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Introduction Fruit juice is a ready and rich source of vitamin, fiber and mineral salt for human consumption

due to its uses as medicine, food and appetites. Several enzymes are used in helping to extract and clarify juice from the fruit. Pectinase is an enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of pectin, a component of the cell wall in fruits such as apples and oranges. Pectinase is used commercially to aid in extracting juice from fruit. By enzymatically breaking down the cell wall, pectinase releases the juice from within the cells. Pectinase is also used for clarifying the extracted juice. -amylase is a hydrolytic enzyme and helps break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars. It has been wide spread use in food, textile, baking and detergent industries. Besides its use in the saccharification or liquefaction of starch, the enzyme is also used for the warp sizing of textile fibres, the clarification of haze formed in beer or fruit juices, and for the pretreatment of animal feed to improve the digestibility.

Objective To clarify banana juice by using pectinase at different parameters

Materials Banana, pectinase enzyme (Pectinex Ultra SP-L Novozymes), -amylase enzyme (BAN 480 L Novozymes, tea strainer, beaker


1. The banana was steamed (100°C, 20 min) and peeled. 2. By using blender, banana was blended with water at a ratio of 1:1 (pulp:water) 3. Tea strainer was used to strain and separates the pulp from juice. 4. The pH was adjusted at range between 4.5-4.8 by adding 10% citric acid 5. 0.05% of -Amylase was added and heated for 3 hours at 50°C

6. based on the result the objective is successfully achieve.031 nm. This is due to the present of pectinase and -amylase enzyme in the juice. banana juice clarified by using pectinase at different parameters. The wavelength for juice treated with enzyme is much lower than the control.587 nm.587 Juice treated with enzyme 0. While absorbance wavelength for the juice that has been treated with enzyme was at 0. Therefore the juice treated with enzyme is less turbid. Oyeleke & F.031 Discussion Based on the result. Then it was centrifuged at 6 500 rpm 8. Conclusion In this experiment.M.pdf Extraction of juice from some tropical fruits using a small scale multi-fruit juice extractor. Result Observation: Illustration & Justification Control www.6 % pectinase was added into the solution and heated for 30 min at 50°C 7. So.livestrong. the control juice absorbance wavelength was at 0. 0.I. Reference: www. Absorbance was check at wavelength 660 nm by using UV-VIS Spectrophotometer.toronto. Olaniyan. Pectinase and -amylase has been used to clarifying juices. After 3 hours. 2007 .

. artificial colours and flavours.Many of the fruit drinks are mostly sugar. mainly contain sugar and water.