Dell, Incorporated is a computer hardware manufacturer and distributor.

The company is one of the world's largest computer distributors in terms of both quantity of units sold and gross income, and one of the United States' largest corporations. From 1999 until 2006 Dell delivered more complete computer systems worldwide per quarter than any other PC manufacturer. However, a bad reputation stemming from poor customer support had seen Dell's market shrink, with rival Hewlett-Packard outselling Dell for the first time in Q4 2006. Dell is now attempting to improve it's image with Linuxbased desktop and laptop models, a community-driven idea generation website, and a move to less expensive AMD processors. Most of Dell's products are IBM PC-compatible desktop, laptop, and server computers using Intel or AMD processors. The company also markets a line of HTC-produced handheld computershand, rebranded computer peripherals such as keyboardsand mice, and Sony-developed monitors and televisions. Other Dell-branded peripherals such as scanners and printers are often designed in-house with production outsourced. Dell also distributes third-party hardware such as gaming consoles from Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Often Dell will market via the company website third-party devices that compete with it's own products, such as the Palm Tungsten handheld that competes with Dell's own Axim line.
Headquartered in Round Rock - Texas, Dell is a trusted and diversified informationtechnology supplier and partner, and sells a comprehensive portfolio of products and services directly to customers worldwide. Dell, recognized by Fortune magazine as America's most admired company and No. 3 globally*, designs, builds and delivers innovative, tailored systems that provide customers with exceptional value. Dell's remarkable climb to market leadership is the result of a persistent focus on delivering the best possible customer experience. Revenue for the past four quarters totaled $49.2 billion*. The company manufactures its computer systems at six locations: Central Texas and Middle Tennessee in the United States: Eldorado do Sul, Brazil; Limerick, Ireland; Penang, Malaysia; and Xiamen, China. Dell sells its products and services worldwide. Dell was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, the computer industry's longest-tenured chief executive officer and currently, the company's chairman, on a simple concept: a direct model. Dell's Direct Model is built on the principle that by selling computer systems directly to customers, Dell could best understand their needs and efficiently provide the most effective computing solutions to meet those needs. From 1996 to present day, Dell's investment in India and its growth there depict a wellplanned globalization strategy that started in 1987 with a subsidiary in the United Kingdom. As part of this globalization strategy, Dell established a sales & marketing office in Bangalore in 1996, and its first India customer contact centre in Bangalore in

The center at Hyderabad. These three contact centres are part of a global network of approximately 50 centres Dell operates around the world. storage testing and enterprise system test. Michael Dell. A global Product Group focuses on the enterprise range of products including servers and storage solutions. With much experience in mail order telephone sales. The following year. The company was so successful that within two years PC's Limited had distribution offices in Europe. . customer care. which had an eight-megahertz processor. Dell was one of the first companies to offer computers for mail order via the Internet. founded Dell in order to directly serve their customers with computers that meet their needs. Michael abandoned the university during the planning stage of his first inhouse computer design in 1985. and corporate systems. A sales and service operation supports Dell customers around the world. The company was called PC¶s Limited and he was still a student at University of Texas at the time. The History of Dell Dell Computer was founded as PC's Limited in 1984 by university student Michael Dell. worldwide operations. offers multiple services to various business segments. This team provides application planning.May 2001 followed by a similar centre in Hyderabad in 2003. By 1991. In addition. The major goal was to produce personal computer systems that were IBM compatible and were produced or entirely stock parts. The success of these facilities encouraged Dell to expand to Mohali as part of an ongoing commitment to India. technical support. Dell came out with their very first computer called the Turbo. seven years after selling it's first computer. a Global Software Development Center was established as a strategic unit of the Dell Information Technology department. including but not limited to sales. The customer contact center at Bangalore has transitioned into a premier operation for Dell. like Bangalore. e-mail support and shared services. and changed it's grammatically-incorrect name to Dell Computer Corporation.. Selling assembled computers from his dormitory room. Multiple teams are responsible for software products. in 1984. development and testing services with all business segments such as sales and marketing. This facility was inaugurated on 21 March 2005. Dell Computer Corporation was listed in the Fortune 500. design.

Cut out the middleman and sell the product cheaper. Dell printers are known for being versatile and easy to use.The company went public in 1988 offering shares for $8. By 1995. Their marketing strategy allowed them to pass the savings onto the customer. those$8. The company grossed 73 million dollars in the first year. By handling all the sales (retail) themselves.50 a piece. Dell had shipped its ten millionth system. Online Dell Marketing Strategies . in 2003. Dell introduced their firstprinters for the public.however a recent development has brought skepticism to the company when Lexmarkbegan working with them whom modified their cartridges so that they don¶t workwith Dell printers.50 shares were worth $100. Dell began selling their products through theirwebsite and three years later they took over Compaq Jumping forward a bit. In 1996. Because each computer was individuallyassembled.What set the company apart was not just itsconsumer-oriented focus but also its allowance for people to customize theircomputers during the ordering process. Dell Marketing Strategy The Dell marketing strategy was simple and basic. The first Dell laptop made its debut in 1991 and by 1993. Dell has a long track record with customersatisfaction. Offer great customer service by giving the customer exactly what they want. this was possible. If you want a Dell computer you can only get it from Dell. There you have it. The progress of the business was rapid and in1997. They did it by building computers made to order for the customer. at the very least in regards to their computer products. including those intended for the average consumer andbusinesses. That is how Dell is about to become the largest company in the world selling computers. itbecame one of the top five computer companies in the world. However.

They do exactly what everybody else has to do.000's of %? Oh. But online you can track exactly every aspect and then tweak it to improve your results. What makes it so powerful? Targeting Online Marketing Understanding who your market is and where they hang out is so much easier to find out. In the offline world it is very hard to determine how effective a TV. Try a new headline or graphic and see the results immediately. and TWEAK your ads and salesletters to help you maximize and boost your profits by 100's 1. yeah! This tool will also do it all on it's own 100% autopilot. TRACK. advertising campaigns can be changed on the fly. for example: That every person who goes to a website called NewComputerProducts. radio or newspaper ad was. Survey Your Customers .Now. Plus. It becomes very easy to target your customer when you know. y y y Targeting: They have to know who is buying computers and where online these people are going Tracking: They have to track advertising results and make adjustments Relationships: They build relationships with the people they advertise with The internet is a powerful force in the business world for selling products. the ONLINE Dell marketing strategies are nothing different is very likely to be interested in buying a computer or peripheral. Tracking Marketing Strategies Tracking your marketing strategies has never been easier. What one amazing tool can TEST. So your marketing plan should call for contacting that website and setting up advertising or getting them to review your computer instant Targeted Advertising.

Ask your customer exactly what THEY want. Who is your target customer and where do they hang out are two very important questions you must know about your new product before you try any marketing strategy. So whether you want to have a Dell marketing strategy or have some great new product to market here is what I recommend. then you adapt your business to give your customers exactly what they desire. tell you how to make money? Of course it would. your sales increase. When you give them exactly what they want. this article is way to short to help you with all aspects of marketing. Now. It is so easy these days to apply a survey that questions your customers. if you want to learn from the absolute best in Internet Marketing Strategy then you want proven. New Product Marketing Strategy New product marketing strategy must follow a few basic steps. some of the richest entrepenuers in the world. Donald Trump. market tested knowledge telling you what works. Wouldn't it be great to have Bill Gates. Dell's Marketing Strategy Research Papers Dell¶s marketing strategy research papers point out that dell computer corporation is defined by its direct model approach to selling. Dell's marketing strategy sees the Internet as the purest and most . Well. which is in turn dominated by the company¶s intent to generate as many sales as possible on the Internet. Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet.

efficient form of the direct model for sales. service. This resulted in more than $40 million in revenue per week being generated by the online marketing of dell. Instead of sales people answering questions. This presupposes a base line of technical knowledge in the customer. In addition. The marketing model of dell computer. Individuals who are making their first computer purchase are unlikely to have access to the Internet or the navigational expertise to find Dell¶s site. as well as after the purchase at the Internet site. While the consumer is choosing and configuring their Dell computer. as well as the most efficient means of customer communication both presently and in the future. such a technically unsophisticated customer may have difficulty in even formulating the questions that should be asked in order to evaluate if a particular Dell computer will meet their needs. Without this base line of knowledge. configure computers to the customers liking. does not differentiate between types of customers. The company touts its site as allowing existing and potential customers to access information regarding its products.6 million visits each week to its more than 80 country-specific sites. and then make the purchase. which guides the information-gathering process. Currently the company receives more than 2. and support. however. Dell sees this process as the most efficient method of selling because it allows the consumer to guide the process. . the customer will have difficulty making sense of computer hardware jargon that defines the capabilities of PC units. and instead treats each potential customer as if they have equal technical knowledge. the customer is left to find their own answer. the customer has access to volumes of support and technical information.

Online Marketing Dell brings buying power to the people Dell has always been known for its innovative distribution. One of the most effective things that Dell has done is provide laptops at a decent cost. but they also offer quite a few perks. you¶re getting a Dell. Since being founded. Dell is also known for having a good customer service program. The tracking system makes it possible for a customer to be aware of when the package will arrive without having to wait on the phone to speak with a representative. and come with a great warranty. This advertising campaign popularized the phrase ³Dude.´ The commercials would usually feature an actor ( Ben Curtis ± aka Dell dude) informing prospective buyers of all the perks of owning a Dell. you¶re getting a Dell´. An online shipping tracking system is made available on the Dell website that allows customers to keep track of where their deliveries are in the process of making their way to the buyer. The campaign was a huge success and not only helped bring prominence to Dell. with most packages arriving within about three days. Part of their marketing strategy has been to promote their products through the use of various sales and rebates. Most of you will still remember the Dell Dude back in 2000. One of the biggest reasons is the quality of the products offered for the prices available. offer variety. If a customer is having trouble with their Dell laptop and the . The delivery time is decent. Another aspect of their customer service program that is helpful is their at home service. They sell more laptops than any of the other major notebook manufacturers. but to Curtis as well. Part of the reason for this is there successful marketing and promotion strategy. which is helpful. Dell laptops are stylish. as well as offering free printers or other free accessories with their notebooks. their web based direct selling model has been one of their major competitive differentials. Why are DELL LAPTOPS so popular? Dell laptops have achieved quite a bit of success with their line of notebooks. versatile. When the party was sold on the idea he would close with the catchphrase ³Dude. In addition to this.

From my experience I've discovered that there's all the time one thing that can be done. In this article you'll be able to understand how important it is to have an online marketing strategy to use for your business. It simply takes time and persistence. The worst thing you can do is assume that nothing may be achieved to enhance the rankings of your site. Recent times have seen a rapid rise in its popularity. y Various Strategies for Facebook Marketing Facebook is a popular social networking website. It might be time consuming but it takes the accurate time management skills and the ability to produce quality results for the time being that the online marketing strategy used needs to carry out positive end results. Dell covers the cost of the service.problem can not be solved over the phone. it . so customers who are having trouble with their notebook will not need to pay a computer expert in order to get their computer up and running again. Of course the main reason that Dell laptops are so popular is the laptops themselves. ONLINE MARKETING Ever wondered how you would be able to use online marketing strategy for your business? Well. Discovering the favorable results of successful online marketing strategy is not that hard to establish.Search engine marketing isn't straightforward however like anything else it can be discovered or contracted out. the initial thing that you should realize is how necessary it is able to establish a strategy for your business and how advantageous it would be on your end. The worst thing you are able to do is get into the line of considering that just since you've built an internet site that you simply like the various search engines and the remainder of the world ought to come working to see what you've built. Did you know that if your website ranks very poorly and isn't updated the various search engines might finally drop it all together. As per the latest reports. they will send over a technician from a third party vendor in order to help them resolve the issue. It does not work that approach and in case you suppose it does you will be easily pissed off from the beginning of your challenge and like so many different web sites your site will get misplaced within the search engine results.

Thus. Facebook marketing has become a trend among the advertisers. Further. profile pages. They can be shown such advertisements which match their profile and the groups joined by them. advertisements can be directed towards the users. An application named 'event' can be used to promote product launch dates. corporations can reach out to their customers. it is only for social networking purposes. Thus. events and polls etc. not for business promotion. As per Facebook rules. However. Using Facebook. It is estimated that its global revenues by the year 2015 would be around $1 billion. services or policies.has become even more popular than Google in many countries where Google was the market leader in terms of popularity. the different companies use Facebook to make important announcement regarding their products. Its annual revenues are around 300 million USD and this figure is expected to rise in the coming years. It was launched in 2004 and was opened to general public only in the year 2006. Any account created as personal but indulging in business promotion can be deleted by Facebook. Facebook has been used by many organizations to reach out to their customers directly. It has achieved this level of popularity within a short time of its inception. . Invitations can be sent to the targeted users and their response can be tracked with this application. For example a user who has joined a group which is fighting against a particular disease such as cancer or AIDS can be shown advertisements of popular hospitals or experience surgeons. There are numerous sponsored groups which can attract potential customers. By using them. it has become one of the most popular websites. There are over 400 million users of Facebook worldwide. Its popularity has been used by many individuals and companies to advertise their products among the Facebook users. businesses can register themselves by paying fees. they can get access to numerous Facebook applications such as groups. In such a short duration.

which collects feedback. While these are much generalized ways to describe how market psychology can affect the price of a stock. there will be a market rally. How traders behave will definitely have a huge impact on the value of the stock and this can be seen in any one of the markets out there. This is very important to show that the organization is customer friendly and to attract more customers. y Online Stock Market Trading Strategies The behaviour of a stock is always dependent on the market conditions and one of the things that people overlook is the market psychology that is existent during the entry period of any trade. One of the things that you need to do is to get your hands on some effective money management systems to be sure that you have the proper risk assessment down and that you have a way to track just how much money you are pumping in. both positive and negative from its customers. which will plunge the price of the stock until it hits rock bottom and when conditions are good. . A prominent case in this regard is that of Dell computers. you can tweak your strategy if need be or even completely overhaul it if things do not go your way and you need to start fresh. It reported a big decline in negative feedback after it started receiving feedback with the help of Facebook and its own blogging platform. The customers can provide their feedback on the products or services of the company. However. winning and losing. Losing money is one way to find out whether or not a particular strategy that you are using is actually working or not and it is a good gauge to your overall stint on the stock market. they can register their complaints based on any negative experience and can provide valuable suggestions. They should be open to criticism or taking suggestions to improve their working. This way. it pushes the point quite clearly across. the companies must be willing to take the negative feedback with grace. One other thing you might want to sit up and take notice.A major use of Facebook has been for tracking customer feedback. Jittery traders will be quick to bail out. is that there is often plenty of company literature on the stock that you are buying and smart traders will read all they can on the company that they are buying the stock from and from there make their decision. Moreover.

Twitter is a micro-blogging podium which helps in not only communicating with the friends but also helps in marketing. clients come and go and various things change over time. contest can also be arranged on the Twitter. The clients with personal relationships can be included so as to increase the followers. communicate with people all around the world and hence attract the traffic to any website or even any blog. Baby steps to success are often the best ones. Sometimes. With the help of Twitter one can put up online presence. drawing concerned followers to go for the link. People who like those celebrities will naturally follow the link hence enhancing the marketing. most popular websites are endorsed by the celebrities and famous people. y Twitter Marketing Strategy For Online Marketing Plan Marketing plan determines the success of any firm. They are a great source of attracting traffic. A well thought out and conscious marketing plan always leads to the success of the firm or even any business too. Although Twitter resembles the other socializing websites or podiums yet a properly planned and intelligently executed marketing strategy using Twitter is rising as a key instrument in the world of small businesses. In addition to this. stumbling over themselves with mistakes and oversights that should not have been there in the first place. make sure you are buying the right kind of stock from a company you can trust and do not blow your family fortune away on your stock portfolio. Interesting articles can also be tweeted. The Twitter Marketing Strategy includes even small business public advertising plans as the rate of advertisement is increasing day by day. So get your fundamentals right. creation of a free tool can also attract traffic. It becomes difficult for people to be in touch with all such changing surroundings. It has been oppressed by different marketers and that also for good reasons. The advantages offered by the Twitter such as micro-blogs service presented to the small business proprietors are far beyond discussion.People are making mistakes. In case of twitter. This indirectly increases the twitter flowing. Most of the marketing plans are structured to enhance the traffic to any website. . Markets progress.

You can not just become a member of a social media site and blast your website out to everybody and expect results. Small business proprietors can be hugely benefitted if they incorporate socialpublic marketing podiums such as Twitter. There are several places you can go to and promote an affiliate product or your own product that has real people. give high acceptance to twitter marketing strategies. tweets. and fan pages. . The marketing professionals. The success also depends on how twitter intelligently persuades the subscribers to follow the others and also vice versa.The micro blog placement is confined to a limit of 140 characters at maximum. Clever use of this limited space can often lead to more public media optimization. y Social Media Marketing Strategy Social media marketing has quickly become a very popular marketing technique. If you are interested in getting into social media marketing then you would really benefit if you have a social media marketing strategy. Social media marketing allows you to have followers and interact with your followers through posts. who value the public media optimization.

4. Search Engine Optimization . Article Marketing . This often allows blogs to show up ahead of older more established websites in search engine results.You can use a free or a paid service to have these articles distributed and published by hundreds of sites on the Internet. Start a Blog .There was a time when a traditional website was the first step in any Internet Marketing Strategy. Encourage People to Sign Up . There are free services and paid services to help you with this process. This brings up the second step. These SEO techniques can be learned for free on a multitude of Online Marketing sites. Interact With Visitors . For online marketing. Bing. That has changed in recent years with the development of easy to use blogging software that can create sites which look like traditional websites. 2. it is all about a good list of email addresses that were developed from your blog.Offer a free newsletter or a free ebook to get people to sign up to your site and give you their email address. 3. The advantage is that blog sites are set up to provide fresh content and the search engines (Google. if you sell fishing poles.When people visit your site and comment on your articles. you could write articles about what poles are used for different types of fishing. take time to comment back. etc. This process will help to promote repeat visitors to your site.Seven Step Online Marketing Strategies Plan 1. Yahoo.) like fresh content. For example. . 5.Make it a priority to get your site ranked at the top of the major search engines by using good search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.Write and publish articles that provide information about the things that are related to your business or products.

. 7.To continue to attract visitors to your site and to get people to join your email list. Start Effective Email Marketing Campaigns . Keep Offering Freebies .6.Once you have a list of email addresses you can begin to recommend and encourage people to purchase products or services that you offer. run occasional contests and giveaways on your blog.

It¶s a mainstay in my seminars because it illustrates such a critical marketing point ² one every business should be reminded of frequently . but he pretty soon began to notice a pattern. The names were randomly picked people who did not have a subscription to the paper. Dell actually discovered it as a 12-year old kid in Houston. There were two categories of people who were much more likely to buy a subscription from him than anyone else. during one of their hot.) Anyway. humid summers. Most people don¶t know that one the key marketing strategies that has made Dell Computer so unbelievably successful had nothing to do with the computer business. He wanted to make some extra money. . people who had just married. And second. First.MICHAEL DELL ³This is one of my favorite stories to tell technology consulting and computer consulting businesses who want to market more effectively. He sold one here and he sold one there. people who had just moved into a new home. as an entrepreneurial kid. Dell¶s job was to begin calling everyone on the list and get some subscriptions sold. and disgusting summers.I have included a transcription here. and I believe you¶ll enjoy it´. and. that means running a paper route. sweltering. (No offense to anyone in Houston. humid. he decided one summer to be a paper boy. I¶m just not a big fan of hot. He went down to the paper where he received a bundle of papers and a list of names to call or visit.Dell Marketing Strategies ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

³that¶s neat´ and stop there. and that the company still does today. Michael Dell then spent his time selling to those people predisposed to buying. so that I¶m spending my time. he was actually making more money from his paper route than the teachers in his school. The success of Dell lies in large part with market segmentation and specialization strategies that Michael Dell learned that hot Houston summer.It makes sense right? They are going through life changes that dramatically increase the likelihood of them wanting and needing a paper subscription. Most kids ± and most adult businesspeople ± would say. He gathered a small army of 12-years-old kids and sent them all down to the courthouse on a regular basis. When summer ended and Dell went back to school. Most people look at Dell Computer today and think they are being all things to all people. They wrote down everyone who had purchased a new home and everyone who had applied for a marriage license. pioneered at Dell Computer. he had a much smaller list of potential buyers. resources. he narrowly and specifically defined who he wanted to spend his limited time and energy on. It is an illusion created by their size. and he did an enormous amount of business (for a paper boy!) because of it. But Dell took the next step. . and my energy where I know it¶s going to pay off best?´ The answer came when he discovered public information available at the local courthouse could give him access to exactly who he wanted to target. He began to ask ³how can I target these people and only these people. He didn¶t try to be all things to all people.

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