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Rob Garagiola Filed False Information for Years

Effort to hide lobbying career extends from lying on Maryland State filings to omitting key information from his work experience
For Immediate Release – February 22 Contact: Max Cummings860-287-3542 From his first run for office in 2002, Rob Garagiola blatantly lied to the voters about his professional experience. Today it was uncovered that he lied to the State of Maryland too. In 2002-03, as both a candidate and as a state senator, Garagiola violated Maryland law that requires filing employer information on Maryland Financial Disclosure forms. Records show that DC lobbying powerhouse, Greenberg Traurig, employed Garagiola from 1999 to 2003, yet on the official state filings for 2001, 2002, and 2003, which he signed and had notarized, Garagiola answered that he had no earned income. “Rob Garagiola is a career politician who thinks he is above the law," said campaign manager Max Cummings. "As an attorney, he should have known that he was in violation but instead he chose to lie. As an elected official, voters expect higher moral standards. With politicians like Rob, there is no question as to why voter confidence is at an all-time low." In 2002, as a candidate, Garagiola’s Financial Disclosure Statement, filed with the Maryland State Ethics Commission, required him to disclose his sources of income in 2001 and 2002. In 2002 and 2003, as a state senator, he was required to disclose this information on the Member of General Assembly Financial Disclosure Statement Form #19. For three consecutive years, Garagiola flagrantly lied on his answer to Schedule H on the Financial Disclosure forms, which read: "I, or a member of my immediate family received a salary or was a sole or partial owner of a business entity from which earned income was received, during the reporting period. If ‘Yes’ complete Schedule H”. Each year, Garagiola answered “No.” “We’re not talking about one mistake, we’re talking about Rob’s pattern of unethical behavior, a track record of lying and distortion,” said Cummings. Garagiola’s intentional deception extends to his public biographies. Beyond the Maryland General Assembly, Garagiola has had only three employers since graduating college: four years working for Congress, five years working as a lobbyist, and a few years as an attorney in Maryland. Yet all of his publicly available biographies (congressional campaign website, legislative campaign website, Stein Sperling Law Firm, Maryland General Assembly bio page, and his own LinkedIn account) omit the foundation of his professional experience: five years working as a lobbyist. “Of course he wants to hide this,” added Cummings. “He betrayed Marylanders when he used his influence and power to carve out a Congressional district for himself, and the latest revelations are part of his ongoing activities of doing or saying whatever it takes to get elected.” ###