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Introduction Objective and Scope Hardware and Software Requirement Technologies to be Used

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RAJIV GANDHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY Minor project on Office employee management software ( synopsis) Team members Satish chaurasiya Vipin randhawa .

2 or later.0. It can be used to manage the employee’s information .e employee name. delete. update . employee id ( which will be provided uniquely to every employee which could not be same for two). This software is developed using java which can be run on JRE 7.Ramni wa Guided by Prof. it will provide fast access to view. engineering uday chourasiya Department of computer science INTRODUCTION This project topic is “OFFICE EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE” based on java. employee’s address. and is used in preference to the AWT in most modern JAVA programs. add various informations of any employee i. . salary for the particular employee. this software is based on swing which is is included in JAVA version 1.

This software will help in updating details and other informations used . This software will save time and manpower of any firm or company as by decreasing the work to manage a notebook for records and details of various employees employeed by that firm This software provide a unique ID to each employee which helps in searching details of any employee.OBJECTIVE AND SCOPE The main objective of this software is to provide ease of information for any small company having number of employees to keep their record and their various details.

if we keeps record of any employee on paper and want to update his salary we have to update every where written in record by using this software the new information will automatically be updated in record every where linked to that employee .this provides reliability to the any company easly.this software is based on java and can be easily used by any one .

HARDWARE and SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT Hardware Required RAM>1GB A general configured computer system For Development JDK 7.0 WINDOWS 7 NETBEANS For Using Project JRE 7.0 or Higher .

was available in the original version of JAVA. which is known as Swing. is included in JAVA version 1. scroll bars.Component Swing is a platform-independent. Model-ViewController GUI framework for Java. The other. Swing component model objects are responsible for providing a concise interface defining event . GUI components are represented by objects belonging to subclasses of the class java. and so on. text-input boxes. it is a programming language and actually has two complete sets of GUI components. It follows a single-threaded programming model.2 or later The physical structure of a GUI( graphical user interface) is built of components. including buttons. the AWT or Abstract Windowing Toolkit. menus.awt. The term component refers to a visual element in a GUI. One of these. In JAVA.TECHNOLOGIES TO BE USED JAVA Java was released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. check boxes.