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Facebook News Feed Optimization: How to Dramatically Increase Your Visibility and Engagement


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Introduction This session is titled "Facebook News Feed Optimization: How to Dramatically Increase Your Visibility and Engagement." Our presenter is Mari Smith. Mari is co-author of the book Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day. Fast Company calls her "the Pied Piper of Facebook." In today's session, Mari will show you the art and science of getting your Facebook updates seen by your fans. Presentation It is a delight and a pleasure to be here. I'm very much looking forward to this session. "Facebook News Feed Optimization" is a very exciting topic, and I wanted to really niche down. I'm leading a couple of sessions in this Social Media Success Summit. This is my third year in a row working with Mike on these summits, and it's always an honor and a pleasure. Just a quick reminder, I actually have many, many tweets prescheduled with a lot of the different links and resources and stats and facts I'm going to be sharing. Those are appended, of course, with the #SMSS11 hashtag. Feel free to retweet them, etc. You will see them in the stream as they go by. The Size of Facebook Let's just talk about the size of Facebook. It's basically astronomical. It's monstrous — it's uber big! I got this figure here — 672 million — about a week ago, and just even since I have created these slides, it's gone up by 5 million, so there are actually 677 million. We are rapidly hurtling toward
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that first billion. I think that's pretty exciting. I don't think it'll be as big news as the Royal Wedding, but who knows? I think there'll be some major celebrations and partying going on around the world when we make that first billion. Over 30 billion pieces of content are shared every month. That's an enormous, enormous amount of content, even though there's a vast audience creating it and some are consuming the content. So this entire session today is dedicated to: how do you get your content seen in the news feed? By the way, these stats, I got from They used to be known as Facebakers. They changed their name to Socialbakers and it's a wonderful platform with some great stats. They have blog posts, and they even have a tool — there's a free and a paid version — of some great analytics you can get. Just as a little plug for those guys, they do a great job. Facebook's News Feed I actually think that the Facebook news feed was one of the most brilliant inventions on the planet. Obviously, the whole entire platform is a brilliant invention, but if we're talking specific features, I really love the news feed. I remember hearing some time ago that Facebook had actually applied for a patent on that news feed so people can't copy them. The news feed is basically when you're on your home page, you're logged in as your personal profile, and it's that little column, if you will, where you see these stories. They basically are called "stories," and they're posts from fan pages that you liked and from friends that you've become friends with. Basically, NFO means "News Feed Optimization," which I believe is a term coined many, many years ago by Justin Smith of Inside Facebook. And NFO is the name of the game. It's the new SEO, if you will.
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Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. That's based on how often you interact with the page. Most Recent will be in absolute chronological order everything that comes through fan pages and friends. You can just click on Pages and that will be all the pages you've joined. Top News What we're looking at right here is the news feed. So one of the things as a business owner. Most Recent Vs. I've got a few slides coming up for you on how to do that. Canadian. but was born in Canada. etc. tiny little arrow — a tiny little button that you can click on — and you get this dropdown. that you can do in getting your content seen by your fans is to help educate them on how to best use the news feed. there's a little link that says Most Recent. coveted algorithm that we want to try to master today. The default is always set to Top News. whether a personal profile created it or a fan page created it." a little mix of all three. if this is the first time you're hearing me speak. Every piece of content on Facebook. as a marketer. so I'm kind of "Scandifornian. and I actually think through sheer lack of knowledge. Social Media Examiner Page 4 of 35 . But right next to Top News. and Californian.By the way. The Top News is this wonderful. Then there's a great way to make Lists as well. This is just the middle section. is passed through the filter. there's a tiny. and I consider myself pretty much 100% Scottish. most Facebook users have not really optimized their own news feed settings. I am Scottish. It's called EdgeRank. I spent the first 12 years there and have been in San Diego for 12 Copyright 2011. We've got that in a slide coming up. What you see in the Top News is what Facebook has decided on your behalf what it thinks is important to you. You can filter your news feed through all kinds of different levels. News Feed Demystified There are many different components to the news feed. your relationship with them. In addition. We'll look at that.

There are over 250 million active mobile users. In fact. the default news feed is actually live feed. EdgeRank Explained There are three primary components. And. This is a little screenshot from my iPhone. like I say. the beauty of it is they can see their stream in real time. on their mobile device. Weight Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. if you will. a lot of people are actually using Facebook through mobile. number one is the affinity score. and there's a little bit of technospeak here — geek speak — and we'll demystify it for you. Maybe only Mark Zuckerberg knows it. which is great.News Feed – On Mobile Here's a quick plug for Facebook Mobile. In any case. It's fine. Affinity Score The first component of news feed optimization. is basically an algorithm. The exact algorithm is under lock and key. But in any case. It's maybe more like 300 million. so you often find that your fans are interacting with your brand. but I know that on iPhone. Social Media Examiner Page 5 of 35 . I think that's actually a higher number. Facebook is not known for publishing numbers. It's the first place they go to. your fan page. It's the Most Recent. and they're twice as active. Think of that as the relationship — the relationship that your fans have with not just your fan page but that specific piece of content. the EdgeRank score. and you get more visibility that way. and I think all the experts in the world don't necessarily know the precise algorithm. I don't know how Facebook necessarily looks on other smartphones. maybe Socialbakers has a stat on Copyright 2011.

You can do it yourself and teach your fans how to do this — I've got a slide for you coming up — because you can put fan pages into Friend Lists. Between Brian's session and Jeremiah's last night. in addition. whether it is a well-posed photo or video or link. You can do this. that wall post was created. it's how long ago the piece of content — they call it "edge" — was created. I loved it. if you will. and it depends on how often you get them to interact. you could make use of Friend Lists. in addition to some of the marketing tactics I'm going to explain to you. Now. And really. We just had wonderful Brian Solis who did a great. You often see things out there — reports and different systems — where you can get a score and you'll find out how to prove your EdgeRank score." Basically. great session on engagement. obviously. Make Use of Friend Lists First of Copyright 2011. So that's taken into account. SO that's your EdgeRank there. Each fan has a different one. so we'll talk a lot about that. There are various types of content. Time Decay (Recency) Then there's what we call "time decay" also known as "recency. one of the secrets of getting that news feed content seen — or seen more often — is the engagement. Remember. you've got the weight. etc. earlier I said to just help your fans really understand how Facebook works. what's really important to understand is that every one of your fans has a different EdgeRank score with every piece of your content. Educate Your Fans? Here are a couple of possible things that you could do to educate your fans. Social Media Examiner Page 6 of 35 .Then. there was tremendous content. But it's not like you have a score that you can improve with all fans. Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. We'll talk about that quite in depth today. It's kind of a public service.

Many people listening in are in the business of social media and teach your clients. Social Media Examiner does a good job of that too. Come back to it often. You click on Account — this magic button at the top right — and then it's the very first one where I've got my red arrow that says Edit Friends.Ask Fans to Bookmark Your Page You could simply ask your fans to bookmark your page. "Save our page." You want to do whatever you can to get your fans to come back to your page and interact with your content and with each other's content. but I want to just show you how to do that. It's wonderful. right here there'll be a button that will say Create Friend List." I don't use it all that often because I'm on my news feed so much that I don't necessarily always filter it through. in fact. I've actually clicked on Fave Fan Pages. help your fans to understand how to maximize some of their Facebook features anyway Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. Even if you're not in the business of social media. Adjust Settings to See Maximum Then I've got a slide for you to show how to actually adjust your settings. Create Friend Lists I actually do have a Friend List called "Fave Fan Pages. So you might want to just even do a short little tutorial video. They might bookmark it and forget it. You can put fan pages in it. Social Media Examiner Page 7 of 35 . That will land you on this page here. super easy to create Friend Lists once you know how. who knows? But at least it's something. Don't get confused by the fact that it's called a Friend List. A lot of what Jeremiah was talking about yesterday was a customer advocacy program and having fans and customers interacting with each other. I don't know how often they're going to go and check their bookmarks. Bookmark Copyright 2011. but when you first land on the page. It's super.

Each of these Friend Lists — one quick little sidebar — has its own unique URL. you can see that little arrow — and I've got a tweet going out about this if it hasn't gone out already — then you get a little thing that says Edit. Edit Your News Feed Settings. "Type a friend's name. When you click Edit Settings. That drops down and it will say Edit Settings. this is where then they would shift to click Most Recent. and you really want to see all of your friends and pages. It used to be that there was a little number where you were only seeing the activity of about 300 of your friends. And if I back up a couple of slides here. Go ahead and change it to "All of your friends and pages. and Facebook has been kind of messing around with this for some time." so change it. Where it says. So go ahead and click on Most Recent. up pops this box right Copyright 2011. Social Media Examiner Page 8 of 35 . Just type it right here. Drop in your fan page. and then right here is where the Friend List will appear." I recommend that.because these are all problems that everybody faces — how to really get the content that they want. The default is "Friends and pages you interact with most. Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. But several of us that use Facebook — there's a percentage — maybe about 5% of Facebook users are kind of power users where they max out their friends. given that the average Facebook user has only 130 friends anyway." you type the name of the fan page. That's one idea for you: create Friend Lists with fan pages. Sometimes they make changes behind the scenes and it's not always obvious what they've done. so they could actually bookmark a specific Friend List. and then where my little #1 is. Adjust News Feed Settings This is something not too many people know about.

and I'm getting as much activity as I can. on the web. and I've got another 21 in the hopper coming soon about lots of ways to promote your fan page. I'm posting regularly and I'm engaging with likes and comments. "Well.000 fans. What exactly is going to cause your fans to engage more with that content? Where is Your Content Seen? Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. So your job initially is to really get momentum and promote your Facebook fan page everywhere — on Facebook.000. online. "21 Creative Ways to Build Your Facebook Fan Base. But do check out one of my most popular blog posts: Strategies for Effective Wall Posts Let's talk about some strategies for effective wall posts. Then you're going to see that your wall posts will get more traction. So get yourself to that tipping point of 500 to 1. Social Media Examiner Page 9 of 35 . I'm doing everything you tell me. We're going really niche on this one. You'll find that these scales will tip when you reach about 500 to 1. "You know. how many fans do you have?" and they'll say 50 or 120. and they'll get more Copyright 2011. and they'll say to me. Tipping Point As far as your fan page goes. This session is really about getting your content seen in the news feed. It's okay. a lot of people will reach a plateau. but nothing much is happening. I'm not really going to talk in depth in this session about building your fan bases." It's one of my most popular posts ever. and offline. We all have to start somewhere.That typically will then affect your Most Recent and also your Top News as to what is good to draw from to show you. they'll get more visibility." And I'll say. That's fine. Mari. But I'm just going to make this point that I what I have found over the years is a tipping point. You want to really encourage your fans to be getting as much content in their news feed as possible.

Types of Content There are various EdgeRank ways: • Photos I have seen and heard different studies and reports out there. where you're showing the stream. and even in my own experience — I've done some tests myself — photos do typically tend to get the greatest number of impressions and the Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. Interact and share and create that "viral Copyright 2011. I know there are studies out there.  Other Plugins (e.g. Like Box) The third place they might see your content is in social plugins like the Like Box. As much as 88% of your fans do not come back to your fan page once they've clicked the Like button. and one I'm going to cite from is Jeff Widman from BrandGlue and also PageLever. This really goes hand in hand with what Jeremiah was saying yesterday about.g." as Jeremiah called it." and you've just got a link to your Facebook. Actually. I don't think he wrote a report. They only see and interact with your content in their news feed. Social Media Examiner Page 10 of 35 .  The News Feed of Your Fans  Social Plugins (e. Your Fan Page Wall Your content is seen on your wall. obviously. I heard him saying this on a webinar. "Don't just say 'Like Us on Facebook'. Wibiya Toolbar) This is a screenshot from Social Media Examiner's fan page. so you can see it says here Page Latest Activity as you write a comment. I've seen it even higher. It's a wonderful idea. but I know Jeff's report said 88%. and I really like the Wibiya Toolbar for that. Give ways for your community — your network — right on your own blog and your own site to interact with your social.

and one drives the other. Wow! Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. just yesterday got moved. It got moved to the end of the options above your wall publisher. I don't like the one that uses the word "stupid. They actually get 27% higher engagement. the lower the engagement rate. • Apps There are different things with the apps. Social Media Examiner Page 11 of 35 . You want more impressions and you want more likes and comments. This study by Buddy Media showed that posts under 80 characters or less — it's so short! — increase engagement. The more verbose you are. retweet them. I don't know if anybody noticed that. It's really one of those Copyright 2011. or whatever you want. which interestingly enough. the less people have time to read your stuff. Note to self: I tend to be a little wordy." so it's "keep it short and sweet. and we're going to talk about that. the really fun data for my data lovers out there: length of posts." The longer your posts. KISS — you know that wonderful acronym: "Keep it short and sweet. I've got the links going out — feel free to check them out. I'm going to cite quite a bit now from a great report by Buddy Media." That's my favorite one. and I really have to reel it in and make things pretty tight. • • • • Videos Links Status updates (wall posts) Questions There's a new Questions feature. Get this. Length of Posts Now.greatest number of likes and comments.

in other words. so you definitely want to use link shorteners there. here's the logic behind this. they've got a critical mass of fans there. the eyeball share. Remember when. you get — or certainly the people that they surveyed in this study — three times higher engagement rates for posts that use a full-length URL. not that long ago. This one I found surprising. Look at how many different pages and what it is that they're doing to create such engagement. I know. Starbucks. groups. family. We only have 140 characters on Twitter. of course. poking. This even makes logical sense because. you can instantly see there's logic behind it. Link shorteners essentially became wildly popular with Twitter. is you get the tracking stats. and any kind of other extraneous information on their page like events. Amazing! Now. so shorter is better. You can avoid link shorteners. It's great to be able to see how many people clicked through. It's really better to use long URLs. There's a lot going on. There are obviously numbers. the beauty of link shorteners like bit. Facebook Ads suddenly started to show anywhere where there was a Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. other fan pages. but again. of your fans that are staring at Farmville updates and all kinds of stuff from their friends. but you could scale it down and see that Buddy Media's stats actually do prove out. you're trying to grab the attention of your fans in this news feed where you're literally competing for the mindshare. Use Long URLS I thought this was really interesting. Social Media Examiner Page 12 of 35 . Most people would probably want to use a tracking link on Facebook to see what the stats are Copyright 2011. leads the way in engagement. Audi is actually one of the top engaged pages. and ads. And. But I just thought this was astounding that Buddy Media's report showed when you use a long URL instead of a shortened one on your post. Obviously.All you need to do is look at a page like Mashable. remember.

So people are a little bit leery and wary of clicking on links. Post in High-Traffic Windows A question I get asked a lot is. experiment to find your own." and there's an Osama video going around. People want to know. many brands and businesses are missing out on this key factor right here — I'll draw your attention now to this little image here — that brands that post outside of business hours have a 20% higher Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.m. The reason being is the trust factor. See if you can get a better engagement rate using a longer URL. but ultimately. there's a trust factor there. Social Media Examiner Page 13 of 35 . I love what Brian Solis was just saying about how you don't necessarily want to emulate the exact strategy or best practice of another business or brand because it might be totally different for your Copyright 2011. and 4:00 p. they found posting between 10:00 a. You see the mass of spam memes going around right now. It's just crazy the amount of spam links that are going around. Many. So you do actually have to experiment. is the sweet spot. We're so wary of all these links. "high-traffic window. Eastern Standard. Pacific. like "See who's checked your profile." In this study by Buddy Media on the different companies in a broad range of industries — I'll mention a few in a moment — basically. And here's a really interesting fact on when you post outside of business hours. But when you put the full-length URL and they can immediately see where they're clicking. They would show you the raw link or at least the raw domain.m. So experiment with it. to 1:00 p.short link — an obfuscated link — and you would see the long link. what I call. which is 7:00 a.m. "When should I do my posts? When are the best times of day? What are the best days of the week?" It's all about that window. Like I said. You can certainly look and study and try different things and experiment.m. you're going to come up with your own sweet spot — your own.

People are mostly engaged Fridays to Sunday — Friday. highly worth it. Engagement rates on Thursdays and Fridays are 18% higher than other days of the week. Maybe I was aware and I forgot.facebook. you get these big spikes. Let me see right here at a glance. and Sunday — with the entertainment industry. I actually wasn't even aware of them. But there is a "Happiness Index" on Facebook – Gross National Happiness. that's Mother's Day. it's absolutely weekends. For the entertainment Copyright 2011. let me talk about a couple of industries while I'm on that slide. It's highly. That link is going out if it hasn't already. There's a big spike on Mother's Day and a big spike on Valentine's Day. the more they're on On holidays and weekends.engagement rate. If you're in retail — get a load of this — engagement skyrockets on Sundays. It's really fun. Social Media Examiner Page 14 of 35 . but I'm taking it from that same report of Buddy Media that I keep mentioning. Actually. but it's http://apps. Also. I hope you understand that. You can take this little slider here and you can move it back and forth. that's as well. That's not instead. Get people when they're in good moods. It's about getting wall posts seen more often. sports are big on a Sunday. Facebook has its own economy or certainly a community — a large. Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. Optimize Fridays! In relation to that higher percent on Fridays. Saturday. I think it's tweeted out by now that there's a report you can sign up for. but brand posts account for only 5% of posts on Sundays. Their Happiness Index. Facebook has its own ecosystem. This is just a little side note I got. they have found that it spikes by 10% — that's a massive percent — on Fridays because the less people want to be at work. It's great times to post your content. That's also in Buddy Media's report. global-scale community. check this out.

But there's a little ninja workaround. kind of like fine wine. the limit. By the way. But the point I'm making is you might think your news feed is a good representation of your fans and you don't see a lot of your content. back to that. I've found that two to three times per day is a sweet spot. You have to give your posts a little bit of time to mature. There are a lot more in there too. not quite like fine wine because it's not a long time to mature — maybe several hours. 5. Well. you're going to get the highest engagement. or Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. as a quick sidebar. Again. they're probably more likely not seeing your content if they've unsubscribed — are crucial areas to keep an eye on. I've found that if I post any more than three times a day. Keep in mind. so unless they're coming to your fan page." It used to be 5.000 aggregate.000 friends. I'm at about 40. your engagement peaks out about midweek. so it's exciting. 4. On Wednesday and Thursday. very overlooked. Just text the word "like" and a face and the fan page username to 32665. Those are just a couple of industries. So you can join more fan pages. You can join any more fan pages you want using Facebook Mobile or by text message. We'll talk about that more in depth in a second. and over the years.000. and you might have joined 500. my "unlike" rate — that's when people leave your fan page — and "unsubscribe" rate — that's where people hide your content in their news feed. I've always got my little ninja workarounds. is 5. you've got to experiment and find your own. Social Media Examiner Page 15 of 35 .com Copyright 2011. Frequency of Posts Now there are a lot of different studies out there — my goodness — and it just depends.000. You can have a total of 5. 700 fan pages.Business and finance.000 plus 500. For me. 600. But they do have to be spaced out.000 fans right now.000 friends and/or fan pages that you "liked. you might have 3. It's very.

But most Facebook users. Third-Party Apps? When we talk about manual versus third Copyright 2011.maybe you see a lot because you interact with your page a lot. regardless of what you post. I don't always see this in Top News — that posts made by the same app will be collapsed. the second reason that you've got to be careful about third-party apps is in this diagram I've got here. Social Media Examiner Page 16 of 35 . but his studies showed that once every other day was the ideal post frequency for big brands. HootSuite. keep in mind. so they're kind of the anomaly. Manual vs. there's a lot of different speculation and conversation about this right now in particular." What's a better word? they give less weight to third-party apps. Plus. and they're connected to only a few hundred fan pages. and Dan has some studies out there typically with bigger brands. These are highly engaged fans anyway. whatever — anything that's not literally writing on the wall of Facebook. Facebook actually — I hesitate to use the word "penalize. Dan Zarrella is going to be presenting at the summit here. You will see in the news feed — this is typically in the Most Recent. have 130 friends. I think hardly any users are going to click on that. so your post is going to linger for a long time in their news feed." I don't know about Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. Any content that comes in through a third-party app will get slightly less weight than if you post manually. For those of you who are automatically just auto-importing all of your tweets into your Facebook fan page — maybe in your own news feed you've seen this when people just pour all their tweets in there — you'll see something like: "See 45 more posts from Twitter. I wouldn't recommend this strategy for smaller fan pages or smaller business." Well. You can think about Starbucks or whatever who've got millions and millions of fans. Here's a post by my friend Michelle — she's a realtor — and I see right here in this red box I've outlined: "See 5 more posts from NetworkedBlogs. Do you remember we were talking about weight? That's the second factor in the EdgeRank. That's through NetworkedBlogs. I'm not going to click on that.

And by 22 hours. My recommendation is to go with I love this diagram. will have half the likes that it's ever going to get. I like to leave about three hours. I know that several social media manager types out there are freaking out and thinking. Most Likes Within 1 Hour 20 Minutes This is another fascinating study — I've got a link tweeting out about this if it hasn't already — by Visibli. Social Media Examiner Page 17 of 35 . It's a great article and a great report. you want to make sure you've at least got some content going on your wall Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. I wouldn't put my posts any closer than about two hours. I think that's a brilliant graphic and another great report from Visibli. you want to make sure that it's used sparingly. That. But not necessarily every single post. You're going to get most likes and most engagement with manual Every day. It's wonderful for it. it's is another one. within one hour and 20 minutes. Your content on Facebook. but I'm not exactly going to click that link and go and read all those 45 tweets. That's my Copyright 2011. Up to four hours now. It's really exciting. "How on earth am I going to do all my page managing for clients through manual posts?" but you can certainly use an app like HootSuite. Pre-schedule? Should you pre-schedule or not? Well. Here's a great post on 22 social media management tools that were assessed and reviewed by Lee Odden of TopRank: http://bit. Within seven hours. so it's somewhere in here. Postling. 60%. it's 80%. your post has gotten 95% of the likes it's ever going to get. I find is fascinating. Maybe more like four and a half to five hours is how much I'd space out my posts. Within two hours and 15 minutes. Even so.

Then you still manually publish your posts. NetworkedBlogs Settings Edit page > Apps > NetworkedBlogs > Go to App There are the full instructions for you. I'm probably just going to zip through this.. You want to get more visibility. that's maybe going to hurt my EdgeRank. right here where I've got this arrow. or noon. I double-import my blog through NetworkedBlogs and Facebook Notes because I want to get more SEO – search engine optimization. So maybe. Social Media Examiner Page 18 of 35 . Certainly. Remember. giving you nice SEO visibility. but you've got the slides to download if you want to study this more in depth to see how to do it. I've got screenshots to show you how to do that. but I still call them tabs — and they're just auto-populating behind the scenes. I love to go ahead and import my blog posts automatically via two apps. You can just see — you'll test the engagement rate. that's when you come on and you're doing a manual post. once you set up NetworkedBlogs and you're importing your blog.m. It will go in the feed. for sure. but just maybe not as many fans would see it. and that's fine. by 11:00 a. So I've just got these two tabs — I know they're not really tabs anymore. Basically." as we call it. it actually gets pretty good "Google juice. they're links. you're going to uncheck this Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.m. And then maybe later in the day. say like 7:00 a. SEO Tip Here's a little SEO tip I was mentioning about automatic versus Copyright 2011.that people can engage with and going out to the feeds. a piece of content goes out pre-scheduled. in the Facebook Notes app. But I do not want to post them automatically to my wall.

checked. Your Notes tab will just happily fill up and you'll get some nice SEO on Google. "Show on Tab Only." checked. "Publish to Wall. That's always a good thing to Go into: Edit Page > Apps > Notes > Additional Permissions > uncheck There's the second tab over — not every app has this — called Additional Permissions. So then you're all set up with your NetworkedBlogs and you can have a nice little widget to put on your website with your fans' faces and whatnot. so uncheck "Publish content to my Wall. But you want to manually post. by default. Per-Post Insights You're going to keep an eye on your per-post insights. It might be going out further on down here. It could have been rendered in the stream.  Impressions Seeing the number of impressions — that's the number of times that your content is shown in the Copyright 2011." and you're going to have this one here. in the news feed and on your wall and any social plugins — is not necessarily always an exact reflection of how many people have seen it. Click that little guy there. and you'll see that Permissions is unchecked. but not necessarily seen. Notes App Settings Here's where you uncheck for the Note tab. This is." And there you go.  Likes  Comments Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. Social Media Examiner Page 19 of 35 .

Track Engagement You want to track your engagement: • You get your post insights daily. You want to track that.Facebook. Or you can also get the same information under www. which is this one right here. but you may be overlooking the fact that some people are hiding your content. Unlikes: Insights > Users > third graph down Unsubscribes: Insights > Interactions > purple line • • • I mentioned this is important to track. recommend taking these stats and also from your insights — and you can download insights with an Excel spreadsheet and then create some of your own columns. 178 likes. there are some really simple stats to track — to see how well your engagement is going and just really editing it over time and making some tweaks. Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. It has almost 69. Then look at your daily story feedback. It's a photo. total comments. which is your total likes and comments for the day. If you add those together and divide it up. ideally. like I just showed you.000 Copyright 2011. A little example is this post You might think you're getting some good engagement. It's the purple line. Chris Treadaway and I. Social Media Examiner Page 20 of 35 . and 98 comments.40% feedback. Formula = # impressions/(likes + comments) = feedback percent Then you take total likes. and then they're divided up for the feedback percent. in our book Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day. In fact. and I've given you exact instructions on where to find it under your Insights. you get . which you get right off your wall.

Maybe that's shorter. and I 100% agree with him. You might want to take out @tags because they tend to clutter up the wall. then that's my only complaint about @tags. you want to have one for your page.Kurrently. That shows you you're doing well. • • Maybe your and www. and people that are coming to the wall that want to just see your content or see content that they can interact with. Really finding your own and crafting it — you could even co-create it with your fans. If that number starts to peak here. you want to look and see what content you were sharing that people didn't like. You're going to strip out any spam. Here's the only time you want to have a flat line just to have a nice your strategy. The way that Facebook has them structured is Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. or people didn't like so much. By the way. Brian was just talking about AT&T. Here's just an example of a Facebook Fan Page Policy: • Maybe you say you're always going to reply within two hours. low number of unsubscribes. interestingly enough. but there's a Socialbaker's post — I've got that coming out in a link — that they reply to 45% of all their wall posts typically within the first halfhour.You want to have that nice and low. they had to hide Copyright 2011. which was pretty amazing. It's a search engine. It's really important to keep experimenting with that. is that every post gets a reply. there are a couple of really cool sites where you can find out where your content is being shared: www. I know.blekko. but develop it yourself. Engagement Strategy An engagement strategy. as Brian was just saying. Social Media Examiner Page 21 of 35 . and you can find out what stuff is being shared on Facebook.

Then you can get in there and actually help them with their problems and solve the problems. There's no person on earth. I love what Brian just said about getting yourself known out there and being seen not as a marketer. Think about how your fan page can be the go-to place for (fill in the blank). Mine. but someone who absolutely genuinely cares and has tremendous knowledge about your customers' needs and wants. valuable content. real solid community. It gives them a nice. I wouldn't say it's just Facebook. that knows everything there is to know about Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. saying. like he said. Build Your Page Culture I love to think about building your page culture and really getting a reputation out there for someone who provides Copyright 2011. thanks for sharing my post. "Hey.that people can't interact or engage with @tagged content on your wall. not just placate them. • • • Make sure that you're friendly and helpful. except maybe Mark Zuckerberg. This is kind of cool. Thanks for paying it forward. I will go and comment." and then I will delete the @tagged post off my wall. Use first names. What I tend to do — and I kind of love that we can now like pages with our page — because I will like a page that has @tagged me. Social Media Examiner Page 22 of 35 . That's an example of an engagement strategy you can build over time." What I mean by "neighborhood watch" is that people are just making sure they don't tolerate spam and rubbish on your wall. the place to get answers and solutions for what challenge(s). Encourage "neighborhood watch.

I just go crazy. Social Media Examiner Page 23 of 35 . websites. blogs. photos — anything Copyright 2011. telling them to come and post @tags. I'm pretty happy with the tremendous activity just on that post. put links. and not necessarily even ads.80% feedback on that — not bad at all. So that's a wonderful way — a Fan Page Friday. Then people get surprised and it just has much more traction when I do it. Chris Treadaway is our ad ninja between the two of us. Ideas to Jumpstart Your Facebook Page Visibility I've got a few ideas to jumpstart your Facebook page visibility and you can do these regardless of how many fans you've got. I thought I'd call it the "virtual party. I said here that I was celebrating passing the 30. which you want to include as well in terms of an engagement metric. Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.000-fan mark. Put @tags. Promote anything you want – your fan pages. This post is from back in January. It's actually going to help to jumpstart your fan count and your visibility. apps. I always go ahead and I'm going to invite all of my fans. But I know a lot about small business marketing on Facebook." I got . links to their favorite fan pages. But I know a lot I could say about Facebook marketing for small business. Fan Page Friday One of my favorite things to do and I don't necessarily do every Friday — I like to be just a little bit unpredictable. That's not including all of the actual @tags and posts themselves that went on the wall. "Have at it. that's just my nature — is a Fan Page Friday. or you can call it whatever you want. I just open up my wall and say. Woo-hoo. I don't know a whole lot about games.Facebook. Help yourself." Then I'll go ahead and I'll post over on Twitter and say. and people could get answers to challenges there on my page. it's Fan Page Friday! Come and share your fan page!" and create some buzz.

It's a wonderful way to get this massive spike in engagement and visibility. They typically will post them again as a status update or the people will ask questions and then they'll get answered. they will come. He started his fan page after the blog with tremendous success. Remember. they are regular and predictable with this Expert Friday. It's wonderful. great active fan page. They really love Fridays on Facebook. Maybe if you have a bigger company and several admins. It's a great. For one hour at 10:00 a." You could actually set specific times when you are live.000 or 41. Social Media Examiner Page 24 of 35 . Pacific. One thing Social Media Examiner does every Friday. you might have several of you on there and just really field those questions as fast as you can. They will drop what they're doing. "Office Hours" One thing you could do is have office hours so when people know when you are live on your Copyright 2011. on Fridays. You're more than welcome to just copy this idea exactly as it is.000. which I love.m. "We are live Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. And you want to check out Mike's fan page because I think he's over 40. and that's in maybe about 16 months. and actually point out. Expert Friday You often see in Social Media Examiner one thing that they do on Fridays. they'll have a guest subject matter expert who will answer questions. the "Happiness Index" goes up by 10%. Everybody is happy. So you could have what I call "office hours. so you might want to take advantage of that. You could actually make it official and incorporate it into your page banner and/or that high photo-strip. People come to really expect it and look forward to it. They will come and interact and engage with you live on your page.All kinds of people do different things.

When they post a question. Social Media Examiner Page 25 of 35 ." but you do this all simultaneously: Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. It's a brilliant app. "I'm live on my fan page right now. Think about going horizontal. One thing that's so cool is not just to have a conversation that's vertical. I don't even know if there's a word for that. going multi. you'll get a massive spike in engagement – huge. it's up to you. Whatever you want to call it. But in the meantime. It's an impromptu webinar. they're not just going to sit there twiddling their thumbs waiting for you to get back to them. Takeaways You want to first — I'm saying "first. I promise they're coming out of beta. Vpype is phenomenal too. beautifully done. They're in front of their computer anyway." or "seven days a week from 10:00 to noon. Live Video. I'm sure Brian and Jeremiah. Put it on Twitter and put it on your personal profile.on our fan page Monday through Saturday. come up with something creative and playful so people just know you're live. they're the wordsmiths here when it comes to technology stuff like this. if you will. they love it. If you go ahead and do a live webinar right there on your page. But having all of your groups of people interact with each other when you provide an opportunity for them to Copyright 2011. I keep bugging them — they're coming. I do Q&A and it's amazing how many people come and interact." Whatever you want to do. Chat One thing I found works really well on my page is doing some live videos and including some chat." I just did this the other week there. This here is a screenshot from Linqto. but find a window where you have what are called office hours or open hours or page hours or fun fan hours. It's you talking to your fans and your fans talking to you.

Track and Test Daily Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. providing helpful solutions. Social Media Examiner Page 26 of 35 . providing value.Build Beyond 500-1. not too frequent but not too far apart Really promoting your fan page at every opportunity Getting between 500 and 1. then you will absolutely be able to use Facebook to grow your business and have your content seen and shared and spread.000 Fans • • • • Working on your engagement Working on getting those short and sweet posts. could very well be your sweet spot — you've got to experiment Implement "Jumpstart" Ideas • • • • Fan Page Friday Expert Friday Live on my fan page "Office hours" Consistency is Key When you can build up a reputation as someone who's consistently answering questions. twice a day. that tipping point Experiment with High-Traffic Windows • • Experiment with what are your high-traffic windows You also want to look at your insights and see your demographics so you can see around the world what time zone the vast majority of your fans are in and then really work it out from there Less is More In Terms of Frequency and Characters • • Less is more in terms of frequency and number of characters 80 characters or Copyright 2011.000 — getting to that nice sweet spot.

I believe we are right on time to take your questions. Really focusing on that first 500 to 1. • • • Join Mari on Facebook: www. but it has to do with LinkedIn. very important. Social Media Examiner Page 27 of 35 Mari: .marismith. If you're a business-tobusiness service provider. which I love.000 makes a difference across all platforms. never as me — always as themselves. YouTube subscribers. blog subscribers. email optins. but tracking and testing is Tweet Mari: @marismith Subscribe to Mari's blog: www. "I'm not getting any traction. that's okay.facebook. Do please feel free to come and join me on Facebook and write any questions you want there. like I say. I have found the 500-1. Facebook. and I'm not sure if my question will fall in your area of expertise. It's just simple math often.000-fan tipping point is helpful on LinkedIn regarding getting your message out there and building the necessary networks to drive business? I do. Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer." and they have 50 fans. But I think that it's really just something to be aware of when many business owners are saying. Got Questions? With Questions and Answers Participant: We spent a lot of time on Copyright 2011. Tweet me anytime and follow my blog. I do have a great community of knowledgeable experts that answer questions for me from time to time. or even a couple of hundred. do you think in your experience that the 500-1. and they're still waiting to get some traction.I have daily. LinkedIn.000 tipping point works across all networks: Twitter. but if it works better for you to do it weekly.

we're all going to start somewhere. Like I said. This is great. But one thing that came to me when you were asking your question is that when you have an industry that isn't necessarily something that people just love to sit around and chat about — not everybody wants to sit around and chat about their teeth and dentists and dental hygiene — my recommendation would be to experiment with what's called "edutainment. so I just don't know how much content — what do people want? Do they want to learn? I thought about doing a Q&A like "The Doctor is In. Let me just tell you I'm a massive fan of dentists.Participant: I market for a high-end dentist. funny stories. but I'm posting what I think is interesting. Mari: And so this is for your fan page. You're on the right start." so I'd love to know your ideas. So anywhere you Copyright 2011. Do you mind if I ask how many fans you're at right now? Fifty. relevant content. My teeth are great anyway. I go to a wonderful holistic dentist out here in San Diego. but I had all the metal removed a few years ago and replaced with ivory and all that jazz. I call him a "master dentist. Social Media Examiner Page 28 of 35 ." It's a mixture of education and entertainment. find cartoons. and I just don't seem to be getting much back. good." and I really don't know what I'm doing. and I've invested heavily in my teeth. Fifty? Okay. I'm trying to reach for every single possible question somebody might have about dentistry or some interesting question. or Participant: Mari: Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.

but at the same time. Social Media Examiner Page 29 of 35 Participant: Mari: Participant: Mari: Session Transcript .com Copyright 2011. Yes. I know when I go to my dentist and he educates me about all kinds of health. not at all. I am wondering: what is an optimum feedback rate to look at for your Facebook posts? That is that Holy Grail number. so this doesn't mitigate his expertise? Oh gosh. I think you could switch the focus to being just a little bit more entertaining. we could look at some industry benchmarks. making it fun — like how can you put the fun into dentistry? Okay. Obviously. Again. Really focus on building out the studies of something that makes people laugh and makes them smile. Participant: Mari: Good nutrition and all of that. I think you're on the right track. everything from top to toe. I wouldn't run a contest just yet. You want to wait until you get a few more fans — maybe up into that tipping point or maybe even a couple of hundred more — and then try to run a contest. which we do. quite frankly. I get asked SocialMediaExaminer. but give people a reason to come back. you want to make sure it's tasteful and make sure it's professional. Possibly run a contest. but I frankly don't even know that there are any out there. some education factor in there. It could be something about looking for the perfect smile or their funniest story or stories about their kids at the dentist or pictures about their kids at the dentist — something that will just really make people amused.

the feedback percent. but that's not the same for a media company. how many comments. SocialMediaExaminer. how many unlikes in that day. how many unsubscribes. In fact. So you just create some columns in an Excel spreadsheet.this quite a lot and it's that same thing with post frequency. More analysis at some point. And then you retroactively go back and put the exact time that you shared. It might be one of your other posts if you've made two. and you plan out in advance what you're going to share on your fan page and on what day. Dan Zarrella says. so their feedback percent might be much lower than someone who's doing a couple of posts a day and getting a higher feedback percent. how many likes. much higher than two or three times a day. I run a fairly large Facebook group and optimizing your news feed in Facebook is like invading China. It wouldn't be necessarily pertaining to this post. you're going to gather your own intellectual property. for a major brand. You're going to create an Excel spreadsheet. If you look at something like the Huffington Post or Mashable. every other day is ideal frequency. Socialbaker talked about the media industry. What I'm going to encourage you to do is to go ahead and find your own benchmark. Does that help answer your question a little bit? Participant: That helps tremendously. Social Media Examiner Page 30 of 35 Participant: Session Transcript . and you're going to have something much. Over time. and then you'll know what's a good benchmark. they're doing tons and tons of posts every day. Thank you. I actually have an editorial calendar that's a mixture of a tracking and measuring Copyright 2011.

so the easier they can read it. But I have a question about mobile users. you're not necessarily starting over every day." Did you mean a Facebook page? A page.You literally have to start over every day. Do they see everything as if it were the most recent feed. Questions are good too. Social Media Examiner Page 31 of 35 Participant: Mari: . so it's just really hard. There are some great shoe companies that do a tremendous job of their marketing. the better. It's one of those Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. You mentioned a "group. look at how Mashable shares their content. Remember we were talking about less is more — 80 characters? So the shorter. I think it's Better Shoes. When I go to my news feed. that's right. I see this really cute shoe and a playful question about it or something like that. In fact." I believe that Zuckerberg is over there right now! Let me think what fan page it is that I see their stuff often and I love it. You're going to build traction. Keep that one in mind for sure about the mobile news feed because people are looking at their iPhones and their BlackBerrys on those tiny little screens. the better. They do that really nicely. no. actually. but questions are always wonderful. Again. It's interesting you should say "invading Copyright 2011. and is there some different way we should be posting to them? Mari: Let me just clarify one thing. I didn't mention that. Almost every piece of content starts with a question.

so you keep the momentum going once you get to that point. Participant: My clients are mainly newspapers and they have a large collection of fan pages. and my posts got slightly less feedback because I was on a little bit less often. that helps. It's a really terrific way to aggregate content and have people see it Copyright 2011. and what a great feature suggestion because this would be really emulating what Twitter has done. Hopefully. exactly like Brian was just talking about. Is there a way to direct users to be able to just save that list in one swoop? Wow.Catch-22s where the more popular your page. except if you make them featured on your profile. maybe Intel. I love Twitter lists. with specific fans anyway. Or let me think of what pages I can think of offhand. Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. A lot of different pages that have multiple outlets — maybe Whole Foods — actually have one of the links or the custom apps on their fan page. You said that you can make lists of those pages. You could actually list them out. the higher you're going to get the EdgeRank with all of the fans. But one thing you could do is something on your own blog. I was just recently overseas for a couple of weeks. Social Media Examiner Page 32 of 35 Mari: . but then they don't feature fan pages. experiential place for your fans to go where you can display all the different fan pages for these different newspapers and have them on every fan page. That will increase your engagement with your fans. where your fan page is really a full-on customized. But unfortunately. It's really important to get in there daily and interact and engage. friend lists are not public at all. what a great question. highly engaged fans.

but Facebook doesn't really do that. I would search for "Facebook admin support group" or something like that. like independent people? A lot of people maybe are following this course from their companies as part of their marketing staff.. to join. where do you recommend for us to network. I would do a Google search. I love how Google says. not only today in this webinar. It's a little bit harder now to find groups. Sometimes the easiest way I've found to find content on Facebook is to search for it on Google because Facebook's own search system isn't that comprehensive. Thank you."Check out our other pages. "Did you mean. But there are fan pages too. Mari. One thing I want to ask you. But Facebook admins. I want to thank you for all the insight. and share? Mari: I do know that there are fan pages and there are Copyright 2011. but it's a new career. though. now that Facebook changed the format. Mari. but through the last few months that I have been following you online. is do you recommend or is there any network or any site for Facebook admins. Is that what you're asking? Does that help? Participant: Yes." or something like that. Participant: Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. I wish all of this was when I went to college. I'm just very excited that this is a new career for me.?" and they fill it in for you. Social Media Examiner Page 33 of 35 . learn. because you are one of the most expert out there. that sounds like a good suggestion as well..

it's hurtling towards its first billion and it's a very. It really isn't all about the numbers. It's a question site.000 who rarely click. and take action — than to have a fan page with 100. I'll use both Twitter and Facebook daily in conjunction with each other. and it may be that if you're a little bit more B2B.000 highly engaged. an exciting time to be in business for yourself. there'll be a day when everyone on the planet has a Facebook account. They're not really your targeted audience and maybe you bought the fans. or comment. Because we're talking about Facebook. But what's so exciting to me about Facebook. I think. an exciting time to be in this industry. We had someone earlier asking about LinkedIn. buy. So just keep that in mind. I've got some ideas that I'll be sharing later on down the road this year. highly responsive fans — advocates and raving fans who purchase from you. Conclusion I think really that it's important to think of your Facebook community as an extension of your overarching community. You kind of have to get out there and meet your audience where they're at. maybe in our lifetime.I would also search on Quora. even though the company is 7 years old now and only in the public for five years. It's a very exciting time to be alive. Keep on Copyright 2011. I'm sure Mark would be for that. like. I will leave people with this thought. very exciting time. who knows. it's better to have a Facebook fan page with a community of 1. Social Media Examiner Page 34 of 35 . Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer. in fact. and I bet you those people have posted some great resources on there. click through. Keep an eye on some things that I've got going in the hopper. you'll find more action or traction on LinkedIn in addition to Twitter. and to know that not everybody necessarily is there. or maybe there's something that's off and it's not quite working. and we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Social Media Examiner Page 35 of 35 . Think about that conversion. I'll see you on Facebook and Twitter! If your questions were not Copyright 2011. from my heart to yours. With that. please feel free to post them on our LinkedIn group. It's important to have these people as customers for life. which I thought was brilliant — it's not all about getting the maximum number of Twitter followers or Facebook fans that you possibly can. Think about that engagement.whitepapersource. thanks everybody for being Session Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.Jeremiah mentioned this yesterday. You can access the group via your event login page at: http://www.

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