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Let me introduce you to the toribash forums, or if you are not new, let me bette r explain the purpose of each section to you. The first notable section is the "News" board. Bet you can't guess what is discu ssed there. Anyway, please be serious when posting there. Any posts that a moder ator designates as spam will more then likely get you in some trouble. A good way to avoid getting yourself into trouble is to observe the other posts in that thread, after having read the rules of course. Normally, the other posts in a thread will represent what the average post in that section looks like. Also, for the love of god, do not post simply to increase your post count, as th at is a magnet for infractions. Lets continue down the list. Ah, yes, Discussion(My favorite board). Discussion's name is rather misleading. Discussion is a very serious section in which 5-6 people generally argue in every thread. Do not spam, as it is the same as committing a crime in discussion. The discussion gods will not act kindly to spammers, nor people who post uselessly. All your posts should contribute to th e current discussion at hand. You can find the rules here: http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=165937 As for creating a thread in discussion, I recommend you do not until you fully u nderstand the section, and have a feel for it. Countless threads are closed/dele ted/shamed from discussion due to the fact that the people who post them have li mited understanding(or none at all) of discussion as a section. Blog news, the sub-board of discussion is generally where the blog-folk post new stuff, like a newspaper if you will. Stuff is tolerated in there, but you would be wise not to bump a really old thread(Check the post first/last date before d oing anything!), as they often come with a warning or an infraction. Its even wo rse if you post something entirely useless. Posts such as "Thanks!" or "How can I play toribash" will most likely recieve some sort of punishment. Now, for the new-ish section offtopic. Offtopic, unlike discussion, is a welcomi ng place. All users are free to post anything within the guidelines(which can be found below, along with the links to its sub-boards rules). Have fun, and make sure to follow the rules. http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=280193 Moving on, gaming chat. All you really need to know, is don't discuss any illega l things(torrents/emulators/etc), and make sure to keep your posts on topic, and contributing. Use common sense. Also, for the love of god, do not make a thread about toribash in gaming chat. Now, there is music/movies chat. Please refrain from spoiling movies, and do not post any videos that may be distubring to younger users(Do not entirely censor yourself though, just don't post any videos with nudity, people getting tortured /killed, etc). Computer chat is a rather different one. It is a place to discuss technology/sof

It is not about bragging about who has a better computer. Read the rules before posting. . N ormally. people post here when they have problems with their pc/mac crashing and whatnot.tware for computers.

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