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1. Kissan 2. Heinz 3. Maggi 4. Tops 5.


29 10 37


‡ Tomato Ketchup

‡ Hot & Sweet

‡ Tomato Ketchup (With onion & garlic)

‡ Teekha Masala

‡ Tomato Chatpat

‡ Tomato Pudina


‡ Available in different variants: Maggi Ketchup Maggi Hot & Sweet Sauce, Maggi Masala Chilli Sauce, Maggi Chilli Garlic Sauce, Maggi Tamarind Sauce, Maggi Tomato Sauce (Witho

‡ The product is bright red in color.

‡ The thickness is less as compared to Kissan.


‡ It is available in different variants: Kissan Ketchup and Kissan Sauce (no onion no garlic), Kissan Tomchi.

‡ The colour is dark red.

‡ The thickness is more as compared to Maggi Ketchup.


‡ They promote their product very effectively through television,

‡ They have applied the strategy of brand extension.

‡ They also sponsor various cookery shows to promote alternate usage of products.

‡ They also use strategy of free product samples to promote it.

‡ Celebrity endorsements. Eg. Javed Jafferi PROMOTION

‡ Less promoted as compared to maggi.

‡ No particular celebrity endorsement.


‡ Its Maggi Rich Tomatoes is priced at Rs 90 (1 kg bottle with 20% free offer) and Rs 26 (200 gm bottle). PRICE

‡ Its Kissan Ketchup and Kissan Sauce (no onion no garlic) are priced at Rs 91 (1 kg bottle), Rs 49 (500 gm bottle) and Rs 60 (600 gm squeezy pack), while Kissan Tomchi is priced


Product differentiation strategy means how a particular product is different from others on the basis of:

1. Form

2. Features

3. Performance quality

4. Convenience

5. Durability

6. Reliability

7. Style