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Summary of Sign types Colour: Red Meaning or Purpose: Prohibition/Danger Alarm Instruction and Information: Dangerous behaviour;

stop; shutdown; emergency cutout devices; evacuate Intrinsic Features: Round shape; black pictogram on white background; red edging and diagonal line; red part to be at least 35% of the area of the sign Colour: Yellow or Amber Meaning or Purpose: Warning Instruction and Information: Be careful; take precautions; examine Intrinsic Features: Triangular shape; black pictogram on yellow background with black edging; yellow part to be at least 50% of the area of the sign Colour: Blue Meaning or Purpose: Mandatory Instruction and Information: Specific behaviour or action, e.g. wear personal pr otective equipment Intrinsic Features: Round shape; white pictogram on blue background; blue part t o be at least 50% of the area of the sign Colour: Green Meaning or Purpose: Emergency escape; first aid; No danger Instruction and Information: Doors; exits; escape routes equipment and facilitie s Return to normal Intrinsic Features: Rectangular or square shape; white pictogram on green backgr ound; green part to be at least 50% of the area of the sign Colour: Red (Fire-fighting signs) Meaning or Purpose: Fire-fighting equipment Instruction and Information: Identification and location Intrinsic Features: Rectangular or square shape; white pictogram on red backgrou nd; red part to be at least 50% of the area of the sign ty-signs.aspx

The Importance of Safety Signs in the Workplace The importance of safety signs in the workplace cannot be overstressed and must not be underestimated, both by employers and by any employees whose duties inclu de maintaining work place safety and is a key point in preventing work place inj uries. Work place safety has an impact on each corporation, company and small bu siness in every field. Businesses and employers are legally obligated to exercis e reasonable care to maintaining safety and to post several types of basic safet y signs to protect their employees at all times for potential hazards that may e xist. These safety signs include everything from informational alerts to warning signs , security signs, fire science, disabled signs, general safety signs, road signs , hazardous material science and first aid signs. In every work place, employers are legally required to post appropriate signage for any and all dangers that m ay potentially cause harm to their employees. The safety signs posted must be ea sily recognizable, visually clear and require no explanation so that all who vie w them will be easily able to be compliant with their warnings. They must be pla ced prominently and proximal to the dangerous areas. Every type of unique business has industry-specific safety signs. Construction s ites have a multiple hazards and require many types of signs while hospitals and chemical manufacturers alike will require hazardous material signs of their own individual nature. Hospitality businesses such as restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels as well as conference centers are legally obligated to exercise a strict

Failure to post appropriate safety sig ns in the work place may result in a devastating accident for which the negligen t employer or employee may be held legally and financially accountable. While employers ma y appear to be the individual entities responsible for any injury occurring in t he work place. third-party liability claims can be filed against an injured part y's fellow employees as well. In order to ensure legal protection from personal injury claims filed against hi s or herself. . Contact an injury attorney for more information on work place safety signs.a duty-of-care for all of their patrons and must have clearly marked emergency exit signs and wet floor warning signs as the basic starting point for employee and invitee safety. employers and employees alike would do well to recognize the impor tance of basic safety signs and measures. to both protect others from injury and to protect themselves from liability in the event of injury. In summation. each employee and each employer would be well advised to take the time to become familiar with all the legal requirements and liability laws invol ving health and safety in the work place.