When learning Grammar, the first thing that is being taught is the Parts of Speech. This is the basic thing that someone needs to know when dealing with grammar. The parts of speech will help you to understand the word, on how it is used, so that the meaning is presented and understood by the reader. Sometimes, the word can bring different meaning based on the parts of speech. There are eight parts of speech : noun, verb, pronoun, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction and interjection. Noun : Noun is used to describe a person, name, place, thing, object or idea. Noun varies when it comes to plural and singular, and sometimes it varies between gender. Example of noun includes ³Mr. Ali´, ³school´, ³books´, ³teacher´. Verb : Verb is an action which is done by a noun or a subject. It varies based on the doer, the time it is being done, and also the number of doer. Example of verbs are ³reading´, ³write´, ³thinking´. Pronoun : Pronoun is what represents the noun. It replaces the noun in the sentence to prevent redundancy in the sentence. Pronouns includes ³he´, ³she´, ³it´, ³they´, ³we´. Adjective : Adjectives are the words which describes the noun. It describes how the noun¶s physical appearance, whether it is concrete or abstract. It includes colour, size, style, and grades. Examples of adjectives are ³beautiful´, ³mesmerizing´, ³heavy´, ³blue´. Adverb : Adverbs are words which describes the verb. It describe the degree of the verb. Most of the time, it is formed by adding a suffix of ±ly at the end of a verb. Examples of adverb includes ³ghastly´, ³steadily´, ³roughly´, ³very´, ³always´. Preposition : Preposition shows the setting of something. It also works as the linker of the other parts of speech to make up a sentence. Preposition describes the position, time, and also the setting of something. Prepositions are ³on´, ³before´, ³between´, ³during´, ³over´.

Conjunction : Conjunction is used to connect words or phrases which share common characteristic. It gathers two things together as an idea. Example of conjunctions are ³and´, ³when´, ³for´, ³therefore´. Interjection : Interjections are words or phrase that shows emotion of the speaker. Usually, interjection will have an exclamation mark on the sentence. Examples are ³ouch´, ³hey´, ³eh´

Parts of Speech and Its Function PARTS OF SPEECH Adjective

WORD 1. effective

FUNCTION Describes the result of the usage of English in Science and

Mathematics 2. Mathematics 3. implemented 4. decision 5. nationalists 6. reactions Noun Verb Noun Noun Verb The subject taught in school The action taken/idea used The result of the discussion The person who is patriotic The respond of the teachers and parents 7. negative 8. implications 9. conducted Noun Noun Verb The bad implication The result of the action The action taken to perform a survey 10. considered Verb The reaction of the people after thinking about it 11. educational Adjective The concept of teaching in

English 12. objectives Noun The main reasons of the

implementation 13. investments Noun The risk in money given by government

14. universities


The higher institute that the students go after high school

15. jeopardy


The thing that happened during the indecisive action of

abolishing English for Science and Mathematics 16. excitement Noun The result that brings joy to the parents 17. unfortunately Adjective The opposite state of the

students when it comes to exam results 18. retreating Noun When the government decided to abolish English for Science and Maths 19. examination Noun The papers that students need to answer and score high marks 20. expected Verb The action of the parents waiting for good result of the students.

TENSES Simple Present Tense is used to describe action that happens at a current time, or to say a true fact. It is also to describe something general. Example : The Sun rises in the East. Simple Past Tense is used to describe action that is in the past. It describe something that has happened after a point of time. Example : I was born in Japan Simple future Tense is used to describe action that is yet to be done, and most of the time, it is determined by the use of ³will´. Example : I will go to school tomorrow. Examples of Tenses: Words Simple Present Tense: 1. Studies 2. Understand 3. Communicate 4. Achieve 5. Teaching Prof. Q studies the old manuscript. They understand the terms and condition of the contract. He wants to communicate effectively. He tries to achieve the highest rank in the squad. She is teaching English right now. Sentences

Simple Past Tense: 1. Implemented 2. Received 3. Conducted 4. Taught 5. Failed The school has implemented the new rules. I received my birthday card yesterday. He conducted a survey for his study. My mom taught me how to cook. They failed to finish the project.

Simple Future Tense: 1. Will revert 2. Will kill 3. Will end 4. Will disappear 5. Will face We will revert to other project tomorrow. I will kill the criminal if I find him. The class will end soon. The haze will disappear after the rain. He will face the juries and judges tomorrow.

REFLECTION At a first glance, the assignment seems easy to do. The task listen will give me so many benefits in understanding the topic of Parts of Speech and also Tenses. Before doing the assignment, I need to read a lot on Parts of Speech so that I can recognize the words that I need to find from the article. It is pretty much challenging because we have to find words which have more than two syllables and some of them are almost similar and I got confused whether it is a noun or a verb. A thorough reading can help me to familiarize myself with the words. When reading the article, I got distracted with the content of the article before I realized my main task which is to find twenty words from the article. I have to read again and again to find words that I can explain easily, and relate it with the parts of speech. Through the task, it makes me realize the importance of English in communication. The new words found while reading the article can help me improve my writing and expand my vocabulary collection. I will try to use the new words whenever I can. While doing the assignment, I met with a few challenges, which are the lack of time, resources as well as skills. The assignment is given during the middle of semester and I have to do juggle a few works at one time including the online marking database, as well as other assignments. Moreover, it is hard for me to meet up with my other friends to discuss about it because we are too busy with our school works. To add with that, I do not have many resources and I am not fluent in English. Even when I have the books to refer to, I do not know what am I looking for in the book. It is because my lack of resource skills. I do not have experience writing an English-written assignment and I spent most of the time trying to understand the task. However, I am thankful to my lecturer and fellow friends in school who are willing to guide me through this assignment. The schedule-clash is resolved by finishing all my school work at school so that I can do this assignment at night. And I consulted fellow English teachers in school for some direction in finishing this assignment. And last but not least, this is a useful experience for me, writing an English assignment and I have some ideas now on how to perform good research and where to find good resources.

BIBLIOGRAPHY Master Malaysia Editorial Team. (2009, August). Abolishment of teaching of Science and Mathematics in English. The Teacher, 2, 22-24

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