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Was Second Richest Member of Congress in 2010 In 2011, it was reported an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics based on disclosures filed by the lawmakers reported that McCaul was the second richest member of Congress in 2010. McCaul had an average net worth of $380,411,527. McCaul’s father-in-law, Lowry Mays, is the CEO of Clear Channel Communications. [Washington Post, accessed 12/27/11] Received Contribution from Shamed Stanford Financial, But Returned Money In 2011, McCaul signed on to a letter requesting that the Securities Investor Protection Corp., cover investors losses from the Stanford Financial’s U.S. brokerage scandal. The 23 Republicans and four Democrats threatened to convene hearings in Washington next week if SIPC didn’t act. McCaul received campaign contributions from Stanford, but returned the money. [Houston Chronicle, 12/8/11] Democratic Opponent Dan Grant Accused Him of Favoring Wealthy Special Interests In December 2011, McCaul announced he would run in the 10th Congressional district. He said, “The people of Texas need representatives in Washington fighting for their prosperity, not the prosperity of the federal government.” Austin Democrat Dan Grant said he was running against McCaul. Grant tried to run against McCaul in 2008, but he lost to Larry Joe Doherty in the Democratic primary. “Central Texans deserve a real voice in Congress. We deserve a voice that speaks up for our needs above the demands of wealthy special interests and Wall Street mega donors. For years it’s been clear that

millionaire Michael McCaul, the single richest member of Congress, is unable and unwilling to be that voice,” Grant said in a statement. [Blog, Statesman, 12/15/11] Wealthiest Member of Congress In 2011, McCaul was listed as the wealthiest member of Congress – worth a minimum of $294 million. “the richest Member of Congress this year, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), is worth a minimum of $294 million, meaning that McCaul’s own wealth has the effect of raising the average of every Member of Congress by about $500,000. [Roll Call, 11/1/11]

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Accused President of Playing “Personal Politics” by Rejecting Keystone XL Pipeline In 2012, McCaul accused President Obama of playing “personal politics” by rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline. Obama said the decision was not on the merits of the pipeline but rather on the “arbitrary nature” of a Feb. 21 deadline set by Republican legislators as part of a tax measure he signed. “In denying a permit for the pipeline, the president has put personal politics in an election year ahead of what’s best for the nation’s economy, energy policy and national security,” he said. He went on to say, “This president is playing politics with our national security and unemployed Americans’ lives, and that is unacceptable.” [Brenham Banner, 1/20/12]

Environmental Issues
Among Top Water Users in Austin – Used Between 13 and 20 Times Amount of Water as Average Home In 2011, it was reported that McCaul was among the top water users in Austin using “between 13 and 20 times what the average Austin home used over the past year,” according to Austin Water Utility records.” McCaul blamed the city pipes in the congressman’s West Austin neighborhood noting that his neighbors appear among the city’s top 10 users, and five appear among the top 50 users. The McCaul household made the list despite the fact that the family had been temporarily living in Washington during most of the past year, Rosen said.


The Statesman reported, “Girling, Jones, McCaul, Armstrong and Benson appear in Statesman stories in 2008 and 2009 about Austin’s top water users. The Statesman did not write a story on the top 10 water users in 2010, but during that budget year, Girling, Maund, McCaul and Benson also ranked in Austin’s top 10, according to water utility records.” [Statesman, 10/28/11] Ranked Seventh on List of Water Use in 2009 – Blamed Underground Sprinkler System In 2009, the McCaul’s ranked seventh on the list for water use at their 1.9-acre property. McCaul attributed the leak to the property’s underground sprinkler system he said had been immediately fixed, despite city records showing that the household’s water use had for half a year hovered around 100,000 gallons a month. [Statesman, 10/28/11]

Ethics Issues
Owned Stock in Company that Stood to Benefit from Keystone XL Pipeline In December 2011, Republicans pushed for the approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline – McCaul reported stock from a company that stood to benefit from the pipeline, Transcanada. “Rep. Michael
McCaul, R-Texas, reported in his 2010 financial disclosure form--the most recent available, filed on May 15, 2011--that he owned Transcanada stock worth between $115,002 and $300,000.” [Sunlight Foundation, 12/8/11]

Owned Stock in Company that Stood to Benefit from Potential Keystone XL Pipeline Deal In 2011, it was reported that McCaul faced Republican Ernie Beltz Jr. of Austin, a founder of the Warrior Transition Project, Inc., and a former veteran’s employment program manager for the federal government. The winner would face Democrat Dan Grant of Austin, a Pentagon contractor who sought the seat two years ago. [Houston Chronicle, 12/20/11] Owned Stock in Company that Stood to Benefit from Potential Keystone XL Pipeline Deal In 2011, it was reported that McCaul owned TransCanada stock, while Congress debated the Keystone XL pipeline – a company that stood to benefit from the deal. [Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/19/11; Think Progress,

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Worked on Legislation to Classify Cartels as Terrorists In 2011, McCaul worked on legislation to classify the cartels as terrorists. McCaul said it would allow the United States to freeze cartel bank assets and deport cartel members from the United States. “They are in control of Mexico, and I think it's time to really start ramping up our efforts to go after them,” says McCaul. [, 12/8/11] Was Concerned Cartels Would Team with Terrorists – Intelligence Officials Said They Knew of No Such Cases In 2011, Michael McCaul said he was concerned cartels would team with international terrorists - U.S. intelligence officials countered they knew of no case in which a terrorist snuck across the border to plot against the U.S. As the Republican heading the Homeland Security subcommittee McCaul said of the border “It’s not secure…and anybody that lives down there, I think, will tell you that.” [Associated Press,

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Said Businesses in District Were Hiring, But Extending Unemployment Benefits Were Disincentive To Find Work In 2011, said businesses in his district were hiring, but extending unemployment benefits for as much as two years has proven to be a disincentive to finding work. McCaul said in a statement to KVUE, “Unemployment benefits should be used as a safety net for Americans who are out of work but actively searching for employment. Unfortunately, extending these benefits for as much as two years has proven to be a disincentive to finding work. There are businesses in my district that are hiring but found that some would prefer to receive these repeatedly extended benefits over working.” [, ABC, 12/1/11]

Other Social Issues
Announced the Creation of the Congressional Collegiate Sports Caucus It was reported in 2012 that Barton announced the creation of the Congressional Collegiate Sports Caucus, a bi-partisan caucus that will examine the BCS. In addition, Barton announced that the legislation will advance for a legitimate college football championship. [CBS News, 1/9/12]

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Democrat Dan Grant Announced Against McCaul In 2011, McCaul drew a Democratic challenger Dan Grant, his first congressional bid fell short in 2008 when he lost the Democratic primary to Houston attorney Larry Joe Doherty. Grant worked as a contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan. [Blog, Houston Chronicle, 12/16/11] One Republican and One Democrat Filed to Run Against McCaul In January 2012, in District 10 incumbent Michael McCaul, R-Austin, and Ernie Beltz, Jr., of Cedar Park filed for the Republican primary. Democrat Dan Grant of Austin also filed. [Sealy News, 1/5/12] Called President Obama’s Plan for the U.S. Military “Unacceptable” In 2012, McCaul called President Obama’s plan for the U.S. military “unacceptable.” His statement read, “The saber rattling by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz demonstrates the need for a military capable of addressing multiple conflicts and disasters around the globe. Unfortunately, this administration wants to further erode our standing in the world by degrading the capabilities of our armed forces. The President’s proposed cuts to the U.S. military end strength would end our ability to fight on two fronts and downsize our stealth fighter program, which our enemies fear. This is unacceptable.” [Capital Tonight, 1/5/12]

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