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Introduction  Project Description  Existing System  Proposed System  Need & Scope of the System  Feasibility Study  Software & Hardware requirement  System Design  Entity Relation Ship Diagram  Context Level Diagram  Data Flow Diagram 

Screen Shots  Project Reports  Conclusion  Bibliography

We take this opportunity to express our profound thanks and acknowledgement to all the people who have been of immense help to us in this project. We sincerely thank to them for their moral support & encouragement to us on various accessions. We sincerely thanks to our Head of the Department Mr Slauddin Sajjan. & our project guide Ms. Reshma Mam. for their support & co-operation for this project & providing us with the lab facilities whenever required. Without their full support & encouragement we would have never been able to complete this project we sincerely thank them.

this software provides the user with a friendly environment to work on and gives a detailed data of the Patients. internet etc.educational to non-educational. accurate.. Based on Visual Basic . The system is very time consuming and lazy. This system is more prone to errors and sometimes the approach to various problems is unstructured. user friendly and reliable. the Doctors and the Suppliers record . The primary requirement of this project includes following: 1. The systems with this technology are very fast. business to non-business. fax. The technical systems contains the tools of latest trend that is computers printers.Introduction This software provides a wide range of Clinic Management . The definition of our problem lies in manual system and a fully automated system.Net platform. novels to light-reading ones. User Interface 2. With the advent of latest technology if we do not update our system then our business result in losses gradually with time. A back end files to store the records .

Project Description Existing System Proposed System Need & scope of the system Feasibility Study .

Suppliers etc. Maintaining bulk amount of data becomes a very tedious job if to be handled manually by the single person. The Manager has to maintain the record of Patients.Doctors & Supplier. So maintaining each & every record is difficult to store manually in the Clinic. The data should be maintained & manipulated within a specific amount of time so as to avoid inconveniency. Doctors. As it is the important data of the department. we have to maintain the security. .Existing System There are a lot of records of Patients. Only the head of the Clinic or the Compounder can access it.

deletion & updation of records of Patients & Doctors. We can also search the required information from our recorded data in the System. The system must work accurately & efficiently as per its expectations. the simplicity. consistency & accuracy in the working are required to have computerized system for every process. ³Dental Clinic Management System Project´ a comprised system is needed which accurately handles the Patients & Doctors information & other details at a very great speed.Proposed System To reduce the problems of ambiguity about the information of the Patient & the Doctor. All the maintenance of Dental Management System should be noted. reliability. . Hence. It involves insertion . The proposed must be user friendly. The System must work according to the user¶s expectations & save details into database.

II) Patients Details:-  Add Patients Details. .Gender Etc.  Edit Doctors Details.Gender Etc.  Show Patients All Details.  Search The Patients According Pno.Pname.Need & Scope of the System The ³Dental Clinic Management System Project´ provides the following facilities: I) Compounder Manager Log in for security purpose:-  Manager User account.Dname. IIl) Doctors Details:-  Add Doctors Details.  Update And Delete Patients Details.  Display Doctors Details.  Search The Doctor According Dno.

VI) Report Generated:-  Patients Reports. . VIl) Help:-  How to use.  Display Supplier Details.  Supplier Bill Reports.lV) Supplier Details:-  Add Supplier Details.  Doctors Reports.Sname.  Date Wise Stocks Reports.  Edit Supplier Details.  Help.  Supplier Bill Status Wise Reports.  Patients Particular Reports.  Supplier Bill Generation.  Search The Supplier According Sno.  Patients Bill Reports. V) Bill Generation:-  Patients Bill Generation.Gender Etc.  Doctor Payment Slip Generation.  Name Wise Patients Reports  Doctors Payment Reports.  Stocks Reports.

Feasibility Study. Preliminary Investigation:    Request clarification. Feasibility Study: It serves for«««    To estimate rough cost to each possible solutions. Request approval.Feasibility Study The success of the system is depending upon how effectively the system is executing. To develop the online of project to be carried out. it should feasible in all the aspects. For the effective & efficient working of system. To develop rough cost of possible benefits & drawbacks. .

No maintenance is required. 2)Economical Feasibility: The expense of hardware & software for the system is found to be very cost effective & beneficial for the management. . You don¶t need to purchase any special software & hardware from the market.An important outcome of preliminary investigation is to determine that the system request is feasible. so effectively the cost. This system has a µVisual Basic Dot Net¶ as a front end & µMSAccess¶ as a back end. The software & hardware requirements of the system are feasible for it. The system gives status of every trade in the management thus it saves valuable time required for accessing project or requirements. existing software technology & with the available manpower´. There are three aspects of feasibility study are: 1)Technical Feasibility: It includes the study like ³can the work for the project be done with the current equipment. If new technology is required then what are the chances that it can be developed.

 Context Level Diagram  Data Flow Diagram. Hardware & Software requirements  Hardware requirement: 1) 20 GB Hard disk. 3) Back End Software : MS-Access. Printer. 3) CPU.Windows 7.3)Operational Feasibility: The system is user friendly & easy to operate. Hence any person can operate or use the proposed system as no special kind of training or expertise person will be required.Monitor. 2) 256MB RAM. System Design  Entity Relationship Diagram. 2) Front End Software : Visual basic Dot Net . .  Software requirement: 1) Operating System : Windows XP. Mouse. Keyboard.

Entity Relationship .

Context Level Diagram .

Data Flow Diagram .








Screen Shots 1)Start Page .

2)Login Page .

3)Main Page .

4)Patients Registration .

5)Patient Diese Information .

6)Patient Update & Delete .

7)All Patient Information .

8)Doctor Joining .

9)Doctor Update & Delete .

10)All Doctor Information .

11)Doctor Salary Payment Slip .

12)Supplier RegistrationInformation .

13)Stock Details .

14)All Sppliers Information .

15)Patient Search Information .

16)Patient Search Error Message .

17)Doctor Search Information .

18)All Stock Information .

19)Patient Bill Information .

20)Supplier Bill Information .

21)Patient Bill Search Process .

22)Supplier Bill Search Process .

23)Add Quantity Of Medicine 24)Check Availability Of Medicine .

25)Extra Features .

26)Help .

Reports Generation 1)All Patients Details

2)Patients Particular Report

3)All doctors Detail Report

4)All Stocks Detail Report .

5)Purchase Date Wise Stock Report .

6)All Supplier Detail Report .

7)All Patient Bill Report .

8)Name Wise Patients Bill Report .

9)Doctor Payment Bill Slip Report .

10)All Supplier Bill Report .

11)Supplier Bill Status Wise Report .

25)Thank You .

Full accounting can also be implemented with audit details needed. 4)In my project we add extra feature like ³ Notepad Window. PowerPoint and Calculator ³. Excel workbook. . 2)Future enhancement are made to be items that require more PLANNING.FUTURE ENHANCEMENT & WORK PLAN 1)The project can be converted into some new database so that we can handle all the records in that database.BUGDET & STAFFING to implement. 3)In My Project The Printing Facility Are Added so we can Print The Document for future reference.

3)In existing system the records are store in database on MsAccess so you must install Ms-Access on machine. 5)In this existing system there are required a manpower which is very costly. . 2)The applicant has to fill the required information at different forms which is time consuming. 4)The information filled by the applicants can be wrong as it is filled manually.LIMITATIONS OF THE EXISTING SYSTEM 1)The system does not contain payments in cheque & credit card.

. patient. supplier and stock. 4)The Dental Clinic Management System can maintain the Record of doctor.CONCLUSION 1)The Dental Management System is prepared to provide advanced facilities to the patients who are in need of a quick treatment. 3)The Dental Management System helps in maintaining totally secured database of patients and business information. 2)The Dental Management System is prepared to respond quickly to the queries made by the doctors and assistants.

com ‡ Dental Hospital survey.BIBLIOGRAPHY: ‡ WWW.COM ‡ WWW.WIKIPEDIA. ‡ Visual Basic. Net(Black Book) .google.