Inherency: The vulnerability of US satellites increases the risk of conflict- Dependence on satellites increases the probability for war

and destabilizing arms races. Only through new defensive space strategies can we increase deterrence. MacDonald 09, former assistant director for national security at the White House [Bruce W., “Testimony of Bruce W.
MacDonald”, Council of Foreign Affairs, Before the Strategic Forces Subcommittee and House Armed Services Committee, March 18,, Accessed July 12 2011]

Our space assets are exposed ...value to us as long as this is true. Satellite vulnerability is the key weakness – our military depends on space assets Walsh 07 - Georgetown University Law Center [Frank M. Associate, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP Journal of Air Law and
Commerce “forging a diplomatic shield for american satellites: the case for reevaluating the 2006 national space policy in light of a chinese anti-satellite system” Fall, 7/12/11, Lexis]

Satellites serve as the foundation …..bring down a seemingly unstoppable warrior. The new space race is happening now-Russia, China, multiple countries developing their own space assets to counter the US LA Times 11(W.J. Hennigan and Ralph Vartabedian, Los Angeles Times, both are senior business writers for the Los Angeles
Times, July 22, 2011,,0,2095991,full.story) As NASA retreatsfrom an ambitious… uneasy and questioning how it happened."

US offensive abilities are increasing in the status quo-it’s the defensive measures that are being shelved Time News 11 (“Militarization of Space Continues with Launch of Missile-Tracking Satellite,” May 9, 2011, What goes up and doesn't come down…arms race with potentially calamitous consequences.

Chinese tests have sparked a global arms race. Our satellites are vulnerable to other countries-ASATs or cyber terrorists invite a preemptive strike Denmark 10 - Fellow with the Center for a New American Security [By Abraham M. and Dr. James Mulvenon
CNAS, Jan, Contested Commons: The Future of American Power in a Multipolar World %20Commons%20Capstone_0.pdf Accessed Jun 21] In an environment where all the stray bullets……a kind of terrorism in zero gravity.

Space race inevitable - Chinese ASAT tests, weaponization and space debris all undermine crisis stability, threatening US forces MacDonald 8—former assistant director for national security at the White House office of science and technology, Princeton University trained rocket scientist [Bruce W. MacDonald, September 2008, “China, Space Weapons, and
U.S. Security”, Council on Foreign Relations, Council Special Report No. 38,, accessed 7-12-11]

With China’s demonstration of an ASAT ……better understand China’s evolving and ambiguous space doctrine.

Vulnerability of space assets invites a new space war – this would destroy the global economy, US hegemony and increase the risk of miscalculation Myers, 2008[lexis Date Accessed: June 23, 2011March 10, 2008 Monday, The International Herald Tribune, Risk of
space war: Preparation outruns prevention Steven Lee Myers - The New York Times Media Group]

It does not take much imagination……which the Chinese say they want in spite of their 2007 test.

Miscalculation would lead to retaliatory strikes and extinction within half an hour The American Prospect 01 (Morton Mintz, February 26, 2001 The bitter disputes overnational missile…."It would be, basically, a nuclear war by checklist, by rote."
Chinese ASAT development will deter the US from protecting Taiwan by exploiting asymmetric

ASAT weapon. But not for China won’t engage in negotiations when they can control out space assets via threats from ASATs.. in Futures Studies at the University of Hawaii.pdf] ] Without a doubt the United States…. It may be testing technology it has acquired but there is a political price”.cfr..ends the conflict. Jan 22 Accessed on June “Forward presence essential to American interests” <http://www. Acc. 07/15/2011] Some argue that the forward presence….com/articles/259024/economy-and-national-security-zalmay-khalilzad?page=1 The National Review Online] If Space Weapons. Asian stability. China will take over Taiwan in 2012. Space and Nuclear Network Group [ accessed : June 24th.vulnerability The Straits Times 07 [“China takes the arms race into space. Master's Degree in PoliSci.” Journal of Contemporary China.. Ph. Chief of Naval Operations [Admiral Jay L. This is forward presence. Commandant of the Marine . August 17. 2011. 4(1))AQB Russia’s leaders believe that the……which deals with the Middle East peace process. reassuring allies. Hegemony solves global war – it empirically prevents unstable multipolarity Khalilzad. Council Special Report No. Power Projection: Protecting vulnerable space assets. 2011] Offense dominance is the assessment that military victory can be easily achieved……. 2011http://dodreports.http://www.of a more militarily competitive space domain. 09.asp?id=274> Web.D.can they help fight against the upcoming disaster.US interests with the overall strategic environment discussion.nationalreview. 11 – former director of planning at the Defense Department [Zalmay February 8. http://endofcapitalism. & General Charles] LONDON . 11/23/ verb=getRecord&metadataPrefix=html&identifier=ADA488669 Implications of the Chinese Anti-Satellite Test for the United States Navy Surface Forces Accessed July 12. “China's Space Program: the great leap upward. the situation quickly spirals out of control. facing Chinese hegemony and aggression. 38 September China. “Russia’s Pragmatic Reimperialization” CRIA Vol. 06 ( holder of the Lavrentis Lavrentiadis Chair and director of the New European Democracies program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Jonathan Eyal. the PLA is suspected of making great strides…… that is at China’s disposal. 08 – Naval Postgraduate School [Matthew Master’s Candidate September 2008 http://oai. "Defending America's Interest In Space" February 12 2009. policymakers fail to act and other powers continue to grow…. “China to push Taiwan into unification by 2012”.arnie. Taiwan News Staff Reporter." Taiwan war goes nuclear Solomone. we will not be able to deploy forward power projection Cynamon 9 Former Deputy Program] War between China and the United States seems unlikely…. military industries. Russian expansionism escalates to nuclear exchange Knight 8 (Alex. Forward deployment is key to global hegemony and peace – crisis escalation. is key – if our satellites are vulnerable. deterrence and demonstrating resolve Johnson. 2011 The Economy and National Security Accessed July 29http://www.dtic. Dillon. 2011 at The Chinese Communist Party could turn democratic…. Russia’s leaders are gearing toward expansionist policies in the status quo – Bugajski 10(Janusz. Taiwan is the most plausible scenario for Chinese ASAT attack MacDonald 08 – Council on Foreign Relations [Bruce. rmg) First.WESTERN governments have known about Beijing'sspaceefforts for years…. Krulak. http://www. Specifically. leaked documents and renowned scholars prove Lin 09 (Hermia. Acsessed July 13.

National institute for Public Policy President.pdf.html. US-Russia war is the only existential risk – sheer magnitude of nuclear arsenals Bostrom 2 (Nick. hardening and reconstitution are critical to defense Tellis 07 .http://www. China……human civilization in the process.lanl.engdahl.http://www. Oxford University. Faculty of Philosophy. http://www.html.%E2%80%99s-chess-board-war-in-the-caucuses-and-the-fall-of-pax-americana/. August.carnegieendowment. AD: 7/4/10) jl A much greater existential risk emerged with …. PhD from U of Chicago Ashley J. Tellis.. AD: 7/4/10) Assurance involves allied perceptions ……taking unwanted deployment initiatives.pdf.senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace [specializing in international security.oilgeopolitics. .. Plan . defense. Survivial.nullifying them or remedying their consequences. AD: 7/4/10) jl Poland: a Nuclear War Flashpoint U..willing to risk provoking will encounter in the 21st century. has written on issues of energy. politics and economics for more than 30 years. AD: 7/5/10) jl Putin also did not have North Korea.The United States federal government should substantially increase its development of space satellite defenses beyond the Earth's William. Solvency: Plan is necessary to solve satellite security – even if deterrence fails. accessed 7-14] The United States must …. published online on September. “China's Military Space Strategy”.net/Geopolitics___Eurasia/Putin/putin. and Asian strategic issues. Missouri State University Defense and Strategic Studies Professor. 30 2007.S. foreign policy strategists are…. US commitment to forward deployment is necessary to dissuade Russia from expansionism Payne 9 (Keith. That’s the scenario for extinction Engdahl 7 (F.nickbostrom. http://www. 1 2007.

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