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IBM Power Systems

An Introduction to External Storage on IBM i
June 2011
Eric Hess – Executive IT Specialist POWER Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) - Americas

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IBM Power Systems

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Hess 2011

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IBM Power Systems

IBM i Storage Strategy: Then

Circa 1995
* Internal IBM i compressed disk options were phased out several generations ago 3
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IBM Power Systems

IBM i Power Systems Storage: Now
Long term investment for internal, external and virtualized storage for IBM i, AIX, Linux

Historical Focus External
High End Mid Range Entry High End

Today External

Traditional Influencers Vendor, Cost, Capacity, Performance, Flexibility New, Strategic Influencers RAS CHARM PowerHA Hibernation & Mobility

Virtualized PowerVM - VIOS

Mid Range Entry



External, Internal Virtual, and Integrated combined HDDs and SSDs to meet needs

Data Retention


Hess 2011

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solutions. features and functions Storage planning approaches and resources Next steps 5 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems IBM i Storage Strategy Planning The Foundations 6 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation .IBM Power Systems The Mission of Today’s Session is to Help You Understand: Key foundations and strategies New technologies.

1 POWER6/7 (BCH) VIOS NPIV** VIOS VIOS VIOS Direct VIOS VIOS Blades 6.1 6.1 6.1 / 7.1 / 7.This table does not list more detailed © 2011 IBM Corporation Note there are currently some differences between the above table and the SSIC. No IBM i data base support % NPIV requires IBM i 7.1 / 7. 7 7 7 Not 7.1 TR2 (Technology Refresh 2) and latest firmware released May 2011 or later For more details.1 / Support only through IFS.1 / 7. use the System Storage Interoperability Center: 8 Hess 2011 www. Blades in BCH support either SAS or Fibre Channel. DS3500 @@ N Series can only be used as file server.1 5.IBM Power Systems Disk Storage Options for IBM i Power System 3996 nSeries (and other NAS) Optical Server (no longer IBM marketed) IA Information Archive DS6000 Archive ASP 1-255 Dual RAID SSDs DS8000 LUN backed SSD and Easy Tier IBM i (fiber) VIOS (fiber) Large Cache HDs And more DS5000 XIV EMC DMXVmax Native VIOS Network SAS and or SCSI 7 Hess 2011 DS4000 SSD EasyTier 3rd Party DS3400 Storwize V7000 and SVC SSD EasyTier Any supporte d storage © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems Support for IBM Storage Systems with IBM i Table as of April 12.1 / 7.1 / 7.1 / 7.1 POWER6/7 6. DS3500. DS3950 & BCS supports DS3200.1 6.1 6.1 / 7.1 / 7.1 6.1 6.1 5.1 / 7.1 / 7.1.4 / 6. The SSIC should be updated to reflect the above information .1 / 7.1 / 7. ## 7 7 IFS / NFS Power Hardware (BCH) (BCH) (BCH) (NAS) IBM i Attach IFS (NAS) VIOS VIOS VIOS VIOS Not supported 6.4 / 6.1 7 IBM i 5. 2011 N Series @@ DS3200 DS3400 DS3500 DS3950 DS4700 DS4800 DS5020 Storwize V7000 DS5100 DS5300 DS6800 SVC XIV DS8100 DS8300 DS8700 DS8800 Systems 5.This table can change over time as addition hardware/software capabilities/options are added # DS3200 only supports SAS connection. But see SCORE System RPQ 846-15284 for exception support * Supported with Smart Fibre Channel adapters – NOT supported with IOP-based Fibre Channel adapters ** NPIV requires Machine Code Level of 6.1 Version POWER5/6/ POWER6/ POWER6/ POWER6/7 POWER6/ POWER6/7 POWER5/6/7 POWER5/6/7 Not DS3200#. for example required levels of firmware or PTFs required or configuration performance considerations .4 / 6.1 ### Rack / Hardware 7 Yes POWER5/6/ Tower DS3500## 7 IBM i Attach IFS / NFS (NAS) Direct* or VIOS – VSCSI and NPIV% Direct or Direct or VIOS VIOS – – VSCSI and VSCSI and NPIV** NPIV** 6. supported on Blades with SAS ## DS3500 has either SAS or Fibre Channel connection. #.1 POWER6/ POWER6/7 POWER6/7 7 (BCH) (BCH) (BCH) VIOS VIOS VIOS NPIV** n/a Notes .1.1 6.1 6.1 IBM i POWER6/7 POWER6/7 POWER6/ POWER6/ Version POWER6/7 @. ### Not supported on IBM i 7. Rack/Tower only uses Fibre Channel.1 / 7.1 or later .4 / 6.1 6.1 / 7.1 POWER5/6/ 6.1 / 7.POWER7 servers require IBM i 6.1 or later and requires NPIV capable HBAs (FC adapters) and switches @ BCH supports DS3400. No load source/boot support. not supported on Rack/Tower servers which use only Fibre Channel connections.1 / 7.1 6. Blades in BCS only uses SAS.

1 – 7.5-inch disk drives.5 HDD 15k 15k 15k 10 Hess 2011 SSD • Typically around 200 microseconds vs. 560.4 and up IOPs 5. 795 © 2011 IBM Corporation . 780. 550. 720. and enablement of virtualized storage * 10Gb Converged Network Adapter (CNA) FC 5708 also provides support for NPIV (Note) IOP-less single port fiber adapters are not supported for native attach IBM i. reduced cost.5” ½ the energy of 3.1 – 7. better utilization of faster POWER CPUs and memory.1 PCIe single or dual port 4Gb (IOP-less) 6. they can be used with VIOS to support IBM i 9 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems Power System Internal Disks Examples Integrated with IBM i – Native attach – Virtualized: • Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) • IBM i Hosting i SFF HDD 15k 10k 10k 3.1. however. 770. 750.1 and 710. 2 or 4 SSD modules per adapter • 177 GB per SSD module / Up to 708 GB per card • IBM i 7.4.1 Best price/performance No IBM i load source support on POWER5/5+ IOP-based fiber adapters – Requires HSL loop technology – PCIx only 5. 730. 575.5” • Traditional 3. >2 milliseconds for HDDs • 520. reduced space 3. 740.1 Best price/performance Not available PCI-x single or dual port 4Gb (IOP-less) 6.5-inch disk drives PCIe-Based SSD • 4 SSD bays on card: 1. 595 • 710/720/730/740/750/770/780 • IBM i 5.1 – 7.1 and 7.1 May 2011 IBM i Options 139 GB 283 GB 571 GB (new) May 2011 IBM i Options 139 GB 283 GB 428 GB 2. 7.1 is key to enabling best external storage performance. 6. 570.IBM Power Systems Fiber Adapters (HBAs) for IBM i External Storage Systems PCIe dual port 8Gb (IOP-less) – Supports NPIV * POWER5/5+ Not available Best price/performance POWER6/6+ POWER7 6.4 IBM i 6.

directions. 780 server CECs – POWER6 520. supports lots of internal HDDs/SSDs Disclaimer: IBM statements regarding its plans. and more 11 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems Key April Internal Storage Statements of Direction (SOD) New. or legal obligation to deliver any material.1 without VIOS is planned 4Q2011 PCIe SAS adapter summary – Zero cache (existing) – 380MB cache (existing) – Large cache (SOD) high performance. 740. Power 795 177GB SSD. large PCIe SAS adapter – IBM plans to introduce a large-cache PCIe SAS adapter in 3Q2011 for clients with large numbers of HDD and/or SSD per adapter Planned POWER supported – 12X PCIe I/O drawers attached to POWER7 or POWER6 – POWER7 720. EXP24S I/O drawer. The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment.1 with VIOS IBM i 7. and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice at IBM’s sole discretion. 550. 12 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation .1 with or without VIOS IBM i 6. Blades not supported Enhanced IBM i multi-path fiber I/O performance – IBM i 7. we still do not recommend sharing native/direct attach tape and disk on same fiber IOA 571GB disk. Information about potential future products may not be incorporated into any contract. code or functionality. 770.IBM Power Systems New Spring 2011 Storage Options NPIV support for VIOS attach DS5000– IBM i 7. Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision.1 TR2 – N_Port ID Virtualization – Rack servers only. promise. The development. – Note.1 TR2 – Smarter algorithm • Automatic load balancing • Locates and uses path with least utilization – Supports • • • • VIOS (NPIV and vSCSI) Native/direct attach fiber POWER6 and POWER7 Smart-IOA fiber and IOP-based fiber – No setup commands or tuning parameters. and timing of any future features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion. 570 CECs Planned OS support – – – – AIX 5. release.3 or later IBM i 6.

000 ns SSD 1. SSDs cut 1.5 hours from batch run time – Plus a 16% reduction in # of disk drives # of SAS 15K HDD Base run SSD run 1 SSD run 2 40% Reduction Batch Performance Runs 5 4 Hours 3 2 1 # of SSDs 0 8 4 Batch Run Time 4:22 2:43 2:48 72 72 60 0 72 HDD 72 HDD + 8 SSD 60 HDD + 4 SSD Placed eight DB2 Objects (table.Why SSDs? Seagate 15k RPM/3.000.000 8. DS5000) IBM i DB2. DS5000) – EasyTier for DS8000 and V7000 14 Hess 2011 Source: IBM Power Systems Performance and Benchmark Center 5-23-09 © 2011 IBM Corporation . but are getting worse on an I/O per GB metric +17% 171 Max Sustained Data Rate (MB/s) Read Seek (ms) HDD Sweet Spot: – No strong performance need – Measuring performance in sustained GB/s Very slow comparatively 73 75 3.IBM Power Systems Internal or External .4 2008 Very.000. DS5000) – IBM i DB2. UDFS SSD integration (Internal.6 2002 -1% 3.5" Drive Specifications 450 +35% Capacity (GB) HDDs – Continue to provide value on a $ per GB metric …. UDFS SSD integration (Internal DS8000. DS8000. index. DS5000) EasyTier for DS8000 and V7000 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems SSD . view) on SSD SDD tools and software: – IBM i SSD Data Balancer (Internal. DS8000. DS8000. very fast Very fast Fast < 10’s ns Processors ~100 ns Memory ~200.000 ns Disk SDD tools and software for IBM i: – – – 13 Hess 2011 IBM i SSD Data Balancer (Internal.Batch Window Reduction Example Associated Bank needed to reduce month end batch run time from 4+ hours to under 3 hours Int.

15 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems IASPs: Foundation for Flexibility and HA/DR Independent ASPs (IASPs) offer: – Uptime • Shorter IPLs – leave non-critical IASPs on-line • Reclaim Storage (RCLSTG) by IASP ASP1 (SYSBAS) – Security • Data and path encryption by ASP – Archive • Storage performance and cost by IASP User ASP (SYSBAS) – Consolidation • • • • Meet compliance needs for isolation SaaS (Software as a Service) Reduce software licensing fees (single OS) Reduce number of OS upgrades IASP – Application -1 IASP – Application -2 – Any storage which support ASPs Foundation for all PowerHA solutions • • • • 16 Switched IASPs PowerHA external storage LUN Level Switching IBM i Power HA Geographic Mirror Power HA external storage copy services * Advanced Copy Services IASP – Journaling IASP with reduced cost archive storage © 2011 IBM Corporation Hess 2011 . virtualized Your IBM i solution is probably already delivering an enterprise class performance solution.IBM Power Systems Storage Management Styles – IBM i Compared To … Unix Object A Object B Object C Object D Linux Windows IBM i TIMI 'C' Boot & OS 'G' 'D' 'E' 'F' 'H' 'J' 'K' 'L' DB Page PGMs Storage Management I/O and Cache 'I' System ASP Internal. not simply capacity. design for I/Os-per-second. external. Your future storage design should take this into account: for tier-1 storage.

1 TR2) new! – Supports internal and external storage – NPIV for native attach functionality i Host Hypervisor • ` i Client VIOS Host Hypervisor i Client POWER6/7 POWER6/7 17 Hess 2011 TR2 = Technology Refresh 2 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems Power Systems Partition Hibernation (suspend/resume) 7.fewest setup steps – No network storage space required – Simple startup .1 TR2 IBM i suspend / resume (VIOS) – Ability to suspend a running partition (AIX or IBM i) • Operating system. application and DB • Stores virtual server state to persistent storage owned by VIOS • Releases processor and memory resources • Suspend/resume up to 4 partitions concurrently • No limit to the maximum number that may be suspended Benefits – End of Month Processing or Resource balancing – Simplified maintenance and save on IPLs – Faster partition migrations (Live Partition Mobility . AIX and Linux – Typically requires the least amount CPU – Faster provisioning .IBM Power Systems Virtual Storage for Partitions on Power Servers IBM i IBM i hosting – IBM i partition uses I/O resources from host IBM i partition – Best option for Windows Integration on IBM i – Familiar IBM i environment – Limited support of PowerHA Geographic Mirroring (NWSSTG full copy only) – Supports internal and external storage Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) hosting – IBM i partition uses I/O resources from a VIOS partition – Best environment for IBM i.AIX only) 18 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation .VIOS is always active – Provides tape virtualization – Supports PowerHA-DS8000 Copy Services – LPAR Hibernation (IBM i 7.

R/W ratio of 50/50 to 30/70. Assumes advance I/O design and operation skills. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems Advanced IBM i Storage Resiliency Design Strategies Disk protection choice Level of protection Relative performance1 CHARM2 RAID-5 with protected write cache RAID-6 with protected write cache RAID-5/6 with protected write cache and hot spare RAID-5 with dual controllers RAID-6 with dual controllers External (SAN) attached storage with multipath fiber IBM i Disk Mirroring VIOS with redundancy Basic Basic + Better Basic Better Basic to Best Best Basic to Best Standard Slight degradation No effect Standard with active-active Improved with active-active Standard to improved Improved Standard to improved None None None Basic Basic Better to Best None to Basic None to Best 1 Assumes the same quantity of physical disk units. other options available. CHARM) RAS Item Power 750 Power 770 Power 780 Power 595 Standard Optional Not available Power 795 Redundant / Hot Swap Fans & Blowers Hot Swap DASD / Media / PCI Adapters Concurrent Firmware Update Redundant / Hot Swap Power Supplies Dual disk controllers (split backplane) Processor Instruction Retry Alternate Processor Recovery Storage Keys PowerVM™/Live Partition Mobility/Hibernation Redundant Service Processors Redundant System Clocks Redundant / Hot Swap Power Regulators Dynamic Processor Sparing Memory Sparing Hot GX Adapter Add and Cold Repair Hot-node Add / Cold-node Repair Hot-node Repair / Hot-memory Add Dynamic Service Processor and System Clock Failover Hot-node Repair / Hot-memory Add for all nodes** Enterprise Memory Hot GX Adapter Repair Midplane connection for inter-nodal communication Active Memory Mirroring for Hypervisor * * * * * * * Unique Storage * and I/O Planning Considerations * * * * * * * 19 Hess 2011 * Requires two or more nodes ** Planned for 2H10 on 780. These are suggested better practices. 2 CEC Hot Add and Repair Maintenance.IBM Power Systems POWER7 RAS Feature Overview (incl. Detailed planning required 20 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation . 1H11 on 795 All statements regarding IBM's future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice. and represent goals and objectives only.

IBM Power Systems IBM i Storage Strategy Planning High Availability and DR 21 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems PowerHA SystemMirror for i Hardware level resiliency and replication with IBM software management – Does not rely on software ‘application transaction replay’ techniques – Eliminates the causes of out-of-sync situations – Fussy applications. deletes. complex SQL. are not a replication headache – Scalable. reorgs. Storage Ext. robust and automated solution – Always ready to switch 22 HessHess 2011 2010 © 2011 IBM Corporation PROD (source) X Network X HA (target) LPAR-1 LPAR-2 Clustered Geographic Mirroring of IASP (int or ext) PROD (source) HA (target) LPAR-1 Network Ext. etc. Storage LPAR-2 Clustered external storage IASP replication (ext) PROD (source) HA (target) LPAR-1 LPAR-2 Ext. Storage Clustered external storage IASP switching (ext) . heavy batch.

VMAX. Native attach means the partition contains a SCSI.1 or 7.1) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes POWER5/6/7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (7.1) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (6.1 or 7.1 TR2 24 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation .1 or 7. et al Logical Replication Add-on Software ** See Redbook “IBM i and Midrange External Storage SG247668” and ”IBM i Virtualization and DS4000 Read-me First” * Requires NPIV capable fiber channel adapter.1 FlashCopy Metro Mirror Global Mirror Switched IASP LUN Level Switching Geographic Mirroring FlashCopy Metro Mirror Global Mirror LUN Level Switching Metro/Global Mirror FlashCopy Global Mirror Metro Mirror iCluster and others No No No Yes No Yes No No No No No No No No Yes POWER6/7 No No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes POWER5/6/7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (7. 23 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems IBM i PowerVM VIOS Storage and Resiliency Current as of 4/25/11 DS3000 BladeCenter DS4000 POWER6/7 BladeCenter DS5000 POWER6/7 BladeCenter DS6000 POWER6/7 BladeCenter DS8000 XIV SVC / V7000 POWER6/7 POWER6/7 POWER6/7 BladeCenter BladeCenter BladeCenter PowerHA SystemMirror 6.1 plus Advanced Copy Services (ACS) External Storage Full System Copy (crash consistent copy and cloning) Logical Replication Add-on Software Notes: SSD requires POWER6 or POWER7.1) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (6.1 plus Advanced Copy Services (ACS) External Storage Full System Copy (crash consistent copy and cloning) ** FlashCopy Metro Mirror Global Mirror iCluster. SAS or Fiber Channel card used to connect to the storage.1 FlashCopy Metro Mirror Global Mirror Switched IASP LUN Level Switch No No No No No Yes No No No No No No No Yes No No No No No Yes No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Yes Yes* Yes* Yes* No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes* Yes* No Yes* Yes Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Yes No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Planned Planned Planned No No Yes No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Geo’mirroring FlashCopy Metro Mirror Global Mirror LUN Level Switch PowerHA SystemMirror 6.IBM Power Systems IBM i Native Attach Storage and Resiliency Current as of 4/25/11 Internal SAS/SSD DS5000 DS6000 DS8000 EMC POWER5/6/7 PowerHA SystemMirror 6. DS5000 NPIV support requires IBM i 7.1) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes POWER5/6/7 No (Timefinder) No (SRDF) No (SRDF) Yes No Yes No (Timefinder) No (SRDF) No (SRDF) No No Yes (Timefinder) Yes (SRDF) Yes (SRDF) Yes PowerHA SystemMirror 6.1 or 7. Switched IASP supports LPAR level only with POWER7 and beyond. (2) DMX.

backups Production Tape Backup Local HA © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems IBM i Storage Strategy Planning Archive Storage on IBM i 26 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation . local High Availability is always available to ensure fast switchover • Local HA target apply process never suspends apply job for nightly backups. Queries.IBM Power Systems Logical Replication – Better Practices for Critical HA HA logical replication 3-node examples Production LPAR-1 HA or DR – Mission critical HA. DR. backups and queries – Critical. complex applications need dedicated HA • A simple 2 node design requires HA software apply-job be suspended during backups. large volumes. universal target copy of storage is used for everything: HA. which may cause RTO to slip to many hours • Large queries can interfere with replication apply jobs and cause out of sync conditions Local Backup LPAR-1 Tape Backup Broadcast replication to local LPAR and remote server HA logical replication 3-node examples – A break from traditional designs where a single. which can increase RTO drastically 25 Hess 2011 DR Site.

used market • Use LVD SCSI IOA feature code 5736 (PCI-X SCSI IOP-less IOA) 2. Move to a disk based solution 27 Hess 2011 • • HVD=High Voltage Differential SCSI LVD=Low Voltage Differential SCSI © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems Archive Disk Based Solutions for IBM i Image Catalog Media Library for Archive (Virtual Optical Library) – IBM i APIs allow HDD based storage to emulate 399x • Any internal. Netapp. SG24-2158 Near line storage using internal or SAN attached storage – Native or VIOS attached • Role your own 28 Hess 2011 • NAS=Network Attach Storage. e.g. G-Series models for IBM i. Content Manager) NAS Storage (for image storage only on IBM i) – Network attached (Network Attached Storage) • IBM i becomes NFS client (Network File System) • For image storage only (bitmap. etc. or what to do with an aging 3995-3996? 3996 and related features were withdrawn from marketing in 2008 – Plasmon is no longer in business 3995 is not supported on POWER7 – IBM i planning documentation has been stating this for some years • No HVD SCSI adapter is available on POWER7 • SCSI HVD-LVD adapters/converters are not supported with IBM i POWER7 alternatives: 1. 3996/399F LVD SCSI models can attach to POWER7 • Alliance Storage Technologies Inc.) • Tivoli TSM to manage NAS Exploring NFS on AS/400. encryption and backup • Supports IBM i archive solutions (e. gif. nSeries.1 and Lab Services fee offering IBM Information Archive (IA) – External HDD based retention • WORM. © 2011 IBM Corporation .g.IBM Power Systems Archive. external or VIOS storage which supports ASPs • Transparent to archive and content management applications • IBM i 7. etc.

*ERASE and *RAM Benefits: – Any native internal or external attached disk storage which supports ASPs – Transparent to optical library enabled archive and content management applications – Higher performance HDD storage and no mount time Planning Considerations – – – – – – Available with IBM i 7. Additional Options ODBC / JDBC XML SQL Excel Access © 2011 IBM Corporation .ibm. WORM.Optical.1.4 Years Compressed Compressed Archives Archives XML XML Extract Extract 1 . Information Archive (IA). IBM 3996 and Plasmon G-series – IBM i image catalog extended to support library mode – IBM i APIs allow HDD based storage to emulate 3995/3996/399F media – Supports High Performance Optical File System (HPOFS) and *WORM media type to facilitate compliance with data retention requirements – Supports image media types *WORM. even@us. 30 Hess 2011 6+ Years Off-Line Archive Off-line Retention Platform CD.IBM Power Systems Image Catalog Virtual Optical Media Library for Archive Eases Transition from IBM 3995. (507) 253-1313. contact Mark Even. Years Access Definitions Complete Business Object Business Rules Validations Archive Database Non DBMS Retention Platform Low cost virtual storage. IBM System Storage® solutions (including the Information Archive). 29 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems Optim Archive Data Access Example Active/Historical Online IBM® Optim™ Production Database Restore Restore 2 . IBM TSM. etc. U U N N II V V E E R R S S A A L L A A C C C C E E S S S S Enterprise Content Management – IBM Optim Image and Output Management – IBM Content Manager and Content Manger on Demand – IBM FileNet P8 – RealVisions – RJS etc.2 Years Current Data On/Near-Line Archive 4 . PTFs and Lab Services offering ASP and disk storage planning Use of the Enhanced Optical Library Data Migration Lab Services offering Backups (save) of virtual library volume images and image catalogs IASPs have not been tested yet – request this from Lab Services if required Any High Availability or Disaster Recovery needs for archive images or data Available as of 3Q 2010 – A Lab Services fee offering – To inquire about pricing and availability.

internal or IBM external • High performance Internal SAS storage • High performance DS8000 external storage • Select midrange external storage – DS5000 SSD HDD tua l iz e d • • • • Virtual I/O Server .VIOS IBM i Hosting IBM i. AIX. isolated with User ASP or Independent ASPs • • • • • Traditional tape IBM i virtual tape ProtecTIER virtual tape FlashCopy (external Storage) Cloud Backup Vir Archive Hess 2010 Hess 2010 Backup Lowest Cost Tier 32 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation .SVC • Archive and data management software • Virtual optical offering • Information Archive • Encrypted int/ext disk storage • NAS/NFS for images • BRMS WORM tape Secondary tiers • Dense. Linux Windows Integration SAN Volume Controller . lower cost internal or external storage.IBM Power Systems IBM i Storage Strategy Planning References and Summary 31 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems IBM i Storage Strategy Top Performance Tier • Cost effect Solid State Drive (SSD) integration.

DR and on-line backups for midrange to large IBM i – Advanced RAS. Mix-andMatch 34 Hess 2011 . Performance.IBM Power Systems Define Your Base Needs Reasons for Internal Storage on IBM i – – – – Simplicity and ease-of-use Lower cost High Performance Entry level IBM i PowerHA Reasons for external storage on IBM i – Storage capacity flexibility – Performance flexibility and storage tiers – Meet common corporate storage platform standards – Advance IBM i PowerHA combined with storage copy services for HA. Strategic Influencers RAS CHARM PowerHA Hibernation & Mobility Data Retention © 2011 IBM Corporation Single solution vs. QA Archive Growth HA/DR Traditional Influencers Storage model line or vendor preference Capacity. Flexibility and Cost New. CHARM and hibernation functions 33 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems Define Your End-To-End System Requirements Strategy and requirements by workload or LPAR: – – – – – – Production Development Test.

in a future release (next update semiannual function update) 36 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation .1 adds a new category to IBM i Collection Services – *EXTSTG – new collection performance metrics from DS8000 • Requires DS8000 R4 or later firmware – Data can be presented in graphs using iDoctor today • Performance Data Investigator (PDI).IBM Power Systems Plan for Operations. Systems Management and Skills LPAR VIOS Appliance EXT Cross storage tools and processes IBM i and VIOS tools Appliance tools Storage tools PowerVM and VIOS skills and processes LPAR VIOS INT EXT IBM i and VIOS tools Storage tools Storage tools and processes LPAR EXT IBM i tools Storage tools LPAR Base IBM i skills INT IBM i tools 35 Hess 2011 Education Services Change Management © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems IBM i and DS8000 Performance Monitoring Integration Performance monitoring integration and ease of use Other CPU Mem LUN Performance Statistics POWER IBM i Cache Ranks Links DS8000 IBM i Collection Services SAN Infrastructure Focus on end-to-end performance monitoring and investigation for an IBM i and DS8000 environment IBM i 7.

support.html IBM Information Archive (IA) storage server – IBM i Archive and data management software – 38 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation .com/systems/services/labservices Experience in application architecture and design gained from thousands of engagements across many More on IBM i Storage – Techdocs – www.plasmon.stgls@us.nsf/WebIndex/PRS4010 (SSDs) Image Catalog Virtual Optical Media Library for Archive offering – www. and services are provided through a services contract (choosing storage) – www.html – www. G-Series models for IBM i: – www. Lab Services offering – Standalone toolkit or with PowerHA Technical Overview Redbook – IBM ProtecTier – www. Ability to deliver skills transfer as part of service 37 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems Additional Information – References IBM i Alliance Storage Technologies Inc.IBM Power Systems DS8000 Management Toolkit – Operations Integration Extended storage management functionality via IBM i puts you in control of your DS8000 storage resources with automation and simplicity! Features Integration and automation of storage operations – – – – – Automated scripting capabilities HBA replacement utility DS8000 user/password management Simplifies mapping of host connections Validates configuration of volumes and LUNS – Translates DS8000 traps into meaningful IBM i alerts through familiar QSYSOPR interface Typical Benefits Extends and simplifies DS8000 storage management functionality for IBM i Enables better communications between IBM i system and storage teams Streamlines Alerting and Error Notification Minimizes potential user error that causes system outages Reduce personnel training requirements Why IBM®? Deep skills in IBM i implementation and integration.redbooks.

ibm. High Availability.IBM Power Systems Additional Information – References PowerHA for IBM i – www-03.1 are key to enabling new storage solutions Thanks to Sue – www-03. Alison Pate. and on-line backup strategy IBM i 6. virtualized storage solutions For high performance and deliver – www.systeminetwork. Armin and Mark of IBM for assistance with this presentation 40 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation . Disaster Recovery.1 and 39 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems Summary New tiered storage options to choose from for your storage strategy – Define your objectives POWER IBM i will continue to invest the design point is becoming dollars per I/O’s per second versus the old metric of dollars per GB Cost effective use of internal and external Solid State Drives (SSDs) are now a standard part of a balanced storage performance design Storage choices are now a key part of an POWER IBM i server and storage details – www.nsf/WebIndex/PRS4361 – www-03. Nancy Roper.

IBM Global Financing offerings are provided through IBM Credit Corporation in the United States and other IBM subsidiaries and divisions worldwide to qualified commercial and government clients. IBM hardware products are manufactured from new parts. Consult your local IBM business contact for information on the IBM offerings available in your area. Other restrictions may apply. IBM may not make these offerings available in other countries. The furnishing of this document does not give you any license to these patents. reseller prices may vary. Actual results may vary significantly and are dependent on many factors including system hardware configuration and software design and configuration. Questions on the capabilities of non-IBM products should be addressed to the suppliers of those products. Information in this document concerning non-IBM products was obtained from the suppliers of these products or other public sources. Nancy Roper. Send license inquires. IBM is not responsible for printing errors in this document that result in pricing or information inaccuracies. Armin and Mark of IBM for assistance with this presentation 41 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems Special notices This document was developed for IBM offerings in the United States as of the date of publication. 2006 42 Hess 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation . Actual environmental costs and performance characteristics will vary depending on individual client configurations and conditions. The information contained in this document has not been submitted to any formal IBM test and is provided "AS IS" with no warranties or guarantees either expressed or implied. New Castle Drive. Armonk. and the information is subject to change without notice. There is no guarantee these measurements will be the same on generallyavailable systems. extension or withdrawal without notice. Alison Pate. financing terms. or new and serviceable used parts. All prices shown are IBM's United States suggested list prices and are subject to change without notice. in writing. Regardless. Rates are based on a client's credit rating. Users of this document should verify the applicable data for their specific environment. equipment type and options. All statements regarding IBM future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice. our warranty terms apply.IBM Power Systems An Introduction to External Storage on IBM i Session SE21 Thank you ! Thanks to Sue Baker. and represent goals and objectives only. offering type. Revised September 26. IBM may have patents or pending patent applications covering subject matter in this document. All examples cited or described in this document are presented as illustrations of the manner in which some IBM products can be used and the results that may be achieved. IBM Corporation. and may vary by country. Some measurements quoted in this document may have been estimated through extrapolation. to IBM Director of Licensing. Rates and offerings are subject to change. NY 10504-1785 USA. Some measurements quoted in this document may have been made on development-level systems. Any performance data contained in this document was determined in a controlled environment.

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