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DESHABHIMANI Deshabhimani Road, Kaloor, Cochin.

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1.1 Introduction 1.2 Organization Profile 1.3 History 1.4 Industrial Relation in Deshabhimani 1.5 Competitors 1.6 Organization Structure 1.6. A. Merits of Functional Organization

2.1 Introduction 2.2 Department Heads 2.3 Editorial Department 2.4 Production Department 2.5 Editorial Department 2.6 Process 2.7 Purchase Department 2.7. A Functions of Purchase Department 2.7. B Purchase Procedure 2.8 Personnel & Administration Department 2.8. A Unit Manager 2.9 Marketing Department 2.10 Circulation Department 2.11 Advertising Department 2.12 Accounts Department

3.1. Additional Information 3.2 SWOT Analysis 3.2. A Strengths 3.2. B Weakness 3.2. C Opportunity 3.2. D Threats


quality and circulation. It is a unique feature of newspaper industry compared to other industries. A newspaper comes with a fresh daily and dies in the morning itself. Today the Indian press utilizes almost all technologies. the Indian press has flourished since independence and exercise a large degree of independence. It is a media having believability moreover it needs only low cost.CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION A newspaper shall mean any printed periodical work containing public news or comments on public news. It is a type of print media. The growth of the press in India is not limited and the expansions in terms of number. Only a few Indian newspapers maintain production quality and circulation with the best among the international dailies. 1.2 ORGANISATION PROFILE . Newspaper reading has turned out as a habit of the people. Compared with other developing countries. It is the most common non-personal communication channel. British colonialism allowed for the development of tradition of freedom of press. Advantage of newspapers is its flexibility and timeliness. It has been an inevitable part of every mans day to day life.

Thiruvananthapuram. Deshabhimani is considered as a people¶s paper.P. The publishing history started in early 1942¶s. The newspaper has always stood for the right and righteous. as Marxist party themselves stood for the upliftment of the deprived. At present. striving hard to voice against all the unethical upheavals. the General Manager. 1. without fear of favour. It is run and published by CPM of Kerala. is the Chief Editor of the paper and E.V.Dakshinamoorthi.Deshabhimani is a prestigious daily newspaper in Kerala. secretariat member of the CPI (M). where it got converted into a daily in 1946. stateless society based on common ownership of the means of production.Jayarajan. It is one of the most prominent newspapers in Kerala. the paper holding out to strengthen the roots of Party in Kerala. Communism is a socio-economic structure that promotes the establishment of a classless. It¶s an organ of the Kerala State Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). Kannur and Kozhikode. It is published in six different editions in Kochi. Kottayam. It is an undeniable fact that the newspaper holds a special position in the households of Kerala. Trichur.3 HISTORY . V.

receiving at the same time bouquets from the masses. 1946. Elayidom. Ezhacheri Ramachandran. under the editorship of late Comrade E. It started as a weekly on September 6. is considered to be the precursor of Deshabhimani. Then came the Second World War which made the government promptly withdrew the license for publication without any rhyme or reason. Four years later. Anilkumar.S. Prabha Varma.Gopalan sustained it initially. With its humble but hopeful beginning on September 6. Various personalities like E. repressed and suppressed toiling masses. Deshabhimani changed to a four page morning daily on January 18.50. In order to improve the quality and meet the growing demand. A. Manoj. Deshabhimani as an organ of the CPI (M) in Kerala.K. Namboodiripad.Deshabhimani has a predecessor. September 6.R. 000 which is a big sum on those days to the paper. etc are some among them. The fund collected by A. completed 60 years of its life in 2002.Namboothiripad. P. Baburaj. 1942. 1942. So many notable Journalists of South India work with Deshabhimani. the need to replace the double dummy cylinder press by a modern rotary press was felt in early . Often it faced brickbats from the authorities and adversaries. P Govindapillai.S. 1935. It was started in 1935 and was the manifesto of the socialist group in the Indian National Congress. started from Shornnur near Trichur on January 9. it took initiative to have its open mouthpiece and that was how Deshabhimani was born at Kozhikode. When the party started functioning openly in 1942. Achuthanandan. Its beginning was a culmination point of the hopes and aspirations of millions of the oppressed. Prabhatham (which means 'Dawn').M. Later the ban was lifted in 1942. have served as the chief editors of Deshabhimani. By that time Deshabhimani had become an instrument of fight for the struggling people. The path it traversed was thorny. K P R Gopalan and V. it fulfilled a need of those turbulent days of our freedom movement. K. Prabhatam (The Dawn).V. S. Sunil P.M. EMS disposed of his ancestral property and donated the entire amount of Rs. V T Induchudan. Later. It was in 1942.M.Ajayan. through the efforts of eminent leaders like A K Gopalan and E M S Namboodiripad(who in fact donated all of his ancestral property for raising funds for the paper) Deshabhimani started and became the voice of the communist Party of India (later became Communist Party of India (Marxist)).

he took initiative to revive it. Since the Kozhikode edition alone couldn¶t meet the growing demand. The paper started its multi-colour edition at Kochi in 1993. 1994. The paper itself was on the brink of publication. But after release of AKG from jail in 1951. a stronghold of the communist movement. the Deshabhimani has become one among the largest daily in Kerala. 1. Industrial relation and joint consultations between employers and workers at work place. the party took initiative to start another edition from Kochi in 1969. The fifth edition started from Kottayam. Then Deshabhimani resumed its publication on December 6. 1989. Now Deshabhimani is at a growing stage. 1.1947. reaching a wide range of readership. The third edition started from Thiruvananthapuram on January 4. Kannur and Kottayam editions started with the colour printing installations right from the beginning. witnessed the severe repression against the party in independent India. So it started a new edition from Malappuram and Abhudhabi. . From a very humble beginning in terms of assets and circulation. The subject of industrial relations includes.4 Industrial relation in Deshabhimani Industrial relation is the collective relationship between union and employee which grows out of employment. to cater the need of southern Kerala. and Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode in 1994. The next edition started at Kannur on January 30. The period 1948 to 1951. 1998. The internet edition started on January 1. 1952.

In Deshabhimani. The part played by the State in regulating the relations. The method of adjustment and co-operation is perfect within the work place. 1. The rulemaking by employer-employees trade unions of Deshabhimani is within the statutory frame work so that uninterrupted production takes place. Indian Express . and 3. The Hindu 4. Collective relation between employers and their organizations and the Trade Unions. industrial relation is professional and realistic.2. Malayala Manorama 2. Mathrubhumi 3.5 COMPETITORS The main competitors of Deshabhimani are: 1.

Aksharamuttam 2. Deshabhimani Varanthappathippu 3. Deepika Other Publications (Product Line) 1.5.6 ORGANIZATION STUCTURE Secretary CPI (M). Thathamma OBJECTS AND VISION Its main objective has always been acting as the eloquent mouth piece of the progressive forces with clear political vision an national and international issues. Kilivaathil 5. 1. Kerala Kaumudi 6. Its vision is to make Deshabhimani the largest circulation daily. Sthree 4. State Committee Printer & Publisher General Manager Chief Editor Resident Editor Unit Manager Assistant Editor .

Once plans are created the manager's task is to see that they are carried out. Functional organization is the one in which entire organizational activities are divided into . Reporters Reporters Organizing is the managerial function of arranging people and resources to work toward a goal. All the three resources are important to get results. Each department is under the control of department head. Organizing plays a central role in the management process. The organization structure that Deshabhimani follows is functional organization. Sub Editor Sub Editor Bureau Bureau Chief Chief Reporters Sr. The Unit manager will in turn is responsible to the Board of Directors.Circulation Manager Personal & Administration Manager Accounts Manager Advertising Manager Marketing Manager Desk News Editor Chief Sub Editor Sr. It is the oldest type of organization. It is a function in which the synchronization and combination of human. organizational function helps in achievement of results which in fact is important for the functioning of a concern. which is completely responsible for organizing the department. Therefore. physical and financial resources takes place. Above all the departmental heads comes to the Unit manager to whom all departmental heads are responsible.

Effective Control. 4.Greater efficiency is achieved because of every function performing a limited number of functions. 5. Organization contained 135 employees and 4 Board members. Economy. 3.6.or grouped together on the basis of specific business functions such as operations. finance. Efficiency. 2.Specialization compiled with standardization facilitates maximum production and economical costs.Expert knowledge of functional manager facilitates better control and supervision. A Merits of Functional Organization 1. marketing and personal relations.Better division of labour takes place which results in specialization of function and its consequent benefit. Specialization. Checks and balances keep the authority within certain limits.Management control is simplified as the mental functions are separated from manual functions. Expansion. Specialists may be asked to judge the performance of various sections. 1. .


3. 5.2 DEPARTMENT HEADS Unit Manager Advertising Manager Accounts Manager Circulation Manager : C. . 6. 2.V.N.Mohanan : C.B : T.Mathew 2. 1. Kerala State Committee.1 INTRODUCTION There are different departments in the company.Jayarajan on behalf of Pinarayi Vijayan.A. Secretary CPI (M).2.Dakshinamoorthy : Prabha Varma Printed and Published by E. 4.3 EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Chief Editor Resident Editor : V. They are. 7. Production Department Purchase Department Personnel & Administration Department Marketing Department Circulation Department Advertising Department Accounts Department 2.P.Venugopal : Ajayaghosh A.

2.4 PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Editorial Marketing Advertisement DTP Layout Plate Making Printing Bundling & Despatching Distribution .

Computers & scanners. according to daily needs and demands. The normal wastage is 4. . Production works are done through computers. Inventories are new print.Production depends upon the request from agents as per requirements. low quality product etc. ink etc. plate making machine and printing machine are the various machines used for production. Maintenance system is efficient and daily checking is done.5% which includes damaged copies.

5 EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Chief Editor Resident Editor Assistant Editor Desk Bureau News Editor Bureau Chief Chief Sub Editor Chief Reporter Sr.Sub Editor Sr.2.Reporter Reporter Editor .

The news is forwarded to the respective sub-editors from the news desk for editing and is paginated according to the importance of the news and send for composing and proof-reading. The news is collected through the proper channel and ensures its truthfulness before it is accepted. UTI and from other bureau office outside the State and abroad. part-time reporters. 2. The scheduled time for first page is 8pm and for all other pages common time is between 7-10pm and should be made available before 1am for printing. Various groups of officials work together for this and the copy desk handles the general news and the local desk handles the local news. Different editors are in charge of different pages. caption and pictures and make necessary corrections if required and send for printing at the scheduled time.6 PROCESS Gathering of News (National or International) . The sub-editors read the module thoroughly and check the headlines. There are also agents.Editorial department is considered as the nucleus of all the newspaper industry. and part-time correspondents etc to provide various news. The news is gathered from PTI. They play a vital role in every activity right from gathering the news from all parts till it is composed and printed.

7 PURCHASE DEPARTMENT Material Manager Asst.Manager (Materials) .Editing Proofing DTP (Compose) Proof Page Layout Plate Making Output in the form of Newspaper 2.

They deal with the purchase of raw materials. They purchase the materials for all units through the head office except for miscellaneous items like office stationeries etc. machineries etc. And the newsprint purchased is stored in the godown at Kochi and is transported to the various units as when . They have a centralized purchase system. spares.Purchase Manager Clerical Staff Every firm having production department can¶t function without a purchase department.

rate per unit etc. As of now.required. A FUNCTIONS OF PURCHASE DEPARTMENT Major functions of the department are to purchase and deliver the required materials to the unit. These purchases are not centralized.7. vehicles etc. 2. Purchase requisition is a request sent to inform the purchase department about the need for materials. Receiving quotations is the process in which enquiry is send and quotations are invited from vendors. Printed Ink. purchase order and recovering materials. Preparation of bills for diesel consumed for generators. purchase order and compare the bill and is passed and forwarded to the accounts department. Purchase department will maintain for every group of materials a list of suppliers and their addresses. They have to fill a material requisition form for that. It is done by each unit on their own.7. receiving quotations.     Machines are purchased locally and are also imported ones. B PURCHASE PROCEDURE It¶s a five stage process which includes purchase requisition. purchase enquiry. nine staff is working in the purchase department. Materials manager and purchase officer have got the signing authority. Recovering materials is the process in which goods are delivered and the store will issue the goods received not. Vendor will sent the bill. Chemicals Other purchases such as purchase of miscellaneous items like pen. Other functions include:   Checking of film rolls against the register at store. Purchase order is a written request to the vendor for specified goods at an agreed price. Velloor and also from Tamil Nadu mills. Major materials procured are:  News print which is purchased from Hindustan News Print Ltd. paper etc. 2. The particulars are entered in the store register and purchase register. Purchase enquiry is a process of sending prescribed enquiry form quoting the item. . quantity.

2.8 PERSONNEL & ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT Personnel & Administration Department Asst.Personnel & Administration Manager Section Head .

To identify the man power requirements and make recruitment accordingly. . To carry on periodical analysis of the performance of the employees. The functions of Personnel & Administration department are:     Providing internal training to workers.Clerk Personnel and Administration department plays a major role in every organization. Successful running of an organization mainly depends upon the efficiency and effectiveness of the department to provide and delegate quality man power. To handle the grievances of the employees. To maintain good and harmonious relationship between the management and the employees.

8. A UNIT MANAGER Personnel & Administration Manager Computer DTP Printing Plate-Making Layout Despatch 2. In the modern era of liberalization the employees play a vital role in its existence. Recruitment and selection are done on interview basis. It gives sufficient provisions for the employees. In Deshabhimani Personnel & Administration Department is functioning very successfully. To ensure that promotions are provided according to the performance reports.9 MARKETING DEPARTMENT Space Marketing (Structure) Senior Marketing Manager Marketing Manager Asst. Marketing Manager Marketing Executives . This department is constantly co-ordinating the mental and physical abilities of the employees. 2.

telephone. Every month Unit managers and marketing managers along with GM decide the various marketing activities. But newspaper marketing is done by circulation manager and takes all initiatives to get maximum advertisements. But in newspaper selling the agents should remit monthly deposit and one month credit policy is allowed for them also.Circulation Manager Senior Clerk Organizer In Deshabhimani. Space marketing is done through accredited and non-accredited advertisement under marketing managers. DD and by cash. the marketing has two parts. . e-mail. For credited agencies settlement should be before due date and for non-accredited ones three months credit policies are allowed. They are space marketing and news paper marketing. The communication and system followed is direct approach. fax etc. In space selling the payment method is cheque.News Paper Marketing (Structure) Circulation Manager Asst.

Circulation Manager Section Head Senior Clerk Clerks .10 CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT Circulation Manager Asst.2.

2. They have to prepare statistical report on the basis of current position and also undertake promotional activities. They coordinate the works of various bureaus.Circulation department is the centre point of a newspaper industry.11 ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT Advertising Manager Asst. They decide the future growth of the newspaper and acts as a catalyst to increase readership. They collect the market feedback and take remedial steps to boost the circulation and follow up the collection from agents and ensure that the agents make their payment.Advertising Manager Senior Clerk Executives . They are entrusted with the responsibility of circulation of daily and publications.

newspaper cost. They are associated with Indian Bank. There exists accounting function and financial function. Financial accounting involves procurement of funds and effective utilization of the same in business. advertisement cost and cost of a newspaper per copy.2. They prepare the annual budgets for the company. they had a fully computerized system. They deal with ink cost.12. Accounting function involves day to day transactions namely receipt and disbursement of money salaries and wages. All the salaries of the . ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT Accounts Manager Section Head Section Clerks In Deshabhimani. For accounting they mainly depend on Windows Excel.

15000/-.employees are converted to their respective accounts of the bank. And the average salary is around Rs. CHAPTER III .

The sub-district wise competition was conducted on October 22. The State wise competition will be conducted in the month of November. They got Safety Council Award given by Government of Kerala on the basis of machinery used. They also conducted a quiz competition named ³Aksharamuttom Quiz Competition: for students. In Deshabhimani they had an independent functioning of each department. Some of the welfare activities maintained for employees are the canteen facility. 3. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Deshabhimani had a sales turnover over 60 lakh.2 SWOT ANALYSIS . In order to gain publicity and as part of promotional activity they had organized various events like music shows.1. 2011 at Kannur. 2011 and the district wise competition was conducted on October 30. The number of employees associated with Cochin office is 120. The unit daily produces 100kg of paper as waste and is sold in the local market.3. Some of the promotional strategies introduced by Deshabhimani are a supplement named ³Aksharamuttom´. In which the advertisement section alone had 30 lakh and the production and sales had remaining 30 lakh. They had the power to work as a cross-functional team.

B WEAKNESS    The quality of newspaper is very poor. All assets are insured. They have to adopt new methods of production standards according to quality needed. C OPPORTUNITY   The industries opportunity is spread all over Kerala. An effective organizational strategy therefore is one that capitalizes on the opportunities through the use of strength and neutralizes the threats by minimizing the impact of weakness. e-mail. mutual understanding and co-operation among different departments. 3. The payment and collection is done through cash.2. women¶s weekly etc. fax etc. A STRENGTHS   The strength of Deshabhimani is a well efficient management.Business firms undertake SWOT which includes strength. 3. It has different range of products such as Deshabhimani weekly.2. cheque. DD etc. so that an effective strategy can be formulated. Machineries.2. This paper has no ISO Certification. telephone. Through this analysis the strength and weakness existing within an organization can be matched with the opportunities and threats operating in the environment. opportunities and threats. 3.  Role of decision making of employees is very poor.  There is good relationship. In Deshabhimani there is no share and bowel. D THREATS  Main threat faced by Deshabhimani is the competition from its rival companies . 3. building etc are the assets of Deshabhimani. The main weakness in Deshabhimani is that the decisions are taken only by the party.     The communication system has direct approach.2. weakness.