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Management Information System Section – F Group Members Saeem Khan – 08-12037-3 Rumin Tamanna – 09-14078-2 Hossain Md.

Towfiq – 09-14746-3

its customers. Rahimafrooz is poised for a new phase of dynamic growth. which Rahimafrooz has achieved with trust. Aim of the organization: To be the most admired and trusted organization through excelling in everything we do. to set up a modern automotive battery factory. past and present. most importantly. A C Abdur Rahim.Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. following ethical business practices and adding value to stakeholders. Rahimafrooz is a company that has grown from a small trading concern into the regional player that it is today.K. In 1959 in entered intro joint venture with Lucas. First Rahimafrooz start it journey in 1954 as a trading company. U. electric equipment. Then it entered into collaboration agreement with LUCAS. Rahimafrooz has endured turbulences of the last 50 years and has been able to transform itself from a small trading company into a leading diversified business house. Rahimafrooz is one of the respected and reputed business houses in Bangladesh. a milestone. IPS. . This is. Rahimafrooz was founded as a trading company in 1950 by Late Mr. indeed. Rahimafrooz was acquired Lucas service (Bangladesh) limited and renamed it Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited. It has crossed 50 years of operation. In 1954 the company was incorporated as a limited company called Rahimafrooz (Pak) limited. The company has expanded. solar system etc. Rahimafrooz vision is to become a company of 2000 crore within 2010 . support and dedication of all stakeholders. UK for setting up manufacturing and distribution system of Lead-Acid automotive batteries at Dhaka and now it’s a giant company it not only sell batteries but many other products like UPS.With the growth of the company. diversified and consolidated in its quest to corporate value and customer satisfaction.

HR vision: Drive business excellence and create rewarding workplace through people. To achieve zero defect by adopting an advanced process technology. following ethical business practices and adding value to stakeholders”. . excellence. Excellence in everything we do.Company Vision: Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) limited already pass their 50 year with the people of this country as well as with many other foreign countries. customer delight in enriching our world. Thinking ahead and taking new initiatives. The corporation vision is “To be the most admired and trusted organization through excelling in everything we do. Continuous cost improvement. There are four specific values which are: • • • • Integrity in all our dealings. Total commitment to customer satisfaction. Company Mission: • • • • To improve profitability by 30% every year. Be an enterprising Group of Taka 2000 crore by the year 2017 with a diversified business portfolio focused on dynamic growth. innovation. To ensure performance oriented culture through employee empowerment Company Values: Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) limited has several values by which it tries to satisfy its customers and try to achieve their organizational goals.

Moin-Director. In 2001 the company was awarded the best enterprise of the year. Currently it has 1500 employee. It has expanded its business reach to Europe. Middle East and South East Asia. Mohammad Ismail-Director.History of the organization: In 1991. USA. They are• • • • • • Mr. Rahimafrooz solar. . Mr. All those are employees are working sincerely for increasing company profit as well as welfare. Rahimafrooz superstore limited. Rahimafrooz has an extensive distribution and network extending to the international markets. Feroz Rahim -Group Managing Director. Munawar M. Rahimafrooz is divided into various SBUs like Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. Rahimafrooz distribution limited. Mr. In 1994 Rahimafrooz acquired Yuasa Battery Bangladesh limited and its factory. “AGORA” in Dhaka. Mr. Mr. Since the customers are spread on different places though market is divided into various segments. Rahimafrooz also motivates their employees using several incentives. It also established the first grocery retail chain superstore in Bangladesh called. textile weaving and real estate. Rahimafrooz energy services. Mr. Company’s Board of Directors: There is a board of Directors of 6members in the Rahimafrooz group. Afroz Rahim-Group Chairman. Rahimafrooz CNG. Niaz Rahim-Director. Mudassir M. As a well known company Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) ltd always try to ensure its product quality as well as customer satisfaction. Rahimafrooz deployed the expertise of Chloride Batteries of UK . The company diversified by entering into type retreating. Moin-Director.for technical up gradation and export development.