri town by SSKBK and is coordinated by HG Smita Krishna prabhu and other brahmacaries. More than ten big books and 50 small books are be-

ing distributed during Nagar Sankirthan. Weekly Sunday feast program and Nagar Sankirtan programs are being conducted at this center.


House program was conducted by HG Krishnachandra prabhu and HG Venugopal prabhu. Many locals attended the function which included kirtan, lecture on Bhagavad Gita followed by prasadam. Yearly bhajan program that was conducted in Bangaragudde Ananthapadmanabha bhajan Mandir was attended by Devotees from SSKBK. Various kirtan groups participated in the night out kirtan. Devotees from SSKBK performed kirtan and honoured prasadam. Devotees also attended a similar program at Sri Anandapadmanabha temple at Peradoor. Devotees distributed books and were gifted presents and offered Prasadam.


School program at Netaji Tutorials was conducted by HG Krishna Chandra das. Around eighty students attended the program. Later few students visited SSKBK and took darshan of Sri Sri Goura Nitai and took the guided tour of the farm. Saturday Manipal Bhaktivedanta youth BYS preaching programs led by HG Smita krishna prabhu and other devotees are continuing weekly with very good response from the youth students. The youth from Manipal regularly visit SSKBK and voluntarily render various services in the farm.

Harinam diksha and Upanayan samskara were held in the temple hall at SSKBK. HH Bhakti Raghava Swami Maharaj gave Harinam diksha to Bh Devaiah whose initiated name is Devaloka das and Brahmin diksha to HG Venugopal Das. A fire yajna followed both the samskaras.

Advaita Acarya appearance day was celebrated with pomp. Devotees decorated the temple with flowers and fasted until noon. HH Bhakti Raghava Swami Maharaj delivered a lecture followed by Kirtan, Arati and prasadam.

Spoken Sanskrit, Brahma Samhita, and Mrdanga classes are given to the gurukula students. A 24 hr time table has been made for the gurukulis.The gurukula student and the teachers are advised to strictly follow the new time table.


HG Sucaru prabhu, HG Mahaguna Prabhu, and HG Gopal Govind prabhu from Indonesia and Bhakta Miho from Bulgaria arrived for Varnasrama College in mid January 2012. After the one week orientation program students are taking courses in Surya Namaskar, Yoga and theory on Varnasrama, from Bhagavatha purana. Students are also getting practical training in organic agriculture, village technology, nursery and bhakti yoga.

Sump tank which collects water delivered from the Persian wheel is being extended to store more water for agricultural purposes. Vegetable production has been increased by bringing more land into cultivation and the usage of organic cow dung based manure. Many varieties of vegetables were planted and harvested. Sweet potatoes, ladies finger, tapioca, tomatoes, cabbage, pumpkins, cucumbers, radish, spinach were sown and harvested. Ten Kilos of turmeric was harvested.




Work to construct a canal to direct water from the agricultural well to the Green house nursery and other fields are also in progress. Wild bushes were cleared to free the space for trees and plantations.

Individual square meter garden are also made by different devotees. Each devotee takes care of his own field to produce different vegetables. Devotees were guarding the fields all night to protect the plants when they are tender from preys.


The temple walls were plastered with cow dung and mud and decorated with natural paintings making them look very beautiful.

Extension of temple garden has been started by leveling the high areas and by planting more flowering plants.

More than one thousand mud blocks were made by hand. This will be used in the construction of Kutirs and Grihasta housing. Soil that contains a little content of clay is first selected and then mixed with water thoroughly by stamping and are left for one day. Later on it is filled into moulds and dried in the sun.

HG Venugopal prabhu from Vrindavan, HG Ramlakshman prabhu, HG Sridhar prabhu , HG Krsnachndra prabhu from Bellary, HG Nitaichand prabhu from Udupi, Mathajis Pallavi, Kavitha, Sunitha, Prapulla, Ramya, Shyamala, Abhishek pr from Tumkur, Bh Navin, Bh Nirad pr and HG Ganesh prabhu, HG Swarup Damodar prabhu from Russia, HG Mahanidhi prabhu from Bellary, HG Atul Krishna Prabhu from Belgaum, HG Parampara Prabhu from Udupi, HG Sankirthan pr & family, Bh Srininvas Prabhu & family, Swathi Mathaji from Mangalore, HG Tattva Darshan Prabhu & HG Rathayatra Prabhu from Kollur, HG Prema bhakti Prabhu from Mangalore, HG Gopendra Prabhu from Vrindavan, Bh Suvin from Hebri, Hebri college stu-

dents Annappa, Suresh and Sandeep, Ram, Naresh, Abhay, Shreya from Manipal, Miho from Bulgaria, HG Prthu Prabhu and HG Rupa Sanatan Pr from USA, HG Srivatsa Pr and congregation from Mangalore, HG Prabhu Nityananda Pr, HG Pangajangri Prabhu,and Bh Anish from Mayapur, HG Ratikeli Devi and family from Bangalore, HG Sriram Prabhu and family from Nellore, AP, Sri Ramkishan and family from Bangalore, HG Hariguru prabhus parents from Kuwait.

yas tv indriyi manas niyamyrabhate 'rjuna karmendriyai karma-yogam asakta sa viiyate

On the other hand, if a sincere person tries to control the active senses by the mind and begins karma-yoga [in Ka consciousness] without attachment, he is by far superior.

Instead of becoming a pseudo transcendentalist for the sake of wanton living and sense enjoyment, it is far better to remain in one's own business and execute the purpose of life, which is to get free from material bondage and enter into the kingdom of God. The prime svrtha-gati, or goal of self-interest, is to reach Viu. The whole institution of vara and rama is designed to help us reach this goal of life. A householder can also reach this destination by regulated service in Ka consciousness. For self-realization, one can live a controlled life, as prescribed in the stras, and continue carrying out his business without attachment, and in that way make progress. A sincere person who follows this method is far better situated than the false pretender who adopts showbottle spiritualism to cheat the innocent public. A sincere sweeper in the street is far better than the charlatan meditator who meditates only for the sake of making a living [Bg 3.7]

Prepared by HG Raya Ramananda Das Edited by Bhakta Srinivas (Mangalore) Please visit our websites for more information on Varnasrama developments. For Hebri Goshala, GoSeva or Temple construction sponsor, please contact HG Sri Rama das Ph: 919642330011 or HG Raya Ramananda das