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June 2011


Issue 31

How to suffocate a contractor
By Bassam Samman CEO and Founder

What makes a great risk manager?
It is fair to say that the role of the risk manager has changed radically in recent years. With a move away from a ticklist mentality to an awareness of true risk management, the perception of risk managers has altered.



ne could list thousands of items that would negatively affect the success of a construction contractor. Nevertheless, no one can dispute that delayed approvals and delayed payment of due invoices are the two most critical issues for a contractor to survive. The timely approvals of submittals and release of progress payments are the two lungs of a contractor on any project regardless of size, type or location. Delaying those approvals will put any contractor in a very critical position that would usually lead not only to project failure but also for the contractor to fail. In this first article of two, we will review the submittal approval process or the first lung of the Contractor. In the engineering and construction industry, a Contractor must seek approval from the Client’s or the Client’s agent such as the Consultant on all of his subcontractors, suppliers, staff, insurance and guarantee documents, method statements, materials, shop drawings, site access and others before the Contractor can proceed with the procurement or carry out field work associated with those approvals. In other words, without those approvals, the Contractor will have very little work to be done on the project. The Contractor will not be able to start procurement and fabrication without having the Client’s approval on the project submittals. Contractors have the responsibility to prepare submittals which might involve subcontractors, suppliers and the Contractor own resources. When the submittal preparation is completed, the Contractor will formally submit it to be reviewed by the Project Owner. The submittal review process could involve different parties such as the Project Owner, Consultant, Project Management Consultant as well as government authorities where permits need to be issued. The review process could result in approving the submittal or approving it with minor comments which will enable the Contractor to proceed with the material procurement, fabrication or installation. Nevertheless, many times the submittals might be rejected where the Contractor will be required to resubmit and go through the review process again. Sometimes, submittals could go through four cycles of review until they are finally approved. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Continued on Page 2

Creating value in construction projects
Creating value means creating better products. Only best quality products will be able to result in financial success of a business. But what does this mean for a construction project?


Latest trends in High-Impact Interface Management Programs for Mega Projects 7
Owner/Operators involved in mega projects continue to struggle in monitoring interface progress and risk. With a mega project typically managed in multiple scope packages, awarded contractors face interacting with one another throughout the project life cycle to establish interface agreements, despite being spread across different geographical locations and different cultures.

Why organizations must have a project management office (PMO)
Organizations who invest in programs and projects to achieve their strategic projects cannot risk their failure. For years, those organizations have struggled to deliver projects on time, within budget and achieving their set objectives. Nevertheless, in the absence of effective ownership of those project investments the chances of failure will always be more.


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How to suffocate a contractor
Continued from Page 1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The reasons for the multi-review cycles could result from many reasons; some could be attributed to the Contractor himself while others to the Project Owner and his team. Some of the common Contractor related reasons include incomplete submission, deviation or non compliance with what is specified, wrong drawings among many others. On the other hand, one of the key reasons that are attributed to why Project Owners reject submittals is that to buy time when they are short on resources. In this case, the Project Owner and/or his team will delay providing comments on submittals although they could have done it immediately after receiving the submittal for review. Many project owners, consultants, project management firms and contractors are becoming aware of the unrecoverable damages that delay submittal approvals to the project success. Accordingly, they have started introducing some good practices to ensure that the threat of delayed submittal approvals is minimized. The first of those practices is to require the Engineering Consultant to come up with a detailed list of all material, sample and method statement submittals that the Contractor is required to prepare. The submittal log should provide reference to the Contract specification, conditions of contract, drawing, bill of quantity or any other contract document for which this submittal requirement was stated. Of course this does not eliminate the Contractor’s responsibility for developing a detailed submittal log that will also cover all shop drawings, permits and other submittals that are required by the contract. A second good practice is to link the submittal log with the project’s integrated master schedule (IMS) as this will provide the project participants with a logical approval need date for each submittal. By having this date, the project participants will be able to assign priorities for what submittals need to be reviewed and approved before they delay the project’s milestone completion dates. The third good practice is to specify the required submittal review periods in particu2 Issue 31 June 2011

The timely approvals of contractor’s submittals and release of progress payments are the two lungs of a contractor on any project regardless of size, type or location
lar to those submittals that require extensive technical review by the project consultant. For example, the specifications can state that the submittal review for major mechanical equipments, which need to be itemized, will be 60 days rather than the standard 14 days required for other submittals. The same could be applied on government permits and approvals as well as submittals that have multiple parties to review and for which the standard 14 days review period will not be adequate. By making the Contractor aware of those periods during his bid submission, the contractor can allow for those extended review periods in his submittal schedule which is coordinated with the project’s integrated master schedule as per the second good practice. A fourth good practice is to use a computerized submittal management system that will capture all of the submittals identified in the first good practice and group them into interrelated submittal packages. For each submittal item, the Contractor will assign the duration required to prepare the submittal, reviewing the submittal taking into consideration the estimated review duration as per good practice three and the time required to

procure the submittal equipment and material when applicable. Each submittal will be linked to the project’s integrated master schedule as per good practice two to get the required approval date. This computerized submittal management system will enable the Contractor to monitor who is holding the submittal (ball in court) and how long the submittal has been with that party, the time elapsed since this submittal review process has started including all review cycles, how much time is still available for the submittal before it delays the project’s schedule and details of each review cycle including comments, actions and dates. Using a computerized submittal management system will collaborate between the different parties of the contract as it can be web-enabled to allow access from different locations by the different parties. In addition, having such a system will allow linking the different submittals to their original documents such as drawings, method statements, catalogues among others. This will allow for review of those documents and add comments on those submittals using redlining tools. The fifth good practice is to require the Contractor to specify in his submittal any deviations from what was originally specified. This will help the Consultant to expedite the review process instead of trying to locate those deviations. The Contractor will be required to formally state that those are the only deviations that are included in the submittal. As most specifications are avail>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Continued on Page 4

In particular. In addition to the survey Active Risk will be collaborating with leading risk practitioners from its customer base to publish a series of white papers throughout 2011 discussing key elements of the research findings. The full results and analysis of the research will be published in autumn 2011. This unique research is being undertaken in Europe. DISC is one of the most widely used In discussions with the initial test group personality profiling methodologies and of survey respondents a topic for further de- The primary goal of a risk manager should be to be the person in the organization who always focuses on the future and uses this perspective to influence strategic decision making whether it is across a project. Early survey responses from a small test group of Active Risk customers. bate has already arisen. The days of siloed risk management are passing and there is now a demand for the integration of risk management across enterprises. The full survey is expected to attract hundreds of responses from across the world.TM What makes a great risk manager? Peter Robertshaw | SVP Global Marketing Active Risk (formerly Strategic Thought Group) Characteristics and traits of successful risk managers I t is fair to say that the role of the risk manager has changed radically in recent years.activerisk. has indentified two contrasting personality types enjoying success in the area of risk management. It is no longer sufficient for risk managers to identify a set of risks and file them in a risk register or individual spreadsheets. The need for skilled risk professionals is becoming increasingly important. Risk managers will be invited to take part in the research by completing an online confidential DISC psychometric sur. However. So why do people get involved in risk management as a profession and what characteristics are required to become a successful risk manager? What makes a great risk manager? To complete the questionnaire. monthly. go to: www. While there are numerous differing opinions on the various aspects of the role of risk managers. the perception of risk managers has altered. the goal of a risk manager vey. Only with this state of ‘perpetual sense of future’ can decisions be made to benefit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Continued on Page 4 Issue 31 June 2011 3 . operations and projects and the effective communication of risks and opportunities for informed strategic decision making. quarterly and annual basis. The risk process – a telescope into the future What makes a great risk manager? Active Risk has launched a major new survey of risk management professionals to discover the personality characteristics and traits of those involved in this changing role. North America.The role vs. operation or enterprise. it is also fair to say that few children grow up with an idea that they want to become a risk manager. Australia and the Middle East to provide a deep knowledge pool and to highlight regional differences. With a move away from a tick-list mentality to an awareness of true risk management. What is the difference between the role and the goal of a risk manager? The role of a risk manager is about activity carried out on a has been utilized for many decades to analyze workplace job profiles and traits. enterprise risk management has developed from an academic concept into an important business framework with a requirement for risk managers to show leadership and advanced communication skills to achieve success both for the business and in their own careers. there appears to be a consensus emerging around the main goal of risk managers if they are to be successful in meeting emerging challenges. This involves the ability to instil into an organization the need to think about the future while the organizational instinct will be to deal with the operating pressures of today.

. analysis and mitigation of risk but more importantly it will enable conclusions to be arrived at based on analytical discussion about what might happen in the future. Accelerating procurement process. good submittal review practices are not limited to those six listed practices. must take a proactive role in planning. on occasion. please contact CMCS at info@CMCS-MENA.TM Continued from Page 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> progress within the organization. You will receive a personalized profile report and a copy of the full results later in the year. Unlike construction activities. This will allow the Consultant to provide his comments so the Contractor can modify his submittal and ensure that swift review and avoid wasting time and effort on multiple review cycles. project managers and consultants need to manage the submittal in a comprehensive and proactive way to avoid harming the project that could very much result in its failure. Prior to joining STG he held a similar role at Swedish ERP player – IFS. operation or project. executing. the emerging characteristics of great risk managers include good communication skills. product management and marketing. So how is the risk manager’s primary goal of looking to the future to improve decision making achieved? The answer lies in the implementation of a risk process to enable people to participate in information collection and sharing in a systematic way. persistence. However. . project owners. with the first results in..activerisk. Unlike other project delays.. or could be subject to weather conditions such as snow and ice which could hamper getting the raw material such as marble or sea shipping as water pathways could be frozen. the need to be brave and risk failure itself. extended working hours. Of course. air freight instead of sea or land shipping among others. flexibility. Given the changing and diverse nature of risk management it is hard to predict the likely outcomes of the forthcoming survey. In conclusion. The process becomes a lens through which today’s events and emerging trends are viewed to help see the different potential futures. . delays in material procurement are very hard to recover delays and carries very high cost when one tries to accelerate. You can also sign up to receive our “What makes a great risk manager?” series of white papers. delayed procurement activities cannot just be recovered by working extended day hours and weekends or bringing additional resources. In addition. Did you know that . Peter is also a Director of BASDA . the ability to influence at all levels. Organizations across the globe understand how critical this process is for their project’s successful delivery. if possible. the UK software trade body and chairs its Marketing special interest groups. All project stakeholders. Emerging characteristics of great risk managers the survey visit 4 Issue 31 June 2011 within budget Your project team understands the value of finishing your project plans on time . would require paying premiums for rescheduling other orders. balance and. monitoring and controlling the submittal review process. If you work in the risk management discipline and would like to participate in Peter Robertshaw is VP Global Marketing at Strategic Thought There is no doubt the final results will be interesting and intriguing. without exception. . delaying placement of orders could result in delays that could far exceed the amount of delay in placing orders as plants could be subject to scheduled summer shutdown. 90% of those working on projects do not receive professional training in project management I M a g I n e . Your project team understands the value of completing project understands the value of properly documenting project events Your project team If you want to know why CMCS is uniquely qualified to change your imaginations into reality. How to suffocate a contractor Continued from Page 2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> able in electronic format. A robust risk process will allow the identification. contractors. the Contractor can copy and paste the originally specified specification section and add the deviations in different color. The last recommended good practice is to adopt what is known as “Informal Submittal Review” where the Contractor will prepare the required submittal but have it reviewed informally by the Consultant. Peter spent 12 years at software giant SAP in a number of roles including consulting.

informa- tion-centric strategy. please contact CMCS at info@CMCS-MENA. Can you afford not to manage your project’s contracts? Having the latest status of every contract revised and projected cost at completion Having the latest status of every single change order against every single contract Having the supporting records for every contract issue. mitigate risk and maximize asset uptime. will present ‘The Effect of AVEVA NET Information Management Solution on Project Lifecycle and Data management’. With a focus on information integrity.TM aveva enables powerful information management Mohamad Awad | Lead Information Management Consultant AVEVA A VEVA. the Hub unlocks the value of your digital assets. AVEVA NET is AVEVA’s flagship information management solution for visualizing. AVEVA’s Information management Technology. a leader in engineering design and information management solutions for the process plant. Whether in design and construction. It provides a secure environment for or contact us: middle. AVEVA provides software and service expertise to help take organizations take control of their vast digital assets. power and marine industries will be presenting at CMCS on June 9th. Integrating. it creates a unique opportunity for AVEVA customers to improve information integrity. Disconnected ‘silos’ of incompatible data in different formats hinder both the effectiveness of short-term project execution and long-term asset management. The AVEVA Digital Information Hub’s powerful information-centric technology overcomes these constraints by putting information at the centre of business operations. east@aveva. complex schedules. Engineering & Design with Management & Control is combined in a single. Owner Issue 31 June 2011 5 .throughout the entire asset lifecycle. controlling and exploiting all types of information . operations and enterprise resource applications for effective MRO. validating and linking all types of data and documents. The Digital Information Hub is central to AVEVA’s Enterprise Solutions. AVEVA’s Information Consultant. AVEVA NET’s open interface meets the latest ISO standards and provides a vehicle to dynamically interact with design. ensure the highest level of information . Mohamed Awad. AVEVA NET supports the access and management of information across an organisation and throughout the entire lifecycle of the asset. In combination with AVEVA’s Enterprise Solutions. request for information and others I Ma g I n e Having objective indicators to show you how each contract is performing Having automated alerts when things are not going as good as you want Having the last status of every single progress payments requisition issued or received Having project communication channeled to those who must take action If you want to know why CMCS is uniquely qualified to change your imaginations into reality. Mohamad Awad has managed and consulted multiple complex client projects in the Oil & Gas. and AVEVA’s industry leading design and engineering applications. change order or claim Having the status of every delayed submittal. AVEVA WorkMate. and huge quantities of materials and resources. and synchronize it to the physical asset. or throughout operations. aveva. Refinery and Petrochemical Sectors.not only engineering data . AVEVA TIM. To learn more please visit: http://www. AVEVA NET is the information management infrastructure upon which AVEVA’s Digital Information Hub is built. Mohamad is currently the Lead Information Management Consultant for AVEVA in the Middle East region for all Business Development/Pre-Sales activities involved with AVEVA NET. regulatory bodies and partners to share and collaborate on project information. Engineering Contractors. Whether you are an Engineering Contractor (EPC) or an Owner Operator (OO). today’s increasingly complex engineering projects involve staggering amounts of data and documents. Since joining AVEVA 6 years ago.

to transactions between the client and general contractor. So. The information and documents are not just ‘submitted’. And look at your e-Mail Inbox. Having a central system. Jochen Maurer is responsible for marketing think project! solutions in the Middle East Region. And this product has to be the best quality to be successful on the long term. we have to talk about getting more quality in the overall construction process and this means we have to focus on inter-company related processes. But what does this mean for a construction project? First. This means every project needs to consider by what means. because it is already delivered in the required format. the latest decisions. implementing a wide range of projects tailored to customers’ needs. So. Jochen Maurer has been with think project! since 2000. Also. creating an organization that is able to bring out the best part of a product. the current status of a drawing approval cycle and so on. all forms. all drawings. This form-based. but there are better ways of handling such kind of information: a central platform for all participants. a lot of communication has moved to this medium. operation and marketing of project platforms since the mid 1990s. Keeping an accurate track of all changes and decisions is therefore one of the solutions. where everybody involved in the project can find the latest information. before processing it further. Porsche. and to what level of quality. but they are best in class when it comes to putting together the different suppliers. we have to focus also on the overall resulting product and therefore we have to look into inter-company processes. that the end product is the result of many participants from different companies. the resulting product in construction business is a building. or designers and subcontractors. let’s face it. Only best quality products will be able to result in financial success of a business. if we talk about creating better products. it is also possible to connect all the data relating to the service with the corresponding processes. But a central storage of documents is only the first step. and above all quality.TM Creating Value in Construction Projects Jochen Maurer | Managing Director think project! Middle East C reating value means creating better products. approval. it is common to outsource project control and planning work and other delivery services to external companies. Let me take an example from another business: Car manufacturer. as well as all think project! deployments. we have to keep in mind that of the challenges are changes in the project. When we talk about construction projects. 6 Issue 31 June 2011 . . The one added value of Porsche in the end product is very low. In construction departments. process-oriented meth- od of collaboration is widespread throughout the world. Lotus Notes and CRM. He is also responsible for the smooth operation of think project! data centres. he has also been involved in all aspects of the development. such as release. how many project relevant information do you receive in a single day? And how many changes. this service should be obtained. processes from easy ones to highest complexity. what can we learn for construction business? We have to focus not only on our own company. But how are inter-company processes handled today? Although a single company usually has good information systems to organize themselves. as one of the brands everybody in the world knows. Companies are increasingly faced with the question of which services and skills are available internally and which need to be procured externally. One advantage for clients is that they do not have to prepare work that has been submitted. including customer platforms. They bring structure. information exchange between the different participants of a construction project. decisions. when it comes to intercompany information exchange the answer on how this is done is very often “we are sending e-Mails”. with webservice based connectivity options you can connect your own IT System to the central collaboration platform. questions are within this e-Mail-stack? Too much I guess. is very successful to build a high quality product in putting together a couple of technologies available on the market. One of the main differences in construction business compared to other businesses is the fact. And furthermore. where you can store all the information. modern system supports all kinds of form-based communication. all documents and all communication between the project participants makes it much more easier for everybody to have the latest information for their daily work. and to document and make this data available in a structured form for all participants. such as planning documents or notifications of supplements. This is where internet-based project platforms reveal their potential. Around 5% of the overall construction value is related to changes while the project is already running. Since e-Mails are so easy to send and receive. there is no commonly used name for it. shipping processes and so on. In short – he’s responsible for the availability and security of think project! As well as numerous projects involving ERP. structured collaboration is the way to avoid misunderstanding in your project and finally to create a better quality product.

behavior and environment of the owner organization. all interactions between contractors related to interfaces can then be managed and carefully coordinated to avoid incidents resulting from Alignment & the Practice of Interface misunderstandings and lack of information. Third. phases.02 Alignment Interface Management programs are created to reduce or eliminate disconnects during construction and commissioning – where most interfaces issues are identified and discovered. and implementing it early in the project.TM Latest trends in High-Impact Interface Management Programs for Mega Projects Part 1 of 3: Importance of Alignment Kelly Maloney | Product Manager Coreworx O tives for all team members and gaining the commitment to work toward those goals. Aligning the project team ect team members involved in an Interface involves developing clearly understood objec. they are recognizing the importance of alignment of all project stakeholders on interface management goals. Factors that can affect alignment and the resulting success of an Interface Management program include: • Culture: the attitudes.Management Program is critical to ensuring wner/Operators involved in mega projects continue to struggle in monitoring interface progress and risk. processes and procedures that are used to define interface points and develop interface agreements • Information shared: the data elements that are used to define interface points and agreements • Barriers: obstacles such as unclear definition of contractors’ roles and responsibilities in an Interface Management Program In order to enhance alignment for your Interface Management program. with clear methods to resolve potential conflict. the contractor(s) and the overall front end planning team • Execution Process: the project systems. coordination.more clarity. Leaders in the practice of interface management are seeing positive results by focusing on three key areas. Secondly.” Construction Industry Institute Best Practice Summary: 1. awarded contractors face interacting with one another throughout the project life cycle to establish interface agreements. values. they are applying a disciplined approach to managing the communication. and responsibility of the common boundaries between project parties. ensure that: • Clear roles and responsibilities are estab>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Continued on Page 8 Issue 31 June 2011 7 . Management Decisions can be made quicker and with “Alignment is the condition where appro. With a mega project typically managed in multiple scope packages. and how Interface Managers are addressing them. despite being spread across different geographical locations and different cultures. First. Traditional databases. This article will focus on the importance of alignment. spreadsheets and paper-based interface management systems are severely limiting the efficiency of the contractors. priate project participants are working within acceptable tolerances to develop and meet a Cross-Organizational Alignment uniformly defined and understood set of Alignment of all contractors and projproject objectives. or physical entities. and the Owner/ Operator’s visibility and oversight of interface issues. everyone is working towards the same goals. A critical element to achieving this goal is alignment of the project team on the importance of an Interface Management Program. and share insight into the challenges related to alignment faced by project teams. they are deploying the most advanced project management and collaboration tools to manage with certainty. Once the program is established.

and shared values • Interface Management tools are effectively utilized Defining the Interface Master Plan Owners today are providing tools to help promote early identification of interfaces and open and effective communication between contractors • Appropriate representation (generally a designated Interface Manager) is established for each contractor Promoting Open & Effective Communication ‘ come major hurdles that impact the project. Owners today are providing tools to help promote early identification of interfaces and open and effective communication between contractors. honesty. The Interface Master Plan generally ensures: • All contractors clearly understand the Interface management objectives for the project • Roles and responsibilities are fully defined • Contractors understand how to resolve conflicts and overcome barriers to the benefit of all • Communication channels are described and understood by all • The Interface Register and expected use of it is clearly described Approximately 80% of all interfaces are identified during the front end planning stage of a project. Clear roles and responsibilities. Ontario. during commissioning. and ensures that the right people. The impact of unresolved interface issues is typically not discovered until construction. which clearly describes the roles. Kelly Maloney is a Product Manager with Coreworx for the Interface Management product line. is the real reward of a successfully implemented Interface Management program. and resources. but success hinges on all parties being aligned with the projects’ interface master plan. but also in managing activities through to completion and commissioning. Interface Management is an ongoing process and should be considered dynamic throughout the life of the project. rather than manage blindly. Interfaces that are not properly managed can introduce safety. Open communication between contractors is important not only during the identification stage of an interface agreement during front end planning. cost. This promotes collaboration between contractors to thoroughly document interfaces agreement details. quality. responsibilities and expectations of both the owner and the contractors. Having a detailed register of all risks that could affect your project Having a detailed list of all possible risk response actions to treat your risks Having the ability to simulate the effect of your project risks on your project objectives Having the ability to determine the confidence level in meeting your project milestones Having the ability to determine the confidence level in meeting your project budget Having the ability to view risks across all of your projects. along with a commitment to promoting open and effective communication in a team environment are essential. business analysis. She brings over 15 years of enterprise software experience to Coreworx in product management. time. It is significantly easier to influence project outcome when interface issues are identified and addressed early in the 8 Issue 31 June 2011 . This is critical to alignment. constantly working to maintain a balance between scope. Conclusion Achieving a high impact Interface Management program involves the development of an Interface Master Plan. Kelly works at Coreworx headquarters in Kitchener. programs and other businesses If you want to know why CMCS is uniquely qualified to change your imaginations into reality. . implementation. cost and schedule risk. processes and tools are in place when and where needed.TM Continued from Page 7 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> lished early • Communication within the team and with stakeholders is open and effective • Team meetings are timely and productive • The team culture fosters trust. Canada And you thought you were risk free! I Ma g I n e . and allow for the proactive resolution of issues before they be- Interface Management can improve overall project performance. please contact CMCS at info@CMCS-MENA. software training. . or worse. The ability to manage with certainty. technical support and quality assurance.

Issue Management to capture the details of all project records and use them to support the resolution of issues as soon as they arise. The CMCS PMO Solution CMCS provides a complete PMO solution for organizations who are either interested in creating their PMO or to enhance the >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Continued on Page 10 Issue 31 June 2011 9 . while ownership and delegation is assigned and maintained. The PMO will provide those organizations with: Visibility as all project investments will be captured regardless of their size. Optimization of resource usage. This PMO could grow to become a Projects Support Office where it will provide project monitor and control services to the organization’s projects. A PMO duties and responsibilities can grow to match the project management maturity growth within the organization. Governance as documented project life cycle and processes will help the organization in setting their stage gates and control points. and location among others. Which PMO is best for you? There is no single Project Management Office (PMO) that can meet the needs and requirements of all organizations. and improve on project delivery in terms of time and budget. Inclusivity to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the enterprise project management environment and none is left out. within budget and achieving their set objectives. the chances of failure will be always more. the absence of effective ownership of those project investments that will boost efficiency. Change Management to capture every change whether it is O Enterprise PMO Goal Program Program Goal Program Project Project Project Project Project Project approved. For years. cut costs. Nevertheless. or rejected to the original project scope. as well as decide whether to absorb the change internally or issue a variation order. those organizations have struggled to deliver projects on time. and financial capacity is critical for any project delivery. The PMO can be designed in different forms to best address the organization project management and control requirements. pending. manpower. Predictability as an organization that has clear project plans that cover all actions and assumptions will be able to deliver their projects in a faster way than others. type. With an organization’s project management maturity reaching high levels. Organization could start from the most basic PMO setup which is designed to full the project management requirements of a single project which usually known as Self Contained Project Office. the organization can opt to an Enterprise Project Management Office which will take full responsibility to all project management tasks across the organization.TM Why organizations must have a project management office (PMO) Bassam Samman | CEO and Founder CMCS rganizations who invest in programs and projects to achieve their strategic projects cannot risk their failure. especially when organizations are striving to deliver same or more work for fewer resources. status. The Project Management Office (PMO) is what many organizations across the globe have opted to develop to meet those challenges. Knowledge Management to capture all lessons learned and best practices for the benefit of improving current processes to capitalize on success and not repeat past mistakes.

Our program provides a balanced mix between theories required from applying for the professional certifications offered by those organizations as well as hands-on workshops to build the skills required for managing projects successfully. CMCS offers PMO tools that are based on either Oracle Primavera or Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solutions. Project Management Professional (PMP). paperwork and requirements. execution. we assist our clients in recruiting the PMO team should there is a need for. a leader in PMO Setup and Management Consulting with more than 1000 PMO implementations worldwide. planning. Our PMO solutions are complete as they start by assessing what your organization needs which will help CMCS in designing the PMO by developing the right processes. reports and layouts. program and projects dashboards. Finally. It will provide your organization with the ability to manage project schedule. In addition to supplying software licenses. risks. monitor and control.000 clients in the Middle East. PMO Staffing One of the key challenges in rolling a PMO across an >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Continued on Page 11 . The PMO tools will be used to map the different PMO processes and forms. CMCS scope of services will include developing executive. contracts. The BOT team helps in rapidly setup a business-driven PMO Content Asset Framework. CMCS is an Oracle Platinum Partner and is one of the first organizations who have received the Specialized Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) certification by Oracle. templates. type or any other portfolio type. With 50 performance and achievement awards by Primavera and more than 100 implementations just in the last five years. IIBA and PMOC.TM Continued from Page 9>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> performance of their exiting PMO. Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP). The tool implementation will include customizing the database to meet the PMO requirements. develop forms. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). Currently. running a prototype project. CMCS team can help your organization to rapidly set up project management processes. Africa. CMCS role based training program is aligned with international professional accreditation programs from PMI. Our Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) certified consultants will help your organization to make those decisions while conducting the OPM3 assessment workshops. closeout and continuous improvement. PMO Tools ‘ Through CMCS strategic partnership with BOT MENA. Those solutions will provide your organization with the ability you to plan. selecting and delivering the required project management training and implementing the right software tools to manage the different programs and projects. CMCS has provided their services to more than 2. budget. CMCS team will provide complete implementation for the selected tool which will also include delivering certified software training as well as rolebased training. Maturity Assessment Regardless of what tasks your organization’s PMO will be responsible for. You will decide then what will be the shape of the PMO that will best meet your organization’s needs today and in the future. For example. region. Asia. monitor and control each project investment. The solution will allow your organization to aggregate projects information across business unit. best practices and policies. migrating existing projects data and finally rolling out the solution. initiation. Risk 10 Issue 31 June 2011 No PMO can function successfully without having a tool that will capture the projects details through the different life cycle stages of each project. Earned Value Professional (EVP). with project management processes and templates that are aligned with the Project Management Institute (PMI). The list of available PMO Framework content is exhaustive. PMO Training The objective of the PMO training is to provide your organization stakeholders with the knowledge that will enable them to be proactively involved in your project management office processes. the project management processes and templates cover the areas of project selection. Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) and Project Management Office Certification (PMOC). Workflow applications can be used to map the different PMO processes and project life cycle stage gates. Program Management Professional (PgMP). the Middle East and North Africa practice arm of BOT International. Europe and South America. CMCS provides training programs that are aligned with the following professional certifications. Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP). no one can offer you the reliable and cost-effective implementation that CMCS can provide. your organization should consider a formal PMO maturity assessment that will enable your organization to objectively decide on what project management performance improvements the PMO should be ready to address. PMO Content Assets No PMO can function successfully without having a tool that will capture the project details through the different life cycle stages of each project Management Professional (PMI-RMP).

Costain Abu Dhabi company.L. Worley Parsons Yokogawa Middle East BSC ZADCO Issue 31 June 2011 11 . PMO Training tation programs from PMI. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). Alpine Bau Deutschaland Bahrain Bay Development CAP Emirates Centre of Developmental Projects Cloisall Co CLOISALL CO LLC Concepts Architecture and Planning (CAP) SARL • Cowi Gulf AS • GDM Costruzioni • IVRCL International Infrastructures & Projects LLC • JP Kenny Limited • Jubail United Petrochemical Company • King Abdullah Medical Center • Kuwait Petroleum Company • Macair • Masdar Security System • Metropolic Paper Industries • Middle East Dredging Company QSC • • • • • • • • • • Middle East Engineering Consultants Orbital Projects and Services LLC Quebeisi Rizzani  OHL Trevi Boodai Joint Venture Road & Roof Construction Co Stellar Group Tiger TMS Union Pipes Industry Valentine Maritime (GULF) World Planners Consultant Engineers RETURNING CLIENTS: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ADMA-OPCO ADCO AECOM Al Arrab Contracting Co. He is a founding member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Arabian Gulf Chapter and served on their board of directors for more than 6 years.L. Emirates • Ghantoot Transport & Gen Const • Impregilo • LACASA Architects & Consultants • MACE intl Ltd • Metito Overseas ltd. . • Fibrex Construction Group • Galfar Engineering & Constracting W. Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) and Project Management Office Certification (PMOC). Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP). WLL Dolphin Energy EC Harris El-Seif Engineering Contracting Company • Equate Petrochemical Co. Then in association with CMCS strategic career partner Bayt. He is a Civil Engineer. Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP). Kuwait University with a Masters Degree in Engineering Administration from the George Washington University. authorities. Inc. FOR THIS MOnTH. CMCS role based training program is aligned with international professional accredi- Bassam Samman is the CEO and Founder of CMCS. the number job site in the Middle East. Our program provides a balanced mix between theories required from applying for the professional certifications offered by those organizations as well as hands-on workshops to build the skills required for managing projects successfully. • Murray and Roberts • Nael & Bin Harmal Hydroexport (NBHH) • Nass Contracting WLL • Petrofac • Punj Lloyd • Qatar Fertilizer Company (QAFCO) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Qatar Kentz WLL SAMREF Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery LTD. He has a 26-year service record in providing project management consulting services for more than 60 organizations in different sectors. Earned Value Professional (EVP). CMCS provides training programs that are aligned with the following professional certifications. The objective of the PMO training is to provide your organization stakeholders with the knowledge that will enable them to be proactively involved in your project management office processes. Project Management Professional (PMP). CMCS WOULD LIKe TO THanK: NEW CLIENTS: • • • • • • • • • Abu Dhabi Land Al Hara Main Gate Co. Currently.L. responsibilities.TM Continued from Page 10 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> organization is to have the resources that will deliver the different tasks that the PMO should deliver. CMCS will develop the job duties. Program Management Professional (PgMP). (SAMREF) Saudi Binladin Group Sky Oryx JV Special Techcnical Services Sporle Consultancy Services Tabreed Takreer TDIC Technologists. CMCS will identify the different positions required for successful PMO operation. skills and qualifications. CMCS will provide the Client with a short list of all recommended PMO staff that the Client should consider hiring. Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP). CMCS will help the client in identifying the prospect candidates. CMCS provide their clients with a complete solution for recruiting the right team for operating the PMO. IIBA and PMOC. Al Rajhi Construction American University of Sharjah Asghal-KBR Bader Al Mulla & Brothers Co CAT Group Chiyoda Almana Consolidated Contractors Group S. verifying their credentials and interviewing them. For each PMO position.A.

and put it available to Current User • Select Copy as Layout icon in the Filter window Now this layout will be exclusive to this User which contains the selected filter Are you a back office administrator.To save the layout to specific user: • Select Layout then Save as change the name. email training@cmcs-mena.TM ! PRIMAVERA TIP: Making Filters Exclusive to Users • Select the filter in the User Defined filter and select Delete and select Ok In Oracle Primavera P6 filters and layouts are created and used by users. 1.To attach filters to layouts. 2. But can a user create an exclusive filter to him? Yes he can by: 1. personal assistant or office manager? Attend our Non-Technical Project Management course led by our own Certified Instructors! For more details. Saving the layout to be available to this user. follow the actions below: • Within a project and layout open filters dictionary & select the filter to be attached to the layout. Attaching filters to layouts or call +971 4 365 4850 12 Issue 31 June 2011 .

The partnership immediately bolsters Coreworx solution delivery to oil & gas companies and large EPCM contractors in the Middle East. PMP Program Manager aeC Coreworx partners with CMCS to deliver interface management solutions to mega projects in the Middle east afif Tabish. Global Marketing at Active Risk. The new branding more accurately reflects its focus on delivering world-class risk management and enterprise governance. implement and support the Coreworx solution for mega projects in the Middle June 8-9. today announced an agreement with Collaboration. “Interface Management is a critical project management practice to address the increasing complexity in today’s capital projects. The Coreworx relationship with CMCS brings expertise and support services to help project teams in the Middle East maximize the value of Coreworx software. risk and compliance. In 2001 it launched Active Risk Manager (ARM) software when it identified the need for an easy to implement and deploy solution to record and assess risk and opportunity information in major projects and across organizations. support. PMP President. Strategic Thought was founded almost 25 years ago as a specialist technology consulting firm. 2011 in Abu Dhabi. CEO of Coreworx..” Coreworx CEO Ray Simonson will present at the CMCS Program and Project Management Conference.” commented Peter Robertshaw. CMCS value-added services include planning. the leading provider of project information and cost control software used globally to manage major capital project execution. are working together to offer an enterprise solution with deep project management expertise and support services to the most complex project initiatives.activerisk.TM CMCS NEWS Congratulations! We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following for attaining their certification: Strategic Thought group becomes active Risk and renews its commitment to provide great risk management and enterprise gRC software to customers Strategic Thought Group has announced it is rebranding the company with immediate effect and will now be known as Active Risk. risk and compliance (GRC) software and related services to customers which include some of the world’s most respected organizations. In the past decade ARM has become a leader in its field. PMP Management Consultant Debbas Holding Walid Wardeh. training.” said Ray Simonson. The two companies are currently deploying Coreworx Interface Management software for a major international oil & gas company. Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) to sell. Rashed ahmed. To find out more please visit www. “This is evident by the strengthening demand for project management software applications such as Interface Management. SVP. Issue 31 June 2011 13 . PMP RMEA EP OSS/BSS Program Manager ericsson aB abdullah al Sakran. implementation. The new name and branding was officially unveiled to over 100 attendees at Active Risk’s EMEA Customer Conference which was held in Central London recently. PMP CFO gRe group Coreworx Inc. “We have decided to rebrand the organization to more accurately reflect and communicate our focus on providing great software and related services around risk management and enterprise governance. operation and provision of subject matter expertise. Community Development aie Serve ngO nicolas Schaker. We see a rapidly increasing demand for software which will give management teams the true picture of risk and opportunity across their business and supply chain. Coreworx and CMCS. who share a strong commitment to interface management best practices in the oil & gas industry.

Project Qatar 2011 is one of the region’s leading events in international exhibitor participation. Operational readiness of Al Maktoum Airport and Cargo Terminal 3. ORAT Team most recognizable achievements: 1. CMCS customized a training program in PCM for the International Relief and Development (IRD) Infrastructure Team This customized PCM training was designed to suit IRD internal needs and requirements. Create a spirit of challenge and determination among government departments. each depending on their role in the company. dedication and cooperation IRD team exhibited during the implementation. despite difficult economic conditions globally. This year the show is even more anticipated as Qatar’s economy has recently been one of the world’s fastest growing.E. Operational readiness of Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport. Management and Control Solutions. stand W2. has been connected with Oracle Primavera for more than 25 years and achieved the only ever offered performance award of the Four Million Dollar Club in 2008. an Oracle Platinum Partner.400 clients representing various industries ranging from Oil & Gas. This highly anticipated show has become an annual networking event for organizations and traders. 2. motivation. Sheikh Nawaf Bin Nasser Bin Khaled Al Thani. in collaboration with its local partner in Doha. With more than 1.000 leading exhibitors from all around the world. and extensive media coverage. In its 8th consecutive year. local. The General training aimed at introducing IRD Infrastructure Team to PCM and means for utilizing this tool effectively to meet program objectives. The company maintains partnerships with more than 1. The strength of the economy is derived in large part from its massive oil and gas reserves. The first focused on providing the entire IRD Infrastructure Team with a general overview of PCM and the second was primarily focused on role-based training.TM CMCS participates in Project Qatar CMCS Qatar. Nasser Bin Nawaf & Partners Holdings (the private Holdings Company of H. 4. CEO of the NBK Group) exhibited at Project Qatar 2011 for the third year consecutively located at Hall 4. Project Qatar provides a unique opportunity to conduct business and gain access to a competitive market with the industry’s top companies and professional visitors in one convenient location. 14 Issue 31 June 2011 . Overtake the barriers among the government departments. but ORaT Project Team awarded CMCS would like to congratulate the ORAT Project Team for receiving the Distinguished Government Joint Project Award given by Dubai Government Excellence Program. It is the first and the only of its kind in the area of cooperation and operational coordination for most departments and agencies in Dubai. Cooperation and coordination towards approaching the desired goals was the most prominent achievements of the ORAT Project Team. The customized Role Base training sessions for IRD team targeted different level of users. Collaboration. The CMCS team was impressed with the level of efficiency. The training followed two paths. This type of training saves the Company both money and time and helps each team member to focus on the tasks required from him/her. Engineering and Construction to education and Information and Communications Technology. economic diversification remains a top concern. regional and international visitors. CMCS has received 49 Performance Awards and Recognitions from Oracle Primavera and is recognized as the Middle East’s leading project portfolio management service provider. The great coordination among the ORAT team members and proper goal setting team over the past years has enabled the team to successfully operate the most l Maktoum International Airport in June of last year.

Game theory states that the success of strategic decisions depends upon the choices and actions of others. and reactions. Participants are able to draw their own conclusions. The risk strategies used in Project Risk are the same strategies that are taught in the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge and tested for in the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. • fective approach to long term learning. There are no tricks or secrets that are revealed. and CMCS. with CMCS for a complete project management turnkey solution BOT MENA.” says Bernie Keh. We established our presence in the region through BOT MENA in 2009. act. • Experiential. • • Jump-Starting. especially if you are operating in a competitive business environment. Learners tend to get many insights from the simulation rather than taking away only one or two lessons. analyze. we give our clients faster implementation. What makes Project Risk a successful project management training game is the many features that it has which include: • It is intriguing and engaging. higher quality. Managing Director of BOT MENA. Even the most experienced project managers are disarmed and charmed. in terms of meaningful observations. Participants are able to start playing the game after a very short introduction. “We see great value to our clients in keeping our boutique PMO consulting approach. where we focus only on Project/Program/Portfolio Management Office (PMO) consulting and services. The game is developed by CMCS partner. Repeated plays can actually train a learner’s brain to scan through the risk strategy options almost automatically when they occur in real projects. Accompanying resources. including positive and negative risk strategies. including budget and team issues. • Discovering and concluding occurs organically. Practice the lingo. Issue 31 June 2011 15 . feelings. Partnering with CMCS in the MENA region and ES Consulting in Saudi Arabia gives our clients wider services and turnkey solutions. An optional project planning workbook is available to explain all of the project management steps touched on in the game. impact scores.TM CMCS to introduce an interactive project risk management game into their courses CMCS will start introducing an interactive Project Risk Management game in to their courses very soon.” “We are keen in growing our business-driven PMO services in the MENA region as we see an increased demand for PMO and processes in the region. Learners use the vocabulary that we are trying to reinforce regarding project management and risk. and probabilities. • Repeatability. CEO and Founder of CMCS. Learners can and do enjoy replaying Project Risk. Brain churning equals learning. “We are so excited to work closely with BOT to provide unique PMO consulting services to the Saudi market. We believe that BOT will complement our portfolio of services to make an effective business transformation to our clients” says Bassam Al Kharashi. and question how the risks are being handled on their own projects. • Thinking about their project differently.” says Rakan Saraiji. See more on alternative risk card sets if you want to explore these options. a boutique PMO Consulting firm. This helps put learners in the right mindset to interact and learn. and now we see great strategy and value in their expanding partners’ network. The game board. a Platinum Oracle Primavera partner and a leading project management services organization in the MENA region. and better value compared with other PMO implementation or consulting options. Participants can use the game as a launching pad to in-depth project management training. while keeping our focus on PMO consulting and services. It can be played once or repeatedly. Arabia. Also players may change the risk cards to change the simulation project. Partnering with CMCS gives our clients local presence in many MENA countries and access to turnkey project management solutions. The games complexities do not all need to be understood in order to start playing. project processes. Game theory. announced partnering with ES Consulting. PMP preparation. CEO of ES Consulting. Partnering with ES Consulting gives our clients in Saudi Arabia local presence and access to top level strategy and business process consulting. The game activities prompt learners to think. but they help keep it interesting further into the simulation. risk cards. Learners encounter the project risks. The simulation helps bridge game outcomes with their selected strategies. a leading strategy and business process management consulting firm in the Kingdom of Saudi. Successful Projects. Experiential learning is proven to be the most ef- • • BOT Mena expands partners network in Mena . issues. parts and pieces grab learners’ attention. “Through our boutique business-driven PMO services approach. Practicing with the Project Risk game helps you observe how competitors and collaborators both respond to your strategies and influence your outcomes. It strikes a balance between educating and entertaining the learner. Game theory plays a role in real project management. President & CEO of BOT International. “We are thrilled for this partnership as it will help CMCS to grow their PMO consulting services by having our consultants do more PMO implementations by using BOT PMO best practices as well as winning new clients in industries that CMCS has not dealt with from before” says Bassam Samman.

. Benedicte Harang. Borislav Avramovic. Mohammed S. Lekshmanan E. Dana Lynn Stewart and Yousef Abu-Ghazaleh. The course was attended by Sandro Bordonaro. The course was attended by Ahmad Nasser Virk. Mohammed Samir Ali. Pierre Chalfoun. Ali Hussein Abbani. Atifa Sulaimani. Nasir Mahmood. Melhem el zoghzoghi. Mohamed Yousif Al Sharhan. Mahmoud Ziad AKL. Jhonny Nassar and Maha Katergi. Rony Maalouf. Al-Omari. Dalal Fuad Al-Foraih. Hazem Sado Alayan and Mohammed N. Al-Shehri..TM CMCS COURSE NEWS P102 PROJECT MANAGEMENT IN PRIMAvERA P6 The course was attended by Abdulkhalig M. Eduardo Trugillo and Thabit Rashid Al-Wahaibi. Maroof Khatib. Khaled Jamal Zaatarah and Jihad Youssef Matar. Kristopher Grigg. Shaik Abdul Ahmed Nawaz. The course was conducted by Ali Hammad. Dimitrios Tselios. Subhash Chandra. 16 Issue 31 June 2011 The course was attended by Celine Bernadette George. The course was conducted by Ali Ammar. Iman Ibrahim Ustadi. Ashoor Mohammed Ashoor. The course was conducted by Ali Ammar. Unnikrishnan V. Hisham Walid El Chanati. The course was attended by Muhammad Khuram Afridi. Wael Kassem Hamad. Kristen Vickers. Marwan Hasan Bogari. Roberto Cristuta and Diego Robuschi. The course was attended by Husein Fakha. The course was conducted by Oussama Ajouz. Rawan Najeeb Al-Shatti. The course was conducted by Ali Hammad. Ahmed Mohamed Ali salem Aljoohi. Michael Danish. Merza Rawther Ellias Rawther. The course was conducted by Wael Ammar. Al Nimer.B. Zulaihatu Abubakar Usman.

Afif Kanj and Monico Santos. Hazem Sado Alayan and Mohammed N. The course was conducted by Ali Ammar. Gabilan. Sudhir M. Nirale. Sandip Pravinbhai Parmar. Majid Al-Malki. Rafik Bedri. Al-Omari. The course was attended by Majid Al-Malki and Hasan Ramahy. Alok Malaviya. Karl Gebrael. The course was attended by Abdulkhalig M. course was attended by Nabil Mahmoud Farrag. The course was conducted by Wael Ammar. Shibu Joseph. The course was conducted by Ali Ammar.R. Jamil Mansour and Nahida Houssein Soboh. The P106R Resource Management in P6 Web Access. Allouache Raouf.B. Aman Ullah Khan. Nestor S. Ashoor Mohammed Ashoor. Nasser Halabi. Unnikrishnan V. Hasan Ramahy and Bassam Nimer Mohamad Shakarnah. The course was conducted by Ahmed Ghazy. Issue 31 June 2011 17 . P810 Professional Project Management in Web. Marwan Hasan Bogari. Al Nimer. The course was conducted by Ali Ammar. Daroga Singh. Al-Shehri.TM P106P AdvANCEd PROJECT MANAGEMENT IN PRIMAvERA P6 The course was attended by Berrekia Mohamed Nacer. The course was attended by Satish Meka. G. Mohammed S. Lakshmy Narayanan.

Huzefa Kutbuddin Chharchhodawala. Udaya Bhanu Bhanu. Mansoor Ahmed Shariff. Wilson P. Bill Nisbet. P201D Project Administration tools training for Document controllers. Basel Mustafa Alminawi. Haider Mohamad Saleem. Usamah Habib Shalan. Wisam P. Mohamed Fadhel Mohammad Alzaabi. Ahmed Maarouf. Mohamed Abd Alla Badawy Taha. The course was conducted by Rizwan Hyder. The course was conducted by Rizwan Hyder. Emad Nassif. Hani Khalil Naser EL Dien. Alfred Lotfy Gerges. Asif Khan Mohamamad Shafi. Nader Sabry Mohamed. Ali Abdulla Moussa El Shentenawi and Mina Labib Mekaeel. The course was attended by Walid Atef Mohamed Osman. Raies. Sajid Mehmood. Munir Abed Elateef Nimer. Ala Amidi and Liyanage Lionel Premaratne. Philip. Rengith Kuruvilia and Emad Khazal. Motaz Magdy Youssef.TM P201A Contracts Management tools training for IT Administrators. Nasser T. The course was attended by Motaz Magdy Youssef. Abdulkader. The course was conducted by Rizwan Hyder. Bassima Abdulrazzak Bekdash. P201C Contract Management tools training for Project Controls. The course was conducted by Rizwan Hyder. Tamer Moheb Eddin Ibrahim. Marwa Serhal. Wajid Ali. Azmi Zeaul Islam. The course was attended by Mohamed A. Jeff McCammon. The course was attended by Mohammad Mahrous Abdelmaaboud. Panos Constantinibcs. Anabtawi. Mohamed Abdelhamid Abdelfatah Mohamed. Quteba Abdul Rahman Noman Aldoory. Kagan Aykas. Manoj Joseph. Bassima Abdulrazzak Bekdash and Jeffrey McCammon. Issue 31 June 2011 18 . P201D Project Administration tools training for Document controllers. Eissa Mowaz and James Eapen Roy. Erlinda Caberie Vasquez.

Sandip Pravinbhai Parmar. G. The Customized IT Administrator’s Training. Lakshmy Narayanan. Jogi Ambookkan. Ziad Hamati. Rajagopal Kasiveerappan. course was attended by Berrekia Mohamed Nacer.R. P905 PMP Exam Preparation Course. The course was attended by Aqil Mahamood. Issue 31 June 2011 19 . Allouache Raouf. Ahmed Taha Ibrahim and Basil Moh’d Musleh Tabangeh. The course was conducted by Ahmed Ghazy. Heba Salem and Ala’ Hamaydeh. The course was attended by Bakr Ghanem Mustafa and Alex Hsu and conducted by Madhu Krishnan. Faris Dwiekat. Gabilan. Sudhir M. Shibu Joseph. Afif Kanj and Monico Santos. The course was conducted by Ali Ammar. Nasser Halabi. Customized P6 Administrator’s Training. Avinash Padhtare. The course was attended by Gheith Abweh. The course was conducted by Mohammed Ali. Sajeevan Thenguvilayil Kunjukunju. Marwan Alhmoud. Nestor S. The course was attended by Alona Camagong. Abdul Ghafar Mahmoodi. Rafik Bedri. Nirale. Alex Hsu and Karen Koo. Norben Medrano. Neil Harvey. Eleonore Sanchez and Danilo Hapa. P501 Managing Risk in Primavera Risk Analysis. P811 Planning and Scheduling Course. E202 Primavera Contract Manager. The course was attended by Mohamed Saleh. Guia Medrano. Alok Malaviya. Dennis Maks.TM P905 PMP ExAM PREPARATION COuRsE The course was attended by Jamal Abdul Malik and Felix Reinberg and conducted by Gagan Preet Kaur. Marlo Sanchez. The course was conducted by Rania Khawaja. The course was conducted by Samah Kamel. Daroga Singh. Karl Gebrael.

As a PM Coordinator. especially with his interactive approach to training. Samman is a professional. From conveniently using a global database for vendors and suppliers. How did you find the Instructor in terms of presentation and knowledge of the subject matter? I have found the instructor very knowledgeable and smart. I’ve experienced good cooperation with the teams in Beirut and Dubai as well as their good care of customers. How did you find the over all quality of CMCS services? The overall quality of CMCS services was excellent. our job becomes much easier and more fun with Primavera. this is the 5th course I attended over the last 3 years. it provides for me training on EV concepts. How did you find the Instructor in terms of presentation and knowledge of the subject matter? Mr. Would you attend another training or recommend CMCS to your other contacts? Actually. tracking issues and preparing claims. dany sebaaly Contracts Manager Orascom Contrack Toni Elias Farah PM Coordinator Khatib and Alami 20 Issue 31 June 2011 . I am responsible for reviewing all contracts before signature and managing them afterword. How did you find the over all quality of CMCS services? CMCS services (training and software provider) have always been conducted in a very professional way. CMCS should be on top of the list for anyone who considers professional and formal training in the project management field. forecast and report on the project progress (internally and externally). Would you attend another training or recommend CMCS to your other contacts? Yes I would attend other trainings with CMCS especially the ones focused on my department’s scope and I highly recommend CMCS to my other contacts. From the online registration process and course material download to the 3-day course and presentation. everything was done professionally and met my expectations. techniques and required skills. He went through the course material thoroughly with the right speed and gave adequate time for questions and discussions. can u give us a clear picture of your role in your organization? As a PM Coordinator. preparing invoices. How is the course beneficial and related to your scope of work? Primavera is extremely useful for my organization and for my department in particular. This includes managing variations and costs. and defending my company’s rights under the contracts. I am leading the “Projects’ Planning & Monitoring Unit” of the Building Design Division at K&A’s Beirut._ Client Feedback Can u give us a clear picture of your role in your organization? As the head of Contracts Department. well knowledgeable of Earned Value Performance. How is the course beneficial and related to your scope of work? EVP course would enhance my ability to evaluate. His presentation and communication skills kept me interested from start to end. to efficiently tracking variations and preparing payment requisitions.

Nafis Ahmed Khan Project Controls Manager sBG How is the course beneficial and related to your scope of work? Our organization uses Primavera as the software for the Project Planning. ‘ SBG has been How did you find the Instructor in terms of presentation and knowledge of the subject matter? SBG has arraigned different courses for its staff through CMCS and found that all the CMCS instructors are competent and their conduct during the courses and respond to the queries’ shows their grasps on the software. I have a team of Planning and Cost Control Engineers who work on the Project Planning and Cost Control of different Projects. coming back to CMCS for the courses and other software related issues. drawings. We use our historical data from previous projects to better plan the new projects. CMCS training provided us not only with answers to the question but also with new ideas how to use the software in out of the box situations. We have program for training the newly joined staff.TM _ Client Feedback Can u give us a clear picture of your role in your organization? As Manager of the Projects Controls Department. -Nafis Ahmed Khan Issue 31 June 2011 21 . which shows SBG confidence in CMCS. logs and other projects related issues. and built on it after award of the projects. We have developed and are continually refining the Project Planning Program in our company. We conduct training programs to keep our Planning Engineers abreast with the latest upgrades in the software. and will definitely come back to CMCS for its future software trainings and will recommend to our other contacts. At the tender stage we prepare our schedules in Primavera. We use Primavera for Planning and Controlling of our projects. which shows SBG’s confidence in CMCS. We will definitely come back to CMCS for its future software trainings and will recommend to our other contacts. Would you attend another training or recommend CMCS to your other contacts? SBG has been coming back to CMCS for the courses and other software related issues. submittals. We are using Primavera Contract Manager for all correspondence. How did you find the over all quality of CMCS services? The overall quality of the CMCS services both before and after the training sessions and software sales has been beyond our expectation. The course materials are presented in a reasonable pace.

United Arab Emirates T +971 4 3654850 | F +971 4 369 7518 www. Asia. Europe. Implementing and providing Training for Primavera Solutions since 1985 • AllPMO authorized educational network member CMCS and Oracle Primavera: TM • IIBA endorsed education Provider • 49 Primavera Awards for Excellent • Member of the Project Management Performance and Achievements including the Institute (PMI) Registered Consultant one and only Four Million Dollar Club Award Program • Oracle Primavera Platinum Partner • Delivering more than 6.cmcs-mena. Management and Control Solutions P.O. Supporting. Primavera Contract Manager and Primavera Risk Analysis Implementations in the last 5 Years • 6 ISO Certifications • 14 Offices in 12 Countries with 100+ Team Members • Project Management Institute (PMI)® Registered education Provider • AACE International approved education Provider • Member of Construction Specifications Institute-Construction education network (CSI-CEN) of Oracle Primavera Public and Corporate Training • Delivering more than 5.A Success Story that is Hard to Repeat • Selling.000 clients in 28 countries in the Middle East.000 hours per annum of Project Management Public and Corporate Training • Delivered Oracle Primavera Services to more than 2. Collaboration.000 hours per annum • Oracle University education Provider • Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Management Certified Implementer • More than 100 Successful Oracle Primavera Enterprise Portfolio Project Management. Box 23033 Dubai. Africa and South UAE | Qatar | Oman | Lebanon | Jordan | Kuwait Bahrain | Saudi Arabia | Egypt | Italy | India | Yemen 22 Issue 31 June 2011 .

C o m m u n i c a t i o n B a r r i e r s 7. The organization would not use any techniques The amount of money or time needed above the estimate to reduce the risk of overruns of project objectives to a level acceptable to the organization is normally referred to as the: Executive reserve Project manager slush fund Contingency reserve Mitigation buffer Test your Project Management Knowledge is published with permission from www. EEFTECIFV TGELSIIN Is the ability to recognize the importance of verbal and nonverbal listening behaviors including body language. 4. estimated at Completion is most likely determined by which technique? C. RGSPREOS OTNRREIPG Describing what the project team has accomplished—for example. For example: limited communication channels. Option A is a type of risk response a. a work breakdown structure component.EV Organizations that desire very much to avoid highimpact risks may use which of the following techniques during qualitative risk analysis? Q: A. F e e d b a c k 5. A. 2. or what is completed versus what is in process 3. EAC = AC plus ETC. The EAC may be calculated based on performance to date or estimated by the project team based on other factors. ETC + AC AC + BAC .EV)/CPI ETC + EV v e Q: v A. B. C. manipulation (hidden agenda). eTC + aC Explanation: The expected total cost of a schedule activity. 5. uick Quiz Issue 31 June 2011 23 A: C. AC + (BAC . The use of data with low precision as suggested in Option B may lead to qualitative risk analysis of little use to the project manager. 8. EAC is equal to the actual cost (AC) plus the estimate to complete (ETC) for all of the remaining work. AECHLNN The medium by which information is transmitted. D. cultural differences. percent complete to schedule. R e c e i v e r 2. limited information. number of communication links. 7. A probability-impact risk rating matrix using nonlinear scales D. noise. etc. EBCDEFAK Information on how well the message was received. terminology. EMEGASS Sensory data that is encoded by the communicator (sender) and decoded by the receiver (recipient). M e s s a g e 4. o F e e t Q Q: uick uiz For a project with original assumptions that are no longer relevant to a change in conditions. CHECK YOUR ANSWERS PM EXAM WORD SCRAMBLE 8. organizational climate. B. C h a n n e l 3. Data precision ranking with low precision C. P r o g r e s s R e p o r t i n g 1. 6. E f f e c t i v e L i s t e n i n g 6. ERVCEIER The person for whom the message is intended.HOW GOOD IS yOuR PROJECT MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE? PM EXAM WORD SCRAMBLE 1. C. perceptions. MCANOOUITNIMC RRSABREI Obstacles that impede communications. Avoidance B. withholding of information. AVEICT EGINSTLNI Helps facilitate the development of mutual trust. distance.pmexam. a probability-impact risk rating matrix using nonlinear scales Explanation: A nonlinear scale can provide a greater risk score for risks with high impacts and probabilities. respect. Contingency reserve Explanation: The amount of money or time needed above the estimate to reduce the risk of overruns of project objectives to a level acceptable to the organization. A c t i v e L i s t e n i n g . in which case it is often referred to as the latest revised estimate. This allows the organization with highimpact risk aversion to better rank and focus on these risks. or project when the defined scope of work will be completed. and good working relationships thus improving the overall performance of the team.

TM Take a Break with TM 24 Issue 31 June 2011 .

TM Take a Break with TM Issue 31 June 2011 25 .

6 P501 Primavera Contract Management Rel.0 35.13 E202 Project Management Essentials of Estimating and Budgeting E101 Advanced Project Estimating and Budgeting E201 P065** Project Management Office Certification Course Infomaker Course P203 Extension of Time Request P850 Program Management Professional (PgMP) Certification Exam Preparation P880 Achieving Risk Management Professional Certification-Project Risk Management P901 PMP Exam Preparation Course P905 Project Management Leadership Skills P907 The Certified Associate in Project Management Course (CAPM) P916 Portfolio Management P917 IT Project Management P918 Achieving EVP Certification – Project Performance Using Earned Value P921 Project Management for Everyone – A Non-Technical Approach P927 Project Risk Assessment & Management Course P928 P929* Quantitative Risk Analysis Concepts Project Management Fundamentals P930 P933* Project Program Management for NGOs/NPOs P941* Construction Documents Technology Course Planning and Scheduling Maintenance Shutdown and Outage P942 Implementing Business Strategies Through Projects P948 P949* Planning and Scheduling Maintenance Shutdown and Outage Project Finance and PPP Modeling Master class P950 Achieving PSP and PMI-SP Certifications – Project Planning & Scheduling P959 Integration Management P972 PDUs 19.0 21.0 12.0 14.0 21.Workflow added.0 18. 26 Issue 31 June 2011 . 100% Web.0 6. email training@cmcs-mena.5 13.0 0.0 4.5 13.0 14.5 13.0 14.0 0.0 15.5 19.0 14.0 enhancements in templates and enterprise reporting Governance.0 6.0 30.0 14. Oracle Primavera P6 R8 OUT NOW. CALL CMCS FOR DETAILS.0 35.0 19.0 13.0 0.0 30.5 6.0 0.0 35.0 21.0 24. major Predictability. Major enhancements in risk register. COURSe ID COURSe TITLe Oracle Primavera Project Management in Primavera P6 Web Access P101* Project Management in Primavera P6 P102 P106A* Administration in Primavera P6 and P6 Web Access P106P Advanced Project Management in Primavera P6 P106R Resource Management in Primavera P6 Resource Management in P6 Web Access P107* Migrating from P3 to Primavera P6 P108 Portfolio Management in Primavera P6 Web Access P109* Introduction to Primavera Sure Trak Project Manager P401* Managing Risk in Primavera Risk Analysis 8. analysis and monitoring Inclusivity.5 19.0 21. major enhancements to what can be done and viewed over the web Plus many other new features and enhancements.5 0.0 10.TM CMCS Courses for the latest schedule of courses.

0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0. .0 4. The course did help me in both. Course was enlightening.Walid Wardeh. Tiger TMS *** Instructor’s (Ali Ammar) performance was very good and explained all in detailed and neatly.0 4.Creating an Integrated Design Plan Design Planning.0 4.0 4. Lekshmanan E.. Monitoring and Controlling Projects with Asta Powerproject AP104 Resource and Cost Management with Asta Powerproject AP105 Managing Progress and S-Curve Reporting with Asta Powerproject aRM TR101 TR201 TR301 TR501 TR910 Tilos T100 ARM User Fundamentals Training ARM User Advanced Training ARM System Administration Training ARM reporting development with Microsoft Reporting Services Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management Tilos Training Synchro S101 Synchro Training (*) Course currently offered as Corporate/In-house training (**) Online classes available For schedule and price of courses.0 0. Maintenance Planner.Maintenance Support.0 0. Takreer Issue 31 June 2011 27 .0 0.0 0. please email training@cmcs-mena.0 4.0 0.0 4.0 11. I passed my PM exam which was scheduled on May 19th and I became PMP Certified.Jamal Abdul Malik. Petrofac *** The course was very helpful and the techniques learned could be easily applied to my work. .Dany Sebaaly. This session was very good regarding the tips and some details that helped very much and which no body can discover it if he was studying it alone. ADCO *** The course has opened new gates and would help me to manage my work more efficiently. Contracts Manager.0 0. progress and delays. ADCO *** The objective for me was to understand what program management is and how to prepare for the exam.0 0. Senior Engineer .Basil Moh’d Musleh Tabangeh. Mechanical Engineer. Orascom Contrack *** Instructor.0 4. What Clients have said about CMCS I am glad to inform you that after I had the Saturday 14th of May 2011 PMP Review Session. . .0 Scope Management Time Management Cost Management Quality Management Human Resources Management Communication Management Risk Management Procurement Management Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) ADePT Awareness Workshop . CFO.0 0.Raghib Rashid. It will help me in contracting projects and understanding all about schedules. Kaveh Boromand is helpful and knowledgeable.0 0. Technical Consultant.TM COURSe ID P973 P974 P975 P976 P977 P978 P979 P981 P990 aDePT A101 A201 agile G100 G101 COURSe TITLe PDUs 4.0 0. Management and Control in ADePT Design Software Suite Fundamentals of Agile Fundamentals of Agile Project Management for Software Development asta Powerproject AP101 Introduction to Asta Powerproject AP102 Create and Manage Projects with Asta Powerproject AP103 Reporting. .com or call +971 4 3654850. GRE Group *** The course is interesting as it will help us track issues and develop claims easily. .0 0.0 0. The course is very good and gain knowledge in project management.Antonios El Haddad. Project Manager. Mr. TM Saudi OFC: (+966) 3 8811531/2 FAX: (+966) 3 8811533 Saudi@CMCS-mena. Bahrain. develop and implement value for money enterprise portfolio project and risk management solutions that will enable project centric organizations to build their own enterprise project and risk management TM Kuwait OFC: (+965) 2249-8357/8/9 FAX: (+965) 2249-8356 Kuwait@CMCS-mena. professional services. TM Jordan OFC: (+9626) 568-7540 FAX: (+9626) 568-7546 Industries We serve Project and risk management is generic to all organizations regardless to what industry they belong to. Qatar. Oman OFC: (+968) 24-705-840 x230 FAX: (+968) 24-705-831 Oman@CMCS-mena. new product or service TM India OFC: (+9144) 4300 0526/27 (+9144) 4291 1901 FAX: (+9144) 2821 4045 India@CMCS-mena. TM Our Mission Design. *The PMI Registered Education Provider and PMI Consultant Registry logos are registered marks of the Project Management Institute. organizational change and professional development. Jordan.000 readers across the Gulf Corporate Council TM Projects We support CMCS project and risk management solutions are applicable to all capital asset projects such as infrastructure. Kuwait. Lebanon. Africa. . Since 1984.ABOUT CMCS Our Passion To help the world to get rid of failed projects and achieve what we strive for “A World without Failed Projects”. logistics. corporate social responsibility. REACHING CMCS TM Dubai OFC: (+9714) 365 4850 FAX: (+9714) 369-7518 Abu Dhabi OFC: (+9712) 643-2286 FAX: (+9712) 643-2186 Info@CMCS-mena. Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) FZ-LLC. events and exhibitions. North Africa. Lebanon TM Qatar OFC: (+974) 4451-5750 FAX: (+974) 4451-5737 Qatar@CMCS-mena. restructuring. knowledge and OFC: (+9611) 345-111 FAX: (+9611) 346-111 Lebanon@CMCS-mena. Inc. Power and Utility. crises and relief aid. mergers and Why It should Matter To You Failed projects are failed investments for which your organization not only did not get the desired return on investment but have deprived other much needed projects from such funds. what is the nature of their project and what tangible or intangible their project deliverables are. India and Italy. The PMI Registered education Provider logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute. refineries. Africa. Inc. CMCS and the CMCS logo are trademarks of Collaboration. Oil and Gas. CMCS have served more than 2. media including movies and shows. Yemen. new regulations and compliances. egypt Our Relation with Oracle Primavera CMCS’ relation with Oracle Primavera is unmatched. Oman. Funds spent on projects are sunk costs that cannot be recovered once spent. Financial Services. downstream and upstream facilities. As of today. Education and TM Italy OFC: (+39) 065906000 FAX: (+39) 0623325961 Italy@CMCS-mena. Management & Control Solutions (CMCS) and is being distributed to more than 30. Asia. and IPO offering. Middle East. CMCS has offices in the UAE. IT and TM Cairo OFC: (+202) 2272-7237 FAX: (+202) 2272-7237 Alexandria OFC: (+203) 429-4151 FAX: (+203) 429-4151 Egypt@CMCS-mena. Our accreditation Partners Our Technology Partners Platinum Partner TM Bahrain OFC: (+973) 17574333 FAX: (+973) 17534533 Bahrain@CMCS-mena. Middle Collaborate is the monthly publication of Collaboration. information technology and telecommunication.000 clients representing industry leaders in Engineering and Construction. Europe and South America. Saudi Arabia. lobbying and political campaigns. Government and Non Government Organizations. CMCS has received 49 awards for their performance including the first and only Primavera Four Million Dollar Club award. Our Training Partners Our Strategic Partners TM Yemen OFC: (+967) 1-401-671 FAX: (+967) 1-401-672 Yemen@CMCS-mena. Asia and Regions We Cover CMCS has 14 offices in 12 countries that have helped us to offer our services in more than 25 countries over the GCC.