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As a part of the course curriculum, the T.Y.B.B.A. students are required to prepare a project report. The objective behind preparing this report is to teach the management relate subject in the classroom to their practical application. Since last four or five year, the growth of management is the centre port of every organization. It means it is a very important part of organization. Without management expansion of any organization is not possible. It cannot be neglected by any organization. It before it becomes too important to study management practically. This project of “AN ANALYTICAL CONSUMER PREFRENCES FOR LOCAL ICE-CREAMS IN THE CITY OF AHEMADABAD.”

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B.A and S.Y.B. friends and above of our college who help us in preparing this report.B. From the practical training is a part of F. From the practical training is more important. competition is more so in the every field practical study is more important.B. Today in the world.Acknowledgement The successful completion of this report could not have been Possible without the cooperation and support of our professor.Y.A -$apphire GrouP. Page 4 .B.

Index . Shilpa shah. Page 5 . First we would like to thank GUJARAT UNIVERSITY for introducing the project work. There has made our task simple and meaningful. We forward thanks to our respected professor Mrs. We thankful to our directors Mrs. We do the practical study. Serial no.programmed. Pallavi Oza for her imparting valuable guidance and ever ready help. CERTIFICATE NAME OF SAPPHIRE GROUP MEMBER PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT No -$apphire GrouP. we get the experience regarding the real position of the business.

4 Research Data 2.6 Sampling 2.Chapter-1 Int Introduction Chapter-2 Research Methodology 2.8 Research Instrument 2.1 International 4.5 Research Approach 2. Page 6 .2 Objective 2.3 Raw Material and Ingredients 4.7 Contact Method 2.9 Limitation of research Chapter-3 Chapter-4 History of Ice-cream Industry Scenario 4.2 National 4.3 Research Design 2.1 Meaning 2.4 Production of Ice-cream -$apphire GrouP.

1 Product $ Chapter-7 Level of product 7. Page 7 .5 Demand and Supply 4.2 Unorganized $ $ Janta Farki Asharfi $ Patel $ Chapter-6 WHAT ARE REASON OF SUCCESS? MARKETING MIX 7.6 Consumption Chapter-5 Major players 5.4.1 Organized $ Amul $ Havmor $ Vadilal 5.2 Price -$apphire GrouP.

TARGETING. Page 8 .4 Promotion Chapter-8 Chapter-9 SEGMENTATION. POSITIONING SWOT ANALYSIS Chapter-10 PEST ANALYSIS Chapter-11 FIVE FORCE Chapter-12 CHART Chapter-13 FINDING Chapter-14 DATA INTERPRETATION & ANALYSIS Chapter-15 CONCLUSION Chapter-16 SUGGESTION & BIBILIOGRAPHY -$apphire GrouP.3 Place 7.7.

develop habits to adjust with different members and their thinking. IN this world of globalization in order to stand in the competition with the developed countries extra ordinary skills knowledge. Thus group project perfectly help students to gain extra knowledge part from that given in the classroom by the faculty members. we should have the capacity to find different situation where this theory is exactly applicable so that to making business decision and building strategies can become easier. financial project and finally a group project in the three consecutive years FY. group report is very apt for TY students considering their maturity understanding and thinking level. SY and TY respectively basically group report is made for TY students with an aim to build team working skills. This experience is very useful to the student s who has the aim to become future manager. During these entire three years. As a student of professional course such as BBA.1-Introduction. we should have enough practical knowledge along with theoretical concepts and also the ability to correlate theory with the current practical scenario. We are making report on four local Ice-creams -$apphire GrouP. We were making report on AN ANALYTICAL CONSUMER PREFRENCES FOR MAKE LOCAL ICE-CREAMS IN THE CITY OF AHMEDABAD. coordination and co-operation with a view to develop required team building skills . technology. proper time sense is required so that we can differentiate ourselves from others and make our position strong. Page 9 . we had prepared different project reports including an industrial visit. work with unity.

Objective 1. Research Design. 1.Brand.7. Vadilal and Havmor and International brand like Quality Walls and Baskin Robbins. Patel and Farki But also referring a national brand like Amul. 1. 1. RESEARCH APPROACH. Name of Brand Is Ashrafi. 1. 2-Research Methodology. 1. Limitation of research -$apphire GrouP. Page 10 . Research instruments.4. Sampling. 1. contact method. RESEARCH DATA. Meaning 1.9.1. Janta.6.8.

Janta Ice-cream. 4.2. Meaning. 1. 3. Farki Ice-cream. -$apphire GrouP. collection. Ashrafi Ice-cream. Which under below. Analysis & reporting of the data relevant to a specific Problem faced by an organization. Objective. “Research can be defined as a Systematic Design. Page 11 .1. Patel Ice-cream. 1).2. 2.” 2.”We had taken four Local Icecream Brands.Primary Objective:Our primary objective is to know about “AN ANALYTICAL CONSUMER PREFRENCES FOR LOCAL ICE-CREAMS IN THE CITY OF AHEMADABAD.

2. 2. 3. Causal Research.Secondary Objective:• To Estimate the employment generation through the Ice-cream local Brand in Ahemdabad. This was located in Ahemdabad. Descriptive Research. • Type & nature of competition • Size & structure of industry. 2). and Farki. Exploratory Research -$apphire GrouP. “The Research Design can be termed as the form of Research which involves various objectives behind the Research. Research Design. Patel.Its objective is to describe market characteristics or functions. • To describe characteristics of market.” It can be conducted in the three major Forms: 1. 1. • To describe taste & preference of consumers • To describe taste & preference of consumers about local ice-cream brands – Janta. 2. Asharfi. Page 12 . Exploratory Research.

When Research is made in order to find out something new which is not known to us & having Hypothesis is termed as Exploratory Research. Its objective is to describe market characteristics or functions. Page 13 . Causal Research. The Objective is to explore or search through a problem or a Situation or to provide insights and understanding. When a research is done to establish cause & relationshionship between two variables is known as causal Research. Panels and observational and other data 3. So. we use EXPLORATORY RESEARCH to gain additional. Descriptive Research. Secondary data survey II. It is aimed at describing certain situation. I. -$apphire GrouP. Competition research. Market potential research for customer test & preferences are the various examples or descriptive research. Our research is on the local brands of ice-creams & their taste & preferences. Following methods are used the descriptive research. new information in the research area 2.

Research Data. It’s not existed anywhere. Primary data sources. The data sources may be of two types: 1. It’s kind of data which is new & fresh data obtain with a view to solve the research problem. But. 2. Page 14 . The research data involves the sources of data to be collected from.The objective of causal research is to determine cause and affect relationship between the two variables. we are not using causal research for consumers taste & preference about local icecream brand. Method’s of collecting primary data:Observation: -$apphire GrouP.4.

There are several survey methods. Internet (Ice-cream Industry).” We using. Government Site (Government Policy.. and online method. We are not using other methods of survey for collecting primary data such as telephonic interview.It simply means collect the data by Observation. We taken Personal interview of Icecream Customer during the Consuming Ice-cream or Carrying Ice-cream from family or home. 2. Old News paper (Business Standard).) -$apphire GrouP.. Page 15 . and event in a systematic manner to obtain research related information. Observation means “its recording & analyzing the behavioral pattern of people. object. Survey method: Survey method refers that the researcher is collecting the information by doing survey. Personal interview: It means face of respondent by researcher. mail method. Secondary data sources:“It’s kind of data which is existed already & available to the researcher for his research purpose.

The research approach defines how we will get the information from our respondents. There are mainly four methods of the research approach: I. 2. “A sample on the other hand is a sub group of the population selected for participation in the study.2.” (1) (2) (3) (4) Sample Sample Unit Sample size Sampling procedure Sample :- -$apphire GrouP. Survey Approach III. Research Approach.6. Focus group Research IV. Observational Approach II. Experimental Approach As a research approach we have used the survey method. Here we have asked the questions face to face to the respondents.5. Sampling. Page 16 .

our research includes the survey of 300 customers & their taste & preferences about local ice-cream brands (1) Sampling procedure:- ○ It means method the sample will be selected. Sample size:• The Sample Size includes that how many people to be surveyed. Patel and Farki. • Our sample size is 300. • EXAMPLE: .We taken sample of customer of each of Ice-cream parlor. Asrafi. There are basically two types of Patel Farki Ashrafi Total cream -$apphire GrouP. Local ice. Page 17 .) Who purchasing and consuming Ice-cream from Local Brands.” Sample Unit:• The sample unit is nothing but the target person. (Janta. Sample size includes that how many people to be surveyed under research.“Sample is a segment of the population selected for research to represent the population as a whole.

Research Instrument.8. it is consider as telephonic interview. The contact method clarifies how to make a contact with the respondent. We have used this method to contract our respondents.7. As far as our research is concerned we have used the following of contact: [1] Personal interview The Personal interview is such a method where directly face to face communication takes place. Page 18 . We also have to take some telephonic interview for getting the permission about the face to face interview. Contact Method.owner Questionnair 75 e 75 75 75 300 2. 2. [2] Telephonic interview ➢ ➢ Whenever we make the use of the telephone device to for getting the information from the respondent. Questionnaire -$apphire GrouP.

Limitation of research. the questions are asked in logical sequence and numbers of question are predecided it is called structured questionnaires. as research instrument. 2. as research instrument.9. [2] Structured Questionnaires:When the number of question is not pre-decided and none of the question asked in logical sequence. Page 19 . The limitation of our research can be shown as under: [1] Primary Data Collection: (1) Time -$apphire GrouP.“Questionnaires mean set of Question.” [1] Structured Questionnaires:When in the questionnaires. We are not using unstructured questionnaires. We are using structured questionnaires. Every research has its own positive as well as negative points. it is called unstructured questionnaires. Similarly we have to face many problems.

It was really a time consuming task to get the required information. We have to use the old data for our analysis.The time was the major factor considered as a major limitation of our research. We have to spend more to reach the different places for getting the required data for the research. analyzing and evaluating the data and to finish the research (2). Page 20 . Cost The cost was also one of the responsible factors to be considered as a limitation. (3) Poor Response We have to face major problem in terms of the poor response of the respondents. -$apphire GrouP. Even somewhere we have to face the poor words by the respondents. [1] Secondary Data Collection: (1) Old Data We cannot get fresh data regarding the census.

Emperor Nero reportedly sent messengers to the mountains to collect snow so that his kitchen staff could make concoctions flavored with fruit and honey. Page 21 ➢ ➢ -$apphire GrouP. eventually. This practice evolved into fruit. ➢ The ancient Greeks. ➢ Our love affair with ice cream is centuries old. ices and.3-History of Ice-cream. Romans. In the first century. and Jews were known to chill wines and juices. . frozen milk and cream mixtures.

➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ The first public sale of ice cream occurred in Paris at the Café Procope in 1670. Marco Polo introduced Europe to a frozen milk dessert similar to the modern sherbet that he had enjoyed in the Far East. Included in her trousseau were recipes for frozen desserts. In 1533. -$apphire GrouP. Page 22 . the young Italian princess Catherine de Medici went to France as the bride of the future King Henry II.➢ Twelve centuries later. The Italians were especially fond of the frozen confection that by the sixteenth century was being called ice cream.

in 1851 when a milk dealer named Jacob Fussell found himself with a surplus of fresh cream. ➢ Ice cream is a sweet. the mixture is beaten to stop the formation of ice crystals. natural flavors and eggs (though not always)." it must contain at least 10% fat. fruits or nuts. flavored mixture based on dairy products that have turned solid through freezing. ➢ When it begins to freeze. ➢ The first documented full-time manufacturing of ice cream took place in Baltimore. sugar. . which results in a light and creamy product. Maryland. chocolate syrup. cream. ➢ For a product to be called "ice cream. Nancy Johnson designed a hand-cranked ice cream freezer that improved production slightly. or 8% if there is added cocoa.➢ The development of ice harvesting and the invention of the insulated icehouse in the nineteenth century made ice more accessible to the general public. ➢ In 1846. Page 23 -$apphire GrouP. ➢ Traditional ice cream contains milk.

to which no fatty milk solids are added. milk or evaporated milk (or both)." ➢ ➢ Industrially made ice cream is generally made from a mixture of cream." Ice cream with an overrun of 20%-50% would yield creamier ice cream. it is called a "dairy dessert. flavors and colorings. above 50% would yield mushy. sometimes natural but most often artificial. It also contains sugar (14%-16%).➢ If a product contains less fat. emulsifiers. stabilizers. ➢ ➢ 4-Industry Scenario. liquidly ice cream that melts quickly. The yield is the increase in volume of a frozen product by adding air. also known as the "overrun. Page 24 . -$apphire GrouP.

but often they put the responsibility of the flavors and ingredients on the supplier. This is partly because it is used in so many products.S.  More ice cream is sold on Sunday than any other day of the week Ice cream and related frozen desserts are consumed by more than 90 percent of households in the U.  In 1984.Most ice cream is purchased by the consumer on basis of flavor and ingredients. sundaes. like milkshakes. Vanilla accounts for over half of the ice cream consumed. President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month as National Ice-Cream Day. There are several different flavors of ice cream manufactured. It is the ice cream manufacturers’ responsibility to prepare an excellent mix.  Although the origin of ice cream is unclear in history books. desserts. banana splits. Interesting Ice-cream facts. . etc. in addition to being consumed with pies.5 million possible Creation Page 25 -$apphire GrouP. the first ice cream parlor in America opened in New York City in 1776.  It takes the average person just about 50 licks to polish off a single scoop ice cream cone.  A Harvard doctoral student recently calculated that there are more than 11.

reduced fat (0. milk and Oreo cookies. Page 26 .7% of overall sales). low fat (3% of overall sales) and nonfat (2% of overall Sales) -$apphire GrouP.combinations.4% of the total dollar sales) continue to outsell regular ice cream as well as the light (7% of overall sales). It would take someone more than 421 lifetimes to try a new combination every day. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Fudge Most popular shake at Cold Stone? Milk ‘n Cookies made with Sweet Cream ice cream. and that’s only if you started eating ice cream on the day you were born!  Most popular Creation at Cold Stone? Peanut Butter Cup Perfection™ made with Chocolate Ice Cream with Peanut Butter. Fact/ International Ice-Association. The trend in ice cream is certainly towards “indulgence” and the sales prove it. Premium and super-premium quality ice creams (with 41.

-$apphire GrouP. Page 27 .Market Share of Ice-cream.

-$apphire GrouP. Page 28 .

18 17.1. 1996 Coffee Fruit Juices Ice-cream Soft-Drint 73.53 17.84 2002 57. and a significant amount of that ice cream is purchased at ice cream shops. according to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. have confidence that you will be part of a well-established and evergrowing market. ➢ ➢ Canadians are also big ice cream consumers.02 2005 56. International ➢ As you start out in your new business.45 20. According to the International Dairy Foods Association.43 Confectionary 18. according to the International Ice Cream Association.40 20.91 2008 43. ➢ Ice cream sales are a $23 billion industry in the United States.67 4. -$apphire GrouP.38 2.9 billion on ice cream purchases eaten away from home in 2006.72 3.50 2. Page 29 . Americans spent $13.76 5.93 4.55 2.Name of Food.59 15.06 21.16 4.84 24.39 1999 63. spending nearly $2 billion on ice cream and frozen desserts in 2005.78 7.01 3.01 6.97 4.92 1.

Short Profile of International Ice Cream Companies: [1] Kwality Walls Ltd ➢ Kwality Ice Cream is the pioneer in the Indian icecream manufacturing industry and in 1956 became the first company in the country to use imported technology for manufacturing ice-cream on a commercial scale. ➢ As the ice-cream industry exploded in India. ➢ The Indian consumer market was introduced to “KWALITY WALLS” – the result of ➢ A collaboration between global brand Walls and the leading Indian ice-cream brand Kwality. ➢ Though the two giants eventually parted ways. in 1995 Kwality Group joined hands with Hindustan Lever Limited and then there Was no looking back. Page 30 . -$apphire GrouP. the collaboration made Kwality a household name and created deep in roads for the brand in the consumer market.

Page 31 . ➢ Kwality ice-creams are trusted not only for their rich. which helps level -$apphire GrouP. but also for their trusted quality and nutritious food value. ➢ It’s the first choice in ice-cream for any child or adult during the scorching Indian summers. [1] Ben & Jerry Ltd ➢ Since 2003. Kwality is not just a brand – it is the ice-cream associated with the Indian summer. creamy flavors. Ben & Jerry's have been working on a sustainable Caring Dairy initiative.➢ Today.

. cocoa.these community structures help promote their members' quality of life. in 2007. Ben & Jerry's in the USA committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 10% by 2007. In 2006. in 2001 Ben & Jerry's began sourcing vanilla. from cooperatively run farmer associations . ➢ Also. this target was achieved with ease the USA now produce 32% less carbon dioxide emissions (per pint of ice cream) today (in 2008) than in 2002. and by investing in a variety of efficiency measures. Beemster Cheese. improve worker's benefits. reduced energy use on their 11 farms by 2%.out needs of the farmers and their cows. the world's first ever vanilla ice cream made with Fair-trade ingredients was launched by Ben & Page 32 ➢ -$apphire GrouP. and converted all their farms to green energy. and coffee. for their smooth ice creams. ➢ In addition to helping farmers and their cows. in 2002. ➢ The company has. as well as the planet's needs. and sustain a commitment to their land and communities. so far. ➢ This initiative was brought to the exclusive provider of milk for Ben & Jerry's ➢ European ice cream production.

the Asia-Pacific ice cream market was worth $13 billion in terms of retail value and 5. ➢ ➢ Growing at a rate of approximately 12%. Chunky Monkey was guaranteed to be traded in accordance with international Fair-trade standards as well.Jerry's. “The ice cream market in India can be divided into: the branded market and the grey market. The branded Page 33 -$apphire GrouP. and vanilla. Natural's. using 100% Fair-trade certified cocoa. Which is costlier then packaged ice cream. There are also ice cream chains like Baskin Robbins. . the global market of ice creams was pegged at $61. 2007 saw the release of Vanilla Toffee Crunch. There is a countrywide availability of various ice cream flavors. 4. and Frazee. National ➢ Major ice-cream brands like AMUL. sugar.2. and in 2008. Coming to India. and Mother Dairy. Arun Ice-Creams. An Overview looking at some industry facts first. In 2007. ➢ ➢ ➢ Of this.128 million liters in terms of volume.6 billion in terms of retail value or 15 billion liters in terms of volume.

Vanilla.3 liters per annum V. The industry can be divided into the branded market and the unbranded market.000 II. Vadilal at 12% and Mother Diary at 8% IV. Amul held the number one spot. I. Strawberry and Chocolate together constitute approximately 60% of the market. the ice cream industry faces the challenge of low per capita consumption.In 2008-09. with a market share or 38%. ➢ The grey market consists of small local players and cottage industry players. The branded market at present is 100 million liters per annum valued at Rs. 800 cores III. Page 34 . ➢ This when India is a country with hot climate with a young at present is 100 million liters per annum valued at Rs.” ➢ Despite a decent growth rate. as against the world average of 2. 2. 800 cores.The per capita consumption of ice cream in India is approximately 300 ml. in the branded ice cream market. -$apphire GrouP. The ice cream industry in India is worth Rs. followed by Quality Walls at 14%.

Market Share of Indian Companies -$apphire GrouP. Page 35 . the peak season for ice cream still remains the summer months of April-June and dips in the months of November-February. ➢ According to the industry players. Ice cream always competes against these for attention. etc.➢ Indian cuisine has a huge range of desserts in its mix. juice. this trend especially holds true for the North and the Western parts of India.” Besides desserts. ice cream also vies for attention with other like foods for example in summers with cold drinks. coffee. Having said that. ➢ Another trend that is witnessing a change is the seasonal nature of the industry.

date with honey. which can be said to be a ‘western’ product. the ethnic Indian touch has a strong presence. Page 36 . ➢ Amul recently launched its super premium range in nine flavors including cheese with almonds. -$apphire GrouP. Alphanso mango and fresh litchi.➢ Even in ice cream.

and dahi (plain curd) -$apphire GrouP. Page 37 . dairy industry is introducing more ethnic products.➢ Taking a cue from the ice cream market. kulfi. are shrikhand (concentrated sweetened yogurt). rasogollas (cottage cheese balls in syrup). ➢ Amul recently introduced flavored lassi (churned yogurt) in rose and kewada flavors. ➢ Jamun (fried dough-balls in sugar syrup). Other ethnic dairy products that are making their presence felt. mishti doi (sweet curd). gulab.

Page 38 . flavoring and dairy derived ingredients Reduced Fat Ice Cream is made with 25% less fat than the referenced ice cream.3 Raw Material and Ingredients. -$apphire GrouP. less than 50% of thealories is derived from fat. Light or Lite Ice Cream is made with 50% less fat or 1/3 fewer calories than referenced ice cream. and uses only the highest quality ingredients. Super-Premium Ice Cream has very low overrun (air) and high fat content.4. safe and suitable sweeteners and optional stabilizing. That in the case of caloric reduction. Ice Cream is a frozen dessert product containing at least 10% milk-fat and at least 20% total milk solids. Low fat Ice Cream contains not more than 3 grams of fat per serving Nonfat / Fat Free Ice Cream contains less than 0. provided.5 grams of fat per serving.

fruit puree or fruit juice. Definition of production of Ice-cream: A smooth.No Sugar Added Ice Cream may contain artificial sweeteners. but is not sweetened with added sugar.4. containing a minimum of 10 percent milk fat and eaten as a snack or dessert. -$apphire GrouP. 4. Page 39 . It generally contains fruit. Production Process of Ice-Cream. Sorbet is frozen dessert similar in composition to an ice. cold food prepared from a frozen mixture of milk products and flavorings. It is a non-dairy product with relatively high sugar content. sweet.

or 8% if there is -$apphire GrouP. flavored mixture based on dairy products that have turned solid through freezing.Ice cream is a sweet. natural flavors and eggs (though not always). which results in a light and creamy product. When it begins to freeze. For a product to be called "ice cream. the mixture is beaten to stop the formation of ice crystals." it must contain at least 10% fat. cream. Page 40 . Traditional ice cream contains milk. sugar.

to which no fatty milk solids are added. Page 41 . sometimes natural but most often artificial. also known as the "overrun. stabilizers. it is called a "dairy dessert." Ice cream with an overrun of 20%-50% would yield creamier ice cream. If a product contains less fat. above 50% would yield mushy. It also contains sugar (14%-16%). fruits or nuts. Process of Production: Step-1 Blending the mixture Step -2 Pasteurizing to kill bacteria -$apphire GrouP. milk or evaporated milk (or both).added cocoa." Industrially made ice cream is generally made from a mixture of cream. flavors and colorings. liquidly ice cream that melts quickly. emulsifiers. The yield is the increase in volume of a frozen product by adding air. chocolate syrup.

➢ Step -2 Pasteurizing to kill bacteria:-$apphire GrouP. 5.Step -3 Homogenizing to produce a uniform texture Step -4 Cooling and resting to blend flavors Step -5 Flavoring the ice cream Step -6 Freezing to soft-serve consistency Step -7 Adding fruit and sweetened chunks Step -8 Packaging and bundling the finished product Step -9 Hardening Step -10 Quality Control Step-11 The Future Step-1 Blending the mixture:The milk arrives at the ice cream plant in refrigerated tanker trucks from local dairy farms. ➢ The milk is then pumped into Approx. ➢ Premeasured amounts of eggs.925 1) storage silos that are kept at 36°F (2°C). Page 42 .000 gal (3. sugar. ➢ Pipes bring the milk in pre-measured amounts to 1.000 gal (18. and additives are blended with the milk for six to eight minutes. 7851) stainless steel blenders.

➢ Step -5 Flavoring the ice cream:-$apphire GrouP.000 pounds per square inch (141 kg per sq cm). ➢ This breaks down the fat particles and prevents them from separating from the rest of the mixture.925 1) tanks in a room set at 36°F (2°C). ➢ Hot water. effectively killing any existing bacteria. ➢ In the homogenizer. ➢ The mixture is further blended as it is drawn into the pump cylinder on the down stroke and then forced back out on the upstroke.The blended mixture is piped to the pasteurization machine. flows on one side of the pl1ates as the mixture passes on the opposite side. ➢ Then the mixture is pumped to 5. approximately 182°F (83°C). ➢ Step -3 Homogenizing to produce a uniform texture:By the application of intensive air pressure. sometimes as much as 2. which is essentially a high-pressure piston pump. ➢ Step -4 Cooling and resting to blend flavors:The mixture is piped back to the pasteurizer where cold water. where it sits for four to eight hours to allow the ingredients to blend.000 gal (18. which is composed of a series of thin stainless steel plates. the mixture is cooled to 36°F (2° C). approximately 34°F (1°C). ➢ In this manner. ➢ The cold milk mixture is piped through on the other side. The water warms the mixture to a temperature of 180°F (82°C). Page 43 . the hot mixture is forced through a small opening into the homogenizer. flows on one side of the plates.

smaller hopper. ➢ The temperature inside the freezers is kept at -40°F (-40°C). An auger on the bottom of the machine turns the hoppers so that the chunks drop onto the star wheel in pre-measured amounts. ➢ Flavorings are piped into the vats and blended thoroughly. ➢ It is pumped into continuous freezers that can freeze up to 700 gal (2. the star wheel pushes the food chunks into the ice cream. As the mixture passes through the feeder. using liquid ammonia as a freezing agent. Step -7 Adding fruit and sweetened chunks ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ If chunks of food such as strawberry or cookie pieces are to be added to the ice cream. each holding up to 300 gal (1. air is injected into it.650 1) per hour. the frozen mixture is pumped to a fruit feeder. Another. ➢ While the ice cream is in the freezer. When the mixture leaves the freezer. Page 44 . fitted with a star wheel. -$apphire GrouP.136 1) of mixture.➢ The ice cream is pumped to stainless steel vats. is located on the front of the feeder. it has the consistency of soft-serve ice cream. Step -6 Freezing to soft-serve consistency:➢ Now the mixture must be frozen. The mixture then moves to a blender where the chunks are evenly distributed. The chunks are loaded into a hopper at the top of the feeder.

➢ After the imprinting. ➢ Step -10 Quality Control:➢ Every mixture is randomly tested during the production process. Each mixture is also taste-tested. ➢ The cartons move slowly back and forth through the tunnel for two to three hours until the contents are rock solid. -$apphire GrouP. ➢ The bacteria levels are measured. the cartons move through the bundler. ➢ Constantly turning ceiling fans create a wind chill of -60°F (-5 1°C). ➢ The cartons move along the conveyer belt where they pass under an ink jet that spray-paints an expiration date and production code onto each carton. The conveyer system moves the ice cream cartons to a tunnel set at -30°F (-34°C). ➢ Step -9 Hardening:Before storage and shipping.Step -8 Packaging and bundling the finished product:Automatic filling machines drop preprinted pint or half-gallon-sized cardboard cartons into holders. a heat tunnel that covers each cup with plastic shrink wrapping. Butterfat and solid levels are tested. Page 45 . the ice cream must be hardened to a temperature of -10°F (-23°C). ➢ The machine then places a lid on each carton and pushes it onto a conveyer belt. ➢ The cartons are then filled with premeasured amounts of ice cream at the rate of 70-90 cartons per hour. ➢ The cartons are then stored in refrigerated warehouses until they are shipped to retail outlets.

➢ Ironically.) Production in Summer Sale(Appo x) Sale(Sum mer) 1000 to1500ltr 300 to 500ltr 200 700to800ti to250k n g 400 2000tin 1200to1350lt r 1200to1400lt r introduction of liqueur-flavored ice creams PRODUCTION DATA OF LOCAL ICE-CREAM BRAND -$apphire GrouP. given the industry's experiences during Prohibition. one of the more recent innovations has been the Particular Employee Janta 15 Patel 17 300kg 550kg Ashrafi 15+5 1000tin 2500tin Farki 10+7 700ltr 1600ltr 500ltr Production 500to1000ltr Daily(Avg. Page 46 .➢ Ice cream producers also carefully monitor the ingredients that they purchase from outside suppliers. Step-11 the Future:➢ Ice cream manufacturers continue to develop new flavorings.

5.4. ➢ The country’s population is primarily rural with approximately 65% of the population living in villages with a population of less than 5. Demand and Supply ➢ The ice cream industry in India is in many ways. a Delhi-based trader has started importing some US ice-cream. Page 47 . reflective of the overall population distribution. ➢ The 350 million remaining people are concentrated in the cities where the industry is reasonably concentrated in the hands of a few international and domestic firms.000 ice cream entities.000. ➢ After liberalization. -$apphire GrouP.000 villages with a combined population in excess of 650 million. though demand is limited by high tariffs (51 percent). ➢ This has contributed to a highly fragmented industry that by many estimates has over 70. this means ➢ There are well over 150.

. and predominantly during the summer. Major Milk Supplier is Amul and Mother Dairy and Local dairy parlor and near village. chocolate and butterscotch in that order. To cater to the lower Page 48 ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ -$apphire GrouP. ➢ While generally all ice-cream Company require Milk. the most preferred are vanilla (30 pct market share). It has major problem is a scarcity of Milk in India. I. Though India has a low per capita ice cream consumption of 300 ml per annum. This is still only 120 ml per capita much less than its South Asian neighbors. Among the flavors marketed.Consumption. the trend is slowly changing due to a number of reasons. strawberry. Consumption is largely confined to the urban population. Pakistan (400 ml) and Sri Lanka (300 ml).6.➢ Demand is highly increase during in time of Summer It Is Increase up to 75%. ➢ Average Global consumption is 2 litre.

the ice cream industry faces the challenge of low per capita consumption. The branded market at present is 100 million liters per annum valued at Rs. 1996 in Gujarat. 800 crores. 5-Major Players. have recently introduced cheaper sherbets containing artificial fruit juices and sugar.1 Organized Amul: ➢ Amul Ice Cream was launched on 10th March. In 2007. ➢ Looking at some industry facts first. the global market of ice creams was pegged at $61.6 billion in terms of retail value or 15 billion litters in terms of volume. Page 49 . -$apphire GrouP.end of the market some producers. 5. ➢ ➢ Despite a decent growth rate.

cones. ➢ Nationally it was rolled out across the country in 1999. cups as well as take home packs and institutional/catering packs. ➢ Real Ice Cream’ given that it is a milk company and the wholesomeness of its products gives it a competitive advantage. Page 50 . Mother Dairy and achieved the No 1 position in the country. Amul ice creams entered Mumbai followed by Chennai in 1998 and Kolkata and Delhi in 2002. ➢ Amul ice cream was launched on the platform of ‘Real Milk. ➢ Not only has it grown at a phenomenal rate but has added a vast variety of flavors to its ever growing range. ➢ In 1997. ➢ This position was achieved in 2001 and it has continued to remain at the top.➢ The portfolio consisted of impulse products like sticks. -$apphire GrouP. ➢ It has combated competition like Walls.

➢ This range of SUGAR FREE. Havmor Ice Cream began its branded life in 1944 in Karachi. LOW FAT Diabetic Delight & Prolife Probiotic Wellness Ice Cream is created for the health conscious. in undivided India. Havmor: ➢ Small Beginning. ➢ In January 2007. which was a first in India. . Big Vision. Amul introduced SUGAR FREE & Prolife Probiotic Wellness Ice Cream. By 1947.➢ Currently it offers a selection of 220 products. it was a popular Page 51 -$apphire GrouP. quality of products and of course the brand name. ➢ Amul has always brought newness in its products and the same applies for ice creams. Great Ambitions. ➢ Amul’s entry into ice creams is regarded as successful due to the large market share it was able to capture within a short period of time – due to price differential.

And good quality. Perhaps he didn't know it then.local brand there. He called this fledgling brand 'Havmor' .a neologism for 'Have More' . in the wake of the partition. Havmor Ice Cream is a delicious facet of Western India's daily life and part of its market lore. In fact. Page 52 . he tried out Dehra Dun and Indore. settled down in Ahmedabad. with virtually no moveable assets. ➢ It reaches hundreds of thousands of consumers through 50 main outlets and 12000 plus dealers. its founder Satish Chona had to join the exodus into India. wins over the situation sooner or later. he had to begin from a hand-cart at the Ahmedabad Railway Station. Today. churning out the Ice Cream manually. like good character. -$apphire GrouP.which meant the customer. But in 1947. and more taste to relish from his Ice Creams. got more value for money. ➢ Searching for a new turf. He had to start the venture from scratch again. but he had laid the foundation for one of Western India's most enduring market legends. and finally.

started a small retail outlet in 1926. which traces its origins way back to 1907. inherited the business and they were instrumental in giving a new direction to the company. with a hand cranked machine. -$apphire GrouP. Ramchandra and Lakshman. been a long journey for the group. however. Page 53 . Rajesh R Gandhi and Devanshu L Gandhi. Ranchod Lal. ➢ He passed on the business to his son. variety and state-ofthe-art machinery and equipment.Vadilal: ➢ Today. ➢ The duo imparted a new vision to the venture and infused a spirit of calculated risk-taking into the company. the great-grand father of Virendra R Gandhi. who ran a one-man show. ➢ It has. and. availability. Ranchod Lal's sons. the name Vadilal conjures images of lip- smacking ice cream in a whole gamut of flavors. when a certain unassuming gentleman. Vadilal spells quality. started a soda fountain. Eventually. by the name of Vadilal Gandhi.

the Vadilal Company had already evolved into a modern corporate entity. the company moved towards neighbouring states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. ➢ "In 1972-73. the company had 8-10 outlets in Ahmedabad. ➢ But the expansion was undertaken very methodically and we spent five to six years in spreading our business and then consolidating it" says Shri Ramchandrabhai Gandhi (Chairman). -$apphire GrouP. Page 54 . we moved from the city to other parts of Gujarat. ➢ Gradually. ➢ By 1985. by the 1970s.➢ As a result.

He started this journey with small lari of Lollipop and small candy.2.5. Establishment year: 1947 Founder of Janta Ice-Cream was a Ramswarapbhai Shah. Ankur Cross Road. -$apphire GrouP. Un-Organized Janta: Janta Ice-cream. Naranpura. A’ bad. Page 55 .

ShahiBhag. Delhi Darwaja. Farki: Farki Ice-Cream. Rajeshbhai. A’ bad. Page 56 . Hareshbhai Shah are running partnership firm. Ramswarapbhai Rameshbhai shah Rajeshbhai Shah Hareshbhai Shah Now. And 22 Branches in all over A’bad. they all Rameshbhai. Establishment year: 1960 -$apphire GrouP.After death of Ramswarapbhai Shah his three sons handled his business. Rameshbhai Shah is main owner of JANTA Ice-cream.

which is started by pioneer of farki Mr. Navrangpura.Founder of Farki Ice-Cream was a Chinubhai Frakiwala. A ‘bad. -$apphire GrouP. Chinubhai Farkiwala They were Introduce Farki Ice-cream in 1995. Patel: Patel Ice-cream’ Ambuja house. He have Started with dairy Product in since 1960. Now. They were started “Milk Mart” in 1960. they are celebrating 50 year of golden Jubilee. They introduce lassi or farki Ice-cream in 1977. Page 57 .

Establishment year: 1948 Founder of Patel Ice-Cream was a Ranchodbhai lalabhai patel. He started this journey with near Dhanashuthrni pod, kalupur with small shop taken in rent. After developed second branch opposite sardar patel stadium.

After death of Ranchodbhai patel his sons handled him business. His sons name is an Amabalalbhai, kantibhai,Rameshbhai,Jitubhai patel But after some time Amabalalbhai purchased all branches. And Now, piyushbhai who son of Ambalal Patel he is handling All branches.

-$apphire GrouP. Page 58

Ashrafi Ice-cream
Tilak Maidan, Rarti bazzar Manek Chowk,,A ‘bad Establishment year: 1972 Founder of Ashrafi Ice-Cream was a Ramubhai Yadav. He started this journey with near Manek chowk , kalupur with small shop taken in rent. After developed second branch near panjara pol.

It was started as a road side Vendor in manekchowk. When their selling increase then they started a shop. After developing the business they opened small manufacturing unit at naroda.
-$apphire GrouP. Page 59

Local Larry of Ice-cream.

-$apphire GrouP.

Page 60

-$apphire GrouP. Page 61 .

Name of owner: Rajubhai Marvadi Investment: 6500-7000 rs. Page 62 . Starting time: 5 to 11 PM Profit per day: 250 to 400 -$apphire GrouP.Sanskar ice-cream: History: It was started before 10 years. A’bad. Product: Name of Product Rajbhog Kesar Pista chocobar candy Kulfi Price (Rs.8 Bapunagar.) 8 10 7 5 5 Place: National highway no.

Name of owner: Bharatbhai Prajapati Investment: 4000-5000 Product:. A’bad Promotion: No promotion Starting time: 4 to 10 PM -$apphire GrouP. Name of product Rajbhog Mava-malai Price(Rs. Mewad ice-cream History: It was started before 7 year.) 12 10 Kesar -Pista 7 Place: Relief road. Facility: They provide packing facility. Page 63 .Collection of raw material: They have their own dairy from where they get their material.

3. Facility: they don’t provide any facility.5 -$apphire GrouP.) 5.10 2.18 12 6. Bhavani ice-cream: History: it was started before 10 year. Collection of raw-material: relatives dairy. Name of owner: Rajeshbhai Tiwari Investment: 3500-4500 rs. Product: Name of Product Chocobar Mava-Malai Chopati Candy Price(Rs. Page 64 .Profit per day: 300 -450 rs.10.

Janta: The reason behind the success of ‘janta’ is that it completely more than 50 year’s successfully in local icecream industry.Promotion: No promotion Place: Krishna nagar. Page 65 . Starting time: 4 to 10:30 PM Profit per day: 200-250 rs. Collection of raw material: Dairy Facility: no facility 6-What are the reason of success?. -$apphire GrouP.

The main product of janta is coco & they also provide different quality of ice-cream like American dry fruit & different flavors of chocolate icecream. youngster & children’s also. Page 66 . after his death their three sons continue the business. also lower class because their price is reasonable Farki: The reason behind the success of ‘farki’ is that it completed more than 50years successfully in local icecream industry -$apphire GrouP. quality of product is as per the price & is attract all level of customer high class. Janta attract all age group customer old. Their prices are also reasonable.The main owner of janta is Ramswaroopbhai Aswa. They have 22 branches in a’bad & all the branches is managed by three sons successfully still they haven’t sold any branch. The reason is that they covered different area of a’ bad. medium class. They provide better services as per the customer’s requirement.

The main owner of farki is chinubhai farkiwala. They haven’t opened any other branch & their found is on these 2 branches only & improves & innovate these 2 branches. They have 2 branches & 12 franchises & this all managed by kaunar farkiwala. They also sale sweets & chocolates. The main product of farki is ‘lassi’ & they attract customer with the name of product like shadi. Some customer of farki is very loyal they purchase ice-cream only from the ‘farki’. 7-Marketing Mix. Com. They provide different kind of ice-cream to the customer & suitable to the every level of customers. Their prices of ice-creams are also reasonable. Page 67 . -$apphire GrouP. The main reason behind the success is that they covered area of the city (Delhi darwaja & Maninagar). titanic etc.

“ Product can be define as anything which is offered to market for attention. Ashrafi. Variety stands for different types of Product Local owner (Patel.1. . [1]. acquision. consumption which will satisfy the need o the consumer”.Product Variety Quality Design Brand Name Packaging Services Warranties Price List Price Discounts Allowance Payment Period Credit Terms Place Channels Coverage Assortment Location Inventory Transportation Promotion Advertising Promotions Personal Selling Publicity Target Market 7. EXAMPLE:- CUP MATLA FRUIT Natura childre Page 68 -$apphire GrouP. Janta.Product variety:Different type of Ice-cream with which industry is dealing is decided here. Farki. Product.) Offering to customer in different flavor.

Kesar chopaty Faluda [2]Quality:What is expectation from the particular product? It means quality. Quality is most important in the ice-cream product.KULFI Venila Sweet hart Special mava badam Green pista B.P. -$apphire GrouP. Chocolate Pista Malai Rajbhog FLAVOUR Hafus mango Pinaorange Pineapple Fresh sitaphal l Malai Rich coffee Rabdi Kaju draksh Malai badam pista Special anjir n choice chocobar Mengodoly Rasbary Mini chocobar Chopaty Kaju dhrax Anjir Batar scoch Badam ketbary Paina chink Spe. Page 69 .K.

. this is most important features to face competition. If quality of different types of Ice-Cream is good. Size is depending upon quantity of the product. Sugar. to become or maintain number one in tobacco market. EXAMPLE:They all are sailing in unique qualitative Ice-cream for their consumer. that the quality of Ice-cream remain Same.Custer powder. Page 70 . Dry Fruit.However. According to consumer Requirement Company can come out with those types of products. [3] Size:Size is important in durable items.using a good Raw material. Shall be maintain so. Farki:. Janta 100ml 120ml 250ml Asharfi Patel Farki 250ml 150ml 250gm(1/3tin) 1kg 500gm(2/3tin) 500gm 750gm(3/3tin) 250gm -$apphire GrouP. While Using all amul . then Ice-cream Local industry can became popular. Size is depending upon consumer requirement.

ingredient use in product etc. expire date. plastic box or paper box. • The main reason of packing is to protect the product. They using 100gm. Page 71 . -$apphire GrouP. Janta and Farki all are providing wonderful packing facility in matter of home-delivery. 500gm.[4] Packing/Packaging:Packaging of Ice-cream item should be attractive. manufacture date. • Secondary packing contains primary packing. • Primary packing contain actual product. They all are given different type of paper box for different type of weight. It includes name of Manufacture of local Ice-cream owner. Patel. and Ice-cream also use plastic packaging system also. Ashrafi Patel EXAMPLE:For Home: .They all Asharfi.

Labeling designing graphics private such information to the customer and it is attract to customer information like manufacture date. Marriage. i. [6] Design:-$apphire GrouP. expiry date. [5] Labeling:Labeling is most important in product. Page 72 . during time of festival. Maximam retail price (M. EXAMPLE:- Product labeling are give such kind of information like product ingredient. they are using Big wooden can or Steel can.P). • They have large capacity for store much Ice-cream. etc. birthday party. Place of production.• While. manufacturing and expiry date. ii. party. To provide information about product. Like 500kg or 800kg.R. For the purpose of customer attraction. There are two purpose of labeling.

their style is attractive from different competitor.Which is partly or something taste of coffee or kesar . Sitafal which is also give taste of Fruit mango and sitafal. Page 73 .Overall look of the product means design. -$apphire GrouP. • Design means over look of product.while so. EXAMPLE:Ashrafi give Ice-cream in very different way style because they manufacturing in “Tin”…. Design is more important in ice-cream products. Features are most important in the ice-cream product because selling of any icecream product is depending upon the features of the products. Internal & external look of the product is known as design. • Janta are providing Mango hafuse. What are the strong points of the products is known as features. [7] Features:Features mean advantages of the product as benefit of the product.Real kesar . EXAMPLE:• Ashrafi are providing Rich coffee . • Design should attract the customer. • Design means shape of the product.

Level of product:- [1]Core Benefit:- -$apphire GrouP. Page 74 .

It will add value the basic product. ingredients. • Whenever customer eats Ice-cream he/she expect that the quality remain constant as every time he/she `should be smooth.the service customer is really buying is known as core benefit eat ice-cream. or benefit that EXAMPLE :. or janta Because of to [2]Basic products : The marketer must turn the core benefit into the basic product. [4]Augmented Product:• It is that exceeds customer expectation customer enjoy the services. -$apphire GrouP. EXAMPLE:-Core benefit are converted into ice-cream. – They feel and relax specially in summer day. taste.When any customers go to farki. Page 75 . • A product which does not existence in the market but it is expected in the future. should remain some as expect of customers. creamy and freshness [3]Expected product:• It is a combination of attributes and features that customer normally expect while consuming service. fresh Constituency. • Constituency.The fundamental level is core benefit .

Titanic JANTA-American dry fruit ASHRAFI-kulfi mava [5]Potential products:Don’t exist in real sense but they can offer in future through innovation idea. Patel. EXAMPLE:PATEL-B. Page 76 .K FARKI. -$apphire GrouP. and ) offer Ice-cream in different flavor beyond expectation of consumers.P. EXAMPLE:-Chill flavor Ice-cream.• Ice-cream owner ( Janta. Ice-cream is also staple product. Classification of product:“Ice-cream is convenience product because it can purchase frequently.” Types: Staple: Staples are those products which purchase on regular basis. immediately and with a minimum effort. Farki.

Impulse: Impulse products are purchase without any plan or search. Ice-cream is impulse product because there is no need of any planning or searching to purchase ice-cream. Emergency: At some emergency time ice-cream needed.


In some cases like acidity, tooth problem icecream is recommended by doctor.

7.2. Price.
“Price is monetary value of product that consumer need to pay on purchase of product”.

[1]. List price:At which price product will be available to dealer, wholesaler, retailer and consumer is known as list price. We can say that at which price Ice-cream is available to the customer instead of the producer. Here, that’s not applicable because they are producing and sailing and also give franchise. EXAMPLE:-$apphire GrouP. Page 77

Vanilla Chiku Pinepal Chocolate Special Alichi Kesar Fresh Strawberry B.P.K Special kesar pista Kaju dhrask Batter Scop Green Pista Rosteda Badam Mava Badam Aanjer Choka kesyu Punch ratna Raj bhog Tandai badam Kesar malayi Chocolate chipar Honey jinjar

200 220 220 220 220 240 240 240 240 240 240 280 280 280 280 280 280 280 280 280 280

-$apphire GrouP.

Page 78

[2]. Discounts:➢ Discount is an amount which is waved the final MRP. In other words, the particular amount supposes to pay less by the final consumer. ➢ After showing the price list we can say that in ice-cream product no one given the any type of the discount to the consumer. ➢ Even in the any kind of the occasion, festival, they not providing the any kind of the discount/offer to the consumer.

[3].Price Strategy:➢ Price of Product (Ice-cream) is depending upon Cost of Ice-cream. ➢ If the price of Ingredient like milk is increasing than price of Icecream is all increasing EXAMPLE:• Vanilla (1kg.) • Milk is need 650 gm(price of milk is Rs.26 Which is always increasing) • Custer powder 250gm ( It is depend upon market price ) • Other ingredient 100gm.

-$apphire GrouP.

Page 79

• Asharfi covered area for Abad (manek chock.” • It includes: channels of distribution.3. That means how much area covered by the all four ice-cream industries. gulbai tekra) and surat Farki. [2]Inventory:They have special Cold storage freezing storage cold storage. retail locations. [1]Coverage:• Distribution channels can be defined by the number of levels involved. “Place includes all industry activities involved in making the product available to target consumers. Place. -$apphire GrouP. Place is involved in making the product convenient for the target customers to purchase. Patel and Janta covered area for only Abad. managing discrepancies of quantity and assortment. • We use the number of middlemen to indicate the length of a channel. • Ultimately. it’s can be explain below. and logistics.7. Because the producer and the final consumer both perform some work. the extent of market coverage. transportation. freezing storage they have to keep the inventory of Ice-cream can be keep for longer time period. they are part of every channel. Page 80 . and the management of inventory.

A ‘bad Janta Ice-cream’ Ankur Cross road. Rarti bazzar Manek Chowk. ShahiBhag. A’ bad Ashrafi Ice-cream’ Tilak Maidan. -$apphire GrouP.Name of local owner Patel Farki Production 400 week) Inventory(show) +500ltr(per 300ltr 300 ltr Inventory(stock) 200ltr 400ltr 700 ltr(per day) [3]Location:Patel Ice-cream’ Ambuja house. A ‘bad [4] Transportation:• while in matter of transportation only Fraki has their own transportation system • They using cool storage vehicle which included fringe facility. Page 81 . Abad Farki Ice-Cream. • when another using rented vechile. Naranpura. Delhi Darwaja. Navrangpura..

p):Farki. Janta. Page 82 .o.Advertising: They all are Ashrafi. the communication of information about the product with the goal of generating a positive customer response.• while Patel has two branches one is six cross road and another is Opposite Stadium. while they carry Ice-cream wooden can 7. they distance is not long. Promotion. big picture and photo. promotion represents the various aspects of marketing communication.Big hording. “In the context of the marketing mix. so. that is.” Marketing communication decisions include: [1]. award and details of history -$apphire GrouP. : . they are using Auto for transportation. so. Patel and Farki all not promoting their product or brand • Point of purchase (p.4.

poster of Ice-cream.Small can of “Lassi”. [2]Display Window:janta:-open fringe. name of ICE-CREAM.Two red counter. . window which showing Ice-cream Cup.Chocolate.Targeting Positioning. where waiter wearing Patel suit. Chocobar Farki:.history of Patel and its details. [1]SEGMENTATION:“It can be defined as classification or division of the customer according to their need. picture of Ice-cream Patel: . photo.Janta: . one is cash counter and second Counter is using for cutting Ice-cream. small and very simple banner.” Types: (1) Geographic segmentation: Page 83 -$apphire GrouP. Asharafi:. 7-Segmentation.

chocolate. mango-dolly.” (A)Age & life cycle: As age of people change their needs change. • Youngster. • Ashrfi ice-cream only planning according geographical segmentation and other have not any plan to geographical segmentation. etc. Page 84 . BPK. • Above 50 age people prefer vanilla.• It can be define as classification of consumer into different geographical units such as cities. sellers. chocolate flavor ice-creams & the ice. life cycle.creams. rural & urban areas. • Division of market into rural & urban areas. prefer cone. country. • -$apphire GrouP. life stage. mavakulfi(asharfi) • Ladies prefer vanilla. • The sizes of villages are very important in geographical segmentation of India. and region etc. (1) Demographic segmentation: “It can be defined as classification of consumer into the demographic variables such as age. • Mostly children prefer kulfi.

if person goes to eat ice-cream with family they give order family pack. • Single: individual people eat ice-cream in cup. (B) Family size: • The demand of ice-cream is depend upon family size also.• Which have attractive names & old people like to eat vanilla & rajbhog. (E) Income: Those people whose income was high they spend more money on ice-cream. Ashrfi has provide costlier item for higher level income group. than they demand for variety of products. cone or in kulfi form. So. (D) Education: If the customer are educated. Female: female prefer vanilla brand more. these four brands provides product for different age Group. (C) Gender: Male: male prefer strong ice-cream brands. • Family: when family goes to ice-cream parlor then they prefer party pack. Page 85 . (3)Behavioral segmentation: -$apphire GrouP.

For ex. As occasion Changes want of customer changes.) (B)Usage rate: How much volume is use by consumer? Consumer buying bulk or buying in small quantity. Special occasion: on some special occasion like marriage. (A)Occasion: As different occasion behavior will be different. -$apphire GrouP.Here we will divide the customer on the bases of their behavioral.cream is demanded by the people of the time of Diwali & Rakshabandhan. monthly. Customer divided in three stages. (1)Heavy user: Heavy user is a person who is buying product in Bulk or huge quantity. fortnightly base. party ice-cream demanding by the people. Page 86 . Regular users: regular users regularly consume ice-cream. Ice. (asharfi provide ice-cream on special occasion. (2)Medium user: Medium user is a person who is buying product Nor much nor less quantity. Regular users eat ice-cream on weekly.

manager convert medium user & light user consumer in heavy user. Customer sticks one particular brand. Page 87 . With the help of shim. (D)Loyalty status: Commitments of customers towards brand. Shifting loyal: shift their loyalty from time to time on one brand to another brand. (C) Buyers readiness level: How much person is ready to buy the product fully ready or hesitance to buy. For ex. You buy ice-cream than you only like some particular icecream store if it is not available at one place consumer search for it. for ex. Divide customer in six different categories. offers. Split loyal: this type of customer are loyal to two or three brands in a given preferences. Some customer likes to eat ice-cream from janta only. They are shift from one brand to another brand not use janta only. • • • Hardcore loyal: This type of customer are loyal to one brand only.(3)Light user: Light user is a person who use product in very small Quantity. benefits. -$apphire GrouP. (E) User status: (1) First time user: Those customers who consume the ice-cream first time are known as first time user. if a brand is not available then they will search for it but will not use any other brand.

(F) Benefit: consumer see that which type of benefits they get from vendors. janta) having a huge customer so they hire part time employees. -$apphire GrouP. Ex. Ex. asharfi. (1)Speed of services: those local vendors who provide fast services in that parlors consumer want to eat ice-cream. (2)Quality wanted people: some type of consumer want qualitative products. Page 88 .(2) Regular user: some people are regular consume ice-cream after complete dinner are known as regular user. Some people are aware about the icecream quality and some people are also aware about the varieties of product in that matter so they always prefer the a particular qualitative product and brand. During the time of evening. summer. during the time of late night at the time they (farki. (3)Service preferred people: some type of consumer sees that how services provide by the local vendor.

(A) (B) Values: Belief system. philosophy of life. (C) Personality: -$apphire GrouP. not to do. customer have certain belief that what to do.” Life style: It is way of living our life according to life style divide customer many groups. Many customer life styles are complex.Ex. Page 89 . Some time people give important to service of ice-cream parlor as like a parking facility outside a ice-cream parlor and care taking by employees and employer. It is mental state of person. In that matter janta has a widely parking faculty outside the ice-cream parlor and also carrying to their customer (4)Psychographic segmentation: “Science of using psychograph or science of understanding psychology of customer.

[2]Targeting:‘Targeting can be define as an after to catter our product & services to the group of customer sharing similar characteristics & needs.” Effective segmentation criteria -$apphire GrouP. Page 90 .Overall desire appearance in the public. Ex. Gregarious personality type of people like only particular brand of ice-cream. how you look in public every person wants suitable product for their Personality.

segmentation a market on a person’s age is not relevant for a product like salt. (3) Differentiable: The segments are conceptually distinguishable & respond different marketing-mix elements & programs. Page 91 . To be useful market segment must rate favorably on the five key criteria.Not all types of segmentation are useful it is important to recognize that a market needs to use relevant variables to segment a market for ex. (1) Measurable: The size purchasing power & characteristics of the segments can be measured. (4) -$apphire GrouP. they do not constitute separate segment. A segment group worth going after with a tailored marketing program. If married & unmarried women respond similarly to on performed. Substantial: The segment is large & should be the largest to serve. (2) Accessible: The segments can be effectively reached & served.

There are main two types differentiated and undifferentiated.BPK Asharfi. Page 92 . Patel.Rajbhog Janta. Ex.Mava kulfi Farki.Vanilla -$apphire GrouP.Actionable: Effective programs can be formulated for attracting & services the segments] (5) Full market coverage: The firm attempt to serve all customer groups with all the products they might need. Local vendors provide ice-cream to all age group of people.

” (1)Product differentiation: Our product is different than the competitor & product. In farki & asharfi there is self service so. ashrfi). customer use longer time. E. packaging to differentiate how & where you can differentiate the product with Competitor. quality. design. farki. we cannot consider the personal differentiation. brand size.[2]Positioning:“Positioning is an act of designing companies offering & image to occupy (to use) distinctive place in the mind of customer. Page 93 . ice-cream. Ex. variety. (2) Personal differentiation: Service differentiation is highly use durable product industry motor car. Here but janta & Patel’s services are different. we can say that taste of (Rajbhog) janta is totally different than three (patel. (3)People differentiation: Human resources of the company service organization focusing on the people they want to -$apphire GrouP. feature.g.

It is very old and customer have strong brand image in their mind.As Farki and Junta has completed its 50 years of its EXAMPLE:.As per our research. Page 94 . Strength: Establish brand image In local market brand image of ice-cream vendor is very well established. EXAMPLE:. Due to the well brand image of ice-cream in the mind of customer well brand equity is created. 9-SWOT Analysis. So that good brand loyalty creates about the local brand.. out of 4 local -$apphire GrouP. Local loyal customer: Customer has good brand equity about local product of local ice-cream industry.create very how your people can provide better service. we can say that local brands have strong brand image. Customer have more preferences for ice cream of local brand.

So each time newly launched ice-cream get good response from the market.They gets more loyal customers with comparision of Patel & Ashrfi. Some -$apphire GrouP.Havmor.B.Janta is famous for American Dryfruits.Each local brand provides better quality of their ice cream as compare to National brands Amul. taste and customer preference Product specialty: Products provided by the local ice-cream vendors are very special in nature. Consistently better quality: Quality of local ice-cream is provided by the local vendors. Page 95 .Each local brand has its own recipe for special variety for the customer with the help of proved recipe.Farki’s Titanic and Asharfi’s Mava Kulfi is famous in customer. EXAMPLE:.K.P. Local vendors constantly try to improve the features and quality of its products.Vadilal. Proved raspy consistently: Raspy of local ice-cream brand is consistently proved .brands Farce has large number of customer and then Janta.Like Rajbhog. consistently better EXAMPLE:. are very good quality of ice cream in terms of ingredients.

EXAMPLE:-Every local brand has its own variety.Thats why they provide creamier & sweeter ice cream to the customer as per their preferences. Page 96 .Local brands know the taste & preferences of local people. coco.products like raj hog.lassi is Farki’s and Kulfi is special of Ashrfi. Slightly creamy ice-cream: Ice-cream of local market is slightly creamy in comparison with national or international level marketer. -$apphire GrouP. EXAMPLE:. lassie having as much likability as earlier. Coco is Janta’s special. kulfi.

Page 97 . Establish brand image Local loyal customer Competition from international brand. Lack of cleanliness Growing youngsters Long in disposal: Served bowls are not put summer days: Restricted to local area: No use of media: Personalized service: -$apphire GrouP. Government May effect on Raw material Supply Proved raspy consistently Consistently better quality Product specialty Personalized service Local flavor Slightly creamy ice-cream Continuously support Strength Threats Opportunity: Growing Weakness working middle class: Ahmadabad people love to go for outing on holid Fewer outlets.Competition from national brand.

Service provided by the local vendors is personalized in nature.P. When any customer wants to complain about the quality of product then they can directly talk to the owner. Healthy for the body: Local ice-cream contains dry fruit. -$apphire . They provide shadi. EXAMPLE:.Janta & Patel provides service by waiters. B. So that local ice cream is pure and qualitative in nature and it is healthier. qualitative milk powder and other qualitative ingredients.K. pure milk. Here local flavor of ice cream is provided so maximum customer long lasting relationship with the marketer. In case of any complain they directly talk with owners and can get solution. and more flavors. Local flavor: Flavor in the local market is according to the local taste.Farki & Asharfi provide self service.rajbhog. EXAMPLE:.All local brands provides local flavor to create long lasting relationship.As compare to National brands local brands provides personalized services to customer. Page 98 .

Continuously support: Promoter provides support continuously to the local brand. EXAMPLE:. They also provide sugar ice cream to the customers. So. Weakness: Fewer outlets: Local ice-cream marketer having a few outlets.and Havmor Lack of cleanliness: -$apphire GrouP. they cannot cover large market.The promoter’s support is important of any local brand. Page 99 .Vadilal. EXAMPLE:.But overall number of outlets is very less with comparision of Amul.EXAMPLE:.Farki has only 2 retail outlet. qualitative milk powder & dry fruits. So every local brand use pure & low fat milk. National level marketers have a many outlets so they can cover large consumer market. Local brand provides continuous support to the customer.Local brand also take care of health of customers.

EXAMPLE:. Many time savvy customers do not like taste of local ice-cream market.In case of local brand. they have not any branch out of city. So they may lose their customer. Page 100 . many time it’s create dirty outlook of the local shop. Restricted to local area: Local ice-cream cannot cover large market. not in disposal.Local ice cream parlors have lack of cleanliness. So they should avoid use of bowl.If we see cleanliness in the local shop then we can know that shops of local marketer are not kept cleanly. they have limited branches. state & country. If they are not clean then customer not prefers.a Local brand provides ice cream in bowl as per traditional way. So. EXAMPLE:. No use of media: -$apphire GrouP. it is restricted for local area. EXAMPLE:. Served bowls are not put in disposal: In local ice-cream vendors bowls served are not put for disposal. They are not keeping their outlet clean. So.

consumption of ice-cream is increased . Opportunity: Growing working middle class: In the city area working class people are Page 101 .Asharfi & Farce are not use media for their promotion and also no kind of advertisement as compare to the national brands.Patel. EXAMPLE:. So.In the local market media is not used .Patel. EXAMPLE:. No signifant variation in the taste & quality: In the local market ice-cream’s taste & quality is not change as per the demand of consumer within different similar based product.he has more purchasing power.Janta. information of local ice-cream cannot reach to the large no.Working class people spend their incomes good part on the icecream consumption.Asharfi is increasing day to day Ahmadabad people love to go for outing on holidays: -$apphire GrouP.As customer has more income. Consumption of Janta. of population. people like to eat ice cream for cool & relaxation. So. Growing youngsters: In the city no. EXAMPLE:. ice-cream selling of local vendors is high on youngsters. EXAMPLE:. Page 102 . icecream selling of local market is increase duting that time.Youngsters like ice cream more and more. so local parlor has opportunity for more selling of ice cream. Long summer days: In the state and especially in the city of Ahmadabad summer days are run for longer time period.Generally summer days are longer than other season days.Ahmadabad people love to go for outing on holidays and on holidays they spent more money on ice-cream.A’bad people may go to Farce or Asharfi and other local brands in time of holidays. of youngsters is increasing and young people like ice-cream more than other age group people. Threats: Competition from national brand: -$apphire GrouP. So.It is beneficial to local brands.

EXAMPLE:.Most important raw material is milk which is in the hand of co-operative. Competition from international brand: In the local. Page 103 .All local brands have competition with Kwality walls & Baskin robins with respect to quality. EXAMPLE:. Substitutes: Substitutes are available in the market so local market is largely affected from substitutes. Government May effect on Raw material Supply: It’s depend upon milk price because it is using in all type of customers and it is mass product if milk price increase than it may happen that government not allow to supply whom manufacture need of milk as raw material. So.Vadilal & Havmor. While in ice-cream industry are totally or partly depend upon milk. EXAMPLE: . that price of milk is -$apphire GrouP.Asharfi.Patel. market now international level strong competitors like quality Walla and bask in robbis are entered in the local market and they are very strong so local marketer get affected.variety & shape etc. Vanilla. Amul..Local marketers have main threats from the national level brand like Havmor.Janta & Farce have very tough competition with national brands Amul.

30 to 32 per liter. POLITICAL ECONOMICAL FACTORS Govt policy Increasing cost of raw material Stable got Increasing cost of labour Increasing cost of inputs Availability of raw material Subject to food & drugs Increasing in rate of GDP act Increasing education No use of dispensers Demographic variables Age-old style of serving ice cream in Woman participation in work force bowl Marriage & function Trend to eat outside in holidays Preference for local brand TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS SOCIAL of the art Lack of stateFACTORS technology -$apphire GrouP. 10-PEST Analysis. Page 104 .recently rise and it Rs. That’s why supply of any raw material is affect by cooperative/government and Ice-cream industry is largely depending on basic raw material milk.

policy should be in favor of manufacturer.Political: Govt . policy for small scale ice cream manufacturer: Govt . Page 105 . sugar. of growth in If govt changed the rules & regulations. custard powder and dry fruits. so they are depend on co operators and also restricted by them. Stable govt provides possibilities industry. policy is directly affected to the ice cream industry. Govt . Stable govt: The govt should be stable for improvement of industry. availability of them is very important. Supply of milk is provided by the co operatives. duties and tax structure also changed. Availability of raw material: Raw material like milk. -$apphire GrouP.

So the total cost of the labour affect to the cost of ice cream. custard powder and dry fruits increase then also increase the cost of ice cream. where part time at lower cost. Page 106 . which are not harmful to the customers. Quality of product should be maintained by manufacturer. The manufacturer should use qualitative materials. rent of storage. they hired part time workers also.Subject to food & drugs act: There is regularly checking done by the got under foods & drugs act. Generally they use full time workers but in summer time when demand is high. ECONOMICAL FACTORS Increasing cost of raw material: Product price is determine by the cost of raw materials which they are use.Industry has to perform as per the got regulation. Increasing cost of inputs: The cost of inputs such as electricity or power. transportation cost is -$apphire GrouP. If the cost of raw material like milk. freezing charges. Increasing cost of labour: They have part time or full time labours. Full time workers charged at higher cost. sugar.

Page 107 . As they are educated they become more knowledgeable about the variety of product. The country like India which is developing. Russia. India. SOCIAL FACTORS Increasing education As recent situation the literacy rate of country increasing. Indonesia). If cost of inputs increases then price of ice cream also increase.The countries has achieved high growth rate in World is known as BRICI (Brazil. China. Increasing in rate of GDP: GDP (Gross Domestic Product) refers the production of all sectors in the economy. Increase in incomes leads to purchasing power. We can say that the high literate customers are knowledgeable and aware about the product which is offered to him. Ice cream industry is affected by per capital income that is beneficial for industry. Demographic variables INCOME: The income of consumer is also considered as social element which affect to the ice -$apphire GrouP. has achieved the growth rate of 8 to 9 %.increases day by day. Increasing per capital income: Per capital income shows the spending capacity of customers.

Page 108 . During festivals. This type of functions increases the sale of ice cream. Woman participation in work force As compare to the traditional day. summer evening & nights most of the people used to go out and have ice cream.cream industry. that affect to the ice cream industry. Trend to eat with family: -$apphire GrouP. Income increase then purchasing power also increases. It is social revolution that affect to the ice cream industry. POPULATION: India has large number of population. Marriage & function We can found social function where the ice cream industry has wide scope to sell. it has ranked 2nd in the world. If population is high then it is benefited to industry because of that number of customer increases. so it affects to the ice cream industry. Trend to eat outside in holidays: As per recent trend we can say that majority of the people are eating product like ice cream outside to home. now a day there is large number of working women in the country.

Ashrfi customers have local touch with the flavors. -$apphire GrouP.Patel. which is very age-old style. Page 109 . it affects to the ice cream industry. It also facilitates the qualitative & quantitative production. Public have always first preferences to the local brands. They go with family or relatives. No use of dispensers: The local ice cream parlour has in use of dispencers. Preference for local brand: The local brands such as Janta. Because of that sometimes manufacturers are not able to produce more quantity in the market.Farki. in case of ice cream they are not use such type of modern technology. Because of that cleanliness is missing. TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS: Lack of state of the art technology Local ice cream brands have not adopted the latest technologies.Like dairy they use dispensers in delivery. Local brand always provide variety of the product to the customer. Age-old style of serving ice cream in bowl: Many ice cream parlour serve ice cream in the bowls.People are used to eat ice cream outside to home in holidays.

They provide new style of serving through innovation.They can use new method of serving in disposal to attract the customer. Page 110 . Threat of new entrance -$apphire GrouP. Five force Analysis Potent ial Entran Suppli ers Rivalry amongst exiting firm Buyers Substit ute 1. 10-Five-Force Analysis.

Government policy: In ice-cream industry there is a no need to take license for manufacturing ice-cream. low can know with these elements. Whether competition level is high. [1] THREAT OF NEW ENTRANCE:It refers to how easily one industry can enter into Icecream industry. moderate. 3. -$apphire GrouP. these 5 elements will helpful. Michel polter. Monopoly: Monopoly means industry having no competition. There are various rules that any industry should have to follow for entering into this segment. we can use 5 elements for the purpose of study of tobacco industry. Page 111 . 5. They have to just inform to DIC at Delhi. They have to take the permission of pollution control board and take the order of MMPO – (marketing milk processing order). Five force analyses were given by father of strategies. This is very rare situation. Here. 4.2. Bargaining power of buyers Bargaining power of suppliers Rivalry amongst existing firms Threat of substitute If marketers want to know factors affecting any industry or tobacco industry.

Capital for investing in manufacturing machinery of ice cream. (2)Customer loyalty:As Janta and Farki are very old brand and very well establishment so customers’ loyalty taua that brand is more. Page 112 . So for any new entrants to build strong image is very difficult. So overall they may form an entry barrier facing new entrants. Same thing is also applicable to Icecream. (1) Brand image: Janta and Farki both are almost 50 years old. Product differentiation: . lesser industry will interest to enter. Any firm wants to enter in ice cream industry requires hugs capital.whether industry having different kind of products is there or not.Capital requirement: when any companies want to enter into any industry. Janta & Farki b but in occasion they prefer the ice cream of Asharfi in bulk quantity. Capital require for keeping inventory at manufacturing place and at the retail out let. how much capital will require that industry need to find out. -$apphire GrouP. (3)Product attributes:Generally individual customer prefer the ice cream of Patel. Higher the requirement of capital. Companies who want to enter into Ice-cream industry require having different kind of products offer to customers. So it is difficult to new enter to get loyal customers.

Because of attraction of higher production by existed companies. higher the benefits. There are various types of economies of scale i. decreasing return to scale. So demand is increase 500 liter that is 1500 liter so. increasing return to scale.All local brands of icecream are using own transportation vehicle for -$apphire GrouP. Fixed or storage means larger the production. Product standardization and switching cost:The price of local ice-cream are stable because they have no offer any discount. If demand is increase so there should be increase in supply in the market to manufacture ice cream. new companies want to enter into Ice-cream industry. Page 113 .e. So fixed cost remains constant and their profit will decrease.Economies of scale: . and constant return to scale. it has to install the machine of 1000 liter. The machine is available with minimum capacity of 1000 liter. (2)RIVALRY COMPITITORS AMONG EXISTING Number of firms and relative market share:Here we assume that as janta maximum retail out let that is “22” so janta’s market share is high in local ice cream as compare to other.

If customer affects price determination. if they want to exit in market then they provide compensation to lab our and they also have emotionally attachment to the firm. Page 114 . companies will decide who having bargaining power customers/buyers and industry. Diverse competitors:-Main disadvantages or threats to our firm while entering into particular market because a new firm comes with new strategy and techniques at the time. -$apphire GrouP. When customers purchase in bulk then they could have problem regarding quality but it is not possible in small purchasing order All these local parlours are in urban area that why customer more literate So. then bargaining power of customer is high and vice versa. customer know quality. [3] BARGAINING POWER OF BUYERS: Here. price. should purchase their own Exit barrier:-While exiting firm. competitors are aware about them they try to protect their market share.distribution so any ne transportation vehicle. Following points will determine whether customer having bargaining power or not.

Extent of buyers’ information: . IV. If purchase in high quantity ice-cream. -$apphire GrouP. III. bargaining power is higher. Switching cost to marketer: . how much it affect to business of industry. I. quantity buyers will purchase is volume of purchase. Importance of product to buyers: . Literate customers have bargananing power. Ability of buyer for backward integration: any customer of Ice-cream cannot establish their own tobacco industry. freshness and smoothness regarding Product. Volume of purchase: .if customer is aware about the product information. Extent of buyers’ information means the level of information which is known by the buyers.whether buyers require product on frequent bases or not. V. If any product is important for buyers. Page 115 . they having higher affection to bargaining power. then bargaining power of customers is high.if buyers go to other industry from our industry. [4] BARGAINING POWER OF SUPPLIERS: Reduction or increase in number to any industry.

II.While Supplier like. Coco . Page 116 . III.. Amul Milk they have monopoly in milk market so. II.Soft drink etc. Extent of substitute: .whether product is important to buyers or not.Customer have preference for other substitute product like. Importance of product: . place of Ice-cream -$apphire GrouP. they have bargaining power of supply for milk or not I. Important of product to suppliers: Switching cost to suppliers: Potential for forward integration: Ability of substituting product: - [5] SUBSTITUTE: I.substitute means present of different products having similar features. lussi.

34% 100% Interpretation:We are taking both. Page 117 . In gender male consume more ice. of Gender 194 106 300 Percentage 64.66% 35.cream than female. Occupation: -$apphire GrouP.12-Chart. Icecream consumption in the local market we have seen that female consume less amount on ice-cream. male and female in research. Gender: Particular Male Female Total No.

of occupation Percentage 82 108 67 34 9 300 (27. From that we can know that students consumption of ice-cream is maximum and other people consume minimum ice-cream.67%) Page 118 .34%) (3%) 100% Interpretation:In the research we analysed service people.33%) (36. students. No. of 26 141 113 Percentage (8.Particular Service Student Business Housewife Others Total No. house wives. Age Group: Particular 0 to 18 18 to 25 25 to 45 -$apphire GrouP.66%) (47%) (37.33%) (22%) (11. businessmen.

In age wise consumption young people consume more ice-cream.Above 45 Total= 20 300 (6. From that we can know that 18-25 age people consume 47% icecream and above 45 age people consume 7% ice-cream. Page 119 .67%) 100% Interpretation:In the research we met different ages people. Do you like ice-cream? -$apphire GrouP.

Yes No Total 300 (100%) 00 300 Interpretation:To know likability of people we met 300 respondents. And 85% people carrying -$apphire GrouP. that we can say that. All people like ice-cream. of Yes No Total 253 47 300 Percentage 84. All 300 respondents like ice-cream. So. Do you carry family pack? Particular No.33% 15.67% 100% Interpretation:To know how many people carrying family pack to their home we met 300 respondents. Page 120 .

family pack with them. How many ice-creams to eat at a time? . 66% consumer eat icecream at one time. of consumer eat only one time ice-cream and very less no. consumer two or more than two time. -$apphire GrouP. And 34% consumer consume two or more time ice-cream. and only 15% consumer not carrying family pack with them. of 197 103 300 Percentage 66% 34% 100% Interpretation:To know the consumption of ice-cream at one time we visited four ice-cream shops. Particular Once Two or more Total= No. Page 121 .So we can say that maximum no.

In which Season you consume more ice-cream? Particular -$apphire GrouP. 55% consumer like to eat the ice-cream at evening time.Which time do you prefer for eat ice-cream? Particular Morning Evening Mid time Night Total= No. of consumer like to eat icecream at evening time. So we can say that maximum no. in morning time 3%. of 8 165 24 103 300 Percentage 3% 55% 8% 34% 100% Interpretation:In all the four shops we visited to know consumers time preference when they want to eat ice-cream. 34% at night time. of Percentage Page 122 . and in mid time 8%. No.

Winter Summer Monsoon Total

24 260 16 300

8% 86.67% 5.33% 100%

Interpretation:During a Time of Summer No. Of Consumations Ice-cream as comparing Winter And Monsoon. while Show table or Chart of Season Consume while there We can said that while summer are coming consume are increase up to 86.67%. and while comparing with winter: Monsoon are 8 : 5.33 percentage.

Do you prefer only a particular brand? No. Particular Yes No Total No. of 185 115 300


Percentage 62% 38% 100%

-$apphire GrouP.

Page 123

Interpretation:while Asking question of prefer particular brand than Response give positive answer comparing with Negative. With help of See table or Chart we can easily said that customer are prefer particular brand are like Asrafi,Patel,Janta, or farki.

Your preference for local ice-cream is because Of ………….. Particular Nearness Brand loyalty Other Total No. of 101 176 23 300 Percentage 33.67% 58.67% 7.66% 100%


-$apphire GrouP.

Page 124

In case of asking Question of why you( Customer) give first preference to local Ice-cream. Than 59% are prefer Ice-cream because of brand loyalty and 34% are prefer because of Nearness and 8% responds to other.

In which form you like ice-cream? Particular Cup Scoop Cone Bar Kulfi Combo Total= No. of 106 54 77 27 19 17 300 Percentage 35.33% 18% 25.67% 9% 6.33% 5.67% 100%

Interpretation:In case of Which form like ice-cream in like Cup 35% ,Scoop 18%,Cone 26% , Bar 9% ,Kulfi 6% ,Combo %, with help of chart and diagram we can say that different customer has different form Ice-cream.
-$apphire GrouP. Page 125

Que 8)Do you prefer the International Brand. And very less customer of Havmor that is 97.67% 32.e. Among all. -$apphire GrouP. vadilal and havmor. National Brand or Local brand? National Brand:Particular Amul Vadilal Havmor Total No. we can say that Amul is very preferable National brand.33% 100% Interpretation: This chart shows the preferences of customers towards national brand such as amul. Overall. Page 126 . we can say that majority of the people. of 102 101 97 300 Percentage 34% 33. prefer the Amul i.102 then after 101 customers prefer vadilal. From the above chart.

Local Brand:Particular Asharfi Janta Patel Farki -$apphire GrouP.33% 50. of customer 152 people prefer Kwality Walls & remaining 148 people prefer Baskin robins as per our survey. of Percentage 49.34% 8.67% 100% Interpretation: This chart shows the preferences of customers towards international brand such as Kwality walls and Baskin robins.33% Page 127 . of 75 70 25 130 Percentage 25% 23. very close competition because there is very less different among their no.33% 43. Given two brands of international Ice-cream. No.International Brand:- Particular Baskin Robins Kwality walls Total 148 152 300 No.

Total 300 100% Interpretation: This chart shows the preferences of customers towards local brand like farki. we can say that from above chart. Chocolate Strawberry Rajbhog Other Total -$apphire GrouP. Likewise. the most popular local brand of ice-cream is farki i. patel. of 56 46 46 21 93 38 300 Percentage 18. in a way the Farki is very popular than other 3 local brand. 9) which flavor you like? Particular Vanila B.67% 100% Page 128 .e.67% 15. very less customer of Patel is 25 customers used to eat ice-cream of Patel. janta and asharfi As. No.33% 15.P. 130 customers. 70 customer like Janta and 75 customer prefer Asharfi so. Que.K. Whereas.33% 7% 31% 12.

12) with whom you eat Ice-cream? Particular Family Business Associative Friends Others Total 45 50 165 40 300 No. When we talk about the flavor of ice-cream of any local brand. majority of the people prefer Rajbhog i. people used to go with friends i. Page 129 . Strawberry respectively 46.e. 56.e. 21. K. P. 46. and others 38. Other people prefer B. 93 and second most preferable flavor is vanilla i. As per above chart. -$apphire GrouP. of Percentage 15% 16. from above chart.67% 55% 13.33% 100% Interpretation: This chart shows that with whom the customer likes to go to eat ice-cream. Que.Interpretation: This chart shows the taste and preferences of customers towards various flavors offered by local brand.e. chocolate.

e. 2 customers are highly dissatisfied and 1 is dissatisfied -$apphire GrouP.67% 0.67% 100% Interpretation: This chart shows the taste and preferences of customers towards taste of local brand ice-cream.66% 41. 14 customers are neutral in terms of taste of local brands.165 and then they used to go with family i. very less used to go with business associates i. The taste of local brand is very rich so the 158 customer are satisfied and 125 are highly satisfied. of 2 1 14 158 125 300 Percentage 0. Taste:Particular Highly dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral satisfied Highly satisfied Total No.33% 4.67% 52. Que 17) I like ice-cream of local brand because.e. 45 and others 40. 50. Page 130 .

66% 100% Interpretation: This chart shows the taste and preferences of customers towards quality of local ice-cream brand. The quality of local brand is very good so the 172 customer are satisfied and 110 are highly satisfied. Quality:Particular Highly dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral satisfied Highly satisfied Total 0 1 16 172 110 300 No. 16 customers are neutral in terms of quality of local brands. So overall we can say that majority of customers like the taste of local ice-cream brand.33% 57. No. 1 customer’s is highly dissatisfied and 0 is dissatisfied with quality of local ice-cream. of Percentage 0 0.33% 5.with taste of local ice-cream.33% 36. So overall we can say that majority of customers like the quality of local ice-cream brand. Freshness:Particular -$apphire GrouP. of Percentage Page 131 .

33% 1% 15% 45. of 1 1 61 153 Percentage 0.34% 100% 115 Interpretation: This chart shows the taste and preferences of customers towards freshness of local ice-cream brand. No.Highly dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral satisfied Highly satisfied Total 1 3 45 136 115 300 0. 1 customer’s is highly dissatisfied and 3 is dissatisfied with freshness of local ice-cream. 45 customers are neutral in terms of freshness of local brands.33% 20. Consistency:Particular Highly dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral satisfied -$apphire GrouP.33% 38. So overall we can say that majority of customers like the freshness of local ice-cream brand.34% 51% Page 132 .33% 0. The freshness of local brand is very good so the 136 customer are satisfied and 115 are highly satisfied.

No. 61 customers are neutral in terms of consistency of local brands. of 4 9 103 88 96 300 Percentage 1.33% 3% 34.34% 32% 100% Page 133 . Satisfaction level of customers towards consistency of local icecream brand. The consistency of local brand is very good so the 153 customer are satisfied and 84 are highly satisfied.Highly satisfied Total 84 300 28% 100% Interpretation: This chart shows consistency of local ice-cream brands. So overall we can say that majority of customers like the consistency of local ice-cream brand.33% 29. Personal touch:Particular Highly dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral satisfied Highly satisfied Total -$apphire GrouP. 1 customer’s is highly dissatisfied and 1 is dissatisfied with consistency of local ice-cream.

Page 134 . The personal touch of customers towards local brand is very good so the 88 customer are satisfied and 96 are highly satisfied. our group have conclude that current situation of the ice. From the customer’s point of view & review of customers of all these brands. ➢ And. Attachment level of customers towards local icecream brand.some local brand. 13-Conclusion.Interpretation: This chart shows personal touch of customer towards local icecream brands. they did not get value for their money .cream industry is well established because large consumer mkt. So we can say that majority of customers have no attachment with local brand. 4 customers’ is highly dissatisfied and 9 is dissatisfied. we did not get good response from customer as well as their employees. our overall after preparing this report is very good but in some ice-cream parlor. -$apphire GrouP. 103 customers are neutral in terms of personal touch with local brands. ➢ After preparing report on ice-cream industry.

14-Bibiliography. Books • Marketing management.changing high price for their product but they did not provide premium quality as per price of ice-cream. Page 135 .Phillips kotler • Strategic management. They should provide after discount to the customer. ➢ So.VSP Rao • Retail management News paper • The Times of India • Business Standard -$apphire GrouP. to the local industry of icecream is that they must provide high quality of product as they charges. ➢ After preparing report & visiting to the ice-cream parlor our suggestions . finally our experience was fantastic.

Page 136 .com -$apphire Www.Ice-cream.Websites of India.Govt.