February 2012

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Prince Family Newsletter
“Love is the only cement that can hold this broken community together. When I am commanded to love, I am commanded to restore community, to resist injustice, and to meet the needs of my brothers.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

Weekly Highlights in the Prince Home
MondayThurs Thursday Friday Ubuntu Football Academy practice 4 days a week. Ocean View women’s Bible study every Thursday night Ocean View YOUTH meeting every Friday night Ubuntu Football Forward development program. 1pm-5pm Mon & Wed. Ocean View Methodist church – preaching & Sunday school REST & family time!

It’s a Beautiful World
Life is full as usual in the Prince family. We are enjoying the end of summer here in South Africa and the sun is shining on many beautiful things. We are always BUSY in our lives of community and ministry, but 2012 is taking it to a whole new level! WOW! Casey’s days are FULL of Ubuntu comings and goings and there are always new projects on the horizon. Sarah is busy balancing work between churches, Ocean View, partnerships with Hillsong, and teaching which keep her VERY busy. And then there is KIEREN. Kieren continues to live her life to the FULLEST here in Ocean View and couldn’t be happier. She loves her preschool, her friends, time in Ocean View, time at her churches, and especially family time together. We laugh OFTEN and can’t help but feel abundantly blessed for the life God has given us. Thank you for partnering in this beautiful adventure!

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February 2012

Monthly Newsletter

Ocean View and Beyond…
Ministry and community life is rich with change and growth!
Ubuntu Football
The Ubuntu Football Academy is moving through a great 2012. As you remember, the boys started this year at a new school together through fundraising efforts here in South Africa. We are pleased to report that they are settling in well, although with a few bumps and bruises along the way. It is a BIG stretch for these boys to be at such a prestigious and respectable school, and they have had to stretch to take in the new expectations. We have already moved one of the boys, Tauriq, to live in Ocean View with one of our coaches Treswill to have better structure and support – and it’s really helping. Be praying for Ubuntu!

Ocean View Methodist Church
This year Sarah has picked up some new projects as pastor in OV Methodist Church – one big one being heading up and training new leaders for Sunday School. We had nothing for our kids for a time, so it was necessary to step in (even thought Sarah has NO training in this!) and create something strong, sustainable, and ALIVE. Leaders have joined with excitement – about 8 weekly and our youth also help out. We have about 30 kids each week and always have new visitors. It is incredible what God is building already and these leaders are amazing!

Kieren’s World
Ocean View is KIEREN’S world and we all just get to live in it. Recently, we were remarking that Kieren continues to be pure joy. Each day is met with excitement and expectancy. She loves her friends, her Granny, her preschool, her ‘Ofen Chew’ (as she calls it) Church, her Hillsong Church, her home, her room, her dolls, her baby brother on the way, and her family. SHE LOVES. Ocean View is certainly her favorite world and when her coloured friends are around she gets a THICK coloured accent and turns into her peers. HILARIOUS and a sure sign that this little girl is thriving!

Keller James Prince due in June 2012!
The Prince baby is 24 weeks and growing QUICKLY. Sarah is FREQUENTLY asked if she is having twins – definitely not. She has been in some pain and discomfort throughout the pregnancy but baby is very healthy and happy – moving all the time! Exciting days!

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