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By Chaunce Blake


A tribute to JJ


Who was Martin Luther King
And What does he mean to me?


Martin Luther King was a leader in the fifties (50’s) and sixties (60’s) who promoted peace as his passion. The world acknowledges and applauds his achievements of awareness of indifference to minority races. What he represents in my life is a man who was not afraid to stand for what he believed. What he does not mean to me is a god. Yes, he was a great man, and his sacrifice cost him his life, but Jesus gave up his life so humanity could live. Big difference!! So when we celebrate Martin Luther King for his stand for compassion and fairness throughout mankind, we need be careful that he is not reverenced as our savior.

-Ava Waddell

“It’s going to come a time where it’s your turn”

Valentine’s Day... what’s the meaning of the day? Well first off it’s the one day of the year where romance hits the air couples come together and they show their true feelings and emotions to each other and spend the day with them. now if there’s a good cause on why a person can’t spend the day together you can still show that special person in your life that you care by getting up early and fixing them breakfast in bed or just simply have flowers cards candy or maybe all three sent to the other persons workplace and that could put a smile on their face. Valentine’s Day isn’t only for adults but it’s for everyone even if an individual doesn’t have a person in their life Valentine’s Day will give them another opportunity to find a person that they can learn to love and to care for. I would like to encourage everybody to celebrate Valentine’s Day because I believe that the day will cause a lot of happiness for people worldwide. –Tre Figgs

Valentine’s Day

“It’s imperative that you walk in authority”

“prove yourself compassionate”

1. What is life like for you now in the music industry? Everyday seems to be different, it’s like one day I can taste the fame, the next I’m wondering if it’s only edible to the rich and famous. 2. If you didn’t have the gift to rap what would you do? Any other musical talents? I love anything musical, I wasn’t blessed to read music BUT I can learn anything by ear, Music is my vent. I don’t know what else I would do.. 3. How do you know when you accomplished something good? The feeling...It’s almost indescribable. I don’t need an award to show me I have accomplished something, I just get that feeling that “This is what your suppose to be doing” kinda feeling. 4. What celebrities do you look up to if any? Lady gaga-To me she is brilliant, she knows exactly what will spark the fire in humanity, and the success begins. Twitter:Dirtystylez Facebook:Dara Gilliland YouTube daragilliland Elvis-To me he made a statement, he wasn’t scared, he was ready to start sexual appeal and madness upon his own belief that he was “Just that good” Michael Jackson-It takes talent NOT FAME but TALENT to achieve what he had in his life, He is not only an artist but an entertainer. Missy Elliot-”Funky fresh dressed to impress ready to party” She was not afraid of her appearance, approach, or being an alpha in a mans ruled genre. 5. As far as fashion, what’s a must have? White/Black V-Neck 6. What are the clothing brands that you like? Whatever are comfy 7. Do you have an end date or an age where you want to stop pursuing music? Never, Music is like a tattoo I got it for life.

8. Do you consider yourself a trendsetter? Yeah, If I’m doing/wearing/saying something and the people like it “That’s wassup” 9. Where are you from? Houston TX 10. What is your home town to you? Where I was born, what I know of best, where I’m comfortable. 11. What’s your favorite song? “Do it like a dude” Jessie J 12. Who/what inspired you to do music? Nobody... was born with it. 13. What motivates you to keep striving every day? I wanna make people cry “Because I make music that heels them” 14. Favorite hobby? Tae-Kwon-Do 15. Favorite thing to eat? Pho 16. What’s your next move? Performances/Merchandise Sales 17. Where do you see yourself in two years? With a manager/Sponsor/Touring 18. Are you single? Yes 19. What’s your idea of a Friday night? PARTY AND FREESTYLE 20. Any pets? Yes, 2 cats 4 dogs 21. What kind of music do you like to listen to? Rock,Rap,HipHop,Blues,Country,Techno,Dubstep 22. What’s the best song that you’ve made?

I believe I haven’t released anything to my best effort, But my new tracks are gonna be deff. Fire 23. Do you have any role models? My Grandfather & My Cousin 24. What’s your idea of the perfect guy? A man who just “GET’S IT” 25. What couldn’t you live without? My Friends & Family

“love in spite of”

fashion divas

“Love at its best”
My mother and father (Charlie and Aretha hill) have been together for 23 years. They have been the most amazing parents children can have. I have two other sisters and one other brother. That makes four of us. My parents have always been the perfect kind to set an example of what my life should be like when I get married and have children. They are a whole, never are they separate on happenings in our lives. It’s either they agree or disagree, although my mother has her fair share of a say so every once in a while, my dad spoils her. I think that’s how it should be though. When they go through we never know because they still carry themselves like winners. We have been through the storm and the rain but as a family we made it through. No matter what time we needed them or the price they had to pay they have always been willing to sacrifice for their children. My parents have set a positive example of what I should become as a young woman and as an adult. They take care of business at all times. They are very protective of their children, just as a parent should be. Mom and dad; Aretha and Charlie this is your oldest daughter speaking Andrea aka Lynn Williams lol I would like to thank you for being there every step of the way. As parents you guys get an A+. Dad thank you for always being good to mom, for being the strong tower of the house. When we lost our house and

The best parents in the world…

mom left her job you STILL did what you had to do like nothing ever changed. We pay attention to everything and my husband better be as good as you because I’m taking nothing less. I love you dad. And mother dear lol you’re so swaggy and full of personality; I guess that’s where I get it from. Thanks for keeping me rooted and grounded in GOD. You taught me so many things and I will lean not to my own understanding. Thanks for being such a divine mother, no matter what you have been there; you have NEVER told me wrong. There are times I didn’t listen and I always end up saying “dang! I should’ve listened to my momma!” lol I love you much, we’ll be rich soon and I can buy you all the purses and perfume in the world... P.S you can never be replaced; your existence can’t be paid for... I love you mom and dad... muuahhh

“Choose to walk to the beat of another drum”

“Stand on the word of god don’t look at how things appear”

-Love lynn

“The trying of your faith”
Dear Lynn, I wouldn’t normally write to a “person” who mentions they want to hear about situations like what I’m going through. In this case I have nothing to lose and every possibility to gain. If you cannot help me you won’t be the first and probably not the last. I am 23 years of age with one brother who’s 18 and two sisters. One 15 and the other 21; I am the oldest of the three. We recently lost our house and we are living in a hotel. My brother lives with his friends and my 2nd oldest sister lives with her best friend and my youngest sister with my mother’s best friend. It’s a hard time because Christmas is on the 25th and we lost our house December 14th and we are all spread out. My car is also in repo status and to top this all off my boyfriend of six years broke up with me. It’s a lot going on and the job I work at only pays 7.50/hr. I’m also a loner which I don’t have a problem with; I just need strength to make it through. I’m at a point where I cry myself to sleep almost every night because it’s like why me? Am I not good enough to have what I desire? Is this the end for me? I’m not at peace with my life at all nor am I satisfied; I think I would deserve more but I don’t see anything clear or anything positive. Sincerely, Me.

Dear Lynn, I’m at school right now sitting in advisory. I’m in the 9th grade and I’m having a hard time with gaining friends. Everyone here seems to be in a “click” or they seem to be “cool”. I would love to have friends I could walk up and down the halls with and be cool. How do I do that? sincerely, me. Hello my love! There are always going to be people looking as if they are cool or they fit in. they are really uncool kids because they end up in the slow lane later in life when the fast lane needs to be in full affect. When I was in school (elm & high school) I was a confident loner and you should be too. I had people id speak to and maybe eat lunch with but these people fade away after high school. They are the ones who most likely end up as a “statistic”. I’m not saying cool kids are bad or its lame to be cool but what I’m saying is the kids who are cool are the ones who are nice and they respect you and they let you in without being fake or laughing in your face. If you have anyone in your class that you would like to gain as a friend; strike up a convo and see where that takes you. You can’t gain friends being super shy and quiet, you’ll eventually have to talk and let your personality show! and by the way to me clicks aren’t cool. I’d rather have one or two real friends than five or six fake friends. Less is more! Love Lynn

Hey you!! All is well, your right this is the end for you… the end of the negative that is. You have to go through so you can get to. I’m sorry to hear about your house and family and your break up with your boyfriend. The key to this is changing your attitude and your mind about it all. You can choose to stress and lose your hair and your cool or you can choose to progress and use this to build your strength and your faith in god. The way you think about all of this will make you or break you. First of all the house will come again and your family will be back to a place that feels like home soon. Enjoy the process, thank god you have a hotel to stay in and be thankful that your other family members have a place to stay and are comfortable and safe. It could be worse so just say cheese and laugh through it all because in the end you win! Choose the attitude of faith, talk your way out; confess that it is so. Make a declaration that god plans are good and not evil; he plans to prosper us, not destroy us. Until you get your way of thinking in the positive direction you won’t have peace within yourself. And about your boyfriend; he’s a loser for leaving you during this time that you may need a friend the most. Think about it, if he left you that’s a blessing because he didn’t deserve you anyways. Again god gives you the best of things, don’t fret because of this guy; focus on god, your family and your positive adventures ahead, focus on your goals and dreams and what you want out of life. Don’t waste any more time thinking about this situation. Live in it and pray and ask god (Jesus Christ) to change it. Always remember god daily, he’ll never leave you nor forsake you. He’s a comforter and a provider; I know that to be so, god is proven; he would love to hear from you!! Thanks for taking the time out to write me, I hope I was helpful. Love Lynn. God bless

Hi Lynn!! I’m at a job I dislike and I’m only here because I have to be. All the odds are against me when looking for a job. I’m 24 and I don’t know what to do, I’m on the verge of just settling because it seems as if nothing better is on its way, I want to survive and overcome but I don’t know if I can. Sincerely, me. Yes my love you can survive and overcome!! You’re a conquer and your victorious. Say those things about yourself and believe in what you pray because you can have what you say. Well what do you like to do, your hobbies? What interest’s you the most because it seems like you bored and you need a new challenge and you’re ready to get on with your life of course because it’s all about positive progression. Really think; jot something’s down, it always looks and feels better on paper, after that start to go into action on what you wrote down. All it takes is faith and you can have it. Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and god will answer. Pray and ask god to lead you and listen to that positive voice, gods always positive and nothing is too good to be true because god has no limits. You’re on your way to the top. You’ll go as high as you believe. Stretch your faith and try god. Love, Lynn p.s so a man thinketh; so is he.

“Command things to be so”

02.21.1931-0CT 4/2011 R, I, P FRANKIE

Oct 8th she’s gone now. On the 4th while I was writing about the debate I was having with god, I found out she had passed away. Some days are harder than others and some days are a breeze... Kinda. I can’t seem to write as much as I should be but I’m going to try and start. It seems like everything I write doesn’t make any sense. I hope god heard me about the switch for a switch. I mean maybe that was to bold? Maybe he’s like girl please. My job isn’t that bad because it’s awakening there. I don’t drag myself out the bed to go to work and I think that helps. I just need a break; I want to burry myself in my future and not look back. Not looking back as in keeping myself busy and not letting the devil play with my mind or my life. I don’t want to be tampered with, I’m tired. I just want a break. I want to progress and move on with life. No one ever understands me. NO ONE and it sucks. I can encourage a lot of people but only one has touched my heart so far. I don’t know how long this feeling will last. I have no choice but to live through it because it happened.

My grandmother... the one I call Frankie. She is eighty years old and just survived breast cancer and a year later now today has been diagnosed with diabetes. (Aug 2011). At the end of Sept 2011 she found out she has a 19 inch tumor on her lung. She is now residing at a resting place called hospiss in Austin Texas. They say it’s the last place she goes the doctors can’t do anything for her. It’s all up to god. I hurt because this lady is my strength to keep going forward. Now that its came to this point, all I ever wanted in life was to let her see me survive and be extremely successful. And when I say extremely successful I mean conquer the world, no worries, and being richly blessed. No one ever understood that goal but her. She believed in me and she thought anything I put my mind to will prosper. It hurts to even write this because she’s not dead. She’s still alive but why? The issue I kind of have with god is, why now? Why put her through breast cancer then a year later slap her in the face with diabetes, vjj cancer and a 19inch tumor. What did she do to deserve this pain? As im writing she’s still alive and breathing... like are you talking to her or what god? You let me see all of this, you let her kids and grandkids see her wither away, it looked as if she had died already; I couldn’t even put on her socks because I was so shocked because I never thought I would see her like this. EVER. I KNOW DEATH IS REAL, BUT WITH FRANKIE, I JUST WANTED HER TO BE APART OF MY LIFE AS I GREW OLDER. Now we are all spread out doing our weekly work but she’s still alive. The courage and the faith I have in god is that he can do this make her go through this and raise her from where she is now like nothing ever happened and she’s felt better than she’s ever been in life, like gods going to do and can do such an amazing thing such as this. Is he going to do that and to god be the glory, another life changing miracle? Or will she eventually pass away soon? I don’t want to tell god what to do and im not trying to but lord……. Switch for a switch.??.. (Which is a very bold thought and statement to god) I need something to keep me going in life. My life has to progress; something has to fill that pain, that void. And a man can’t do it. MY LIFE HAS TO. I’ve lost one very important pillar in my life at a young age; my grandpa lee Roy Taplin. I couldn’t even go to his funeral. I understand people die but im 24 and I have something exclusively meaningful to me wither away. I’m going to need my life to change in a positively huge way. I have to keep busy because if not the devil will try to destroy me, emotionally and physically and break me down and try and steal what god has destined for my life. I think im at peace with the decision god will decide to make. I had spoke with my cousin and she told me don’t be selfish.

Frankie My grandmother was an awesome person. She is the reason why I am who I am today. She encouraged me when times was hard, laughed when they were good or bad and cried when she was hurt and that’s rare for Frankie. She was a soldier. She had 10 kids, 5 girls and 5 boys. She raised them in spirit and in truth; she played no games from what I have heard. You better do what she says and respect her or she’ll throw a pot your way. Even in her old age she always told me “I wish I can throw this upside his head, if I could I would” I’d tell her you crazy grandma and shell laugh and say “forreal!” I miss her dearly. I really wanted her to be a part of my life but god didn’t see fit I guess. I have someone who made it easy though. God sent an angel... Plenty of angels really. And I think he honored a request of mine. Thank you Jesus. He knew what was going to happen and what I was going to need. He didn’t just find that out. That’s what I love the most about god. He saves us from the worst, he holds us close and he gives us the very thing we need and exceedingly more than what we can ever ask or imagine. I really can’t say much more but I’m glad god doing what he is doing in my life. I thank him because he didn’t let me go down as my life was going down. I’m sane & I’m alive ready to conquer the life I want to create.

“Where god is taking us we’ve never been before, know who you are, you can’t rule and want to be a devil”

A place to worship what has god done for you at Hosanna?
Hosanna Tabernacle Christian Church is a place I can trust to hear God’s message of encouragement and empowerment. I have set my affection in this house and for the people the Lord has sent. Hosanna came along as a place of refuge when the ministry I belonged to did not fulfill my spiritual needs. For the past nine (9) years I have truly been blessed, body, soul, and spirit. We have suffered the pains, embraced, and gloried in the pleasures, and it was worth every minute of the trials and tests that all young ministries go through. I can say without reservation, that our leader, Bishop-Elect Lamont Hillard Jr, is a servant sent to us from the very heart of God. He truly is the mouthpiece of the Lord in this season, and I praise and honor the Lord for sending such a jewel in my life when I needed it the most. Ava Waddell

Teresa McClatchie
HTCC has been a Blessing to me and my family, the most current event my daughter Kelcey; current freshman at Alabama University - my parent loan application had been declined and we needed a miracle to keep her there. No one wanted to co-sign the loan so Kelcey called her Bishop Elect and he started praying while I was working on what I could do so I had pulled my credit report before calling, when I got to the finance counselor he told me to pull my credit, which was done. He told me what to look for, page# everything. Something had popped back up on my credit he told me to sign, date and send it back to him by the end of that same week the loan was approved. Kelcey is maintaining a 4.0 GPA and making plans to become a resident assistant for her fall sophomore year at Alabama University. Continuing to stay covered and connected. It is a Blessing to be in a house of Miracles where you have a Bishop who truly hears from GOD and you are a witness to the breakthroughs.



“It’s easy to speak a confession but can you walk it out, forgive those that forgot you”

Chaunce blakes art

It All Started With A Long Beginning

Cops; Whoop Whoop!

It all started with a dream. A young child growing up in Houston; just my mom and I. My father left when I was a young boy so my mom took care of me as best as she could. We would move frequently to find more convenient place to live so I never really had a stable child. My mom pushed me and encouraged me to get an excellent education. I studied abundantly and also read a copious amount of science books that opened up my mind for desire for knowledge, as a result of my mom’s eager attempts to motivate me early. On my free time I would play with Lego building blocks and dream of being the best builder ever. Even then it was just a dream, being young, I never really thought about the future to come. It all started with a promise. My aunt was a person of ill health, and she would tell me that she wanted to live long enough to see me become successful. Feeling that I was responsible for fulfilling the wishes I promise her I would be successful, and in 2007 my aunt passed away leaving me alone with my promise. I assumed the task of overcoming the pain I eventually conquered my pain in fears of lost hope and carried on my dream and promise. Nothing was going to stop me from achieving my personal success. It all started with a line. In second grade I took art for the first time, and I couldn’t believe how much are connected with me. I loved it. As I grew in size and intellect I started to become more unified with my imagination and it showed through my art and structures. After Mayeux stages my lines turned into elaborate shakes and I start to create more elaborate structures and art work and I continue my quest for success. I continue to expedite the dream and I start to compete against the odds and prevailed. My success starting in 4th grade when I had one of my concept drawings of a truck published in a newspaper. After that experience my shapes turn into shades and shadows as I grew in art and my adventure into the wonders of science. In 11th grade I competed in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and won Best Of Show, which is first place, in my school. Currently I am proceeding in my journey of practicing the arts by working on big art project for my high school and small companies and pursuing the knowledge of science

Cops are like irritating fly’s that never go away; the bad cops are at least. Good cops are here to serve, protect and do their job. The bad cops are here to serve & COLLECT whatever they can get their hands on. Whether it’s throwing people in jail just because they feel like it or making the innocent step out of their cars and being humiliated by the people who are looking while driving by they are horrible “authority figures”. The justice system is horrible as well. All they seem to do is pick pocket people LEGALLY. Who makes up the prices for the tickets? Cops who have shot innocent people, beat innocent people and killed innocent people should loose there badge and never able to return to the “force” again. It seems as if there are more cops shooting innocent people and doing illegal things more than people killing each other. THE COPS ARE THE ONES THAT NEED TO STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!!!

“Don’t give into negative energy”

“You’ll never know until you start”

Swagger Right Clothing
By Isaac Grant
Isaac grant Q & Swagger Right Clothing 1. How did you know fashion and being a designer is what you wanted to do? Since I was young I was always creative and Inventive but didn’t quite know what I wanted to do with it. Then I figured the best way to express my creativity and ideas was through fashion. I’ll have people wearing and broadcasting my visions! 2. Where did you get the name SWAGGER RIGHT CLOTHING from? My former business partner originally wanted to call it hip hop history and have quotes from rappers and illustrations explaining the quotes on shirts. Then I thought about all the possible copyright issues we would have. So naturally in 07 the word Swag had really started being used heavy. So I figured if you have swag it has got to be right, Swagger Right. 3. Who are your favorite designers and do they have an impact on your clothing? Honestly I’ve always had a love for urban wear and LRG really had creative shirts and a unique style so I would have to say they are my favorites. They really inspired me to think outside the box. 8. How did SRCstart/ when did SRC start? Started back in 2007 when I was in college at U of H. I actually designed the original logo in Microsoft Paint. LOL. It started with an Idea from my former business partner that wanted to start a line called hip hop history. I took it upon myself to change the name and create a new logo and mission statement. Swagger Right clothing is not just fashion, it’s a statement. Distinct images, Original concepts, and unique verbal displays separate SRC from the rest. Get your Swagger Right. 9. Houston has a lot of up and coming artists, how do you separate yourself from them? Basically I try not to look at what everybody else is doing. I just focus on what my visions are. I try to make items that people don’t normally have associated with their line. Originality is key. You don’t want to be off the wall where it’s too weird but you do want to stand out, in a good way.

4. If you weren’t given the gift to design what other industry would you be in? Graphic design and basically advertising. Marketing was what I got my degree in. I love designing logos for people and creating ad campaigns and things of that nature. I feel like I have a knack for those types of things. 5. Does your parents support you being a fashion designer or would they rather be in college getting an education? Well like I said previously I actually did graduate from U of H and from the start my parents have been behind me 150%. 6. Whats your favorite must have accessory? I’m not an accessory guy but everywhere I go a swagger right wristband must be on me at all times. 7. How did you make your whole SRC team? Well really just a close group of friends that I was around the time I began the line. We are actually looking for more team members and people who really believe in the dream.

10. What can we expect from SRC in the next year? You can expect to see it more places and or more people. We’re working with some celebrities that will be featured in the clothes and on the website. We will also be in more events in the Houston Area. Just expect us to get better. If you have been following us from the jump you can see the progress. Just the whole overall production and pieces have grown. It’s really exciting to think about the future. I know God has something great planned for the line. 11. What advice would you give a young person chasing their dream? Rather its music, fashion, sports etc. I would say chase your dream because you love what you’re doing. I started this because it was a passion of mine, not for money or fame. Always keep pushing to do what you believe in spite of what others may do or say. With God all things are possible so you can do anything you put your mind to. 12. Do you feel as if you are filling a void with your line? I definitely feel like I am filling a void, or trying to at least. The real popular or more famous urban lines really don’t dedicate enough time into them because they make so much money off making generic clothing and have been doing so for a while. Most underground lines are the ones really have the most substance.

“Adore the one you love”

David sha

Im meditating on some lyrical and melodic medication for the injured minds of my people. Shaman of the village, Witch Docta of the street. David Sha, aka Dibidi, is an eclectic musical extremist that blurs the genre line by fusing Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Afro Rhythms, and Blues into one heavenly listening experience. He uses his deep southern spiritual background as a muse to create masterpieces that enlighten the mind, stir up the spirit, and elevate the consciousness of all generations. This Texas (Houston) wordsmith is committed to making his people (he who has ears let him hear) aware of the evils that exist in this world, and then he presents a positive outlook on all the surrounding negativity. Trained under the legendary Bobby Bird, Sha’s voice has lead him through the church house and across many secular stages. Early in his career, he sang a duet with KC (of Jodeci) at the Sun Set Room in Hollywood and sang back up for James Debarge. He has also opened for favorites like Isley Brothers, Urban Mystic, Silk, Tank and performed at celebrity parties to include Shaq, P. Diddy and Chico Debarge.

Revolutionary Tax Service
1100 Greens Pkwy Ste 650 Houston, TX 77067 (next door to the food stamp office) BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO RECEIVE YOUR REFUND WITH OUR FAST DEPENDABLE SERVICE. Bring your last check stub for a free estimate! ASK FOR ANDREW! 281-873-2571 Referral rewards: receive 20$ for each referral! 5 referrals receive $50 visa gift card 10 referrals receive a flat screen TV! 20 referrals receive an Ipad! 35 referrals receive a trip for 2 to Las Vegas text INCREASE to 96362 and save $25 off your tax prep fees!!

“Give & you shall receive”

“Speak life over your situation”

True Love Exists
My Love for Ambar: Where It came from. My wife, Ambar, and I met in a class at Lonestar college cyfair. It was a math class and the only reason I took the class is because I wasn’t able to go to the school that I wanted to go to which was the Art Institute of Houston. So the day the class started I registered and ended up in that class, my only class. So when I first walked in the class, I went straight to the back of the class and I honestly didn’t even notice her. I actually noticed this other girl that I was thinking that I was going to try

Then, 3 months later on May 23, 2011 my dad passed away. I remember that the night before he passed, Ambar and I had got into an argument and I said to her “He could die tomorrow...” and I remember when I said that I really believed in my heart that it was going to happen the next day. It was like I was told. So the next day I took the day off from work. He was at a hospital in The Woodlands and he was suppose to be transferring to a different hospital. I was at home. When Ambar got off from work she came straight to my apartment (which I lived with my mom at the time) and stayed with me. I heard my phone ring, it was my mom. When I saw that it was my mom I already knew what it was about but I hoped that it wasn’t. “Hello.” I said. “Daddy’s gone.” my mom said. After we talked for a little while longer we hung up. Ambar was there, Ambar was the one who comforted me and would not leave my side. That is love, that is real true love. A person you’re with for a short time and they show the kind of love and support that Ambar did is an amazing thing. There’s a lot of selfish people out there and people who wouldn’t know what to do in the situation she was put in. She was not selfish in anything she did and although she claims she didn’t know how to handle the situation, she handled it the best by just being there with me and my family. That’s love.

and talk to and she sat in the front. So, the next time I went to class, I sat in the seat that I thought was right next to the other girl. It was the wrong seat. The seat that I actually sat in was the seat that was right next to Ambar. Now I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t focused on Ambar, no, I was focused on the girl that sat in front of me. I was honestly disappointed with my mistake. So apparently, Ambar, during all of this must have noticed me because all of a sudden I received a message on Facebook saying “what a coincidence!!!!! i found you on one of my friends page. jonathan fernandez... seriously I didn’t think it was you” one day. So long story short we started talking. We officially got together October 4, 2010. She told me that she loved me in December (2 months later) and I said it back to her. Then, after being together for about four months, my dad went in the hospital because he had a heart attack on February 14, 2011, Valentine’s Day. During this time, although we were only together for four months, she was there for me and my family. Can you believe that? You’re with a person for four months, said I love you within two of those months, then their father goes into the hospital. Not only that, but you are basically forced to meet that persons whole family including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. and not only that, you need to stay strong for your man too. Any of this would really put your love to the test. Ambar passed. Ambar passed with flying colors. The longer she stayed with me, the more my love and our love grew for each other.

Before my dad passed away, my mom, brother, sister, Ambar, and I went to go visit him at one of the many hospitals he was at, and at the time, well months before, Ambar and I decided to move in with each other. So we decided to tell my dad. Then, when Ambar wasn’t paying attention my dad said to me “Why don’t you two just get married?” Ever since that day, that question had been stuck on my mind on why don’t we get married? I mean we’re in love, she’s been there for me, I know I’d be there for her. What’s going on? About a week after his passing, I proposed to Ambar and she told me that she will marry me. I was so happy. I was so happy that I found the one for me. Someone who loves me for who I am, someone that appreciates the love that I show her. I know that we are meant to be together.

Ambar, I love with all of my heart. You are the light to my darkness, the yin to my yang, the beans to my burrito. Without you I have no idea where I would be right now. You are the one who motivates me to do better for you, me, and our future family. And I know that God wouldn’t put me through the things that I went through, go through, and will go through without sending me an angel to encourage me to keep on pushing. You see the potential in me that I don’t and you bring it out of me even if you don’t know it. Your love means the world to me and you’re the number one person in my life. I’m glad that we are going to be together forever. And I believe that my dad would feel happy about my decision to marry you because of the person that you have helped me to become. Your love is the one thing I know I would not be able to live without. Te amo y te aprecio con todo mi corazón. Amor (Love), Chris

“Spread Love not ignorance”

Lynns Church Notes “what do you do when god opens a door?”
DO YOU WANT TO GET WELL? Maybe you’ve become a victim of your circumstance; don’t be a victim of your damaged emotions (a conscious pattern of behavior) doesn’t give an excuse, give a direct answer. If you do what you’ve always done you’ll be what you’ve always been. GROW UP, it’s a process. It’s your experiences that develop your character. There is a difference between suspicion and discernment. Suspicion is in the mind; try the spirit by the spirit. The enemy is playing with our feelings. Don’t continuously repeat what people have said about you, that DOESN’T define you; that’s not what GOD said. CHANGE YOUR CONFESSION! The enemy is using your own mouth to curse yourself. YOU’RE SNARED BY THE WORDS OF YOUR MOUTH. How do you view yourself? Take thought into account. Cast down every high imagination; thinking it, seeing it, wrong thinking. Put off your former conduct, be renewed in the spirit of your mind, be made new in the attitude of your mind. Take on a different mentality, RENEW YOUR THINKING. Break your habits,” stinken thinken”, and your strong holds. If the devil keeps you victim (reduce us) we’ll never rise in what god has called you to be. Don’t let the devil keep you bound up; COME TO CHURCH. When the devil fights you, you need to get to church. Get around people that are going up. Socialize with people that are on the rise. We can deal with the devil but you have to deal with you. Check some stuff about yourself. Sometimes you need to yell at yourself. LET GO OF THE DEAD/OLD STUFF. Do you want to get well? God can work with a want to; it’s time to get delivered.

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN GOD OPENS A DOOR? God wants us to be equipped when we see the door. Adversaries hang around open doors; check that GOD opened that door. The open door speaks to an opportunity waiting to be seized. Walk in wisdom in the next season of your life. God knows how to open a door; he makes a way out of no way. Just because it closed once doesn’t mean it won’t open again. God creates it and opens it; it’s up to us to use the door. Look at the prospect of the door; it’s great in size; significant. What you’re instilling is for eternity. It’s production/the effect of the door, its adaptable to success. Look at the position of the door, an open door is a passage way. There may be disturbance at the door/adversaries. Your family will oppress you, your foes and even your friends. Walk through the right door in this season. Sometimes your blessing is right where you are. The door of opportunity won’t have to be pushed or pried open. An open door will fit your TALENTS and you’re ABILITIES; it will also fit your BUDGET. This open door meets your family and personal priorities; it could be a setback. An open door sits well with your closest friends. Make sure you have the right people in your life and make sure that they are encouraging what you are doing. You need encouragement on your journey. This open door steps you towards your dreams and goals. An open door is a sense of success of accomplishment. Is it a god exalting goal? The door of obligation is open unto [me]. It will strike you with a sense of responsibility to do your best that you are called to do; take it serious. TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN MUCH IS REQUIRED. Your not kingdom if you’re not responsible. An open door says: “I MUST DO THIS!!!” a god opened door will be a sense of conviction, there will be a sense of which you have to do. The door of opposition; you can’t get an open door and then start tripping. Who said just because you have an open door you on easy street? An open door will often be opposed; beware of an open door with no adversaries. Go ahead and walk through the open door, the presence of opposition doesn’t mean you out of the will of god. Facing opposition doesn’t mean god is closing the door; PUSH THROUGH. God will open the door for you if it’s meant to be. A MANS GIFT MAKES ROOM FOR HIM. Focus on JESUS! the right door will open up to you in due time. When god opens a door there are things you have to change your mind about. If you can get through these O’S (you can get through that open door.

Sylvia Hillard

Love do’s & don’ts

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Your referrals are my reward!

Hello my name is Sylvia Hillard, I am a realtor in Cypress, TX. I have been working in real estate for 21 years. I began my career at an independent real estate firm as a top producer I joined the top producing real estate firm in Texas Re/max Allstars. I work with both buyers and sellers in the Cypress, Katy, Sugarland, Spring and Missouri City areas.(I will assist you in any area for your real estate needs.) If you are considering selling your home know that I will provided you with the best service and marketing available. I am designated as an Accredited Buyer Representative so If you are considering purchasing a new home know that I am extremely knowledgeable in the market and all options that are available to purchasers. To contact TEAM HILLARD about buying or selling please give us a call at 713.922.5512 or email me at

Thou shall keep secrets away from your partner Thou shall open the door for her Thou shall not be jealous of HIS lady friends Thou shall respect him and give him his GUY TIME with his fellas Thou shall love each other’s families no matter how crazy they are Love isn’t a play thing. It’s a real battle. For some love may come easy but for others love may come as a struggle but in the end it’s the best thing that you’ve ever received and gave off in your life. spread love to your partner, spread positivity. If you’re really about that person be 150% about them. No one deserves a broken heart. Be who you would love for your partner to be to you, sweep them off their feet every chance you get. Make sure you treat “The one” extra special.

“You are the lender and not the borrower”

“Let go of the past”


FROM A FELLOW BSK MEMBER JJ’S CAPO. Jonathan Allen Johnson! Where do I start? Man so much of you clutters my mind... From my Birthday Night me and u same Jordan boots swag to you ready to choke Snake for kicking u in tha ass! Lol Shootamac mane I looked and I still look up to u! Older kid lookin up to a younger kid something I never thought I could do! U showed me so much and no matter what u always spoke your mind! Wait remember when u slapped “ooooool girl” with that raw pork chop that time? Lol WOWwwww... Boy u were tha cause of many Smiles! But at the same time u kept it onehunnidt no matter if it brought people’s smiles to frowns! I love and miss u Jj, things will never be the same! Just know that Capo will never mention legendary without mentioning your name! #bAsikaRtORIGINAls I thought this would be an easy thing to write since you had such a major impact in my life, but clearly I was wrong.There are so many what if’s, I wish, and why’s that I think of every day.Still there is no one that can answer my questions, so I guess I need to stop asking why. You are an amazing individual, son, brother, father, artist, etc. Any role, goal, or ambition you put your mind to it was done.You have left a legacy for others to remember and talk about. Although many knew you as Shootamac, your role with me was different. You are Jonathan/JJ my older brother. The person who kept me on track, the person who was there not just to say you were there, but you actually showed me how much you loved our bond as brother and sister. You understood the family issues; you were there whether I called, texted, emailed, myspaced, twittered or anything else. In the drop of a dime you were there with advice, comfort, jokes, anything you could do to make me feel better you did it. The tactic

that I hated the most was when i cried, you would mimic me and my face and say”Sis we don’t cry; we talk about it and get over it, and look at it as a hurdle that we jumped over together”. Luckily I was fortunate enough to see the real Jonathan, not many were able to see that. Shootamac was a cover-up for who everyone thought you were. You were much more than the name and image. Since you have passed away it has truly shown me who not only your real friends are/were but mine as well. I have more appreciation to the people that I have come to realize are my friends. As well as who is there for show

and who cares about my well being. You have missed a lot of my accomplishments and just as many mistakes. I owe you thanks to apart of the person I have become and am growing into. It still seems unreal so sometimes I pretend you’re in Atlanta on another one of your trips. I try to be level headed but it hurts everyday I think about you. All in all it gives me comfort to know that I have such a wonderful angel looking over me and jaypee at all times. I will always love you and make sure you are never forgotten. -your baby sister, Ashley

“An interview with god”

There are unexpected moments that change the chapters of our lives. Some restructure the entire story. The phrase, “gone too soon” never meant as much before as will for the remainder of our stay here on Earth. I just wish there were more words said, more time spent, more energy conveyed… You give taller people someone to look up to, elders someone to respect, a true inspiration to all; I feel blessed to have had you as a brother, friend and confidant. Honestly, nothing is the same as it was before you left, I’m still adjusting to learn the lesson in “everything happens for a reason”, it all still feels unreal. I want you to know that “Forever in our hearts….” was more than a popular song lyric by Drake. To me the phrase is an echo in time, and You and your memories provide me the will to continue to strive for more. I am honored to say that I am the older brother to a legend. Thank you, I won’t let you down . I love you. Sean “Onehunnidt” Celestine JJ to me was the REALest person I have encountered in my entire life. I had the privilege of knowing Jonathan as a lover and a friend; I wouldn’t change it for the world. JJ you were always there for me and I know in my heart you still are :). You were trusted with all of my secrets, thoughts, questions. You were always there to be Real with me when noone else was. Even when I didn’t want it you came to me Real about everything. I miss your smart ass remarks, your rude attitude and your loving heart. With you I had no worries or second guesses. You made it EASY to love you. I still remember the first time you told me you loved me, it sunk deep into my heart and through all my time knowin you I never let go of that. Through all the years our relationship never changed...Together or Not... It was ALWAYS you... So Thank YOU...and hope to meet with you again in heaven one day:). but for now your legacy lives on through us Forever. -nelle

By @Ihatequotes from twitter MAN: What surprises you most about human kind? GOD: That they grow weary of their childhood, Rush to grow up and then long to be children once more. That they willingly lose their health to restore their health, that by thinking anxiously about the future they forget the present such that they live in; Neither the present nor the future that they live as if they will never die and die as if they have never lived.

“Be loyal, live on purpose, think big & dream big, love your enemies”

“your character speaks volumes”

“It’s so easy to love you” 1 John 4:20-21: If anyone says, ‘I love God,’ yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not. Love your enemies is something we have all heard from the pulpit and from our parents. It’s easily said than done. We love the ones who love us back; we cherish them, speak with them and go out of our way to make them happy that’s the case with our enemies. Webster describes an enemy as one that is antagonistic to another; especially: one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent. Anyone can love friends but the test of real love test comes with loving enemies. Our character, integrity and even our Christianity will be put to the test. It is in those times when we need to to sit back, think, ponder on loving our enemies. We should place a mirror in front our face and say “I was once an enemy”. Before we came to Christ we were enemies of the cross but for “the cross” is the reason we are no longer enemies but Friends. James 2:23 - And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God. The question may ring loudly on the inside, how can you love someone who is my opponent, someone who seeks to harm and hurt me? I say you can love them BECAUSE OF CALVARY. When Jesus was dyeing he was dyeing speaking to his enemies, one on the left and one on the right. A murderer and a thief but he had compassion on them Luke 23:41. He died for everything and everyone. When we see someone as an enemy all we see is what “they” have done to us, we should flip the coin and ask “what have I done to them”. It takes two to make an enemy. God is love, he had many enemies but he loved them all. Christ demonstrated perfect love and forgiveness when on the cross he uttered the words ‘father forgive them’. Luke 23:34. We are looking for examples on how to love and forgive our enemies. We have been given the best example who has shown the world what the meaning of loving your enemies is all about. Jesus the son of the living God. Because of Calvary I can love my enemies Aretha L. Hill

Love your Enemies in Spite of

“Only god can judge you”

“surrender your heart to god”

Chris Bodine Photography

Chris is a freelance photographer from north Houston. His clientele includes several personal clients focusing on portraits, live action, and on-location shoots. His work has been featured on, and in the Humble/Kingwood Observer. His edgy, dramatic, vibrant photography style combined with his vast knowledge of the Houston area makes him a perfect candidate for filling the needs of those searching for a photographer. Chris is a devoted Christian and up hold strong Christian ethics in their business style. Chris has been doing photography for five years!! Email: Flickr: Cell: 713-277-5663

“Nobody’s Perfect”

Hair by Monique

Hall of Fame Baber shop

Welcome and thank you for visiting Hall of Fame Barbershop located in Katy, TX. All of our licensed barbers truly enjoy what we do and it is reflective on the smiles and repeat business of our clients. We promise individual attention and great value for all of our customers. We are dedicated to service and value. Making sure a man has the chance to feel like a man. Reminiscence in the old style barber chairs; Ensuring that the atmosphere is conducive to bringing young children where you don’t have to worry about the language. Monique F I have been doing hair since the age of 14, its gives me like a sense of relief and creativity. I do my best to make myself available for my clients rather it time or prices. This is a Friendly, independent, God fearing, respectable business. Monique Francies (713)256-9502 Call for appointment Rick, the owner of Hall of Fame Barbershop, has been professionally trained as a Master barber with over 20 years experience taking care of the hair needs of men, women and children of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Our shop is trying to bring old fashion barbering back along with respect and giving back to the community. We want women and children to be able to come to the shop and feel comfortable and respected; like you were at your own home. Stop in to see us at 19540 Clay Road, Ste E, Katy, TX 77449. Follow us on Twitter at #Rick_the_barber or find us on Facebook at HallofFame.Barber. Feel free to also contact me directly at 954-868-3767.

“Be Joyful”

“Show love always”

Flawless Finishes

Dat boy A
1. What is life like for you now in the music industry? JUST GETTIN STARTED AS A SOLO ARTIST WAS IN A GROUP NOW SOLO 2. If you didn’t have the gift to rap what would you do? Any other musical talents? I WOULD PROBABLY BE PLAYIN SPORTS 3. How do you know when you accomplished something good? I FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT AND SO DO THE PEOPLE AROUND ME 4. What celebrities do you look up to if any? NONE 5. As far as fashion, what’s a must have? SHOES 6. What are the clothing brands that you like? IT DONT MATTER I AINT PICKY LONG AS IT LOOK GOOD .. 7. Do you have an end date or an age where you want to stop pursuing music? NO NEGATIVE ILL ALWAYS DO MUSIC 8. Do you consider yourself a trendsetter? YES 9. Where are you from? TEXAS 10. What is your home town to you? HOUSTON/WALLER/SAN ANTONIO 11. What’s your favorite song? 1 DAY BY PLIES 12. Who/what inspired you to do music? MY BIG BROTHER 13. What motivates you to keep striving every day? MYSELF KNOWING I GOT WAT IT TAKES TO MAKE IT 14. Favorite hobby? MUSIC/ FISHING 15. Favorite thing to eat? TORTILLAS 16. What’s your next move? DROP A MIXTAPE “ BREAKING NEWS” 17. Where do you see yourself in two years? RICH AND FAMOUS 18. Are you single? NO 19. What’s your idea of a Friday night? DO A SHOW R WORK IN THE STUDIO R JUST CHILL 20. Any pets? 1 PITBULL/BULLDOG= SOPHIA 21. What kind of music do you like to listen to? ALL EXCEPT HEAVY METAL 22. What’s the best song that you’ve made? IT AINT BEEN MADE YET CUZ IM GETTIN BETTER EVERYDAY 23. Do you have any role models? NEGATIVE 24. What’s your idea of the perfect girl? HONEST AND REAL 25. What couldn’t you live without? GOD FACEBOOK.COM/DATBOYA YOUTUBE: DATBOYA3

With more than a decade of experience as a professional salon stylist, it is my passion to make people look and feel their best. Beauty and fashion are dynamic, so I invest significant time and energy keeping up to date with the latest trends and techniques. I specialize in healthy hair, soft styles, cuts & natural looking weaves, both long and short layered cuts with maximum movement and style. Look your best for an appointment today! Student discounts available. Bridgett Williams Master Stylist Hair Gallery 8502 W.Bellfort @ Gessner Houston, Texas 77071 832-541-9055

“Stay positive”

“Spread Life; Share Love”


I’m a 22 year old , Houston native causing quite the commotion on the fashion scene. Always having an eye for all things GLAM, I decided to perfect my craft & bring F.A.C.E. ( Fierce And Creative Expressions) to the world. Whatever the occasion ,whomever the canvas .. MakeUp Mickie creates a MASTERPIECE of bold color & flawless coverage . Through undeniable talent , a passion for beauty that can not be matched , and people person attitude that keeps my clients coming back ..a takeover is in progress, won’t you join me ?? BECOME A MAKEUP MUSE , inspire me to be great .. and I’ll give you F A C E . Charice “ Makeup Mickie “ Wallace


“Have HIGH Standards”

Church Hill
The book, “Inside the Business of Choices U Make”, presents real life situations and answers the questions that we all have about relationships and sexual choices. Sir. Churchill Williams writes with a street edge that paints a colorful picture of the risks of being sexually irresponsible. HOUSTON, May 19, 2010 – Author Sir. Churchill Williams’ first non-fiction novel, “Inside the Business of Choices U Make”, (http://www.insidethebusiness. net) gives the reader true illustrations on the importance of sexual responsibility and describes the consequences when men and women make irresponsible choices before defining their relationship. “’Inside The Business of Choices U Make’ is a literary masterpiece. Sir. Churchill Williams is prolific in giving us the play-by-play accounts of his life but then he flips the script.” Bishop Chris Wright, Remnant Covenant of Churches and Ministries.

“The boys enrolled in LOK must be taught from an early age that the sexual choices they make now can affect them all the way into adulthood and this book gives it to them straight, no curve balls,” says Williams. Williams makes his first appearance at the 2010 National Black Book Festival, May 22-23, at the Downtown Houston Crowne Plaza and is eager to share his experiences with festival attendees. “Anything that I can do to help someone make better sexual choices is the best reward. It’s important to the future of young people, boys, girls, parents – everybody.” says Williams.

Author Sir. Churchill Williams Writes a Gritty Novel on Sexual Choices, Boldly Delves Into “The Business” of Sexual Responsibility

The purpose of “Inside the Business of Choices U Make” ( is to bring awareness to the sexual epidemic that plagues his community and so many others around the country. The epidemic has numerous victims who, in many cases, are the children born into a situation where the mother and father did not plan on becoming a family unit. For Williams, this is where “the business” begins. “When a baby is unplanned, whether you like it or not, is when the business starts.” explains Williams, referring to the business of child support.

Sir. Churchill Williams resides in Stafford, TX, with his wife and his two young boys. He is the owner of Primetime Barbershop and enjoys relaxing on the golf course and spending time with his family. “Inside the Business of Choices U Make” is also available in an adult version “Inside the Business of C.U.M. Management”. Both versions can be found at Sir. Churchill Williams is available to speak at motivational events and seminars Contact: Sir. Churchill Williams 1-888-871-7509 Email: Website: Facebook: Insidethebusiness Twitter:

He writes how his life was affected after his father left the home when he was five and his brother was three years old, making his mom a single parent living in the ghetto of Houston. The growing pains he personally experienced and saw around him made him determined to act responsibly and write “Inside the Business of Choices U Make”. Williams wants his readers to understand that there is life after bad choices. His advice is simple, “Don’t make the same bad choice again. Use the book as a teaching tool and share with others.” Sharing is exactly what Williams has in mind. The book is under review for use at Houston’s Ross Shaw Sterling High School’s mentor program for boys, Love Our Kids or LOK, for the 2010-2011 school-year. As a former student at Sterling High School, Williams is very excited to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students.

“Forget those things that which are behind”


“Who is Jesus to you?”
Jesus is someone who can’t be over powered, who can’t be hateful, and who can’t be unreal. He can do above all we may ask, think or do; or even imagine. –LYNN WILLIAMS

“Remember God Daily”

“Regardless of how it goes down; in the end I win”


Something this generation lacks

“falling is easy; getting up, that’s the hard part”

#TLMZ- truth.loyalty.much.zeal: “the freewill to support each other overall unconditionally” follow @VANASHTON ON TWITTER