Business law assignment. Why should we study law as an MBA student?

Law can give me many advantages in professional as well as personal life. Low is something affect our life most and mere being right and ethical practice can`t help in this complex world so0 we should know low because ethical practice dependent upon our perception and belief. What is called write and ethical in the eyes of one can`t be ethical for everyone. Society, culture, lifestyle, teaching and many factors determining it and this entire factor vary so law is very important to learn and practice. We should learn it. To get sustainable growth in business and it will also help in strategy formation. It helps us to build a society with lawful practice. It can fetch job as legal advisor to corporate house. It will save me from legal trap and fraud. It gives me sense to motivate and guide people around to follow low for social welfare and for a better future with real socio-economic justice which lead prosperity for all.  Last but most important to get good grade in this paper.      Status of law in India! Law and its status in India are very difficult to explain. What to write about low does it make any since if I simply appreciate existing status of law. If I do so means I am not justifying. Pardon me if my statement sound critical .I am using my fundamental right of expression. I don`t know much about law but as typical Indian I know my fundamental right. I don`t perform fundamental duties properly but enjoying or scouting for fundamental right. Here I am representing Indian mentality and people prospective. I am not very much different from other Indian who want justice for own benefit only not for social justice otherwise law have bring prosperity. Situation is such that we need to tout Ethics to MBA graduate and most law is used to defend personal benefit not for justice. How can we think about low to give justice to poor and those who need it? Does wasting Millions of page to pen down law have any mining when nearly 30 Million cases still pending in Indian courts? What purpose is it solving to have world·s largest constitution written except paper wasting and role in deforestation? How can we expect law can serve people when low makers have no intention to do so? Can we expect justice from Dinakaran kind of Judge? Constitution itself have somany complexity, in one hand its advocating right of equality and in other hand discriminating on the basis of cast, relagion and special status people and state. Reservation, J&K special status, criminal low maker corrupt System and power game all compelling me to ask for change. I criticize low but low is not faulty it`s we people. Low and its status is improving new supreme court judge is real example of this.2G & CWG verdict strengthen its status and by getting many policy maker are behind the bar people start respecting law . Awareness and ethical practice can make it stronger and I am hopping RTI and LOKPAL kind of effort can make it strong but ethics is main component. Name: Balram kumar Baigayanik Roll No. 40009

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