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February 2012

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It is. University of Brighton. please contact the Careers Arts Organisation? If you are part of a professional group or body that would benefit from distributing their news and events to the student and graduate audience please get in touch (we reserve the right to edit or refuse submissions). The Careers Service advertises these vacancies in good faith.Contents Grants & Awards _______________________________________________ 6 Exhibitions ____________________________________________________ 9 Residencies ___________________________________________________ 11 Commissions _________________________________________________ 12 Competitions _________________________________________________ 13 Employment Opportunities ______________________________________ 14 Voluntary & Unpaid Opportunities ________________________________ 18 News & Events ________________________________________________ 20 Subscription Form _____________________________________________ 22 The Careers Service makes every effort to ensure that all information printed is accurate but cannot take responsibility for advertiser statements. Room 153. University of Brighton. If you have any enquiries regarding Artyfacts or you wish to view this publication in large print. Copy for March 2012 – 20 February 2012 © Careers Service 3 . 58-67 Grand Parade. essential that you check any agreement or contract most carefully. 58-67 Grand Parade. it will be up to the employer to be responsible for your payment and for treating you in accordance with your rights as an employee under employment It makes every effort to ensure that the vacancies it advertises are genuine and meet legal standards. Brighton. If you are in any doubt. however. BN2 0JY. Brighton BN2 0JY. please discuss with us before signing a contract or accepting a job. Artyfacts is published by the Careers Service. Tel: 01273 643187 E-mail: careersgrandparade@brighton.

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I learnt a greater understanding of screenprinting for industry and the need to understand your target market. there was only one domestic sewing machine. but we didn’t need to use much else. We worked closely with the designer so it was really interesting to see how a designer maker operated. Artyfacts asked Hilary to talk to some recent placement students from the BA(Hons) Textile Design for Fashion with Professional Experience programme about their experiences. experiencing a different culture and way of living and I felt a real sense of achievement to be working for an established brand that seemed to value my ideas and designs.. Here are some highlights from what they said: What was it like? “I expected to be treated as an intern. which I had no previous knowledge of having only designed for women. I was treated as a designer.” “The facilities were fairly basic. idea generating and research and colour sourcing. appropriate work experience before graduation can have a real impact on your job options afterwards. carding.” “I really enjoy making things so this was an ideal placement for me as it was so practical. The programme is managed by Hilary Miller.” “The majority of the time was spent making: jewellery for her jewellery line which was sold at a boutique and accessories for her fashion label. I also went to exhibitions to record them for her blog and did housekeeping tasks like washing up and making coffee.] value work-based learning (such as placements and internships) as particularly effective approaches to promote the employability of graduates. weaver and colourist. the literature and our own findings have overwhelmingly highlighted that employers [. carrying out errands. She would take us to parties and exhibitions where she would introduce us to industry people. the caring attitude of the islanders. The Department of Fashion & Textiles at the University of Brighton has a well-established placement programme with strong industry links.” * Getting good quality. designing new prints for the upcoming seasons.” 5 .” “I worked as a designer. I was working for the girls’ department. I felt I gained a real insight into what it would be like to work for the company. but first I learnt all aspects of working in the mill. spinning..” What was the best thing about the placement? “Living in central Stockholm.” “Every employee is dedicated and takes great pride in their own role (dyeing.A Sense of Placement “Perhaps above all. Duties included: putting drawings into repeats and correcting them ready to send to the manufacturer. blending. The atmosphere was really informal and friendly. however. It was also really exciting to be so involved with the fashion industry at this level and to meet people I’d seen in magazines!” “Everything: the islands are beautiful. giving and receiving knowledge within the mill. Almost everyone I met was really friendly which is not what I expected from the fashion industry at all.” What did you learn? “I became more fluent on Photoshop and Illustrator.” What did you do? “I was working for three different departments. warping and weaving samples).

I managed to get my best placements through being recommended by previous places. (Edge Foundation. BA(Hons) Textile Design for Fashion with Professional Experience students Grants & Awards Fujifilm Student Photography Award The awards are open to all students aged 16 or over undertaking full-time or part-time professional photographic training.fujifilmstudentawards. I also learnt about using unusual materials in fashion which has influenced my own work.” “Enjoy the external environment and explore and draw or take photos – it isn’t just the job that is the experience.” Website: www. It gives you a real understanding of the type of company you want to work for and what is going to be expected of you when you graduate. Industrial Liaison Manager. Up to 30 Merit runner-up winners will each receive 10 rolls of Fujifilm film and the college that supplies the most entries will collect a certificate and £200 worth of Fujifilm film. University of Brighton. The sponsor Metroprint will provide the overall winner with a professionally produced portfolio together with a 12 month course of mentoring.” * Kevin Lowden. publish.” “I learnt a lot about running a small business and the importance of networking. It also looks positive for future employers. please do not enter this competition.fujifilmstudentawards. reproduce. Stuart Hall et al. Charlie Hetheridge and Mary Thrift.” “I want to work for this company in the future. Please read the Terms and Conditions closely.” What advice would you give other placement students? “If possible do a 08/11/2011) 6 . Having this on my CV enabled me to get further work placements at different companies.” “I would say keep trying for an internship somewhere if you really want to do it. modify. translate.” “You know nothing Department of Fashion & Textiles. London 2011) With thanks to:Hilary Miller. world-wide licence to use. even if you think you know. Entry is free. royalty-free. Paula Granfield. You are there to learn and gain as much experience as possible. there are always more things to learn. distribute and display any entry submitted as part of this competition in any media now known or hereafter invented. sublicensable perpetual. It was great to be given responsibility although sometimes If you do not want to grant these rights.“I definitely learnt how to problem-solve.” “Designing for a commercial high street company has given me additional work to show at interview that is different from that done at university. Employers’ perceptions of the employability skills of new graduates. I had to email 3 times before I got a trial day. so work really hard and be enthusiastic even if you’re not really enjoying it: it might lead to something better and every experience is valuable. You may miss out by saying or thinking ‘I know that already’. or full-time or part-time graphic design training of which photography is a major part at a UK based college or university. The theme for 2012 is ‘Extreme’ – to be shown in a single image. particularly point 13 which reads: “Copyright remains the property of the photographer at all times but each entrant grants to the promoter a non-exclusive. adapt. ever be afraid to ask Closing Date: 29 February 2012 (source: www.

Email: bpaward@npg. ceramics. See website for full application details: www. It covers overseas fees for the two years of the MA course and also includes a maintenance grant of up to £3000 per Closing Date: 1 March 2012 (source: 11/01/2012) BP Portrait Award V&A/RCA History of Design Postgraduate Programme – Scholarships available The V&A/RCA History of Design MA invites applications for 2012/13. Grants are available to enable weavers to purchase equipment and 20/12/2011) The BP Portrait Award is an annual competition aimed at encouraging artists to focus upon and develop portraiture in their work. pursue a specific project. plus (at the judge’s discretion) a commission worth £4. media research and design policy. The AFV&A Scholarship will be offered to a student applying from the USA who intends to work in a museum after graduating from the V&A/RCA History of Design MA programme.000 . The FV&A Scholarship will be offered to a student applying from the UK or EU who intends to work in a museum after graduating from the V&A/RCA History of Design MA programme. cultural. This is a two-year full-time programme.npg. it offers a broad-ranging theoretical and methodological basis for the study of design and material culture. Prizes available: .Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers 2012 Applications for grants are invited from weavers living and working in the Website: www. The competition is open to everyone aged 18 and over in recognition of the outstanding and innovative work currently being produced by artists of all ages working in portraiture. metalwork. journalism. Interviews will be held in March. based at both the V&A and the RCA. museums and galleries.000 See website for application details. prints. as well as in a host of other art and design based professions such as curating. It covers fees for the two years of the MA course and also includes a maintenance grant of up to £3000 per year. Applicants this year will be considered for the award of the American Friends of the V&A Scholarship and the Friends of the V&A Scholarship. Friends of the V&A Scholarship: Students applying from the UK or the EU are eligible for the Friends of the V&A Scholarship. economic and political contexts for design. 7 . Students should indicate their interest in and suitability for the Awards on their application form. giving students direct access to the V&A’s unrivalled collections and the highly specialized art and design practices of the RCA. Graduates of the programme go on to work internationally in universities and colleges.theomoormantrust.Third Prize: £6. run in partnership by the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal College of Art. technological. Awards are given on a competitive basis.First Prize: a cash award of £ Closing Date: 13 February 2012 (source: www. furniture and product design. As well as placing emphasis on primary research and object analysis. The course specializes in object-focused scholarship ranging across architecture and interior design. or develop in any other way approved by the trustees.000 . American Friends of the V&A Scholarship: Students applying from the United States of America are eligible for this new fashion and textiles. offering three specialist pathways at MA level: Renaissance: History of Design and Material Culture 1400-1650 Asian: History of Design and Material Culture 1450-present day Modern: History of Design and Material Culture 1650-present day Our small seminar-based classes provide a unique environment for the study of the Those who have recently completed higher education need to have two years working experience before applying. judged at interview. social. take a sabbatical to reassess the creative nature of their drawings and digital media.Second Prize: £8.theomoormantrust.000.

uk Closing Date: 1 April 2012 (source: One Scholarship is for embroiderers in the age category of 18 to 30 years inclusive. In return for one year’s free studio space at Cockpit Arts incubator and business development support. artists and makers. in conjunction with Cockpit Arts. Scholarships are mostly awarded for our summer courses and there are a limited number of scholarships available for classes in the spring and autumn seasons. please submit five digital images of recent work on a CD. Branches and practising 8 .org. NY) that offers glassmaking classes for a variety of skill levels and techniques. Working with the Embroiderers' Guild during the Scholarship year provides each Scholar with opportunities to be introduced to the Guild's network of 17/1/2012) Embroiderers’ Guild Scholarships Scholarships at The Studio – Corning Museum of Glass Two Embroiderers' Guild Scholarships of £1000 each are awarded annually to embroiderers to develop the practice of embroidery. For full details see 18/1/2012) Bursaries at West Dean College West Dean College near Chichester is offering bursaries for its new programme of Creative Development short courses which launch in April Website: www. Telephone: 0207 4191959 Email: adrian@cockpitarts.cockpitarts. To apply for scholarship funds. Incomplete applications will not be Closing Date: 2 March 2012 (source: www.embroiderersguild. The Scholarships are to support embroiderers to undertake projects which further their own embroidery 17/1/2012) Cockpit Arts/Leathersellers Award 2012 participate in Guild activities. If you are applying for a juried course that requires you to submit three images.php Closing Date: 6 February 2012 (source: www. Email: afranz@embroiderersguild. See website for full details. with generous sponsorship from The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund. you must send separate images to apply for a scholarship. college fees and funding: www. an essay explaining why you wish to take a particular course and why you should receive a Closing Date: 25 February 2012 Applications are invited for The Cockpit Arts/Leathersellers’ Award 2012. Cockpit Arts is a creative business incubator for designermakers in London and its prestigious annual Cockpit Arts Award is designed for a talented designer-maker who is seeking an injection of business development support to help take their creative business to the next level. makers or students and are taught by leading professionals in their Website: www. For further information see website or contact Alison Visit the website for further details on the course. The Guild holds additional funding to enable them to The Studio is an internationally renowned teaching facility (based at the Corning Museum of Glass. Telephone: 01243 811301 Email: alison. The courses take place during the Easter holidays 2012 and during the summer and bursaries are available for undergraduates and recent graduates of creative subjects. All scholarship applications will be reviewed by a committee. and two letters of recommendation. Include any appropriate information describing your financial need.For more information please contact the course administrator: hod@rca. All applicants should have studied the practice of embroidery or stitched textiles through formal or informal and one Scholarship is for embroiderers over 30 years of age. entry requirements. artists. The courses are intended to inspire and foster the development of creative professionals such as designers. For 2012 the focus of the Award is the innovative use of leather. the winner will be required to develop new work where leather is a major constituent and to identify a venue in which to showcase this. practising Website: /index.

org Closing Date: 15 March 2012 (source: Website: http://www. and Lustre is an annual selling opportunity for contemporary. sculpture. new media and other traditional and non-traditional Closing Date: 8 November 2012 (source: www. Applications accepted from makers working in all forms and materials including: metal. ceramics. One Museum Way. fees for standard exhibitor are £350. Email: art@marthabrae.marthabrae. video. the promotion and dissemination of sound art and its related research and practice. The gallery is organised for the exhibition and documentation of works. Email: art@dalstonsuperstore. glass. wood turning. wood and Website: www. performance. all disciplines welcome for group and solo Email: info@beerslambert. For more details see website. Fees for new makers (graduated in the last two years) are £250.cmog.Please send applications to: Scholarship If you are interested in exhibiting then make contact via email address Email: 19/1/2012) Exhibitions Call for artists to exhibit at bar gallery space.beerslambert. USA. a huge space to hang big work. installation. drawing together a wide range of new work by both established and emerging 9 .lakesidearts. Telephone: 0208 800 3024 Email: 20/12/2011) Beers Lambert is calling artists to submit works for its annual group open 17/1/2012) Beers Lambert Martha Brae Gallery Martha Brae Gallery specialises in art from the Caribbean but is seeking to exhibit young artists and craft makers from ethnic minority 17/1/2012) Dalston Superstore Website: http://www. The Studio of The Corning Museum of Closing Date: 23 March 2012 (source: www. three-dimensional.htm Closing Date: 5 March 2012 (source: www. See website for full details: http://www. They are looking for original pieces (no copies or mass-produced items) from makers of ethnic minority backgrounds. All media is accepted including twodimensional. ceramics and hand-made jewellery.facebook. Corning.craftscouncil. Calls are currently on a rolling basis For full application details see website. They select artists from an open call to exhibit.htm Closing Date: Ongoing (source: es. They have on show a range of products including Artists working in all disciplines from all parts of the world may apply. NY 14830-2253. 11/01/2012) Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2012 – Open Submission The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition is the largest contemporary art exhibition in the 11/01/2012) Lustre SoundFjord Soundfjord is a London-based gallery and research unit newly instigated to address the lack of exhibiting space exclusively for works of Sound Art. innovative craft in the midlands.soundfjord. Closing Date: Ongoing (source: the development of artists within their Website: http://facebook. Full details available at: www. Submission fee is £10. For full details send email or see weblink below. Closing Date: 13 March 2012 Open Call: AudioBook of Disquiet Beyond the Material World Callout The International Association of Quantum Artists are working towards a UK exhibition – ‘Beyond the Material World’. The infinite day suddenly splintered like steel. Email the address below for further details.artworkspace. Website: www. Entry forms can be purchased online until Friday 9 March 2012. My throat Website: http://internationalassociationofquantumartist s.yolasite. taking place within the large gallery space at Stew on Fishergate. photography. phone number and address to: Email: bookofdisquiet@ymail. Organised by Print to the People. theories from quantum physics or science fiction. Contributions by participants to the project will be selected on artistic merit and their sensitivity and creative response to the material. An artist may submit a maximum of two works.royalacademy. Shows generally last 6 weeks. working in all fields. For full details and to register visit: www. Seth Guy and SoundFjord invite those working in audio (of any genre) to contribute to this project. mail-outs and printed invitations/flyers. Tel: 07515 797877 Email: Naomi@artworkspace. the next exhibition runs 25 May . We are looking for perceptive contributions from participants that will respond to selected texts from the Book of Disquiet and provide an absorbing soundtrack to the Closing Date: 5 February 2012 2012 Print Odyssey – Open Submission Screen Printing Exhibition Print Odyssey is an annual open-submission exhibition involving artists and designers. The only thing my mind was aware of was an inkblot on a piece of paper. There is a commission of 50%. the artists pay for production.over the forthcoming months collaborate to create a sonic art -enhanced For further details please email: prints. A book acknowledged by critics as "the most beautiful diary of the (20th) Century".com/ 13/1/2012) Art Work Space 2012 Shows The organisers are currently searching for contemporary visual artists (2D work preferably) to exhibit at Art Work Space this year. labyrinths. for a charge of £25 per entry (which is non-refundable and includes VAT). encompassing paintings. bridges or crossroads between alternatives.artists. artist’s books. my hands useless claws gripping the smooth table top. A cruel light had entered every corner and every soul. PR. sculpture. All at once. Please contact us with an expression of interest by the date below. using the medium of screen printing. daydreams and the world of imagination. Seth Guy and SoundFjord will . The exhibition is a unique showcase for all styles and media. The Book of Disquiet reflects on the distance between the loftiness of the author's thoughts and the humdrum reality of his everyday life. Norwich. Any artist may enter work for selection. My heart stopped.9 June 2012. delivery and pickup of their work and the gallery pays for opening night costs. the silence stopped Closing Date: 29 February 2012 (source: http://internationalassociationofquantumartists. After the closing date a selected text will be sent Email: summerexhibition@royalacademy.yol alternative realities. a shout ripping the silken walls of the abyss. I crouched like an animal on the table. 10 . and a voice from a nearby mountain fell from on Closing Date: April 2012 (source: www. Send your name and contact details including email. The exhibition will involve artists and scientists working across disciplines exploring parallel worlds. film and architectural models. Inspired by the richly descriptive and nonlinear narrative of Fernando Pessoa's most extensive and protracted prose work The Book of 17/1/2012) I was already feeling uneasy. one for each interested party to work on. Artists are strongly encouraged to enter work that is available for

Technical and design skills support from experienced silversmith Cameron Maxfield. For further details and to apply visit the blog: http://printodyssey2012. Telephone: 0207 3287878 Email: adam@kingsgteworkshops.artspace. Taiwan.An equipped 108m2 shared workshop with 24/7 access at affordable rent for a maximum 2-year but all submitted work MUST utilise the screen printing process within the then this may be the programme you are looking Closing Date: 30 March 2012 (source: 20/1/2012) The Starter Studio Programme Residencies The Starter Studio Programme for Designer Silversmiths provides start up support for dedicated and ambitious makers at an early stage in their career.The exhibition aims to celebrate screen printing. Chris Knight and Maria 11/01/2012) Wetland Project – Taiwan Artists from all countries are invited to send a proposal for a site-specific outdoor sculpture installation to be created during a 25-day artist residency (12 April – 7 May 2012) in Cheng Long. . The programme aims to: . If you are a silversmith or a maker who creates one-off jewellery pieces.provide space. See website for full details. Emphasis will be placed on interactive and unusual applications for the process.craftscouncil. offering enthusiasts an exciting platform in which to collectively show their works. 11 . .uk Closing Date: 15 July 2012 (applications open March 2012) (source: www. All mediums will be accepted. installations and interactive pieces will be considered alongside smaller pieces including unframed 2D work. offering the public a chance to buy original and affordable work from a broad range of artists and Tel: 0114 213 0111 Website: www. alongside contemporary imagery in more traditional Website: http://www. programme manager at Yorkshire Artspace: Email 19/1/2012) Kingsgate Trust Emerging Residency The KWT Emerging Artist Residency provides 3 recently graduating artists and craftspeople with a subsidised studio and programme of support. our bi-annual city-wide festival for contemporary metalwork. The programme offers access to: .blogspot. time and resources for artists in the early stages of their career to support and develop their own practice . The selected artists will work with elementary school children and community residents to create large-scale sculpture installations focused on the theme of ‘What’s for Dinner?’ The artworks should reflect on environmental issues surrounding food production and emphasize organic aquaculture. Cheng Long is a small rural village near the South-Western coast of Taiwan in Yunlin County.Mentor support from established silversmiths Brett Payne. .Exhibition and commission opportunities through Galvanize Sheffield.establish and maintain young and upcoming creative talent within North West London by providing opportunities to work and to our tailored business start up tion. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a site visit please contact Mir Jansen.htm Closing Date: 16 March 2012 (source: www. Each year we recruit up to 4 makers to join the programme. Applications from individuals and groups for larger artist’s confidence within professional environment . based in the centre of Sheffield. Applications for the October 2012 intake will be open from March 2012. .org.html Email: printodyssey@live.blogspot. The Programme is located at Yorkshire Artspace’s award winning artists’ studio complex Persistence Works.

and mutual learning. opportunities.00. The exhibition showcases the work of young designers at the beginning of their careers offering the opportunity to interact and engage with the /11/14/2012-call-for-proposals-in-english/ Closing Date: 8 February 2012 (source: www. the local communities and a broad spectrum of artists. London continues to support the next generation of designers and creatives with its Designers in Residence 11/01/2012) and international levels. The opportunity is open to designers who have graduated from Higher Education within the last 5 years and have been working professionally.000 Euros for the pilot design that transforms and enhances people’s experience of the Ann Street/Providence Place area of Brighton. in the wetlands natural preserve and will be made from recycled materials. either paid or voluntarily in some form of design practice for at least one 12 . on abandoned buildings. To apply see website. experiments. Selected artists will receive a fee of US$1. Longer residencies can be negotiated depending on the proposed project and residency vacancies.662. local transportation. This is part of the INTERREG IVB Lively Cities project to turn the street and small park in front of the majestic St Bartholomew’s Church into a successful and well-used space. ComPeung aims to be an open playground for dialogue.artquest.html#7 13/1/2012) ComPeung Artist-in-Residence Programme 2012-2013 Call for entries: Designers in Residence 2012: Thrift The ComPeung Artist-in-Residence Programme is designed for local and international artists to live and work together with our team and the local alternative 19/1/2012) Commissions Public Art Commission Brighton Brighton & Hove City Council is inviting architects.compeung. Email: allenrebeccajanei@gmail. Website: http://artproject4wetland. Asif Khan and Bethan Laura Closing Date: 20 February 2012 (source: http://designmuseum. regional The Design Museum. accommodation.Artworks will be in village public spaces. By living and working together in basic yet comfortable conditions with our team. designers. The area is part of the wider regeneration of the London Road area of the city. Visit the Design Museum website for full details and to apply: http://designmuseum. For further details and to apply visit : http://www. volunteer help and help to find materials. the ComPeung programme provides the resident artists with a wide range of exchanges. The pilot will be tested out this autumn with the most successful features becoming permanent fixtures. whilst using this platform as a test-bed for ideas.html#7 Email: Closing Date: Ongoing (source: http://www.wordpress. a round trip economy airfare. explorations. The aspired goal for ComPeung is to develop and expand into a network of artists and art organisations on artists and/or event programmers (including collaborations between professionals within and outside the UK) to bid for a commission for up to 50. As a work-in-progress we understand that the proposed project might change in the process. Interested artists are encouraged to apply by providing ComPeung with a preliminary proposal of her/his/their art work or signers-in-residence-2012 Email: inresidence2012@designmuseum. The minimum stay for residencies is 1 month. experiences and possibilities. designs and innovations. Recent alumni have included Giles Miller. Please apply for residencies online at least 2 months prior to the proposed residency.

a team of independent judges will choose the top three pieces. See website for full The Arts Club Award One year’s free membership to The Arts Club For more information about each individual award and to apply see the Closing Date: 14 February 2012 http://www. The public will have the chance to vote for their favourite via an exhibition in early may which will inform the final decision. Email: anthology.parkerharris. The competition is designed to encourage creative representational painting and promote the skill of draughtsmanship.mallgalleries.000 and an engraved gold medal for the winner. and poetry not longer than 40 lines. For information on the competition. The Changing Faces Commission Prize £2. From the successful Closing Date: 23 February 2012 The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Awards 13 .uk/livelycities Closing Date: 29 February 2012 (source: 16/1/2012) Competitions Creative Writing Competition The University of Brighton is pleased to offer you the chance to have your creative writing published in a collaborative anthology alongside the work of other students and staff from the universities of The de Laszlo Foundation Award £3. and two runner up prizes of £50.brightonhove. Email: and we are excited to read the variation in understanding that this theme will produceso be creative! Submissions must be no longer than 2.creativewriting@gmail. Sussex and Chichester. related documentation and guidance on how to apply please visit the South East Business Portal on the Improving Efficiency South East Website: www. with prizes of £100 for first The theme for this year’s anthology is: THE MODERN MIND This is a highly interpretive concept. the council has produced supporting documents that details information gathered via a series of consultation events and site assessment work carried out between July and December Tel: 01273 292352 Website: www. A selection panel will choose the winner at the end of Applicants will need to search for ‘Opportunities’ against Brighton & Hove Council from this website to access the relevant Pre-Qualification Questionnaire. All forms of creative writing are accepted.php?ArticleID=219 Closing Date: 18 February 2012 (source: words. To help applicants better understand how the project area currently works as well as the concerns and aspirations of present and potential future users. The Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture £10.artsjobs.000 plus the Society’s Gold Medal awarded to the most distinguished painting in the Society’s annual exhibition.000 commission to produce a portrait of a person with a disfigurement for the Changing Faces collection. For additional information please contact us. The Prince of Wales’s Awards for Portrait Drawing £2.Five ideas will be shortlisted in March and the applicants asked to develop detailed proposals for a public exhibition at the end of April.000 and the de Laszlo Silver Medal to the artist (aged 35 or under) judged to have submitted the best portrait to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual exhibition.000 and a framed certificate for a portrait in any recognised drawing 08/11/2011) Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize This annual prize and exhibition for representational painting is open to all UK artists with prize money totalling £25. Website:

woolgatherartprize. or comparable levels of part time education or evening classes. Science Party Entertainer Part-time. For more information see website. especially where the closing date is ‘ongoing’ or ‘not specified’. Email: design contest and exhibition Woolgather Art Prize 2012 The Woolgather Art Prize 2012 is a national showcase of contemporary artists and art practice. The group of potential contestants is distinguished into two categories: Category A : established jewellery artists and silverdesigners Category B : final-year and advanced students of all art academies and fourth-level students of the gold and/or silversmith disciplines of training Closing Date: 20 February 2012 (source: www. For the 2012 design contest and exhibition the professional jury of New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) has chosen the theme ‘NEW NOMADS’. some knowledge of or interest in science. 14/12/2011) British Glass Biennale 2012 The British Glass refugees or colonists and possible symbols bearers representing the mobility of the ‘NEW NOMADS’. All shortlisted artists stand the chance to receive prize money of: £1.mallgalleries. The British Glass Biennale takes place once every two years and is a highlight of the International Festival of Glass which includes the British Glass Biennale. £40-£50. Glass Exhibitions and Masterclasses and a Public Festival. For more details see website.woolgatherartprize. Surrey. The prize presents the opportunity for artist’s involvement in an exhibition and participation into an exploratory process creating work for a website and . 14 .com 20/1/2012) Below is a selection of Arts-related Closing Date: 1 June 2012 (source: www. and see our website section www. £500 and £250 entirely determined through a public vote. We encourage you to apply for any vacancy as early as possible. You are also urged to consult relevant newspapers and periodicals for current vacancies.5-2 hour party. because both literally and figuratively this theme offers many possibilities for inspiration. to be awarded alongside its growing international status as the leading showcase for British based makers. in association with the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers.newtraditionaljewellery. globetrotters.000.(source: www.biennale. Website: www.biennale. is open to UK based artists. pilgrims. focused on engaging a wide public 20/12/2011) Open submission for anyone living in the Closing Date: 4 February 2012 (source: www.com11/01/2012) ‘New Nomads’ New Traditional Jewellery 2012 .00 per 1. Website: www. Free They are currently seeking people to entertain children at weekends with simple science experiments – with lots of bangs and slime! Ideally you’ll have some acting experience. designers and craftspeople working in all areas of contemporary glass practice or using glass as a key design Website: www. NTJ asks contemporary professional jewellery designers to build bridges between the traditional jewellery of eg nomads. As far as the Careers Service is aware these vacancies are up to date at Employment Opportunities the time of going to The UK’s premiere selling exhibition of contemporary glass currently has five prizes. Check the website for conditions and totalling over £9. Local vacancies can be found in The Argus on Thursdays. Sussex and Essex.000. Science Wizards provide fun science parties throughout London. The British Glass Biennale will run from 24 August to 15 September 2012.

org. full time. Training in working on oral history projects will be given. Most of their products are aimed at children aged 3-6 Closing Date: 13 February 2012 (source: http://jobs. For details of the range and more about the but the range covers children as young as 18 months and goes up to 10 years (or even adult in the case of a couple of our family games). Norfolk IP22 5XL. The Filmmaker/Project Worker will: .uk/ 19/1/2012) Illustrator Filmmaker / Project Worker Curator of Exhibitions Bristol. £ Website: 19/1/2012) Children's and Families' Heritage Education Officer Stratford-upon-Avon. £16. The Curator of Exhibitions is responsible for all aspects of the delivery and management of exhibitions. They may have some graphic design experience as they will be expected to produce packaging and other template based graphic design as part of their Closing Date: As soon as possible project team working across the organisation. GYRO. they are prepared to offer training in this area if necessary. authentic. To apply send covering letter.your own transport and you’ll be able to work weekends.Recruit and work with 3 groups of volunteers on First Take’s Liverpool’s Pink History Project: the Steering Group. requires a filmmaker with extensive experience of working within diverse Email: simon. First Take is a not for profit filmmaking organisation specialising in working with diverse communities. Wymondham. Age Closing Date: 8 February 2012 at 12 noon (source: http://arnolfini. Homotopia. research and develop Arnolfini's exhibitions programme and related For a full job description and an application form contact First Take: Tel: 0151 708 5767 Email all@first-take. An exciting opportunity for a Filmmaker / Project Worker to work within the communities of Liverpool.Liaise closely with partner organisations such as Museum of Liverpool. The Armistead Centre. Orchard Toys are unique in that we innovate. Liverpool Pride. Email: Website: http://arnolfini.000. 15 . The successful applicant will be a final year student or a recent graduate who can demonstrate an ability to adapt to the house style. bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community on an oral history feature documentary film and online resource project. untold and often complex Website: www.newbery@orchardtoys. They are currently looking to recruit an illustrator to add to our existing£18. primarily with the lesbian. design and manufacture all our products in the UK and work closely with educational specialists to ensure that their products offer links to the national curriculum at EYFS and key stages 1 and Website: www. their understanding and perceptions. It aims to create films to impact on people's lives.first-take.000 pa. young people and on artistic collaborations. Email: job@sciencewizards. £23. producing edgy. To apply send your CV and examples of relevant work to Simon Newbery at Orchard Toys . In addition. Orchard Toys is a leading manufacturer of children’s educational games and Closing Date: 10 February 2012 Norwich. full time. gay. it is expected that the post holder will contribute extensively to collaborative Liverpool. . . please go to www. Chestnut Drive. the Filmmaking Group and the Web Design Group. an award-winning filmmaking organisation based in Liverpool. 1 year contract starting 5 March 2012.000 pro rata. short CV and a headshot to email address below. Liverpool LGBT Network.Liaise closely with First Take’s Project CoOrdinator and Filmmaking/Web Design Tutor. and to push the boundaries of filmmaking. and in liaison with external partners. £20. First Take. Knowledge/experience of Adobe Creative Suite is essential. the Curator of Exhibitions works in conjunction with the director to initiate. Editing skills using Final Cut Pro and filmmaking skills are However. full time (40 hours per week) Based at the Arnolfini contemporary arts centre. For full details and to apply visit the website. 3 days a week.

working closely with the technical team and project manager.Illustration. We develop ideas that engage. Some of the world’s leading companies have trusted us to tell their job ref: SBT-30 Email: jobs@shakespeare. a 4-day event which showcases the best of national and international street theatre. New Wolsey Theatre. We also develop our own stories to educate and inform. innovate and occasionally provoke. Arts Development Officer at Stockton Borough Council: E-mail: £15-20. Stockton Carnival is the largest community carnival procession in the North East with over a thousand participants taking part each year.wolseytheatre. Experience with 3D packages not necessary but a nice bonus. full time. Our projects sit across multiple platforms including online. For full details and to apply visit: www. backpacks and structures with community groups of all ages. Brighton & Hove.shakespeare.wolseytheatre. The appointee will be able to communicate enthusiastically and to convey complex themes in an entertaining way. plus Please note that due to the nature of the workshop programme we are looking for artists based in the North East/Yorkshire. complete the application form and send a CV and covering letter to: Theatre Tel: 01642 526466 Closing Date: 13 February 2012 at 5pm (source: 19/1/2012) Call for Carnival Artists Stockton.000 pro rata (£3000). Candidates should have a degree-level qualification and significant experience of teaching children of primary school Closing Date: 6 February 2012 (source www. based on a 43 hour week Mon to Sat). Experience of delivering these skills to web and mobile platforms also essential. Littleloud is a BAFTA award-winning creative studio originating games and animation for global brands. tied together by entertainment and storytelling. broadcasters and publishers across the 20/1/2012) Designer/Illustrator Assistant Stage Manager Ipswich. Animation in context of the above will also be To apply.The Learning Department is seeking to appoint a dynamic and inspiring Children’s and Families’ Heritage Education Officer to research. They will have excellent and flexible graphic design. £20-25. The Assistant Stage Manager will be part of the team providing stage management for the New Wolsey Theatre for its production of Bedroom Farce For more information visit the website: www.000 pro rata (£355 per week basic. In addition the successful candidate will have a keen interest in Shakespeare’s heritage and the determination to provide unforgettable learning experiences for children. The carnival is the key community element of Stockton International Riverside Festival. and UI skills. Littleloud are looking for an experienced creative to work on gaming and interactive content for web and digital devices. Salary depends on 19/1/2012) Stockton Borough Council is looking to appoint 6 carnival artists to design and produce the visual content of SIRF Community Carnival 2012. social media and contract runs 26 March 2012 -12 May 2012. hand held devices. Our ideal applicant will also be comfortable in managing all creative aspects of a project. Ipswich. Knowledge of the current National Curriculum and both the ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ and ‘Kids in Museums’ initiatives would be an advantage. develop and deliver in-house and outreach workshop sessions for primary schools as well as family friendly activities for visitors to the Shakespeare We're looking for a passionate creative who will be pro-active in developing ideas and leading innovation. To request the artist brief which has more information and details on how to apply please contact Rachel Willis. have excellent interpersonal and organisational skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Design. Essential Skills include: . mobile and television.willis@stockton. and Animation .co. backgrounds and ability. IP1 2AS Closing Date: 8 February 2012 at 4pm (source: www. We want artists with experience of making carnival costume.UI Design 16 . Civic Drive. fashion and photography. 6 months April . Experience will be offered in all forms of curatorial 180 Lower Richmond Road. travel/training budget & accommodation or by post to: Deveron Website: http://www. and ensuring the highest professional standards in everything we do. The Closing Date: 29 February 2012 (source: www. May-July 2012. The event takes place in the UK 4 times a year and aims to make art accessible to everybody and to support galleries and emerging 19/1/2012) engagement. meeting and greeting and other duties as appropriate. Deveron Arts / the town is the venue is looking for a dynamic and motivated intern to assist in curating and arts development through the Shadow Curator methodology.cityoflondon. The role will encompass managing the development of Barbican Art Gallery's visitor services. Download full details at the website: www. £6. Sadler's House. Tel: 01466 794494 Closing Date: 10 February 2012 at 12 noon (source: www. £10. with clear definition of the responsibilities taken for each project. Affordable Art Fair is a contemporary art fair selling original art work for under £4. 13 -18 March 2012. Illustrator. architecture. £4. For further details and to apply search for job ref BC298 on the website: www. One of the leading art spaces in the UK. including aspects of risk management.September 2012 (full time). . arts administration and event organisation through training and opportunities for critical London. enthusiasm and an outgoing personality . AB54 8BR. assisting with workshops. and retail operations. Closing Date: 6 February 2012 at 12 noon (source: 19/1/2012) Nowhereisland Embassy Educators Bristol. front of house. Huntly. flyering.affordableartfair. We are looking for people with a proven interest in developing a career in socially engaged / collaborative arts development and curating.We are looking for people who want to get involved and learn about what it takes to put on an event and who don't mind doing small mundane 19/1/2012) Gallery Manager Fair Assistant Shadow Curator Internship 2012 Huntly.550 . After Effects Candidates must initially present examples of a range of their creative work via email.000 (pro rata).Confidence in talking to members of the public. assisting during the fair. emptying bins.270 pa depending on experience/performance. London SW15 1LY Website: www. one of 12 arts projects 17 .999 plus subsistence for accommodation and food.£39. clearing cafe. security.50 per hour.littleloud.artsjobs. Requirements: Apply with a letter outlining your interest and send a CV (clearly marked with your file name) to: Anna Vermehren by email to: anna@deveron-arts. The successful candidate will have a significant level of experience in a similar role managing a front of house team and taking overall responsibility for ensuring best practice and high performance standards. The Studio. Responsibilities include assisting with the set up and breakdown of the fair. Closing Date: 6 February 2012 (source: www. We are looking for a Gallery Manager with proven front of house managerial experience in a gallery or museum context. Barbican Art Gallery presents the best of international visual art with a dynamic mix of art. visitor questionnaires. £34.3D skills.Motivation. This will preferably be as a web link (showreel/site).Photoshop.wiredsussex. Email: jobs@littleloud. To apply send a CV and handwritten cover letter no more than 1 side long explaining why you want to work for AAF and what you can offer to: Luci Noel. Situations is looking for two Embassy Educators to join the team working on Nowhereisland. Affordable Art Fair. Flash Bonus Skills: .com 19/1/2012) London.cityoflondon. manning cloakroom and fire exits.deveron-arts. Brander Building.

These two roles will be integral to the delivery of Nowhereisland and will staff The Embassy which accompanies Nowhereisland on its journey. research and administration.6:00pm.situations. as well as being groups ambassador. recording stories and comments and uploading information to social media. meet people and have fun? The following projects are part of Active Student. Art in Mind – Creative Arts Volunteers The Basement – Front of House Representatives Participate in mental health focused art workshops. With over 100 artist studios. stewarding the show and helping evacuate if required. The main journey will begin in Weymouth on 25 July and finish in Bristol on 9 September. Volunteers are sought for their Intuition and Ingenuity Exhibition 17th to 26th February. working events. showcasing new work by artists and filmmakers. visitor the UK. The Basement is the region’s leading purveyor of innovative and experimental performance. an arts course programme and an art gallery. The roles will involve meeting and working with local ‘host’ groups and individuals who have been involved in the lead up to the journey as part of the engagement programme as well as setting up. and also for training and rehearsing with The Embassy in May. and striking the event. which will form part of the Cultural Olympiad this the Volunteering Service at the University of Brighton. welcoming visitors and answering visitor questions. Time commitment is a few hours per Closing Date: 20 February 2012 (source: taking down and running Embassy activities and helping people engage with The Embassy and Nowhereisland. Phoenix Gallery Brighton – Front of House Volunteers Lighthouse – Gallery Invigilators CompARTment .2:30pm or 2:30pm . Embassy Educators will also be responsible for documenting.situations. Time commitment is flexible. using photography and video. Phoenix Brighton is the largest artist led organisation in the South East. Full details available at: http://www. Responsibilities include: ensuring the building is safe and secure. The role will involve assisting us in getting the venue ready for the public. exit leafleting. funded by the Arts Council of Email: katie@situations.Various artrelated roles Lighthouse is a leading arts agency in south east England supporting. Time commitment is 3 hours per week. Use art to campaign and raise awareness around mental health issues. A range of volunteering 18 . helping people find their seats when the house is open. Volunteers help out with the setting up and taking down of 20/1/2012) Voluntary & Unpaid Opportunities Do you want to get involved with your local community. Applicants must be available throughout this time. June and July. Assist in the running of mental health art workshops to other volunteer groups. gain new experience and skills. We are looking for volunteers to help us as front of house assistants. commissioning and CompARTment is a Brighton based Arts movement that uses disused spaces for all elements of the Arts. Active Student supports and guides student in finding appropriate volunteering placements in the local community. capturing and disseminating aspects of the daily life of The Embassy. Shifts are either 11:00am . have the opportunity to use your skills. welcoming customers at the front door.

com/pages/ActiveStudent/157701337575088 Please note this opportunity is nothing to do with Active Student CINECITY and production designer Anna Deamer are looking for a team of student volunteers to form an art department who will create two film sets for Hangover Square. If you would like to get involved in any of the above opportunities or would like further information. The sets will be exhibited in Brighton Festival in the North and South Galleries. Hangover Square is widely regarded as Patrick Hamilton's masterpiece. This project provides an exciting opportunity for students interested in the workings of film art departments. costume.this unique art installation revisits his most famous work.’ University of Brighton Student Volunteers needed for Art Project To mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Patrick Hamilton ‒ iconic author. Participants can choose to contribute a few hours or a larger amount of time to the project. graphics. Widening Participation Department. Volunteers are asked to commit to 4-8 hours per week for 6 months. designer/artist Anna Deamer and students from the University of Brighton and City College present a film set for an imaginary screen version of this bleak hymn to obsessive desire. admin and much more. set dressing and painting. Set in the seamy watering holes of Earls Court and a rain-swept Brighton on the cusp of World War II. artist liaison. For more details and to volunteer to be part of this project please contact Fay Lofty. University of Brighton Tel: 01273 641 774 Email: f. Now CINECITY. stewarding. inextricably W. Two interiors. the exhibition also allows the viewer to weave their own narratives upon the empty rooms.brighton.facebook. Music of Our Time (MOOT) – Various roles MOOT is a new music performance and education organisation aimed at providing opportunities for Brighton and Hove residents to get to know. Bag So Beautiful are offering a fantastic opportunity to students who have a passion for fashion and a combined love for writing articles. Grand Parade. in the North. saloon bar laureate and former Hove resident .lofty@brighton. please contact Active Student. The opportunity will involve writing 19 . The team will run as does a film/TV art department and members will be offered the opportunity to work on props. design and make between February and May. Only rain now – the grey wet end of hope and love. a seedy London flat where the climactic crime scene is re-imagined. Fundraising Assistant roles and Brighton Festival Events Coordinator Assistant roles. Hangover Square art department is recruiting now and will research. Brighton Festival 2012 Programme Notes Hangover Square ‘Earls Court in the rain… The summer had crashed: it had crashed at Brighton: it would never rise 01273 644145 E. form the heart of the exhibition: in the South Gallery a smart Brighton hotel room.roles in events. T. Offering connections and clues to the rest of this darkly comic ‘like us’ on Facebook at http://www. volunteering@brighton. www. In mid-April work will move into the galleries and the team will paint and dress the sets ready for exhibition. lighting and effects will open with a private view on Friday 4th May and then be on view to the public throughout Volunteers are sought for Development Manager.brighton. appreciate and enjoy contemporary music while providing a platform for local talented artist and musicians. PR/ The exhibition involves Closing Date: 15 February 2012 Fashion Journalism Work Experience Please note this opportunity is nothing to do with Active Student or the University of Brighton. drapes. sound and – search for ‘Active Student’ Follow Active Student on Twitter at http://twitter. No minimum time commitment and sessions are Find us at http://community.

00pm The Information Room. University of Brighton Memorialisation and Neoliberalism? Rethinking contemporary memorial forms and discourses 28 February 2012. Brighton BN2 0JY Free – open to the public Silvia Mercuriali (Italy/UK) SILVIA MERCURIALI trained in physical theatre at the Arsenale. Milan. UoB Monday Lecture 20 . Room M2 (The Boardroom) alternative Tuesdays at 5. Manor House. Website: www.00pm The Information Room. 12. Room M2.30pm Sallis Benney Theatre. Bag So Beautiful’s own blog. relating to Bag So Beautiful products. Email: james@dreamscapedesign. Manor House. Moulsecoomb Starting Up In Business – Tips From an Expert 29 February 2012. 5.30pm Details as follows: Jess Franco’s Gothic Desire: the conservative transgressions of the ‘cult’ film 14 February 2012. 5. University of Brighton For more information contact 6 February 2012. The articles will be posted on student’s blogs. Grand Parade If you would like to attend any workshop please book your place online.30-7. and there will also be opportunities for the articles to go live on some leading fashion blogs who are partnering with us.30-2. 5.30pm.00pm The Information Room. graduates and 12. Moulsecoomb Social Enterprises – More Than Just Profit 14 March 2012.30pm. University of Brighton.30-2.purbrick@brighton. Grand iota Seminars The Design History and Material Culture Research Group Seminar series will take place at University of Brighton. 12.30-2. Closing Date: Ongoing News & Events Beepurple Entrepreneurship Programme Beepurple is the University of Brighton’s entrepreneurship programme open to all 12. Grand Parade Talk by Nicola The Boardroom (M2). Moulsecoomb Entrepreneurship Master Class 4 7 March 2012. Grand Parade Talk by Jill Seddon. Throughout the year beepurple delivers free.30-7. Grand Parade Entrepreneurship Master Class 3 22 February 2012.articles and press releases remotely. To show your interest and find out more email James at dreamscape Design. Grand Parade Talk by Glenn Ward. Mithras House. from your own accommodation. University of Brighton Landscape with Statues: recording the public sculpture of Sussex 13 March 2012.30pm The Boardroom (M2). celebrity styles and general fashion. Room M2. practical workshops that aim to develop your enterprise skills and entrepreneurial thinking – essential for your future careers.beepurple. Moulsecoomb Protecting Your Ideas 15 February 2012. These are the upcoming workshops: Entrepreneurship Master Class 2 8 February 2012. She is best known as one half of the internationally acclaimed experimental theatre company. Room M2. Manor House. 5.30-7. A range of business support services are also available for students and graduates wanting to explore the possibility of self-employment or setting up their own private or social venture. 58-67 Grand Parade.30pm Room 228. Online booking opens 2 weeks before each event. 5.

She is at present creating a new piece of this nature. The exhibition showcases the collection of her prints presented to the Pallant Gallery in 2006. ‘Here’ ranges from Sussex landscapes to interior spaces. reflecting on a lost rural simplicity or the clutter of the contemporary. Their research into instruction-based performances and Autoteatro has enabled them to develop an understanding of writing for unrehearsed participants.pallant. 11 February .uk 19/1/2012) Dreams of Here Phoenix Brighton – spring and summer Courses A range of new arts courses are running starting between January and July at Phoenix Brighton. Silvia has always been interested in the live and resonant everyday life.html Website: www.phoenixarts. Website: http://www. free The intention of Autoteatro is to ensure a highly enjoyable and unique experience for both performers and audience members. without need of previous performing experience or skills. posters for the London Underground.pallant. Together the work of these artists takes the viewer on a journey of the Wed . Her work places the audience in the role of strangers. Her theatre work in public spaces focuses on creating pieces that are informed and inspired by the architecture and geography of a place and by the community that inhabits it. taking as his subject ordinary objects and everyday narratives – from a rubbish tip to a rock Email: 20/1/2012) 21 .5pm An installation of large-scale prints by Canadian artist Derek Besant. issues on responsibility and action in everyday life are always present in her (source: (source: www.Sun 11am .silviamercuriali.phoenixarts. Website: www. Edward Bawden and Peggy Angus. and Peter Marsh uses structures in the urban environment to generate a sequence of images through two and three dimensional media.Rotozaza. From her first show as Rotozaza in 1999 to the latest work as ‘il pixel rosso’. repeat patterns for both fabric and paper. site-specific events and installations since 1999. He displays The Voyage. from a place of literal description to the landscapes of subconscious Phoenix Brighton.brighton-hove-rpml. with Gemma Brockis called Berlin Nevada. Chichester Until 26 February 2012. Andrzej Jackowski draws the spectator to dream-like shadowy interior spaces. Bell.25 March 2012. Julian Bell brings the eye of the traditional realist painter to his contemporary surroundings. Broken Ground Brighton Museum & Art Gallery 18 February to 10 June 2012 Enjoy this beautiful exhibition of new work by three nationally recognised contemporary painters and printmakers. postage stamps. She also works as a performer and co devisor for visual and site/context specific theatre companies (UK) as Shunt and Clod Ensemble and Inconvenient Spoof. each with a strong connection to Sussex. and the temporary state of chaos that results in the streets. book jackets and book illustrations. Website: www. illustrator. encouraging them to look around as if for the first time. Hammick and Jackowski all paint and draw figurative ali. creators of theatre. The work is themed around core redevelopment and upheaval within several big cities. each with his own distinctive style. Marx was a contemporary of artists such as Eric Ravilious. and from vibrant colours to echoing empty (source: Email: info@phoenixbrighton. Two short films by Jayne Wilson offer an observation on our modern day malady of supposed urgency.phoenixbrighton. a one-off installation comprising 60 unframed drawings pinned to the walls. For full details of courses visit the website: www. Accomplished colourist Tom Hammick creates brightly patterned paintings depicting modern-day life. During her lifetime Marx created an extraordinary array of 20/1/2012) Enid Marx: The Eve-Breuning Gift Pallant House Gallery.

Institutions can now request Artyfacts in PDF by email (please delete as appropriate below) Current students and staff can access Artyfacts on studentcentral (you will need to log in) Name: Address: Email: PDF copy requested (institutions only) YES / NO Please return to: Artyfacts Subscriptions (A/F February 2012). please complete the subscription form below and return it together with your cheque for £10.00 (for 10 issues) made payable to the University of Brighton. Brighton BN2 0JY 22 . Student Services.Artyfacts subscription If you are a University of Brighton graduate or live in the Sussex area and would like your name added to our mailing list. 58-67 Grand Parade. University of Brighton.