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SOM 09-10

Obstetrics & Gynecology
The accomplished faculty of Obstetrics & Gynecology include: • board of trustee members of the Association of Professors of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the UMEC (Undergraduate Medical Education Committee); • president-elect and immediate past-president of the American Urogynecologic Society; • APGO-Solvay fellowship scholars for five consecutive years; and • specialists in gynecologic oncology, menopause, maternalfetal medicine and urogynecology. with a single mentor during medical school through the Longitudinal Preceptorship Program. Fourth-year electives include general obstetrics and gynecology as well as intensive learning experiences in all of the subspecialty areas. Students develop history-taking and physical examination skills in both obstetrics & gynecology and the field’s four sub-specialties. Communication, learning to be an educator and sensitivity to cultural issues are emphasized. The obstetric experience includes prenatal care, complicated pregnancy, normal and abnormal labor, childbirth and operative delivery. In gynecology, students learn about preventive reproductive health examinations, family planning, treatment of benign disease, as well as cancers of the reproductive tract and infertility evaluations. The diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence are also covered. The department offers fourth-year electives and clerkships in gynecologic oncology, urogynecology, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, maternal-fetal medicine, ambulatory obstetrics and gynecology, and a flexible elective that allows students to create their own experience in the field. Students also participate in the educational components of the residency program. This program features innovative experiences in simulation; the gross anatomy laboratory for pelvic and perineal dissection; curricula in effective communication with patients and referring physicians, patients and staff; and Health Care Economics, which encompasses billing, coding and documentation, hospital and medical group economics, and state and federal health care policy and advocacy. Obstetrics & Gynecology is actively engaged in research in the areas of cancers of the reproductive tract, infertility outcomes, estrogen metabolism, pelvic floor disorders, urinary and anal incontinence, HIV infection in pregnancy, psychosocial stressors in pregnancy outcomes, multiple gestations, vaginal birth after cesarean section, obstetric trauma, perinatal epidemiology, occupational reproductive hazards and perinatal outcomes research. Obstetrics & Gynecology Faculty Professor and Chair
Julia V. Johnson, BS, California/Davis, 1976; MD, Medical College of Georgia, 1984

Professor Emeritus
Richard E. Hunter, AB, Clark, 1941; MD, Boston, 1944

Michael P. Aronson, BA, Tufts, 1973; MD, 1985 Harrison G. Ball, BS, Saint Joseph’s, 1967; MD, Tufts, 1972 *Francis J. Bednarek, BS, King’s, 1966; MD, Loyola, 1970 *Marianne E. Felice, BA, Carlow, 1966; MD, Hershey, 1972 Karen W. Green, BA, Rochester, 1968; MD, North Carolina, 1972 Thomas F. Halpin, BS, Boston College, 1959; MD, Harvard, 1963 *Thomas (T.J.) FitzGerald, BS, California/San Francisco, 1975; MD, UMass Worcester, 1980 Edward Peskin, BA, Wisconsin, 1970; MD, Washington, 1974 Machelle M. Seibel, BA, Texas, 1971; MD, 1975 Stephen B. Young, BA, Columbia, 1964; MD, George Washington, 1968

The mission of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology is to deliver exemplary patient care in ambulatory and inpatient settings while providing cutting-edge education in obstetrics, gynecology and human reproduction. The primary objectives of the department are to: develop clinical care programs that are high quality and patient-focused; perform research that improves quality of future care for our community; provide culturally appropriate education of patients and students; provide services that improve the quality of life in the community; and offer students exposure to the academic and practical aspects of obstetrics, gynecology and related sub-specialties. The department provides students with the opportunity to gain the knowledge and clinical skills that are fundamental to the practice of women’s health. Reproductive pathophysiology is taught in the first and second years of medical school. Also in the first year, the Maternal-Child Health Program allows students to have a longitudinal experience with individual patients during their pregnancy, delivery and early infant period. The major clinical experience for medical students occurs during the six-week, third-year clerkship in inpatient and ambulatory settings. Opportunities are also available for a continuing relationship

Associate Professors
Robert E. Berry Jr., BA, Williams, 1979; MD, Virginia, 1983 Brian M. Clark, AB, Colby, 1985; MD, Vermont, 1994 Ellen M. Delpapa, BS, St. Elizabeth, 1980; MD, New Jersey, 1984 Abraham N. Morse, BA, Swarthmore, 1988; MD, Harvard, 1993 *Phyllis Pollack, BS, Michigan, 1972; MD, Harvard, 1977 Jami A. Star, BA, Brown, 1981; MD, SUNY Stony Brook, 1986 Susan Zweizig, BA, California, 1980; MD, Harvard, 1985
* joint appointment


University of Massachusetts Medical School

SOM 09-10
Assistant Professors
Alan J. Albert, BA, SUNY Binghamton, 1973; MD, Guadalajara, 1977 Patricia K. Aronson, BA, Brown, 1980; MD, Eastern Virginia Medical, 1983 *Stephen A. Bean, BA, Hamilton, 1984; MS, Georgetown, 1986; MD, 1990 Petra H. Belady, BS, Cornell, 1987; MD, Texas, 1991 Shaila Chauhan, MD, Bombay, 1965 Brenda Coutinho, BA, Connecticut College, 1986; MD, UMass Worcester, 2003 Leonard DiGiovanni, BS, Northeastern Missouri State, 1981; DO, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1985 Matthew A. Esposito, BA, Williams, 1990; MD, Rochester, 1994 *Alan J. Flint, BA, Tufts, 1985; MD, Pittsburgh, 1989; MPH, California/Berkeley, 1995 Finda L. Guyton, BA, Boston, 1993; MD, Albert Einstein, 1999 Mary M. Herlihy, BA, Harvard-Radcliffe, 1982; MD, UMass Worcester, 1994 Todd W. Hunter, AB, Colby, 1968; MD, Boston, 1973 David A. Klein, BA, SUNY Binghamton, 1989; MD, Tufts, 1993 Alison C. Madden, BA, Barnard College, Columbia, 1991; MD, Cornell, 1995 Mark J. Manning, BS, Notre Dame, 1991; DO, New England William J. McLaughlin, BA, Vermont, 1971; MS, Wayne State, 1973; MD, 1977 B. Dale Magee, MD, SUNY Upstate, 1975; MPH, Dartmouth, 1998 Hayley Marshall-Drohan, BS, Connecticut, 1987; DO, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1994 Aaron M. Mendel, BS, Michigan, 1981; MD, 1985 Tiffany A. Moore Simas, BA, Clark, 1996; MD, UMass Worcester, 2000; MPH, Harvard, 2006 Brenda A. Neary, BS, Lowell, 1980; PhD, Sackler, 1986; MD, UMass Worcester, 1990 Katharine K. O’Dell, BA, Graceland, 1996; MS, Case Western Reserve, 1997; PhD, UMass Worcester, 2006 Debra M. Papa, BS, Siena, 1979; MD, Georgetown, 1983 *James W. Pellegrini, BS, UMass Boston, 1982; MD, UMass Worcester, 1986 *Alan P. Picarillo, BA, Holy Cross, 1993; MD, UMass Worcester, 1998 Thomas B. Pokoly, MD, Toronto, 1965 *Jennifer L. Rylander, BS, Vermont, 1988; MD, Connecticut, 1994 Gabrielle M. Reine, BS, UMass Amherst, 1992; MD, UMass Worcester, 1996 Antonella M. Restivo, BA, Siena, 1996; MD, Albany Medical College, 2000 Aparna D. Shah, BS, Michigan, 1997; MD, 2000 Dawn S. Tasillo, BA, Northwestern, 1995; MD, SUNY Health Science, 1999 *Joel H. Weiner, BA, Northern Illinois, 1975; BS, 1976; MD, Chicago Medical, 1980 *Stuart A. Weisberger, BS, Michigan, 1970; MS, 1972; MD, Cincinnati, 1980 Samuel Zylstra, BS, Houghton, 1970; MD, Antwerp, 1981

Karen S. Ammerman, BA, SUNY Cortland, 1977; MD, Rochester, 1981 Don P. Deprez, BS, Cornell, 1970; MD, Tufts, 1977 Patrick P. Hogan, MBBCh, University College, 1972 Susan Kraft, BS, Illinois, 1974; MD, 1978

Mark A. Aversa, BS, St. Michael’s, 1977; MD, New York Medical, 1982 Patricia D Chernosky, BS, Union, 1992; MD, Albany Medical, 1995 Peter C. Davidow, MD, Tufts, 1986 John Farricy, BS, Boston College, 1969; MD, Georgetown, 1973 Abraham Fischer, MD, UMass Worcester, 1986 Mary Elizabeth Gamache, BS, Salve Regina, 1983; MS, Boston College, 1993 Diego Illanes, MD, Catholic University, 1999 Julie King, BA, Boston College, 2000; MS, UMass Worcester, 2007 Joelle J. Lieman, BS, McGill, 1992; MD, Ross, 1998 Jane A. Molinari, BA, Bucknell, 1986; MD, Connecticut, 1991 Maria Narducci, MD, Connecticut, 1991 Sheila B. Noone, BS, Worcester State, 1984; MPH, Boston, 1986; PhD, Union Institute, 2000 June Ramsaran, BA, Boston, 1982; MD, Royal College of Surgeons, 1988 Kerri E. Osterhaus, BA, Harvard, 1995; MD, UMass Worcester, 1999 Andrea M. Pezzella, BS, Syracuse, 1991; MD, St. Louis, 1996 Diane M. Pingeton, BS, Fitchburg State, 1982; MD, UMass Worcester, 1994 Katherine A. Van Savage, BS, Boston College, 1990; MD, SUNY Syracuse, 1998 Emily E. Weber LeBrun, BA, Mount Holyoke, 1996; MD, Florida, 2003 Brenna W. Wiberg, BS, Ithaca, 1999; MS, UMass Worcester, 2007 Patricia A. Yranski, BSN, Boston College, 1979; MS, 1998
* joint appointment

School of Medicine 2009-2010 Catalogue


MD. 1986. Clinical Associate Professor Edward Kazarian. BA. The new department will be involved in all aspects of clinical ophthalmology and will provide clinical specialty care in vitreo-retinal diseases.. BA. BS. BA. 1993 Clinical Assistant Professor William T. Brooklyn. anterior segment diseases. BA. Brown. Louis. Brown. McCabe. Karalekas. 1971. 1970. 1967 Jeffrey P. ultrasonography. CUNY. MD. Yale. SUNY Stony Brook. BA. 1962. Anterior and posterior segment laser modalities are also available. Rochester. BA. MD. 1973 Assistant Professors Michael J. Georgetown. MS. Vermont. Amherst. Ophthalmology Faculty Associate Professor and Chair Shalesh Kaushal. 1989 74 University of Massachusetts Medical School . MD. UMass Worcester. Catholic (Belgium). BA. 1978. 1990. Investigations in hereditary retinal diseases. MD. Bradbury. Cornell. ocular coherence tomography. as well as comprehensive eye care. glaucoma. Gallo. 1973 Pascale Perusse. Johns Hopkins. as well as degenerative retinal diseases have begun. AB. Princeton. 1986. Medical College of Pennsylvania.SOM 09-10 Ophthalmology The Department of Ophthalmology is distinguished for: • leadership from an international expert in vitreo-retinal disorders. BS. BEE. BA. Rochester. 1980 Denis J. Bowdoin. 1969. PhD. 1983. BS. 1964. Meltzer. PhD. MD. 1976. Eisenberg. oculo-plastics. 1989. Pennsylvania. 1968 Professor George K. 1970 The Department of Ophthalmology was re-established at UMass Medical School in 2009 under the chairmanship of Shalesh Kaushal. Boston. BS. MD. Johns Hopkins 1988. Fitzgerald. Asdourian. the department will be involved in several clinical studies including age-related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. neuroophthalmology. Moss. to develop therapies for retinal and optic nerve disorders. MD. MD. Levine. Tang. 1969. New Jersey. who was the world’s first investigator to use complement inhibitor molecules to treat patients. MIT. 1975 Jeffrey D. BA. MD. MD. including gene therapy and stem cell therapy. 1981 Joseph M. 1995 Alan P. The department has extensive oculo-diagnostic capabilities including electroretinography. Sherbrooke. 1977 Glenn A. visual field testing. Clark. 1983. American (Lebanon) 1966. MD. 1989 Frank J. 1962. MD. 1991 Robert Gise. MD. UMass Worcester. MD. Baylor. PhD. Defrin. Apart from basic research. pediatrics. 1966 Willard G. 1993 Affiliates Melvyn H. St. 1973 Diane P. Cornell. 1969. MD. Williams. MD. BS. MD. Adelphi. and ophthalmic retinal photography and angiography. Rice Jr. and • expertise in basic and translational research. 1966. 1975 Richard M. BA. Tufts. The department has already established programs in basic research involving gene therapy as well as stem cell research. MD. BA. microperimetry.

I try to convey that we are caring for people. Students attend conferences and participate in the surgical. diagnosis and treatment of all athletic injuries (Hahnemann Campus). • Foot and Ankle Center. School of Medicine 2009-2010 Catalogue 75 . dedicated to treatment of the full range of foot and ankle conditions (Hahnemann Campus).SOM 09-10 Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation The Department of Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation features world-class. • Sports Medicine Center. close to where they grew up and. Shelton believes this blending is because students are getting their medical education in their own backyard. • Hand/Upper Extremity Center.” The Department of Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation provides students with an opportunity to observe and participate in a clinical mentorship with orthopedic surgeons. including: • Arthritis and Joint Replacement Center. not just a disease or syndrome. office and emergency practices of preceptors who practice at UMass Memorial Medical Center or in other communities throughout the state. degenerative and traumatic spinal disorders in adults (Memorial Campus). dedicated to the prevention. and • Trauma and Fracture Center. a patient-centered program dedicated to arthritis and joint pain (Memorial Campus). • Pediatric Orthopedic Center. MD Assistant Professor of Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation and Pediatrics Dr. comprehensive and multidisciplinary subspecialty centers of excellence for central New England. “Our academic programs effectively blend caring for the patient with involvement in the community. Shelton. dedicated to the treatment of a full range of hand and upper extremity conditions (Hahnemann Campus). and that these people and their health and medical issues exist mainly out of our domain. We are trying to bring what we know to help them deal with these issues. “As a clinical faculty member. hopefully. dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic injuries and fractures (University Campus). will stay. • Spine Center. dedicated to the treatment of the full range of pediatric orthopedic conditions and injuries (University Campus). a state-of-the-art facility offering expert care for congenital.” Yvonne A.

1986 Mathew J. MD. Boston. Rochester. 1969. 1991. MD. 2000 Michael A. Tufts. Stecyk. Marietta College. Boston College. 1997 Kevin Mitts. Tufts. Cornell. BS. MD. 2002 Paul J. 1973. BA. UMass Worcester. BS. 1969. BA. 1962. MD. St. AB. occupational medicine and infectious diseases. BS. 1980. 1991. Michigan State. Boston. MD. Scarlet. AB. 1979. BFA. 1994 Judith A. 1971. MD. Edward Hebert School of Medicine. BS. Shelton. MD. Maryland. New York Medical. 1998. BA. 1993. MFA. Rochester. Malikowski. Sewall. 1973 Errol S. 1998. Holy Cross. 1964 Marshall Katzen. Tufts. Vermont. Cornell. 1999 Lorenzo Gamez. 1976. MD. 1984 John George. Tufts. 1978 A. Harvard. Tufts. MD. DO. BA. Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine. AB. Grygier. Beisaw. BS. 1980 Jason C. PhD. 1996. 1965. emergency medicine. CUNY. BA. MD. Tufts. 1964. Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine. New York Medical College. 1990 Assistant Professors Amy E. Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. 1995. PhD. BS. MD. St. Williams. BS. emphasizing inpatient and outpatient diagnosis and management of a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders. 2000 David M. 1960. Akins. MD. Breen. is an in-depth course in musculoskeletal disorders. AB. Calkins. MD. 2002 Francis D. MD. MD. Ayers. MD. 1978 Russell W. 1986. Vermont. Harvard. 1985. 1966 Thomas F. Siegel. such as family practice. rheumatology. Patel. Tufts. Vermont. BS. UMass Worcester. BS. 1982. 1962 Thomas P. Bowdoin. UMass Worcester. BS. 1956 Steven H. 1987. postoperative care and non-operative treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. MD. 1968. 1979. Fudan. 1974. and diagnosis and treatment of a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal diseases. Dartmouth. MD. 1968. Princeton. Chagnon. John’s. Johnson. SUNY. Long Island. Harvard. 1982 Anthony DeFelice. Rochester. BA. MD. BA. Wixted. Mazin. 1968. 1993. 1982. Washington. 1979 Faren H. 1979. MD.S. Tufts. MD. Rochester. 1986. Southern California. AB. Baran. DPM. MD. 2002 Jie Song. 1972. The second elective is recommended for fourth-year students who intend to pursue a residency other than orthopedic surgery. Most. U. BS. 1973. BA. MD. 1983 76 University of Massachusetts Medical School . Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine. 1989. MS. 1990 Hwa H. SUNY Upstate. 1981 Brian D. BS. 1978. 1967. MD. Fanning. Marquette. 1972 Jonathan J. MD. Cornell. Veneziano. UMass Worcester. 1973 Norman E. Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine. AB. BS. 1987 Israel S. 1997 Clinical Assistant Professors Herbert Bote. 1997. Holy Cross. Williams. BS. Humboldt State. UMass Worcester. MPH. Miami. Georgetown. MIT. Kaohsiung. 1957 Instructors Donald H. Harvard. Ottawa. Loyola. MD. McGill. MS. Harvard. MS. BS. Kaplan. 2000 Gary L. Cornell. 1984 Affiliates Peter P. Williams. MD. Mount Holyoke. MD. 1980. physical medicine and rehabilitation. 1980. 1978. 1992 Andrew DeMaggio. Goss. pediatrics. Anas.. Trinity College. Northwestern. 1989. BA/MD. BS. 1977 Mark S. Busconi. Marquette. Tufts. Merrimack. Wayne State. physical examination. Pappas Chair in Orthopedics David C. F. Assumption. 1952. 1974. Taylor. BA. Boston. Military Academy. 1985. Eck. Harvard. 1983. BS. BMS. Shanghai. MS. Yale. 2003 Jeffrey N. MD. O’Connell. BS. MD. 1982 The Joy McCann Professor for Women in Medicine Patricia Franklin. New York. anesthesiology. It is an in-depth and faculty-supervised overview of outpatient musculoskeletal problems that aims to develop skills in history taking. MD. 1971 Arthur M. DPM. BS. MD. 1975 Albert A. AB. Troy State. Wisconsin. 1958. 1973 William D. Columbia. BS. Mortimer. 2001 David A. 1982 Harvey A. BS. 1974. BS. DPM. MD. BS. recommended for fourth-year students who intend to pursue a residency in orthopedic surgery. Johns Hopkins. 1993. MD. 1968. Lapinsky. Francis Xavier. Hangen. 1995 Nicola A. BS. 1968. New York Medical College. Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation Faculty Professor and Chair The Arthur M. Harvard. 1999. Cornell. MD. BS. Abbot. BS. MD. 1982. 1990. DPM. 1998 Edward R. MD. Hunter. 1976. MD. 1989 Marci Jones. 1967 Philip J. Albright. College of Osteopathic Medicine. Cornell. 1975. 1979 Joseph A. MS. SUNY. Peters. UMass Worcester. Toczylowski Jr. AB. BA. Baylor. BS. Catholic University. Ohio. MS. 1963. BS. MD. MD. Pennsylvania. 1989 Clinical Associate Professors Kirk H. MD. Stanford. Pappas. MD. 1976 Henry M. MD. MD. Temple. Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. BS. The first. 1953. MIT. Hurwitz. California. MD. Harvard.SOM 09-10 UMMS offers two electives that require medicine and surgery clerkships. 1989 Associate Professors Carlton M. MD. surgical procedures. Metzmaker. 1961 Abhay R. MD. 1970. 1991 Jeffrey Cella. 1965 Markian D. 1964 Yvonne A. 1967 Professors Daniel T. Brown. Louis. neurology. MD. SUNY Buffalo.. Hsieh. 1977. BA. 1984 Raymond J. Springfield. Connolly. Wright State. 1973 Anthony S. MD. DeAngelis. West Point. BS. Rutgers. 1969 Clinical Professors Patrick J. Cincinnati. BS. BA. 1957. Cournoyer Jr. Lahey Jr. MD. Students will gain experience in diagnostic methods. 1999 John J. Columbia. Jerome Philbin. 1985. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. BS. BS. St. Bravo.. Vermont. 1984 Walter J. 1987 Thu T. George Washington. radiology. MD. 1995. MBA. Syracuse. AB. 1991. Shea. 1983. plastic surgery. Leclair.

1976 Adjunct Assistant Professor Sarah Poissant. Patient care that is compassionate. BS. 1971. Attending staff will supervise the students during all clinical activities. Medical knowledge about established and evolving biomedical. Gacek. BA. Vermont. MD. 1999 (continued) School of Medicine 2009-2010 Catalogue 77 . 1980 Assistant Professors James P. otology and neurotology.g. 5. and improvements in patient care. Wexler. • evaluation and treatment of facial nerve paralysis. pediatric otolaryngology. 1956 Clinical Associate Professor Daniel Y. California/San Francisco. Buffalo. 1970. students rotate through the otolaryngology clinics during the subspecialty portion of their Surgery clerkship. Practice-based learning and improvement that involves investigation and evaluation of their own patient care. BS. California/Berkeley. BS. Michigan. BA. Stanford. epidemiological and social-behavioral) sciences and the application of this knowledge to patient care. Connecticut. MHA. MD. MD. surgery and extensive rehabilitation services for patients with hearing disabilities. Lavelle. 1992. adherence to ethical principles. Boston. Included are lectures and case presentations highlighting the major subdivisions of general and pediatric otolaryngology. 2.. endoscopic sinus surgery. and sensitivity to a diverse patient population. Case Western Reserve. PhD. MA. Students work in both the outpatient and inpatient setting. 1952. their families and other health professionals. as manifested through a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities. Otolaryngology Faculty Professor and Chair William G. including head and neck surgery. otologic and neurotologic and skull base surgery. 1967 Professor Richard R. 1963. appraisal and assimilation of scientific evidence. Professionalism. System-based practice. BA. Utah. MD. Students are encouraged to participate in the full spectrum of patient care encompassed Clinical Assistant Professor John A. and head and neck oncologic surgery and reconstruction. BA. Loiodice. Interpersonal and communication skills that result in effective information exchange and teaming with patients. Marquette. MD. Wayne State. Students rotating through the Department of Otolaryngology have a chance to be introduced to the six competencies required during future residency training: 1. • medical and surgical treatment of balance disorders. 4. 1994. cochlear implantation in children and adults. 1985 The Department of Otolaryngology strives to acquaint students with the many clinical issues affecting the ears. 1998 David B. 1980. Wayne State. Notre Dame. • state-of-the-art endoscopic sinus surgery. 1985 Weiru Shao. Otolaryngology features: • a regionally renowned pediatric and adult cochlear implant program that provides complete evaluation screening. Clark. MBA. within the practice of otolaryngology. Hughes. MD. Kamil. UMass Memorial Health Care. MD. clinical and cognate (e. • comprehensive multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer. appropriate. nose and throat. • comprehensive surgical management of thyroid and parathyroid disease. Students are allowed increasing responsibility in accordance with their level of skills and fund of knowledge.SOM 09-10 Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery With its clinical partner. treatment and management of otolaryngologic problems and in a wide variety of surgical procedures and postoperative management. The attending staff member determines the degree of supervision indicated during a student’s participation in any given clinical situation to maintain the highest standards of patient care. and effective for the treatment of health problems and the promotion of health. Rutgers. In the third year. • treatment of acute and chronic ear infection. Long Island. • evaluation and management of tumors in the ear and temporal bone. Khyber Medical. 1994. Research electives are also available. 1994 Syed Y. 3. 1967. 1976. Kim. The faculty also presents a didactic series on the principles of head and neck surgery. participating in diagnosis. and • evaluation and surgical treatment of congenital ear malformations. 1992. 6. BS. as manifested by actions that demonstrate an awareness of and responsiveness to the larger context and system of health care and the ability to effectively call on system resources to provide care that is of optimal value. MD. An elective fourth-year clerkship is also offered for interested students who intend to pursue a career in otolaryngology or who wish to enter other fields but develop and refine their otolaryngologic diagnostic skills.

1989. Harvard. This course provides students with an understanding of the basic mechanisms that protect the body against infectious agents and how these mechanisms contribute to diseases. MD. New York Medical. Miami. 1996 Natalie Higgins. BA. primarily in the area of immunology. Like. Oyer. • Retired and Outstanding Medical Educator Awards. MD. Brain and Behavior II course. CCNY. This course provides students with an in-depth understanding of disease by correlating underlying molecular mechanisms with structural. Milan. BS. NYU. 1990. 1985 Pathology Pathology faculty have been widely recognized for their commitment to medical students through a number of UMMS teaching awards. BS. BS. MD. 1975 Professors Emeriti Arthur A. MPH. Rock. 1960 Joseph H. Albert Ludwigs University School of Medicine. BA. BA. Chiaramonte. 1978 Professor and Vice Chair Bruce A. Germany. SUNY Downstate. 1982 Cheong H. Sillman. Kylander. MD. 1963 Clarence E. 1954 Guido Majno. Laboratories in the department are investigating the immune response to viruses and cancers. 1974 Ralph A. Pittsburgh. MD. Pathology Faculty Professor and Chair Kenneth L. This experience has proven invaluable for students who are interested in clinicalpathologic correlations and who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of disease. UMass Amherst. Szymanski. 1998 The Department of Pathology offers second-year medical students their first formal encounter with disease. Columbia. MD. strong basic research programs are available. disease and diagnostic pathology. Harvard. 1970. Seoul. including autoimmunity. Columbia. BS. This latter section is taught in an integrated manner with the Department of Medicine and other departments in the Biology of Disease course. BA. Michigan State. Iannuzzi. MD. 1981. MD. MA. UMass Worcester. immune deficiency and transplantation rejection. BS. 1974. Sauter. Ahn. 1952 Irma O. Kim. 1950. 1947 Liberto Pechet. 1997. Diseases of the nervous system are taught as an integrated unit by the Pathology and Neurology departments in the Mind. George Washington. 2001 Neri Holzer. antigen presentation. • Educational Achievement Star Award. MD. Instructor Todd B. Hebrew. Washington. MD. 1994 John R. functional and clinical aspects. BS. In addition. MD. 1996. Shorter electives are also available for students in surgical or autopsy pathology. 1977. Particularly significant among the department’s electives is the Student Fellowship Program. Rochester. primarily in the autopsy and surgical pathology services. 1994 Frank Fechner. MD. Bogdasarian. T-lymphocyte activation and T-cell development. 1971. Brandeis. MD. Brooklyn. including the: • Lamar Soutter Award for Excellence in Medical Education. 1975 Jonathon S. Stanford. Woda. Washington. SUNY Downstate. and • Faculty Marshall Award. It begins with a five-week introduction to the basic manifestations of disease at the cellular and tissue levels (General Pathology) and continues with an analysis of specific diseases as they affect all organs (except CNS) and systems (Systemic Pathology). 1966. MD. Harvard. 1970 Andrea C. BA. BS. 1956. MD. Helsinki. Clinical research is focused on the study of varied aspects of pathogenesis. The Department of Pathology also co-directs and plays a major teaching role in the second-year Immunology course.SOM 09-10 (Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Sugery continued) Affiliates Min S. 1971. MD. MD. 1958 78 University of Massachusetts Medical School . BS. Selected students spend a year between their second and third years working in pathology.

Alberta.. Louisville. MS. Vallaro. PhD.SOM 09-10 Professors Leslie J. BS. School of Pharmacy. BS. Russia. 1984 William D. Hacettepe Medical. 1978 Michael A. 1996 Matthew Juhascik. MD. 1975. 1991 *Alan D. PhD. Anderson. 1957. Banaras Hindu. Medical College of Virginia. Kiefer. Academy of Medical Sciences. PhD. Kurukshetra. 1999 Yuri N. Pennsylvania. Indiana. Cornell. 1977. 1997 James P.. 1955 Lewis P. California. Harper. BA. Brown. 1975. Fraire. 1988 Lianjun Shen. Pace. PhD. Yang. Musto. Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. Tufts. MD. PhD. 1980. BPharm. MS. Michael Snyder. 1980. Wayne State. UMass Amherst. MD. 1970. 1973 Associate Professors April Deng. MD. PhD. BS. UMass Amherst. Cornell. BS. BS. BS. 1951. DVM. Moscow State University. Assumption. Nicolaus Copernicus. MD. Carter. UNL Faculty of Medicine. Henan Medical University. 1983. MD. Long Island. Yale. 1984 Eva S. MD. BS. 1978 Joonsoo Kang. BS. PhD. 1983 Instructors Richard J. MBBS. 1986. Second Military Medical. Smith. Cryz Jr. 1974 Teri L. Tianjin. 1964 Robert S. MD. Syria. BA. 1985 Lokinendi V. Valigorsky. Wisconsin. 1973 Herbert E. 1958 Zhong Jiang. 1954. PhD. PhD. PhD. BS. 1938 Jerald Silverman. Cornell. Northeastern. 1972 Assistant Professors Gamze Ayata. MD. Adelaide. Manitoba. BS. Naumov. 1978. 2000 Patricia Miron. Bologna. BS. 1983. Wisconsin. French Lycee. James Jr. 1993. BS. Brehm. Connecticut. MS. 1966 Thomas W. Prasad. PhD. Aligarh. Novosivirsk State Medical. 1978. 1983. 1982 Associate Professor Emerita Isabelle Joris. MD. Brown. 1981 Liisa Selin. Chicago Medical. PhD. MD. 1978 John U. 1986 Catherine A. MIT. 1980 Suyang Hao. BS. Beijing. BS. 1974. 1974. CES. Illinois State. MS. Thomas. Dalhousie. 1978. 1993 Jon M. MD. 1984 * joint appointment School of Medicine 2009-2010 Catalogue 79 . BA. 1962. 1987 Eric Huseby. 1992 Gregory J. 1980. BA. Johnson. 1979. 1984 Armando E. Osmania. Michelson. 1978. Stern. DRM. 1968. 1999. PhD. Mitchell. Maryland. Damascus University Medical School. AB. MD. New York Medical. 1992. Welsh Jr. BS. 1967. Yale. PhD. BS. 1983. St. Babcock. 1989 Raymond M. Illinois. 1989. 1982 Ashraf Khan. 1978. Seattle. 1998 Habib Sioufi. 1983. MD. MD. BS. BS. MBBS. Fischer. MS. 1983. 1979. 1984 Francis Ka-Ming Chan. Harvard. PhD. BA. Dayton. Texas Tech. PhD. 1975 Manju L. MD. BS. Union. MD. 2000 Daniel J. Cukurova. MD. 1963. MS. BS. Harvard.. Cincinnati. BS. 1962 Lawrence J. Pennsylvania State. 1976. Yale. 1992. 1979 Andrew H. 1991 Michael J. 1974. 1957. PhD. MD. Hay. BS. MBBS. MD. Southern Illinois. Szomolanyi-Tsuda. Tours University Medical School. PhD. John’s. MS. 1986 Stanley J. Rao. France. Santo Thomas. BS. 2000. Ohio State. Bowling Green State. 1968 Clinical Associate Professors Joseph D. 1968. Toronto. 2005 Jerzy P. Arkansas. Nieburgs. Boston College. BS. MD. Evans. PhD. PhD. UMass Worcester. 1972 L. BS. Stevens Institute of Technology. McMaster. Cornell. PhD. MIT. BS. 1966 Research Assistant Professors Roger S. Geneva. MD. 1966. 1996 Marcia B. Harvard. AB. 1997 Alexander Sigalov. Que. 1994 Rebecca L. 1972. PhD. MD. Wagner. Texas Health Science. Royal College of Pathologists. BA. Virginia Polytechnic. PhD. 1981. Cornell. Brown. PhD. Nebraska. PhD. MD. MD. PhD. BS. Berg. Sobota. Cooper. BS. 1976 James Weaver. 1982. 1983. Semmelweis Medical. 1985. 1982 Lloyd Hutchinson. Cohen. 1961. MD. MD. 1981 Ediz Cosar. 1972. MD. MD. 1969. Medical College of Georgia. 1967. 1984. PhD. 1991. 1993 Charles R. California. Civil. 1989 Guy M.

PhD. Syracuse. King’s. Ruiz de Luzuriaga. 1972 Terence R. general pediatrics. 1950. Rensselaer. The third-year Pediatrics clerkship emphasizes clinical problem solving in both clinical situations and conferences. Ohio. MD. 1966. Harvard. Rochester. AB. 1955. Weinreb. Fourth-year students can elect to participate in the Senior Scholars Program. 1979. Carlow. Garrison. • a 43-bed Newborn Intensive Care Unit that has earned benchmark status as a model for similar units worldwide. 1944. Ambrosino. North Carolina.SOM 09-10 Pediatrics Pediatrics is distinguished by: • a special immunology clinic for children with HIV that provides access to state-of-the-art treatment. 1978 *Stephen H. 1969. 1989 Alan D. 1971. students should be able to make an enlightened career choice concerning this specialty. Tufts. • a cystic fibrosis center that treats more patients with the disease than any other facility in Central and Western Massachusetts. Patient and Society course and the Longitudinal Preceptorship Program. Michelson. MD. 1983 Thomas McLaughlin. Harvard. Harvard. 1976 George Grady. In addition. During the four years of medical school. 1980 *Arthur M. BS. MD. Lee. Viles.BS. MD. Harvard. Boston College. students learn how to diagnose and manage acute and chronic illnesses that are commonly seen in infants.. MD. MD. MD. 1975. 1970 *Sarah H. Toledo. 1953. Hanshaw. 1978. 1953 Professors Emeriti John A. As a result of their pediatric experiences. Haverford. students participate as members of a health care team in a variety of community outpatient and inpatient settings. Washington. AB. Electives are also available in pediatric subspecialties. MD. Harvard. These seminars are developed by the students with the help of a faculty advisor. BA. MD. Pediatrics has developed an elective seminar in Teen Pregnancy. BA. BA. the biopsychosocial aspects of health and disease in infants. New Orleans. Students who have a special interest in the welfare of children can also participate in an elective Special Interest Group in Pediatrics. Johns Hopkins. Harvard. AB. King’s. MA. 1970. During the pre-clinical curriculum. which has been well received by students. BS. Harvard. 1973. Students are also exposed to the biopsychosocial and developmental aspects of pediatrics. SUNY Plattsburgh. Vanderbilt. MPH. Pappas. 1959 *Michael P. BS. which meets regularly to discuss such topics as the ethical issues of reproductive choice and severe prematurity. 1974. 1944. 1966. Hershey. MD. Flotte. The curriculum helps students acquire the necessary skills to establish rapport with children and their parents in order to obtain a meaningful history. Adelaide. AB. ScD. SUNY Binghamton. 1986 William T. SUNY Upstate. teenage pregnancy. Dartmouth. 1973 Marvin Mitchell. BA. Case Western Reserve. In addition. children and adolescents are woven into this series. Loyola. 1972. AB. Cheeseman. BS. Dartmouth. BS. manage clinical problems. Harvard. During the third year. Dartmouth. immunology and behavioral sciences that incorporate clinical correlations with the basic science topics the students are learning. MD. MD. 1975. 1984 * joint appointment The Department of Pediatrics introduces students to the career of pediatrician. AB. Half of the clerkship is spent in primary care offices and the other half in inpatient pediatric settings. 1957 Katherine F. Durbin Jr. MB. divorce and adoption. BA. 1977. 1968. Louisiana State. BS. faculty members participate in interdepartmental lectures and conferences on neuroanatomy. 1979 Mary M. Departmental faculty are course coordinators for the Nutrition course while others have specific teaching responsibilities in the Physician. Mt. BA. Gehlbach. Johns Hopkins. Duggan. Harvard. 1982. MD. MA. Pediatrics Faculty Professor and Chair Marianne E. the department provides an opportunity for approximately 30 students to participate in a 12-week combined obstetrics & gynecology and pediatric/maternal-child health elective during which the student is responsible for a woman’s prenatal care. and serve as a child and family advocate. MD. MD. SB. genetics. microbiology. O’Sullivan. MIT. 1973 William A. 1969. Wisconsin. 1960 Professors Ali and John Pierce Chair in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Peter E. MD. Case Western Reserve. as well as the health supervision of her infant. 1981 Donna M. Hirsh. designed to provide in-depth clinical and/ or research experience in an area of special interest. Bednarek. MD. SUNY Buffalo. 1973 Edward Ginns. Holyoke. pediatric emergency service and pediatric or neonatal intensive care. MD. Hershey. conduct a thorough physical examination. AB. Kentucky. Students use this experience to become familiar with the primary care and subspecialty nature of the field and the important role that the pediatrician plays in the physical and emotional development of children of all ages. Felice. 1964. MD. nutrition. human sexuality. AB. MS. 1980. sexual abuse. and • a juvenile diabetes center that is the only program in Central and Western Massachusetts to be certified by the American Diabetes Association. 1974 *Linda F. 1967. 1968. SM. 1947 Peter H. 1972. PhD. Columbia. BA. Newburger. 80 University of Massachusetts Medical School . Cornell. 1956. MD. children and adolescents. 1977. allowing them to apply their interviewing and clinical problem-solving skills in the health care of children. 1950 Brian P. 1977 Francis J. 1997 Professor and Dean Emeritus James B. hematology. Columbia.

BS. at the state level and internationally. BA. Johns Hopkins. AB. Sullivan. 1989. MD. South Dakota. MPH. BA. MD. Colby. 1970 Lars C. 1970. Michigan. SUNY Downstate. Stanford. ScB. PhD. 1980. MD. Quinnipiac. 1987 *Patricia H. inconsistent and incomplete. Harvard. BS. 1972 *Karen Wiss. Sattler. Harvard. Keller. MD. 1969. Brandeis. 1982 *Mai-Lan Rogoff. Michigan State. MD. 1984. 1967 Anne Marie Comeau. MS. 1975. MD. Marshall. Young. MD. PsyD. The Phillipines. 1971 Christopher J. BA. 1991. 1981 Dianne S. PhD. Brown. LeMoyne. Michigan. 1968. Sagor. Kansas. MD. BS. 1977 John L. 1972 Lynda M. MPH. 1978 G. Hamad. AB. Pennsylvania. Dartmouth. 1972. Johns Hopkins. 1977 Linda D. PhD. MD. Tufts. 1987. 1973 Clinical Associate Professors Scot Bateman. Minnesota. MD. MD. Yale. 1972. 1963. Tantengco.” Linda D. Denver. Pennsylvania State. BA. MD. BA. MD. Moriarty. 1978. MD. Bandini. 1985 Martin H. 1976. Radcliffe. 1979. Princeton. MPH. 1983 Mariann M. 1985 Roger Eaton. NYU. 1973. BS. MA. Stille. Vermont. 1978. New York Medical. BA. SUNY Buffalo. Harvard. Molrine. 1971. Because of her concern that the health care of these children was fragmented. PhD. Harvard. MD. Connecticut. Steingard. BS. Boston College. PhD. SUNY Upstate. King Edward. Manno. Elfenbein. Harvard. MS. UMass Amherst. Naheed Usmani. MBBS. BA. Duke. MD. BA. MD. Chile. Pritzker. MD. Blake. Long Island. MD. Fordham. Radcliffe. BS. MIT. BA. Fairleigh Dickenson. MA. 1977 Robert G. 1976 Ann L. 1977. 1966. MD. Harvard. MS. 1977 Paul C. 1984 David M.SOM 09-10 *Ronald J. Worcester District Medical Society Dr. 1987 Jonathan Rhodes. MAT. MD. Brown. 1986. 1967. BS. 1971. Texas. 1994 Kathleen Braden. 1974. 1976 Pauline Sheehan. 1974. Smith. MPH. 1977 Richard A. MD. Jefferson. 1968. 1972. BS. MD. More than 80 percent of children in foster care in Worcester and surrounding areas are seen in FaCES and then referred to a primary care provider (along with their School of Medicine complete records) for ongoing care. 1978. which provides health screenings. Pennsylvania State. 1973. Columbia. 1978 *Geri Fuhrmann. Bazemore. 1986. Zwerdling. 1966. MD. AB. Albert Einstein. 1998 Charles D. Duke. 2009-2010 Catalogue 81 . AB. in the local community. SUNY Albany. 1980. BA. BA. Vermont. 1981 Phyllis Pollack. Pennsylvania. BA. Sagor is an advocate for children in foster care in Massachusetts. Johns Hopkins. BA. SUNY Buffalo. MPH Associate Professor of Pediatrics Director of the Division of General Pediatrics. 1979. Erickson. 1966 Diane R. Sagor. BA. 1969. 1978. Young. Holy Cross. MD. 1968. 1982 Thomas Zylkovicz. 1971. 1973 Associate Professors Linda G. comprehensive evaluations. Pennsylvania. and a unique medical information system containing all health data for these children. 1999 Maria V. 1970 Deborah C. UMass Memorial Medical Center Recipient of the 2009 Community Clinician of the Year Award. 1962. Columbia. Wayne State. 1977. 1980 * joint appointment (continued) Clinical Professors *W. Peter Metz. she created and now directs the Foster Children Evaluation Services (FaCES) program. ScB. BS. PhD. Michigan. Barnard. 1990 “UMass Medical School provides great opportunities to get involved in community service and advocacy. 1970. BA. AB. MD.

1991 Doris M. McQuilkin. MD. 1994 Catherine B. 1980 Jeffrey C. MD. Stanford. Iowa. NE College of Osteopathic. MD. MA. 1981 Rebecca Moles. Providence. Baylor. UMass Amherst. MIT. BS. 1978. MD. Harvard 1999 Darshak Sangavi. 1955. 1982. BS. MD. 1997. BA. Harvard. 1987. BS. Murphy. 2000 Bonnie Mathews. BA. Mexico. Bean. Delaware. MD. Lousville. 1989 Richard C. BA. MPH. MS. Holy Cross. Pennsylvania. 1981 Barbara A. 2005 Jyoti P. BSc. BA. BA. 1983. MB. Tufts. BA. Soyka. 1991 Michael J. 1988 Amanda Angelescu. NE Conservatory of Music. MD. 1990 Nicolina Cordaro-Davis. BA. BA. Lady Hardinge Medical. MD. BA. 1995 Mary J. UMass Worcester. 1993 Ted M. 1974. Hunt. BA. MD. Washington. MSc. UMass Worcester. California. d’Etat Haiti. 1953. 1989 Samuel Nurko. UMass Worcester. BA. 1980. 1996. MD. Pellegrini. 1980. BS. 1990 Merav Socolovsky. Beirut. 1975. 1983. MD. Rochester. MD. California. 1990 Stephen A. 1988. Rochester. MD. 1991. MD. BA. 1984 Mohan Somasundaran. 1984 Margaret S. UMass Amherst. BA. Georgetown. SUNY Syracuse. 1990 Angela Beeler. BS. PhD. J. AB. Washington. MD. Birmingham. MD. PhD. BA. Nigeria. Yale. Alabama. MD. UMass Worcester. 1999. Columbia. MD. Heidelberg.. Pennsylvania State. Pennsylvania. MD. Yale. 1984 Patricia A. MD. Harges. Vermont. MD. 2001. Ramakrishna. 1988 John A. MD. Meyers. Georgetown. MD. Connecticut. MD. MA. 1996 Siobhan McNally. 1969. 1973 Thomas C. 1976. UMass Worcester. 1992. 1992. 1986. 1991 Pageen Eslami. BSc. MS. Grant India. Medical College of Pennsylvania. California. 1995. DO. 1980. Bowdoin. California. Daley. Rhode Island. Illinois. Stonehill. Columbia. UMass Worcester. BS. Adelphi. UMass Worcester. BA. MD. MD. MD. 1989. MS. 1992 Julie E. MD. Worcester State. 1973. BA. 1986. Sophie Davis. BA. MD. Boston Thomas Guggina. Vermont. BA. 1991 Jennifer L. Savageau. Boston. Harvard. BM. Brown. BA. 1986 Robert Gedachian. 2003 Arthur Giuliano. BA. 1996. 1994 * joint appointment 82 University of Massachusetts Medical School . MD. 1971 Christy Stine. 1994 Gregory Owens. Harvard. 1989. Clark. UMass. SUNY Buffalo. Solomonides. 1990 Ann Salerno. MD. BA. 2001 Erin McMaster. MD. Virgina. UMass Worcester. MD. 1981. Cambridge. Pune. 1988. 1962. Vermont. MD. Harvard. 1994. MD. MPH. 1995. Minnesota. MD. BS. UMass Worcester. 1990. Williams. 1998 Anne Powell. 1971. 1996 Peter Sell. MD. Antonelli. 1982. Utah. MD. Tufts. 1987 Catherine James. Holy Cross. 1976. Boston College. MSW. 1993. MD. BS. 1979. 1989. Dartmouth. 1976 Leo Buchana. 1994 Martha Sacoto. BA. 2002 Ruth B. 2001 Scott Cochrane. Bream. BA. MBBS. Harvard. 1992 Michael Stalvey. Gibson. 1995 Carrie Armsby. 1985. BSc. BA. MPH. MD. 1986 Martin Luloff. MD. Vermont. MSCE. 1983 Munir Mobassaleh. BS. Hay. University College (London). Howard. BA. MD. MD. Barnard. BS. Nwosu. Albany. Nowak. BS. BA. UMass Worcester. Brown. PhD. California. 1984 Onesky Aupont. MD. MD. Carleton. 1999. Kerala. MS. 1993 Glenn Furuta. 1983. BS. BA. 1987. 1991 Swati Sane. Lawrence Frelinger III. BSE. Cornell. Lyons. MD. BS. BA. SUNY Upstate. 1964. 1983. NY. 2002 Jay Fong. Connecticut College. BS. Boston. 1986. MD. MD. Samant. BA. 2000 Peter J. BA. BS. Case Western Reserve. Harvard. 1990. MD. McGill. AB. Bowman Gray. MD. 1997 *Judith A. MD. Connecticut. 1978. BS.. 1975. East Ramon Magasaipay. MD. MD. 1989. India. MPH. BA. 1994. BS. Rochester. Johns Hopkins. Holy Cross. Holy Cross. Yale. 1979 John Diggins. 1992. 1961. Catholique de Louvain. BA. Holy Cross. MD. Calcutta. North Carolina. 1984. MS. Tufts. Smith. 1996 Ho-Wen Hsu. MD. BS. Iowa. 1987 Pamela Alix. MD. 1981. Florida. MA. 1997. PhD. Holy Cross. MD. PhD. Cornell. MD. Duke. 1965. Wisconsin. MD. SUNY Buffalo. 1982. Rugo. BS. Rylander. Virginia. PhD. 1991. San Diego State. 1999 Laura Gillis. Minnesota. 1971 Eugene Jura. Stonehill.N. SB. 1979. 1999 Seema Adhami. 1993 *John M. Brandeis. Columbia. MS. MPH. MD. 1979. 1997. 2000 Pamela L. MD. 1985 Beverly N. 1986 Alan Picarillo. 1982 Sheyda Namazie-Kummer. AB. 1995. 2005 James W.SOM 09-10 (Pediatrics Faculty continued) Research Associate Professors A. UMass Worcester. BS. UMass Worcester. MD. 1997 Frank J. 1962 Olga Hardy. Indiana. Harvard. 1997 Richard A. Greenough. O’Neill. 2003 Beverly Nazarian. 1962. Riordan. Rothman. MEd. BS. 2000. BA. Dartmouth. 1998. New York. 1991 Ingrid Cruse. North Carolina. Wayne State. 1979. MS. PhD. Colgate. MB/BS. BA. Northeastern. AB. 2000. MIT. BS. MD. Jefferson Medical. 1999 Heather Forkey. 1984. MD. MPH. 1979. UMass Worcester. Virginia. 1985. 1981. California. David Geffen. 2006 Joanne M. MD. 1996. MD. SUNY Buffalo. Jehle Jr. 1977. BS. MD. FUHS/Chicago. Medical College. BA. 1983. MD. 2001. Ross. MD. Yale. 1994. 1995 Madelena Martin. Duke. 1976. 1999 Susan Starr. Columbia. MD. 1987 Neil Grossman. 1999 Arnold Gurwitz. 1998 Robert Kossack. Brown. 1989 Inderneel Sahai. Hamilton. Kim. Connecticut. 1985. BA. 1976 Michael J. 1995. BA. 1977 Jo Ann Carson. 1993. Tufts. Brandeis. Fairfield. Georgetown. MD. 1970. Rochester. MD. MD. BA. 1980 Kimberly Schwartz. 1976. UMass Worcester. 1992. MD. Boston. 1979. UMass Worcester. MD. Adelphi. BS. MPH. Connecticut. 1982 Christopher P. MD. 1990. MD. 1966 Laura L. Cincinnati. 1983 Timothy E. Columbia. 1986. MD. Kremer. 1981 Benjamin U. Keuker. 1976. 2000 Assistant Professors Robin Adair. 1987. 1976. 1987. MBBS. 1997. Gibson. 1971. 1986. 1949. 1991 Michael Fahey. UMass Boston. 1978. BS. BA. 1953 *Karen F. Boston. MD. Lukas. BS. MS. Texas. 1975. 1994 Leslie A. Brown. Princeton. MD. 2003 Morris Earle Jr. 1977. BA.

Anna Maria. MD. BA. Sharples. BA. MA. Giuliano. 1997 Mark A. Joseph. BA. 1986 Maureen Cochran. Smith. Emory. MD. AB. BS. MS. Riordan. Baylor. Pennsylvania. Waite. Catholic. 1988 Sarah Wegiel. Smith. Bonaventure. BA. MBBS. UMass Amherst. 2004 Suzanne M. UMass Worcester. William and Mary. 1966 Deborah A. 1979 Karen S. Brown. Callahan-Butler. Harvard. 1977 Brooke Di Anni. China. 1986 Nancy W. BS. 1966 Linda Ciu. 1983 Leigh A. BJ Medical. Drury. BS. 1968. 1965. Boston College. BA. 1970. 1980. MD. 1990 School of Medicine 2009-2010 Catalogue 83 . Rochester. BA. 1978. 1975 William W. Chaffee. MD. Vermont. St. Carson. 2002 Patricia A. UMass Worcester. MD. Gandhi. BA. Boston. MD. MD. BS. MD. Cincinnati. 1976. 1974. 1987 Muddana Haribabu. Case Western Reserve. MD. 1980 Martha B. Mary’s. PhD. AAS. Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. Safarik Medical. Seoul National. 1983 *Michael E. BA. 1979. DO. 1981 Kathy L. 1985 Amy C. Selim. MD. MD. Boston. CarnegieMellon. 1991 Robert M. 1986 Stanley S. Texas Southwestern Medical. AB. BS. Huppert. UMass Worcester. 1972 William F. 1967. Chu. BA. BS. 1967 Kathleen M. 1988 Adjunct Assistant Professor Tamara Vesel. 1968. 1987 Deborah Gurski. 1979. Boston College. Nova. Weisberger. Stanford. UMass Worcester. PhD. Chrismer. 1967. BA. 1976. BS. MD. Zgurzynski. 2007. 1988 Affiliates Achal Aggarwal. Wheelock. California. UMass Worcester. BA. Hommes. Columbia. China. MD. Beckmann. 1992. 1988 Donna M. Beaver. 1999 Sharon Burdulis. UMass Amherst. SUNY Brooklyn. 1979. 1984. PhD. Florida IT. Northeastern. Delaware. MD. Bellini. BA. BS. 1966 Vincent T. Yale. 1990. 1986 Ann M. 2004 (continued) Research Assistant Professors Christian Mueller. MD. Michigan State. MD. BA. Brandeis. MD. MD. MS. BS. MD. MSW. Evans. St. BS. MS. Horgan. 1976. BA. AB. MD. BA. 1982 Ruth Y. 1980 Kathleen Van Schoick. SUNY Binghamton. MD. Tufts. BA. BS. 1969. MD. Boston. 1988 Lisa E. 1996 Yuka-Marie Vinagre. Williams. Woodruff. UMass Worcester. MS. Fitchburg State. MD. Worcester State. DO. Lowell. St. Dartmouth. 1985 William D. BS. AB. MS. 1969. Walsh. BS. 1973 Clinical Assistant Professors Theresa Callahan. MD. 1971 Anne Josephs. MEd. MSW. 1965 * joint appointment Catherine A. 1963. Boston. BS. Maryland. Yale. UMass Worcester. MA. Brown. John’s. UMass Worcester. Joseph. DO. Cleary. MS. 1971. DNSc. 1978 Brenda McHugh. 1965. UMass Amherst. 1996 Joel H. Medicine & Dentistry. BS. 1996. MD/PhD. MD. 1987. 1986 Ramesh R. MN. Mundra. 1992 Paula A. Campion. 1980. Tirana (Albania). 1992 Susan Robinson. BA. Vermont. Fairfield. BSN. 1977. 1982 Sharon M. Mount Holyoke. Wellesley. Michigan. Dartmouth. Georgetown. 1985 Madeline B. 1975. 1964. BS. St. MD. Boston. Boston College. 2000 Maureen Kruskal. 1984 Idris Dahodwala. St. Tehran. BA. 1996 Debra Chaison. BA. BS. MD. Wellesley. New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. BS. Boston College. MD. Emery. MD. Holyoke. BA. Mount Sinai. 1993. BS. 1992 Patricia M. BA. 1976. Holy Cross. Weiss. Nishino. BS. Duke. 1978 Dale G. 1982. 1978. MD. Drew. Seton Hall. BS. 1997. Dykstra. Emory. 1992. UMass Worcester. 1990. MD. Georgetown. Western Michigan. Georgetown. MSN. 2006. MD/PhD. Prouty. Bronx. 1991 Fernando Catalina. PhD. Northeastern Rachel Coleman. Harvard. MD. Metropolitan State College. UMass Worcester. 1977. MD. 1989 Marc Cerrone. 1994. 1986. UMass Worcester. Sack. 1969 Robert Baswow. UMass Worcester. Sheehan. Vining. MD. Morris. 1992 Kimberly D. Ciottone. BA. Wellman. O’Driscoll. BA. MD. Catholic. BSN. 1999 Jennifer Thompson. MD. Boston. BA. 1983 Dorothy Page. MBBS. Hackett. Lawrence. MD. 1987. UMass Worcester. Michigan. Milligan. Steele. 1979. 1992. 1980 Joyee Nobis. Northeastern. Gonroff. 1983. MIT. MD. 1998 Barbara M.SOM 09-10 Susan Sullivan-Bolyai. MS. BSN. BA. 1978. MS. Hahnemann. 1996. Tufts. Rangaraya. 1962. BS. 1987. UMass Worcester. BS. MD. 1995 Patricia Carlino. MD. MD. California. Assam. 1995. 1978 John B. MD. MD. Shanghi. 1999 Lisa M. 1988. Saint Anselm. 1997 Anne C. 1988. California. Mt. 1979 Judith B. BS. 1974. 1987 Robert A. Emory. MD. MD. BA. BS. Florida Quichang Shen. MA. BS. 1987. 1979. MSN. UMass Amherst. MD. 1984 Sheila M. 1984 Sahdev R. MIT. AB. Vassar. BA. DeTora. Vermont. MD. 1997 Easter Chiu. MD. Dartmouth. Chung. 1997. 1972. Michigan. St. 1987. NYU. MD. 1970. 1977. UMass Worcester. Saint Anselm. MD. 1980 Scott D. BSN. BS. Wellesley. Florida. 1979. Cincinnati. Northeastern. 2000. Tufts. Cornell. MS. Rochester. 1984. BA. Boullard. 1982. 1972. 1971 Philip M. BA. Middlebury. 1989 Andrew Baumel. 1991. 1983. Connecticut. 1991. 1997 Christopher P. 1987. Yale. MBBS. MSN. Weiner. Cincinnati. 1981. MPH. Yale. New York Medical. Chicago Medical. BA. Northern Illinois. NYU. MD. Minnesota. 1974. BA. 1994 Sang K. 1981. BS. 1997 Kathleen Walsh. MS. 1972. AB. Blazejewski. BS. Jawaharlal Nehru. Fudan. MD. Holy Cross. 1999 Mark E. MD. Ryan. 1978. BS. Staton. BA. 1970. SM. 1996 Amrullah Khelghati. Tufts. MD. Indiana. Muhlenberg. 1980. 1975. 1984. Florida. Assumption. 1988 Instructors Karen Back. MBBS. MPH. BS. MBBS. 1989. MD. MD. Boston. 1972 Jimmilee B. 1973 John Mulqueen. 1993. 1976 Susan Shawver-Matthews. 1995 Sandra L. SUNY Albany. 1981. UMass Worcester. BS. 1996 Matthew Benz. 1982 Amy B. 1980 Stuart A. 1995. 1982. Passey. MD.

1999 Lorraine Schratz. MD. BA. 1972 Mary Whalen. Colgate. BA. AB. Boston. 1995 Krista Matsen. MD. 1974 Evan Finklestein. BS. BS. BS. 1995. LeMoyne. 1996. MD. BA. MD. Nichols. 1994. 1998. UMass Worcester. BS. BS. 2004 Mary Naples. UMass Worcester. St. Albert Einstein. BA. Saint Anselm. 1993. Suffolk. 1974. 1989. BSN. Spain. New York Medical. MD. MD. 1993 Caroline McDonald. Northeastern. Ohio. BA. 2002 Kara Murphy. MD. MD. Vermont. DMD. 1995. St. Tulane. Boston. Boston. 1991. MD. Chicago. UMass Amherst. 1987. 1995. MBA. BA. California/San Diego. Beirut. New Hampshire. Union. Gomez. Tufts. UMass Worcester. SUNY Stony Brook. Boston. Harvard. Rutgers. 2002 * joint appointment 84 University of Massachusetts Medical School . PhD. Royal. Holy Cross. BS. NNP. 1996. Emory. UMass Worcester. MD. Heveron. 1984 Brian Dempsey. 1968 Carrie D’Angelo. MD. 1996. MD. MD. 1976. Wellesley. Brown. BA. 1995 Nicole Rivers. Rhode Island. Vermont. China. MD. BS. 1967. 1987. BS. 1996. MD. 2003 Daniel Lindberg. 2001 Eileen Ricci. 1974. 1989. 1985. Robert Wood Johnson. Finch. MA. MIT. 2000 N. BA. Syracuse. MD. 1991. 1981. SUNY Stony Brook. BA. UMass Worcester. 1997. Connecticut. 1997 Richard V. India. St. BA. 1998 John Joseph Reap. Kanjer-Larson. MIT. Brown. BS. 1980 Mariam Lari. 2002 You Fu Li.SOM 09-10 (Pediatrics Faculty continued) Jose Correa. Hassler. MS. Jackson. 1988. Brown. 1989. 1985. Boston. AB. 1992. Vanderbilt. 1978 Ronald Tadiri. New York Medical. Boston. Northeastern. 2000 *Jeffrey H. MPH. BS. 1976. 1999. San Diego. MD. 1991. 1986 *Lee E. Vermont. 2004 Mathew Linden. BS. MD. 1989. BSN. Stanford. 2001 Adjunct Instructors Elahna Paul. Columbia. Manhattanville. Northeastern. 1971. MD. Wellesley. UMass Worcester. 2002 Michael Fabrizio. 1995 Robert J. MD. Australia. Rice. 1990. MD. Brandeis. 1976 Valerie Loik Ramey. MD. Pincus. 1996 Sheryl Lynne Levy. MD. MD. 2002 John S. South Carolina. 1987. 1994. 1994 Paul Rufo. Cornell. 1972 Maura Lucas. China. 1993. MS. 1979. BS. Albert Einstein. UMass Worcester. 1990. Worcester State. 1984 Kerinna Silvestri. St. BA. 1966. MD. MBBS. UMass Worcester. 1991 Sherrill Davis. Yale. Tufts. BS. China. Pennsylvania. 1986. 1980 Lisa M. BS. MD. Kansas. 1990. UMass Worcester. UMass Worcester. Mary’s College. 1999 *John B. 1988. St. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. 2002 John Gallagher. BFA. Fieldman. 1990 Jennifer Lynn Schott. Changzhi. Joseph’s. 1971 Jessica Rae Rubinstein. 1998. 2002 Helena H. BS. 1979. Mount Sinai. 1990 Victor Sanchez-Merino. Yale. Chicago. 1989 Patricia Segerson. Hertz. MD. BS. 2001 Maria Schoen. MD. MD. BS. Pennsylvania State. Hofstra. AB. MS. MPP. Institute of Chemistry and Food. 1989. McCahan. Davis. Harvard. 2002 James M. UMass Worcester. Lee. Carnegie Mellon. 1986. 1998. BS. 1977 Garfield Danenhower. MD. 1982. Harvard. UMass Worcester. BA. 1971. Zunyi. Holy Cross. 2001 Lawrence G. 1977 Kellie A. Louis. 1991 Nicolina C. 1972. BS. 1998 Dennis J. Albany. MD. MD. MMSc. 1999 Bradlee Drabant. MD. Complutense de Madrid. 1996 Christine Freemer. Beijing. Johns Hopkins. MD. Rosen. Hahneman (Worcester). MD. MD. 1975 Karen A. 1996. Springfield. BS. MD. Cornell. 2005 Ines M. Sullivan. Albany. 1985. BA. BA. Alan Harris. BA. MS. BA. BA. Louis. Tufts. MD. MA. Bridgewater State. BS. MD. Gleason. BA. MS. MD. MD. 1997 Martha Henry. MD. Holy Cross. MD. Slota. 1999. SM. 1990 Angela Ciamarra Mancini. BA. BA. 2002 Indrani Malkani. MD. China. 1996 Sara Jacobson. 1992. Northeastern. Dartmouth. Wing. BS. UMass Worcester. MD. Johns. 1970. MPA. 1999. 1975. 1986. BA. Hunan. 2004 Janet A. MD. Smith. 2003 Deborah Francis. Brandeis. MD. BSN. MD. 1995. 1997 Research Instructor Xiufeng Wu. 2000 Diana McManus. 1988. Bates. BS. BS. 1997 Shahrzad Sorourbakhsh. 1997. 1986 Gail Ryan. Boston. MA. George Mason. 1998 Lloyd Douglas Fisher. Connecticut. Boston. UMass Worcester. Johns Hopkins. 1995 Emma Hughes. PhD. Colby. 1970. China. ScB. MS. Boston. Creighton. Tufts. BA. 1994. MD. 1998 Michelle Stumm. 1997. UMass Worcester. 1975. 1990. Northeastern. 1993 Marzena Galdzicka. 1997 Katherine Garnett. BA. UMass Worcester. MD. Marseglia. 1991. 1978. MD. Tufts. BA. RN. BA. Wellesley. Vermont. BA. 1996. 1995 Michelle Dalal. 1994. PhD. Harvard. 2003 Lucille E. Voderer. 2000 Ghaleb Daouk. Wheelock. MD. MD. 2001 Thomas Lacava. RN. MD. SUNY Buffalo. BS. 1974 Bruce S. Holy Cross. MS. UMass Worcester. Holy Cross. Rochester. 1998 Stacy Stimets. MS. Clark. 2000. 1991. 1991. MD. MD. 1982 Amy Goldberg. Boston. India Institute of Medical Sciences. Lesley. BS. MD. BA. California/Los Angeles. MS. 2000. MS. Seton Hall. 1982 Carlos Duran. MD. MPH. BS. 1993 Paulette Kimball-Wren. 1996 Audrey Smolkin. BS. 2000 Jaimie Kane. PhD. BS. SUNY Upstate. PhD. Ireland. BA. MS. Shanxi. Medical College of Pennsylvania. 1984. MS. Kelliher. 1997 Dawn M. 1997. BA.

BS. Coursework emphasizes the physical and biochemical principles that govern the function of various cell types and organ systems–understanding these principles is far more important for understanding physiological and pathophysiological processes than rote memorization of facts. molecular biology and electrophysiology to elucidate the biological basis of human disease. BS. 1980. neural and reproductive. 1970 Associate Professors *James E. 1974. PhD. 1986. Carraway. 1964. MS. BA. Brandeis. Tokyo Institute of Technology. BA. AM. Minnesota. Lifshitz. 1982. MD. BS. PhD. BS. AB. 1974. BS. cell growth and cancer. PhD. Hobart. Manchester. MD. 1957. BA. SUNY Upstate. Connecticut. PhD. 1987. Holyoke. Harvard. SB. SM. • faculty members internationally known for their expertise in neural science. Pennsylvania. 1964. PhD. PhD. MD. SUNY Upstate. BS. PhD. California/Berkeley. Osaka. 1979 Robert J. Rensselaer. EE. smooth muscle biology and contractile proteins. Okulicz. PhD. 1977. PhD. BS. 1973. 1986 *David Paydarfar. BS. North Carolina. BS. 1970 *Jeffrey S. BS. Dobson Jr. 1956 *Harvey M. 1970. Florman. PhD. MD. 1983. MS. 1983. 1983. 1972 *Anthony Carruthers. 1982 *John Keaney. MPH. 1967. 1978 Robert E. PhD. 1968 William C.SOM 09-10 Physiology The Department of Physiology offers: • a multifaceted research approach designed to understand normal and dysfunctional molecular and cellular mechanisms in human physiology and disease in all organs of the body. MA. genomic and proteomic microarray analysis. PhD. Jonassen. 1986. Wesleyan. 1969 * joint appointment (continued) School of Medicine 2009-2010 Catalogue 85 . MS. PhD. reproduction. respiratory. endocrine. MD. The first-year course begins with a consideration of the basic aspects of cellular physiology and evolves into an examination of the major physiological systems–cardiovascular. 1991 Ann R. Central Connecticut State. 1960 Peter Grigg. 1971. 1983. 1975. Zhejiang. 1980 *David Drachman. 1971. Boston College. • researchers who are pioneers in techniques involving high temporal resolution fluorescence imaging of cells and tissues. This knowledge serves as the foundation for understanding the functional basis of human health and disease—a foundation that students need as they prepare to become physicians and lifelong learners. 1986 Ronghua Zhuge. Harvard. Kilpatrick. 1965. Mt. Brandeis. 1982 The Department of Physiology offers instruction that provides medical students with a working knowledge of the fundamental aspects of physiology. Wyoming. The first-year Human Physiology course strikes a balance between broad coverage and in-depth analysis of certain topics that are particularly illustrative of basic principles or methods. California State. Pollen. PhD. and • excellence in integrative physiological education of medical and graduate students that is essential to foster translational research involving physicians and researchers and has been consistently recognized by numerous teaching awards. Duke. 1980 *Lawrence M. MD. 1956. MD. Harvard. PhD. Nanjing Agricultural. 1976. Florida. AB. 1995 Professor and Vice Chair Ad Interim Mitsuo Ikebe. renal. Carleton. AB. Because function and structure are closely interrelated. Mark Madison. 1987 José R. AB. London. 1970. Duke. Singer. 1972. Illinois. MD. Occidental. cardiovascular physiology. 1974 *Jeffrey D. Syracuse. 1976. BS. 1979 Jack L. Virginia. 1967. 1970. Hayward. SUNY Stony Brook. PhD. Washington. laser capture microdissection. PhD. Rutgers. Kansas. 1977. 1966. 1984 *Clive Standley. Baylor. Wesleyan. Pennsylvania. PhD. MS. North Carolina. PhD. Harvard. Harvard. BS. MD. every effort is made to integrate the presentation of the physiology with the structural correlates being taught in histology. Iowa State. Rensselaer. BA. 1980 *Daniel A. Boston. 1975. 1965. Duke. The goal is to discuss each topic sufficiently to prepare students to read the more advanced texts and current literature in whichever areas they might choose to pursue in greater depth. South Dakota State. 1977 *Lawrence J. MS. Leonard. 1968 John V. Harvard. 1975. Indiana. BA. Yale. Crandall. 1956. 1960 Michael J. AB. Michigan. Rittenhouse. 1989 Julie A. BA. 1980 Daniel L. stem cell research. PhD. BS. Southampton. Fenton. Yale. 1980 Richard A. MIT. Bernhard. BA. SUNY Buffalo. California/San Diego. Maurice Goodman. London King’s. Walsh. BS. 1976 *J. 1968. Lémos. Harvard. Harvard. PhD. 1981 Joshua J. aging. O’Connell. MD. 1961. New York Medical College. BS. BA. gastrointestinal. Physiology Faculty Professor and Chair Ad Interim James G. BS. 1971 Professors *Neil Aronin. PhD. PhD. 1985 *Gregory Pazour. 1967. endocrinology.. Professors EmeritI H. Stoff. 1980. Sanderson.

• the use of an integrative model of psychiatry emphasizing the biologic. 1988. Shanghai. Rensselaer. PhD. Rothschild. Fogarty. 1969. MD. and the Mind. MA. Ziedonis. community psychiatry. social and behavioral aspects of treatment in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Tokyo Agricultural. Yale. BA. a six-week required clerkship gives students an opportunity to further develop the interviewing. psychodynamic. 1975. Northeastern. 1980 * joint appointment 86 University of Massachusetts Medical School . behavioral. BS. Harvard. Puerto Rico. Rochester. PhD. College de France. 1969. PhD. Fisher. Clark. Clark. Wuhan. MS. The department offers a Senior Scholars Program and a number of fourth-year electives. AB. Juntendo University. including advanced clinical rotations on inpatient or consultation units as well as experience in specialized areas such as law and psychiatry. PhD. MD. BA. 1992. 1981. BS. St. PhD. 1971. Psychiatry Faculty Professor and Chair Douglas M. PhD. 1990. MPH. NYU. MS. Johns Hopkins. MBBS. 1996 *Xiang Dong Li. MD. MS. 1990. Oberlin. as well as treatment and management modalities. 1970. 1992 Satoshi Komatsu.SOM 09-10 (Physiology Faculty continued) Assistant Professors *Karl D. diagnostic and etiologic issues. 1967. MD. CUNY. and Betty Brudnick Chair in Psychiatry Anthony J. BA. 1969. 1957. 1966. 1979 Sheldon Benjamin. Pennsylvania State. 1976. MS. 1970. 1980 Jeffrey L. BS. California. Marrero. Princeton. During the third year.. MS. PhD. Montana State. 1948. MD. UMass. McIlvane. PhD. 2001 Professors Emeriti Edward Mason. 1981 William H. child and adolescent psychiatry. 1961 Irving S. The second-year Psychiatry course. BA. PhD. 1997 Osamu Sato. PhD. BS. PhD. Northeastern. and neuropsychiatry. Harvard. 1964. Courses during the first three years encompass interviewing. BS. 1988 William J. 1973. MA. Psychological problems that frequently arise in primary care medicine —grief. Case Western Reserve. Virginia Polytechnic. 1987 Psychiatry The Department of Psychiatry features: • an emphasis on psychiatric problems that frequently arise in primary care medicine. MD. King. BS. Shanghai. the department participates in the interdisciplinary Physician. During the first year. SUNY. Small group learning is utilized extensively to reinforce the didactic material. 2000 *Kevin E. PhD. Beijing Medical University. 1940. 1978 *Edward I. Myerson. BS. 2001 Wei Wang. part of Mind. 1997 Sonia Ortiz-Miranda. and social and behavioral aspects of treatment. MA. Bellve. PhD. Custer Jr. BS. Beijing University HSC. 1983. SUNY. MD. 1986. Boston. 1974. 1968. Tufts. BS. 1977. Professors Celia and Isaac Haidak Professor of Medical Education Aaron Lazare. SUNY Binghamton. 1981. 1993. 1994. 1992. BS. 1969 Jean A. MS. MA. 1992. psychiatry for the homeless. Ginns. 1943 The Department of Psychiatry provides educational programs throughout all four years of the Medical School curriculum. MD. MA. 1978. Hiroshima. and • a chair who has served on the President’s New Commission on Mental Health and as an advisor to the National Institutes of Health. 1952 David J. University College. 1973. NYU. Williams. MD. MPH. King’s. 1996 Hector G. biological and psychodynamic models are integrated throughout the curriculum. Cincinnati. Arizona. BA. Shanghai. BS. Brain and Behavior I course. AB. 1996. 1986 Ellen S. 1996 Instructors Edward E. Oklahoma. Tufts. MS. reasoning and communication skills that are fundamental to psychiatric diagnosis and intervention. Pennsylvania. PhD. 1980 Marjorie Clay. 1975. 1989 *Majaz Moonis. Maryland. BS. BS. Davidson. Normal and abnormal development and psychological functioning are considered. MEd. emphasizing the biologic. PhD. MA. psychodynamic. Patient and Society course. BS. 1982. anxiety and reaction to illness—are also considered in detail. West Virginia. More. Brain and Behavior II. AB. An integrative model is stressed. 1981. 1976. 1985. 1996 Valerie DeCrescenzo. surveys the major psychopathological syndromes and normal/abnormal aspects of development from birth through old age. BA. East China 1990. MS. AB. 1975. Geller. Pennsylvania. 1979. Maulana Azad. MD. 1986 Thomas McLaughlin. ScD. MA. Ashland. PhD. Puerto Rico. 1991. WPI. Francis. 1971. PhD. Harvard. child maltreatment. Northwestern. 1978 *Hong-Sheng Li. Chiba University. 1981. and social. 1976 Thomas Grisso.

BS. 1975 Sandra Felder. 1988. BA. 1975. PhD. 1979 * joint appointment (continued) Visiting Professor Ae-Ja Jung. 1974. 1994. 2003. MA. UMass Worcester. DMSC. MD. AB. 1980. 1976 Research Professor Charles W. PhD. BA. 1966 Clinical Associate Professors Steven Adelman. UMass Amherst. BS. Dartmouth. Bateman. 1972 Sharyn Lenhart. 1993 Negar Beheshti. PhD. 1988 Richard K. PhD. 1977 Thomas L. 1997 Elizabeth Austin. BA. Yale. BA. BM. 1972. MEd. 1983. Pittsburgh. 1982 Alex N. 1992 William V. Packer. PhD. 1979 Geri Fuhrmann. 1975. MD. MD. BA. BS. MA. EdD. Yale. 1991 *Patricia H. University of Madras. Duke. Anfang. Candilis. MD. 1970. Providence College. New Jersey. Clark. 1990 Adjunct Associate Professor Leonard A. PsyD. 1969. BA. MA. MD. MD. 1983 Charles R. Fairleigh Dickinson. MS. MD. 1976. BA. 1950. 1995 Research Associate Professor Maryann Davis. Northeastern. UMass Worcester. Missouri-Columbia. 1961 Stuart H. AB. 1979. BA. AB. 1980. 1979. 1989. 1974 Adjunct Professor Steven N. 2002 Sandra Ehlinger. Georgetown. 1983. Florida State. PhD. UMass Amherst. California. Pittsburgh. 1995 Ronald J. 1988 Rasim Arikan. BS. 1972. BA. Doerfler. Binghamton. George Washington. MD. AB. Boston. 1989 Mai-Lan Rogoff. MD. Eastern Virginia. MA. BA. AB. Antioch. Patel. 1985. 1988. PhD. UMass Amherst. 1970 Haley E. BA. Pennsylvania. Yale. 1962. Treistman. 1985. 1982 Clinical Professors Kenneth L. 1977. Pennsylvania. 1972. College for Human Services. Maharaha Sayajirao.. Fisher. Franklin and Marshall. Dominican House of Studies. Harvard. BS. 1986 Sherrill A. Illinois/Chicago. Carter. Bekhterev Psychoneurological Research Institute. North Carolina. Barnard. 1979 Ira K. Korea University. MA. MS. DAB. Boston College. 2002. Dube. 1986. BA. MD. MD. Aney. MD. BA. UMass Amherst. Columbia. Serna. UMass Worcester. Jefferson Medical. 1974 Julia Anne Matthews-Bellinger. MA. Johns Hopkins. Freie Universitaet Berlin. 1988. Pittsburgh. MA. BS. Washington. 1999. 1981. 2001 Philip Burke. 1986. Tonkonogy. 1978. Pennsylvania State. Wesleyan. UMass Amherst. 1990 Jayendra K. MD. MD. 1977 Joanne Nicholson. 1974. 1982. 1968. 1980. Denver. Ege. Mount Holyoke. 1966 Philip J. Charlot. 1983. 1992. 1973. Harvard. India. MD. 1973 Linda M. Pennsylvania State. BS. MD. BS. BPS. Cornell. 1991 William Vogel. 1962 John Diggins. BA.SOM 09-10 Evgeny I. Missouri. BA. MD. 1947. 1995. Suffolk. BA. MD. New York Medical. UMass Worcester. New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. Harvard. 1985 Jerry L. Macalester. BA. Harvard. Cimpeanu. Cincinnati. 1955. 1968. London. 1978. Harvard. BA. 1973. Brown. BA. Syracuse. Tufts. BS. Wisconsin. New Mexico. 1981 David Smelson. PhD. Utah State. 2001 Nancy Byatt. 1986 Debra A. New Hampshire. PhD. 1970. Concordia. Rochester. MD. MA. MSW. UMass Worcester. MD. PhD. 1988. North Carolina. MS. PhD. PhD. 1990 *Katherine K. 1984 Deborah C. Upsala College. Bass. MA. PhD. 1955. SUNY Binghamton. Steingard. 1987 *Joan M. Swenson. Toledo. Allegheny. MD. MD. Boston College. Syracuse. 1978. 1985. BA. Pinals. PsyD. Radcliffe. NYU. Fletcher. 1972 Associate Professors Schahram Akbarian. BA. Cornell. 1974. 1967. 1975. AB. 1979. Gardner. Harvard. Goddard. AB. 1985. Ohio. 1993 Caroline E. 1982 School of Medicine 2009-2010 Catalogue 87 . JD. Fong. 1999 John H. BA. Murphy. Connecticut. 1979. BA. PhD. BA. DSc. 1967. Grudzinskas Jr. Cavallero. Peter Metz. Backman. Colegio San Viator. Donlon. Rogaev. Rochester. 1984. MS. 1987. 1985. MD. MD. 1981 Alan P. PsyD. BA. 1981. PhD. 1976. 1982. 1971 Richard W. Northeastern. BS. 1976. 1987. 2003 Leslie Fishbein. Hunter. 1974. 2007 Jordan Eisenstock. MD. 1967. 1998. MD. Fleming. Hacettepe. PhD. MD. PhD. 1980. 1978. 1984. 1979 Joseph M. 1982 Lauren R. 1977 Kevin R. Swearer. 1984 Albert J. 1957. MS. AB. Seoul. BA. BS. 1954 Anne L. MD. Bartle. PhD. Southwest Missouri State. Melikian. MS. PhD. MD. PhD. Northeastern. DO. Harvard. 1969. Sabo. Dartmouth. Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Senora del Rosario. BA. BC. 1981 Stuart A. Conna. Field. BS. 1986 Gary S. PhD. 1988. MD. Moak. CAGS. 1972. UMass Worcester. Carey Jr. 1991 Robert W. Simmons. MDiv. 1984 Gerardo Gonzalez-Haddad. 1983. PhD. Denver. PhD. MD. BS. 1967. 1992 Paul Marshall. Romania Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy. Emory. PhD. Lidz. PhD. DePauw. BA. 1982 W. Georgia. Boston College. 2003 Elizabeth W. Kirov Military Medical Academy. 1976. BS. Brown. Pennsylvania. Horn. New School for Social Research. MD. SUNY Buffalo. BA. MSN. BA. MA. Ohio. 1957. 1998 Usha Sambamoorthi. Academy of Medical Sciences. 1988 Paul D. MD. New England Conservatory of Music. MD. Yale. PhD. BA. Yale.. 1977. Pennsylvania. Minnesota. Harvard. MA. BA. BA. 1976. 1994. MD. 1987 Kenneth E. 1989. 1959 Assistant Professors Mary Ahn. Bazemore. BS. MD. 1993. 1970. 1970. BS. 1966. 1985. Emory. Harvard. Columbia. BA. MD. 1988. MS. Appelbaum. MD. UMass Amherst. 1994 Cezar I. 1998 John F. Harvard. Tufts. PhD. 1978. 1994 Jessica Edwards-George. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. PhD. 2003 Robert J. Illinois School of Professional Psychology. MD. Pennsylvania. MBBS.

MD. MD. 1985.. 1993 Marion Gaffney. 1980. 1989. 1986 R. 1979. Pratt. BS. 1974 Paul E. Yeshiva. 2002 Ralph J. 1982. Brandeis. 1996 Peter W. BS. MD. PhD. MD. New York. 1997 Stacy Herbster. PhD. MA. 1993 Ellen Sharenow. Richardson. 1975. BS. New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. UMass Worcester. BA. MD. 1991. BA. 1985 Dorota Poluha. 1990. BS. 1979. 1996 Nelly Nabokin.. New Hampshire. MD. MD. Wayne State. UMass Worcester. 1995 Marie A. EE. MPH. 1996 Ruben Miozzo. 1982. 1990 Ronald T. PhD. 1987. Brown. George Washington. 1999. Clark. 1985. 1977. Connecticut. UMass Boston. 1995. BA. 1991. Pennsylvania. Brown. Pomona College. 1995. Gazi. BSN. 1987 Jennifer Michaels. 1983. 1980. Assumption. BA. 1989. UMass Worcester. 1979. 1979. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. UMass Worcester. California. New College. 1981. PhD. MD. BSN. PhD. 1986. Tufts. BS. Boston College. Olson. Purdue. Fussell. Gonzalez. Tufts. MD. BS. Moran. Academy of Post Graduate Training. 1994 Anne Lutz. 1975. BS. MS. BA. Western Michigan. BS. Harvard. Indiana. Wooster. 1988 Kimberly Larson.SOM 09-10 (Psychiatry Faculty continued) Lisa Fortuna. 1980 Amy Prince. 1995. McGill. 1979 Rebecca S. MD. 1999 Grace Kooper. MA. Harvard. BS. MS. MD. BS. 2000 Joseph C. James Madison. PhD. 1990. Washington. BA. BA. 1988 R. MD. 1978. Boston. 1985. Foti. BA. MD. MD. MD. Brown. BA. 1990 88 University of Massachusetts Medical School . MD. MD. 1987. Harvard. 1988. 1974. AB. 1986 J. MD. 1990 John J. Kirsch. Bowman Gray. PhD. 1983. Bates College. 1986 Jessica L. MD. 1974. Hartford. 1992. MD. Noroian. JD. 1985. Rivier. 1974. Buenos Aires. 1982 Denise L. Hoffman. 1984 Kenneth J. Rutgers. Temple. MIT. 1975. PhD. BS. Providence. Yale. Seymour. 1998 Marie Hobart. DO. MA. 1983 Carl Fulwiler. 1994 Betsy Hinden. DO. MA. MD. PhD. Tufts. Harvard. MA. 1977. West Virginia. MA. MD. 1982. MD. Julliard School of Music. Tufts. Assumption. 1981. Concordia. Lionello-Denolf. Illinois. MS. 1977 Kamlyn Haynes. MS. MD. BS. MS. MD. Emory. UMass Amherst. SUNY Brooklyn. MD. Harvard. Rosenthal. BA. Pennsylvania State. PhD. Mumley. 1973. Illinois/Chicago. 1980 Scott H. Holbert. PhD. Rizos. UMass Worcester. 1975. Ege University School of Medicine. 1984. BA. 1987 Frank Gatti. BS. 1973. 1979 Bruce Meltzer. 1993 Victoria Shea. 1979. Daniel J. 1977. 1978. MD. Assumption. Amherst. Holzer. MIT. BA. 1992 Dale E. Augustana College. 1993. 1982. MD. 1987. Patel. UMass Worcester. Antioch. BA. Villanova. 1995. Holy Cross. 2002. BA. BA. Shteinlukht. Wright State. Kishinev Medical. Florida. NYU. 1992. Pediatric Medical School. BS. BS. 1974. MA. MD. 1992 Ruthann Rizzi. Saint Anselm. Santa Clara. BA. Rauch. MSW. Clark. 1988 Nancy E. Johns Hopkins. Yale. PhD. John’s. 1982 Teresa Mitchell. Syracuse. Jo Renn. Maryland. 1979. Greene Jr. MD. Boston. MD. 2004 *Charles Hamad. Virginia Consortium Program. Knapp. MA. 1980 George R. PhD. 1978 Christopher C. MD. Northwestern. 1997 Z. PhD. MA. 1989 Sun Kim. 1979. BS. 1996. Ankara. BA. 1991. Brown. PsyD. MBBS. 1985. Albion. BS. 1956 Anastasia S. 1990 Stacy Seifer. Griffin. Boston. 1984. SUNY Plattsburg. 1997. BA. BA. 1987. Northwestern. PsyD. 1985. UMass Worcester. PhD. 1993. 1963. BA. BA. AB. 1983 Jacob C. MD. Iwuc. BA. Joseph’s. 2001 Rebecca S. MD. BA. MD. Miami (Ohio). St. MS. 1977. MD. Emel Kayatekin. MA. JD. Wisconsin/Madison. 1994 Wendy Marsh. 1995. 1977. PhD. MD. 1991 David P. MD. 1996. 2002 Karen N. BA. North Carolina. UMass Worcester. BS. 1979. MD. Central Connecticut State. Illinois State. MS. Iowa. BA. Brigham Young. 1981 Paul Plasky. Delaware. Kusiak. Harvard. 1983. 1989. 1989 Monica Kolodziej. Pennsylvania. BS. Dartmouth. 1999. MA. PhD. BA. 1994 Cuneyt Iscan. NYU. MD. Kansas. MS. UMass Worcester. Seton Hall. 1997. 2006. Anthony Irsfeld. 2002 Maurice H. Seoul National. Vermont. PhD. 1974. 1996. Boston. BA. MFA. 1978. 1990 Andrea J. 1989. BA. Fusaro-Davis. 1951. Medical Academy (Poland). BA. 1991. South Dakota. 1985. Kaan Ozbayrak. UMass Worcester. MS. UMMS. 1991 * joint appointment Kimberlee A. 1978 Anthony Pellegrino. Virginia. Jackson. Boston. Lundquist. BA. PhD. Hacettepe. BA. 1991. MD. MD. 1985 David L. 1984. 1987 Jyotikaben N. Mitchell Jr. Vermont. MIT. AB. Maharaha Sayajirao. BS. MD. MD. 1981 Gregg Januszewski. Hunter College. 1979. 2003 Sarah Guzofski. Worcester State. St. MA. 2001 Mary Ellen G. 1989 Kenneth P. BA. Boston. PhD. 1987 Lisa Mistler. Amherst. Drexel. 2007 Jennifer Lauretti. Kennedy. 1978. Boston College. MD. 1982 Tatyana P.

Hill. Ciottone. 1994. Gill. Mexico. Notre Dame. Connecticut. Albright. Boston College. MD. BA. MD. BA. PhD. 2001 Sean O’Brien. 1996 Josie Harder. BA. MA. 1984. 1957 *Robert A. BS. BS. 1962. MD. SUNY Albany. Harvard. 1963. MD. Oberlin. 1971 Robert B. MA. Leeds. Toscano Jr. Springfield. Indiana. Copans. BA. Zhejiang University. Graber. CUNY. BA. BA. 1986 School of Medicine 2009-2010 Catalogue 89 . PhD. 1979. Budner. Vermont. 1988. Boston College. Roanoke. 1976. Lublin. Rutgers. 1979. 1993. 1986 Brian R. MS. BA. Teacher’s College. 1965. 1995. BA. PhD. MS. 1982 Senior Affiliates David M. Miami. Yale. 1973. 1981 Patrice M. 1988 Susan G. MA. MBBS. 1976 Meenakshi Vemuri. ScD. MBBCh. 1975. 1976 Harvey M. 1975. Chicago. 1985. PsyD. Harvard. BS. Boston. Virginia Commonwealth. BA. PhD. Duke. Boston. 1990. AB. 1968. 1977. Rockefeller. BA. 1995. MEd. Listerud. PhD. MA. Holy Cross. UMass Worcester. MS. 2000. PhD. PhD. 1976. PhD. 1975. MA. 1974. Rush. PhD. UMass Worcester. 1980 Richard A. 1978. Alabama. 1963. Boston. 1974. Warnken. 1986. 1983 Lewis D. 1983. Bear. SUNY. PhD. BA. 1987 Daniel W. SUNY Stony Brook. Miami. PhD. Harvard. BA. Case Western Reserve. 1971. Rachid Och. 1990. Richard Young. 1961. BA. PhD. DPsy. AB. Bowling Green State. Harvard. MD. MD. China. Haddad. California State. 1958. 1971 Richard M. MDiv. Oblate. EdD. BS. BS. BA. PhD. 1986. BA. 1954. Malkiewich. 1969. 1992 Elizabeth W. 2001. 1967. BA. 1980. PhD. Guerette Jr. 1993. MD. Bedrosian. Earlham. MEd. Catholic. Pelletier. 2000 Marianne L. California/Berkeley. 1975. 1983. Szetela. Flannery Jr. Wurgaft. BS. MD. PhD. 1992 Andrzei Pietrzykowski. UMass Worcester. 1997 Adjunct Assistant Professors Raymond B. MA. Nebraska/Lincoln. 1996. 1983 Patrick Smallwood. 1986 Genevieve A. Connecticut. Texas/Arlington. 1991 Janice LeBel. MEd. Notre Dame. Henry. 1979 Melodie Wenz-Gross. BA. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. 1975 Kathleen P. 1971 David W. 1972. PhD. Boston.. AB. MD. Barnard. 1987. 1992 Kevin Bradley. 1990. 1978. 1974. MS. 1977. BA. 1975 M. 1997 Mitchell P. Duke. Harvard. Tufts. Alaska. Andover Newton Theological School. 1964. 1967. Iowa State. Queens. MS. BA. 1994 Alexis D. 1983. Boston. Warsaw. Reed. BS. 1999 Leslie E. PhD. Tufts. MA. Clark. MD. 1982. Poluha-O’Neil. BA. 1974. BA. PhD/EdD. 1970. Smith. 1987 David M. 1974 Affiliates Prudence Baxter. 1979 Andrew Tapper. 1976. 1980 Steven I. PhD. 1962. Kardon. 1972. SUNY Binghamton. 1995. 1993 Eric G. MEd. Lehigh. Boston College. 1975 Serge Botsaris. Tufts. 1968. Assumption. Tufts. Alexander University (Egypt). 1996. Harvard. Paris. MD. Yale. BA. PhD. Stanford. MD. 1961 David H. PhD. PhD. BA. MD. 1990. PhD. 1988. BA. CAGS. MD. 1978. The Wright Institute. Temple. Laforet. BA. BA. 2003 Lawrence Peters. 1976.. 1997. MA. 1989 Robert Dingman. MSW. 1977 Alan P. 1977. MEd. 2001 John P. Brown. MD. Skea. 1988. MD. 1976 Robert C. MD. Medical College of Virginia. BA. 1980 Richard G. Prager. Union. National School of Medicine. Krauss. North Carolina. MD. 1972 Lori R. MD. Muchowski. MA. Smith. Clark. Medical Center of Postgraduate Education. BA. Boston College. 1977. Southern Illinois. PhD. BA. BA. 1970 John R. 1992 * joint appointment (continued) Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor Leslie Smith. EdD. MD. 1995 Andrea B. BA. 1969 Mark W. Williams. MA. Vanderbilt. Pittsburgh. Eisenhower. MS. PhD. California/ Riverside. Simon Fraser. BA. 1995. MA. Anna Maria. 1988 Paul R. 1994. MA. 1988 Arnold J. MT. 1980. MD. MD. Minnesota. 1987. Fitchburg State. Birnbaum. Northeastern. 1973. Northeastern. BS. AB. 1990 Ruth Westheimer. New Hampshire. 1991. San Diego. 1973. MS. BS. Smith College. PhD. Medical College of Virginia. 1970. 1993. AB. Minnesota State/ Moorehead. 1974. 1979. 1978 Research Assistant Professors Kathleen Biebel. BA. Warsaw Medical School. BS. 1985 Gina Vincent. 1973 Evan P. UMass Amherst. BA. BA. Columbia. BS. Northeastern. PhD. BS. 1980. Terry. BA. Saint Anselm. 1977. Villanova. UMass Amherst. MD. BEng. 1980 Mary Olson. BA. 1992 Emad Eskander. UMass Boston. BA. Guntur Medical. Boston College. Comiskey. Anna Maria. 1984. Assumption. 1973. Assumption. MEd. 1976. Swarthmore. 1970. BS. Newton. MD. Colorado. 1979 Jamie G. 1967. MSW. 1972. 1967. MA. Henrikson. MD. MEd. BA. 1985. Boston. MA. Aleppo. Silka. 2002 Marsha Ellison. Wesleyan. BSc. 1980. Brandeis. MA. ScD. MD. Johns Hopkins. MA. MD. Cutler. Yale. MD. Diener. 1987. Connecticut. Whitley. DePauw. 1968. California School of Professional Psychology. UMass Amherst. Case Western Reserve. 1994 Gilles Martin. BA. Bradford. Quillen College of Medicine. Holtzen. California/Berkeley. Windsor. BA. PhD. Roosevelt. MSW. 1972 Nanyin Zhang. 1954. 1974. Rothman. Duke. Arkansas. Fitchburg State. PhD. Dalhousie. BA. Tillbrook. MD. Hartford. MD. MS. BA. Boston. MD. 1967 Christy Clark. Stokes. 1964. 1996 Stuart A. Berlin. Stone. ScD. BA. MA. MD. PhD. Lessin. 1988 Sarah Spratt. BA. 1993 Rebecca S. BA. MD. 1979. DMin. 1971 J. Medical College of Ohio. 1984. Northwestern. 2005 Terry Smith. 2002 Amy Wachholtz. BA. 1980. 1988. Seton Hall. MD. BA. MSW. Boston. Salem State College.. PhD. Boston. 1991. 1983. Antioch. 1977. 1979 Julianne Miller. Lemieux. MA. 1980 Richard C. MA. Harvard. Nebraska. PhD. 1983 Chad E. PhD. 1986. 1984 William Fortier. 1976. 1985. 1970 Jonathan S. 1997 Stephen Starr. 1971. 1999. Autonomous University of Guadalajara. NYU. 1975. MA. 1997. MS. PhD. 1977. AB. 1999 Clinical Assistant Professors Barry Feldman. BA. Hunter. Hartford. Texas Medical Branch. Trinity. 2002. Oberlin. 1991 Joanna E. Cohen. 1980. 1965. PhD. MD. MA. 2000. PhD. 1985.SOM 09-10 Van R. 1994 Alicia Gavalya. PhD. MD. 2000 Rosalie Torres-Stone. 2000 Peter F. Wisconsin. Boston College. 1965. 2006 William J. Boston.

1984. MA. MD. Institute of Chemistry and Food. 1977. Levoy. 1987 Paul M. UMass. CNAA. MPP. Boston College. 1969. Mills. PhD. 1995 Laurie A. 1993. MD. Assumption. PsyD. MoM. mini-courses and seminars. 1983. SUNY Fredonia. BS. MA. BA. BA. 1985 Usha Mathur. 1983 Caroline McGrath. United States International University. MD. including workshops. MS. 1959 Robert A. 1984 Michael Fleming. College of Education. PhD. DPsy. Nichole Fox. BA. BA. BA. BA. Virginia. 1998. 1984. 1986 Research Instructor Valerie F. Wentworth. 2001 James H. MA. DO. PhD. MD. 1983. Holyoke. Manning. MD. RN. and • providing a range of enhanced learning and skill-building opportunities. MD. MD. PhD. 1962. Brandeis. BS. Vassar College. Anna Maria. MD. Siff. DPsy. 1996 Adjunct Research Instructor Marcelo Febo. Worcester State. Whittier College. RN. MA. 1966. MD. Gilmour Jr. MS. MD. BA. and Epidemiology of Vulnerable Populations and Chronic Diseases. Goucher. Bank St. BA. EdD. Rensselaer. BA. 1996 Arthur Tenenbaum. implementation and data analysis. BA. 1971 Susan Tritell. 2002 Deborah Ekstrom. Sarah Lawrence. 1975. 1972. AB. 1987 Michael Sefton. comprehensive training programs and services that focus on: • university-wide access to expertise in study design. MD. MBBS. 1991. BA. Anna Maria College. Boston. Nordstrom. Haverford. 1989 Edward J. Tufts. MA. Italy. BS. Government Medical School. PhD. MA. Boston College. 1971 Jeffrey Gaines. MD. Karr. Denver. Temple. 1968. 1979. 1979. Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. 1970. Tufts. Williams. PhD. Albert Einstein. 1969. BSN. 1976 Established in 2008. Mulvey. 1966 Choudhary B. 1978 Philip J. Schlickman. MD. Pennsylvania State. Boston.. PhD. 1955. 1996 Henrietta Kernan. MSN. 1987 E. UMass Amherst. Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology. The First Moscow Medical Institute. Deccan College of Medical Sciences. MD. BA. PhD. • teaching methods for health services research. 1957. BA. 1975 Alexandra Pinkerson. 2003 Thomas D. 1974. MD. 1991. BS. MD. Tongji Medical. MD. 1998 Karen E. New England School of Osteopathic Medicine. BA. New York Medical. Puerto Rico. Anwar-Ul-Uloom College. 1990. Vanderbilt. 1979. GR Medical School. 1972 Quantitative Health Sciences The Department of Quantitative Health Sciences offers research expertise. 1973 Karen L. BS. Simmons. 1992. 1978. Syracuse. Spadola. Taiwan. Massachusetts School of Professional Psychiatry. 1976. UMass Amherst. BA. AB. Oberlin. St. Pruitt III. 1977. BA. 1963. 1957. 1976. Simmons. BA. MEd. Stevens Institute of Technology. 1991 Peter Cohen. including specialized approaches to design and analysis of effectiveness and implementation studies. Harvard. 1975 Mustafa Syed. 1979 A. 1989. BS. BA. BA. 1966. 1982. Wangh. Biostatistics. 1974. Southeastern. 2002 Lecturers Terrie Burda. • developing and implementing protocols for high-quality. BA. Mt. BS. BS. 1967 Tuong-Quang Tran. 1990 Merleen A. 1981 Instructors Wei Chen. Worcester State. 1983. Worcester State. 2002 Mary Innis. Clark. 1971. Harvard. 1956. . Patel. BA. for clinical and translational researchers. costefficient data collection and management. Theresa Tedesco. Northwestern. MA. 1965 Kirit R. Boston. George’s. BS. 1994 Ludmilla Tonkonogy. 1978. DEd. Rosen. Case Western Reserve. MS. 2000 Lee E. 1998. IS. the Department of Quantitative Health Sciences (QHS) is enhancing the clinical and translational research enterprise at UMass Medical School. Clinical Instructors David H. MS. 1989 * joint appointment 90 University of Massachusetts Medical School Associate Ronald Pike. UMass Worcester. 2002 *Marzena Galdzicka. MD. McKay. Albany Medical. Harvard. • mentoring students and faculty in full support of the University’s goals for diversity in the academic setting. Sagar. The department complements the recently established UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science and is organized around three academic divisions: Medical Informatics and Implementation Science. 1984. BA. 1972 Tina Render. MA. Illinois. MD. 1988 Mitchell W. 1986 Shirley S. PsyD. 1977 Jennifer Taub. Assumption. 1974. Killeen. 1978. 1970. Vanderbilt. 1997. Southern Methodist. 1989. Pryjma. 1971 Colleen E. Vermont. University of Rome.SOM 09-10 (Psychiatry Faculty continued) John V. Stalker. Harvard College. BS. George Mason. MD. BS. Jabalpur. Albany Medical College. Lyndon State. Wellesley. Patel. American Nurses Credentialing Center. Assumption. 1977 Mark J. • bridging the gap between clinical evidence generation (effectiveness research) and implementation science (efficacy and populationbased research). BA. 1963 Robert J. 1970. Vorderer. 1999. Oberlin. Pennsylvania. MS. MSW. 1978. Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. Boston. Yale. 1983 Madeline L. UMass Worcester. MS. 1988. India. Boston. MD. BS. SMS Medical School. MD. MA. 1977. Kaohsiung Medical. 1989. North Carolina.

QHS will recruit new junior and senior faculty with methodological expertise in disciplines such as study design. and implementation research. QHS academic faculty will play dual roles by pursuing independent research interests while strengthening ongoing research collaborations with junior and more seasoned investigators. Harvard School of Public Health. be they a basic scientist or a clinician. where helping one another is encouraged. residing in the same building as several UMass Memorial Health Care centers of excellence ambulatory clinics. epidemiology. In 2010. classrooms and clinical sites.” Diana Robillard Class of 2011 In UMass Medical School labs. California/San Francisco. Quantitative Health Sciences Faculty Professor and Chair Catarina Kiefe. 1997 “The best part about UMass Medical School’s program is early exposure to patients in the first year. School of Medicine 2009-2010 Catalogue 91 .500 square feet of new space in the Advanced Center for Clinical Education and Science. This proximity will lend itself to the development of unique clinical and translational research partnerships.” Diana attributes this to a culture of community at the Medical School.SOM 09-10 By consolidating. QHS will promote team-based research programs across quantitative. Birmingham. This gives us context for what we are learning in the classroom. SUNY Stony Brook. 1989. As a central strategy in the start up of this new department. outcomes and effectiveness research. Alabama. “I’ve never met a faculty member who wasn’t approachable. linking and expanding resources for quantitative methods and study design at UMMS. MD. MD. Allison. QHS will be located in 21. health services research. 1973. clinical and basic-science disciplines. PhD. biostatistics. MSc. 1983 Professor and Vice Chair Jeroan J. students ask questions of accessible instructors.

1982 Joanna M. MD.000 external tele-therapy treatments to patients each year at the UMass Memorial Medical Center University and Memorial campuses and the HealthAlliance Hospital campus in Fitchburg. Harvard-Radcliffe. Harvard. Sawicka. 1967 Associate Professor *Oguz I. 1985 * joint appointment The Department of Radiation Oncology provides radiation medicine to the region’s oncology patients and serves as the academic infrastructure for radiation science for UMMS. 1977 Maria G. MS. 1972 *Richard R. 1969. Notre Dame. 1970. 1974. 1972. 1980 Yuan-Chyuan Lo. the QARC acquires and reviews imaging and treatment objects on a pre-therapy basis to ensure compliance of treatment to protocol management for patients on clinical trials in nearly all clinical cooperative groups and image-guided industry trials. Loyola. MS. • houses an internal school for radiation therapy technology that has graduated 18 classes of highly specialized and actively recruited students since its inception in 1989. BS. Florida. 1980 *Lucia Languino.SOM 09-10 Radiation Oncology The Department of Radiation Oncology: • is one of the largest in New England. San Francisco. MEd. Yale. MS. ChB. 1979 Clinical Professor Sidney Kadish. UMass Worcester. with particular emphasis on signaling pathways and cellular adhesion molecules. California. Saint Joseph’s. 1980. MRCP. 1986 Charles Mayo. Aronowitz. MD. Negri Institute of Pharmacology. 1963. MB. 1974 Marcia M. Hacettepe. Columbia. Radiation Oncology houses the Quality Assurance Review Center or QARC. Kim. Radiation Oncology has several research interests. 1991 *Daniel Y. 1966 *Susan Zweizig. It is housed in Providence. Mt. AB. J. 1977. Rutgers. 1982 Clinical Associate Professors Jesse N. MD. UMass Worcester. 1975 Ken Ulin. MD. AB. Holyoke. Professors *Harrison G. PhD. 1956 92 University of Massachusetts Medical School . BS. Using image-guided platforms with three-dimensional treatment simulators for treatment planning and execution. BS. SUNY Stony Brook. Birmingham (UK). 1952. BS. 1975. PhD. Chicago. Ball. 1979. the department provides extensive brachytherapy services including all facets of genitourinary and gynecological applications to patients. BS.) FitzGerald. Medical Physics research efforts include development of advanced treatment planning techniques. MD. Boston. 1991 Richard Pieters. BA. MD. radiobiological dose response and clinical database design for outcome modeling. BA. MD. Led by the department chair as its director and principal investigator. MD. Most of the targeted oncology therapies developed in the past five years include tyrosine kinase-based therapies that sensitize cancer cells to radiation therapy. Hahnemann. • delivers more than 34. AB. Tsing-Hua. Brown. 1984 *Richard P. with collaborations promoted through the departments of Cancer Biology and Cell Biology. Tufts. Identifying the interactions between these therapies and radiation therapy is the focus of the translational research effort. Harvard. Cornell. Buffalo. Gacek. providing state-of-the-art clinical treatment service to cancer patients in Worcester County. BA. London. Çatalepe. Cicchetti. BA. 1967. 1976. MBBCh. Urie. which is the quality assurance vehicle and data management service for diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology for the National Cancer Institute clinical trials program. Princeton. PhD. Boston. Tufts. BSc. BS. MD. Rhode Island. UMass Amherst. 1986. SUNY Stony Brook. 1984. 1976. PhD. MD. 1971. PhD. Queen’s (Belfast). Moser. Radiation Oncology Faculty Professor and Chair Thomas (T. 1969. and • intiated a two-year Medical Physics Residency program designed to meet growing demand for clinically experienced physicists and CAMPEP (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Programs) requirements for certification by the American Board of Radiology. MD. 1973. 1975. 1984 Assistant Professors Shelagh McCauley.

Tufts. BA. voice recognition for reporting. MD. 1966. 1968. BS. King. 1986 Clinical Associate Professors Susan Afonso. Ohio State. PhD. Jerry Balikian. Moss. BA. MD. 1954. 1985 Lawrence J. PhD. as are other individually tailored sub-specialty rotations. MBBS. BA. 1999 Eddie Kwan. Albany Medical. Tufts. and • an internationally renowned group of researchers who have garnered the department a new. New York. Providence College. SUNY Albany. 1963 Research Associate Professors Stephen J. Bogdanov. 1980. eliminating the patient’s insulin dependency. Students rotate through the sub-specialty areas. Birla College. 1955 Alexei A. musculoskeletal. Hnatowich. 1960 Christopher H. California/Los Angeles. 1968 Sarwat Hussain. BA. vascular and neurological diseases. and the establishment of state-of-the-art neuro-interventional and breast screening digital mammography services. PhD. 1980. Columbia. Armed Forces (India). Medical College of Calcutta. Arizona. 1988. The department has also completed construction and recruitment of scientists for its new Center for Innovative Imaging & Intervention (CI3). 1981 Robert K. Harvard. 1972. PhD. 1977. Detroit. Orange Free State. 1951. BS. BA. Kanzaria. computed radiography. MD. 1972 Paulomi K. Balikian. 1980 Andrew Karellas. both diagnostic and interventional/therapeutic. Korgaonkar. vascular interventional radiology. MD. which include: computed tomography.SOM 09-10 Radiology Radiology’s expert faculty members include: • physicians selected as members of “Best Doctors in America” and America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals: Krishna Kandarpa. SUNY Oswego. BA. China. 1970. The course Introduction to Radiology includes thoracic. BA. 1975. BS. UMass Worcester. PhD. BS. Dahlberg. Moscow State. MD. the department employs a variety of imaging studies to illustrate sections of gross anatomy. Opportunities to observe the entire spectrum of imaging procedures. Buenos Aires. MD. Desai. 1986. Syracuse. 1983. 1981 Young Hwan Kim. ultrasound magnetic resonance imaging. are provided. BA. 1980. 1969. Manitoba. musculoskeletal and thoracic imaging. Vermont. BA. PhD. MD. BA. Pennsylvania State. In the first year. MS. NYU. 1981. Williams. neuroradiology. Wayne State. WPI. PhD. Albertus Magnus. Additional month-long advanced clerkships are available in Joseph T. MIT. Williams. vascular interventional radiology. 1970. 1991 Yanping Sun. Meharry. MD. PhD. neuroradiology and pediatric radiology. MD. Liaoning University. including a clinical and research partnership with Massachusetts-based Philips Medical Systems. BS. MSc. 1973 David A. PhD. MD. Sotak. The Department of Radiology has recently been funded to acquire new technology. Ulsan. 1963 Adjunct Professors Edward H. Tufts. 1986. 1971. Radiology Faculty Professor and Chair The Department of Radiology interacts with students at various times during their course of study at the Medical School. University of Mainz. MBBS. Stellenbosch. 1994 Associate Professors *Seth T. BS. BS. BA. Suran. BS. PhD. abdominal. 1977. 1982. 1981 * joint appointment (continued) School of Medicine 2009-2010 Catalogue 93 . and Ajay Wakhloo. Topiwala National. radiology departments. 1977 Mona M. 1993 Jerry P. American (Lebanon). Desai. 1985 Michael A. Hanyang.0 Tesla MR scanner. MIT. 1968. 1973 Peter Simkin. Month-long elective clerkships are offered for third-and fourth-year students at UMass Memorial Medical Center and affiliated hospitals. 1959. 1964. Saravajanik College of Science. Tokyo University and Harvard. MBA. staff and operational support. Vermont. 1992. Pakistan Murray L. PhD. MD. MBBS. UMass Medical School became a Philips show site for its potential customers. SUNY Downstate. 1991 Mary Rusckowski. MD. 1985 Charu S. Phillips. 1972 Eugenio L. Alcorn A&M. PhD. MD. BS. Additional enhancements include the installation of a fully electronic paperless Service including a Picture Archiving System. MD. 1982. 1984. Smith. Tufts Robert Licho.S. Northern Colorado. MD. Pune. PhD. high National Institutes of Health ranking among U. and nuclear medicine. which contains a dedicated angiographic research suite and a 3. Washington University in St. BS. 1987. 1959. BS. 1986. 1967. Janower. MS. PhD. MD. MD. 1975. MD. MA. MD. in 2005. 1963. Ferrucci. MD. gastrointestinal. Armed Forces Medical College. AB. Institute of Medical Education (India). 1970 Petrus Hendrik Pretorius. Louis. Worcester State. 1977 Ajay Wakhloo. MS. 1958 Krishna Kandarpa. MS. PhD. 1979. MD. 1983 Professors Mitch Albert. Rochester. BS. PhD. Glick. MD. 1989 Donald J. MBBS. pediatric radiology. Tufts. 1975. 1995 Adjunct Associate Professor Edward Soares. • a faculty member on the UMMS team that performed pancreatic islet cell transplantation into the liver of a diabetic patient using catheter-based techniques. Government Medical. Rutgers. Miami. SUNY Stony Brook. 1994 Sridhar Shankar. 1956. BS. King Edward Medical College. BS. WPI. 1999 Deepak Takhtani.

1982. 1974 James Lingley. 1996 Assistant Professors Deepak Agarwal. The alternating six weeks are spent on a variety of surgical subspecialties. UMass Worcester. MD. MD. six-week blocks. Columbia. 1986. BS. BS. but also regular participation in the operating room setting. MD. BS. Central Michigan. 1989. Maulana Azad. UMass Worcester. 1997. Cornell. Beijing. 1990. These goals are accomplished in collaboration with several community hospitals throughout Massachusetts. Dalhousie. Guntur Medical. MD. ME. 1983. Enhancement of learning opportunities occurs through student participation in regular conferences and lectures. Jadavpur University. Miami. 1993. BS. Xuchang Preparatory Medical School. Beijing Normal. and • an increasing concentration in surgical oncology. BS. BS. Boston College. including thorough outpatient. MD. 2002 David M. BS. BS. 1988. 1983 Surgery Along with the recruitment of exceptional faculty and the maintenance of its strong tradition in providing outstanding trauma services. PhD. Keller. PhD. • a focus on enhancing minimally invasive techniques in all disciplines. WPI. MD. AB. Medical College of Georgia. divided into two. 1995. Carnegie Mellon. 1998. MIT. 1964 Dennis Coughlin. Montreal. Rochester Polytechnic Institute. 1992. 1974 Daniel Schwartz. India. 1996 Yi Wang. 1992. DO. PhD. 1997 Patricia Sutman. 1997 Matthew Gounis. Wentworth. BS. Madras University. BA. 1951. BS. Georgia Institute. 1991. where they have an opportunity to become an active and integral member of the care team. 1992 *Jeanne D. Jefferson Medical. Peking. MD. 1996. 1955 Noreen M. JN College of Pharmacy. Students participate first in general/vascular surgery. Rogovitz. 1988 Christopher Cerniglia. MS. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. BS. MD. 1960. 2002 Gopal R. 2003 Joyoni Dey. based on individual student interest. with additional opportunities for more specialized study. MS. 1960 Milton A. MD. Queen’s (Belfast). 1978 Farid Thanawalla. Weiner. BA. MBBS. It is the aim of the department to provide a broad-based body of knowledge and basic technical skills that are applicable to all areas of medicine. MD. Xiangtan Teacher’s. Brasseur. Henan Medical University. Toronto. Memorial (Newfoundland). Boston. Radcliffe. BS. 1977. India. 1993 Mazen Ghani. BA. 1996 Research Instructors Ling Chen. 94 University of Massachusetts Medical School . Instructors Sathish Dundamadappa. Illinois. 1982 Ellen C. Albany Medical College. BS. MD. UMass Worcester. BS. MD. Midwest. SUNY Upstate. the Department of Surgery continues its growth with: • the development of a cardiovascular center of excellence. MD. Arizona. Miami. India. 1993. Wallace. Harvard. MD. MD. MD. 1981. Inner Mongola Medical College. 1991. MD. Armed Forces Medical College (India). 2003 John D. Kirksville. inpatient and operating room experiences. 1970. BS. MD. 1992 Farhana Riaz. Peking University. BS. MD. Columbia. 1987. LaSalle-Green. 1977 Santiago Miro. 1978. 1991 Surong Zhang. 1997. 2001 Wade J. Washington University School of Medicine in St. BS. SUNY Downstate. Hebei Teacher’s University. MacMaster. 1985 Sanjay Kedia. 1999 * joint appointment The Department of Surgery has a long history of dedication to the education and mentorship of medical students. MIT. 1968. 2001. MD. MD. DO. 1982 Paul D. Indore. Osmania. Birla Institute of Technology & Science. Louis. 1973 Padmaja Surapaneni. BS. Gebara. 1997 Guozheng Liu. PhD. MD. 1963 Sue A. BS. PhD.SOM 09-10 (Radiology Faculty continued) Research Assistant Professors Howard C. 1983. 1974. 1975 Curtis J. Hegarty. BSc. SUNY Buffalo. Harvard. 1964 Larry Zheng. MBBS. Grant Medicine. Harvey Mudd. MD. BPharm. Worcester State College. PhD. Chen. BE. BS. MS. Stanford. This experience is complemented by attendance at surgical clinics and offices. Chicago. PhD. 1993. where students are able to assist in providing outpatient care. 1998 Prakesh Malkani. 2001 Peter S. Vijayayaraghavan. 1979 Joseph Makris. MD. Ross. China. 1991 Srinivasan Vedantham. 2000 Abhijit Roychowdhury. This includes not only the day-to-day treatment of patients. 1956. MD. MD. Gifford. The core third-year clerkship is comprised of 12 weeks. 1960. MD. MD. Sabel. WPI. 1992. MBBS. China. 1975. 1983 Murray Watnick. National (Ireland).

MD. Cornell. 1955 *Babs R. Simon. India. Harvard. Georgetown. BS. 1970 Douglas M. BA.. MD. Swarthmore. WPI. Union. Hirsh. Counihan. PhD. Case Western Reserve. Texas. BS. MBBS. UMass Worcester. MD. MD. MD School of Medicine 2009-2010 Catalogue 95 . 1983 Stanley K. MBBS. 1975. BM. 1986. Harrison Jr. Sargent. MD. MD. MD. MD Organ Transplantation . MD. Hirsh. 1971. AB. 1980 Adjunct Professor Michael D. 1988 Anne C. BS. Missouri. MD. 1971 Professors Emeriti A. MD Neurosurgery . BA. Tam. C. 1987. Michelson.Adel Bozorgzadeh. MBBS Vascular Surgery .Timothy A. Anderson Jr. Tam. MS. Oklahoma. Çatalepe. Dunn. NYU.Louis M. Heard. 1975. MD. Hacettepe. Messina. Messina. Whalen. Patwardhan. 1977. BA. Scranton. BA. MD. Haidak. 1976. M. Albany Medical. 1975 Lynn H. BS. Seth G. BA. MS. BA. MD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery . MD. Wertheimer. 1979 *Alan D. MD. AB. MD Bariatric Surgery . MA. 1977. MD. Lalikos. Columbia. 1984. MD Minimally Invasive Surgery (Endosurgery) . Kelly. Arous. 1969 Nilima A. Wisconsin. 1967. UMass Worcester. 1979 Michael P. 1987. Fudem. Weaver. BS. Madras Medical. Larkin. Syracuse. MD. Herrmann. 1992 Janice F. BS. MD. BS.Richard P. 1986 * joint appointment (continued) Clinical Professors Gary M. 1990 Bruce J. Yale. 1993 Bruce S. 1957 Professors Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. MD. MD. Johns Hopkins. Adelaide. BA. BA. MD. Surgery Faculty Professor and Chair Demetrius E. Union. MD. Northwestern. Kelly. BA. MD. 1967. Columbia. Boston College. Duke. Brownell Wheeler. 1975. Mainz. 1978 Giles F. MD. 1980 *Ajay K. 1990 Paul M. 1978. 1982 Timothy C. 1980 Professors and Vice Chairs Elias J. 1974 Nsidinanya Okike. Breen.Stanley K. MS. Saskatchewan. Bucknell. 1967. MD. 1970. Albany Medical. MD.Donald R. Harvard. BS. MS. MD. Karl-Eberhard. MD Thoracic Surgery . MD. MD Surgical Oncology . 1971 *Stephen O. Brandeis. MD. Moser. MA. Alan Conlan. Quinlan. BS. 1974. BA. accomplished under the guidance of a faculty preceptor and involving both clinical and research training. MD. UMass Boston. Soller. Basadonna. Harvard. SUNY Brooklyn. 1973 Richard P. Balaji. 1982 Francis J. 1992 *Dominic J. UMass Worcester. MD. 1966 John B. 1978. Perugini.Raymond M. C. 1974 Research Professors Frederick A. 1979 William Brian Sweeney.Michael P. 1954. Dunn.Richard A. MD. Green. Emhoff.Wakhloo. 1979. MD. 1986. BA. 1981 Oguz I. S. Medical College. 1966. BS. Czerniach. 1978. 1976. Aleppo. BA. Hahnemann. 1981 Harry M. Balaji. 1952 Adel Bozorgzadeh. Radcliffe. 1978 Department of Surgery Division and Section Chiefs Cardiothoracic Surgery . Pennsylvania. BA. 1984. Harvard. 1988. Tufts. 1966. 1982 Geoffrey M. Milan.Kethandapatti C. MD. 1984. Harvard. 1964. UMass. MD. BS. 1965 Robert M. Johns Hopkins.Geoffrey M. Princeton.. Whalen. Vermont. New York Medical College. 1970 Louis M. MD. Dartmouth. Williams. Holy Cross. BA. BSE. BS. 1971 John J. Podbielski. 1981 John P. PhD. Hahnemann.SOM 09-10 Fourth-year students are encouraged to enroll in a variety of month-long general surgery or subspecialty electives in order to obtain more advanced knowledge. National. 1977. Nompleggi. Lambi and Sarah Adams Chair in Genetic Research *Michael R. 1984 Jian-Ming Li. Loyola. BS. MD. Princeton. PhD. Rothkopf. 1975. 1966 Raymond M. Haidak Professor of Surgery Emeritus H. 1975. Chicago.John J. 1986 Giacomo P. 1976. Yale. Fordham. MD. 1982. Case Western Reserve. MD. 1982 *Thomas F. WPI. 1978. MD Pediatric Surgery . Graeber. 1977. Texas. Case Western Reserve. 1974. 1986 Associate Professors Joseph Arcidi. MD General Surgery . MD. Students may choose an individual preceptor or design a more formal subinternship. Washington. Stanford. MD Urology . 1972. Selected students who are interested in pursuing a career in surgery may also choose to participate in a two-month Senior Scholars Program. MBBS. New York. PhD. 1991 Kethandapatti C. PhD. Graeber. PhD. 1982 *Jane C. George Washington. Shanghai First.Giles F. 1962. Princeton. Litwin. 1980. MD Trauma and Surgical Critical Care Services . AB. Moser. BA. MD. Cutler. Holy Cross. 1973. Amherst.

MD. Tufts. BA. Curletti. MD. Moore. 1993. 1972 Basil Michaels. Glazier. 1983 Hongyi Cui. Fordham. Basile. 1994 Julie G. BS. 1990. Fordham. SUNY Buffalo. Northwest Missouri State. MD. 1969. McEnaney. MD. Smith. Josephs. 1984. BS. MD. 1980 Anne M. MD. Tufts. Harvard. AB. BS. 1984 John Kearns. Thompson. 1988. 1989 Richard H. BA. 1956. Ohio State. BA. 1967. Pittsburgh. UMass Worcester. 2001 Harvey G. DiSiena. 1998 Michael R. Carnegie Mellon. 1972. Harvard. 1969. 1987 Frederik A. 1985. Harvard. Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. BA. MD. BS. MD. DO. PhD. Kobe University. 1997 Patrick M. MD. 1970 *Wiley Hall. MD. MS. Taylor. Dartmouth. Pennsylvania State. Osmania. MD. MD. UMass Lowell. MD. Lehigh. Mississippi. Tufts. 1962. 1996. 1988 Paula B. 1989. MS. MD. UMass Worcester. MD. MD. 1992 Jason T. BA. 1989 Gregory Gallivan. BA. MD. West Virginia. 1995 Richard M. 1970. MD. MD. BSN. MBA. MD. Holy Cross. Nazarey. Stoker. 1994. Brown. 1967 Leon G. Rockett. MD.. 1993. Pèècs. California/Berkeley. 1996. 1978. 2007 Richard A. Richmond. Case Western Reserve. MD. Emhoff. 1991 Konstantino A. Columbia. George Washington. Harvard. Hopkins. MD. 1962 Wayne B. 1974 Mitchell A. Plymouth State. New Jersey. Lehigh. 1956. MD. 1966. MS. BA. 1982. 1999 Harry W. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras. AB. AB. Akron. 1998 Robert D. MD. 1968. Albany Medical. 1972 Bhalchandra G. Hudlin. 1976.A. 1986 Susan C. BS. Rhode Island. Simmons. Yale. Dykhuizen. 1988 Michael D. 1998 Gerald T. DMD.. 1946 Robert D. Boston. 2002 William E. Harvard. MD. 1990. Albany Medical. MD. MD. BS. 1970. BS. New York. 1973 George A. Sungarian. 1980 Subhash C. MD. U. 1980. Tseng. MS. MD. 1966. DO. Duke. 1987. Maryland. BA. MD. MD. Ayvazian. 1997 Stephens D. MD. Fiorillo. Brandeis. Cohn. BA. Maykel. Fanelli. Pilitsis. BA. BS. MD. Siena. BA. BS. 1980 Nam Heui Kim. MD. 1978. Pennsylvania. 1982 Ulises Torres. 1976 Timothy B. New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. 1994. Connecticut. Bowdoin. 1999 Sheldon Brotman. BS. 1990 Karim Alavi. Tufts. BS. Boston College. Rochester. 1991 Andrew B. PhD. 1991 Clinical Assistant Professors Paul Arcand. Michigan. 1985. Vermont. MB. Shah. Albert Einstein. Cahan. MD. BA. AB. 1993 * joint appointment 96 University of Massachusetts Medical School . New York Medical. Bates. MD. 1982. 1984. 1989. MD. MD. 1995. Boston. BA. Rensselaer. 1987. MD. BS. MD.V. 1999. Providence. 1969 Mark E. BA. Hacettepe. Bombay. AB. Gulati. SUNY Downstate. BA. 1985. MBBS. 1975 Donald Czerniach. Harvard. MD. MD. Tufts. 1976. MD. Kaufman. 1990. 1979. 1968. 1974. Virginia. 1994. MA. Providence. Jefferson Medical College. BS. Wojcik.. Lederman. 1990 Andres Schanzer. Cornell. BS. D. 1986. 1994 David L. MD. BS. 1977. Beijing Medical University. South Dakota. BS. McGill. 1987. 1961. BS. BAO. UMass Worcester. 1999 Sazzad Hassan. Tufts. Gettysburg. 1983. 1994 Praneetha Narahari. McIlwaine. Louisiana State. Pennings. BA. Bryn Mawr. MD. California/Los Angeles. MD. California/San Francisco. MS. 1995 Karl Fabian L. MD. Smith. 1990. Pennsylvania. 1987 Peter Miotto. 1994 John Castle. Tufts. 1972 Louis J. BS. 1995. Vermont. Northeastern Ohio. BS. MD. Nicholls State. Pennsylvania State. 1998 Philip J. Johns Hopkins. Pennsylvania. Avradopoulos. Emory. MD. 1943. 1965. PharmD. 1974 *Brian S. Johns Hopkins. MD. 1990. Tufts. Harvard. 1985. Kantrowitz. Boston College. BA. PhD. Connecticut. Holy Cross. Perugini. MD. MD. Rochester. MD. Gilroy. BS. Washington. Wollin. AB. Bellin. MD. O’Shea. Boston. 1963. 1997 James M. 1996 Todd M. BA. McGillicuddy. MS. Wayne State. Eslami. 1980 John V. 1973. Harvard College. 1998. MD 1960 Assistant Professors Mustafa Akyurek. 2000 Eugene L. SUNY Stony Brook. 1983 Arno S. MLS. DeRoss. 1968. Lasner.S. MD. 1992 Stuart R. 1979. BS. Tufts. 1993. 1981 John K. Rutgers. 1996 Aleksander Chudnovsky. BS. 1993 Laura A. Maryland. 1977 Robert D. Saskatchewan. San Jose State. BS. Boston. 1970 Jennifer F. BA. MD. 1961 Margaret M. 1951. 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