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of St.

John’s in Pine Meadow
St. John’s mission is to nurture all people in their spiritual growth, in their Christian education, and in their relationship with God. The Rev. Salin Low, Rector February 2012

What he’s here for … Don Phillips
Charlotte Dufour Award 2012
There are many people at St. John’s who give sacrificially of their time and talents. The repeated applause at the annual meeting on January 22 attested to that fact. Over the years, though, we have recognized some individuals who give in such a way that they become examples for the rest of us. The standard was set by the late Charlotte Dufour. The Vestry determined that recipients of the award should be members of St. John’s for at least 10 years and should live their lives in accordance with the Gospel. We’ve never had a problem finding a worthy recipient of the award each year. This year’s recipient is Don Phillips, who especially demonstrates the virtue of humility. He’s repeatedly made it clear that he doesn’t like acclaim. However, it is that very humility and cheerful willingness to help that made it virtually imperative that we honor him. Don has helped in all sorts of ways on both the church and the new addition, not to mention the former rental properties, from wielding a paint brush with our crew to swimming through a flooded basement when the sump pump failed, once more. On one particularly trying evening I called Don a number of times while he was driving his mom back home out of state. Every time I apologized for bothering him one more time, he said either, “No problem,” or “That’s what I’m here for.” He’s always willing to help and never makes us feel too guilty for bothering him with one more than. And beyond that he’s always trying to come up with the best solution for the interests of the church, which tend to be a bit different than other folks. Don and his lovely wife Sue have been members of St. John’s for more years than I’ve been here. They’ve raised their four kids (Amanda, Bobby, Brian, and Zak) in the parish. It has been my honor to present all four for confirmation (thanks especially to Sue’s organizing a busy family), to baptize Zak and to officiate at Amanda’s wedding. Don’s example extends to his own service and to setting an example of commitment for his children, as well as the rest of us, to follow. He reminds us what we’re all here for — to love and serve our neighbors as ourselves. Blessings and Peace,

Bits & Pieces 

Operating Income Operating Expenses $ 41,553 $ 14,864

Prayer Requests— Requests are handled confidentially through the Rector. Prayers will continue for a month unless other time periods are specified. You may fill out a prayer request form or call the rector at 693-1851. Wednesday Evening Services—Please consider the 7:30 p.m. service on Wednesdays to be cancelled if other area activities are cancelled due to inclement weather. Offering Envelopes for 2012—The envelopes for the coming year are in the narthex. If you have not requested envelopes and would like some, please contact the office. Please consider using offering envelopes for cash donations that you want to be included on your contribution statement. New Members for Altar Guild - The Altar Guild is looking for one additional member to join the December/July team. On the job training will begin in July. Please contact Donna Colavecchio if interested at 860-379-4643.

2011 Totals
Operating Income Operating Expenses ing expenses. $222,194* $218,077
*Includes $37,000 withdrawn from investments for operat-

Annual Appeal Results
     

108 90 47 12 26 5

pledge cards were distributed. Pledge cards returned Pledges increased Pledges decreased Pledges unchanged New pledges $175,178 $225,000

Total amount pledged to date: Pledge Goal for 2012

If you have not returned your pledge card, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you to the following parishioners who returned their 2012 pledge cards recently: Josette & Rick Carter, Alan Lawson, Joan Peresada, Evangeline & Donald Truax, Denise Adessa.

2011 Outreach Donations
Good Friday—Jerusalem Community Food Bank Rebuild Cathedral in Haiti Neighbor to Neighbor Watoto Bishops Discretionary Fund
  

Loose plate offerings on the 3rd Sunday go to the discretionary fund, which is used for those in need. Sue Bremer, Treasurer

$ 217 $ 72 $ 658 $ 7,470 $ 2,425 $ 250

Shopping Cards
An Easy Way to Help When you buy shopping/gift cards through St. John’s, you are making a contribution that does not cost you financially. It may take a little planning. Orders are taken the 1st and 3rd Sundays, and cards are delivered on the 2nd and 4th Sundays. Order forms are available in the narthex and can be placed in the lockbox at any time. Sale of the gift cards will all go to defray the budget deficit.

25 Needy children received Christmas Gifts $240 for Christmas Dinners & Gifts $750 for Pencil Boxes

Parishioners prepared and donated meals for residents of Peter’s Retreat on the 4th Saturday of every month. We delivered to the local food banks our donations of food from Food Sundays. A total of $1,274 from loose plate on the third Sunday went to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund to help the needy.


Thanks to those who help.

If you are a newcomer and would like to learn more about participating in this important outreach, please contact Deacon Denise, who is organizing the meals for the year. Special thanks to Denise Adessa for arranging the January meal. The Marek Family will coordinate the dinner in February.

New Vestry Member Elected
At the annual meeting on January 22, Barbara Henri was elected to the Vestry. Also elected were delegates to diocesan convention in October: Jack Flaherty & Diane Hayes. These are your representatives in the leadership of the parish. If you have a matter of concern or an idea to be considered, please contact a Vestry member or Warden, as well as the Rector.

Special thanks to Winnie Pratt who has completed her term on the Vestry. Thanks to Linda Snyder and the Church School for the wonderful Epiphany Festival. Thanks to Howie Martin for snow removal during January. Many thanks to Bruce Wearne for cabinet construction in the sacristy. Special thanks to the hospitality committee—Jill Smith, Barbara & Peter Freigant, the Vestry — and everyone who helped with the breakfast following the annual meeting.
News about Christian Ed. Our teachers recently met to plan their church school lessons through Easter. We continue to meet each Sunday at 10:00AM beginning with our talks with Salin. Each class will then leave to go to their classrooms. Preschool-2nd Grade: We will be changing to a new curriculum that focuses on telling Bible stories in an age-appropriate manner along with activities that are designed for this age group. The group will meet in the lower level of the main building along with the nursery. Elementary school class: We will meet in their new classroom and will continue to use our “All Things New” curriculum until Lent, when we will be leading a Lenten unit on prayer. Our children will be looking at the different types of prayer as well as exploring different ways to pray. They will also be using journals to express their thoughts about their experiences and writing prayers of their own. This unit will begin on Feb. 19th with the annual Pretzel making class for all age groups. Middle School Group: Our middle schoolers will begin meeting in the 2nd classroom in the addition and will also spend Lent exploring the theme of prayer and different ways to pray.

First Tuesday Eucharist 11:00 a.m., February 7
Following the service we will have soup. If schools are cancelled due to snow, etc., the service will also be cancelled.

Flower Chart 2012
The chart for altar flowers and greens is posted in the narthex. Please sign up to reserve a particular Sunday in memory of a loved one or email the office ( The suggested donation is $50 for two containers of flowers or greens. There are many openings in the coming weeks.

Lent Begins February 22
Ash Wednesday Services Holy Communion Imposition of Ashes 7:00 a.m. & 7:30 p.m.
Deaths Hazel Warren


Bands from Regional 7—Ice Cream Sundaes
Donations at the Door - Net Proceeds to Local Outreach
P. O. Box 27 Pine Meadow, CT 06061 860 379-3062

Address Correction

The Episcopal Church We’re Here For You
Sunday Worship 8:00 a.m. & 10:00 a.m.
1st Tuesday 11:00 am Wednesday 7:30 pm

13-Year Olds Honored on Feb. 5
At St. John’s we recognize those young people who have become teenagers in the last year. It is our way of acknowledging their changing role in the church and the church’s support of their growing in all phases of their lives. At the 10 am service on Feb. 5, we will have a prayer and encouragement for the teens and their families as they move towards adulthood. We think we know each of the teens who are 13. However, if you think we might not have gotten your teen’s age right, let us know by calling the office or email to: We send a letter to each teen, asking him or her to be part of the service.

Take them to the Cathedral Sunday, March 4
On that day a group of kids and adults will take the socks, attend the 10:00 a.m. service (leave St. John’s at 9:00) at Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford, serve lunch to homeless folks, and distribute the socks and other toiletry items to those in need. Most of those who seek help are men, so bring men’s socks, underwear, or other items and fill the box in the narthex, maybe more than once. And please let the office know if you plan to attend, so we can arrange transportation.

February 2012
St. John’s Church—Calendar of Events
Anniversaries in Italics




1 7:30 PM Holy Eucharist 2





Holy Eucharist 8 & 10 AM


Eucharist & Soup Lunch

7 11:00 AM

7:30 PM Holy Eucharist Pam & Michael Tooke






Holy Eucharist 8 & 10 AM Beth & John Dee



15 7:30 PM Holy Eucharist





Holy Eucharist 8 & 10 AM


21 7:00

PM Jazz Concert & Ice Cream Social

22 Ash Wednesday 7:00 AM & 7:30 PM



Barbara & Peter Freigant


Peter’s Retreat


Holy Eucharist 8 & 10 AM Vestry Workshop 8:30—1:00



29 7:30 PM Holy Eucharist

February Birthdays 5-Feb 8-Feb 9-Feb 14-Feb Ignatius Makarevich Cynthia Welch Jessica Hinman Billie Jo Martocchio

15-Feb 16-Feb 16-Feb 18-Feb 19-Feb 19-Feb

Russell Dougan Anne Hall Elaine Cambo William Low Skip Misiorski Leon Pratt

20-Feb Christian Johnson 20-Feb Jackie Espinet 25-Feb Kristie Espinet 26-Feb Jennifer Hester 26-Feb Marie Keefe

O w y a m b

Check out for updated pix and information about parish activities.

On January 8 we presented a new form of pageant, a Festival of Lights. Linda Snyder led the rehearsal on the day before, beginning with prayer. The presentation reminded us of all the Old Testament figures who heard God’s promises of a special messenger. We had the traditional nativity scene complete with three wise folks. Then we saw the lights that have come after Christ the Light of the World. — people through the centuries who have made this world a brighter place. And of course a luncheon came after the service, complete with an Epiphany cake. A feast!!