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Choice Issues Budget Issues

Gill Accused McNerney of Abusing Tax Payer Money By Sending Out Mailers; Paper Acknowledged Value of Mailers In 2011, Gill decried McNerney’s use of tax-paid mailing as an abuse of taxpayers’ dollars to send glossy mailers to his constituents. McNerney’s staff argued the mailers went to households where the residents would find the contents useful. For example, mailers about Social Security and Medicare went to senior citizens. The two-sided mailers contain phone numbers for folks having trouble with a Social Security application or who need help filing for veteran’s benefits. The paper “that’s all good.” However, the paper also wrote that some of the slogans had headlines that read like campaigns. [Contra Costa Times, 11/24/11] McDonald Said Stimulus Did Not Get to Root of Economic Problems In 2011, McDonald said the stimulus was not a long-term solution and didn’t get to the root of the economic problem. He said businesses and investors needed a stable environment in which to make longterm decisions, not stop-gap solutions like the president’s recent stimulus plan. “Too often, these plans coming down are not structural changes,” McDonald said, adding you can respond to a crisis with stimulus, but not deep-seated problems. “I don’t even see this as a Republican or Democrat kind of thing.”
[Tracy Press, 10/18/11]

Supported Balanced Budget Amendment In 2011, Gill said he supported a balanced budget amendment. [Washington Post, 9/27/11] Would Have Voted for Debt-Ceiling Deal In 2011, Gill said he would have “reluctantly” voted for the debt-ceiling deal. [Washington Post, 9/27/11]

Business and Consumer Issues Campaign Finance Issues
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Stumped for Gill In 2011, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley stumped for California House candidate Ricky Gill. “As America’s youngest governor, I know what a difference a new generation of hope and leadership can make. And I know that the future of the San Joaquin Valley will be much brighter with the energy and optimism of Ricky Gill,” Haley said in a statement.” [Blog, Politico, 11/9/11] Headline: Haley bashes labor unions in Chamber of Commerce appearance In 2011, Gov. Nikki Haley said she wanted to get rid of the influence of unions. She accepted an award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Republican governor also slammed the National Labor Relations Board, which has sued Boeing over its decision to locate a factory in North Charleston rather than expand an existing assembly line in Washington state. She touted a proposal to require unions to disclose three years worth of financial data before setting up shop in the Palmetto State. “Unions only survive in secrecy,” Haley said. “The more people know about them, the more we expose them, the more we can get rid of the influence that they have on the system.” Haley boasted that South Carolina has among the nation’s smallest unionized workforces, which she said accounts for the state’s low cost of doing business. [Gannett News Service, 10/26/11] Headquarters was on Second Floor of Building of a Lodi RV park his Family Owned In 2011, Gill's campaign headquarters was on the second floor of the administration building of a Lodi RV park his family owns. [San Francisco Chronicle, 10/17/11] Raised Much of Money from Sikh Community In 2011, Gill raised much of his money from the Sikh community, where his parents were politically active. [Washington Post, 9/27/11] Raised $446,000 in Second Quarter of 2011 During the second fundraising quarter of 2011, Gill raised $446,000. “The current crop of prolific IndianAmerican cash-raisers include congressional hopefuls like Ami Bera, a California physician; Raja Krishnamoorthi, a former Illinois deputy state treasurer, and 24-year-old Ricky Gill, a University of California at Berkeley law student who’s running for a San Joaquin County-area House seat and who hauled in $446,000 during the second quarter.” [, 8/11/11]

Crime & Public Safety Issues


Economic and Financial Issues Education Issues Energy Issues Environmental Issues
Gill Accused McNerney of Taking Too Long to Announce Opposition to Perpheral Canal; McNerney was Concerned About Delta Region In 2011, Gill accused McNerney of taking five years to announce on the House floor his opposition to the Peripheral Canal. McNerney spokeswoman Lauren Smith responded to the accusation by saying McNerney and four other Northern California members of Congress met with Jerry Meral, deputy secretary for the California Natural Resource Agency, about their concern over the proposed Bay Delta Conservation Plan, which they say would harm the Delta region. [News-Sentinel, 10/20/11]

Ethics Issues
McDonald Attacked Gill for Resume Inflation in Mailer In 2012, McDonald put in campaign literature that Gill had a problem with resume inflation. “Ricky seems like a nice 24 year old young man whose parents don’t seem to understand that Congress is not an entry level position. If Ricky were running for city council, he would still face questions about his lack of experience. He has done well in his studies in high school and earned a political science degree. Few would take his candidacy seriously, except his wealthy family managed to raise nearly $1M from friends and family supporting his run for Congress.” The mailer went on to state, “Ricky has a problem with resume inflation that Jerry McNerney (D) is sure to exploit. Ricky was recently called out for resume inflation by the Stockton Record for his farming experience claims and for his parent’s clinic advertisement that states “Experience Matters”. Another example; Ricky has never held a real job, much less created a job. Yet, Ricky is running for a Congressional seat in a district with one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. Voters in CA-9 should elect a candidate with job creation experience. To answer his obvious deficiency, Ricky now claims that his real job is “Director” of parent’s RV Park in Lodi, CA since age 19. However, Ricky went to school in New Jersey during those years. Most voters believe a real job means actually showing up to work and working 40+ hours per week.” [McDonald for Congress, Mailer, Accessed 1/23/12] McDonald Attacked Gill Saying His Family Money Came from Abortions In 2012, McDonald put in campaign literature that Gill had not spoken about his pro-life stance and his “his family money comes from his parents’ clinic which performed abortion.” The mailer read, “Another issue with Ricky is perhaps his lack of authenticity. For example, his OB-GYN parents claims to have “always been pro-life”. CA-9 has a pro-life majority. However, pro-life voters are discovering that the


majority of his family money comes from his parents’ clinic, which performed abortion. Ricky has not spoken publicly about his website claim of being pro-life and has not made the pro-life policy commitments that define pro-life candidates. Source: Lodi Sentinel.” [McDonald for Congress, Mailer, Accessed

Gill Accused McNerney of Failing to Clean Up Federal Bureaucracy; McNerney Pointed to 2007 Ethics Package In 2011, Gill accused McNerney of failing to author legislation designed to clean up the federal bureaucracy in his five years representing the Lodi area in Congress. McNerney spokeswoman Lauren Smith responded to the accusation by saying Congress approved an ethics package in 2007. [News-Sentinel,

Wasn’t Old Enough to Serve in House Seat He was Running for In September 2011, the Washington Post reported that Gill wasn’t even old enough to serve in the House seat he was running for. “The possible Republican nominee in California’s 9th district is not even old enough to serve — yet. He will turn 25 a month before the primary, just in time to run.” [Washington Post,

Foreign Policy Issues – Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea Gay and Lesbian Issues Gun Issues Health Care Issues
Wanted to Focus on Unemployment and Reducing Obstacles to Obtaining Health Care In 2012, Gill said he wanted to focus on “fresh ideas,” lessening unemployment, and finding patientcentered ideas to reduce obstacles to obtaining health care. “The number I’m concerned about in (the 9th) District is the unemployment rate,” he said. [Tracy Press, 1/10/12] Did Not Favor Repealing Obama Health-Care Law In 2011, Gill said he did not favor repealing the health-care law. The Washington Post reported, “On the health-care law, he talks about improving coordination and record-keeping, not repeal.” [Washington Post,

Website Stated that He Would Repeal Obamacare In September 2011, Gill’s website read, “I would vote to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a market-based solution that retains protections for those with pre-existing conditions, extends


coverage for younger family members and prevents caps on medical payouts.” [Gill for Congress, accessed 10/4/11]

Immigration and Border Issues Israel Labor and Working Family Issues Other Social Issues
Parents Were Immigrants, obstetricians, Vineyard and RV Park Owners In September 2011, the Washington Post reported that Gill parents, immigrants from India and Uganda, were both obstetricians who ran a vineyard and an RV park. [Washington Post, 9/27/11]

Senior Issues
Declined to Endorse Ryan Budget In 2011, Gill declined to endorse the House GOP’s 2012 budget proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), which would turn Medicare into a voucher program by 2021. [Washington Post, 9/27/11]

Social Issues Personal Issues
Argued Youth Didn’t Equal Inexperience In 2012, Gill said his youth didn’t equal inexperience – he highlighted his tenure on the California Board of Education representing the state’s public school students, as well as his experience in his parents’ business. Gill attacked McNerney saying, “I think he’s fundamentally neglected this community.” [Tracy
Press, 1/10/12]

Claimed he was the Director of his Parents Business for more than Five Years In 2012, Gill claimed he was the director of his parents business for more than five years. John McDonald said of Gill, “He is a young kid…From what I can tell, he’s a nice kid, but he’s never held a job. Congress is not an entry-level job.” Gill’s spokesman Colin Hunter said that Gill had been a director in his parents’ business for more than five years. That includes farming and ownership of the Flag City RV Resort near Interstate 5. “That’s a


small business that employs 60 people in the San Joaquin Valley,” Hunter said. “Ricky has, in fact, held a job, and it’s a job that has created a lot of benefits in this community.” [Lodi News-Sentinel, 1/20/12] Donated $5,000 to the Wounded Warriors Program In 2012, it was reported that Gill donated $5,000 to the Wounded Warriors Program, a non-profit organization that has given away 117 homes to injured soldiers, formed by the secretary of defense in 2004. “I think the things we really need to do for our soldiers is make sure they have a home and that they are economically stable,” Gill said. [, 1/19/12] Claimed to Have Been a Director of His Parents Business for More than Five Years In 2012, after Gill was criticized for never holding a job, his spokesman claimed he had been a director in his parents’ business for more than five years. “In a phone interview on Thursday, Gill spokesman Colin Hunter said that Gill has been a director in his parents’ business for more than five years. That includes farming and ownership of the Flag City RV Resort near Interstate 5.” [Lodi News, 1/20/12] Advocated for Using “Bully Pulpit” of Congressional Office to Highlight Family Values In 2012, it was reported that in an address to the Lodi Republican Women, McDonald advocated using the “bully pulpit” of a congressman to raise issues of family values. The Republican candidate suggested a tax credit to encourage families to stay together. “Boys especially need a father as well as a mother to guide them,” McDonald said. “If there is no father in the house, mothers should seek help for their children in making sure there is a male teacher, coach, Scout leader or member of the clergy to guide the children in their lives.” [Lodi News, 1/20/12] Wanted to be a Surgeon When Growing Up When Gill was growing up, he wanted to be a surgeon according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
[San Francisco Chronicle, 10/17/11]

Was Student Representative on the State Board of Education for a Year When Gill was 17, he applied and was accepted to be the student representative on the State Board of Education for a year. He met the late Gap CEO Donald Fisher to former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
[San Francisco Chronicle, 10/17/11]

Didn’t Have “Much of a Work History to Lean On” In 2011, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Gill didn’t have “much of a work history to lean on.”
[San Francisco Chronicle, 10/17/11]

Gill Criticized McNerney for Not Living in District In 2011, Gill criticized McNerney for not living in the district. “I’m in this race because I want to be an advocate for a community that has been neglected,” Gill said. “If you were to visualize the 9th


congressional district on a map, theres not a single state or federal legislator who lives within the confines of this new district.” [Washington Post, 9/27/11] Picked as Sole Student Representative on the state California Board of Education In 2011, it was reported that when Gill was 17 he was picked as the sole student representative on the state California Board of Education by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R). “He was right there having real tough conversations with folks who have been in the policy business for decades, defending the state’s standards to folks who had lower expectations of our young people,” said Johnathan Williams, another board member. [Washington Post, 9/27/11] Did Not Turn 25 Until After Primary – 24 Too Young to Serve in Congress In 2011, Gill was running to be the Republican nominee in California’s 9th district, despite the fact that he was not old enough to serve. He turned 25 a month before the primary, just in time to run. [Washington Post,

Parents Were Immigrant, Obstetricians, Ran Vineyard and RV Park
In 2011, it was reported that Gill’s parents were immigrants from India and Uganda, are both obstetricians who run a vineyard and an RV park. [Washington Post, 9/27/11]

Finishing Law School, Graduated from Princeton
In 2011, it was reported that Gill was finishing law school at Berkeley, after graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton. [Washington Post, 9/27/11]

Political Issues
Touted Endorsement of Jeb Bush In 2012, Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush endorsed Gill. Gill touted the endorsement and Bush said gill has the “ideas and experience needed” to shrink the federal government and restore “freedom and opportunity.” [The Record, 1/13/12] Said McNerney’s Opposition to Trade Agreements Hurt Farmers In 2011, Gill criticized McNerney for opposing the passage of trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia because he said they would help the districts farmers. San Joaquin County comprises 737,503 acres of agriculture, including nearly as many acres of grapes as Sonoma and Napa counties combined. “We have a concern when you’re a member of Congress and you’re voting against the interest of growers,” said Bruce Blodgett, executive director of the San Joaquin County Farm Bureau. Still, despite not endorsing McNerney in any of his congressional runs, Blodgett said the bureau has “enjoyed a good working relationship” with the Democrat. [San Francisco Chronicle, 10/17/11]


Had Daily Email Exchanges with Rep. Sessions In 2011, Gill was considered a rising star in the Republican party and had daily email exchanges with Rep. Sessions. “Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, chair of the Republican National Congressional Committee, e-mails Gill daily to keep tabs on the race.” “He’s bright, he’s energetic, he cares about people - he has all the attributes that I’d like to wrap up in a bottle and pass them around the country,” Sessions said. [San Francisco Chronicle, 10/17/11] Other Conservative in Race Worried About Lack of Experience and Young Age In 2011, Mountain House resident John McDonald, a semiconductor executive decided to run against Gill because he was worried about his lack of experience. “As conservatives, how can we criticize Obama for not having any experience when we nominate somebody who’s 24?” McDonald said. [San Francisco
Chronicle, 10/17/11]

Rep. Sessions Defended Gill Against Criticisms He Didn’t Have Enough Experience In 2011, Rep. Sessions defended Gill against criticism that he didn’t have enough experience. “First of all, he’s not running for president,” Sessions said. “He’s running to represent people. He is running to say that he has an understanding of their needs. He has a very academic background to understand” the needs of an agricultural district with high levels of unemployment. [San Francisco Chronicle,

Said He Wouldn’t Endorse a Presidential Nominee In 2011, Gill said he would not endorse a presidential nominee. Most of the candidates said they’re planning their campaigns independently of the eventual nominee. (“Campaigns can really rise and fall in a matter of minutes. I’m not going to irrevocably tie myself to any one candidate,” said Ricky Gill, a GOP candidate in California). [MSNBC, accessed 12/20/11] Claimed McNerney Tried to Rig Redistricting to get More Favorable District In 2011, Gill claimed that McNerney tried to rig redistricting to get a more favorable district for himself. “McNerney’s attempts to buy a favorable district are exactly the kind of broken politics that people are sick of,” said Colin Hunter, a spokesman for the campaign of 24-year-old Ricky Gill. [Record, 1/1/12] Claimed McNerney was Beholden to Special-Interests In 2011, Gill also told the Lodi Area Republicans that McNerney is beholden to special-interest groups by taking donations from sources outside the 9th District. Meanwhile, Gill maintains that his contributions are limited to individuals. [News-Sentinel, 10/20/11] McNerney Had Edge Against Gill In 2011, the Contra Costa Times pointed out McNerney had the edge in the election. Democrats have a 9point registration advantage in the new district, largely because of the addition of Stockton. And he


already represents the bulk of San Joaquin County in the old 11th District. However, the paper pointed out Gill’s fundraising advantage. [Contra Costa Times, 11/24/11] John McDonald Entered GOP Primary Against Gill-Attacked Him for Being Too Young In 2011, Gill faced John McDonald, a 43-year-old guy from Mountain House in the GOP primary. McDonald was a conservative semiconductor executive who thought the high-speed rail plan was a boondoggle and that federal government isn’t stimulating the economy in the right way. It said on McDonald’s website, “It makes no sense that candidates with no experience are given instant credibility because of money from family and family connections.” McDonald told us Friday, “As conservatives, how can we criticize Obama for not having any experience when we nominate somebody who’s 24?” [San
Francisco Chronicle, 10/14/11]

John McDonald Entered GOP Primary Against Gill-Advocated for 0 Percent Capital Gains In 2011, John McDonald announced he would run against Gill in the GOP primary. He planned to move to the newly created 9th District. McDonald said he supported a 0 percent capital gains tax for new companies that start between now and 2013. Eliminating the capital gains tax rate, he said, would create thousands of new companies and hundreds of thousands of new jobs throughout the nation. He said he would avoid negative campaigning and opposed the Democratic health care plan. [News-Sentinel, 10/13/11] McDonald Touted Business Credentials In 2011, John McDonald of Mountain House said he was running for Congress because as an entrepreneur he didn’t see anyone talking about serious solutions for the country’s troubled economy. “As a business guy, I see a lack of understanding of how the economy works,” McDonald said, He boasted about three successful endeavors in a row — including Cypress Microsystems and SiTime, which designs timing products to replace quartz-based timers. [Tracy Press, 10/18/11] Endorsed by Local Republican Officials In 2011, Gill announced that he had been endorsed by Assemblyman Bill Berryhill, San Joaquin County Supervisor Leroy Ornellas, Greg Aghazarian and Jack Sieglock, former county supervisor. [Record Net,

Son of Two Physicians In 2011, Gill announced he would take on Rep. Jerry McNerney because he wasn’t looking out for the needs of the community. Gill was an Indian American Republican candidate. He issued a statement that read McNerney’s “support for Washington’s failed policies and his complete neglect of the San Joaquin Valley have resulted in devastating unemployment. He might be the only person who thinks he can move here for a job.” Gill turned a Indian American Republican candidate. He was the son of two physicians, grape growers and farmers in San Joaquin County. He said in a press release that he “knows firsthand the needs and cares of local farmers and families” and “cares about their jobs.” McNerney, by contrast, “cares only about his own.” [India West, 8/23/11] Accused McNerney of Failing to Fight for Interests of County


In 2011, the Record Net reported that Gill, a 24-year-old law student purchased full-page ads in local media criticizing Rep. McNerney. Gill graduated from Tokay High School, graduated from Princeton University and is working on a law degree from the University of California, Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law. He accused McNerney of “Jerry-mandering” the district and failing to fight for the interests of the county. [Record Net, 8/26/11] Accused McNerney of Failing to Speak Out Against Peripheral Canal In 2011, the Record Net reported that Gill criticized McNerney in a full-page ad of waiting “an astonishing five years to take a stand on the House floor against the Peripheral Canal.” Despite the fact that McNerney did speak out against such a canal on the House floor in 2011, he was on the record opposing the canal since at least 2007. [Record Net, 8/26/11] Added to Targeted List of Candidates by the National Republican Congressional Committee In 2011, Gill was added to the “on the radar” the second tier of the Young Guns recruitment program from The National Republican Congressional Committee. He was challenging Rep. Jerry McNerney. [The
Hill, 8/18/11]

Several Republicans Considered Getting Into Race In 2011, Republicans Tony Amador and Brad Goehring considered running against McNerney. Ricky Gill already declared his candidacy. [Lodi News-Sentinel, 8/16/11]

Tax Issues Tea Party Trade Issues
Gill Accused McNerney of Voting Against Free Trade; McNerney Said He Didn’t Want Jobs to be Outsourced In 2011, Gill accused McNerney of voting against a bill that would encourage free trade, which would benefit local farmers. McNerney spokeswoman Lauren Smith responded to the accusation by saying he voted against free-trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia despite support by President Barack Obama and both parties of Congress because they didn’t eliminate outsourcing jobs to foreign countries. [News-Sentinel, 10/20/11]

Transportation Issues