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1.1.0. The Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) deals with the tasks of formulation of policy concerning levy and collection of customs and central excise duties, Service Tax, prevention of smuggling and evasion of duties and all administrative matters relating to Customs, Central Excise, Service Tax and Narcotics (to the extent under CBEC's purview) formations. The Board discharges the various tasks assigned to it, with the help of its field organisations namely the Zones of Customs & Central Excise, Commissionerates of Customs & Central Excise, the Directorate and the Opium and Alkaloid factories under the Central Bureau of Narcotics. It also ensures that taxes on foreign and inland travel are administered as per the law and the collection agencies deposit the taxes collected to the public exchequer promptly. 1.1.1. The Union Cabinet had approved the restructuring of the customs and central excise field formations. The reorganized set-up came into existence with effect from 01st November 2002. The aim of the restructuring exercise was to create a tax administration which is officer-oriented, technology-driven, assessee-friendly and which maximises revenue productivity by having closer supervision through creation of smaller and compact Commissionerates and Zones, which in turn will provide better accessibility to the trade and industry and rationalize the workload. The other objectives were to reinforce the Directorate of Anti-evasion and Revenue Intelligence to counter tax evasion and smuggling and unblocking the revenue locked in appellate cases. 1.2.0. 1.2.1 Zones of Customs, Central Excise and Customs (Preventive) In the reorganized set-up, there are twenty three zones of Customs and Central Excise and eleven exclusive zones of Customs/Customs (Preventive) across the country. These zones are headed by Chief Commissioners. The zones of Customs and Central Excise are located at the following places: (6) Meerut (7) Ranchi (13) Pune (14) Nagpur (19) Kochi (20) Hyderabad

1.2.2. (1) Delhi

(2) Chandigarh

DS (Ad-2)




(3) Kolkata (4) Bhubaneshwar (5) Shillong (6) Lucknow

(8) Mumbai –I (9) Mumbai-II (10) Jaipur (12) Bhopal

(15) Vadodara (16) Ahmedabad (17) Bangalore (18) Mangalore

(21) Vishakhapatnam (22) Chennai and (23) Coimbatore

1.2.3The eleven exclusive zones of Customs/Customs (Preventive) are located at the following places: (1) Delhi (5) Chenai (9) Patna-Custom (Preventive) (10) Mumbai-III Customs and (11) Chennai Customs (Preventive) (2) Mumbai-1 (6) Bangalore (3) Mumbai-II (7) Ahmedabad (4) Kolkata 1.3.0.

(8) Delhi Customs (Preventive)

Commissionerates of Customs & Central Excise.

1.3.1 The Commissionerates, spread all over the country, perform the executive functions entrusted by the Board, There are 92 Commissionerates predominantly concerned with Central Excise and dealing with Customs and Anti-smuggling work in their jurisdiction. These Commissionerates also deal with Service Tax work except the Commissionerates located in six metropolitan cities. They are organized as territorial units, usually extended to part or whole of a state or a metropolitan area. The Commissionerates are located at the following places: 1. Delhi-I 2. Delhi-II 3.Delhi-III (Gurgaon) 4.Delhi-IV (Faridabad) 5. Rohtak 6. Panchkula 20.Bhubaneshwar- 39. Thane-I I 21.Bhubaneshwar- 40. Thane-II II 22. Shillong 23. Dibrugarh 24. Kanpur 25. Lucknow 41. Belapur 42. Raigarh 43. Jaipur-I 44. Jaipur –II 45 Bhopal 46. Indore 47. Alipur 48. Pune-I 49. Pune-II 50 Pune-III 51. Goa 52. Aurangabad 53. Nasik 54. Nagpur 58. Surat-I 59. Surat-II 60. Daman 61. Ahmedabad-I 62. Ahmedabad-II 63. Ahmedabad-III 64. Rajkot 65. Bhavnagar 66. Bangalore-I 67. Bangalore-II 68. Bangalore-III 69. Mysore 70. Mangalore 71. Belgaum 72. Kochi 77. Hyderabd-III 78. Hyderabad-IV 79. Tirupati 80. Guntur 81. Vishakhapatnam-I 82. Vishakhapatnam –II 83. Chennai-I 84. Chenai-II 85. Chenai-III 86. Chennai-IV 87. Pondicherry 88. Tiruchirapalli 89. Coimbatore 90. Salem 91. Madurai Commissionerates of Service Tax: There are six Commissionerates located at metropolitan cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad & Bangalore dealing exclusively with work related to Service Tax. 1. 4. 0. Commissionerat es of Customs & Customs (Preventive) 1.4.1 These Commissionerates are 35 in number and spread all over the country as follows: 1. Delhi (Air Cargo Import & General) 13. Kolkata (Port) 25. Jodhpur Customs (Prev) 2. Delhi (ICD) 14. Kolkata (Airport) 26. Delhi Customs (Preventive) 3. Delhi (Air Cargo Export) 15. Chennai (Airport & Air Cargo) 27. Patna Customs (P) 4. Mumbai (General) 5. Mumbai (Export) 6. Mumbai (Import) 17. Chennai Port (Export) 18. Bangalore 29. Mumbai Customs (Prev) 30. Tuticorin

7. Chandigarh 26. Allahabad 8. Jallandhar 9. Ludhiana 10. Kolkata-I 11. Kolkata-II 27. Meerut-I 28. Ghaziabad 29. Noida 30. Meerut-II

12. Kolkata -III 31.Jamshedpurr 13. Kolkata-IV 32. Patna 14. Kolkata-V 33. Ranchi

15. Kolkata-VI 34. Mumbai-I 16. KolkataVII 17. Haldia 18. Bolpur 19. Silliguri 35. Mumbai-II 36. Mumbai-III 37.Mumbai-IV 38. Mumbai-V

73. 92 Tiruneveli Thiruvananthapuram

55. Vadodara-II 74. Kozhikodde 56. Vadodara-II 75. Hyderabad-I 57. Vlasad 76. Hyderabad-II

Most of these Directorates are headed by an officer of the rank of Director General. marketing patterns and clarification of commodities vulnerable to evasion of Central Excise duty (c) To coordinate action with other departments like income tax etc. (b) To study the price structure. National Academy of Customs. in cases involving evasion of central excise duties. Directorate of Inspection (Customs and Central Excise) 4. (d) To investigate cases of evasion of central excise having inter. . which includes levy and collection of Customs duty and enforcement functions in their earmarked jurisdictions. Directorate of Housing and Welfare 5. Directorate of Organisation and Personnel Management 15. Nhava Sheva (Import & Mulund CFS) 8.7. Directorate of Legal Affairs 17. Shillong Customs (P) 34. procedure and practices in order to plug any loopholes.2The above-mentioned 35 Commissionerates have been assigned the following functions: (a) Implementation of the provisions of the Customs Act. Office of the Chief Departmental Representative and the Central Revenues Control Laboratory under the Central Board of Excise and Customs in brief are as follows :Functions of the Directorates under the Central Board of Excise and Customs and of the Central Revenues Control Laboratory. Directorate of Service Tax 12. Directorate of Vigilance 7. Directorate of Valuation 13. Directorate of Central Excise Intelligence (a) To collect. Sl. Vishakhapatnam 24. 1962 and the allied acts.4. Directorate of Logistics 16. Mumbai Air Cargo (Import) 10. Ahmedabad 22. Directorate of Export Promotion 11. Excise & Narcotics 6. Directorate of Audit 9. Mangalore 20. No. West Bengal Customs (P) 33. and (e) To advise the Board and the Commissionerates on the modus operandi of evasion of central excise duties and suggest appropriate remedial measures. Office of the Chief Departmental Representative 19. Name of the office & Functions in brief (1). Kochi 31.) 21. Directorate of Publicity and Publicity Relations 14. Tiruchirapalli 32. Directorate of Central Excise Intelligence 2. Directorate of Safeguards 10.5. Directorate of Data Management 18. Amritsar 1. Export Promotion and Legal Affairs have been newly created. The Directorate of Organisation and Management Services has been renamed as Directorate of Organisation and Personnel Management.1 The function of the Directorates. Nhava Sheva (Export) 9. Mumbai (Air port) 12. The Directorates of Housing and Welfare. Central Revenue Control Laboratory Note: Under the reorganised set-up. Kochi Customs (P) and 35 Jamnagar Customs (Prev. Pune Customs 19. the erstwhile Directorate of Statistics and Intelligence were reclassified as Directorate of System and Directorate of Data Management and brought under the upgraded Directorate General of Systems and Data Management. 1. collate and disseminate intelligence relating to evasion of central excise duties. Directorate of Systems 8. The Directorate of Safeguards and Directorate of Valuation have been upgraded and are headed by Director Generals.Kandla 23. (b) Surveillance of coastal and land borders to prevent smuggling activities. Directorate of Revenue Intelligence 3. Attached/Subordinate offices of CBEC :In the performance of the administrative and executive functions.Commissionerates ramification. Mumbai Air Cargo (Export) 11. the following attached/subordinate offices assist the Board:1.

Ministry and field formations.2. To keep the field formations informed about various schemes and facilities available. To help the field formations in framing the project proposals. and abandoned properties. Directorate of Housing & Welfare To monitor and coordinate with the Board. and` To arrange study tours of the customs and excise officers from neighboring Development Programme countries under United Nations library. (i) (j) 5.holes. (a) (b) (c) (d) Directorate of Revenue Intelligence To study and disseminate intelligence about smuggling. conference rooms. To assist in formulation of training policies and to implement the policies approved by the Board by devising schemes and syllabi or studies for training of direct recruits and departmental officers. (a) (b) To suggest measures for improvement in functioning of the field formations. Roorkee for getting their guidance on building science with reference to different projects and to have liaison and coordination with Housing Board. (a) (b) © . (b) To carry out inspections to determine whether the working of the field formations are as per customs and central excise procedures. (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) To devise procedures for accounting and documentations system To coordinate with the field formations with regard to the problems of encroachment To prepare and compile Housing Manuals for future guidelines. To encourage environment-friendly planning and execution of the projects of the department through horticultural and other environmental planning. central excise and narcotics departmental machinery throughout the country and to Suggest measures for improvement of its efficiency and rectification of defects in it through inspection and by laying down procedures for their smooth functioning. guest houses. procedures and practices in order to plug any loop . garages etc. and To coordinate with the Ministry on welfare measures related to building/execution of resorts/holiday homes. targeting of intelligence against them and their immobilisation. (a) To attend to such other matters as may be entrusted to the Directorate by the Ministry or the Board for investigation Directorate of Inspection (Customs & Central Excise) To study the working of customs. To identify the organised gangs of smugglers and areas Vulnerable to smuggling. To alert field formations for interception of suspects and contraband goods. architects and builders to ensure quality construction in scheduled time-frame. assessment of current and likely trends in smuggling. To have regular coordination and interaction with the Central Building Research Institute. standardization of house building designs. and (c) 4. National Academy of Customs Excise and Narcotics To impart training to direct recruits and to arrange refresher courses for department officers. playgrounds. if any noticed . and (f) 3. respect of (c) To assist the field formations in implementation of approved projects by providing technical support in integrated and architectural planning. and to make recommendations with regard to the procedural flaws. godowns. (e) To advise the Ministry in all Matters pertaining to Anti-Smuggling measures and in formulating or amending laws. To maintain liaison with the intelligence and enforcement agencies in India and abroad for collection of intelligence and in-depth investigation of important cases having inter Commissionerate and inter national ramification.

To function in close liaison with allied agencies concerned with the exports to ensure that genuine exporters get the full advantages of the Export schemes without any difficulties. seizures.. provisional or otherwise. Directorate of Audit (a) To provide direction for evolution and improvement of audit techniques and procedures. . 7. (a) (b) Directorate of Export Promotion To interact with the Export Promotion Councils for various categories of export to sort out the difficulties being faced by the genuine exporters. development and maintenance of software. (a) (b) (c) Directorate of Vigilance To monitor the vigilance cases against the officers of Customs and central excise formations.6. pertaining to indirect taxes. 11. Directorate of Data Management To collect and consolidate data and statistics pertaining to realisation of revenue from indirect taxes and advise the ministry and the Board in forecasting . to recommend progressive liberalisation adequate to facilitate positive adjustment. and To collect statistics for compilation of statistical bulletins and statistical yearbook in respect of revenue. to the Central Government regarding. and To maintain close liaison with the Central Bureau of Investigation. To submit the findings. To maintain proper surveillance on the officials of doubtful integrity. (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) 10. To aid and advice the Board in policy formation and to guide and provide functional directions in planning. and (iii) To review the need for continuance of safeguard duty. court cases etc. (a) (b) (c) (d) To suggest measures to improve tax compliance. and To implement EA . budget estimates. coordination and supervision of audits at local levels.. CAAP audits etc. (b) To ensure effective and efficient implementation of new audit system by periodic reviews. To gauge the level of audit standards and assessees’ satisfaction.200 audits and related projects like risk management. (c) To coordinate with the external agencies as well as other formations with the department. 8. Directorate of Safeguards To investigate the existence of serious injuries or threat of serious injuries to the domestic industry as a consequence of increased imports of an article into India. training of personnel and monitoring of expenditure budget on computerisation at the central and field levels. To recommend the following:(i) The amount of duty which. (i) (ii) 9. if levied would be adequate to remove the ‘injury’ or ‘threat domestic industry. Directorate of Systems To look after all aspects of the implementation of customs and central excise computerisation projects including acquisition of hardware. of injury’ to the (ii) The duration of levy of safeguard duty and where the period so recommended is more than a year. To identify the articles liable for safeguard duty. To evolve the policy for development of a sound data base as well as enhancing the skill of the auditors with a view to making the audit effective and meaningful. To collate and disseminate the relevant information. Directorate General of Revenue Intelligence and Vigilance Branches in the Commissionerates in order to ensure that the programme on vigilance and anti-corruption are implemented in all Commissionerates of customs. arrears. ‘serious injury’ Or ‘threat of serious injury’ to the domestic industry consequent upon increased imports of an article from the specified country. central excise and narcotics formations.

and To inspect the Service Tax Cells in the Commissionerates. To conduct post-audit of the Brand Rate fixed by the Directorate of Drawback and carry out physical verification of selected cases independently or with the help of the central excise formations. (a) (b) (c) (d) To compile the important judgments delivered by High Courts and the Supreme Court on matters relating to indirect taxes. radio. . maters of (d) (e) (f) (g) 12. transfer pricing) and Indian ventures with foreign collaborations and help evolve a system to combat planed under-valuation as well as valuation frauds. To maintain liaison with the Valuation Directorates of other customs administrations and customs officers posted abroad. like duty-foregone statements. To consolidate the instructions issued by the Board in technical and administrative customs and central excise. Directorate of Service Tax To monitor the collections and assessments of service tax. TV and press media.(c) To monitor the performance of the field formations through monthly and quarterly returns. To monitor valuation practices at various customs. To undertake study of law and procedures.g. formations and bring to the notice of the Board the significant and emerging pricing patterns and to suggest corrective policy or other majors . (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 13. Directorate of Organisation and Personnel Management 15. and to undertake publicity with a view to educating the public about indirect taxes through brochures. To form a database. hoardings. drawback payment statements and quarterly drawback payment statements and to compare and compile the same to enable the Ministry to review the policy. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) 14. posters. To update all departmental manuals through corrections lists etc. To study international price trends of sensitive commodities and pricing patterns of trans-nationals corporations (e. To carry out the appraisal studies to examine the efficacy of the existing legal provisions/rules and procedures and suggest to the ministry about the changes to be made. if any. To conduct post-audit of the select cases of duty free imports allowed under various Export Promotion Schemes in the customs and central excise formations. published price information or prices obtained from other authentic sources. To study the implications of service tax in the field and to suggest measures to increase revenue collections. To build a comprehensive valuation database for internationally traded goods using past precedents. To disseminate the price information on a continuing basis to all customs formations for online viewing and as a means of assistance for day-to-day assessments with a view to detecting and preventing under valuation as also for enabling assessments to be finalized speedily. and To carry out inspection of the field formations to determine whether the valuation norms as evolved by the Directorate of Valuation are uniformly applied across the country. revise and publish the statutory and departmental manuals. Directorate of Publicity & Public Relations To prepare. where needed . Directorate of Valuation To assist and advise the Board in the implementation and monitoring of the working of the WTO Agreement on Customs Valuation. and To work in close coordination with the Board and the relevant sections that deals with 100% EOUs/EPZ Units/SEZ Units and various Technology Parks and the schemes relating to the export of gems and jewellery.

who may not be on the regular panel of the Government but may be engaged by the Department for handling important cases. vessels. 16. assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the staff deployed on anti. Chenai and Bangalore.To look after the functions relating to method studies. To plan and asses the need for staff training. the Directorate is restricted to making recommendations only and the final decision regarding approval of the panel/appointment of the Standing Counsels rests with the Ministry. However. equipments. and To keep an approved panel of eminent lawyers well versed with Customs and Central Excise Laws as well as administration matters. vehicles. prosecutions and rewards to informers and officers in various Commissionerates and to watch the progress in disposal of confiscated goods involved in prosecution cases. . which are finally accepted by the Department. To ensure that all orders of the Tribunal are examined by the field formations and timely proposal for. (a) (b) Directorate of Logistics To inspect. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 19. To create a database pertaining to the cases pending in various High Courts. The appellant/respondent commissioners will assist the Directorate in creating and updating the database pertaining to the High Court cases. work measurement and staffing. clarifications and confirmations from the Commissionerates concerned. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) 18. procurement. purchase. repair and reallocation of such equipment. Central Revenue Control Laboratory (c) (d) 17. Office of the. Kolkata. To monitor. To maintain coordination with the President. communications or other resources required for anti-smuggling work in various Commissionerates and to evaluate their operational efficiency. Directorate of Legal Affairs To function as the nodal agency to monitor the legal and judicial work of the Board To create a data bank of all the cases decided by various benches of the Tribunal and monitor cases effectively in order to ensure that the field formations recommend filing of appeals only in deserving cases and not on the issues already decided by the Supreme Court or High Courts and accepted by the department. and about the important decisions of the Supreme Court so that unnecessary litigation work on the issues already settled is not created by the field formations. To prepare panels of Standing Counsels/Panel Counsels for various High Courts on the basis of feedback received from the field formations. To intimate the field formations about important decisions of the various High Courts. Chief Departmental Representative (CDR) To receive the cause list of cases from the CESTAT registry and distribute the case file among Departmental Representatives (DRs) To monitor the efficient representation by DRs in all listed cases before the benches of the CESTAT To coordinate with and call for cross objections. and To deal with the maters concerning acquisition. CESTAT To exercise administrative control over DRs and attend to the administrative matters pertaining to the CDR office including its regional offices at Mumbai. besides management services including manpower planning for the customs and central excise and narcotics formations. filing appeal are sent to Board wherever necessary and the report about acceptance of an order is sent to the Chief Commissioner. coordinate and evaluate the progress in cases of adjudications.smuggling duties in the Commissionerates and in vulnerable areas.

5. ALLOTMENT OF WORK AMONGST THE CHAIRMAN AND MEMBERS OF CENTRAL BOARD OF EXCISE AND CUSTOMS The Central Board of Excise and Customs consists of a Chairman and following Six Members: - CASES OR CLASSES OF CASES WHICH SHALL BE CONSIDERED JOINTLY BY THE CENTRAL BOARD OF EXCISE AND CUSTOMS 1. CBEC. and (e) Performance budgeting. Service Tax) Member (Computerisation & Legal &Judicial) Member (Customs & RI&I) Member (Budget). 2. 2. General policy relating to: (a) Tax planning and statutory changes. (b) Organization of other field formations.To analyses samples of goods and to render technical advice to the Board and its field formations in regard to the dutiability of various goods. 3. 2. Policy regarding discharge of statutory functions of the Central Board of Excise and Customs. 6. The following items of Chairman’s work will come to him through the concerned Members. 1. CASES OR CLASSES OF CASES. 5. Note: Matters relating to the above subjects will be sponsored for Board’s consideration by the Chairman or by the Member in whose charge the concerned item broadly falls. . World Customs Organisation. Proposals relating to legislation. WHICH SHALL BE COSIDERED BY CHAIRMAN. 4. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 3. Matters relating to opium and narcotics. 6. Administration and service matters relating to Group `A’ officers including Vigilance matters. 5. Co-ordination and overall supervision of the work of the Board. agreements and conferences and delegations to international conferences and meetings. 1. Decisions on recommendations of Committees. 4. Composition and functions of Central Board of Excise and Customs Chairman Member (P&A) and Member (Central Excise. 2. and Intelligence discussions. Grant of Awards and Appreciation Certificates. 7. 3. Budget matters and duty exemptions. negotiations. including tours and inspections of the field formations by the Members. 4. Court and Tribunal cases involving important or high revenue stakes. (c) Personnel management and training. All important policy matters relating to or arising out of the work allocated by this order in particular:Estimates of Revenue realization and measures to achieve these. Write-off or abandonment of revenue exceeding Rupees fifteen lakhs in a case. (d) Methods and procedures of work. Any other matter that may be placed before the Board by the Chairman by a Member with the approval of Chairman. Public Grievances. World Trade Organisation and ESCAP and other International Organisation.

Export Promotion. CASES OR CLASSES OF CASES WHICH SHALL BE CONSIDERED BY MEMBER (CENTRAL EXCISE AND SERVICE TAX) 1. 8. 9. (b) Directors General of Revenue Intelligence. LTUs Work relating to:(a) Chief Commissioners of Chennai. Technical Co-ordination within the Board. inland bondage warehouses. CASES OR CLASSS OF CASES WHICH SHALL BE CONSIDERED BY MEMBER (CUSTOMS & RI&I) 1. 6. Ahmedabad. Meerut. Customs & Central Excise procedures relating to above subjects. Nagpur. Coimbator & Mysore (b) Directors General of Central Excise Intelligence. Tariff classifications. 7. Customs procedures. 5. 2. ETC and other prohibition or restriction on imports and exports.. 18. 9. World Customs Organization. 12. Valuation Supervision and control over:(a) Chief Commissioners. C. Central Excise and Salt Act and Rules-legislation and interpretation. Customs Valuation. EPZs. (TAR). E H T P’s STP’s and other special export schemes. The entire work pertaining to DG (Vigilance)/CVO’s office would be supervised by the Chairman. 2. Arrears of Revenue. I. Inspection & Audit. 13 14 15. 4. 17. Coordination with other ministries relating to export promotion and related issues. tariff advises. 3. Bhopal and Vadodara. Revenue Intelligence. Central Excise Procedures. 16.. Supervision and Control over Customs & Central Excise formations relating to above items of work and Directorate of Drawback. Any other matter which the Chairman or the concerned Member may consider necessary to be submitted to the Chairman. customs house agent’s regulations. Delhi. 10. (c) Chief Commissioner. Tariff Classification. 6. Prosecution in Central Excise Cases. (c) Directorate of Logistics. Safe-guards. 19.1. World Trade Organisation. 7. 100% EOU. T. Medicinal and Toilet Preparations Act. Valuation. Safeguards. FTZs. ESCAP and International talks and agreements with organisation concerning customs. 3. Service Tax. Bangalore. 11. Baggage concessions and Rules. Foreign Travel Tax and cesses on imports and exports. 2. Warehousing. 5. policy and broad procedures (other that those concerning anti smuggling). 8. Customs Laws and its interpretation and application. Matters relating to drawback. Matters relating to export promotions in Exim policy. 4. Cochin. (d) Central Revenue Control Laboratory (CRCL) CASES OR CLASSES OF CASES WHICH SHALL BE CONSIDERED BY MEMBER (Computerisation & Legal & Judicial) .

(b) Chief Commissioner. Litigation relating to service matters. recruitment policy and recruitment rules. 9. (ii) Director General of NACEN. Official Language Implementation Committee and connected matters.1. Public Relations and Help Centers 6 Work relating to functioning of:(i) Chief Commissioners of Mumbai and Pune. Supervision and monitoring of judicial and court work relating to Customs and Central Excise of the field formations. including: (i) Recruitment. Matters relating to settlement of Govt. Judicial and Court work relating to Customs and Central Excise in the Board (except that relating to service matters). 3. Personnel management of all field formations under the Central Board of Excise & Customs. transfers and promotions in the department and service under the CBEC. (iv) Training. Supervision of the work of :(a) Chief Commissioners of Chandigarh. (iv) Directorate of Housing & Welfare. 6. pay scales etc. Publicity. Review of orders passed by Commissioner and Commissioners (Appeals) for considering if appeals to CESTAT are required to be filled. and another Government Dept. Work of revision of orders passed by Commissioners under the Customs Act or Central Excise and Salt Tax. (iii) Directorate of O&M. Work relating to functioning of: (a) Chief Commissioners of Kolkata. CX. Ranchi. and (vii) Staff Welfare. 2. CASES OR CLASSES OF CASES WHICH SHALL BE CONSIDERED BY MEMBER (PERSONNEL & ADMINISTRATION) 1. 3. Land and building programmes in all formations under the CBEC. Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad. Shillong and Lucknow. (f) CESTAT (g) Authority for Advance Rulings. 5. All legislative proposals other than those relating to Customs and Central Excise Tariff. Jaipur. Cofeposa and related work. and Public Sector Enterprises. CX. (e) Settlement Commission. 8. COFEPOSA. 7. Bangalore (d) Chief Commissioner. (v) Vigilance (vi) Evolution of norms and performance standards. particularly the litigation work in High Courts. Bhubaneswar. Prosecution in customs cases.. Bangalore . 4. excluding prosecutions. (ii) Service matters. Dept. All matters relating to Computerization and Business Process Re-Engineering in the Customs and Central Excise Department. CASES OR CLASSES OF CASES WHICH SHALL BE CONSIDERED BY MEMBER (BUDGET) 1. (d) Directorate of Legal Affairs. Customs. 2. 4.Cochin (c) Chief Commissioner. 5. Patna. (iii) Appointment. (b) DG (Systems & Data management) (c) CDR.

Chennai Chief Commissioner. ‘A’ and extension/completion of probation period.) (c) ACAO/AO (Customs Deptt. scooter. . ‘A’ Officers only). 3. (b) Superintendents of Customs (Prev. 8. Arrears Claims/Medical Claims of Group B officers of the Customs Deptt. Chennai Chief Commissioner. 6. etc. Pay fixation .Pay references regarding all categories of officers and staff. House Building Advance. Allowances in respect of Gazetted and non-gazetted staff. (d) CAO (Customs Deptt. Overtime allowance to officers of Customs and Central Excise Department .(e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j) (k) (l) Chief Commissioner. A. (g) Forwarding of applications to other Deptts. Parliament Questions relating to the above subjects. Preparation of All India Seniority list of Supdt. (I) Training of Gr. 3. Ad. (d) Convening of DPCs for (a) promotion (b) confirmation (e) Briefing officers on deputation. of Customs (Prev. 9. promotion and seniority. The following matters relating to Indian Customs & Central Excise Service Gr. Framing and amendments to Recruitment Rules for CAO (Group 'A') in Central Excise Deptt. Grant of permission to practice/commercial employment to officers of IC & CE Service Gr. Chennai Chief Commissioner. Court cases relating to the above subjects 7. Revision of pay scale of Gazetted and non-gazetted staff. Special pay in respect of Gazetted and non-gazetted staff. Deputation/delegation abroad. and relaxation if any for all Gazetted officers. (where relaxation to the rules is required). CX.) Tel: 23092262 Inter Com: 5508 Member (P&V) Tel: 23092417 Inter Com: 5498 Tel: 23095563 Tel: 23095532 Tel: 23092401 Inter Com: 5563 Inter com: 5532 Inter com:2401 2. Matters relating to recruitment. AD.). (f) Deputation of officers to other Deptts. 2. promotion and seniority. 6. Hyderabad B. 7. 4. CX. Conveyance i. Departmental examination for probationers of Indian Customs & Central Excise Service Gr.cases relating to incentives for learning Hindi.e.policy regarding. of customs (Prev. (e) CAO (Central Excise Department). Hindi Teaching scheme . A: (a) Recruitment. (h) CCS (Conduct) Rules. in respect of the following Group B/Group A cadres in the Customs Department: (a) Appraisers. (c) Framing of recruitment rules.Customs (Prev. ‘A’ Secretariat posts in the Department including CBEC and obtaining ACC/CEB approval therefor. CX. Mangalore Chief Commissioner. posting and transfers. (clarification on policy). Mysore Chief Commissioner. 'A' Officers of IC & CE in India and abroad. Section Officer Under Secretary Deputy Secretary Jt. 4.). 5. 8. /Customs Deptt.Coimbatore Chief Commissioner. Secy (Admn.). II -A SECTION List of Subjects: 1. Medical claims (Gr. Customs & CX. CX. (j) Posting of officers abroad./Appraisers/Supdts. 5. motor cycle and GPF advance to Principal Commissioner/Director General only.) and customs Appraisers and CAOs. Visakhapatnam Chief Commissioner. CENTRAL BOARD OF EXCISE & CUSTOMS 1.II SECTION List of Subjects: 1. motor car. Customs & CX. Customs & CX. (policy matters) 10. 2.)/Group A&B of Customs Marine Organisation (CMO). Customs. 11. (b) Leave. Processing of proposals for appointments of officers of Indian Customs & Central Excise Service Group ‘A’ for various Gr.

Policy regarding postings and transfers of Group 'B' Gazetted Officers in the Central Excise/Narcotics Deptt. 14. Central Revenue Control Laboratory etc. 2. 16. (Policy matter only). Secretary (Admn) Tel 23092262 Inter Com: 5508 Member (P&V) Tel: 23092417 Inter Com: 5498 3. 4. Financial upgradation to Gr’C’ Direct Recruit Officials. Central Revenues Chemical Services. 13.P. Extension of service/re-employment of Group 'B' Gazetted officers in Central Excise and Narcotics Deptt. II. Framing and amendments to Recruitment Rules for Group 'B' posts in the Central Excise and Narcotics Deptt. Representation from Group 'B' Gazetted officers of Central Excise / Narcotics Deptt against stoppage at E. Directorate of Inspection. 16. 18. Deputation of Group 'B' Gazetted officers in the Central Excise Department to other Departments. postings and transfers of officers in Central Revenue Chemical Services. Expert) and Assistant Director (OL). Presumptive Pay under F. Promotion. posting. Suits/CAT matters/Writ Petitions/Special Leave Petition before Supreme Court relating to the subjects dealt with in the Section.C. Representations/Memoranda for fixation of seniority in Group 'B' posts in Central Excise/Narcotics Deptt. Section Officer Tel: 23095533 Inter com: 5533 Under Secretary Tel: 23093476 Inter com: 3476 Deputy Secretary Tel: 23095530 Inter com: 5530 Jt. Representation/Memoranda against non-confirmation in Group 'B' Gazetted posts in the Central Excise/ Narcotics Department. Promotion. for reimbursement of medical expenses. Directorate of Revenue Intelligence. 14. 19. Dereservation of Group `B` posts reserved for SC/ST and confirmation of Group ‘B’ Direct Recruits in Customs Deptt. 'A' & Gr. 10. and representations from such Group 'B' Gazetted Officers regarding postings and transfers. Representation from Group 'B' Officers for change in date of birth. 13. 21. Directorate of Communication. Preparation of All India List of Superintendents of Central Excise Group 'B' and ACAO/AO of the Central Excise Commissionerates and representations relating thereto. Representations from Group 'B' Gazetted officers of Central Excise/Narcotics Deptt for expunction of adverse remarks. Group 'B' officers in Central Excise and Narcotics Departments and representations against premature retirement. for promotion to Group 'A' posts in CRCL and Telecommunication wing and Assistant Director (OL) in Customs and Central Excise Department. Directorate of Revenue Intelligence. AD. D. Pre-mature retirement of Group 'A'& 'B' officers of Telecommunication Wing. Directorate of Training. 6. also court cases/ VIP references on the above items of work.R. Narcotics Department. Directorate of Communications. Group 'A' and Telecommunication service Group 'A'. Confirmation in Group 'A' and Group 'B' posts (Supdt. Demands of the Federation/Association and items included in the agenda of the Departmental Council meetings pertaining to the above items of work. Financial upgradation to Gr ‘B’ Direct Recruit Officers. 17. Narcotics Department. 8. 49 in respect of Chief Accounts Officer of Central Excise/ Customs Deptt. 20. 9. 5.A SECTION . Direct recruitment to various Group 'A' and Group ' B' posts in CRCL and Telecommunication wing of Customs and Central Excise Department. 3. transfer of CAOs in Central Excise. 'B' posts in Central Revenue Control Laboratory and Telecommunication wing.B SECTION List of Subjects: 1. 15. 7. 12. Directorate of S & I. 15. Reimbursement of legal expenses to Group 'B' officers. AD. DPC for promotion to Group 'B' posts in the Central Excise Commissionerates. Central Revenue Control Laboratory and Directorate of O & M Services. Secretary (Admn) Tel: 23092262 Inter Com: 5508 Member (P&V) Tel: 23092417 Inter Com: 5498 4. 17. Representations of Group 'B' Gazetted officers of Central Excise and Narcotics Deptt.B. Parliament Questions relating to the subjects dealt with in the Section. Section Officer Tel: 23095564 Inter Com: 5564 List of Subjects: Under Secretary Tel: 23095529 Inter Com: 5529 Deputy Secretary Tel: 23093102 Inter Com: 5530 Jt. 11. and Gr.. III. Narcotics Department and holding of DPCs meetings in respect of Chief Accounts Officers in Central Excise /Customs Deptts. Directorate of Statistics and Intelligence.12. Directorate of Inspection. Establishment of Group 'B' Gazetted Officers (both executive and ministerial) in the Central Excise Commissionerates.

14. Leave and joining time.P. Departmental Council matters. Departmental Promotion Committee . Appointment of dependents of deceased Govt. AD. Assaults on Govt. Allocation of candidates selected by SSC for the post of Inspector (Central Excise) E. 6. 19. Framing of Recruitment rules of cadres dealt in AD. Inter. Change in date of birth of Group 'C' and 'D' officers.Policy and procedure and representations against adverse remarks. 17. Promotion of SC/ST employees in reserved quota and dereservation of vacancies (Promotion Non-Gazetted staff.B SECTION List of Subjects: In respect of Group ‘b’ Non-Gazetted. Absorption of Surplus/retrenched employees.Policy regarding promotion to various grades. servants on compassionate grounds. Festival advance). Recruitment policy. Representations against termination of services under Rule 5 of CCS (DSTS) Rules. Complaints in regard to corruption. 8. 15. 5. 3. Extension of service and re-employment in service. 7. 9. Court cases pertaining to the above items of work. 23. 4.O. 10. 5.Com: 400(HVB) Under Secretary Tel: 26162834 I. Work relating to reservation and maintenance of rosters for SC/ST and compilation of statistical information for submission to DP&T and Commission for SC/STs 25.Policy and individual representations. Deputations on Foreign Service or otherwise. 22. 18.Com:5498 5.The following subjects relating to Group C &'D staff of the Commissionerates/Directorates/Central Bureau of narcotics under CBEC. Representations from the Non-Gazetted staff of all Directorates & Commissionerates. Confirmation . Verification of character and antecedents 3. Servants while on duty. 11. III . and Tax Assistant. All India Federations. Probation. Executive and Ministerial (Customs and Central Excise). 13. Matters relating to appointment of sportsman. Recruitment tests and panels. III-B section. 16. posts) in respect of 9./P. Dereservation of posts reserved for SC/ST candidates in the direct recruitment quota.III.F. Appointment of Departmental candidates against direct recruitment quota.Representations regarding. Conduct Rules 2. 12. 21. Confidential Reports . Secretary Tel: 26162675 I. 11. 4.III-B Section. 7. 6. Individual representations regarding recruitment. procedure and individual representations Group C & D.) Member (P&V) . 26. 12.House Building Advance.Commissionerate/Departmental Transfers of Group C & D employees under the CBEC Section Officer Tel: 26161187 I. Accounts . 1965 14. 24.O. 1. Section Officer Under Secretary Director Jt.B Section 10.Flood Cyclones and other natural calamities.Com: 209(HVB) Jt. Relaxation of age limit/education qualifications/Physical Standards/Typewriting test/Medical examination.) Tel 23092262 I.Com: (HVB) Dy. 13. Secretary (Admn. 2. G. Advances (Advance for purchase of conveyance.Com:5508 Member (P&V) Tel: 23092417 I. Parliament questions pertaining to the above items of work. Matters relating to Casual Workers. Court cases and suit notices in regard to matter dealt with in Ad. Secretary (Admn. 8. Group 'C' and 'D in the offices under CBEC: 1. Matters raised by Associations/Unions pertaining to subjects dealt with in Ad. Departmental examination and representations and petitions relating thereto. harassment and bribery against non-gazetted staff. Resignation 20. Seniority .Policy.

Demands/points raised by the various Service Associations/Unions/Federations on service matters -Coordination of and Recognition of Associations. 5. 16. Directorate of Training and the Central Revenue Control Laboratory.petitions/representations/interpretation of general orders. . Pension and Gratuity . 9. Arrear Clearance. 14.26162673 (HVB) Dy. (M. Central Excise Departments.Reimbursement of Medical charges of non-gazetted employees under Central Board of Excise and Customs. A. Annual Direct Recruitments plans. 3. Parliament Questions pertaining to the above items of work.Amendment to Central Excise Circle Divisional Office Procedure Manual. 10. Miscellaneous work relating to Funds or strikes in different Commissionerate. 23742469 I.5508 Member (P&V) Tel. counting of military/civil service for the purpose of pension etc. 5. conversion of temporary posts into permanent ones in the Customs/Central Excise/Narcotics Department. items.V (A) SECTION List of Subjects: 1. Work relating to J. of India to the bereaved families of non-gazetted employees. AD. Directorate of Revenue Intelligence. 2.26162694 Tel: 23092262 (HVB) Inter Com: 5508 Member (P&V ) Tel. Training Scheme .No.Com.23361315 I. Processing of vigilance/disciplinary cases (related with vigilance matter) in respect of IRS (Customs and Central Excise) East and South Zones. 4. Initiation of disciplinary cases under Rule 9 of CCS (Pension) Rules against Group B Officers of C&CE Deptt. Pension and DCRG and GPF payments cases of Gazetted officers . 12. Appeal /revision/review petition preferred by Group B officers of C&CE. Scheme and Departmental and Office Council. Approval of air-travel by non-entitled gazetted officers of the Customs.Com:209(HVB) Joint Secretary(Admn. only matters relating to formation of pool. C. Central Govt.23092417 I.Tel: 2616267 I. Delegation of financial powers in respect of items not specifically dealt within the other sections of the Board. 1955. Entertainments/Light refreshment.) Tel.Com: (HVB) Tel: 26162834 I. 26162674 (HVB) Dy. Directorate of Inspection (Customs & Central Excise).5498 8.23092262 I.Incurring of expenditure on formal official meetings/conferences.Com: HVB Tel: 26162693 I. 3.23092417 I. 15. 19. AD. IV-A SECTION Lists of Subjects: 1. Public Grievances.Com.M. Determination/Fixation of permanent Advance to Heads of Departments under Central Board of Excise and Customs. retention of temporary posts. 4. 6. 13. 3.Clarification regarding payments to non-gazetted employees under the CBEC.Progressive Use of Hindi in the field formations of CBEC. Directorate of Statistics & Intelligence. 17. 8.C. Work of procurement of equipments relating to CRCL. Parliament Questions & Assurances.Com: 5508 Tel: 23092417 I.262 (HVB) Under Secretary Tel. 11. IV SECTION List of Subjects:1. Employees Insurance Scheme . installation of telephone and other Misc.5498 7.Representation of both gazetted and non-gazetted employees under the CBEC for early settlement of and condonation of break in service.) Rules . 5. 2. Section Officers (Tel: 26162835 (HVB) Under Secretary Tel.Com. 4. Organisational matters and matters relating to creation of posts. S. 7. 2. Uniform-Prescription of Scale and pattern.Policy matters only. Secretary Joint Secretary (Admn) Tel. Purchase and supply of stores. Secretary Tel. AD. 18. stationery. furniture.Com: 5498 6.Com. Grant of awards from Compassionate Fund of the Govt. Amendment . Hindi . Air Customs pool.Com: (HVB) Tel: 23092262 I. Vigilance clearance matters. Section Officer Tel.

No. 12.Com: 209 (HVB) .V (B) SECTION List of Subjects: 1. 9. 10. Any other miscellaneous matter. Enforcement of the Revenue Allotment Rules. Court cases relating to the matters concerning the section. 2. 2 Initiation of disciplinary cases under Rule 9 of CCS (Pension) Rules against Group C & D Deptt.26173378(HVB) CVO Tel.26173372(HVB) Under Secretary Tel. 14. Scrutiny of proposals regarding acquisition of land for construction of departmental building involving: (a) Detailed examination of requirements of office and residential accommodation based on staff strength. Cases regarding requisitioning of buildings and requisition properties.Com: (HVB) Member (P&V) Deputy Secretary Tel: 26162675 I. No. 17. 4.26173374(HVB) Director Tel. (c) Securing approval of Expenditure Finance Committee/CNE where necessary.No. 6. Examination of proposals regarding repairs of departmental building and minor works. Finalisation of budget proposals in respect of construction of departmental buildings. Representations for enhancement of rent of hired building.26173378 (HVB) Tel.No.No.No. 21. Review of orders passed by the various disciplinary authorities. Processing of vigilance/disciplinary cases (related with vigilance matter) in respect of IRS (Customs and Central Excise) West and North. 7. 5. All miscellaneous matters in respect of departmental office and residential buildings. Court cases connected with the above items of work. Representations regarding vacation of hired buildings. Section Officer Tel. 7.No. Provision of subsidized accommodation to the staff. 13. 3. 15. Drawing up of Construction Programme for the Central Excise and Customs Department on all India basis.26173380(HVB) 10. 11. VIP references. Representations from various staff associations of the Central Excise and Customs Deptt regarding accommodation.No. Disposal of surplus lands and buildings.Section Officer Tel. etc. Parliament questions relating to the above subjects. Implementation of the Construction programme. acquisition of land and purchase of ready-built buildings. (d) Issue of Administrative approval and expenditure sanction. matters. Examination of individual proposals received from Commissioners of Central Excise and Commissioners of Customs regarding construction of buildings involving: (a) Drawing up of schedule of accommodation. 18. Reports and returns and misc. Collection of data in respect of requirement of office and residential accommodation of the field formations in CBEC.26173379 Under Secretary (HVB) Tel.No. 6. 26162770 I. 19. 8. 3 Appeal /revision/review petition preferred by Group C & D officer of C&CE. Section Officer Tel. 16. 20. and. 8. AD.26173374 (HVB) Director CVO Tel.26173380 (HVB) 9. VIP references in respect of accommodations. Examination of proposals regarding hiring of office/office-cum-residence accommodation and godown accommodation in respect of the attached and subordinate offices. Secretary Under Secretary Tel: 26162780 I. Examination of proposals regarding purchase of ready built buildings. (b) Issue of administrative approval and expenditure sanction. (b) Scrutiny of plans and estimates. VIII (EC) SECTION List of Subjects: 1. Framing and interpretation of rules regarding allotment of residential accommodation in the Departmental Pool of the Central Excise and Customs (HVB) Jt. AD. 5. . 4.

tufted textile fabrics lace. Chapter 9 Coffee. Chapter 18 Cocoa and Cocoa preparations. ropes and cables articles thereof. nuts or other parts of plants. parts and accessories thereof. covered or laminated textile fabrics. Parts and Accessories thereof.. vinegar and spirits. Chapter 20 Preparations of vegetables.. precision. parts and accessories thereof. Chapter 3 Fish and crustaceans. Textiles and Textile Articles Chapter 50 Silk Chapter 51 Wool. cordage. wheat gluten. Chapter 55 Man-made staple fibers. paper yarn. prefabricated buildings. Parts and Accessories thereof. Chapter 5 Products of animal origin. Clocks and Watches. photographic. mattresses. cushion and similar stuffed furnishings. resins and other vegetable saps and extracts. Chapter 61 Articles of apparel and clothing accessories knitted or crocheated. cinematographic. illuminated signs. Musical Instruments. measuring. Chapter 63 Other made up textile articles. molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates. coated. Chapter 58 Special woven fabrics. Chapter 93 Arms and Ammunition. Illuminated nameplates and the like. not elsewhere specified or included. Chapter 17 Sugar and sugar confectionery. pastry cooks` products. Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles. of fish or of crustaceans. mattress supports. parts and accessories of such articles. Chapter 23 Residues and wastes from the food industries. . textile articles of a kind suitable for industrial use. Precision. Chapter 8 Edible fruit nuts. edible products of animal origin. Chapter 94 Furniture. Optical. flour. embroidery. Chapter 13 Lac. Measuring.I SECTION List of Subjects: 1. Cinematographic. Chapter 90 Optical. molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates. peel of citrus fruit or melons. vegetable products not elsewhere specified or included.Com:5498 11. Malt. medical or surgical instruments and apparatus. Chapter 22 Beverages. Chapter 14 Vegetable plating materials. gums. fruit.Com: 5508 Tel: 23092417 I. Chapter 53 Other vegetable textile fibers.Tel. not elsewhere specified or included.23092262 I. parts and accessories thereof. Section II Section IV Section XI Section XVIII Section XIX Section XX Vegetable Products Chapter 7 Edible vegetable and roots and tubers. bedding. Tariff classification of the following items. CX . checking. Chapter 21 Miscellaneous edible preparations. Chapter 4 Dairy products. insulin. Prepared Foodstuffs. special yarns. Chapter 60 Knitted or crocheted fabrics. Beverages and Vinegar Chapter 16 Preparations of meat. Chapter 19 Preparations of cereals. fine or coarse animal hair. woven fabrics of sweat yarns. Section I Animal Products Chapter 2 Meat and edible meat offal. Chapter 11 Products of the Milling industry. lamps and lighting fittings. tea and spices. Chapter 91 Clocks and watches and parts thereof. Medical Or Surgical Instruments and Apparatus. Chapter 62 Articles of apparel and clothing accessories not knitted or crocheated. Chapter 52 Cotton. Chapter 95 Toys. Arms and Ammunition. Checking. Chapter 92 Musical instruments. Photographic. starches. Chapter 56 Wadding. Chapter 54 Man-made filaments. games and sports requisites. twine. not elsewhere specified or included. felt and non-wovens. Chapter 59 Impregnated. starch or milk. prepared animal fodder. Chapter 57 Carpets and other textile floor coverings.

plastering materials. 36 o) Photographic or cinematographic goods. 45 x) Manufacturers of straw. Com: 5527 Member (CX) Director Tel: 23092812 Commisioner (CX) Tel. 32 k) Essential oils and resinoids. colours. enzymes. animal or vegetable waxes. travel goods. 28 g) Organic chemicals. polishing or scouring preparations. Tariff classification in respect of the following goods:Description of goods Chapter a) Animal or vegetable fats and oils and their cleavage products. 3. basketware and wicker- . organic or inorganic compounds of precious metals. dental waxes and dental preparations with a basis of plaster. clay and stone. 40 s) Leather 41 t) Articles of leather. artificial waxes. certain combustible preparations. 5. or rare earth metals of radioactive elements or isotopes. 29 h) Pharmaceutical products. hand bags and similar containers. 37 p) Miscellaneous chemical products. All complaints.23092230 . tanning and their derivatives. 4. Valuation under Section 4 of the Central Excise Act. 39 r) Rubber and articles thereof. bituminous substances. 43 v) Wood and articles of wood.2. 26 e) Mineral fuels. 6 7. candles and similar articles. 33 l) Soap. mineral waxesl. sulphur. 31 j) Tanning and dying extracts. prepared edible fats. organic surface-active agents washing preparations. paints and varnishes.3 Section List of Subjects: 1. prepared waxes. Chapter 96 Miscellaneous manufactured articles. fillers and other mastics. of esparto or of other plaiting materials. Amendments to the Central Excise and Interpretation of the Central Excise Act. dyes. inks. representations and Parliament Questions relating to the above items of work. 15 b) Tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes. saddlery and harness. CX . glues. matches. pyrophoric alloys. 34 m) Albuminoidal substances. 30 i) Fertilizers. 27 f) Inorganic chemicals. modified starches. 24 c) Salt. 42 u) Manufacturers of furskins and artificial fur. Work relating to convening and coordination of South Zone Tariff Conference. articles of animal gut (other than silk-worm gut). lime and cement. 38 q) Plastics and articles thereof. Legislative work (other than Finance Bill and the work entrusted to Commissioner (Leg &Judl) . Tel: 23094828 Inter Com: 5535 12. slag and ash. putty. lubricating preparations. cosmetics. Work relating to 11C notifications and ad-hoc exemption orders under section5A (2). pyrotechnic products. 44 w) Cork and articles of cork. modeling pastes. mineral oils and products of their distillation. 35 n) Explosives. Section Officer Under Secretary Tel: 23092395 Tel: 23092829 5506 I. 25 d) Ores. perfumery.

Aircraft. gaiters and the parts of such articles. cement. boilers. 72 13. railway or tramway track fixtures and fittings and parts thereof. mechanical traffic signaling equipment of all kinds 86 26. C X . seat-sticks. 7. Head-gear and parts thereof. waste and scrap of paper of paperboard47 2. Work relating to convening and coordination of North Zone Tariff Conference. hospitals etc. Articles of iron or steel. 79 19. articles of paper pulp of paper or of paperboard. Work relating to Medicinal and Toilet Preparation (Excise Duties) Act. 67 8. Aluminium and articles thereof. spoons and forks. 88 28. 65 6. 82 22. Copper and articles thereof. Ships. Nuclear reactors. 64 5. Ceramic products. 1. sun umbrellas. Court cases relating to the above items of work (including Service Tax matters). Footwear. Work relating to granting permission for sale of vehicles purchased in India by Diplomats etc. Railway or tramway locomotives. precious metals. coin. . Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof. walkingsticks. 1955. 75 16.Com: 5567 Under Secretary Tel: 23095351 Inter Com: 5537 Director Tele. 74 15. 46 Section Officer Tel: 23095567 I.4 Section List of Subjects: I. 68 9. 49 4. 87 27. cutlery. Tools. VI. 84 24. parts thereof of base metal. plaster. 83 23. Articles of stone. . Glass and glassware 70 11.2. All complaints. Iron and steel. IV. 48 3. whips. 1994. Work relating to granting ad-hoc exemption from payment of Central Excise duty on goods purchased by diplomatic mission. 3. Com: 5535 13. 5. 6. riding crops and parts thereof. articles thereof. 76 17. Lead and articles thereof. including ad-hoc exemption under Section 93 (2)/ general exemption under Section 93(2) of the Finance Act. and parts and accessories thereof. Miscellaneous articles of base metal. cermets. Refund of duty on petrol to Diplomats etc. Paper and paperboard. Typescripts and plants. sound recorders and reproducers. manuscripts. boats and floating structures. 4. Work relating to framing of procedure for assessment and collection of Service Tax and other matter relating thereto. spacecrafts and parts thereof. and parts and accessories of such articles. asbestos mica or similar material. 71 12. 81 21. Zinc and articles thereof. newspapers.No. articles of human hair. Umbrellas. 80 20 Other base metals. machinery and mechanical appliances. 69 10. III. Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stocks. Natural or cultural pearls. All complaints. implements.Com: 5520 Member (CX) Tel: Tel: 23094828 I. 85 25. work. General procedure relating to holding of Tariff Conferences. 73 14. pictures and other products of the printing industry. Pulp of wood or of other fibrous cellulosic materials. Artificial flowers. 78 18. of base metal. charitable organisations. 66 7. precious or semi-precious stones. 89 II. rolling stocks and parts thereof. representations and Parliament Questions relating to above items of work. parts thereof. imitation jewellery. metals clad with Precious metal and articles thereof. Nickel and articles thereof. V. Tin and articles thereof. Printed books.23095520 . Tariff Classifications in respect of the following Tariff items: ITEMS Chapter No. Court cases relating to the above. representations and Parliament Question relating to the above.

4. 2. adjudication. 3. prosecution. 2.Section Officer Tel: 23093013(CRH Under Secretary Tel 23092351 I. 2004 and interpretation thereof on matters relating to CENVAT Credit. Matters relating to Departmentalised Accounting System.No. 5. Delegation of Powers. approval of action plan of Directorate General of Central Excise Intelligence. Amendments to the CBECs MANUAL FOR SUPPLEMENTARY INSTRUCTIONS.601 (HVB) . Licensing and Bonds. Amendments to Central Excise Rules and interpretation thereof (except matters relating to CENVAT credit.620 (HVB) Member (CX) Tel: 23094828 Inter Com No. disposal of call book and provisional assessment cases).Com: 5568 Under Secretary Tel: 23095535 I.Com: 5527 Member (CX) Tel : 23094828 I. Procedure relating to collection of cesses (except handloom cess).26161208 Tel.8 Section List of Subjects: 1 Amendment to CENVAT Credit Rules.Com 5527 Director (CX) Tel : 23092812 I. Section Officer Tel: 23095571 Under Secretary Tel: 23092829 Director Tel: 23093874 Member (CX) Tel: 23094828 Under Secretary (PAC) Director (PAC) Commissioner (PAC) Tel. 4. representations and Parliament Questions relating to the above. All matters relating to refund and rebate of Central Excise duties. Preventive Control. representations and Parliament Questions relating to the above items of work. 3. Public Accounts Committee Reports on Central Excise & Service Tax.5535 16. 5. CX . 26161229 I. warehousing and sampling. overtime fees and prosecution. CX .Com: 5535 15. Section Officer (PAC) Tel. Internal Audit. 2. Procedures relating to assessment. 26161184 Tel: 26177602 Inter Com No. Exports. 6. C&AG Report on Central Excise & Service Tax. Policy concerning anti-evasion. 3. All Complaints. Section Officer Tel: 23095568 I.7 Section List of Subjects: 1.Com:5535 14. Monitoring of performance of Commissionerates in Key Result Areas of work (adjudication. All complaints.621 (HVB) Inter Com No. rewards under Central Excise Act and all other matters not covered by CX-8 section.Com. Audit Manual and the Preventive Manual. Procedure relating to CENVAT credit. ExportOriented Units and Special Economic Zones). CX .Com: 5519 Member (CX) Tel: 23094828 I. Draft Audit Paras on Central Excise & Service Tax.Com:5535 Director Tel: 23093874 I. 6.619 (HVB) Inter Com No.6 SECTION List of Subjects: 1.

C. Arrears of Revenue including write-off. 19.). 3.9 Section List of Subjects:1. CX.8A/ Legal Cell I. Section Officers Tel. CX. Technical Wing. Monitoring of Performance of Central Excise Zones in Key Result Areas of work (adjudication.26195406 (HVB) ` Member (L&J) Tel: 23094507 I. Compilation of material for the Standing Committee on Finance. 5507 Director (Legal) Tele. 15.Com: 5571 I.11 Section (TRU) List of Subjects: 1. 8. Matters relating to the Administrative Reforms Commission. Compilation of material for Annual Report of the Ministry. 5.26195405 Commissioner (Legal) Tel . Compilation of material for President's address and Finance Commission. Tour notes of Finance Secretary. No. representations and Parliament Questions relating to above items of work. Brief for the Economic Editors' Conference. Implementation and monitoring of SEVOTTAM Scheeme in CBEC. 20. No. Chairman and Members of the CBEC. Section Officer Tel.Com:5519 17. 10. Bhutan. (h) Parliament Questions pertaining to litigation matters and aforesaid areas of work. No 23095570 Inter Com. 7. 17. Reports and Returns from the Director of Inspection. Chief Commissioners Conferences and other Departmental Conferences 4. (e) Monitoring of disposal of appeals by Commissioners (Appeal). All request from trade and recommendations from other Departments of the Governments seeking general exemption from Customs and Central Excise duties. 13.23094828 Inter Com. (f) Study and examination of legal issues as referred by various commissionerates and sections of CBEC (g) Analysis of reports and returns relating to Court cases.26177515 (HVB) Senior Analyst (Legal) Tel. e-payment. Special procedures relating to Export of Excisable goods to Nepal. 16. Regional Advisory Committees. (d) Legislative work related to Settlement Commission and Advance Ruling Rules under the Customs and Central Excise Act. 5535 19. No.I. No.No. Any other work of a miscellaneous nature not specifically allotted to any other Central Excise Section.No23092413 Inter Com. Brief for the Consultative Committee attached to the Ministry of Finance wherever coordination required. (b) Engagement/appointment of Special Public Prosecutors.No. Monthly report on the implementation of the decisions of Cabinet requiring Coordination. CX. 6.5520 Commr (Coord) Tel.) 12.26162152 18. 11.5570 Under Secretary Tel. realization of arrears of revenue etc. Settlement Commission and other departmental appellate authorities. Reports and Returns of Central Excise and Directorate of Data Management (other miscellaneous references regarding statistics.23092038 Inter Com:5524 Member (CX) Tel. .26161042 (HVB) UnderSecretary(L) Tele.Com: 5535 List of Subjects: (a) Examination of proposals received from Customs and Central Excise Commissionertes for filing Special Leave Petitions (SLPs) before Supreme Court against the orders of High Courts and filing of counter affidavit etc. (i) References received from MPs / VIPs and Ministers relating to above mentioned items of works (j) Other miscellaneous matters relating to the above items of work. 2.26177514 Tel. Estimate Committee. Tibet and other Countries. 14. 9. Deferment of arrears of revenues against sick industrial units. 18. (c) Engagement/appointment of retired officials of Central Board of Excise and Customs as Special Fees Counsels to defend the department before CESTAT. Coordination of work in the Central Excise. in matters arising out of High Courts’ orders before the Supreme Courts.No. All complaints. Settlement of fees/terms and conditions and related works.

Fixing of revenue targets. Compilations of statements of pending VIP references. 1944 and under Section 25(1) of the Customs Act 1962 Issue of notifications under Section 5A (I) of the Central Excise Act and under Section 25(I) of the Customs Act to clarify the scope and applicability of exemption notifications. Work relating to Finance Bill.2309 5543 Tel -2309 5547 SRO (TRU) Tel. 3. 16. 6. 23095581 Tel. 17. Monitoring working of CRCL and infrastructure and equipment requirements of CRCL. 9. All work relating to levy of Anti-dumping duties/safeguard duties International Agreements – their tariff related work.2. Other periodical returns. reports of various Committees. consumption etc. Customs-III Section List of Subjects: 1. 3.23095547 Member (L&J) Tele. All complaints/grievances from the trade 5. 15. Issue of notifications under Section 5A (1) of the Central Excise Act. 23092236 Tele. 10. 23095517 Tel. .23094819 Directors Tele. 12. Work relating to other legislation for changing rate of Customs & Central Excise Duties. 23095581 Section Officer Tele. 7. 23094819 Deputy Secretary Tel. Formulation of annual budget proposals. 5. Notification of any process amounting to manufacture under section 2(f) of the Central Excise Act. 13. 8. No. 2. Parliament Questions relating to the above items of work. 23095581 Joint Secretary (TRU-I Tel. Formulation of policy regarding MRP bases valuation Policy on inclusion of new services under Service Tax net. implementation of Annual Action Plan. No. Parliamentary Assurances.23095579 Technical Officers Tel -2309 5547 Tel. Trade Statistics. 14. 4. 23092346 20. Under Secretary Tel.No. Co-ordination of all work in the Customs Wing 4. 23092687 Joint Secy (TRU-II) Tel. Monitoring the performance of the field’s formations of Customs in all areas of work including arrears of customs duty and disposal of unclaimed goods through all periodical reports and Action Plans.No.No. Formulation of policy for taxation of each commodity. Reviewing of the above notifications. Pre and post-budget market enquiries and on the spot studies regarding effect of Budget proposals on prices. Formulation of commodity wise budget estimates (after collection of data from departments and extra-departmental sources) and monitoring of the same at regular intervals.No. 11. production.

D.IV) Tel. Customs Advisory Committee and Port Advisory Committee. 7. Customs Procedure regarding * Clearance of goods at Ports/Airports/ICDs. 8. 12.III) Tel. and any other misc. Appointment of Officers under Customs Act 6. matters Estimates Committee and other Committees of Parliament. Reimportation of goods of Indian origin under Section 20 of Indian Customs Act. Annual Action Plan. (Cus) Tel.23095551 Inter Com. Annual Report. * Inland Container Depots. 5551 Member (Cus/RI&I/EP) Tel. Container Freight Stations –Appointment of and procedures relating to Continerisation. Matters concerning Customs and Central Excise Advisory Council. 11. transfer to Directorate General of Export Promotion (DGEP) Hotel Janpath.23093908 Inter Com: 5523 Joint Sec. (Cus.23092978 Inter Com. 5.23092346 Inter Com: 5502 .S. New Delhi. (Cus. All policy issues concerning management of hazardous waste including framing of guidelines on import/testing of dangerous/hazardous chemicals. Parliament Questions relating to the above items of work. 5572 Inter Com. 2.No. Co-ordination and monitoring of work connected with RTI Act.23092978 Inter Com: 5510 Member (Cus/RI&I/EP) Tel.6. 5523 Joint Secy. Section Officer Tel.No.No.No.No. Quality Control on export commodities. 23095551 Inter Com. Prohibitions and Restrictions under Section 11of the Customs Act. * Coastal Trade including procedure and regulation under Chapter XII of the Customs Act. III Section Section Officer O. 1962. 9. 10. 2005 for the Customs Wing inducted in Cus. 1962. 5510 List of Subjects: 1. 8. periodical reports and returns. Delegation of Powers of Adjudication to Customs Officers. Inter-Ministerial Standing Committee for setting up of ICDs/CFSs.D.No23095573 Inter Com 5573 O. 13. 23092346 21. 7. Customs-IV Section Director Tel-23093908 Inter Com. * Customs duty Refund Cases at all Custom Houses * Transshipment of goods. Standardisation of Customs Forms 4. Implementation of Kyoto Convention 3.S. follow up action with C&AG monitoring cell. their study tours and the related work. matters concerning Customs that concerns more than only one particular section Parliament Questions relating to the above items of work.No. Co-ordination and monitoring of work relating to (DAPs/ATNs) and Reports of C&AG and & PAC.No. 1962 All misc.(Cus) Tel. 23095572 Tel. Export Promotion Board chaired by Cabinet Secretary 9. various Standing Committees.No. 5551 Director (Cus) Tel.

US AID Mission and FORD Foundation. Sale/disposal of duty free goods/cars by privileged persons. 5538 Under Secretary Tel.No. Antiquities Act and Other allied Acts. Foreign Experts coming under Bilateral Technical Cooperation Agreements with Government of India.S. Section Officer Tel. 5541 Director (Cus. 5.No. Land Customs Wing List of Subjects - . Customs facilities and protocol for VIPs at International Airports. 2. 3.23093908 Tel.) Joint Sec. Baggage Rules. Parliament Questions relating to the above subject. import of fire arms.) IFS Officers and other category of Officers on deputation to foreign governments. Grant of special permission for landing of aircrafts on international flights at places other than notified airports.No. Air Custom Section (Formerly Customs-VI Section) List of Subjects: 1. 4. 4. All matters concerning Ad-hoc Exemptions under Section 25(2) of the Customs Act.D. Japan. Write off/abandonment of claims to irrecoverable duties and penalties and fines.No. 1962 including formulation of adhoc exemption policy.No. Matters relating to clearance of passengers at airports. Fixation of Exchange rates for foreign currencies. Arms Act. Transfer of Residence Rules. FAO etc.5575 Intercom 5510 Member (Cus& RI&I/EP) Tele. 5. 7. 23095574 Intercom: 5574 O. etc. Valuation under Customs Act. 8. Tourist Baggage Rules. Customs House agents Licensing Regulations . Afro –Asian Rural Reconstruction Organisation. Customs-V Section List of Subjects: 1. Leu of rab States Mission and Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO). (Cus) Tel.23092978 Intercom. 23094610 Intercom: 5438 Director Tel.No. 2. Integrity Management at the Airports – Handling complaints against the staff and officers of Customs posted at the International Airports Policy relating to import of gold and silver. Agencies Coordinating Grant of Aid on behalf of foreign countries (such as OECF.23095538 Intercom. Germany.V) Tel.No. 9.23093380 Intercom: 5521 Joint Sec. Diplomatic Corps. (Cus) Tel. Customs privileges and exemptions for the President of the India and the Governors of States.23092978 Intercom: 5510 Member (Cus/RI&I/EP) Tel. GTZ. UNICEF.23092346 Intercom: 5502 23.22. 3. 6. 7. Reports and statements relating to above matters. Parliament Questions relating to the above items of work. 6.23092346 Intercom: 5502 24. CIDA. Port Trust Act. UN & specialized Agencies like UNDP. 23095551 Intercom.No. Section Officer Tel. Canada. (Cus. 1962 including fixation of tariff values.No.No.

No. 1995 under the Customs Act.T.5502 27. Warehousing: Imports and Exports through post.No.No.5523 Joint Secretary Tel. Customs Tariff Unit List of Subjects: 1.) List of Subjects: 1.No.No. 2.) Tel.No. Project Imports.D.No. Foreign Travel Tax (F.23093947 I.23093908 I. exemption notifications etc. and Myanmar.5561 Under Secretary Tel.No. rules. 23092346 Intercom: 5502 Section Officer Tel.23092346 I. and issue of Tariff advices and instructions relating thereto. 1962 and under section 74 of the Customs Act.5555 Director Tel.C. 6. All matters concerning fixation of All Industry Rates of Drawback under the Rule 3 of the Customs and Central Excise Duties Drawback Rules. 1962. Clarification and instructions regarding fixation of drawback under Rules 6 and 7 of the Drawback Rules. trade agreements and transit arrangements relating to Afghanistan. 5. Monitoring of pendency position of claims under All Industry Rate and Brand Rate. 2.S. regulations. 23092978 Intercom: 5510 26. Legislative work relating to administration and levy of anti-dumping.No.T. Nepal. Foreign Travel Tax and Inland Air Travel Tax. Com: 5502 25.3947 STO Tel.C. Bonds and Guarantees All policy matters.No. 3.(Cus.No. (LC) Tel: 23092805 Director Tel: 23093380 I. . Bhutan.23093908 Intercom: 5554 Intercom: 5523 Joint Secretary Tele.1.No.No. 4. China (Tibet Autonomous Regions). Ports and Airports under the Customs Act. Conference of Commissioners of Customs on Tariff and Allied matters. 2. 6. Matters concerning cess. Intellectual Property Rights and TRIPS Agreement 3. Appointment and declaration of Land Customs Stations. counter vailing and safeguard duties.No. 5.5510 Member (Cus/RI&I/EP) Tel. 3.23092978 I. Customs Tariff and any Legislative and other preparatory work relating to it’s updating. Parliament Questions relating to the above items of work.C. Bangladesh. 4. Carnet/ Triptyque for tourist’s vehicles Section Officer Telefax: 23092805 O. Pakistan.23095561 I. interpretation of Acts. Member (Cus/RI&I/EP) Tel.C. 7. 2./EP) Tel:23092080 I. 3. Senior Technical Officer Director (Cus.23095554 Tel. Classification of goods imported and exported for the purpose of assessment to duty.23095555 I. Parliament Question relating to FTT/IATT. 7. 1962. Work relating to Harmonised Systems Committee of WCO.C.No. Drawback Directorate List of Subjects: 1.No.Com :5575 Member (Cus/RI&I/EP) Tel: 23092346 I.C.Com: 5521 Commr.

Returns. 2. delegation of Customs Powers to Police Officers etc. Section Officer Tel.240(JDB) Under Secretary Tel:23365535 I.No.No. 6. Ps and other VIPs. (AS) Tel. Allotment of Non-Prohibited-Bore weapon and cartridges from the confiscated stock with the Customs to sitting M.S. Ps. Analysis and evaluation of reports from our foreign sources regarding smuggling activities. Judicial Cell List of Subjects: . 4./Ministers/Public regarding grievances concerning searches.No. Statistics. 5.4. Duty exemption against advance Licenses.No.203 (JDB) Inter Com 5502 28.26165921 (HVB) O. Representations from Trade Associations/Chambers of Commerce regarding facilities in compliance of the provisions of Chapter IV-A and IV-B concerning notified and specified goods etc.O.205 (JDB) T.23341079 Tel. PAC matters.23360638 I.23360473 Inter Com .23092346 Inter Com.No.26161273 (HVB) Member (Cus/RI&I/EP) Tel. Consultative Committee and Public Accounts Committee etc.23092346 I. Preparation of material on Anti-Smuggling matters concerning Estimates Committee. Joint Secretary Member (Cus/RI&I/EP) Tel. equipments boats and launches meant for Anti-Smuggling activities for all the Customs field formations. 14. Anti-Smuggling Unit List of Subjects: 1.C.. Draft Audit Paras. 8. To handle . under the Customs Act.26177572 (HVB) Under Secretary Tele. 11. 1. Miscellaneous items on the above subjects.C. Complaints from M. No.23341480 Tel.No. No 26177328 (HVB) Deputy Secretary Telefax 26177519 (HVB) Commissioner (RI&I). Analysis and evaluation of Monthly reports from Chief Commissioners of Customs and Central Excise and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence regarding trends in smuggling and the Anti-Smuggling Measures. Examination of offering of comments for various important matters such as creation of Special Courts for the trial and economic offences. capital goods export promotion licenses (EPCG).No. 5.No. To deal with references regarding Anti-Smuggling matters received from other Section / Departments / Ministries. Purchase of Vehicles.223 (JDB) STO Tel. issue of exemption notification relating thereto. arrests etc. Preparation of Briefs for various conferences/meetings. Policy and analysis on the disposal of confiscated goods.No.No. Section officer Junior Analyst Tele. seizures.D. 12. Reports. Special Import Licenses (Deemed exports). 3.C. Grant of rewards to all the informers leading to seizure of smuggled goods.C. Analysis of monthly reports (Master Reports) received from Chief Commissioners of Customs 10. 9. 13. coordination with Ministry of Commerce regarding the above schemes.No.233414801 I.Com : 5502 29. 243(JDB) Inter Com.No. (Appellate Authority) Tel. Analysis and Evaluation of Anti-Smuggling measures in the context of the Intelligence and Preventive arrangements.223 (JDB) I. Committee on Non-Plan Expenditure and note for Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on Anti-Smuggling matters.221 (JDB) OSD Director Tel. 7.Parliament Question regarding Anti-Smuggling matters. Parliament Questions. No.

(ICD) Tele. 5. 8. 4. Settlement of disputes between one Govt. 7. Section Officers Tele. Work relating to Vice Chair of Asia Pecific Region of the WCO 5. Examination of the proposal for filling CA/SLP before the Supreme Court against orders passed by the CESTAT. VIP References thereon 10. 3. 7. Miscellaneous matters. Parties Appeal in Supreme Court against the Tribunal Orders. International Customs Division (ICD) List of Subjects:1.No: 23092978 Inter Com: 5510 Member (Cus/RI&I/EP) Tele.23093947 Director (ICD) Tele. 9. Work relating to Foreign Traing and visits of Customs Officers abroad. The jurisdictional Commissioners are required to first examine each order of the CESTAT and send CA/SLP proposal in deserving cases. Issue of implemental or other instructions. ATA Carnet. 2. Matters relating to organization of International Conferences 12. Filing of appeals/SLPs to Supreme Court against the CESTAT's order in appropriate cases and following up such appeals/SLPs. department and another and one Govt. Com : 509 I. World Trade Organization matters 6.1.No. 8. Policy Commission of WCO 4. 26162156 (HVB) I. expenditure to various foreign delegations 11. department and public sector undertaking. 23092346 Inter Com: 5502 . No. Com :5504 Section Officer Tel : 26177533 30. 6. Under Secretary Deputy Secretary (R & J) Tel : 26161301(HVB) Tel.No: 23093380 Inter Com: 5521 Joint Secretary (Customs) Tele. Com: 410 Member (L&J) Tel : 23092417 I. World Customs Organization matter 3.No.No. International agreement and conventions 2.23095552 Under Secy. Com : 402 Jt Secy (R& J) Tel : 26177580 (HVB) I. handling appeals in Supreme Court. Parliament Questions/ Parliament Assurances. O&M Work Appointments of Committee of Chief Commisioner/Commisioners for the purpose of review of Order in Originals and Order in Appeals for Customs and Central Excise. Briefing the Advocates. Sanctioning of hospitality.