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News Report! #500
T. Henry Moray

Information our US Government & the Oil Companies do not want you to know!


News Report!


Henry Moray device and the US Government along with many other Greedy and powerful men will leave him to do so. . 1 hope that soon Mr. ( the static atom would be of no use. Henry Moray Device Dr. . We are praying for you Mr. Another great man who helped rediscover Dr. I hope that soon the is whole world knows of this great device and the man that made it. by giving him donations to help him share this T. An Unknown Author he T. B. The transistors were made of what he called "Swedish Stone" With this material he then built simple crystal powered radio sets. B. Moray was 15 years old. In the summer of 1909. By the fall of 1910 he had enough power to operate a small arc lamp! He soon realized he was not harnessing static energy. Perreault is indeed secretly manufacturing This device right now as we speak Dear reader: Please help Mr. A name that will go down in the history books of time. he began his experimentation by taking electricity from the static energy contained in the air it self. H. Perreault in his efforts. I have heard rumors that Mr. Perreault. 1f you can not afford to help him with a donation then please keep him and all other FREE ENERGY inventors in your daily prayers. Now he was able to light a 16-candlepower carbon lamp at about half its potential c hen in 1925 he built some solid state transistors. Morays invention.FREE - - . B. ( All Knowledge comes from God and his son Jesus Christ. ~erreault one of the greatest inventors of our time. Perreault will manufacture his T. but they were pulses of energy. Thomas Henry Moray. ) In 1911 he realized that the energy being harnessed was not static electricity. Moray invention to the world and beyond. These pulses contained high frequency oscillations. Perreault! Mr. 1 ~ J By. Mr. ) COLD FISSION When Thomas H.

This tube was self oscillating and required no bias power. Bismuth pellets fused to side.03% ZnS. Moray assumed this energy source was electromagnetic in nature." . It was the first transistor to ever be invented. he also has used silicon too. The tubes possess enormous amounts of energy. His radiant energy detector was a variation of the Moray Valve. The radiant energy detector tube contained an alloy doped with a radioactive impurity. Germanium mixture pellets float between other pellets but making firm but needlepoint like contact. which has some of the properties of germanium. Care must be taken when alloyed with other substances. as too much other mixture added worsens conductivity. Pure geranium metal. he Moray radiant energy formula: "The moray geranium mixture gives unique results in functioning as in a valve or booster amplifier. This device uses unique oscillator tubes. Germanium works best when impurities are introduced. Some pellets fastened to envelop with pure tin in place of solder. seemingly from the atmosphere. He made them in the form of pellets compressed under high pressure and fused. Dr.FREE if500 By. 0.97% GE. 99. Was it coming from energy found in the earth? Maybe it was coming from earth's molten core? /I??? He then later believed it came from outer space itself. active bismuth activator. The Tubes produced an enormous amount of electrical power! Yes this device extracts enormous amounts of energy.-tribolurninescent zinc. Moray never did fully understand the Free Energy reactions going on inside his collection tubes. and germanium looses its properties. He only knew if he carefully built them right they would work. ZINC SULFIDE. Moray also invented what he called the Moray Valve. An Unknown Author So where does this Free Energy come from? In his research. The combination contained: Bismuth. Fusion energy expelled from the cores of the stars themselves? Mr.

A device whereby energy can be obtained by oscillatory means in harmony with the vibrations (oscillations) of the Universe. Energy then s may be siphoned off when an etectrical tank circuit i made to synchronize with the radioactive pulses. Henry Moray. Henry Moray alloy had an ionizing effect upon the moisture." ~ickola Tesla. A battery of vibratory units (tubes) can be made to produce 50 K W of energy per unit of 60 pounds. nou ugh energy is coming to the earth to light one million 100watt light bulbs for every human being on the earth today. This i s due to radioactive disintegration. much like a battery. his energy can be picked up by anyone. This allowed large amounts of energy to be stored in a small compact and light weight manor. The electrolytes in these tubes t are ionized with each pulse of radioactive emission. " I am not referring to so-called "atomic energy" or nuclear energy but to the energy which is continually bombarding the earth from outer space. " My device oscillates because of the oscillations of the Universe caused by the disintegration of matter.News Report! By: An Unknown Author The Moray Oscillator Tube The Old Moray radiant energy detector tube contained moisture that had an electrolytic effect.. . These tubes did have a zinc metal case. Radiation emitted from the T.airplanes. ocean liners. electric cars etc. The radiant energy tube generates high energy pulses. T. railroads. This allowed the tubes to function with just a small amount of electrolyte. . Call it cosmic or what one will.

What a wonderful place in which we live. God Said in his word. An Unknown Author Nicola Tesla once said. This is one reason why I am writing this Free News article. they constantly harassed him. and it will be compared to the great depression and worse. organizations of Mr. WHY? It is because our country is doing it there way and not Gods way. some may not.News Report! By. The power companies. Why? for the same reasons as today. many people. J hope you got some ofth!s d e e ~ vour heart! Now concerning this free energy device. and my friend it is going to get much worse before Jesus comes. this is not the land of the free. Dear reader I am sorrv if I seem to be in preaching to you. America is falling. many tests and experiments were conducted for the scientific and ubiic communities. Many may get it the first time. Channeling the waves of energy being bombarded rom space was done by way of antenna. Moray completed his first Radiant Energy Device. and telephone lines. But you are going to have to put this together and you may have to do some research (trial and error) on your own. But 1 am gizd 1 did.H.( T. save your money. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static. Moray done it! It is kinetic!) then it is a merequestion of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheel-work of nature. came strongly against him. the results of his experiments proved that the power generated had not came from within the device itself. power lines. but the device. Moray conducted many tests over a long period of time in remote areas far away from housing. American Citizens are not free. stay away from banks. through channeling radiant energy. So that good descent God fearing men and women will have Free Energy in these last days. This country was founded on God. then priming and then tuning the device would draw electrical energy." My people perish from lack of knowledge. our school systems are failing. Morays days.000 watts of power and worked for very long periods of time. "Ere many generations pass our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe. For political reasons and reasons of greed and money. it was concluded that the enormous amount of free energy was coming from space and not the earth or any other power source. because of there lack of knowIedge. get out of debt fast! God will provide for his people but he also wants us to be wise. and eventually killed him. P - "When set up and connected to the ground. I wish I could make these plans more step by step for all to build. produced up to 50. Dear Christian. All throughout space there is energy. our hopes are in vain: if kinetic and this we know it is for certain. In God We Trust! Beware things are going to get worse before they get better. Our economy is about to fall. ." When Mr. Gas companies and automobile companies would stand to lose billions of dollars.

Construction will include soldering. all that I am telling you is FREE INFORMATION. you need to learn! All you need is the basics. An Unknown Author ~twould be real helpful to you if you know something about electronics. it will not run your home all by it self. he created us and he i s coming back for his people that are true born again Christians. hundreds have built this device and are running there homes off of it. just like a battery. Most of my readers already know about these things. Very easy and basic learning that any one can learn in less than a week. which is the radiant energy tube. Again you build at your own risk. Everything that I am writing in this Free News Report is for News. but if you are one of the few who do not. It will tell you all about how and why transformers work etc. But if you do build. you build at your own risk. take a ay or two to really study this device before you build it. . You can buy powered metals from a chemical supply company. experiment with zinc on top and another powered metal on bottom. Remember for legal reasons. it is fast and easy. ( This is my own estimate) Figure #1 This circuit diagram is the electrical part of the device.. God does not want us dumb.. Please keep all of this information to yoursel even if you can build it or not! most people will be able to build it! and anythin! some won't because of there own lack of knowledge.. 1 or anyone one giving out this information which I have written herein is not responsible for . We do not recommend that any of the readers build this device. as I was taught from another source which I can not mention. He loves us. t Please see the circuit diagram figure 1. em ember my friend. . The book is called Getting Started In Electronics. The recommended zinc and iron pyrite can no doubt be substituted for another material that is much cheaper to buy. capacitors and transformers. then I strongly suggest that you go to your local Radio Shack dealer and buy a book that was written by Mr. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! bowledge brings us many gifts and blessings. Henry Moray Radiant Energy tub Ionizer OK guys this is it. it is used just to rime the radiant energy converter. or just make your own by drilling a metal on a drill press with many many holes and saving the powdered metal in a jar. how and why transistors work. This is where your electronic skills come into practice. T. diodes. Forrest Mirns. It is news worthy information which the reader will find news . you will need to learn about how and why batteries work. B +. You can add more radiant energy tubes in parallel to get more . This is what you have been waiting for.FREE News Report! By. .Henry Moray ~ a d i a nEnergy Tube Ionizer CONSTRUCTION DETAILS. I am claiming my rights to free speech and will be telling you everything that 1 have learned. and is most important to all the world. + to and make sure you do it right and then build more tubes. The following is the T. But for now just build one amperage and watts. If you do not. I can tell you this.

Phn # 502-636-5176 ~ousville. then use it for the top which will be your ( anode ) art of this fantastic Gas Diode as you can also call it. AZ 85261 call. Soft metal: it is called . 6244 075 ' AS^ ~n A Gee I CA++LO~J 4 -e CL 3 Chlorine Gas Source may be obtained from: calcium hypochlorite ( swimming pool chloinator). size-325 ( very expensive.-r %A45 F$+ Reade Advance materials.) ANTEC INC. Ohio. 40203 1 powdered Zinc. Stock # 00424 call 1-800-&660 --u TE~\gc$\l 3P' IRON PYRITE ( or ask for Iron disulfide ) .FREE News Report! By. or ask for Pyrox red grit. I Electronic Parts.100 mesh ( or try any zinc you can get. try using aluminum shavings or any other soft metals that you can buy from a hardware store or a metal company or a machine shop will usually sell you any thing you may need. the bottom part of the tube w ich is the ( cathode ) if you cant afford buying the very expensive iron pyrite. 401-c000 the^.9% . 721 bergman Ave. $195 + $30 shipping. An Unknown Author We have not yet tried these metal shavings ( or metal powders) in the Radiant Energy Tubes. KY.DUCTAL #65-4512 ~ndustrial tube & steel 1-800-332-9567 Cincinnati. PO Box 5408 Scottsdale. if you can buy powdered zinc. or you can call a gas chemical company and see if they will sell you some chlorine gas for research work. Johnson Matthey. This may be purchased at your local hardware store or swimming pool dealer. but they should work. ) Contacts: Powdered Zinc. 1 Contacts. . you will have to create the gas by adding water. ( They will have to cut it for you. Electronic Goldmine. 99. ) Ignition coil. it comes in powdered bags. you can purchase this item at any automotive parts house or junk yard. there cutting charges are sometimes more than what the metal cost.

000 volts. the auto ignition coil absorbs energy when the xenon flash-lamp is triggered into conduction.. always use one hand when working with live high voltage. both caps should have a hole drilled in each so that your steel or iron bolts can fit through the caps. once you have reached the top of the tube pack it down and add a little more if needed. Magnesium will work better but it is unstable and may explode! do not use it. You can use a 110 volt to 220 volt step up transformer supplied by 115 volt AC house current. An Unknown Author Figure #I. the flash lamp returns to its infinite resistance state. remember high voltage can kill if it passes through your heart or your brain. which you can also buy from any har ware store. I would like to see them last a year. But if you look at figure #2 you should apply your silicone sealant in the places at the nut and bolt PVC cap joints as shown. Now apply your Iron pyrite or what ever other metal you are going to try ex erimenting with. and then apply t e nuts as shown. See Figure #2. f 1 ~ 7 . you will need 2 caps. The radiant energy tubes should last you 6 to 8 months be ore you need to replace them or fill them with new gas. suddenly behaves like a switch of only a fraction of a ohm. Now center it and start filling up that end of the tube with your powdered zinc. The auto ignition coil works as a transformer and a choke! As you may already know a choke will store a large amount of energy in its copper coated windings the same as a capacitor does.FREE News Report! By.) on top of the end of the bolt and the end o f t e Iron Pyrite that you have pressed down into the anode end of the radiant energy tube. Warning! this device will produce at least 250. 6 to 8 months is a very long time. You must make the PVC tubes airtight so that no Chlorine gas can escape. Now put the Pyrex Fi ter ( which you can buy at a medical or sur ical supplier located in a yellow page phone book. this nut will be inside the tube cap. the flash lamp is triggered by a small lightweight transformer that sup lies a 4.VOLTAGE safety rules. the xenon. . 1 hope I mentioned this before. Ap the 220 volts dc to capacitor C2. the longer the gas stays in the longer the tubes will produce free energy. This results in a moving magnetic field that induces a series of high voltage surges from the secondary windings of the coil. do not handle this device unless you are familiar with HIGH . if you are a researcher 1 have no doubt that you will find better materials that will allow these tubes to last longer. But you must pack down the powder or shavings hard. it is again an open switch.. Glue a PVC cap on one end of your PVC tube. after it is ionized by the 4. you will also need two steel or iron bolts with thread on them so you can bolt them to the cap from both sides so they will be secure and not slip out. Your hand must have a rubber glove on it also. Now place your negative electrode iron or steel bolt into the other half which should be shorter than the anode side. PVC. Now lace your 2nd PVC cap on the cathode end of the tube and glue with PVC glue. one for each end. until you are flush with the top. always wear rubber gloves when touching or discharging a capacitor. The energy that is stored in the auto ignition coils primary windings discharge across the lamp. ? THE RADIANT ENERGY TUBE. Now screw the inside nut in place. with PVC GLUE. You can prime this device many number of ways. The flash-lamp behaves like an open circuit with infinite resistance until it is triggered. this allows the coil to energize! Then when the 4. Make sure that the tubes are well sealed. Iron pyrite ore works well but it is expensive. - . . It has been found that raw iron pyrite ore works very well as the collector (anode) of energy in these tubes.000 volt pulse. and pack it down hard all the way to the end of the bolt.000 volts is removed. or you can supply the inverter circuit with 12 volts dc from a automotive battery. this pulse causes lamp conduction.000 volt pulse to the lamp. this will keep the gas from leaking out. you may want to start off using a 1 1/2" diameter PVC tube that you can buy at any hardware store. The dimensions of these tubes are not critical. now place the positive electrode iron or steel bolt into the anode end and secure. Pure zinc powder works very good as the emitter (cathode) material. 2 f a ! I PRIMING THE DEVICE. this pulse is capacitively coupled to the xenon gas inside the amp. or ou can simply glue them in with hand gun silicon caulk. or you can use up to 3 inches or more.

25 volt. Rl I W ohms Circuit con be powered by radiant energy tubes after clrcuit prlrnedl Parts for the inverter section of device: C 1-250 mfd. PARTS FOR HIGH VOLTAGE SECTION. electrolyfic capacitor C2. 7 watt.Figure 1 .6 ampSCR T 1 .7 -mfd.000 Volt Trigger coil C FT1 .7 00 ohm..600ohm. carbon resister D 7 -02.Slide switch L1. paper capacitor Q 7 -Q2-2N222 switching transifor or equivalent R I .8 watts or higher Xenon strobe tube Ultra High Voltage OUWU+! \ Auto "4/ Connect to negative electrode on radiant energy tube.7 N400 1 diode b3-D6. carbon resister Q2-5.inverter transformer #N 7 703 1 .10 Meg ohm potentiometer R2-470K ohm resistor S 1 . C.Neon lamp Q l -400V. 400 V FILM CAPACITOR P1 ..IN4004 diode CH 1.Connect to Earth - o House Wiring Ground r . 600-volt..4. 1 -waif.22MFD.choke #G922 T I .