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> Transcript of the iim-ahmedabad interview > > > The first 5-10 minutes, I faced a stress interview, I think...

enjoyed the experience though. > > > Panel member 1: > > Q: what are u doing? > A: working for siemens as software engg... writing billing software.. > Q: Don’t u think it’s very far away from what u have studied . > A: Not exactly, we use knowledge learnt in college. > Q: what principles of computer science are u using in your company? > A: principles of software engineering > Q: what is that...I don’t understand that..please explain. > A: We follow the software engg process we do requirements > analysis... > Q(Interrupting): Have u done requirements analysis? have u discussed with the client? I don’t want what your company is doing, I want to know what you are doing > A: I joined when the project was in testing I do testing and bug > fixing. > Q: so, tell me what principles of computer science are u using in testing. > A: I am using principles of testing. > Q: what are those.? > A: (i talked about full branch coverage and psychology of testing)

.just kept > saying no to whatever i was trying to say.. > (at this point it got too much.luckily i maintained my cool > (throughout the interview. but this is one of the ways it can be written...maybe he was trying to stress me out. explain it to me > A: let us consider an example > Q: NO.even though i was doing just > that.explain without it.> Q: what’s all that i don’t understand.. explain > A: i explained in a very simple way(just like i would teach a child) > Q: ok..i mention about indices somewhere) > Q: what is an index. > Q: what are u doing? writing an essay? > A: No sir u asked me for an algorithm and i am writing it in form of steps in > simple English > Q: can’t u write a flow chart? > A: yes sir. > Q: Now... > A:(i start explaining.and kept > on asking me to explain properly.. take this sheet of paper and write an algorithm for sorting....) > > Q: OK... tell me how many exchanges are there? > A: answered correctly > Q: Don’t you have a better algorithm? . > A: I started writing bubble sort algorithm in plain English... I don’t want an example.i mean too much of interruption.

do u want me to > explain it? > Q: No.(i talked about the improved bubble sort algorithm(passes in > opposite directions) ) > If you want a still faster algorithm.. there is quicksort. he gets up and leaves the room) . that's enough > > (at this point.> A: yes sir.