2nd Negative Constructive Good Morning/ Afternoon Judge. My name is and I will be your 2NC.

My opponents mentioned that the private market is incapable of planning the mission and projects that NASA is completing on today. However Privatization leads to advances in science and tech-cheaper spaceflight and space tourism February 15,2011 “innovations make leaps towards the possibility of space tourism....the human race stands to benefit far more from the advances in science technology than a governemental push could bring. Bailer-Jones 09 Gamma rays don’t cause extinction “Studies have shown that they could cause widespread extinction ,there is little evidence that they actually have.” Attack on Solvency James Bennet Dept. of Economics “ if the world population increases each day by over 200,000 persons per day,every day,its hard to see how 200,000 people people could be transported from the planet...That technology...is several years away.” Population growth slowing-no danger Pearce 2010 “...Population growth is slowing...the average number of babies being born to women in most of the world has been in decline.” The affirmatives argument that over-population is the reason to go into space is void. Volcanoes don’t cause extinction White and Saunders 03 “ the recent rising is not uncommon for volcanoes around the world... It seems like these restless calderas* are always...rising and falling,but that...doesn’t mean it’s about to erupt.” * basinlike depression resulting from the explosion o rcollapse of the center of a volcano. My opponents mentioned that Space colonization is the only way to solve Earth’s problems. However according to Seth Baum Department of geography 2010 “ Nuclear warfare” These are the types of problems that we must solves for. It may oneday be neccessary to colonize space,but that time is no where near our future.. “ if we care about long-term sustainability ,then we should focus our efforts on avoiding catastophes.” My opponents mentioned that all types of extinction will occur and as my partner mentioned extinction likelyhood is slim to none on earth Healthy pregnancy is not possible in space. Rhawn Joseph Ph.D Cosomology “ On the international Space Station,radiation exposure would significantly impact the viabilty of the fetus. In my opponent’s plan their objective is to keep humans in space, This is impossible. Dis Ad :Infertiliy will stop humans from colonising space Jerome Taylor February 2011 “ ...Astronaunts would be well advised to avoid getting pregnant along the way because of high levels of radiation that would bombard their bodies as they travelled through space....exposure to ionisgin radiation kills egg cells...The Earth’s atmoshpere and magnetic field absorbs much of this harmful radiation- but in space astronaunts are much more vulnerable. If we follow the affrimatives plan and go into space,if finertilty is somehow solved inbreeding causes severe problems. Ian York April 13,2008 “ Inbreeding is bad thing,genetically,and almost all species have ways of avoiding it.” Mating with your own relatives ensures that people all have the same genetic codes or similar codes,this is bad becasue it also means that in the space colony any bacteria,or infectious disease is found then all of the persons on board the space colony are sure to perish therfore extinction will still happen. Our plan is to solve fror Earth solutions. If humanity doesn’t figure out solutions to earth’s problems first, we are doomed to repeat the same destructive behaviors elsewhere Hard SF, May 10, 2007 [http://www.hardsf.org/IssuSpac.htm] For those who still believe space colonization should be the priority, I would like to

.1 percent in 2010. Madeline) … Wherever humans go..lead states in the region to develop new security arangements with external powers. “Germs Living in Space “Almost Three Times as Likely to Cause Disease...counterbalncing moves.in a constantly volatile economic enviroment. US moving towards total collapse" September 14...induced drawdown of U.countries indeed turns inward.S. supernovas or other natural disasters..under allocated budget.capabilities could lead to increasded tensions.steps in the right direction.. or we need to know how to insure that those people who colonize are not so prone to make the same mistakes their Earthly brothers do...are. military presence would. usually responsible for terrible food poisoning outbreaks here on Earth. we will not have changed the odds of human survival by much. Another DA to the affirmative’s plan is the risk that it puts astronaunts (the people we take in space) has major health Risk Deadly bacteria in space jeopardizes human health.. Judge NASA did not do this and neither has the affirmative plan taken this into consideration..... writer for science news agency Universe Today. it mutates easily and cause serious problems O’Neil ‘8 (Ian..suggest one piece of advice. Another Disadvantage to the Plan proposed by the affirmative is that it will lead to “Economic Collapse [which] risk Global Nuclear War” Harris and Burrows 09 Analysis Unit “ The potential for greater conflict could grow......One of the primary misions of NASA should have been to drive down space costs.the fiscal stimulus focus. we either have to make humans on Earth act more responsibly to ensure survival before we colonize. Space colonies would need to be planned in a way to avoid this fate..that the United States is on the verge of collapsing due to its ongoing economic crisis.. Most of them are at least partly man-made. 3/11/08.universetoday..... a whole zoo of bacteria will follow. If the same problems are not to threaten survival of humans on space colonies. is far more likely to cause serious disease in space and has a much faster rate of reproduction. New Spending destroys Budget Restraints 2-14-11 “ Reinging in government spending and forcing our governemnt to live within its means..Scientists have discovered that the fairly common salmonella bacteria. Most of the bacteria hitching a ride on our skin and inside our bodies live in symbiosis with us.quoted.”” http://www.2011 " the country's poverty rate reached 15.. . If space colonization ends up amounting to running away from our problems.Congress is now finding ways to cut fedederal spending and NASA could find itself receiving far less thhan promised...com/13133/germs-living-inspace-almost-three-times-as-likely-to-cause-disease/.” Nasa Budget is low Rhian 1-17-11 Universe Today “Nasa has sent Congress a report statingthat it cannot meer the requirements that kir produce a heavy lift rocket. DA: 7/13/11. Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers. asteroid impacts..If. The most dangerous casualty of any economic.. The known threats to human survival in the next century or so are not vast earthquakes and volcanoes.” You might wonder why congress is reluctant to opening more federal spending to space it is simply because “ Space costs too much Michio Kaku 09 “ It costs 500 million to 700 million dollars every time the shuttle flies.

Fukushima 2011 Ministry of Defence “ the new US National Space Policy [has} great emphahsis on the importance of international cooperation.Obama. Russia will clean up its space debris. . Removing a third that is in space..” Their is no Uniqueness to the Affirmatives Plan... The affirmative’s plan is non-cooperative Marcia Smith 2011 Space and Technology policy “ A major thrust of US policy is..to find mechanisns for...countiries.remaing with the status quo is that President Obama’s NSP is rooted in international coop.wants to convey that the USA is willing... We can allow them to follow this go at it alone plan because “The corporation [Energia] promises to clean up the space in 10 years by collecting about 600 defunct satellites on the same geosynchronous orbit and sinking them into the oceans subsequently.” Victor Sinyavsky from the company was quoted as saying..” The affirmative plans goes against what has been presented in the President’s National Space Policy.Obama’s NSP is [to] develop transparency and confidence building measueres...with.The benefit to what we suggests....space sustainability.

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