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Emoticons and Abbreviations (Smileys


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Last updated December 18, 2009

Emoticons and Abbreviations (Smileys)
How to make sense of the bizarre spelling and punctuation you sometimes see online.
Compiled and occasionally written by Melissa Kaplan, 1995

While the medium is great, the message is sometimes missed. Jokes are taken seriously, sarcasm read where none was meant, etc. For those of you not already familiar with the host of smileys (also called emoticons) and abbreviations commonly encountered in posts, chats and email, here they are. Slang, Smileys & Abbreviation, & Glossary Resources at General Smileys Celebrity Smileys Abbreviations used in Email & Posts Internet Abbreviations, Terms, and Acronyms Herp & Related Biology & Reproductive Terms Glossaries Lyme & Tickborne Diseases Glossary Additional Slang & Abbreviation Translation Resources on the 'Net

General Smileys
If you are having trouble reading the smileys, just tilt your head to the left! :) or :-) ^-^ O:) or O:-) Smile Delighted; happy face Smiling angel


author wears glasses Ooooohhh noooooo! Shocked. outcry Scream Talking. upset face Equivalent to latter Celebrity Smileys @. toothy smile Devilish smile Lips are sealed Wink Frown Big frown / Grumpy Crying Sarcasm Big grin Sticking out tongue Kiss Surprise.Emoticons and Abbreviations (Smileys) Page 2 of 10 :D or :-D }:> :X .-) :-( :-C :'-( Big. bug face Confused face Disappointed.html 5/3/2011 . yakking Smiley with glasses.anapsid. ashamed.^[) Elvis surprised.) :( :C :'( :-/ :> :p :* :o :O :V 8) |:o O_O O_o <_< -_or or or or or or or :-> :-p :-* :-o :-O :-V 8-) or or or or or or }:-> :-X .

D. Ronald Regan Gumby @@@@@@:) Marge Simpson =):-)= [8-] ===:-D %^>( +-(:-) :-)X Abe Lincoln Frankenstein Don King Picasso cube-i-con The Pope Senator Paul Simon Abbreviations Used In Email and Posts Abbreviations are usually typed in all capital and Abbreviations (Smileys) Page 3 of 10 *^(:') \8-] 7:-) /:-) Frosty the Snowman F.R.html 5/3/2011 . AAMOF ADN AFAIA AFAIC AFAIK AFK ASAP ATSL AS BAK BBD BBL BCNU as a matter of fact any day now as far as I'm aware as far as I'm concerned as far as I know away from keyboard as soon as possible along the same line another subject back at keyboard basically brain dead be back later be seeing you http://www. but may be typed in lower case in a hurry or when using the Shift or Caps Lock key is difficult for the typist.

grin.html 5/3/2011 . I wish I'd said that great minds think alike hope this helps! I see if I recall correctly if the shoe fits. ducking and running girlfriend wear it in my opinion http://www. The comments preceeding or following <g> are meant humorously or to be taken with a grain of salt. a use rather frowned upon) by the way see you (as in "CU 2morrow!") see you later (or CUL8R) don't even bother don't go there dear heart (or husband) damned if I know excuse me (for) butting in End of Message fouled up beyond all recognition for what it's worth having to do with a self-directed. message boards) back to top (to keep subject from ageing off a message board. physically impossible action. and a horse grinning. <gdr> gf GIWIST GMTA HTH IC IIRC ITSFWI IMO boyfriend bye for now be right back (when momentarily leaving a chat ) back to topic (on email lists.anapsid.Emoticons and Abbreviations (Smileys) Page 4 of 10 bf BFN BRB BTT BTW CU CUL DEB DGT DH DIIK EM(F)BI EOM FUBAR FWIW FYATHYRIO <g> GD&R. grinning.

no type laughing out loud no big deal not on your life no problem now that you mention it oh. but no comment real soon now rolling on (the) floor. I see! out of the question off topic on the other hand off the top of my head pain in the nether regions (the) powers that be point of view read and acknowledged. laughing my --. laughing rolling on floor.anapsid.html 5/3/2011 .Emoticons and Abbreviations (Smileys) Page 5 of 10 IMCO IMHO IMNSHO IOW IRL JK JP KHYF KWIM L8r LAB&TYD LTNT LOL NBD NOYL np NTYMI OIC OOTQ OT OTOH OTTOMH PITA PTB POV RABNC RSN RO(T)FL ROFLMAO in my considered opinion in my humble opinion in my not so humble opinion in other words in real life (as opposed to your online life!) just kidding just playing know how you feel know what I mean? later life's a bitch & then you die long http://www.

all fouled up shut the **** up significant other speaking of which there ain't no justice there ain't no such thing as a stupid question this could go on for ever! the end of the world as we know it thanks for the help ahead of time thanks in advance there oughta be a law this oughta be good the powers that be to the best of my knowledge ta-ta for now! talk to you later thank you very much welcome back! with regards to what you see is what you get way to go! you're gonna love this your mileage may vary (= your experience may differ) http://www.html 5/3/2011 .anapsid.Emoticons and Abbreviations (Smileys) Page 6 of 10 ROTFLOLSTC rolling on the floor. laughing out loud .scared the cat! RTFM SEP SNAFU STFU SO SOW TANJ TANSTASQ TCGOFE TEOTWAWKI TFTHAOT TIA TOBAL TOBG TPTB TTBOMK TTFN TTUL TYVM WB WRT WYSIWYG WTG YGLT YMMV read the flippin' manual someone else's problem situation

and just about anyplace that people are talking or writing about the Internet. "I Seek You" ICQ: a program you can use to send instant Bandwidth Email Email Discussion List (EDL) FAQ ICQ http://www. IguanaMail. search engines. usually stored online at a website. web browsing and email seem free and (usually) magically fast to your email.g.anapsid. and the Information Superhighway becomes like trying to drive on a dusty. The busier or more crowded with code the systems are. as well as FAQs for newsgroups. For further information. S l o w. While the Internet . or have very limited online time every month. Doing things that increases the amount of code without providing any more informaiton (like superhuge graphics files. POGONA).org/internet/smileys. that answers frequently asked questions about a particular subject. is a waste of bandwidth. Unlike newsgroups. the longer it takes to get information.html 5/3/2011 .Emoticons and Abbreviations (Smileys) Page 7 of 10 Internet Abbreviations and Acronyms The following TLAs (three letter acronyms. Discussion group based on a particular subject (e. one must actively subscribe to an email list to join. Since many people have to pay for every minute that they are online. this instant messenger allows you to use the same program to talk with other AIM users and your friends on AOL. etc. online guides. in fact it takes quite a bit to move every bit of code from one computer to another. When you join an email list. Electronic mail: mail sent over the internet or within a service provider to other members of that provider. the slower the transmission speed.newsgroups. please see the Email Discussion Lists article. email lists. for most people. it can get very expensive waiting for files and mail to be retrieved. The slower the speed. Instant messaging for those who don't have an AOL account. Frequently Asked Questions: a document. dirt road pitted with potholes and littered with broken glass at midnight. AIM AOL Instant Messenger. copying the last five letters or posts -in full. There are FAQs on animal care. the Welcome letter you get is a sort of FAQ. three-letter abbreviations) you will see used in correspondence. using lots of cute animated and static graphic doodads at your site) quite literally.

Internet Relay Chat: software to access the various internet chat rooms Internet Service Provider: a company the provides. you can post specific questions that see The Art of Getting Help.anapsid. such as Yahoo's.. Questions like. too. a new iguana owner). new to the subject (e. productive responses. Every Welcome letter to an EDL and newsgroup FAQ has links to websites where you will find nformation to answer your initial questions. er. part of my Researching Herp Information article. can be very annoying if it goes on too long. net you more helpful. You can use your newsgroup software (often included with your email software or your web browser software) to get a full list of groups. The original Internet forums where people can post questions.g. How do I take care of it?" is a good example. That way. many are not. sorted by subject (e.g. before posting such questions. Newbies are easily recognized in EDLs and newsgroups because they post the most basic of questions. the group called rec. For more information. There are rules of conducts and FAQs for most groups. people who don't hae AOL accounts can download (free) AOL Instant Messenger and communicate instantly with anyone who has AIM and your friends on AOL. and often links to more advanced information.Emoticons and Abbreviations (Smileys) Page 8 of 10 messages or chat with others who also have ICQ accounts. "Noise" is just chatter than eats up bandwidth. You can put some mileage on your newbie outfit by doing some research first.. "Tell me everything there is to know about -------!" While many people are patient with newbies. newsgroups IRC ISP Newbie Newsgroup Usegroup Signal:Noise http://www. as are questions like.pets. or you can look for them through a search engine's listing of groups. Now. There are over 40. Signal-to-Noise Ratio: :"Signal" means information. Companies like AOL and Compuserve are commercial service providers. and literally costs people money if they have to pay to retrieve email. subcategory Herps). email accounts and access to the World Wide Web and newsgroups.herp is in Recreation.000 groups. "I just got a dog. remembering what it was like when they were new. Instant Message Instant messages can be sent between AOL members. answers and comments on a wide variety of subject.html 5/3/2011 . subcategory Pets. generally for a monthly fee. Newcomer: new to the Internet. showing that they haven't taken the time to do some background research on their own.

or more broadly used to encompass websites. abbreviations and acronyms X-posting Cross-posting to more than one email list or newsgroup. This compilation isn't meant to be the respository of every single abbreviation out there. URL Additional Slang & Abbreviations Resources These smileys. and other forms of instant electronic communications over the Internet using personal computers. email and newsgroups.html Need to update a veterinary or herp society/rescue listing? Amphibians Conservation Health Lizards Resources http://www.latimes. IMs and text messaging.anapsid.html 5/3/2011 .com Sharpened Glossary Teen Angels WWW Jupiter Parents NoSlang.Emoticons and Abbreviations (Smileys) Page 9 of 10 and archived digests that contain more noise than signal. surface of what is out there and being used. email it privately to the individual. Most email lists will terminate a person who trolls more than once. don't.. Universal Resource Locator: the unique address for each webpage (e. www. Troll A person who posts to a list or newsgroup with the sole intention of starting an argument or inflaming the group. emoticons.g. just ones most people find most useful or are likely to come For more abbreviations and slang used in email. chats. just this is generally frowned upon as the responses are also x. check out the following sites: AcronymFinder.scratch posted to all groups and generally are wildly off-topic and the start ticking a whole lot of people is the URL for the Los Angeles Times web site). Instead of posting it where thousands of people are going to be annoyed at you for wasting their time. and new ones come into common usage as time goes on. If you really need to show support for someone's statement or position and want to post an "attagirl!" or "Yeah! I agree completely!" type post.anapsid. World Wide Web: an inclusive term sometimes used to refer to websites in general.

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