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IDENTITY Identity is our annual festival. 2 DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS YEARBOOK . We look forward to your fullest cooperation. we are celebrating the universality of Mathematics in the form of IDENTITY 2012 amidst grandeur. Manmohan Singh. This year too. Constant interaction with eminent mathematicians helps the youth to go back home wiser. at the Mathematics Society. We hope that the events we organize create a better perspective of Mathematics. style and fervour. believe in creating theories and then checking them.MATHEMATICS SOCIETY The Mathematics Society of Hans Raj College is one of the most intellectual societies and has been very active and has organised seminars. its application and universality in the National Year of Mathematics as envisaged by our honourable Prime Minister Dr. Identity has received constant cooperation and support of its many sponsors. create. quizzes. trips etc. that has provided students a platform to learn. where we search for the universality of Mathematics. Identity epitomises our objectives. we sometime get bored by our theoretical studies and feel the urge for practicality. This year too we plan to make it a very successful event. Mathematics is a subject that gives Identity to virtually everything in our universe. plan and execute ideas. As students. This two day festival is a much sought after sparkle in the colorful spectrum of our college life. It has been our earnest endeavour to let the students put to practice their theoretical ideas through constant interaction and competition and know where they stand. It is to this need that the Mathematics Society caters. OBJECTIVES We.

starting with the Department Fresher’s Party and continuing till Identity.DEPARTMENT YEARBOOK The Department of Mathematics. the yearbook will a poignant remembrance in the days to come. enjoying life to the fullest. Hans Raj College will be coming out with the inaugural edition of its ANNUAL YEARBOOK this year. The yearbook aims to provide the students with a lasting legacy of the carefree years they spent in the college. 3 DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS YEARBOOK . A reflection on the year gone by. To be released on the Farewell. and dollops of personal touches. the Yearbook will be a chronicle of the entire gamut of events held by the Mathematics Department in the current academic year 2011-12. the Annual Festival of the Department. it will be the perfect send-off for the passing-out batch. the Yearbook promises to be a collector’s item for the students of the department. With a dedicated team of capable editors working on it. a treasure they will cherish for the rest of their lives. With a healthy mix of humour and seriousness.

 The inside of the back cover will also be devoted to the Sponsors. Logo and Details.BENEFIT TO YEARBOOK SPONSORS  Wide Reach: The Yearbook will be distributed to each of the nearly 200 students of the department.  The Back Cover will have the Name and Logos of the Main Sponsor and Associate Sponsor: (MAIN SPONSOR) PRESENTS THE ANNUAL YEARBOOK 2011-12 OF THE DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS IN ASSOCIATION WITH (ASSOCIATE SPONSOR)  The inside of the Back Cover will have the Main Sponsor’s Name. who will treasure it forever.  Sponsor Name and Logo: The Sponsor name and product logos will be displayed prominently in the yearbook. 4 DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS YEARBOOK .  3-4 pages will be devoted entirely to the display of Sponsor’s Name. it is a great medium to reach out to over 200 successful future citizens of the country. Logo and Details. as well as the faculty. Hence.  Main Sponsor and Associate Sponsor: The Main Sponsor and Associate Sponsor will have more coverage vis-à-vis the other Sponsors.

000-5. Total Cost of Publishing the Yearbook Rs 35.000 With regards.000-15.000 will be the GOLD SPONSOR of the YEARBOOK. Department of Mathematics.000 will be the PLATINUM SPONSOR of the YEARBOOK.  A Sponsor paying Rs 8.000-8. Quarter page will be available for the publicity of the Gold Sponsor. Half page will be available for the publicity of the Platinum Sponsor.YEARBOOK SPONSORSHIP DETAILS  A Sponsor paying more than Rs 15. An entire page will be available for the publicity of the Main Sponsor (This is in addition to the other benefits mentioned above). Hans Raj College Contact Details: Email id: RITU GARG +91-9540896595 VEDIKA DABRIWAL +91-7838494841 PRATIK PANDA +91-9873356794 5 DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS YEARBOOK .  A Sponsor paying Rs 2.  A Sponsor paying Rs 5.000 will be the MAIN SPONSOR of the YEARBOOK. An entire page will be available for the publicity of the Associate Sponsor (This is in addition to the other benefits mentioned above).000 will be the ASSOCIATE SPONSOR of the YEARBOOK.