Trilby Schreiber Letter of Reference

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November19, 2010 To whom it may concern: I write this letter as a character reference on behalf of Marjorie Pafich. I have known Marjorie as a friend and colleague for almost twenty years. I will say without reservation that she is one of the kindest, most generous, loving, and responsible people I have ever known. And I have known a lot of people. I am an educator, a designerand producer, and a member of the ProducersGuild of America and several boards of directors, as well as being a judge and curator for several international film festivals.I've interacted with many people of all kinds. Marjorie's interest in alternative forms of spirituality and healing may seemunconventional or unorthodox to some, but all her practices are directed in the most positive, enlightened and beneficial direction. Having visited Marjorie and her family in their home multiple times, I am well familiar with all the Partchesand their interrelationships. After her father's death and her mother's illness, Marjorie and I spokeat length about her concernsfor her mother's physical condition and her sister's fragile mental state - and her deep, committed desire to help them both. I myself have experienced her care and support first-hand; these were crucial in my own recovery from a serious illness ten years ago. Marjorie is a healer, a sincere humanitarian and a warm, nurturing human being. I would be happy to speak or testiff on her behalf at any time. Please contact me if you need more help or information. Truly,


lrnrcy Schreiber

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