Marion C.

Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author

Author Abbott, Elisabeth Abell, Walter Abella, Alex Abrahamsen, David Abrams, M. H., General Ed. Abrams, M. H., General Ed. Ackroyd, Peter Adams, Henry Adams, James Luther Adler, Gerhard Adler, Gerhard Adler, Gerhard et al. Adler, Gerhard, Ed. Adler, Gerhard, Ed. Aeschylus Aeschylus Aeschylus Aeschylus Aeschylus Aiken, Henry D. Alain; Richard Peaver, Trans. Albert, David Z. Albright, William Foxwell Alexander, J. J. G. Alexander, J. J. G. Aller, Catherine Allport, Gordon W. Allport, Gordon W. Alpert, Richard Alvarez, A. American Heritage Publishing American Medical Association American Psychiatric Association Anderson, William Andrews, Valerie et al, Ed. Angyal, Andras Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous

Title Fifteen Joys of Marriage, The Collective Dream in Art, The Killing of the Saints, The Mind of the Accused Norton Anthology of English Literature: Vol. 1 Norton Anthology of English Literature: Vol. 2 T. S. Eliot: A Life Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres Paul Tillich's Philosophy of Culture, Science, and Religion Living Symbol, The Remembering and Forgetting Dynamic Aspects of the Psyche: Selections from Past Springs Current Trends in Analytical Psychology Success and Failure in Analysis Agamemnon Choephoroe, The Eumenides, The Persians, The Seven Against Thebes Age of Ideology Gods, The Quantum Mechanics and Experience From the Stone Age to Christianity Decorated Letter, The Italian Renaissance Illuminations Challenge of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Individual and His Religion Person in Psychology, The Be Here Now, Be Now Here Savage God, The Sense of History, A Essential Guide to Depression Diagnostic and Statistical Manual: Vol. 3 Green Man Facing Apocalypse Neurosis and Treatment: A Holistic Theory Apocrypha, The Illustrated Gospels Missing Books of the Bible: Vol. 1 Missing Books of the Bible: Vol. 2

Marion C. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author

Author Anonymous Anonymous Anshen, Ruth Nanda Anshen, Ruth Nanda, Ed. Anthony, Dick et al., Ed. Appleton, George Aquinas, Thomas Arberry, A. J. Arberry, A. J. Arendt, Hannah & Karl Jaspers Aries, Philippe & Georges Duby Aristophanes Aristophanes Aristophenes Armbruster, Carl J. Armstrong, Carol A. Armstrong, Karen Arndt, Johann Arnheim, Rudolph Artabras Book Ashbrook, William Ashe, Geoffrey Asimov, Isaac Asimov, Isaac Ata' Illah, Ibn & Kwaja Abdullah Ansari Athanasius Atkins, P. W. Attenborough, David Attenborough, David Auden, W. H., Ed. Auger, Lucien Avens, Roberts Avril, Francois Aziz, Robert

Title New English Bible, New Testament Torah, The: Five Books of Moses Reality of the Devil, The: Evil in Man Alfred North Whitehead: His Reflections on Man and Nature Spiritual Choices Oxford Book of Prayer, The Summa Theologiae Aspects of Islamic Civilization Koran Interpreted, The Hannah Arendt - Karl Jaspers Correspondence 1926-1969 History of Private Life, A Complete Plays Lysistrata: Illustrated by Picasso Frogs, The Vision of Paul Tillich, The Legible on Snow History of God Johann Arndt: True Christianity Entropy and Art Complete Work of Michelangelo Operas of Puccini Discovery of King Arthur, The Measure of the Universe, The Understanding Physics Book of Wisdom and Intimate Conversations Athanasius Second Law, The Living Planet Trials of Life, The Portable Greek Reader, The Help Yourself Imagination is Reality Manuscript Painting at the Court of France C.G. Jung's Psychology of Religion and Synchronicity

Marion C. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author

Author Baba, Pagal Bachelard, Gaston Bachelard, Gaston Bachelard, Gaston Bainbridge, Henry Charles Bair, Deidre Bakan, David Bakan, David Baker, Ian F., Ed. Ballou, Robert O., Ed. Band, Arnold Bankson, Marjory Zoet Barber, Benjamin Barber, Richard Barbour, Ian Barfield, Owen Baring-Gould, Sabine Barker, Culver M. Barker, Philip Barnaby, Karin & Pellegrino D'Acierno, Ed. Barrett, Anthony A. Barrett, William Barrett, William Barrow, John D. Barry, Sir Gerald, Ed. Bartholomew Barz, Helmut Bateson, Gregory Baynes, H. G. Baynes, H. G. Bazin, Germain Beaty, Jerome & Matchett, William Beebe, John Beebe, John, Ed. Beebe, John, Ed. Bennet, E. A. Bennet, E. A. Bennet, E. A. Bennett, William Benz, Ernst & Adolf Portmann

Title Temple of the Phallic King Poetics of Space Psychoanalysis of Fire, The Water and Dreams Faberge, Peter Carl Jung, A Biography Disease, Pain, Sacrifice Duality of Human Existence, The Methods of Treatment in Analytical Psychology Bible of the World, The Tales of Nahman of Bratslav Seasons of Friendship Aristocracy for Everyone, An Reign of Chivalry Myths, Models, & Paradigms Orpheus: A Poetic Drama West Curious Myths of the Middle Ages Healing in Depth Using Metaphors in Psychotherapy C. G. Jung and the Humanities Caligula, Corruption of Power Illusion of Technique, The Irrational Man World Within the World, The Doubleday Pictorial Library of the Arts 'I Come as a Brother' For Men, Too Mind and Nature Analytical Psychology and the English Mind Mythology of the Soul Loom of Art, The Poetry: From Statement to Meaning Integrity in Depth Money, Food, Drink, and Fashion and Analytic Training Terror, Violence, and the Impulse to Destroy C.G. Jung Meetings with Jung What Jung Really Said Educated Child Color Symbolism

Stephen & Robert Mezey Bergman. Intro Boehme. Bickman. William. Ed. Oto. Leonard Berry. Eleanor Bertine. The Unanswered Question Echo's Subtle Body Human Relationships Jung's Contribution to Our Time Doorways Through Time Freud and Man's Soul Aging as a Spiritual Journey Unsounded Centre Primitive Artists of Yugoslavia Light from the Darkness Mother: Archetypal Image in Fairy Tales Horizon Book of the Middle Ages. Peter Birkhauser-Oeri. Harold Blumenfeld. Bernstein. Isaiah Berlin. The . Harry J. Maud Boeck. Jeremy Bernstein. Eleanor Bertman. Ronald Bodkin. Lillian Rifkin Bly. Patricia Bertine. Harold Bloom. Wilhelm. Georges & Rosamond. William Blake. Jacob Title Naked Poetry Magic Lantern Against the Current Age of Enlightenment. Bernstein. Sibylle Bishop. Robert Blythe. Jacob Boehme. Charles Bloom. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Berg. Isaiah Berman. Ed. William Blake. William Blake. The Selected Poetry and Prose Songs of Innocence and of Experience Book of Job Age of Kings Blake's Apocalypse Flight to Lucifer. Morris Blake. Illustrator Blitzer. Birkhauser. The Portable Blake. Stephen Bettelheim. Jeremy Bernstein. Ingmar Berlin. The Archetypal Patterns in Poetry Picasso Linoleum Cuts Six Theosophic Points Way to Christ. Leonard Bernstein. Isaiah Berlin. Jerome S. The True Myths Iron John Sibling Society View in Winter. Martin Bihalji-Merin. Robert Bly. Berne. Eugene C. The Personal Impressions Interpreting the Aging Self Beyond Games and Secrets Modern Art Yesterday and Tomorrow Einstein Science Observed Tenth Dimension Power and Politics Joy of Music.Marion C. Eric Bernier. Jeremy Bernstein. Bruno Bianchi.

Charles. J. Jorge Luis Born. The Restless Universe Designs in Nature Stephen Hawking's Universe Little Course in Dreams. Walter L. Katherine et al Brantl. Theory and Practice Great Religions of Modern Man: Catholicism Religious Experience: Vol. Neville. Brenneman. George. Dietrich Bonhoeffer. W. G Boorstin. Ed. Title Homeric Hymns Unfolding Meaning Wholeness and the Implicate Order Goddesses in Every Woman Gods in Everyman Tao of Psychology Soul's Journey into God Creation and Fall Letters and Papers from Prison Rembrandt: The Complete Etchings Discoverers. Vincent Bronowski. Braden. Evelina Borges. Borea. John Bosnak. Peyton Boudet. Diana. David Bolen. Diana. & F. The . Saint Bonhoeffer. Joseph & Sigmund Freud Brewi. The: Italian Painting Book of Sand. John Bradway. George. Brantl. Jacques Bowder. Bowra. Ed. Marcel Brome.A. K. Madeleine Breuer. John P. 2 Teilhard de Chardin: Pilgrim of the Future Spirals: Study in Symbol. A Modern American Painting Man & Beast Who Was Who in the Greek World Who Was Who in the Roman World Hellenism in Late Antiquity Classical Greece Divine Matrix. Ed. Brion. Tet Boslough. Daniel J. G.Marion C. Max Borsig. Bohm. C. Robert Boswell. The Family Secrets Sandplay Studies: Origins. A. Dietrich Boon. Ed. Brantl. Ed. Jean Shinoda Bonaventure. P. Braybrooke. Myth. Janice & Anne Brennan Bridgman. David Peat Brill. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Boer. George. Bowersock. Jean Shinoda Bolen. W. 1 Religious Experience: Vol.M. Bowder. & Ritual Tregaron's Daughter Studies in Hysteria Celebrate Mid-Life Nature of Physical Theory Looking Glass Universe Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud Romantic Art Jung Ascent of Man. Trans. Gregg Bradshaw. Ed. The High Renaissance. Jr Brent. David Bohm. Briggs. Jean Shinoda Bolen.

Thomas Bullard. Rupert Brown. Buber. James Burke. Byrom. Thomas Title Origins of Knowledge and Imagination. Brown. The Van Gogh Cosmic Consciousness Question of Physics. A. The Tidings of Great Joy Sonnets from the Portuguese Justinian and Theodora Anima As Fate Layman's Guide to Psychiatry Inside Psychotherapy Eclipse of God Good and Evil I and Thou Tales of Rabbi Nachman. Titus Burke. D. C. Sir Richard Byatt. Cornelia Brussel. Witter Byock. Donald Bultmann. Paul & F. Frederick & Lee Boltin Bulfinch. Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Byatt. The Bulfinch's Mythology Cassatt. The Ultimate Concern: Tillich in Dialogue Hermes the Thief Augustine of Hippo World of Late Antiquity. The Arabian Nights Case Studies in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Possession Still Life Way of Life According to Laotzu. Bynner. A. Burton. S. Peter Brown. S. John Bullough. Jesse L. The Magical Arts. Martin Buber. The Medieval Iceland Dhammapada. Ed. Burckhardt. Jacob Bronte. Rudolf Bunyan. Richard Maurice Buckley. A Faces of Jesus. E. James A. Charlotte Brooke. The Jane Eyre From Alfred to Henry III: 871-1272 Collected Poems of Rupert Booke. David Peat Buechner. John Burchell. Christopher Brooke. Sir Richard Burton. The . Palma Bucke. The Age of Progress: Time Life Books Sacred Art in East and West Connections Day the Universe Changed. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Bronowski. A. James Burland. Adelaide. Sandra Browning. Robert Brunner. Martin Buber. Martin Bucarelli.Marion C. Peter Brown. Norman O.C. Mackenzie Brown. S. Martin Buber. Bry. Mary Oils and Pastels Age of Charlemagne Kerygma and Myth Pilgrim's Progress.

5: Man and Transformation Eranos Papers: Vol. The: Creative Mythology Masks of God. Ed. Joseph Campbell. The: Oriental Mythology Myths to Live By Power of Myth Transformations of Myth Through Time Way of the Seeded Earth. Ed. Joseph. Joseph Campbell. Calvesi. John Canaday. Joseph. John Canaday. Campbell. Leopold & Rollo May Callwey. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Calasso. The Fall. Ed. 6: The Mystic Visions Pagan and Christian Mysteries Portable Jung. Joseph. Roberto Calder. James. John Canaday. Campbell. John Canaday. John Canaday. Joseph. Maurizio Campbell. John Canaday. and Hell . 4: Spiritual Disciplines Eranos Papers: Vol. Joseph. Pastel. John Canaday. Joseph. Campbell. The Flight of the Wild Gander. Ed. The Masks of God. John Canaday. Albert Camus. and Prints Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio 11: Artist as a Social Critic Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio 12: Artist as a Visionary Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio A: Glory and Grandeur Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio B: Earth. Joseph Campbell. Ed. Campbell. John Canaday. The Eranos Papers: Vol. John Canaday. Nigel Caligor. John Canaday. The: Occidental Mythology Masks of God. The Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio I: The Quick and the Dead Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio 01: What is Painting? Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio 02: Realism Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio 03: Expressionism Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio 04: Abstraction Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio 05: Composition as Pattern Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio 06: Composition as Structure Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio 07: Composition as Abstraction Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio 08: Fresco Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio 09: Tempera and Oil Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio 10: Water Color. Ed. John Canaday. 2: The Mysteries Eranos Papers: Vol. The Myth of Sisyphus. The Timescale Dreams and Symbols Gateway to the Twentieth Century Treasures of the Vatican Anglo-Saxons. Heaven. Joseph Campbell. Campbell. Campbell. Camus. 3: Man and Time Eranos Papers: Vol. Albert Canaday. Joseph Campbell. Joseph. Joseph Campbell. 1: Spirit and Nature Eranos Papers: Vol. John Canaday. Joseph. John Canaday. The Hero With a Thousand Faces.Marion C. Campbell. Joseph Campbell. Ed. Ed. John Title Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony. George D. Ed. Joseph Campbell. Joseph Campbell. Campbell.

Marion C. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author

Author Canaday, John Canaday, John Canaday, John Canaday, John Canaday, John Canaday, John Canaday, John Canaday, John Canaday, John Capps, Walter & Wendy Wright, Ed. Caprio, Betsy Caprio, Frank S Caprio, Frank S & Joseph R. Bergen Cardiff, Ira D. Carlsen, Mary B. Carotenuto, Aldo Carotenuto, Aldo Carrington, W.L. Carson, Joan, Ed. Carus, Carl Gustav Cassirer, Ernst Cassirer, Ernst Cassirer, Ernst Casson, Lionel Cassou, Jean Cassou, Jean et al Castaneda, Carlos Castaneda, Carlos Castaneda, Carlos Castaneda, Carlos Castaneda, Carlos Castillejo, Irene Claremont de Catherine of Genoa Catherine of Siena Cattell, Heather Birkett Cavanaugh, Eunice Cetto, Anna Maria Chachere, Richard Chachere, Richard Chadwick, Henry, Ed.

Title Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio C: The World Rediscovered Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio D: Venus Revisited Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio E: The World in Order Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio F: The World Triumphant Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio G: The World Dividing Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio H: The War of Illusions Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio J: Summer Idyl Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio K: Painting in Transition Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Portfolio L: Actaeon and the Atom Silent Fire Woman Sealed in the Tower, The Female Homosexuality Helping Yourself with Hypnosis Wisdom of Santayana, The Making Meaning Eros and Pathos Secret Symmetry, A. Psychology, Religion & Human Need Arms of the Windmill, The: Essays in Honor of Werner H. Engel Psyche Essay on Man, An Language and Myth Philosophy of Symbolic Forms Ancient Egypt Chagall Wassily Kandinsky Active Side of Infinity Journey to Ixtlan Separate Reality, A Tales of Power Teachings of Don Juan, The: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge Knowing Woman Catherine of Genoa Catherine of Siena 16PF: Personality in Depth, The Understanding Shame Les Mosaiques De Ravenne American Beauty: Jungian Reflections on Literary and Film Classics: Opus 1 Legends of the Fall: Jungian Reflections on Literary and Film Classics: Opus 2 Alexandrian Christianity

Marion C. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author

Author Chagall, Marc Chagall, Marc & Bella Charles, L. M. H. Charon, Jean Chase, George et al. Chatelet, Albert Chesser, Eustace Chester, Michael Chomsky, Noam Chomsky, Noam Christ, Carol P. Christou, Evangelos Chung-yuan, Chang Churchland, Paul M. Cirlot, J. E. Claiborne, Robert Clark, Glenn Clark, Kenneth Clark, Robert A. Clark, Walter H. Cleugh, James, et al, Ed. Clift, Wallace B. Climacus, Johannes Clissold, Stephen Cobb, John B. Jr. Cochrane, Charles Norris Cockerell, Sydney C. Coelho, Mary C. Cohen, Edmund D. Cole, Bruce & A Gealt Cole, K. C. Collin, Rodney Collins, James Collins, Marie & Virginia Davis Colum, Padaraic Combs, Allan & Mark Holland Comini, Allessandra Comstock, W. Richard Connelly, Marc Conway, Flo & Jim Siegelman

Title Jerusalem Windows, The Chagall: Burning Lights Story of the Baby Sphinx and Other Fables, The Unknown Spirit, The Greek Gods & Heroes Impressionist Painting Love Without Fear Particles Language and Mind Problems of Knowledge and Freedom Laughter of Aphrodite Logos of the Soul, The Creativity and Taoism Engine of Reason, the Seat of the Soul, The Dictionary of Symbols, A Our Marvelous Native Tongue Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe, The Civilisation Six Talks on Jung's Psychology Psychology of Religion Praeger Picture Encyclopedia of Art, The Jung and Christianity Philosophical Fragments: Kierkegaard Wisdom of the Spanish Mystics, The Christ in a Pluralistic Age Christianity and Classical Culture Old Testament Miniatures Awakening Universe Emerging Personhood C.G. Jung and the Scientific Attitude Art of the Western World Sympathetic Vibrations Theory of Celestial Influence, The Mind of Kierkegaard, The Medieval Book of the Seasons Myths of the World Synchronicity Gustav Klimt Study of Religion and Primitive Religions, The Green Pastures, The Snapping

Marion C. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author

Author Cook, Albert & Edwin Dolin, Ed. Cooke, Alistair Coomaraswamy, Ananda & Sister Nivedita Coomaraswamy, Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, Ananda K. Corbin, Henry Corbin, Henry Corbin, Henry Corbin, Henry Cordelier, John Cornford, F. M. Coughlan, Robert Coukoulis, Peter Coulter, N. Arthur Coulton, G. G. Coulton, G. G. Coulton, G. G. Courthion, Pierre Cousineau, Phil Cousineau, Phil Coward, Harold Cowen, Painton Cowley, Malcolm Cox, David Cox, David Cox, Ian, Ed. Crankshaw, R Craven, Margaret Crisp, Tony Crowell, Thomas Y Croxall, T. H., Trans. & Ed. Csilszentmihalyi, Mihaly Cuppy, Will Curatorium of the Jung Institute, Zurich

Title Greek Tragedy, An Anthology of Alistair Cooke's America Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists Arts and Crafts of India and Ceylon, The Transformation of Nature in Art, The Avicenna and the Visionary Recital Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn 'Arabi Cyclical Time and Ismaili Gnosis Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth Path of the Eternal Wisdom, The From Religion To Philosophy World of Michelangelo, 1475-1564, The Guru, Psychotherapist, and Self Synergetics Fate of Medieval Art in the Renaissance & Reformation From St. Francis to Dante Medieval Faith and Symbolism Georges Rouault Art of Pilgrimage Soul Moments Jung and Eastern Thought Rose Windows View From 80, The Jung and St. Paul Modern Psychology: The Teachings of Carl Gustav Jung Scallop, The Habsburgs, The I Heard the Owl Call My Name Dream Dictionary Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Meditations from Kierkegaard Flow Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody, The Conscience

Robertson Davies. W. Charles D'Aulaire. The Deptford Trilogy. Janet O. Robertson Davies. The: Vol. Paul Davies. 2: Purgatory Divine Comedy. C. A: Vol. The Space and Time in the Modern Universe Cosmic Blueprint. The Guided Tour of the Living Cell: Vol. Christian de Duve. P. Jung. W. H. Davies. The Fifth Business Lyre of Orpheus. David Darwin. Robertson Davies. The Murther & Walking Spirits Papers of Samuel Marchbanks. Dante Alighieri Dante Alighieri Dante Alighieri Darling. The: Vol. P. The Edge of Infinity. Robertson Davies. Davies. The Universal Spider. 3: Paradise Deep Time On the Origin of Species Origin of Species. Patricia Dallett. W. Paul Davies. Davis. Teilhard Pierre De Commynes. Davies. The Physics of Time Asymmetry. 2 Leaven of Love . Natalie Zemon & Arlette Farge. Freud. Davies. Ed. The What's Bred in the Bone World of Wonders Don't Know Much About History History of Women in the West. Basil Davidson. Barnaby Dale-Green. The Saturday's Child: Encounters with the Dark Gods Divine Comedy. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author D'Acierno. 1 Guided Tour of the Living Cell: Vol. Kenneth C.Marion C. 3 Jung. The God and the New Physics Superforce Cunning Man. R. The Illustrated Book of Greek Myths African Kingdoms Gods and Myths of Northern Europe Accidental Universe. Robertson Davies. The Rebel Angels. Ingri & Edgar Parin Davidson. Davies. Ellis Davies. Robertson Davies. C. P. The Search for Gravity Waves. W. Robertson Davies. Paul Davies. Robertson Davis. Teilhard Pierre de Chardin. and the Humanities Archetypal Cat. Christian de Forest. Davis. C. Robertson Davies. and Hillman Understanding of Dreams Divine Milieu. Robertson Davies. C. The: Vol. W. 1: Hell Divine Comedy. P. de Beker. Robert H. Charles Darwin. C. Raymond de Chardin. Philippe de Duve. The Manticore. P. The Phenomenon of Man.G. Izette Title C.

Rene Descharnes. Robert L. Robert Deme. The Tutankhamen Year 1200. Laszlo Derrida. Jung Teilhard de Chardin. Helene D'Evreux. Gordon.Marion C. Larry Title Witchcraft Magic & Alchemy Basic Writings of C. Donaldson. The Age of Adventure. Frans Debroglie. G. Delpere. Francisco de Santillana. de Lubac. Toraldo Dillard. Charles Diel. Linda Dore. Annie Dillard. Larry Dossey. the Man and His Meaning Third Spirituality. The Oliver Twist Symbolism in Greek Mythology Investigation of the Physical World. Ed. Deutsch. Florens. The Memoirs of Sir James Melville Wagner's 'Ring' and Its Symbols Freud and Jung Dore Bible Dore's Illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy Columbus and the Age of Discovery Beyond Illness Healing Words . A Hours of Jeanne D'Evreux. Louis Degas Deikman. Henri de Osuna. Jeanne Dewey. John Diaz. V. Robert Desroches-Noblecourt. Christiane Deuchler. The Psychoanalytic Study of the Myth of Dionysus and Appollo. Arthur J. Paul DiFrancia. Donington. Gustave Dore.S. Annie Dinesen. Giorgio de Santillana. Delevoy. Giorgio & Hertha von Dechend de Terra. Helmut de Unamuno. Robert Donn. Isak Dodds. The Hamlet's Mill Memories of Teilhard de Chardin Tragic Sense of Life Good Natured: The Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans Peacemaking Among Primates Matter and Light Degas' Drawings Observing Self. Jacques Descartes. Ed. Gustave Dor-Ner. Bernal Dickens. The Early Flemish Painting Orion Book of the Written Word Radical Left in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 Spurs: Nietzsche's Styles Meditations on First Philosophy World of Salvador Dali.G. E. The Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Seven Gothic Tales Greeks and the Irrational. Zvi Dossey. The Psychology Conquest of New Spain. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author De Givry. Miguel de Waal. Grillot de Laszlo. The Living. R. Frans de Waal.

Dourley. Dowling. Drummond. J. A Time and Myth Great Religions of Modern Man: Protestantism Miro. Ed. The Goddess. Ed. The Interpretations of Life Story of Civilization. M. The Gateway to Middle Ages Monastacism Alchemy of Illness. Dostoevsky. S. F. Celibacy and the Inner Marriage Psyche as Sacrament. John P.Marion C. Christine Downing. David Douglas Duncan. Patty & Gloria Hochman Duncan. Henry Dry. Elizabeth Dru. Leslie. John P. Joan Life and Work Our Oriental Heritage: The Story of Civilization: Part I Story of Civilization. The: Part VI: The Reformation Story of Philosophy. Dunstan. Jacques Durant. Ed. Kat Duke. Alan Drew. Eleanor S. Dourley. Duff. Freeman Title Crime & Punishment Crime and Punishment Brothers Karamazov. Christine Dressler. Alexander. The Brilliant Madness Picasso's Picassos Encyclopaedia of Ignorance. John S. Dupin. Will & Ariel Durant. William G. Will & Ariel Dyson. Ronald & Miranda Weston-Smith Dunne. The Cinderella Complex. Duckett. Will Durant. The Greatest Thing in the World Psychology of Jung. John P. Fyodor Doty. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Dostoevsky. The Love. The Notes and Papers on Archaic Studies Illness That We Are. Eliot: Design of His Poetry Journals of Kierkegaard. Freeman Dyson. Will Durant. Avis M. Dunne.. Will Durant. John S. The Mirrors of the Self Voyage to the Great Attractor T. Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Dourley. The Search for God in Time and Memory. Colette Downing. The: Part VII: The Age of Reason Begins Disturbing the Universe Infinite in All Directions .

Edinger.. Mircea Eliade. Edward F. and Mysteries Patterns in Comparative Religion Sacred and the Profane. Mircea Eliade. Albert Einstein. The Ego and Archetype Encounter with the Self Goethe's Faust Living Psyche. Richard Q. The: Vol. Edward F. Sir John & Daniel N. T. 1 and 2 Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The: A Jungian Commentary Creation of Consciousness. 5 and 6 Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The Discovery of the Unconscious. The Hurried Child. The Three Hundred Years of American Painting Complete Poems and Plays. Edinger. Robinson Eckhart. The Breakthrough: Meister Eckhart's Creation Spirituality Essential Sermons. Edward F. Edinger. et al Edwards. The Christian Archetype. Edward F. Umberto Edinger. Paul Ed. Dreams. Title Wonder of Being Human.Marion C. Ed. Edward F. Edinger. The: Vol. Edinger. Edward F. Ellwood. The: Vol. Commentaries. Meister Eco. Paul Edwards. Jr. Henri F. Elvee. Mircea Eliade. Edward F. Mircea Eliade. Edwards. Mircea Eliade.. Treatises & Defenses Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages Foucault's Pendulum Interpretation and Overinterpretation Bible and the Psyche. Albert E. The Readings on Religion From Inside and Outside Rodin's Gates of Hell Mind in Nature . Elsen. Paul Ed. The From Primitives to Zen Images and Symbols Myth and Reality Myth of the Eternal Return. Edwards. Edward F. Edward F. S. Edward F. Einstein. Mircea Eliade. Edinger. 3 and 4 Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The Melville's Moby-Dick Mystery of the Coniunctio Transformation of God Image Memories and Perspectives Heidegger on Death: A Critical Evaluation Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Paul Ed. Mircea Eliot. The: Vol. Umberto Eco. Meister Eckhart. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Eccles. 7 and 8 Evolution of Physics Relativity Forge and the Crucible. Elkind. David Ellenberger. Edinger. Alexander Eliot. The Two and the One. Albert Eliade. Paul Ed. Edward F. The Myths. Mircea Eliade. Edwards. Edinger. Edinger. Umberto Eco. Robert S. Edinger. Mircea Eliade.

The Iphigenia in Tauris Medea: Trojan Women: Electra History of the Church from Christ to Constantine. Ed. The Conversations With Carl Jung Jung on Elementary Psychology Theories of Primitive Religion Fact and Fiction in Psychology .. Epel. The Writers Dreaming Book of Common Prayer.. Eysenck. et al. Estes. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Emerson. Clarissa Pinkola Ettinghausen. David V. R. Annotator Erdman. The Flowering of the Middle Ages. Ennis. Paul & Joseph Langland. Joan. Ed. Erik H. Richard I. Evans-Pritchard. J. E. Naomi Episcopal Church Erdman. Erikson. Michael Enright. David V. Evans. Ed. H. Euripides Euripides Euripides Eusebius Evans. J.. E. D. Ralph Waldo Emerson. The Poetry and Prose of William Blake Vital Involvement in Old Age Women Who Run with the Wolves Persian Miniatures Alcestis. Evans. The Illuminated Blake.Marion C. Title Friendship On Man and God Poet's Choice Duchess of Milan Oxford Book of Death. Richard I. Ed. Ralph Waldo Engle.

1836-1910. Title Dream Game Dream Power Teilhard De Chardin's Theology of the Christian in the World Sound and the Fury. The Analytical Psychology: A Modern Science Self and Autism. Feuerstein.Marion C. As I Lay Dying Ancient Myth in Modern Poetry Rise of Modern Mythology.. Ludwig. Vincent & Craig Everett. Ed. Michael et al. Ronald R Filoramo. Michael et al. Michael Fordham. Fordham. Eds. Edmund Burke Ferris. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Faraday Ann Faraday Ann Faricy. The Nature of Time. The Hildegard of Bingen World of Winslow Homer. Nandor Foley. The Women's Dionysian Initiation Mood Swing History of Gnosticism.C. Fodor. The Alexandria : Vol. Stories of the Heart Becoming Human Through Art Coming of Age in the Milky Way Essence of Christianity. James Thomas Flood. Morals. Henry Wilder Foote. Fordham. Folk. Richard P. Feldman. 1525-1569. Ed. The. Faulkner. Ed. Frieda Fordham. The Stories of the Spirit. Ed. Feynman. Michael Fordham. David R. Gaynor & Reik Fodor. Robert L. The Mastering Pain QED Book of Life. The World of Bruegel. David Foote. Michael Fordham. Jung. The Introduction to Jung's Psychology. 1680-1860. An Children As Individuals Jungian Psychotherapy New Developments in Analytical Psychology Objective Psyche. William Feder. M. J. and Occultism Family Therapy Glossary Edward Redfield: First Master of the Twentieth Century Landscape Secret Language of Dreams Teach Yourself to Dream Religion of an Inquiring Mind. Michael & Martin Golubitsky Fierz-David. Linda Fierz-David. Linda Fieve. Trans. Giovanni Fitts. Burton & Robert Richardson Feldman. Raymond & Michael Lockwood Flugel. Timothy Fordham. Marsilio Fideler. Ficino. David Fontana. Lillian Feldman. Dudley & Robert Fitzgerald. Michael Fordham. Sabina Flexner. Field. The Technique in Jungian Analysis . Ed. Michael et al. and Society Dictionary of Psychology Freud. Thomas Fontana. 1 Symmetry in Chaos Dream of Poliphilo. The Man. A Oedipus Cycle: Sophocles. Timothy Feuerbach. Flanagan. Christina & Jack Kornfield.

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The Native North American Spirituality of the Eastern Woodlands Brain. Tuchman. James S. The Space Time Infinity Unexpected Vista. Tuchman. Paul Tillich. Paul Tillich. 1 Systematic Theology: Vol. Eckhart Tolstoy. Tooker. Frank J. L. Leo Tolstoy. T. The About the Sleeping Beauty Reading the Mind of God Scientist at the Seashore. Tolle. James S. The Quest for Merlin. Nikolai Tompkins. Chogyam Tuby. 3 Theology of Culture Theology of Paul Tillich. The Practicing History Proud Tower. Mary Stuart Title Shaking of the Foundations. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Tillich. The: Mystery of Matter and Mind Empire and the Papacy. The Physics of Immortality. Paul Tipler. Paul Tillich. James Trefil. Trubetskoi. Trefil. Barbara W. The World of Marcel Duchamp. Tuchman. James S. The Systematic Theology: Vol. Paul Tillich. Trefil. 1887 -. Eugene N. The Icons: Theology in Color Myth of Freedom. Tuchman. Tyson. Molly.F. Travers. Torstar Books Tout. Nikolai Tolstoy. Trefil. Ed. A March of Folly. Elisabeth. Trungpa. et al. Barbara W. James S. Ed. Tuchman. 2 Systematic Theology: Vol. The In the Wake of Jung Distant Mirror. Leo Tolstoy. Paul Tillich. Barbara W. James Trefil. Barbara W. Trefil. The Spiritual in Art: Abstract Painting 1890-1985 From the Limbo of Forgotten Things . Maurice. P. A From Atoms to Quarks Moment of Creation.Marion C. C. Ed. The Stillness Speaks Resurrection What Men Live By Coming of the King.

Sigrid Undset. Sigrid Undset. Barry Ullman. Ann & Barry Ulanov. The Feminine in Jungian Psychology and in Christian Theology. Undset. Ann Belford Ulanov. Ann Belford Ulanov. Ed. Kristin 2: The Mistress of Husaby Lavransdatter. Montague & Nan Zimmerman Underhill. The Jung and the Outside World Working with Dreams Golden Sequence. A Psychology of Prayer Religion and the Unconscious Witch and the Clown. Sigrid Untermeyer. Ruth M. The Primary Speech. Ann Belford Ulanov. Usherwood. Louis Untermeyer. The Picturing God Wisdom of the Psyche. Louis. Ann & Barry Ulanov. The Poetry: Its Appreciation and Enjoyment Love Sonnets Modern American Poetry Modern British Poetry Bible Book by Book. Kristin 1: The Bridal Wreath Lavransdatter. Ed. The . Louis. The Mysticism Red Man's Religion Gunnar's Daughter Lavransdatter. Ann & Barry Ulanov. Evelyn Underhill. Stephen Title Meditations with Hildegard of Bingen Legend of Good Women. Evelyn Underhill. Erika Ulanov. Untermeyer. Sigrid Undset.Marion C. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Uhlein. Gabriele Uitz. Sigrid Undset. Kristin 3: The Cross Master of Hestviken.

G. van Der Leeuw. The Grail Legend. van der Meer. Laurens van der Post. Mark van Dusen. Thorkil Vasari. Healey van Schaack. Laszlo Vidal. Gore Vidal. Laurens van der Post. The Heart of the Hunter. G. A. Marie-Louise von Franz. The Seed and the Sower. J. Gore Vitz. The Venture to the Interior History of Knowledge. Lionello Venturi. G. Marie-Louise von Franz. Marie-Louise von Franz.Marion C. 1 Religion in Essence and Manifestation: Vol. The Chagall Italian Painters of Today Heidegger. The Golden Ass Projection and Re-Collection in Jungian Psychology Redemption Motifs in Fairy Tales Shadow and Evil in Fairytales Way of the Dream. A Anthology of World Poetry. Marie-Louise von Franz. An Natural Depth in Man. Marie-Louise & Emma Jung von Franz. Laurens van der Post. Engelbert J. Paul C. Laurens van der Post. The Baroque Art in Italy Phallos Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti. Marie-Louise von Franz. van Croonenburg. Marie-Louise von Franz. A. Giorgio Venturi. Wilson van Kaam. Charles van Doren. von Franz. The Jung & the Story of Our Time Lost World of the Kalahari.. The Lectures on Jung's Typology . & K. Marie Louise von Franz. van der Leeuw. Being. Jung His Myth in Our Time Feminine in Fairytales. Marie Louise von Franz. Lionello Versenyi. Marie Louise von Franz. 2 Fire of Creation. J. and Truth Creation Julian Psychology As Religion Alchemical Active Imagination Aurora Consurgens Interpretation of Fairytales Puer Aeternus Animus and Anima in Fairy Tales C. Eric Vanggaard. The Early Christian Art Bar of Shadow. Marie-Louise von Franz. A. R. Laurens van der Post. F van der Post. Laurens van Doren. Marie-Louise von Franz. A Dark Eye in Africa. Marie Louise von Franz. The Demon and the Dove. Marie-Louise & James Hillman Title Encyclopedia of Classical Mythology. Laurens van der Post. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author van Aken. The Gateway to Reality Religion in Essence and Manifestation: Vol. van Der Leeuw.

. Marie-Louise von Franz.. von Weizsacker. Gustav E. Vycinas. Marie-Louise von Franz. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author von Franz.. Vincent Title Creation Myths Individuation in Fairy Tales Number and Time On Dreams and Death Faust Tales for Transformation Medieval Islam Unity of Nature. Marie-Louise von Franz. The Earth and Gods: Introduction to Philosophy of Martin Heidegger ..Marion C. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Frederick G. The Age of Chivalry. Marie-Louise von Goethe. Johann Wolfgang von Grunnebaum. Carl Friedrich Vosburgh.

3 Old Wise Woman. Watts. The Waiting For God Discovery of Subatomic Particles. Robert Walrond-Skinner. Alan W. Sue Ward. Gerhard Weigert. The Wisdom of Insecurity. Helen Wahl. The Clinical Methods in Psychology Owl in Art. Steven Weinberg. Weaver. Jean Waite. 1853-1890. The Wandering Scholars. Frank Watkins. Alan W. Mary Watkins. Edith Weil. Helen Waddell. Steven Weiner. The Desert Fathers. The: Vol. The: 1598-1715 Father Loss Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime and Black Hole Thermodynamics Crone. Elyce Wald. The: Vol. Henry Offley Wakerman. Myth and Legend. 1 World of Physics. The World of Physics. John Waddell. The World of Rubens. Robert Wallace. Ed. The World of Van Gogh.Marion C. Alan W. The: Vol. Robert Wallace. The Dictionary of Psychotherapy Men and Angels Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again) Book of the Hopi Invisible Guests Waking Dreams Behold the Spirit Joyous Cosmology. Theodora Warhol. The Myth and Ritual in Christianity Two Hands of God. Kenneth Wallace. Jefferson Hane Weaver. The Dreams of a Final Theory First Three Minutes. Jefferson Hane Weaver. The: Woman of Age and Wisdom Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets Human Physiology Rise of Russia World of Bernini. Simone Weinberg. Weinstein. Jefferson Hane Weaver. Watts. Watts. Krystyna Title Arthurian Chronicles Coming of Rome. 2 World of Physics. Irving. C. Andy Waters. Gerhard Wehr. Wakeman. Arthur E. Walker. The . Alan W. The C. Alan W. Rix Wedgwood. V. 1598-1680. Barbara Walker. 1577-1640.G. Watts. Jung. Wehr. The Philosophies of Existence Alchemists Through the Ages Ascendancy of France. An Illustrated Biography of Jung: A Biography Courage to Love. Barbara Walker. Robert M. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Wace & Layamon Wacher. Steven Weinberg. Mary M Watts.

The Springs of Creativity. Ed. Victor White. Alfred North Whitmont. The From Ritual to Romance Death of a Woman. White. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Weitzmann. Joseph B. Morton White. 1881 -. Wickes. Geoffrey.. The Saint George and the Dandelion Analytic Process. J. Thornton Wilhelm. Ed.. P. T. The In Pursuit of Wings Age of Analysis Study of Lives.. White. H. The Bestiary. Whitmont. Wilber. The Selected Writings and Hymns Coptic Art World Is Made of Glass. Frances G. Kurt Weitzmann. White. Stuart Cary Wellard. James Wendt. Whitrow. The Late Antique and Early Christian Book Illumination Imperial Mughal Painting King's Book of Kings.Marion C. White. Wheelwright. Frank & Betsy Devine Wilder. H. Wickes. Whitmont. Alfred North Whitehead. The Inner World of Man. The Structure of Biblical Myths. Joseph B. Heinz Weston. Herbert Wertenbaker. The From Ape to Adam World of Picasso. John & Charles Wessel. Ed. Edward C. The God & The Unconscious God the Unknown Soul and Psyche Process and Reality Science and the Modern World Psyche and Substance Return of the Goddess Symbolic Quest. Lael Wesley. Victor White. Frances G. Wickes. The Inner World of Childhood. Klaus West. Westman. Joseph B. Frances G. Ed. G. Wheelwright. J. Wheelwright. Robert W. Ken Wilczek. Edward C. Hellmut Title Icon. The Inner World of Choice. Wieck Wigoder. Kurt Welch. Morris Westman. Jane Hollister Wheelwright. The Reality of the Psyche. Stuart Cary Welch. A Persian Painting Search for the Etruscans.. The Time Sanctified Illustrated Dictionary & Concordance of the Bible Quantum Questions Longing for the Harmonies Bridge of San Luis Rey. Stuart Cary Welch. Ed. Jessie L. The Natural Philosophy of Time. The Change . Edward C. Victor Whitehead.

Wilson. Frank Winston. Wohl. Ed. The: Readings from Scientific American History of the Goths Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth Domesday: A Search for the Roots of England Addiction to Perfection Owl Was a Baker's Daughter. David Willeford. Carroll A. Title Secret of the Golden Flower. The Star Wave Mind's Eye. Paul & Harry Wilmer. Diane & S. Richard. The Border Crossings Great Religions of Modern Man: Islam Early Spanish Manuscript Illumination Little Treasury of Great Poetry. Wolfram. Fred A. Wilmer. Charles Williams. The Facing Evil . The Twenties. William Willeford. Wilson. Williams. Joh Alden. Michael Woodman. Marion Woodman. Wolf. Wise. The Sixties. Kramer Wood. Derek Wilson. The Philo of Alexandria Pastoral Counseling Psychiatry and the Bible Leonardo Da Vinci Dreaming Universe. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Wilhelm. Trevor. Ed. The: Volumes 1 and 2 Carols for Christmas Feeling. Marion Woodruff. Carroll A. Ed. Marion Woodman. Hellmut Wolf. and Self Fool and His Scepter. William Carlos Williamson. Richard Wilhelm. Marion Woodman. Wilmer. David. Jeremy M. William Williams. A Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual Biographical Dictionary of Scientists Pictures from Brueghel Reader's Guide to T. Edmund Wilson. Harry A. Edmund Wilson. Edmund Wilson. Oscar. Williams. Trans. Donald Lee Williams. George Wilmer. The Scrolls from the Dead Sea. Edward O. Harry A. Eliot. Strephon Kaplan Williams. A Creativity Paradoxes and Reflections Practical Jung Mother/Father American Bird Engraving Tower. The Pregnant Virgin: Psychologiacl Transformation Ravaged Bridegroom. Fred Alan Wolfe. The Descent of the Dove. Herwig Wolkstein. The Sociobiology Work of Creation. The I Ching. John Williams. Alexander Wilson. S. Ed. Williams.Marion C. Ed.. Ed. Williams. Trans. Oscar. A Little Treasury of Modern Poetry.N. Wise. Willcocks. Harry A. Imagination.

Maria Gabrielle Wright. The Poems of William Wordsworth Sacred Dance Moral Animal. Jennifer Barker & Roger Wordsworth. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Woolf. Robert E. William Wosien. Virginia Woolger. Title Between the Acts Goddess Within.Marion C. Robert Wunderlich. The Worship and the Arts .

The King and the Corpse. Hoppin Library of Jungian Psychology: Book List by Author Author Yalom. Yates. Connie & Jeremiah Abrams Title Existential Psychotherapy Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition Irish Fairy and Folk Tales Cognitive Therapy for Personality Disorders: A Schema-Focused Approach Hannah Arendt For Love of the World Hags and Heroes Jung's Self Psychology Gay Genius. C. The --The Vision of the Night Archetypal Medicine King and the Corpse. Heinrich Zimmer.. Zimmer. Yeats. Luigi & Donald Williams. Zaidenberg. The Meeting the Shadow . Zukav. Zaehner. Young. Michael E. Irvin D. Jack Zoja. R. Polly Young-Eisendrath. Robert.Marion C. Lin Zaehner. Ed. The Mysticism: Sacred and Profane Drawing the Human Figure Dream. Arthur Zeller. W. B. Young-Bruehl. Zipes. Gary Zweig. Ed. Heinrich Zimmerman. Polly & James Hall Yutang. C. Frances A. Elisabeth Young-Eisendrath. R. Alfred J. Luigi & Hinshaw. Heinrich Zimmer. Max Ziegler. The Comparison of Religions. Jeffrey E. The Jungian Reflections on September 11: A Global Nightmare Jerusalem 1983 Dancing Wu Li Masters. The Philosophies of India Eclipse of the Self Trials & Tribulations of Little Red Riding Hood. Ed. Zoja.

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