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GaugeFlex Workstation

Flexible System with Barcoding

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• Through the use of the GaugeFlex Lean 60+ in a cradle, a multiplexer or wireless transceiver can be attached for the connection of various and multiple digital or serial gauges. • Fixture gauging and applications which require a variety of gauges, are ideal for the GaugeFlex Lean 60+ workstation. • Since the GaugeFlex Lean 60+ is a mobile computer, it takes so much less desktop space than that of a conventional computer. It’s shop-hardened IP54 enclosure also protects it against the harshest environments. • Most data collection applications require large amounts of time on the shop floor. Due to the GaugeFlex Lean 60+’s rugged enclosure and no internal moving parts, it’s survival greatly surpasses that of a PC. The Microsoft Windows CE mobile operating system allows for you to install a wide range of software. This allows you to use one mobile computer to manage all your different data collection needs! Your operators will be familiar as they move around the plant, as the mobile computer can be the same everywhere. Just the software on the system would be different. Due to the 1D and 2D barcoding capabilities this unit can be used in the following areas: • Inventory • Warehousing • Quality Control • Process Control • Assembly • Production • and many more...
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GaugeFlex Lean 60+ Collector

Wireless Gauging

GaugeFlex ShopFloor

GaugeFlex Controller
Controller will be the central place to manage all aspects of your GaugeFlex system. Each module has a specific purpose and is described below.

Snagging of wires can result in broken equipment or injury. The obvious solution is wireless gauging. • Rugged PDA-style mobile computer • 3.5” QVGA color display • The only rugged mobile computer that weighs less than 10 ounces and has a full 3.5” color display • Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 • Freescale i.MX31 @ 533 MHz • 128 MB mobile DDR SDRAM/128 MB NAND Flash ROM • 2 GB MicroSD included for storing more inspections and collected data than ever • Flexible direct gauge interfacing • IP54 sealing, 4’ drop to concrete • 1D scanning, 2D ready (firmware upgrade) • Summits Wi-Fi® radio is unparalleled in range, security, network performance and radio control • Cisco CCX certification • The average transmission distance in a manufacturing environment is about 100’. We have overcome this limitation by making GaugeFlex the first truly Mobile Wireless Gauging solution. Place the collector in a holster and bring it with you on your belt. • We provide two frequencies (900 MHz, 2.4 GHz) to ensure we do not interfere with any existing wireless infrastructure. • Virtually unlimited gauges can connect to a single GaugeFlex data collector. • The GaugeFlex wireless has integrated intelligence to ensure that gauges send data to a specific data collector. • Wireless helps reduce the risk of the operator being injured due to a caught wire.

• Inspection Module – Create inspection files for the handheld to collect data. • DataManager Module – Retrieves data through wireless networking (WiFi, RF) or USB connections. • Configurator Module – Allows configuration of each data collector and the PC. • TRACE Module – Gives you the ability to Track, Research, Analyze, Chart, and Expose your data. • Import/Export Module – Convert inspections and data to and from different formats.

This is where the inspection data is collected. You can also make on-thefloor decisions with the data, charts and statistics available to you on ShopFloor. Some key features of ShopFloor are as follows: • Unlimited, enforceable traceability collection (machine, operator, etc.) • Attribute, Binary (Go, No-Go) and Variable data input • Connects to virtually all gauge types (Analog, Digital, Serial, Bluetooth, RF) • One image displayed per feature • Simple intuitive interface • Charts (Xbar/R, Xbar/Sigma, Histogram, Cpk Evolution), IMR • Statistics • Wirelessly upload data (WiFi and RF) • Wirelessly download inspection files (WiFi and RF)