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Piano GRADE 6

Jazz subject.

PREREQUISITE FOR ENTRY : Grade 5 (or above) in Theory of Music, Practical Musicianship or any solo

SCALES AND ARPEGGIOS *: see also p. 6 Scales (similar motion) all keys, major and minor (minors both melodic and harmonic) Staccato scales Group 1: A, E b majors or Group 2: E, B b majors Contrary-motion scales Group 1: A, Eb majors and harmonic minors or Group 2: E, Bb majors and harmonic minors Staccato scale in thirds C major Chromatic scales beginning on any note named by the examiner Chromatic contrary-motion scale beginning on A# (L.H.) and C# (R.H.), a minor third apart Arpeggios all keys, major and minor Diminished sevenths beginning on B and on C#

legato, hands together and separately hands separately‡ legato, hands beginning on the key-note (unison)‡§ hands separately legato, hands together and separately legato legato, hands together and separately legato, hands together and separately

4 octaves 4 octaves 2 octaves 2 octaves 4 octaves 2 octaves 4 octaves 4 octaves

‡ The candidate chooses one of the two groups § Same group as chosen above * Published by ABRSM (Scale requirements, Specimen Sight-Reading Tests, Specimen Aural Tests)


12 from Cimarosa Sonatas. Op. 4 in D minor ⎫ Selected Piano Exam Pieces 2011 & 2012. 20 from Tchaikovsky Album for the Young. Bach Prelude in D. Vol. No. 126 ⎫ Selected Piano Exam Pieces 2011 & 2012. 52 from Peterson Jazz Exercises. 4 ⎬ ⎭ (ABRSM) 3 Handel Allegro: 2nd movt from Suite in G. with the addition of 9 .Piano: GRADE 6 THREE PIECES: one chosen by the candidate from each of the three Lists. 3 ⎬ ⎭ Grade 6 (ABRSM) 3 Nielsen Mignon: No. Bach 18 Little Preludes (ABRSM) 5 Cimarosa Allegro in G. Book 2 (Broekmans & Van Poppel 871/MDS) 6 Zipoli Corrente (Allegro): 2nd movt from Suite No. 20 and 23 15 . Intermediate Piano Book (Peters EP 54199) 5 Frank Martin Clair de lune (Petit nocturne) (Billaudot GB6406/UMP) 6 Oscar Peterson Jazz Exercise No. 7. Op. Triplet rhythms. AURAL TESTS FOR THE GRADE *: see pp. 2) (Suite published separately: Süddeutscher Musikverlag SM 2204/44—Bärenreiter) LIST B 1 Chaminade Élégie: No. S. 5 from Poetic Tone-Pictures. No. 1 in B minor (from Sonate d’intavolatura. P. Op. Grade 6 2 Rodrigo Pastoral ⎬ (ABRSM) 3 Takemitsu Clouds: No. Etudes & Pieces for Piano. 20. 5 and 5 . Book 4 (ABRSM) LIST C 1 Foster Soirée Polka ⎫ Selected Piano Exam Pieces 2011 & 2012. 1 from Lifecycle (or Prelude published separately) (Highbridge Music/ Music Sales) 5 Grovlez Petites litanies de Jésus: from L’Almanach aux images (Stainer & Bell 0534) 6 Tchaikovsky The Witch (Baba Yaga). S. F. 3. 4 from Five Piano Pieces. 2 Grieg Allegro moderato: No. some clef changes 8 4 8 and sparing use of the right pedal may be encountered. S. BWV 925 (from Clavierbüchlein für W. 1 No. 2 from Piano Pieces for Children ⎭ 4 Ross Lee Finney Jack Rabbit: from Youth’s Companion. Op. 3 4 Howard Blake Prelude (Andantino): No. J. No. 10 from 20th-Century Composers. Bach). Series 2. time signatures as Grade 5. 39 (ABRSM) or More Romantic Pieces for Piano. keys up to four sharps/flats (major and minor). 2nd Edition (Hal Leonard/Music Sales) SIGHT-READING *: a piece of around twelve to sixteen bars in length. Minuets. 7 from Album des enfants. 39 No. A. Grade 6 2 Galuppi Adagio: 1st movt from Sonata in D. Op. B and C: LIST A 1 Alcock Almand: 1st movt from Suite No. HWV 441 4 J. Bach A Little Keyboard Book (ABRSM) or J. See also p. Op.