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Buying And Selling Trends

Prepared for: AAA School Of Advertising Prepared by: Cowan, Sellmeyer, Shifotoka, Buys, and Roberts Date: 2012.02.07 Group #: Group 4 Group Name: Power Rangers Go! [2012............05]... 2012........................................6 The Sales Brain – Using Neuroscience to sell..........................5 Pinterest....4 Tryvertising...................................................................6 Intuitive customer centric CRM.....................5 Moving from SEO to marketplace orientation.............................................8 Virtual Life.......................9 Reference List..........................................................10 ..................................02...........................10 Ruge.4 Box Park: Pop-Up Malls.......Table Of Contents Table Of Contents.................................................7 Cross Channel Experience................7 Consumers focus shifts to their budgets............... http://www..............................................................................................zippycart................. Emerging Ecommerce trends or 2012....................................... A..........................................2 Mobile\M-commerce: Virtual grocery shopping in the subway...........................................

they have in turn become more demanding and thus expecting businesses to meet their expectations. 2011). search behavior and purchasing patterns (Trendwatchers. The expertise requirement of sales will increase which will focus on skills of workers especially where business to business markets are concerned (Zambito. social age and technological age has influenced the way consumers buy and sell market offerings and has lead to various emerging trends. Businesses are responding to consumer’s desires by providing them with brand experiences that ignites all senses and one of the most persuasive marketing tools to make use of is the sense of “touch” where consumers can test and try products out for themselves. Consumer’s lifestyles are continuously changing. Organizations will focus on reinventing the buyer experience by rewarding buyers and prospective sales (Zambito. In some cases behavioral patterns change which is fuelled by globalization and technological advancements. Another emerging trend is Point-Know-Buy.Introduction Over the years consumer’s desires have changed. which has made it challenging to persuade a loyal consumer to switch to another brand. 2011). 2012). which will reshape consumers’ information expectations. The buying and selling trends that have been identified consists of a shift from sales relationship to sales experience. which consists of an integration of marketing activities and harnessing relationship marketing (Zambito. The effects of recession. 2011). However. Due to consumers becoming more knowledgeable about market offerings. Online is another trend where consumers do online shopping which has become more prominent in recent years (Heller. . 2011). Consumers form strong brand relationships. their basic needs remain constant.

According to Hubspot (2012). galleries and cafes and have created in effect the first tangible mobile mall.Mobile\M-commerce: Virtual grocery shopping in the subway With all the new possibilities technology is offering society and the ever growing demand of consumers to be served in new and innovative ways retailers will have to keep up or shut down. Box Park (2012) strips and refits shipping containers to create a unique and low cost shopping environment for consumers. . as we know it today. each product on the virtual shelve has a QR code where consumers who downloaded Tesco`s Homeplus mobile application on to their smart phones can scan the QR code. Tesco has found a way to serve the on the go consumer. They started to test subway and bus stop shopping by equipping the subway walls and bus stop kiosks with virtual grocery shelves thus enabling consumers to do their shopping whiles on the go. Box Park: Pop-Up Malls Wade (2012) states that Box Park is the first company to employ this new retail experience. pay on their phone and if ordered before 1p. Through a careful selection of unique mix of brands ranging from lifestyle brands.m have their groceries delivered to their home. Hubspot (2012) stated that UK-based grocer Tesco has found a way to serve demanding customers. If the right technology support is in place this new and exciting way of buying groceries will take over the shopping.

Pinterest is a great way for business to gain exposure and get their brand out there. There is no doubt that the site’s popularity is increasing rapidly. and explore and repin the images of common interest they see on other members websites. products. Indvik (2012) states Pinterest’s traffic increased more than four times between September 2011 and December 2011. all they have to do is give feedback on how they experienced each product.Tryvertising Tryvertising is everywhere around us.51 million new visitors in December alone. decorate their homes. Pinterest According to Indivik (2012) Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard that allows lindividuals to collect and share all the beautiful things you find in your day to day life. . resulting in 7. Customers can shop at Sample trend for an annual membership fee and take home five items a month. Indvik (2012) staes that once signed up. members can use Pinterest’s “Pin It” tool and iPhone app to store things they see online and offline. and as Invik (2012) states that Pinterest is driving increasingly significant amounts of traffic to retailers websites. Other individuals are able search and browse pinboards created by other people to get ideas to plan their weddings. Now according to Damian (2012) the first sample shop has opened in Britain where customers can get samples for free and gives companies the opportunity to receive feedback on their products. get fashion and beauty ideas and tips as well as learn about new recipes. Indvik (2012) further states the amount of traffic Pinterest sent elsewhere has risen substantially. It is the concept of trying something new for free. The problem as stated by Trendwatchers (2005) is that there is no way of knowing if it reaches the right target market in the right place. There is no way of knowing whether it was a success or if some alterations need to be made. the samples they hand out in shopping malls and especially at launches of new companies. services etc. it’s the free sample in magazines. becoming a top five referrer for several apparel retailers.

" The Sales Brain – Using Neuroscience to sell Barrette (2012) states that. "Consumers are flocking to marketplaces for good reason. retrain our brains to incorporate effective thinking and habits will see sales teams forging new neural pathways leading to superior sales success. "These sites provide a superior user experience with a unified purchase history. grow and adapt until the day we die. and the site has yet to prove itself as a potential sales channel." said Brian Horakh. online merchants are transitioning their business to marketplaces to take advantage of this trend and view marketplaces as strategic to the success of their growing business.. and further noted that Learning how to train and in many instances. search still dominates. Barret (2012) further maintains that.” 2012 will see neuroscience become the topic for sales teams.. founder and CEO of Zoovy. and thus close more sales when a competitive price isn’t enough.our brains can continue to learn. Ruge (2012) states that marketplace optimization “is an important tool for merchants who depend on business gained through their storefronts on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. merchants aim to be the highest ranked seller when it comes down to consumers deciding on purchases. At present. “scientists and psychologists have heralded the application of neuroscience tools and . Olsen (2012) further maintains that. “our success resides in how we use our brains. Moving from SEO to marketplace orientation According to Ruge (2012) Marketplace Optimization is a fairly new term that has the potential to be a big ecommerce trend in 2012.” Ruge (2012) notes that Competition on marketplaces is inflexible and sellers need ways to split themselves from others who present matching an or identical products. Olsen (2012) states that Marketplaces direct shoppers to the most reliable seller and give consumers the confidence to make a purchase by providing critical buyer information like user feedback. On these marketplaces. Likewise.. large selection of products. the idea behind marketplace optimization. says Ruge (2012).Although Pinterest is becoming a significant source of traffic for retailers. says Barret (2012). and sense of familiarity and ease of use. rankings and price comparisons. is that merchants can increase their ranking and position on marketplaces. scant data is available about the social network’s conversion rates..

processes as a pathway to wellness and success. Approximately 25% of consumers are delaying large purchases. All of these factors continue to throw the U. economy into disorder which in turn effects the South African economy as well.S. and hospitality industries.8% stated they were confident/very confident about the chances of the U. Barret (2012) also noted that. and affiliation management.” (Barret. CRM goes where you go. service and support to provide a single view of the customer as they move through the engagement lifecycle noted Barret (2012). they are impacting the manufacturing.. sales. As for employee productivity it also needs to be mobile to give staff flexibility to access and update information efficiently while they’re on the move. the goal of a Customer Relationship Management key is to drive growth and maximize efficiencies in business practices. Typical responses to BIGInsight surveys include more people stating they will only buy clothing when it is on sale .. 44. “In 2012 watch closely as CRM moves away from being a contacts database and pipeline / forecast management tool to becoming the system that places customers at the core of a company’s operation. In 2012 smart companies will make sure their CRM has a simple. having a strong economy in the following six months (Retail touch Points. retailing.. 2012). In October of 2007.S.” Consumers focus shifts to their budgets Consumers are worried about the economy. all of which are extremely important to the overall wellbeing of the economy (Retail Touch Points. 2012). another 38% are reducing dining out. When consumers stop purchasing.” Intuitive customer centric CRM Barret (2012) notes that. and approximately 36% are spending less on vacations because of the rising petrol prices (Retail Touch Points. The amount of knowledge we have discovered about the brain in the last 10 years alone surpasses anything that we knew before. perceptive boundary effortlessly configured for incorporation to finance systems presenting a particular foundation of the certainty pertaining to customers concluded Barret (2012). 2012) This means integrating marketing. 2012). “Your CRM will also easily embed social media to aggregate all content concerning a customer. In 2012.. processes.

for example. consumers are becoming better informed about prices and products thus leading consumers to become more demanding. 2012). and this is where retailers’ relationships with manufacturers come into play (Retail Touch Points. 18. Site users are able to crowdsource money-saving tips that are passed on to customers via the grocer’s YouTube channel (The Future Laboratory. Consumers are looking for value. now at 58% of consumers (Retail touch Points. 2012). Most do basic things like accepting returns across channels (Retail touch Points.8% in 2011 as compared to 36. Even more dramatic is the number of consumers stating they are focusing more on what they need rather than what they want. 2012). Not many retailers offer seamless inventory optimization that is customer friendly.7% of respondents indicated they had not made any changes in their spending in the last six months. Some retailers are not only adjusting but are also giving their customers extra tools to help them achieve the most for their money (The Future Laboratory.9% stated they had not made any changes.1% in 2007). 2012) But not all have customer data across channels and don’t even enable receipts across channels and customer contact information (Retail touch Points. while in 2011 13. 2012). 2012). such as instore pickup (Retail Touch Points. 2012). A blog also updates followers on money-saving in-store concepts. Cross Channel Experience Due to the Internet. such as a vending machine for lessexpensive fabric conditioner refills (The Future Laboratory. Asda. Many manufacturers are now marketing direct to consumers (Retail Touch Points. 2012). 2012). retailers’ level of adoption varies (Retail Touch Points. 2012). Asda lets them vote for specific products they would like to buy in their local store (The Future Laboratory. has launched a social networking site called Your Asda to offer more transparency to its value-seeking customers (The Future Laboratory. They want more products at any time and through any channel. 2012). Retail Touch Points (2012) further state: In 2007. They can control the customer experience with their brands (Retail . To give customers the value products they need.(25%) (Retail Touch Points. Regarding the cross-channel experience. Those are probably some of the biggest places where there are still gaps in cross-channel (Retail Touch Points. Consumers are more focused on their budgets (45. 2012). 2012). 2012). One of the biggest challenges going forward is around pricing products.

Now. companies and the internet. Today. manufacturers account for success based on number of units sold each quarter to retailers. beyond competing with the likes of Wal-Mart and Costco — CPG companies are happy there is someone else — they are almost eagerly getting in bed with Amazon (Retail Touch Points. The ability of augmented reality to create an interactive digital world within the real world will out perform every media platform currently available. 2012). as advertising will be able to occupy spaces that are not perceptible to the touch. But. This technology will evidently lead to a revolution in the way in which society functions and interacts with brands. 2012). Ultimately people shop for brands — especially A-list brands have control over pricing (Retail Touch Points. they need to get over any concerns they have around channel conflicts with retailers (Retail Touch Points. What we’re likely to see in the future is a much more heavy hand from manufacturers on distribution and pricing strategy. 2012). 2012). Although Grove (2011) is skeptical that this technology is not fully ready for end-consumer use yet. Virtual Life Justin (2010) states that virtual life and virtual integration is inevitable. at the same time. 2012).Touch Points. We may see a seismic shift where big box clients could go under — that is not good news because the brands need distributors (retail Touch Points. 2012). Some CPG companies are now looking at Amazon as a partner (Retail Touch Points. 2012). although some are nervous and believe they can’t control price (retail Touch Points. 2012). who then sell the inventory (Retail Touch Points. .] Olsen.04] Indvik. 2012. Pinterest becomes top traffic driver for retailers. 7 lead generation trends for 2012. Zoovy Predicts marketplace optimization will be [2012.05] .cf0.04] Fitch (2011). http://trendwatching. http://www.htm [ [ [2012. 2012. Truly Amazing Augmented Reality Demo @ TED 2010. Augmented Reality Online Shopping: Not The Right Fit (Yet) http://mashable.04] Retail Touch [2012. http://www. http://shop. The New Customer Journey. [2012.pdf [2012. http://www. A. http://www.mirror. Retail [ Retail Trends. 2012. Tryvertising. A.02. 2012.04] Grove (2011). http://www.02.2005.04] Justin (2010).au/blogs/SalesBlog/the-12-sales-trends-by-year/12-salestrends-for-2012/ [2012.2011. http://c3318102.02.Reference List Hubspot. 2012.r2.04] Trendwachers. S.04] Fletcher.zippycart.02.02. Sales trends for 2012.thefuturelaboratory. L.pdf [2012. Giving it away for free: The sample trend the shop where everything is free.02. http://www.05] The Future Laboratory.02.mobilemarketingwatch.rackcdn.05] Barret.02. Emerging Ecommerce trends or [2012.02.what you need to do right now http://mashable.04] [ 2012.