Ace of Hearts: True Love. A great new life awaits you.

A more enjoyable love life with your partner. If alone you are about to experience a new fantastic love. Within a month or in January, a romantic will send you, a love letter, flowers or music. Reversed: A love affair is about to begin or grow sturdy.

Two of Hearts: A lovers' meeting. Might experience love at first sight then a passionate love affair. Signed contract, finance or marriage brings happiness and contentment .Romantic evening, weekend, or two week holiday together. Reversed: Your love abandons you and breaks your heart.

Three of Hearts: Your wish comes true. Will find romance at a party. If met someone new, a happy romance will develop. If parted and wish their return, this card promises they will. If attached you lover will continue to love you. Reversed: Lots of social events, enticer may already be in a relationship

Reversed: Someone very close to you.Four of Hearts: Strong partnership. or engagement. Spring and summer true love will be almost perfect. when matters improve. four months. Six weeks. Reversed: Unsupportive friends and family bring offers of help & admiration Five of Hearts: Loving happiness. Reversed: An insincere person brings unrealistic hopes and false promises. Money inheritance or support from friends and family. or until April. Your relationship may birth two kids. patience and faith will get you through the next four weeks. will cause you grief. Your love life develops slowly. Six of Hearts: An amorous compromise. Estranged love might return. Jealousy could cause problems in your relationship. will bring a change. . wedding anniversary. Marriage proposal delayed. or six months from now. or June. Celebration of your wedding . If relationship is having hard times.

. Expect gifts & love tokens. Reversed: A reconciliation will follow a lovers' tiff. Reversed: Love doomed because of insurmountable obstacles. Romantic encounter at a party. Contentment. Family ties bond. fruition of wish. Marriage. New Love affair.. leads to long-term relationship. Reversed: Unbounded love is dangerous & regrettable. or in September or on the ninth of the month. Be cautious. Romantic holiday in August. Your wishes for romance are granted on the seventh of the month. or in July. in seven weeks from now. Eight of Hearts: Romance liaisons. This feminine card predicts nine months of pregnancy. Your wishes come true.Seven of Hearts: Happy love. or passionate reunion after estrangement. disagreements forgiven. This card weakens negative cards on either side. Wealth of opportunities await you. and thoughts of marriage. Nine of Hearts: The wish card.

or best friend. Romance will light up your life especially in the summer. . Reversed: One you thought was right for you. may disappoint you when you get to know her. with youthful appearance and attitude. your intuition is right. creative. faithful woman with social grace. a special event will bring you confidence. or a birth. sensitive.Whoever receives your love is lucky. has romantic feelings for you. Reversed: Don't settle for second best . Love is on the horizon. loving people around her and taking care of them.Young man you know. news of marriage. Reversed: Romance will pass you by if you don't accept an invitation.Ten of Hearts: A special new love. She's like Mother Earth. Jack of Hearts: Cupid. generous. If you just met someone and sense love in the air. Can represent lover. A loving. In ten days or ten weeks. caring. Queen of Hearts: A queen of romance. Expect a wedding invitation. affectionate.

Improvement in situations in two months . charming. will return. Reversed: You attract a lucky love relationship. or forms of speculation. needs space sometimes. Men love his humor.King of Hearts: A passionate lover. He's a heart throb. Two of Clubs: Avoid pooling your resources. Success financially. within the year. Reversed: expect good news about money or exams. but refuse his advances Ace of Clubs Extreme prosperity.or February. and you will have favorable results in business dealing. and status will include you. his charm attracts women. genuine with affections. sensitive. Make most of initiating new ideas or projects. Your love life is about to flourish. handsome. People of wealth. Don't overreach yourself. January brings new opportunities. . Reversed: money owed to you surprisingly.

If single you might meet a nice new lover at work. Reversed: Financial problems disappear through work. Reversed:. in business and speculations. Five of Clubs: A wealthy marriage. but soon after fund raising efforts will be successful. seize the opportunities. secure your precious items. or domestic improvements in March. Four of Clubs: Financial instability. If unlucky work hard. Good news in April. Everything is going well. Good news and happiness in three months or in March. Be watchful of thieves. Decline in financial fortune. Reversed: You might lavish money on a new car. If well off.Three Of Clubs: Financial success. and you will make your wishes come true. it will continue. May will bring changes. .

Stay in contact with friend who gave wise advice in the past. Success depends how you use the number seven in a lottery. Reversed: Good news reply. June promising month. Seven of Clubs: Good news. or in August. will bring great joy. Reversed: Don't lend or borrow money. Card of chance. in financial matters. you will win the gamble. rely on your intuition. As prosperity gains. pleasures. If your sixth sense tells you to stop gambling for now. and security. Reversed: Avoid foolish speculations. status. Advances in business on the eight day of month. to a letter you sent about your career. New work opportunities arise through past work business success. Eight of Clubs: A successful gamble.Six of Clubs: Unexpected financial gain. . Arrival of success will be through letters or business contacts.

will be resolve in nine weeks. . or October. situations now are unstable. or on the tenth of the month . It's a good time to sign contracts.Nine of Clubs: Immediate opportunities. and make good business investments. Reversed: Travel might be delayed. ambition and determination. he can be destructive for both of you. but look at exploring new places. Reversed: Keep a low profile. He is a lovable affectionate and flirtatious rogue. Difficult financial solutions. Ten of Clubs: Money luck. Changes might occur in ten days. He might influence you to move or change direction. his folly. Your in control of your fast track career. or September. Jack of Clubs: Studious young man. Rewards are gained through his hard work. Destiny will improve by business dealings. Reversed: Beware.

mentally and physically mature. or asking you out on a date. and friends.Queen of Clubs: Supportive tender woman who is attractive. but only at a price. financially stable. business man. If single could find new love in a week. . he may give you expert advice. month or January. You can confide in her. Reversed: Someone is thinking of buying you a present. He is fond of you. or marriage with rings exchanged. Ace of Diamonds: A sparkling engagement. confident. she might help in business matters. King of Clubs: Helpful strong man. but not marriage. Benefits in money and pleasures in life. Reversed: A woman might be jealous of you so be discreet. Reversed: Miserly man will help you. Reliable. job or partnership. efficient. and has a maternal nature. With honorable intentions. practical. She attracts many admirers.

Reversed: Trust your intuitive feelings about unpleasant people and places. in the spring when the daffodils bloom.. Three of Diamonds: A emotional encounter. Trust in your talents and implement your full potential. Financially you are stable. a new project. and work brings benefits. don't be rendered powerless. In a battle of wits. Good news adds strength in April. Celebration in March. and good news by phone. Four of Diamonds: Compromise. Reversed: One who is envious. compromise instead. . It is a good time for new investments. Might hear from someone you forgot.Two of Diamonds: A momentous love affair. have your say. Someone might reveal their true feelings. You need to move to the next stage. Reversed: Against all odds you will succeed. even if you think not. Good friends surround you. might try to undermine you.

Reversed: Your instincts are right. New financial developments. Go after your dreams. Reversed: Your creativity will make you money. . charming new friends. Have caution before considering the next step in your relationship. or five months. or May. brilliant your. Sacrifices will make your ambitions come to reality. fear of unknown should not stop you. Might be a change of scenery. relationship. will uplift you to start a new path. when your age is dividable by the number seven.. it's the beginning of seven years of good luck. in five weeks.Five of Diamonds: Happiness at home. Six of Diamonds: Passion. If unattached new lover might come. Seven of Diamonds: Prudence. Reversed: You will be spending time with your loved ones. fun and happy . Travel in June near water. You will meet fun. or renewing a relationship with acquaintance from the past.

ten weeks from now or October. Reversed: Someone might undermine your confidence. Nine of Diamonds: Love and travel. will be hard but fruitful. Ten of Diamonds: A journey. The ten of the month. nine weeks. Someone from the past might contact you. Financial or property luck. May move to better job or home. or new love. . If your want a new directions in your career. Travel may lead to new prospect. A new Journey. In Nine days. Vacation in August. are on the way. Financial gain and prosperity. a new phase will begin. look at your abilities and skills.Eight of Diamonds: Brilliant opportunities. Reversed: Don't waste your time on undeserving people. reunion or meeting. or in September. with romance in mind. and consider a living based on these talents and your special uniqueness. Reversed: You will choose how to make a living. will bring new you a optimism.

Queen of Diamonds: An approachable woman. good company woman. King of Diamonds: A powerful man. but keeps feelings to her self. . She is outgoing. Busy phase of travel. Businessman who is easy.going. and business events. Beware he may abandon you. Reversed: You may encounter a double-dealer in love or business. Reversed: Any gossip or criticism. They might cause you a deep unhappiness. A popular. a problem solver.Jack of Diamonds: A man and a letter. but only on his terms. he will help your career along in ways. You will take a trip to a new place. Reversed: Someone you might know wants to seduce you. social. Her intuition is good. if there is no more advantages for him. will fade quickly. but ambitious and determined. She entices men to fall in love with her. He gives practical and financial help. A young man who loves you enjoys freedom and travel.

Three of Spades: Heartache. Reversed: Death card. Two of Spades: Separation. You could loose a friend through unforeseen problems. Relationship or project is taking up most of your time. it will hurt you deeply. Divorce. Be careful in February. separation. March brings better times. move forward. Reversed: Alliances are threatened. or breakup caused by interfering person or undermining situation. Plans for change at your residence. relationship. . may be disrupted. career or relationship. Grief. Someone will deceive or betray you. due to corrupt friends or speculation.Ace of Spades: Caution to avoid grief. or litigation. Good news in 3 days or 3 weeks. or investment. Reversed: You may discover deceit. Don't give into your fears. final chapter of a situation. but not lost. Every ending has a new beginning. scandal or cross swords with someone. Relationship suffers before flowering.

Spring will bring a new beginning. and embark on a calmer chapter in your life. you are sure to attain your goals. Five of Spades: A lovers' reunion. Time to cut your losses from situations you can't win. or health. Your at a crossroads making a decision about love or business.Four of Spades: Untimely decisions. A happy marriage in the future. In six weeks. Reversed:Despondency and delays before success. threatens your happiness. regarding your greatest concerns is on the way. Need for rest and recuperation. either to that person or another. six months or in June you will view life a different way. A vast Improvement. property. after hard work and extreme stress. Six of Spades: Steady Progress. Reversed: When your higher self governs your actions. You will be reunited with your lover. Put the past behind you. Reversed: Loss of income. and aspirations. . but does not succeed.

Romantic. domestic . or nine weeks. Happiness. Eight of Spades: Renewed hope. In August becareful. Luck is on your side. health and peace of mind return. Friends you trust may prove unreliable or scheming. Reversed:Avoid sadness and even danger by phasing out detrimental friends and bad habits. and replacing conflict with love. Job prospects promising. Nine of Spades: A favorable turning point. . In nine days.or holiday plans delayed. in nine days. You can nip a bad situation in the bud. Reversed: Common sense tells you to start over. or nine weeks or nine months from now brings more positive changes. bringing business prosperity. Reversed: Self pity negates the good coming.Seven of Spades Happiness returns. By September life looks much brighter. Family conflicts are resolved through compromise. after trying times. business. Take comfort in the positive results of your hard work.

that you will overcome only with arduous efforts. Reversed: Circumstances cause delay. You may see good results after surviving a testing time.Ten of Spades: Disappointment. double your efforts. Jack of Spades: A well intentioned man. and turn misfortune into good fortune. Reversed: You will be faced with ordeals. bank manager or lawyer. Failure will precede success. If looking for a job. You may be passing exams or winning a trophy or award. Now losses and difficulties threaten. You will experience relief by visiting a doctor. Queen of Spades: . but singleminded determination can help you overcome all obstacles.

you need to safe from destructive forces especially in October and November King of Spades: A tyrannical businessman.An unscrupulous woman. You know or will meet. or unhappily married. who inflicts misery on those who. A spiteful dangerous female "gold digger" could disrupt your plans. He is ruthless in business. don't trust him. egotistical man of mature years. charming. may work in law. oppose him. Reversed: A widower or divorce' may cross your path and cause you grief. divorced. . She may be a widow.