The Sahabiyat

By: Yasir Fazaqa Islam is like a bird: in order for it to fly, it needs two wings (man and woman) Um Harram said to Mohammed (SAW) “Pray so I can be part of the army (in Mohammed’s dream). Mohammed (SAW) replied “you will be part of the front line of the army.” During the time of mua’wiya, when muslims invaded cypress, um Haram was part of the aramy (her and her husband) and she died on the way. Point: If its Good, then take part of it [women]. The sahabiyat never feared/hesitated in asking for it [right]. Nusaiba bint Kae’b: battle of Uhud, Mohammed(SAW) tells his companions not to leave this place under no circumstances. The people started leaving because they thought they won. Khaled bin Walid comes from the back and attacks Mohammed (SAW) people. Mohammed (SAW) said “every where I looked, there was Nusaiba fighting.” Mohammed (SAW) praised her bravery. In the Science of Hadith, no women have been reported as a fabricator. All fabricators were men. Omar bin Khatab’s wife would go to Fajr prayer at masjid, although he apposed it. Abd Allah ibn Omar said “the only thing that prevents him from (ordering his wife not to go to masjid) is the statement of Mohammed (SAW) “Do not deprive your wives from attending the masjid if they wanted to do so.” Aisha (ra): The companions of mohammed (saw) sometimes make statements that are not sound to her, and she will openly reject and oppose them. Example: Omar AbdAllah narrated that “a man was praying, 3 things will cut off his prayer: a donkey passing in front, A black dog, or a woman.” Aisha heard it and said “he puts us in the same cattagory with dogs and donkeys? Mohammed (saw) used to pray in front of me, when he (SAW) will make sujood, he will touch my leg and make room for his sujood.” There is a book of all statements that Aisha opposed the companions. -In the Quran, there is a distinction between Men and Male: you have to attain manhood vs. male is something given to you by Allah. “Not everyone that has a beard becomes a Man.” –Abu 7ayan -Women of Makkah were very submissive; women of Madina were headstrong (talk back). So women of Makah, upon their migration to Madina, started to change. Omar was arguing with his wife and she raised her voice, and he asked her why you raised your voice over me. She responded “who are you, the wives of Mohammed (SAW) do this.” So Omar ran to Mohammed (SAW) and found his wives quarrelling with him.

Prophet (SAW) said “If a woman prays her 5 prayers, she fasts her month of Ramadan, and she protects her chastity, and obeys her husband; she will be tolled enter Janna from any door you want.” Obdience: A ship with 2 captains will sink, same as a household. *A man leader of house is a burden and not a compliment* Mohammed (SAW) “no one deserves to be obeyed so on that in his obedience there is the disobedience to Allah (SWT).” “Wa 3ashiruhunna Bil Ma3rouf” –Quran; Let the Companionship with your woman be with Goodness. Mohammed (SAW) said “only a Noble man will honor his wife; a wicked man will dishonor his wife”

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