ATLANTA (February 27, 2012) – The online public is invited to select the winner of MAP International’s Community Health Heroes campaign. Three finalists – one from Ghana, one from Ecuador and one from Kenya – will vie for the most votes th in the contest which can be found at Voting will take place from Monday, February 27 to th Saturday, March 10 . The winner of the contest will be granted their wish as to what could be provided to their community to help people live in healthier situations. Each of the three finalists is to be commended for the tireless efforts to help bring better health to their communities despite tremendous challenges. Augustina Pokua, from Ghana, is especially passionate about improving the health of children while simultaneously working for financial security for mothers in her village. She travels long distances on foot visiting with families to administer vaccinations and educate families on healthy habits. She is also credited with starting a Village Savings and Loan Association where women in the village can access funds to grow crops to sell in the marketplace. If Augustina wins, she wishes that more land, tools and plants could be procured to introduce a wider variety of fresh vegetables into villagers’ diets and also to sell in the marketplace which would provide families with additional income. Though Celia Montano, from Ecuador, experienced many personal tragedies in her life, she did not hesitate to give her time as a MAP Health Promoter. She soon became an ardent activist and community leader educating hundreds of women and children. Recognizing that too many children were missing school due to the great distance they must travel to attend class; she made a commitment to establish a school in the village and succeeded. Next she established a community pharmacy and worked to bring electricity to her area. From there, she established a day care center for young children to allow mothers the opportunity to work and realize additional family income. If Celia wins, she wishes that the village health care facility could be expanded and provided with additional furniture so that more young children and expecting mothers have the opportunity to visit with attending health care workers and participate in educational training. Kanani Ziro, from Kenya, suffered for 11 years from Lymphatic Filariasis, a neglected tropical disease that results in gross enlargement of limbs and extremities. People suffering from Lymphatic Filariasis are commonly shunned and ostracized from the community. After years of searching for a cure, Mr. Ziro received treatment from MAP International which healed him completely. Today, he has become a catalyst to restore health and hope for others in the area who suffer from Lymphatic Filariasis. He combs nearby villages going from house to house to locate those in hiding with the disease to help educate them about treatment options and dispel myths about witchdoctors’ curses as medical treatments. He also has established clean water projects, provides education on malaria and the importance of mosquito nets and helped to oversee construction of a new road into his village. If Kanani wins, he wishes that he is provided with more educational materials on Lymphatic Filariasis to distribute to families while also obtaining enough medicine and supplies to treat more men who are afflicted with this neglected tropical disease. MAP International is a global Christian health organization that partners with people living in conditions of poverty to save lives and develop healthier families and communities. Recognized for its 99% efficiency rating, MAP responds to the needs of those it serves by providing medicines, preventing disease and promoting health to create real hope and lasting change.

CONTACT: Scott Walters; Chief Development Officer; 404-492-7712;

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