Hi guys, here’s the procedure I employ when cleaning my notes: 1.

Choose a soiled/dirty note you want to "enhance" (reminder: INEXPENSIVE NOTE) if it is your first time to do it. 2. In a pan, yung kasya your note ng flat, (I use Pyrex loaf pan, I suggest you use something similar. Maganda if glass yung pan, it will not react sa chlorox). Mix 7 parts water and 1 part Zonrox. 3. Soak your note.. I suggest you use Stamp tongs, dont use your bare hands.. (sa Tagalog, wag mong kamayin, baka mapanis.. JOKE). Actually, using tongs will lessen the risk of damaging your note, also, lessens the skin oil your fingers might impart on the note.. 4. As for how long to soak, it all depens on how dirty the note is.. Advise ko you soak it for a few seconds, you take it out of the solution dry it by inserting it between two clean (meaning w/o prints) newprint papers. I suggest newsprint, kasi it absorbs water better than ordinary bond paper. You can also use a hair dryer, just the lowest setting and be sure na hindi lilipad your note, and also that the hot air from the dryer will not cause your note to crumple.. It's all up to your diskarte now. BEAR IN MIND, WHILE THE NOTE IS STILL WET, ITS KINDA FRAGILE.. JUST A LITTLE TWISTING DUE TO THE AIRFLOW COULD CAUSE IT TO HAVE WRINKLES, MADALING MAGUSOT. You do not want to end up with more wrinkles on your note than when you started.. right? 5. I said in #4 that you soak the note for a few seconds, then take it out and dry. It is because once its dried already, you would see your handiwork already. If you're happy with the result, fine, you made it. If you're still not happy and feel that you should still treat it, then go ahead.. IT IS BETTER TO REPEAT THE PROCESS MANY TIMES THAN TO SOAK YOUR NOTE FOR A LONGER TIME ONE TIME, THEN END UP WITH A COMPLETELY WASHED OUT NOTE. the thing is, for you to exercise patience. Hinay hinay lang.. bear in mind, those dirt and grimes were formed for so many years, dont attempt to remove them in one second.. 6. If now you're happy with the end result, the last thing to do is to insert it between two newsprint papers again, just be sure the note is not completely dry. Mejo limp pa sya dapat.. Now, get a thick book, I use PLDT's directory.. ipitin mo yung note between the pages, MAKING SURE THAT YOUR NOTE IS COMPLETELY FLAT. Then you can stack more books on top of the directory.. para maipit ng husto your note.. THIS WILL GIVE YOUR NOTE THE "NEWER" LOOK AS IT WILL FLATTEN THE CREASES (Though not all creases could be removed). 7. REMINDERS: always be sure that your note would be between two clean sheets of paper pag inipit mo siya. As for pencil writings, try to erase them before you treat your notes. Ballpen marks are hopeless to remove.. I think that's about it. I hope this could be of help.. GOOD LUCK in your cleaning. PS. I clean my notes because I can’t stand the dirt on them, (but I exercise good judgement here, there are notes that are better left as is).. AND IF EVER IN THE FUTURE I DECIDE TO SELL ANY OF THEM, I WOULD TELL THE BUYER THAT SAID NOTE HAS BEEN ‘PROCESSED”, I WON’T GYP THEM AND TELL THEM IT IS WHAT IT IS NOT.

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