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Karnataka region joined the Karnataka state with low level of development.This is evident from most of committee reports at national and state level. The fact finding committee report1954 recommended to double the number of educational institutions and to increase fourfold medical facilities and road length bt 5069 miles.,The Hyderabad karnataka development committee report 1980 observing the various economic indicators and level of development of Gulbarga division as compared to the state average stated that if in 10 years time it has to reach the state average, an investment of 350 crores will be required, • The HPCFRRI Report 2002 listed 39 most backward talukas in Karnataka .Of this 21 talukas are in Gulbarga division which needs to be urgently addressed under article 371. In terms of he human development and gender development the districts ranks in the last position in the state (21h,26th,24th and 27th ranks) The region has a low literacy rate of 53.45% less than that of telengana 58.77% as per 2001 census. The representation of Hyderabad Karnataka in gazette and non gazette posts is lowest amongst all the different regions of the state.In the states’s secretariat the representation is only 5.45%, Simlarily in,KPSC,State planning commission,legislative assembly The representation of hyderabad karnataka in central government undertakings like railways, banks, insurance and various othe corporations, commissions is very low. The representation of students in professional courses viz engineering and medical and in other higher education courses through CET is very low.They are not getting their due share ,as their competitive abilitity is less than other divison students. The region has a large concentration of socially disadvantaged population, i.e Scheduled castes, Scheduled tribes and Minorities population.. Most of the irrigation projects needs to be completed. Transport development is pathetic.Many villages are to be connected with pucca roads.There is need to upgrade the district and state roads.

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Bidar district is listed in No-industries list.Hubli. health centres.small scale. and many other schemes of development for the region.agrobased industries in the region. Speedy completion of airports.and Delhi. Of the three erstwhile regions of the state of Hyderabad.Belgaum. irrigation projects. Hence a combination of different packages under article 371 of the Indian constitution is must.Hyderabad Karnataka was denied with such previlege • • • SUGGESTED MODEL FOR HYDERABAD KARNATAKA REGION Hyderabad Karnataka cannot embrace either telengana nor vidharbha model for addressing its backwardness.To provide equitable opportunities to different areas of the state in the matter of education by setting up of more institutions of higher education specially for hk students. • . roads. There is a urgent need to develop large human as well as regional backwardness has to be addressed. railways.only telengana and marathawada regions were accorded special status and were protected under the umbrella of Article 371.schools and college infrastructure.• Hyderabad Karnataka Area Development Board should be accorded with the similar Statutory status in par with the Vidharba or Marathawada Boards and be given financial packages to develop the social and economic infrastructure of Hyderabad Karnataka viz roads.The region needs more connectivities to Mumbai. T he packages should cover reservation of jobs for localities in jobs and educational institutions as well as it should provide financial packages under health . . tourism.equally backward in terms of social and economic infrastructure.air ports.Bangalore. Hence the following packages should be considered under article 371 for the inclusive growth of Hyderabad Karnataka region.• There is urgent need to set up railway division in Gulbarga to meet the railway demands of the people of Hyderabad Karnataka . irrigation.agriculture.

• To provide equitable opportunities to different areas of the state in the matter of employment and career prospect in public service as recommended by nanjundappa report or mulki rules are to be continued in the region. Special impetus for the industrial development of hk region through fiscal incentives. • .

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